Stunning Interview – L Lin Wood on Howie Carr: “Joe Biden and the People Like Him Who Have Been Trying to Steal This Election – Will All Go to Jail”…

If half of what L Lin Wood shares within this interview actually happens there are going to be explosive developments to surface in the 2020 election challenge.

It is difficult to encapsulate the content of this interview and I would strongly suggest listening to it carefully.


If L Lin Wood is correct, it would reconcile why the media and Big Tech are positioning their recent efforts as a zero-sum game.

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886 Responses to Stunning Interview – L Lin Wood on Howie Carr: “Joe Biden and the People Like Him Who Have Been Trying to Steal This Election – Will All Go to Jail”…

  1. redmomerath says:

    3 pronged attack:

    – the on-the-ground affidavits, coupled with statistical forensics, irrefutably show ‘what’
    – the Dominion server seizures irrefutably show ‘who’
    – the chain-of-command and personnel changes within the cabinet (‘Special Ops civilian leadership’) are for enforcing what is irrefutable

    They are cornered, but this is far from over.

    Some speculation: recall the NY Post article from a week ago about the firing of the heads of “the agencies that oversee the nuclear weapons stockpile, electricity and natural gas regulation”.

    Nuclear reactors are the only power source resistant to EMP attacks. Perhaps the President is signaling to the globalist-communist cabal if they try anything, America is prepared to maintain order at home and retaliate in kind with their own weapons.

    • PrincetonConservative says:

      All due respect, Trump booted Neil Chatterjee from FERC because he was showing support for Carbon pricing which would lead to disastrous offshore wind projects, especially off the Coast of the Northeast US. MA, CT, NY, NJ, MD, VA will all be involved. Coal is already all but dead in the Northeast. They are taking down nukes next. If they continue to build expensive and highly intermittent sources of electricity it will put our entire infrastructure at risk on the East Coast.

      • skidder says:

        Do a search for NAVY Energy Patent, which describes small zero point energy generation along with a patent for anti-gravity craft. Trump has been slowly releasing extremely advanced technologies. Stand by for some serious advancements in energy production after this current fight against the deep state is resolved.

    • Guessed says:

      How are nuclear reactors immune to electromagnetic pulses?

      • GregMan says:

        The reactors themselves wouldn’t be affected by an EMP. but the control systems sure would. I wouldn’t bet on a nuke plant surviving an EMP attack any more than a coal plant would.

    • Jeffrey Coley says:

      “Signaling.” Please.

  2. Beverly says:

    General Tom McInerney goes public on OANN to warn us about HAMMER and SCORECARD programs that flipped the election:

    Pass it on via email to everyone, urge them to watch this before it’s blacklisted!!!

    • YeahYouRight says:

      Thanks Beverly. “Chief Justices” are on McInerney’s list of who’ve been listened to and spied on by 0bama starting 2/3/09. There’s only one Chief Justice.


  3. DesertRain says:

    Interesting…. Lin Wood mentions some ballots used in the Georgia election coming from Arizona.
    What’s that all about?

    • MfM says:

      Just listened to it again.

      Wood mentioned China’s involvement.

      Wuhan flu?

      • Dave Radetsky says:

        China does a lot in the area of cyber attacks and my guess is that they would be involved both in that area and also, as you raised in your question, through the creation of the Wuhan Flu to attack us. The damage that POTUS has done to them is something we have to remember will not go without retaliation, especially if it helps get rid of POTUS. And who better for the Chinese to replace POTUS with than Biden because he’s been compromised by them and they’d control him in his presidency.

        • The deployment of a pandemic, and the resulting panic and “shutdowns” WOULD provide perfect cover for massive election fraud, wouldn’t it?

          Funny how we once talked about making laws that FORBADE wearing masks in public, and NOW we’re FIGHTING non-legislated regulations that MANDATE them.

          Gee… if you can’t require picture voter IDs. can’t purge outdated voting rolls, can’t disqualify ballots for signature mismatches, and can’t require voters to at least SHOW THEIR FACES at the polls, how CAN you have any sort of election integrity whatsoever?

