Ground Reports #3 – Polling Narratives Collapse, Democrat COVID Strategy Backfires, MAGA Resolve Stronger Than Ever…

Never doubt nor underestimate the resolve of American patriots… Because when it matters most, no words are needed; each understands the mission at hand. Right now in every state, county, village, hamlet, city and street the MAGA community is independently rallying to the exact same standard. “Meet at the old mill, we ride at midnight“.

This is the third in our 2020 series of CTH ground reports, and with Treepers in every state, your information is actually a great insight into the political landscape.

Individual reports are obviously anecdotal; however, when they are compiled on a larger scale, and overlaid against the social media network we also follow, these ground reports have proven to be pretty darned accurate. Early voting has begun. If you have voted in person feel free to share your experience.

Perhaps no headline best showcases the current state of the media narrative than Politico: “Democrats Sound The Alarm in Miami.”…  Except, it’s not just Miami, Florida; it is also Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and states like Michigan, Wisconsin and even Minnesota.

Yes, the middle-class insurgency is fully engaged, and with us all activated the media polling narratives are collapsing by the hour.

President Trump is surging at precisely the right moment. Momentum is building and you can see all across social media platforms the MAGA movement is pushing back against censorship.

We still see massive boat parades and incredible vehicle parades both replete with flags and banners supporting our President.

Yard signs/banners are now out in force and the MAGA gear is visible everywhere. In the past week the latest viral platform videos are of Trump dancing; Trumpy dance and Tik-Tok duets.

Good stuff.

The biggest single attribute connecting all of these visible events is joy, fellowship and the visible spirit of a patriotic movement happy to stand with President Trump.

Tens-of-thousands for rallies and Trump events; and even surrogates for President Trump are drawing exponentially larger crowds than the democrat candidates. The monster vote is awake, alive and on the march.

The MAGA rallies, parades and grassroots events break-out independent of each-other and literally happen all over America on any given day. Miles and miles of cars with Trump flags… the same with boats… and sometimes just marches in the street where thousands of people gather and walk with American flags, Trump banners, and other gear.

To make the marches even more effective we now see Trump supporters swarming the event venues where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are showing up. The Trump supporters easily outnumber the Biden supporters by 20:1 or more. This is a totally organic uprising that started in early October; but word has spread on social media, and now it is happening everywhere.

MAGA-TikTok is an army of users generating content, and that content is bleeding over to other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Google is trying to tamp it down via controls on YouTube but the scale, just like the MAGA parades themselves, is overwhelming. Generation Z is leading the charge on this approach as they take 60 second videos of MAGA-people, MAGA-places and MAGA-events and then rebroadcast the content adding their own MAGA-centric enhancements and soundtracks.

As we anticipated the COVID weaponization is backfiring against the totalitarian left big time. Yesterday, in an attempt to restart a depressed movement Joe Biden said: “I’m not going to shut down the economy. I’m not going to shut down the country. But I am going to shut down the virus,” a platitude statement that refutes Biden’s prior position and simultaneously makes no sense.

We have the best candidate. We have the best message. Our color-blind movement is optimistic and filled with patriotic joy. Massive numbers of Latinos; massive numbers of blacks; massive numbers of young voters.  The confidence level is increasingly high.

Our opposition is shallow, reliant upon astroturf and completely dependent on media manipulation. Ignore the narrative engineers and join in fellowship. Live your best life.  Put out the signs; wear the gear; engage with everyone; be openly optimistic and rally to the standard in these final days. We have got this if we want it…

Deserve MAGA victory !!  Get your ass in the game, get serious, get everyone involved and register those who never voted before; remind everyone, and drive the MONSTER VOTE !!

So here’s the question…  What do you see in your area?

What is the visible situation from your community and how does that contrast or align with the national narrative you are seeing as promoted by media?

How does the turnout look?  What are you seeing in/around your neighborhood and polling place?   If you have early voted in-person, what was turnout like?

Ground reports are a great way to get a *sense* of the election.

At this point, if you are on a team thinking this entire assembly of our union is headed in the right direction… you might want to revisit your proximity to the ballpark. If you look around at the passing landscape you’ll find your autopilot has taken you, not just out of the city, but out of the state the ballpark is located in…..

There’s a level of resolve far deeper and more consequential than expressed rage or visible behavior.  Cold Anger does not need to go to violence.  For those who carry it, no conversation is needed.  You cannot poll or measure it; and even those who carry it avoid discussion.  And that decision has nothing whatsoever to do with any form of correctness.

Cold Anger is not hatred, it is far more purposeful.

Cold Anger absorbs betrayal silently, often prudently.

We’ve watched the shooting of cops, and the parades which follow, absorbing.  Cold Anger takes notice of the liars, even from a great distance – seemingly invisible to the mob.  Cold Anger will still hold open the door for the parade goer.  Mannerly.

Cold Anger evidenced is more severe because it is more strategic.

Cold Anger does not gloat; it absorbs consistent vilification and ridicule as fuel.  This sensibility does not want to exist, it is forced to exist in otherwise unwilling hosts – who also refuse to be destabilized by it.

Deliberate intent and prudence will insure avoiding failure.  The course, is thoughtful vigilance;  a strategy devoid of emotion.

Foolishness and betrayal of our nation have served to reveal dangers within our present condition.  Misplaced corrective action, regardless of intent, is neither safe nor wise.

Cold Anger is not driven to act in spite of itself; it drives a reckoning.

When the well attired leave the checkout line carrying steaks and shrimp using an EBT card, the door is still held open; yet notations necessarily embed.

When the U.S. flag lays gleefully undefended, it does not lay unnoticed.

When a school community cannot openly pray, it does not mean the prayerful were absent.

When a liar seems to win, it is not without observation.  Many – more than the minority would like to admit – know the difference between science, clocks and political agenda.

A resolve filled with cold anger perceives deception the way a long-term battered person absorbs the final blow in the hours prior to the pre-planned exit; with purpose.

