Battleground Pennsylvania – President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Newtown, Pennsylvania – 12:00pm EDT Livestream…

Today President Trump will be focusing on Pennsylvania with four rallies in the keystone state: Newtown, Reading, Butler and Montoursville.  The first rally is in Newtown within Bucks County, PA. The anticipated start time is 12:000pm EDT  [Livestreams Below]

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link



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209 Responses to Battleground Pennsylvania – President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Newtown, Pennsylvania – 12:00pm EDT Livestream…

  1. cow wow says:

    This Pennsylvania speech was one of his best. All our family stopped what they were doing to listen. Serious times indeed. Excellent and determined patriot President Trump.
    We need to be urgent to get out the vote for this man. He spelled out the dire consequences of not re electing him and he spoke the truth in all its seriousness.

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    • The Gipper Lives says:

      Agreed. It was understated, almost conversational. With the historic backdrop of Washington’s headquarter and the added focus on our history, the Founders, and the corruption of the Swamp, it’s one of my favorite speeches by a truly historic figure, this president our champion.


  2. sunnyflower5 says:

    Beautiful drive in to Newton, PA.
    That farm property he spoke from was so beautiful.

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  3. Eileen McRae says:

    President Trump is an indomitable force in the face of evil and iniquity of the insane world in which we live. He is America’s “Braveheart”! He is America’s “David to Goliath!” He is America’s “SuperMaga!” He is America’s “Daniel in the Lion’s Den!” He is America’s “Hercules!” He is America’s “Juggernaut!” He is America’s “Eagle Has Landed!”

    President Trump requires the assistance of every red-blooded patriot to defeat the Democrat, socialist/communist nightmare for America. Answer the call!

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  4. requested on another thread…
    I’ll just leave it here

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  5. marmocet says:

    I’m from Newtown. I’m a registered Democrat. I voted Libertarian in the last election. I’ve already cast my ballot for Trump this time. It give me pleasure to know that I’m one of those registered Democrats who has sent in his ballot, and the Democrats currently assume it’s a vote for them.

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    • kayray444 says:

      Awesome! Thank you for sharing that!

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      • Yy4u says:

        Marmocet gives me an idea. Why don’t all us Trumpians register Democrat to screw with them in 2022?


        • marmocet says:

          For the record, I became a registered Democrat at the same time I got my first driver’s license. I went with team D because I had just witnessed the Bush administration and the intelligence agencies wage a months-long lying campaign to convince the country of the necessity to start the Iraq War and I was seriously pissed off about it. At the time, that was the worst thing I’d ever witnessed or knew about our government doing. Since then, in all sorts of ways, the Democrats have demonstrated that they’re a menace to the country that need to be stopped. I’m still a registered Democrat because I haven’t gotten around to changing my party affiliation.

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  6. Ips Prez says:

    Does Trump seem deadly serious? I noticed it at last nights Minnesota rally. I think what the Mn governor and insane AG did was a bridge too far. I saw some people saying they thought Trump was tired but listening to him at Newton PA I think it is a new level of resolve to clean up the mess this country has become because of politics as usual. Once the DFL is remade into a decent party the attention will turn to the GOP which is also in bad need of a thorough cleaning.

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    • kayray444 says:

      I noticed that as well. He may be pacing himself for a very long few days of rallies. Saving his voice.

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      • cow wow says:

        He is very serious and I’ve learned when he gets a little quieter in his presentations to really pay attention!
        These are very serious times and he is the LEADER of the free world-he has earned that title!

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      • Ernesto Ledesma says:

        He is obviously not saving his voice, he has almost lost his voice. It was like that in MN last night and it is even worse today in PA. Obviously he is exhausted, I worry he might have to cancel some rallies in the next few days because on a down note is not how he needs to end the campaign


    • rpcoastie says:

      President Trump can show us he’s serious by a hundred of the top officials at the DOJ, FBI and CIA!:


  7. What is Soros paying these days towards the end of the libs death throes ?


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