    • todayistheday99 says:

      Just a guess, but I believe he is saying some entity (with an AZ address) sent duplicate ballots to people that requested an absentee ballot in and attempt to persuade them (by providing the opportunity) to vote multiple times. They would need a voter list with name, address, party=D, precinct and the pdf files for printing the ballots. And the postage paid return envelopes. Seems like Law Enforcement could catch them by tracking the mail envelopes via the USPS. If they were sloppy they might have skipped the perforated tear off tab which would be forensicly detectable.

      • YeahYouRight says:

        In GA, several poll watchers saw hundreds of pristine mail ballots that were marked exactly perfectly in the bubble for Biden only, no downballot. They couldn’t have been mailed, those must be folded to fit in the envelope and go out and then come back through the mail, getting creases and corners. Plus, the bubble is never perfect that way. The observers said these looked printed with the bubble filled in. Plus they were together hundreds at a time. Secret Service Questioned Documents Branch should be involved in these weird ballots. Several states had these things going on.

        • Harry says:

          Secret Service?? Seriously? Just more deep state owned and operated DHS.

        • minnesotamike55 says:

          Those claims are interesting but where is factual evidence? Put them under a microscope and it’s easy to see if they were machine marked or done by hand. What legal procedure is there that allows this to happen. Only need 1 or 2 to make all suspect. There should be ZERO machine marked ballots! This is easy to prove and close up images shoved in the face of fraud deniers will shut them up!

        • Darrick Thurston says:

          In Wisconsin we got ballots in mail we didnt request and for dead relatives and previous residents of the address

  4. frogman says:

    FYI, I just posted a comment, nice but not that important. When doing this I somehow got Mandy’s info in the “Email”, “Name”, “Website” boxes. I hate Word Press, do not trust it at all.

    Mandy, do not worry I already forgot all but your name.

    • todayistheday99 says:

      Great news.

      Trump’s tweet early today said: “The two harassed patriot Canvassers refuse to sign the papers!”

      I bet the Dems are really sweating bullets now!

    • Crystal says:

      Wayne County is where a poll worker bragged about destroying thousands of votes for PDJT and said others were also doing it. The story was up at TGP last week.

  5. Dutchman says:

    Along the lines of “How long,…has this been going on?”,..this scandal raises all SORTS of questions, and challeges our perception of the Universe.

    For instance, with so called “Red, Blue and Purple States,…perhaps its NOT that the big Blue cities turn States that are otherwise Red, Blue.

    Perhaps that big cities, with a large population to hide manufactured votes in (and hide) and run by Democrats in the State governmentvelections departments, have conned us into THINKING thats whats happening.

    Look at Az. ALL the fraud apperently occurred in Maracopa County, which comprises the area around Phoenix. Actually one metropolitan area, comprised of 20+ cities, known as “the Valley, almost 100 miles square.

    Can pad enough votes there, to change the State.

    And, we hear this system was started in Venezuela, and then used in other countries in S America, and herevin U.S.

    WHAT about twinkle socks, in Canada?
    A LOT of political $ in Europe. What about Macron, Merkel and May? Now that the algorythm is “out there”, many people, all over the World are going to start looking at election results, and thecpattern, once you know what to look for, is as distinctive as a fingerprint.

    WHO all, amongst “World Leaders”, has used this system to gain office, and who do they subsequently owe, or are owned by?

    Oh what a TANGLED web we weave, …..this COULD “bring down” the corrupt leaders of the Western World, owned by China.

  6. joeknuckles says:

    This steal is more like a strong arm robbery.

  7. Frbrdskmi says:

    Seems to me we Deplorables are not taking our power seriously enough. I look at how we’ve been able to impact the NFL, NBA, FAUX News, certain retailers, etc because we chose not to endorse them. There are more of us than there are of them. As someone stated on this site previously, “they can’t erase us, they have to face us.” I know this is cliche’, but if we dont stand for something (our very freedom) we will stand for nothing at all. I for one do NOT want my children/grandchildren to live in slavery. WHATEVER IT TAKES! May our Lord of love, light and truth have mercy upon us and deliver us from the evil that is trying to destroy us.

    • IAMGROOT says:

      Yes! GET REAL…get in their FACE 🙂
      Be LOUD…Be Definite…Be legal…Be armed…
      Be Godly.