A shield, or cry of micro-aggression will provide no benefit, nor quarter.  Delicate sensibilities are dispatched like a feather in a hurricane.  Pushed far enough, decisions are reached.

The political pendulum has never, in the history of humanity, stayed on one side of a swing. The backlash from leftist over-reach has always been proportionate to how far off center it went before coming back; and right now there’s a whole hell of a lot of the country (about 80-90% of the land mass, as well as over half the population) that is FED UP.

They tried to take him down with false accusations of collusion; he stood tall.

The tried to take him down with a fabricated special counsel investigation; he stood tall.

They tried to take him down with a fake impeachment effort; he stood tall.

Our chosen President has been constantly attacked by those holding a corrupt, conniving and Godless leftist ideology.  It is our job now to stand with him, firm on his behalf.

I believe this statement encapsulates the moment:

…”I can barely focus on my job, housework, anything except waiting with anticipation for our votes to overwhelm the horrid corrupt opposition the night of Nov 3.

God bless and keep us all but especially POTUS & all of you on the front lines – fighting the 2nd American Revolution!”…

Ride strong my brothers and sisters…. RIDE STRONG !

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992 Responses to Ground Reports #3 – Polling Narratives Collapse, Democrat COVID Strategy Backfires, MAGA Resolve Stronger Than Ever…

  1. Billyjoejimbob says:

    South Central PA Here, Gettysburg area, Trump signs everywhere very few sleepy joe. I work in MD in a uaw union plant, in 16 I was ridiculed and harassed for supporting Trump, this time around the union workers are harassing the union leaders for NOT supporting Trump, the uaw leadership is tone deaf to their own membership. They spend our dues using them against our wishes top support Trump, they are a bunch of globalist COC SUPPORTING CUCKS!

    • newtreeperpa says:

      SE PA…outside Philthadelphia. Know a few folks from the “City of Brotherly Love”..they are voting for PDJT! And even some of the hardcore, “always a democrat” are voting for jobs, law and order and freedom (speech, religion, etc).

      I wish I could get the message out to the sniveling, snowflake, suburban women in West Chester, Bryn Mawr, Downingtown, Malvern, Wynnewood, Blue Bell, New Hope-Solebury, Newtown, Yardley, Doylestown, Paoli, King of Prussia, Glen Mills, Media, etc., etc….what will you do when there is a mandated low-income housing project inserted in your upper middle class “safe, secure” neighborhood?

      Different pockets of each county surrounding the city have no signs whatsoever. And of course, there are pockets of biden and same for Pres Trump. Very difficult to determine what people will do when they go to cast ballots as no one will ever know how you vote. I know there are folks who have biden signs in their yard but are voting PDJT…they don’t want their property vandalized by the radical left Marxists.

      • SR says:

        I live in Ambler, PA area. There are more Biden sign but a lot of them are some shopping complex grass and common areas. All these pop up in last 2 weeks. I think this virus shutdown and Philly riots would not allow mass Philly voting. All the city colleges and universities are closed too. PTrump would win PA if there is no mail in ballot fraud.

        • budklatsch says:

          Yes the fraud still scares the hell out of me. The Dem operatives have proven over the decades ( back to Chicago in 60) that nothing is out of the question. With late mail voting allowed, in some cases 9 days after election,, how easy will it be to harvest ALL the names of non-voters and fill in ballotsoff site to mail from different locations within a district? This will be too easy and NO WAY to stop it. Who can say what the voter intended. Jeeezus.

          • Swanzinator says:

            Well hopefully, assuming that’s indeed the Dem plan, our side will be playing the ballot harvesting game too. There’s no way we just sit on our hands and “hope” it out for the week following the election.

          • Swanzinator says:

            Well hopefully, assuming that’s indeed the Dem plan, our side will be playing the ballot harvesting game too. There’s no way we just sit on our hands and “hope” it out for the week following the election.

          • Roscoe says:

            Bud – You answered your own question. Jesus can render the fraud ineffective. Praying is just as important as voting.

            My wife and I traveled extensively throughout rural western and central PA, western Maryland and northern WV, looking at the beautiful fall colors. I’d say signage was pretty consistently 10:1 Trump or more.

            Visited the famous TRUMP HOUSE in Latrobe, Pa for a tour and all manner of free MAGA gear. If you get a chance, check it out.


      • Jack Dempsey says:

        Sorry to say that I live in Media, PA, suburban-collar town south of PA.
        Biden with many supporters in this area.
        Hope your neighbors are turning out in large numbers.

      • joeshmoe91 says:

        I’m in about every one of the towns you listed on a daily basis…Chester county resident for 28 years here (28 years old). My 21 year old brother and all his friends here are voting STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN! There are a lot of young people tired of being told how terrible the country is. Really tough to say which way the county will go though. I’ve seen trump signs up for four years here and a lot more went up recently. But the last month or so, there’s been way more Biden signs up than I’d like to see, but was kind of expecting. Lots up on public space and intersections. But also, American flags up to probably 10x their normal numbers, and I’m assuming they’re all votes for our president. There’s this weird feeling in the air in this area. No ones talkin politics. Everything is business as usual. I think both sides are nervous here. If i had guess I’d say Chester county’s a toss up.

      • patnphilly says:

        Hey Malvern PA suburban woman here! I can’t wait to vote for Donald J Trump! I know many suburban women in this area who are voting for Trump. My town is a liberal borough and I am surprised by the Trump Signs I’m seeing! In 2016 there were no signs! I’m originally from Philadelphia and I know that the areas of South Philadelphia and Northeast Philly will vote for Trump! I’m hoping that some of other areas especially in West Philadelphia vote for Trump!

      • Landenberg says:

        Southern Chester County, PA – Avondale, West Grove, Jennersville, Oxford, Cochranville, Atglen, Landenberg, Nottingham. Also live a few miles from the border of Delaware (New Castle County) and Maryland (Cecil County).

