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Departmental Cowardice – Stunning Police Reports Highlight Broward County Sheriff Officers Hiding Behind Cars, Trees During Parkland School Shooting…

Despite multiple court maneuvers by officials within Broward County Florida, details of the severity of Broward County Sheriff’s Office cowardice are beginning to surface. There were ‘several’ Broward County sheriff officers immediately on the scene during the Parkland school shooting, … Continue reading

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Horrific Shooting At Tennessee Waffle House Leaves Four Dead – Stunning Heroism By One Man Saved Many More…

Shortly after 3:00am this morning a disturbed man named Travis Reinking, 29, of Morton Illinois, walked into a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville Tennessee and opened fire.  Four people were killed and two more injured. While attempting to re-load his … Continue reading

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Another Justice Department Political Leak as a Result of Michael Cohen Office Raid…

As previously stated, the FBI raid was directed by ideologues working with special counsel Robert Mueller.  The intent of the FBI home and office raid upon Michael Cohen was to assemble political opposition research.   The U.S. Department of Justice and … Continue reading

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March Madness

“After we come back from Spring Break, they’re requiring us all to have clear backpacks… it’s unnecessary. It’s embarrassing for a lot of the students.” ~ David Hogg Strip away the second amendment for millions of Americans – No problem. … Continue reading

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Citibank Weaponizes Finance To Target Political Enemy, Firearm Sales…

In 2008 the American taxpayer was a “client without a voice” when Citi-Group demanded a financial bailout. TARP followed as the largest bailout in history, and Citibank got the biggest bailout of all: The final report from the Congressional Oversight … Continue reading

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Broward County Releases CCTV Video of Parkland School Shooting and School Deputy Inaction…

A surveillance video released on Thursday shows a sheriff’s deputy assigned to the Parkland, Florida high school staying outside while a former student fatally shot 17 people, according to the sheriff’s office. The 27-minute video shows Broward County Deputy Sheriff … Continue reading

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UniParty At Work – Paul Ryan SuperPac Campaigned to Elect Democrat Conor Lamb…

It’s well known that Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan doesn’t want to be in an actual leadership position; and it’s also well known -enhanced by the campaign, and victory, of Donald Trump- that Republicans did not want to … Continue reading

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