    • Questioning says:

      Simple, we control the means of food distribution. Ask all truck drivers to pull over and not enter disputed states.

      It would take a week.

      Atlas Shrugged, baby.

      • Camaletta says:

        There is a supposed Truckers strike on November 29th. Sorry, I can’t remember where I saw it. My memory is crap now a days.

        • Hi – lurker and sometimes poster. My son advised, via his wife’s father (a long haul trucker), that the truckers are going to conduct a strike if Trump is not found to be the winner of the election. Not sure of the date but it maybe as early as 11/23.

  8. Sparky5253 says:

    “People going to jail”….I’ll believe it when I see it. There are still way too many Obama-appointed judges in the judicial system. And these cases always seem to end up being heard by one of them.

    • Yeah, he held my interest until he said people like Biden were going to jail. That’s BS. People like Biden NEVER go to jail. This is more likely to be “Trust The Plan” Hope Porn designed to prevent hot heads from acting out violently

  9. Bigbadmike says:

    WAYNE COUNTY Republicans recind last night’s vote to certify election fraud. SAID SOS reneged on investigating fraud and indiscrepincies and that they were bullied by the racists and the lunatics. Said their homes and families were threatened. MICHIGAN will be ours and fairly won. Let’s keep this up. If we stand together. We will WIN!

  10. Gyrojeffro says:

    The people will decide this election! Not the courts! Not the deep state! Not the state legislaters! Not the fake news! We the people will decide!

    • Professor G says:

      I completely agree. If the people are in the streets, we will win. We are beyond assuming that politicians, bureaucrats,and other money leaches who live off the fruits of criminal behavior will police themselves. However, I don’t yet see a push to organize the people. Many Patriots have posted on this site: “just say when and where, and we will be there.”

  11. Winnegan42 says:

    Sundance says listen carefully. Re-listen 4:35 to 4:47.

  12. furtive says:

    NOVEMBER 6 2012
    Notice no “dispute” warning placed on this tweet…when Obama-Soetoro cheats!

  13. jb says:

    What about Ukraine?

  14. Ragle Gumm says:

    G-d bless President Donald Trump. G-d bless him, his administration, and his family. G-d protect them all and this wonderful Country.

    He won the election by a landslide and we are in a coup with everything out in the open and much more to come. That is my baseline for the rest of this soliloquy.

    What the swamp have failed to understand is this simple fact. All of this, their deception and power which is based on deception, has evaporated. The power based on deception is the illusion that their swamp people were legally and cleanly elected by the masses. That idea is completely gone and people, here and overseas, are trying to plumb the depths of their depravity both personally and governmentally. Like me, people have reflected long and hard on this with a growing sickening feeling in the pit of their stomach.

    For example, Japan. What are they thinking right now. China and Japan are enemies. Pelosi’s San Fran county uses dominion voting machines. I confirmed it. It is on the web. She obviously got elected that way. An indication is the ruin which is overtaking San Fran City. No population would allow that and would vote out the deadbeat politicians, if the elections were fair. So, the San Fran DA Chesa Boudin was installed to keep it unfair. He was an interpreter for the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. The software Smartmatic, which allows the fraudulent altering of votes, is owned by corrupt Venezuelans. So, now you see Venezuelan elite protecting Pelosi’s position through the software in dominion machines and with a DA with deep ties to Venezuelan dictatorship. That is why the DA is there. Pelosi did deals with China to ship jobs and technology to China for great riches. China uses Venezuelan oil and the dem’s were opposed to Trump’s sanctions against Venezuelan. That is, they were protecting China’s access to Venezuelan oil. Plus, Feinstein had a Chinese spy on here staff for 20 years. The spy organized the Chinese-American vote for Feinstein, both as a congresswoman and senator. So, Chinese intelligence promoted/groomed this American politician. I am sure Feinstein also got rich from Chinese ‘deals’. Plus, there are hundreds of deals from American billionaires to China to acquire more riches and American billionaires love dem’s by showering them with donations. And, it has been revealed to the world without any doubt that the swamp has corrupted our elections for their ends for years. Has the swamp sold election positions, perhaps, to the highest bidder? Like China? I think that it is inconceivable that they did NOT sell it.