        Southern Chester County is about 25/75 Trump versus Biden signs. Most of the Biden signs are on horse farms (generally no American flags). Field and cattle farms, 100% Trump, American flags and Trump signs. Chester County was blue last election my sense is will be very close in 2020. Southern Chester County is the mushroom capital of the world; therefore, we have a large harvesting population and those folks who are legal citizens will vote Trump.

        Cecil County, mostly Trump signs, very few Biden signs.

        Can’t say much for Eastern New Castle County as I don’t travel into Delaware that often.

        I also have lived (Lititz) and travel often to Lancaster County, PA (Quarryville) and all I’ve seen are Trump signs.

  2. JmkNY says:

    Here in the People’s Republic of Maryland it was super busy at the Early Voting station yesterday when I voted my straight Republican ballot. Most importantly this suburban mom voted for President Trump!
    One thing to be aware of: Maryland is allowing 16 year olds to register to vote. I questioned the legality of this when they tried to register my daughter when they issued her drivers permit. They said “they can only register, not vote”. However, due to someone requesting an absentee ballot in my name (I did not nor was it delivered to me), they made me do a provisional ballot. On it was a statement affirming that I am “at least 16”.

    If 16 year olds can register but not vote until 18, shouldn’t a voter affirm they are at least 18 when casting a ballot?

    If they’re registering 16 year olds and illegal aliens, they’re pumping the registered voters numbers for vote fraud. That way they can diminish the suspicion and reduce results that show 105% of registered voters cast ballots for Democrats.
    Glad I’m leaving Maryland.

    • There’s been a “movement” among the AOC ilk liberals to lower the legal voting age to 16. I guess Maryland is expecting a Kamala Harris presidency where all of their leftist utopia ideals will become reality. MAGA 2020!!

    • all4leyna says:

      Fellow Marylander here.

      Regarding the absentee ballot, I took the mailer I received about voting by mail as proof I never requested a ballot in case something like what happened to you happened to me. Fortunately I didn’t need it, but I will make sure my husband takes his mailer when he votes.

      Regarding 16yo voter registration, my son was given the option to register when he got his license (he did, but I was unimpressed that the MVA employee has to be informed of your party affiliation, especially in deep blue MD). He did get a letter a few weeks ago telling him that while he did register to vote he was not eligible to vote because he would not turn 18 before the end of the year. In this case it’s a shame because he wants to vote for the President. That said, I’m suspicious of this practice as well.

      Thanks for sharing what happened, as I will be vigilant going forward.

  3. Eric French7666fz ufo says:

    Bob Dylan wrote it many years ago, described it perfectly.

    There must be some way out of here”
    Said the joker to the thief
    “There’s too much confusion
    I can’t get no relief
    Businessmen, they drink my wine
    Plowmen dig my earth
    None of them along the line
    Know what any of it is worth”

    “No reason to get excited”
    The thief, he kindly spoke
    “There are many here among us
    Who feel that life is but a joke
    But you and I, we’ve been through that
    And this is not our fate
    So let us not talk falsely now
    The hour is getting late”

    All along the watchtower
    Princes kept the view
    While all the women came and went
    Barefoot servants too
    Outside, in the distance
    A wildcat did growl
    Two riders were approaching
    The wind began to howl

  4. Fredx100 says:

    ‘What do you see in your area?’-

    My son is 20 he and his friends are disgusted by what has been going on. They can’t understand why the Antifa goon squad has not been dealt with. They can’t understand why BLM has not been dealt with. They can’t understand why members of the government have not been arrested for crimes.

    My kid builds new homes, usually in allotments. Most of the people buying the homes are old(remember he is 20 so that could be anyone over the age of 30) and people from India. He tells me that every morning they post up an American flag and they play the national anthem before they start their work day, many times people come out and watch.

    I think there are a lot of young Trump voters that are being overlooked.

    • Greyledge Gal says:

      I have wondered about this for some time. I was 14 – 18 during Jimmy Carter’s term in office. I did not like one bit being dictated to about what temperature our thermostat should be set for or that I should put on a sweater if I was cold. I spent night after night watching Ted Koppel tell me what day of the hostage crisis it was before I went to bed. I was gung ho for Ronald Reagan’s sunny optimism. Anything to not have 4 more years of Jimmy Carter. I hope the same kind of thing is happening to young people now. I especially think that the threat of being locked down again may sway some young people’s votes.

    • amjean says:

      And a lot of young white men who are disgusted with the crazy liberal white
      women and see their job opportunities diminishing because they are white.

    • budklatsch says:

      Your son is the future of America. God bless the effort you have made to make him so well adjusted.

  5. Professor G says:

    In SC, there is no lack of support for the President, and there is no fear of the Wuhan Flu. I have heard many people along the Grand Strand (Myrtle Beach) and the Hammock Coast openly state that if the current covey of criminal Democrats were leading us to WWII, we would have locked down and surrendered. We refuse to surrender to a biological warfare attack. An attack is an attack, independent of the weapon and delivery method selected. The President is our leader who is defending us against the attack, and we support him 100%. In warfare, there are are gains and setbacks, and the citizens of SC understand that the President is focused on winning this war against social tyranny.

    Now, with Lindsey Graham, the conversation is different. It goes something like this: “I will hold my nose and vote for him, because he is better than his opponent.” There is no enthusiasm for a boasting liar in our neighborhood. In fact, I expect that some our immigrants from NY, NJ,CT, etc. will even vote his opponent. Theses immigrants had enough sense to escape the iron boot of socialism, but they retain many of their habits. They exist to dominate HOAs, so they like oppressive rules as long as their objectives are supported. I cannot predict how they will vote, but is suspect they do not support Mrs. McCain.

  6. Ploni says:

    To my fellow American citizens:

    I respect you!

    (Just wanted to let you know)

  7. Nowut Ameen says:

    In my rural area I don’t see many Trump signs, but I see absolutely no Biden signs. What I do see is something new – people are flying American flags.

