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President Trump Speech To NRA – 1:45pm Livestream

President Trump is in Atlanta today to deliver a speech at the National Rifle Association forum.  Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream Advertisements

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State Attorney Releases Footage of Good Samaritan Assisting Sheriff Under Attack…

Back in November 2016 a suspect named Edward Strother attacked a Lee County (Florida) Sheriff’s officer, Dean Barnes, after a high speed car chase. (back story news video here). During the fight, Strother gained the upper hand and was on … Continue reading

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BREAKING: U.S. Marshals Capture Orlando Cop Killer Markeith Loyd…

Captured Fugitive Markeith Loyd Tells Media "They Beat Me Up" as He's Escorted Into — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) January 18, 2017 // ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A suspect in the fatal shooting of an Orlando police officer was captured Tuesday … Continue reading

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Ambush Attacker of Arizona Officer, Saved by Good Samaritan, Revealed as Illegal Alien…

Last Thursday an Arizona Highway Patrol officer was ambush attacked near Phoenix. – A passing motorist stopped to assist the officer eventually shooting and killing the attacker as he was slamming the officer’s head into the pavement.  Today it is … Continue reading

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President-elect Trump Tweets Chicago – Trump Tweeks Rahm Emanuel – Or Did He?…

Here’s a great example of how the media will get a story wrong 100 times, before they realize the reason they’re getting it wrong is due to the inherent political-ideological filters they use within every presentation. Against a horrific year … Continue reading

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Clapper, Cruz, Romney – and Other Predictable Trump Stuff…

President-Elect Donald Trump thinks bigger than any politician in modern American history… ♦ James ‘I-responded-in-the-least-untruthful-manner‘ Clapper’s resignation as Director of National Intelligence is a no-brainer and a nothingburger, being spun as a media narrative (talking point): [Clapper’s ] formal letter … Continue reading

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A Warning, A Reminder, The Final Ten Days…

We have been trying to warn everyone what will happen when a particular inflection point is reached. There are trillions of dollars at stake. Trillions. Every internet platform will be utilized, manipulated, controlled by the oppositional forces -massive multi-billion corporate … Continue reading

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