    So, what would Japan do? I would have an emergency nuclear weapon program starting 4 Nov 2020, irrespective if President Trump is in power or not. I would also have a crash program in biological and chemical weapons. The Chinese sure have that. The American body politic has the swamp cancer and it is thoroughly compromise. Feinstein was in the intelligence committee. G-d knows what she passed to the Chinese. Clintons server was ‘open kimono’ to the Chinese and everybody else, for that matter. These swamp idiots, brilliant Machiavellians with ungodly foolishness, have both achieved and destroyed their achievements. They have both made and unmade their supreme objective, the Presidency, with disastrous consequences for decades to come.

    This is one example. Here’s another. Were the swamp involved in drug trafficking? Hell yes as evidenced by their open borders, lax drug, lax human trafficking, and illegal alien voting policies and in addition to illegal ties to Columbia, Venezuela, etc. via dominion voting machines and much more. So, did one or more drug families get wiped out because some south american dictator got elected – via dominion voting machines – and destroyed his competition? If I was one of the drug families that got massively hit then I would want cold, bitter revenge on those North American gringos. Oh yes, I am sure they are thinking about it now.

    I can envision more scenarios like this. And, there are far more scenarios that I cannot imagine, but, that are just as real.

    The swamp has made a stupendous calamity for us all, but, in particular, for themselves.
    Wow, I mean Wow.

    They have no idea what they have done.

  15. Ocelot says:

    Lin Wood’s and Sidney Powell’s interviews were both excellent and they will re-energize any fading spirits that might be getting discouraged.

    But what is missing from both interviews is any mention of A/G Barr and the DOJ where the process of people going to jail and so on will have to begin. A DOJ press conference announcing the arrest and indictments of corrupt election officials, shady politicians and law breaking computer programmers will be a real sign that justice might prevail. Heck even an announcement that the DOJ is involved in investigating would be something. The FBI inspires zero confidence.

    Given Barr’s lack of progress on previous major scandals, I’m not confident that this despicable stolen election scandal will finally be the one to motivate him into real action. He is scared out his wits about any prosecutions with political links.

    • livefreeordieguy says:

      If you WERE confident, Ocelot, we would have to prescribe medication… I thought AG Barr was completely MIA — maybe dead — but I actually found him hanging out yesterday in South Dakota with Governor Kristi Noem… While part of me says “can you blame him?”, most of me says “WTF?”…. I have said since the day PDJT nominated Barr that Barr would be the most consequential AG in American History whether he did his job — or not… That has never been more true than it is right now.

    • Questioning says:

      A better announcement? “Linn Wood has just been appointed interim Attorney General”.

  16. Tornarosa says:

    I take this Tweet today to be a FYI that PDJT has been aware of this software problem for a long time, and we may rest easy that his actions, especially the Executive Order 13757, issued on December 28, 2016, were written with that in mind

    In reading the EO, it’s fun speculating which persons or entities he was thinking of. It’s almost as if he was leaving clues. I liked the part where he says the penalties will strike without warning.

  17. oldjunkfixer says:

    they might of pulled this off back in the 70’s/80’s
    when information came from more controlled sources
    not today with the internet, too many people know !

  18. azgulch says:

    It’s about time to write ( my slow mail) each and every state representative and senator from your respective state. Stating -DO NOT CERTIFY- This is about the only thing the bulk of us can do..

    I’m obviously in Arizona, but each of you in the contested states should be sending these letters.

    • konradwp1 says:

      Yes, use slow mail. Don’t use email.

      Type it. Print it. Sign it. And send it by registered post.

      Also remind every “Republican” that if Biden becomes president, you will never vote for a Republican candidate again. Tell them their future depends on overturning the fraud.

      • Tornarosa says:

        There’s a rule of thumb that politicians use to gauge public sentiment. I forget the exact numbers, but it’s something like an email represents 10 people, a phone call 50, and a letter 100.

      • YeahYouRight says:

        We won’t have the opportunity to vote to another republican again! Many of them don’t seem to grasp that fact.