    My wife hates Trump, thinks he’s a stupid goon. But she will vote for him because she says Biden is 100 times worse. That works for me.

    • amjean says:

      If one is in an area where displaying Trump signs equal vandalism to cars, etc.
      from leftist nut jobs,
      one flies the American Flag, an undercover shout out to President
      Trump and American freedom. Win/win!

    • Puzzled says:

      We’ll take it anyway we can get it.

      • Professor G says:

        In SC we have mostly “real women.” They will vote vote for what is best for SC and the country. I have not heard anyone discussing vote-count by gender, and especially not with a feninazi focus. We do have ideologues, but the discussion is usually about Marxism vs Freedom; not so much on radical feminism issues.

    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Have your wife listen to the recent Michael Moore video. He says that, although his listeners may not like hearing it, “Trump is smarter than I am; he is smarter than you are. He is a genius. He may be an evil genius, but he is a genius.”

  8. OldSarg says:

    I know of three people I know of that would vote for Biden. No more, none have flags, banners or even memes on their social media. It is a wave but how large? I hope large enough to overcome the legal haggling the dems will undertake.

    • learjetta says:

      The margin at the polls will be key for sure. As a PA voter, I’m holding my breath that the result comes in as a landslide for PDJT, and that Republicans gain a supermajority in the General Assembly so that we can finally reign in our out of control Governor.

  9. jenevive1 says:

    Deep Blue CT here. We have many of the quiet Trump supporters here
    and can see Trump/Pence signs around. The Hartford Courant put out
    a poll yesterday saying Biden has like 57% support, Trump 20% but that
    20% are undecided..

    We have a lady the town over who every Thurs -Sun sets up a large TRUMP
    booth to sell all sorts of items Flags, hats, T-shirts pin etc. Stopped by to get
    my son a t-shirt asked why they haven;t shut her down yet.. She said
    it is on private property (which happens to be on a main roadroad and right
    on a corner)so they can;t do anything.

    But we must remember this is the state that has sent Murphy and Blumenthal to
    the senate so while there maybe baby steps with Trump support, sadly the cities
    still go DEM. But I still secretly hope that somehow CT turns red this year.
    that would be a nice surprise watching the electoral map show Red for CT.

    We do not have early voting here. We didnt; get mass ballots mailed to us
    however we did get mass mailing from telling us if we want a ballot we can
    request one. and many cities/towns have the drop off boxes for those

    My next door neighbor says he supports Trump but his wife is rabid Biden
    supporter so they do not talk politics so as to keep the peace.

  10. lansdalechip says:

    Cast my vote straight R last week, despite the mind numbing pressure from my wife and son to do otherwise. I took the wise path. Anxious about how PA will finish. The ballot counting after Tuesday because of biased court decisions worries me. Give a D a chance at fraud, they’ll jump on it like Hunter jumps on coke. Too many opportunities for fraud around here.
    Praying all is well by next Wednesday and the margins are too large to overcome via fraud.

    • learjetta says:

      Yep, that margin will be key in PDJT winning the state. I’m also fervently praying for a supermajority in the General Assembly so that we can finally reign in Wolf and get the state back on track!

  11. SamlAdams says:

    Deep behind enemy lines in close suburban NY. Lot of early voting. Barely a handful of Biden signs in a heavy Limo Leftist town. Was a forest of Hillary signs in 16. The three kids old enough to vote are voting for Trump. One driving back from school tomorrow to vote early. Local FB pages, plenty of exhortations to vote, but almost none of the rabid and constant stream of Pro-Hillary content from 16. No announcements of election night “coronation” parties. More like a grim march–wonder if that will ultimately depress the final turnout.

  12. EnoughIsEnough says:

    It seems that the most oppressive lock downs are in blue states. Coincidentally, most of the violence, rioting and looting is happening in Dem run cities. I believe that there are Democrats in these cities and states who are suffering severely due to Dem policies, and will either vote for President Trump or not vote at all. That is the feedback I am getting from my friends in the Twin Cities. Here in western Wisconsin, “Trump” signs are everywhere, with very few for crooked Biden. People openly discuss their politics in the grocery store, pumping gas, in line at the bank, and support for President Trump is overwhelming.

  13. coastermomohio says:

    I’m in a very conservative suburb and there are Trump signs everywhere, much more than in 2016. He had the support then, but people just didn’t want to put up signs. Now people who support him are not only not afraid to let people know, they seem to WANT people to know. They are proud of their support. We have one kind of locally famous house along a busy road with a big yard loaded with signs and a huge banner saying “Trump Highway”. And there is often a truck parked there with a big Trump flag and signs all over it. In the urban part of my area I have noticed some Biden signs as I would expect, but mostly the small and only one in each yard. Trump people seem to like multiple signs in their yards.

    I have also noticed more people going without masks lately. Just here and there, but I am no longer the only person in the store without a mask. I was checking on the Board of Election site for info on voting day procedures. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had detailed info on the citizens’ right to vote even if they weren’t wearing a mask. Workers will “encourage” voters to wear a mask and offer them a mask, or suggest voting curbside, BUT in bold print they are told that they MUST allow any voter who wants to vote inside the polling place, mask or not, to enter and vote. Said something about “Constitutional right to vote”. Funny that nobody seemed to mention that Constitution thing when they shut down the churches last March.

  14. cbjoasurf says:

    Don’t know how to make a tweet show up here but below is a QUOTE of a tweet I sent this morning letting the twatter world know emphatically where my entire MAGA family now stands with the 2020 election :

    “My ENTIRE voting age FAMILY has ALREADY “PROUDLY” voted for
    @realDonaldTrump , leaving no one left with our DNA of age to VOTE. Those in OUR FAMILY too young to vote today are acutely aware of the NECESSITY of #Americans fighting for their #FREEDOMS & will DEFEND that legacy.”