    • jenevive1 says:

      Sorry but my Reps are all Dems and my Senators are Blumenthal and
      Murphy so won;t get any help from them.

  19. Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

    Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are not Lindsay Graham and Sean Hannity.
    There is NOTHING tick tock about them and any comparison to them are baseless and moronic.
    Lin Wood whooped CNN AS PROMISED and Sidney Powell exposed Mueller and Sullivan as the rat’s a$$es they are. IOW, they got RESULTS.

  20. oldjunkfixer says:

    certification will not effect the outcome
    it will only implicate more people into the conspiracy

  21. jb says:

    Biden-Harris shortend to Bi-ris.
    The Bi-ris Virus

  22. Tornarosa says:

    There is someone claiming to be the President elect, who is NOT, demanding access to secret files, communicating with foreign governments in that capacity, speaking behind a podium with a seal of President Elect of the United States, and taking all the oxygen out of the room with announcements of his future personnel picks, universally fawned over as the new anointed one. Is that a problem?

    Why does he so insistent about getting access to secret government files? Is it really to ascertain the status of PPE stockpiles that PT has allowed to become dangerously depleted?

  23. clulessgrandpa says:

    I hope and pray that this evidence is not just some connect the dots facts and assumption of guilt. We need some real evidence. Phony ballots. Dead people ballots, out of state ballots, Illegal ballots received after 8pm. Quantifiable stuff. We need the vote totals to show Trump won. Right now, the will of the people shows Biden ahead. That needs to change with numbers. Just showing lack of cooperation from poll workers wont get it done.

  24. Dorothea Brooke says:

    This interview is from last week. I have listened to it four times!

  25. Tom Konetski says:

    Hearing L. Lin Wood as well as Sidney Powell interviews against all the corruption and filth of the DC Swamp gives me such hope despite the letdowns of Barr and Durham (…. absolutely no indictments…. none…. zip!) Do we dare to have hope! Let us PRAY!

  26. Tornarosa says:

    I think the Constitutional arguments are good ones for disallowing late votes after Election Day.

    1) 14th Amendment guarantees equal treatment under the Law

    2) Pennsylvania Constitution states an alteration of the Election Day can only be by the Legislature. (Maybe GA too, I haven’t looked)

    3) Cohens vs Virginia 1821, resulted in a landmark decision by John Marshall, establishing that Federal Law is Supreme over any State Court or Law in matters of Federal Law, and when in conflict, Null and Void.

    The date of the election of Representatives and Delegates to Congress is per the following Federal Statute of the US Code:

    “The Tuesday next after the 1st Monday in November, in every even numbered year, is established as the day for the election, in each of the States and Territories of the United States, of Representatives and Delegates to the Congress commencing on the 3d day of January next thereafter.

    (R.S. § 25; Mar. 3, 1875, ch. 130, § 6, 18 Stat. 400; June 5, 1934, ch. 390, § 2, 48 Stat. 879.)

    • steph_gray says:

      In a different Lin Wood interview specifically about GA, he made the case that in any state where either the governor or the secretary of state changed election rules (for example to allow mail-in ballots on the COVID-1984 excuse), the election is _already_ fraudulent because only the state legislature can change election rules – neither of the other entities have the authority to do it.

      In GA, Kemp and the SoS (Neffenger, right? not sure) changed these rules without even NOTIFYING the state legislature.

      In how many other states was COVID-1984 used as an excuse for an illegal change of election rules?

      Not only would this bring the whole giant election fraud house of cards down – it might also bring down the related tyrannical “mandates” issued everywhere based on COVID-1984 that were never approved by legislatures, couldn’t it? I know there was a “state of emergency” excuse too – but I suspect that could be wrapped up into one key suit at the Supreme Court as well… and I don’t think the SC will entertain illegal rules changes on the basis of the virus… when there was abundant time to go through the legislatures properly …crossing fingers!

      I am of course not a lawyer but I love listening to this guy, learning a lot!

  27. DJT is really a genius . If he had simply thrown a couple of FBI/CIA types in the pokey and called it a day – it would not in any way have changed the country. But look now. 100 million Americans are seeing , in real time, just how corrupt so many of their local govt officials are, the CIA, all kinds of Congress critters – and wont forget it.
    Regardless of what happens in this election ( I am very confident) , this country is now sensitized to the issue. It will play out over many years. And the results will be long lasting.
    Thats real genius.

  28. Dave Radetsky says:

    I thought it interesting when Howie pushed Lin about whether this could be handled before the Dec. 14th Electoral College vote and Lin said he knew nothing about that but he believed that the truth would come out, citizens would rise up in anger, people would go to prison and change would occur. I took that to mean that Lin Wood thinks it will ultimately work out, but that it could take longer than to be in time for the Dec. 14th vote. If that’s the case, and it would make sense that it would because I’ve never seen indictments move that fast, let alone prosecutions. But that said, I have high confidence in Lin Wood’s integrity and will anxiously watch to see how things go.

    • Don’t be anxious. Really, just don’t. That’s the whole point. There’s 80 to 100 million of us, just about enough to make it look easy…(and those dots of mine are intended to foster a “to be continued” attitude, unbreakable and in the end as overwhelming as the ocean tide, or continuous tidal waves…) It’s all in your mind, Grasshopper. Use the Force, Luke…and then…and then…be ready for the “and then along came Jones”…

  29. Red Mosquito says:

    It is not enough to just arrest them. They need to be hanged from bridges all over the country where everyone can see them and know this is what happens when you try to screw this country.

  30. Tim Rough says:

    I have not scrolled through this whole thread, but is there a transcript of this interview available?

  31. Lurker360 says:

    What Lin was saying:

    Trump’s people have to be engaged now.
    We need to raise our collective head and roar.

    As shown in DC recently, we know how to PEACEFULLY make our point en masse.

    If 80 Million (Sidney’s number) Trump supporters get out into the Local streets with their signs and banners on a given recurring day… like Saturdays at noon.

    There will be no option for all Americans to not get the point that something is wrong and that a whole bunch of us are not taking this lying down.

    (no statehouse focus, for many it’s too far to go)

    Homemade signs are a plus showing organic grassroots authenticity.
    Some suggested text:

    “Stop the Steal” / “Stop Election Fraud” / “We Support our President” / “Trump 2020 Landslide”
    “Election Integrity Now!” / “Freedom or Socialism?” /

    (Text could go onto the back of your Trump 2020 yardsign to make a two sided sign)

    I’ll be out there somewhere in my area this Saturday, and I hope you all go out in your areas too.
    Share the idea with your crew, and get ’em out there for the:

    Coast to Coast peaceful protest

    Patriots- Let’s plan to get out there every Saturday until a Trump win is certified.

    If we cannot commit one or two hours once a week to preserve our freedom, then we really don’t deserve it. Be sure to get photos showing the entire crowd and post them.

  32. richard edwards says:

    After so many people went to prison over the coup, I totally believe anyone who says people are going to jail over this.

    • This is the same as that. It’s a continuation of that….once and for all:

      THIS is WORLD WAR III. (And, as Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, surprise”, at the depth and breadth of the evil being flushed out in the open) Time to put the steel booties on and get with it. Watch any old John Wayne movie, or Mickey Rooney for that matter, to get a sense of the determination and commitment needed. (…the first Captain America movie! Watch that, just for the patriotism, absolute devotion to truth, and willingness to fight…”I can do this all day”, Cap says, before he was Cap and as he bounces back after being knocked down, again…)

      And for you and me, that means having the right mental attitude. We’re not on the front lines; our ultimate safety depends upon …well, only the greatest President the world has ever seen in our lifetimes (“far beyond those of mortal men”, hee-hee) and front-line soldiers who (it almost seems strange, given the seeming whole society against us) THINK LIKE WE DO, and thus know the truth as well and even better, like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell.

      Hell, I can do this all day, and twice on Sundays.

  33. I have “Maria Bartiromo” on TV right now (5 am, Thursday 11/19), and it’s disgusting. They’re taking covid “pandemic” entirely too seriously, instead of bringing the rain of truth; it’s the same scrambling for legitimacy as Biden pretending there’s an Office of the President-Elect, and just as false and worthless.