  15. Another Ian says:

    “Incredible. Google Executive on hidden camera talking about “preventing the next Trump situation” ”

  16. Esperanza7 says:

    We are in the beautiful west side of the mitten. Looks like they’re trying to tighten their grip on the MAGA excitement here. Just found out the health department has decreed that our freedoms are being stripped away even more. The health department this time appears to be mandating for Whitmer after the Michigan’s supreme court said her edicts were unconstitutional. Masks in all public places, including parks with family members???!!! Tighter restrictions on restaurants including giving your name and contact info from diners….that way they can contact trace. Thanksgiving “cancelled” with no large gatherings over 10 permitted and you “must” wear the masks for any gathering in a home. Masks when you go outside…… $1000 fines per person for an “infraction”. Very Cold Anger. “Interesting” this comes on the precipice of the election. Feels like Nazi Germany. Intimidation. Fear. I’m seeing a LOT of MAGA signs and flags out. Attempt to suppress the enthusiasm much??? Control. I’ve heard many police forces have said they wont enforce this BUT…..the local shops and businesses are terrified. This act by the HD….sign that the mitten is turning red??? Sign that they are thinking they will lose it if they dont encite panic? Pray for us.

    • Professor G says:

      This type of oppression will guarantee a Trump win in Michigan. There are a lot of ignorant people in Ann Arbor and Detroit, but Michigan deserves freedom, not oppression.

      • Old Dawg says:

        Michigan needs to start implementing HUGE civil disobedience actions. Use the people of Poland for an example…there are more of you than there are of them.

  17. Dana Christianson says:

    Very Few Trump Signs Here In Topeka. Lot’s Of American Flags & People Have Gone Into Stealth-Mode. I’m Voting On The 3rd…. We Shall See What Happens.

  18. Mrsgiggles44 says:

    Upstate SC. Over half of our .county had voted by Tuesday this week. Lines moved quickly. We have straight party option.
    However, requested an absentee for mom in assisted living. The ballot was mailed to us 10/14. Has not arrived. They have told me to wait as USPS is running behind (Amazon packages are all arriving as scheduled which is instructive). I do have a big Trump flag outside Our house and wonder if that has any significance. Going in today to the VR office and expect to leave with a ballot to take to mom.

  19. starfcker says:

    Before you fear Democrats stealing the election, remember this. If they thought they could sell their ideas to a majority of the public, they would try to win the election fair and square. They know they suck. They know they are scum. And even worse, their voter base knows they suck, and are scum. Unless you had been following him for a while, the idea of Trump as President struck many people as absurd in 2016. He has a track record now. He has exposed many a corrupt institutions and individuals. The desperation on the left is not invisible even to their hardcore supporters. They know they are being deceived. At some point they are going to have to accept they were wrong. Some people have trouble with that. This is going to be a landslide. And he’s going to clean all the lowlifes out of his administration as soon as he knows the election is over. Barr, Wray, Haspell, better get to cleaning out your desks. Johnny Mcatee has been quietly compiling lists of every anti- Trumper in the administration. Johnny, I hope you’re REALLY good at your job.

    • Niagara Frontier says:

      Your message arrived just in time. It seems I’ve spent the last two weeks talking friends and neighbors off the ledge who are convinced that the election will be stolen.

    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      I think that analysis is dead center Bullseye.

      As far as cleaning out the stables goes, one especially large pile of Sh!+ that needs to be pressure washed off the floor is all 350 pounds of Larda$$, also known as Billy Barr.

      Barr has been adroit as a deceiver. He gives lofty speeches to the Federalist Society about his learned understanding of the Founders and their documents, then indicts one criminal on a minor felony for participating in a coup after Barr has 23 months in office.

      This feckless AG sued Google for anti trust, while Twiter, fake book, etc merrily censor subscribers. LARDA$$ does precisely nothing about their trust behavior.

      Let’s turn to the rioting. BAGPIPES allowed ANTIFA and BLM to damage and destroy federal property for months on end in Portland, Seattle, and other locales. The fact that this non action on rioting may actually be helping reelect PDJT doesn’t excuse his negligence.

      LARDA$$ has had 23 months to clean out the FBI and Justice. Crickets.

      Were I PDJT, Bagpipes would arrive at his office on the 4th to find it locked and guarded, with yellow police tape across it.
      Same goes for Haspel and Wray.

      I have no doubt that now that he has had 4 years to acclimate to swampsters, he is going to fire those who are in our way and make a public spectacle out of them for good measure.

      I know it will take an unusually huge barn, but I can’t wait to see Barr’s raw hide stretched on one side of it come Nov 4th.

  20. SlowLearner says:

    Gwinnett County, GA here. About a million people, a suburb NE of Atlanta. Historically red, but changing demographics have turned up purple and then we went red for much of the ballot last election. In my immediate area, a few Trump signs and only 1 for Biden (but it was a banner). Hurricane fixed that! Most of us for Trump don’t display; S. Gwinnett too close to Atlanta. Voted early for the first time last week. Orderly, subdued; no vibe to detect. IF Gwinnett is not solidly red this time, it will prove Trump’s inroads with black and Hispanic voters. We’ll see.

    I’m friendly with my neighbor, an immigrant from Laos. We’ve always kept our brief chats across the fence light. But I nervously brought up politics 2 weeks ago. Should not have worried. He just laughed and said everyone he knows is scared to death of what will happen if Biden wins. So I’m cautiously optimistic. We’ll see.

  21. Ed Conroy says:

    I voted in person a few day ago and dropped my wife’s ballot off since she was afraid it might end up in a ditch. A long line of us waited in the rain an hour and a half. Not much talk and I wondered, how many Patriots, how many fools? We live in NY.

  22. govlawyer says:

    In the evening, I like to play a few (dozen) games of Sudoku on my smart phone, and I’m too cheap to buy an ad free subscription; every couple of games an ad appears during the set up of a new game looking for volunteer lawyers to help ensure that every vote is counted across the country. This ad has been appearing intermittently for the past two weeks, but last night it was more frequent than in the past. They don’t tell you who is sponsoring the effort, but the blue background and word choice clearly indicate to me that this is from the Dims.
    I think that they are very afraid and that they don’t have the legion of lawyers they brag about.
    We ride at midnight!

  23. Scott Allen says:

    3 rallies scheduled her in Michigan however the governor has struck back through the department of health and is limiting crowds to 1,0000.

    • Niagara Frontier says:

      It would serve her right if we used surrogates and held 10 separate, simultaneous rallies with 1,000 at each rally, including one “peaceful protest” in her own front yard.

  24. CC says:

    In my traditionally blue hood in a non descript suburb of Chicago….2 Trump signs, one Hiden Biden his time….however…again, heavily local and county union peeps preserving a pension….

    Coming out of the Windy City, yesterday morning, passing a huge train yard…rows and rows, I mean many rows….of empty train cars that look like the type that transport coal? They were not there, that I recall, a week ago…hmm, wondering what’s up? From my perch on the expressway, I could clearly see that they were empty.

    Will try the early voting later and will report back….

    • Mary in DE says:

      In Delaware, there are Big Trump signs all up and down Route 1 which runs from New Castle County to Sussex County. Some signs on I95 too. After The Trump signs went up, little Biden signs sprang up next to them. The contrast was hilarious.

  25. phoying says:

    Here in rural west central Ohio the Trump signs out number the Biden signs at least 50-1. My wife and I both voted early and in person because we wanted to avoid the long lines plus you have your temperature taken at the door of the polling place and we didn’t want to take the chance of being turn away on voting day.
    Our area economy is going strong and has been through out most of the pandemic. A lot of local companies are still hiring. Our church is having a 24 hour prayer vigil starting at 6:30 PM on Monday (the 1st time ever) and parishioners can sign up for a 1 hour stint. The signup sheet is overflowing with people wanting to pray for our President and our Country.
    People are anxious the get this election and this pandemic over with and move on with their lives.
    IMHO Trump will carry Ohio easily.

  26. Hoss says:

    I’m not paying the least, little bit of attention to polls, but here in NE Colorado, farm and ranch country, we’re going red. Farms and ranches everywhere have Trump flags flying. Parked cattle trailers, and hay stacks along the interstate (back roads too) are painted with pro-Trump and pro-life slogans, all are flying Trump 2020 flags. In small communities and towns, Trump signs are everywhere. I think I’ve seen two Biden signs, and those where in town.

    Wannabe Hitler mayors of Denver, Boulder, and other communities along the Front Range, have been busy with pompous decrees, and rules that are making life miserable for their residents. Our adult kids who live just outside Greeley, a college town, are saying it looks like a red wave there. The People, are not happy!

    Out here on the plains the harassment has been minimal. Although, restaurants in town are essentially closed, except for orders phoned in. Businesses like banks and professional offices are still ‘by appointment’. The regional Wally World has uniformed security guards at the doors offering face masks, but not forcing the issue, nor getting any takers.

    Pro 2A hottie, Lauren Boebert, the lady that confronted O’Rourke on gun confiscation, has been running a lot of ads during the “Jeopardy/Wheel” hour, which is the only thing on local tee-vee we can stand. Her opponent is an old hippie crone who also lost against the rino that Boebert, successfully primaried. So that’s looking good. Boebert’s biggest opponent likely will be ‘mail-in’ voter fraud.

    My Rep, Ken Buck, a solid 2A supporter and usually reliable conservative, is running strong. The photogenic and often-rino, Senator Corey Gardner, is running a good tee-vee campaign. Former Govenor Hickenlooper (aka Lickinpooper) is too. Although, “Lick” looks like dracula in most of his ads. I won’t be surprised if Gardner loses to entrenched Demon☭Rat ‘mail-in’ voter fraud, but I’m hoping there will be a strong MAGA backlash coming that might overwhelm their efforts.

    People of all ethnic and racial communities everywhere in Colorado are very upset, and p.o.’d about the pantyfa/blm riots staged in Denver. Local news out of Denver, is unwatchable, and one of their producers was involved in the murder of Lee Keltner, at a Patriot Prayer rally recently. That’s not sitting well with anyone in Colorado, except the extreme left in Boulder, and Fort Collins.

    There is also a Pro-Life, anti late term abortion amendment on the ballot, which the Demon☭Ratz are hoping will bring out liberal young women that normally vote for Demon☭Ratz. I’m kinda thinking that it will bring them out, but that many of them will vote a split ticket for Trump, but against the pro-life amendment. I’m ok with that if it helps elect President Trump, and he then goes after all this late term abortion baloney on the national level. Hoping conservatives (and liberals too), who love babies and humanity will prevail on pro-life, though.

    Voting has been going on for a couple weeks. I hand delivered mine, and my wife’s ballots to the county courthouse last week. At about 8am there were cars lined up at the drop box. I took ours in and hand delivered them. There were a couple folks ahead of me doing the same thing. Voted straight republican, pro-life, and President Trump.

    Not holding my breath, but It’s got a feeling of maybe turning red for Colorado, this year. Too bad that Polis isn’t running, but I’m hopeful, against all odds and ‘mail-in’ fraud, that republicans retake the state legislature, as well as join the rest of the country in a red wave.

    • teabag14 says:

      Excellent, informative post, Hoss. CO was home to me & hubby for over 48 years. We became poltical refugees in 2019. Blue ain’t our color. Praying for Cory to keep his seat though. Hang in there. ?❤??

  27. CovfefeBerserker says:

    If you have exceptional intestinal fortitude, and are willing to don the Armor of God before going behind enemy lines to do recon, you could peruse the comments here: (not for the weak hearted…)

    Note: I see the OP premise as pure BS. But, the comments are outside the wire recon.