    I just wanted to remind people to not believe anything the TV talking heads are saying, even on your most beloved shows. We need some bonafide WAR correspondents for this war, immune to the enemy’s vicious (couched as caring, but hysterical and hateful) propaganda…

    • President-Elect TwoLaine (NOT The Felon Biden) says:

      They are in the epi-center of deceit, and some truly fear for their lives. Because people they love died all around them at their mayor’s and governor’s hands, while alone, and purposely separated from their families when they needed them the most.

  34. talkaftercarefulthought says:

    does anyone know where the text of this interview might be found??

  35. oldarmyblog says:

    No one is going to jail for any of this. No one will even be indicted. Bet on it. The Republic is finished.

  36. Mark STRICKER says:

    I don’t know. Seems to be the same stuff the left is smoking. The good guys couldn’t even charge comey.

  37. @ChicagoBri says:

    I still remain hopeful, but am also dubious about Mr. Wood’s comments. I doubt he has any type of security clearance, so his comments about who may or may not go to jail are suspect.

    Like Fox Mulder, I Want to Believe, but the last 4 years make me wary.

  38. 6x47 says:

    Great interview, and Lin Wood is the man. I’ve heard enough hope porn though to be leery of such claims..

  39. Jeffrey Coley says:

    I was very impressed with Lin Wood’s confidence and absolute certainty. But the longer the interview went, and the bigger and bigger the promises became, and I found my skepticism growing. This is the final battle of Armageddon between President Trump and not only the Deep State, but also the Fake News Media and the entire Swamp; and the President is going to take them all down?

    Sounds like hope porn. I hope Lin is privy to some inside knowledge and not just blowing smoke.

  40. minnesotamike55 says:

    Anyone catch the affidavit from elections fraud expert Russ Ramsland on GWP?

    There is a new development that everyone needs to pay attention to. On page 3 of 9 he mentions and explains Ranked Choice Voting RCV feature which uses an algorithm to assign weights to candidates. We here in MN have a disturbing liberal push to implement RCV. Half of the ignorant voters in my city just voted to implement this horrible voting method. Be very wary people! RCV will be forced upon us and will turn into the next big fraud scheme. As an example of how well it does NOT work, just look at Minneapolis leadership and the failed policies resulting from their use of RCV.

    • steph_gray says:

      Agree! It was used in Maine to steal an election from Bruce Poloquin (I think that was the name) who won by 2000 votes. A horrid disgrace and abomination and obviously unconstitutional. It’s truly RANK!

      Here in blueMA it was on the ballot but thankfully it went DOWN.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Howie Carr was instrumental in educating the public about it – he featured Bruce on his show several times…

    • margarite1 says:

      “uses an algorithm to assign weights to candidates”. I thought that was one ballot per each legal voter!!!

      We don’t need no stinking algorithm. Someone is making a lot of money off this crap.

      • minnesotamike55 says:

        RCV requires someone to move all the votes around, discarding some and adding some to other candidates until someone reaches 50% or some crap. This ability is built in to the software because the left and Soros are on a mission to get Ranked choice voting everywhere, because of the ability to manipulate votes “legally”.

  41. shipley130 says:

    Add “Democracy Now” (PBS) to the list of criminal media.

  42. jdondet says:

    Dear CTH:

    You are using the wrong person as the all seeing evil eye in the bottom picture. It is starting to come out it has been Obama along for the last four years and not Hillary at all.

  43. jdondet says:

    Dear CTH:

    You are using the wrong person as the all seeing evil eye in the bottom picture. It is starting to come out it has been Obama all along for the last four years and not Hillary at all.

  44. ReglarMerican says:

    The accomplished, winning attorney Mr. Wood speaks with authority, he is the strong horse …

  45. Debbie says:

    Dont trust Bill Gates and Silicone Valley. Israeli computer experts would have more integrity, and would be reliable and honest, not to disenfranchise American voters than USA.

  46. margaretliberty says:

    First comes the end to the fraud & Trump inaugurated. Then the indictments. Then the changes in the laws to tighten voting laws. If Trump is ousted, non of the rest matters.

  47. singularzoe says:

    Diane, here it is again interview with Lin Wood. I said to you it is very encouraging. I listened to it several times and save it for when I get discouraged.

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