  28. Puzzled says:

    Seminole county Florida, very few signs in my neighborhood, unfortunately most of them are on my block and are for Biden (those people need to move!). However, a week ago about a dozen people were out with Biden signs at a busy traffic light, asking to beep for Joe, it was deathly silent. At another corner about a mile away there were 50+ Trump supporters and a much better reaction. Florida is going to be tough but we will win. Florida nearly elected a criminal crack head for governor, we had to sweat that out (of course we had the usual Broward and Dade county voting shenanigans). Very, very low information voters in Florida, and people from up north (not mutually exclusive), that’s just reality. I am optimistic but every last vote will count, encourage anyone so inclined (Trump) who hasn’t voted to get out there.

  29. CarpeTrachea says:

    Reporting from enemy territory (suburban Cook County). I don’t believe this changes anything here but I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon since I last posted.

    Nearly all of the Biden/Harris signs that were up before have vanished. In my latest wanderings, the count was down to two. One of those was at our early voting site, and looked like it might have been vandalized (sign crumpled, wire frame bent). Signs for down ticket Dem candidates are still commonplace, but apparently those folks are not so proud of their Biden vote anymore.

  30. Chachijuhachi says:

    Hanging out in Myrtle Beach still. I am simply floored at the overwhelming Trump support – and not just signs in the lawn. I was at dinner the other day in a fairly upscale area, sitting outside on a packed patio when a nice Dodge diesel drove by flying two massive Trump flags. And every single one of the diners on the patio stood up and cheered as the truck circled back and drove by a few more times. But the most interesting thing for me, the casual observer, was that those that cheered the loudest were the ”suburban women” as Trump calls them. The two mothers next to me immediately called their spouses to describe the event – huge smiles on their faces and one was encouraging her spouse to leave his golf game to come check out the scene!

    While these anecdotes are fantastic my biggest worry is the ability of the MAGA coalition to close this one out. My gut tells me we can’t just win by inches – it needs to be a landslide; we need to run that score way up, foot on the gas, etc. This is where I am worried. I’ve had a few republican friends tell me that they think Trump has it in the bag and as a result are rsthee apathetic about voting – Scott Walker 2.0 if you will. And this to me is the wild card – can we produce the landslide numbers we likely will need to undeniably close this one out.

  31. CTmom says:

    I’m live near Bristol, CT a small city that went for Trump in 2016, to my surprise. This year, there were many early Trump signs starting in August. After Labor Day, I began seeing a few Biden signs, but still, Trump signs outnumber Biden and there are many large 4′ x 6′ signs all around.

    There have been pockets of Trump gatherings in various communities throughout CT. Many are not large in number, but high in enthusiasm. I have been hearing right along that if there is a Biden rally, only one or a handful show up. In Danbury, a city which borders NY, one lone Biden support held a flag. A few blocks away, a hundred people showed up for a Trump rally.

    The interesting thing to watch is what Sundance has stated. These rallies are not being organized by the Trump campaign, but by Trump supporters who desperately want to see Trump reelected. There will be rallies this weekend. In my town, there will be one in support of the police. On our local Facebook page, people are going back and forth saying they want to support the police, but don’t want to support Trump. There is still much irrational hatred for Trump.

    Whenever I have attended one of these local rallies, there are many honks of horn. Even police cars will drive by and toot their horn. CT is stuck with our Vietnam “hero,” Sen. Blumenthal and his sidekick, Chris Murphy. I think it will be hard to turn CT red, but I am prayerfully hopeful that I will be pleasantly surprised on Election Night.

    • jenevive1 says:

      Me too..I secretly hope I will be pleasantly surprised to see CT
      Red on the election map.. Don;t think it will happen but keeping hope alive.
      I think CT has that hidden Trump support that is talked about. My town
      is solidly Republican. But sadly I think Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford
      will still go blue and I don;t know who votes for Blumenthal or Murphy as
      no one publicly seems to want to take ownership of having voted for them.
      But somehow they still get in ,

      But as a proud CT Yankee I keep hoping as our colonial ancestors did
      we will wise up and fight back against those who want to control us.
      We did it once before..We can do it again..It is time for
      CT to live up to its name..The Constitution State.

  32. dow40kby2024 says:

    Inspiring and needed. 5-10 friends, family, co-workers for each of us to help get out our vote. We can all do a small or Bigggggly part it this effort. MAGA

  33. Minuteman says:

    People have a visceral feeling that they are being played.

    The media has spent the last four years telling campfire stories about Russians, Ukranians and white supremacists with bodies piled high in the streets from Not Chinese virus and mostly peaceful looting burning murdering protests. They tell us that Donald J. Trump is mentally unstable and a demented Joe Biden is as lucid as the day is long, and, unlike Donald Trump, he is the exemplar of purity, not even the whiff of corruption can be seen in his lily white soul.

    The left and the media have been telling everybody the warm, yellow, pungent smelling liquid running down our backs is merely a passing rain shower. Anyone who says they believe them is profoundly and fundamentally stupid or are being deceptive themseves.

  34. AlwaysRight says:

    Tea Party member here in glorious coastal Southeast, NC. We’re working 5 polling locations handing out a list of recommended candidates. Turnout is double any previous year and happy Red is outnumbering dismal blue by 5:1. This is not just a Red Wave, it’s a Tsunami!

  35. Trump2020 says:

    Here in Central Florida close to Orlando their are Trump flags and signs everywhere. I see folks driving down the road daily, sometimes in caravans with trump flags. Also on the street corners of large intersections. Some Biden signs have popped up in my neighborhood but not that many, only a few. I think our grassroots mobilization has been amazing this time around. 100 times greater even than in 2016.

    • I grew up in Orlando, so I’m especially glad to hear that there is widespread support for President Trump there. But I have to ask… is there much support for the Republicans DOWN ballot? I had shivers down my spine when I saw Val Demmings’ sudden rise to popularity.

  36. DHarvey says:

    I’m in Upstate New York and for 3 days I passed the county building and the lines were around the block so yesterday morning we went at 8:30 because the election board office opens at 9 and the line was around the block! So we decided the time had come and we waited and it was about an hour to get in. I have never in my life seen anything like this! And everyone in line was so cheerful and happy it was uplifting

  37. bulwarker says:

    This is not about what you can see, but what’s unseen. The tens of millions of ballots already submitted by mail. The voter fraud will be unprecedented, and the Republicans (on all levels and in all branches), per usual, don’t seem to have it in them to fight back.

    At some point we need to realize there are irreconcilable differences between us and the other half of the country, and go our separate ways. Otherwise, I don’t see how we get out of this without widespread violence (which the Left is already committing).

  38. fatherof3genzers says:

    Maryland suburbs. Pouring rain, wind and cold. Lady in a Trump 2020 sweatshirt says “I am ready to break out in a rally.” Everyone around us is smiling and agreeing. People were cordial, friendly and excited. This is a Trump wave – no excitement for Biden like this in this weather. Lots of kids with their parents (some voters and some learning). Everyday since Monday the lines are long for early voting. Longer than I have ever see on election day. Our little part of the US is clearly out in force. I expect high voter turnout for GOP and Independents and Democrat (Trump supporters). We are taking America back.

  39. @ChicagoBri says:

    The Democrat Alderman representing the renown shopping district the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue endorsed the opponent of the Soros-funded disaster named Kim Foxx. So there’s that. Still almost no mailers or door knockers for either side.

  40. comgri says:

    I adopted the Bonnie Tyler song for the 2015-2016 campaign to keep me going. It is time to pull it out again…Trump is the hero we were lucky enough to have show up and take on the Uniparty and the swamp. He needs to continue his work.

    “ I need a hero
    I’m holding out for a hero till the end of the night
    He’s gotta be strong, and he’s gotta be fast
    And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight
    I need a hero
    I’m holding out for a hero till the morning light
    He’s gotta be sure, and it’s gotta be soon
    And he’s gotta be larger than life
    Larger than life.

  41. CNN_sucks says:

    Because travelling has been hampered and restaurants are close. Nobody watching CNN. So, narrative collapses. Unintended consequence of covid. Echo chamber. MAGA. Nov. 3rd

  42. wtd says:

    Noticed this on my local sample ballot – dem candidate listed again as ‘conservative’ in two categories. Carefully examine not only your ballot but those listed as running on multiple tickets to be sure you are voting for actual Republican/Conservative candidates

    • Don McIntosh says:

      ok got it…When you see that what do you do then? not vote for that person?
      they win no matter what

      • wtd says:

        Clearly I will only vote for the Republicans which are true Republicans – and both appear to check out.
        As for the two bipolar individuals who are running on both the dem and conservative ticket, it’s clear that neither belong on the Conservative line. Each have been active in the Democratic Party. Ondrovic has been a Dem District Leader in Westchester County (Hillary’s county).
        Murphy has been endorsed by the Orange County Dem Committee Chairman. Local comments about her include the following red flags:

        “those who think Alexandra DiFiore-Murphy is running on her mother’s name and her parents’ power, think again. She is running her own campaign and, yes, while she shares their name and her mother’s desire to serve, she wants to earn it on her own merit. I would encourage you, Mr. Murphy, and those who emailed you against her, to meet her at an event and if you have a question about her mother, or any connections her parents may have to her campaign”


        “Some progressive and indivisible democrats may not like her running because her mom was a republican, but there are many, many more democrats who voted for Janet when she ran as a republican for D.A. “

        NY’ers have voted for more than enough ‘wind sock’ characters.

  43. Jeff Webb says:

    My vote for President Trump in NewJersey will likely not help him in the electoral college. BUT, it adds one more to his popular vote total which can’t hurt. MAGA!

    • Puzzled says:

      Yes, let the vote show, get the win and the total vote. The Marxists want to demoralize and silence those not in power. They do not like any sign of resistance to their superior ways.

  44. Vic M says:

    Don’t know if this was posted already….OAN reporting hospitals overcounted the number of deaths from Covid

  45. wtd says:

    Resurrecting failed 2016 election narratives:
    New: We’ve identified additional targets of Russia’s Fancy Bear hacking team, including the Indiana and California Democratic parties & the Center for American Progress, founded by John Podesta. Important note: No evidence of a breach at any of them.
    The group of Russian hackers accused of meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election earlier this year targeted the email accounts of Democratic state parties in California and Indiana, and influential think tanks in Washington and New York, sources say

  46. Sundance really goofed, when he wrote, “We have the best candidate…”

    We have the only LEGITIMATE candidate, Mister Sundance. Biden is a mob crook (and insane, on top of being Too Old For My Shirt…like “Too sexy…”, get it?). Period.

  47. meheuring says:

    St. Paul suburbs. Not much has changed here — a few Biden signs in the neighborhood, but not many. MN CD-4 will go for Biden, but I suspect Collin Peterson will go down in CD-7. Would not be surprised at all if Trump wins MN, especially because the Iron Range is now Trump country.

  48. MM says:

    I’ve managed to get 4 first time voters ages 18,20,40 and 59.
    Beating the bushes looking for more people to go vote!
    My little town (NE FL.) has had a steady stream of voters.
    MAGA flags and signs everywhere you look.

  49. Edith Marie says:

    I live in VA and just moved to Middleburg a small town in Loudon County. This town and the county are known as being very liberal and there are many Biden signs. I was surprised to see there are almost the same amount of Trump signs. My son, 20 years old went to vote on Monday morning before he went back to UVA and he said there was no line to vote. My husband went yesterday and he said there were only a few people voting. I’m not sure what that means but I hope it means the liberals are not motivated. I also spoke to my sister in law who is not a Trump supporter and she told me she hasn’t decided if she is voting yet or not. I do hope Democrats stay home!

  50. SCRO says:

    I live in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood and I waited one hour to vote for Republicans yesterday. Beverly certainly has its smattering of Biden/Camela signs but the vast majority of homes have no signage therefore my friends and I assume closet Trumpers. Positive sign: a few police flags and signage has reappeared.

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