Short Thoughts on Bobulinski Interview…

Essentially, Hunter Biden was a bag man for the Biden family; courting foreign businesses and governments for money so the payments could be laundered (by front businesses) and used to support the Biden family. That is the general takeaway from the interview with one of the legitimate business people, Tony Bobulinski.

More curiously though…. Mr. Bobulinski has the receipts; actual evidence of how businesses were set up to funnel the bribes, scheme and graft payments into the Biden family. According to the details he laid out Bobulinski was recruited to help set-up and facilitate the influence peddling program.

The described network is a smaller, start-up version of the Clinton Global Initiative; but essentially the intents and purposes were the same.

As Bobulinski detailed the engagements, one of the more glaring aspects was how easily the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement apparatus could monitor everything that was happening. Many of the meetings were with foreign officials outside the U.S; and many of the structural parts of the network were assembled in locations easily infiltrated by the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

The Biden network’s attempted communication was not too sophisticated. Their electronic trail of communication was captured and recorded by people inside the network. There is a ton of evidence for what they were doing including text messages, emails, phone call records and traceable meetings with all of the participants as outlined by Bobulinski.

So, knowing that, why did the U.S. intelligence apparatus not do anything about it?

Obviously, as outlined during the interview, some of the initial set-up was taking place while Joe Biden was Vice-President. The aggregate U.S. intelligence apparatus was obviously monitoring these activities; it would be intellectually dishonest not to accept that at some level this was well known inside the U.S. government.

Later on, as Hunter Biden began a downward spiral of addiction and dangerously abhorrent behavior; and keeping in mind he was formerly in the U.S. military -and kicked out due to a cocaine addiction- so his risk behaviors and issues would have been known as a risk by the U.S. government; he was a prime target for an influence operation by foreign intelligence adversaries.   This would have been clear to anyone in the intelligence community and undoubtedly shared up the information chain.

Yet, at no point did anyone do anything to try and stop the construction of the schemes?

It just doesn’t make any sense… unless….

…Unless the objective of those within the U.S. intelligence background (writ large) was to capture and retain all of this information as part of a black file for use as leverage/control later on against a Biden administration, and likely the Biden family.

There is a similarity of purpose here resembling the FBI refusing to provide a defensive briefing for presidential candidate Donald Trump as part of a strategy to gather evidence against Trump in their sketchy investigation of him.  However, in the Trump example, ultimately was no ‘there‘ there; so the investigation held no value beyond the assembly of a political narrative.  Ergo, Weissmann/Mueller and the insurance policy.

The transparent lack of effort by the U.S. intelligence community to intercept the Biden issues well in advance of the compromise of national security, is alarming.  However, it must be considered their lack of action was a purposeful decision…. and then the motive of those entities really becomes the bigger question.

This is a rather dangerous rabbit hole to start to consider.  However, against what we know of the intelligence community as a result of President Trump holding office, there are some really serious questions that need to be explored.

Pray more.


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  1. I start by looking at the potential motivations of the source of information.
    GTV came out of nowhere in my world. We do live in interesting times!

  2. TreeClimber says:

    So I have a possible theory I’ve been kicking around in my head for a few weeks, in response to the question “Why did Hunter leave the laptop in the first place?” The obvious answer – a drugged-out stupor – just didn’t cut it for me. And then that text came out with him complaining about “not getting any respect” and…

    What if abandoning the laptop, was Hunter Biden “turning”? He was sick of being the fall guy, sick of being the bagman, sick of being thrown under the bus, sick of “getting no respect.” Is it possible that someone in the family seriously pissed him off and he (perhaps in a drugged-out stupor) rebelliously went “Screw ’em!” and left it for someone to find? Revenge for a slight? Maybe he found out he was terminal with something and decided to burn it all down on his way out? Maybe he’s convinced they’re about to be caught and he sure as heck isn’t taking all the blame?

    Is there any plausibility to the possibility that he left it to be found on purpose?

    • Peoria Jones says:

      Who cares? I don’t mean this in a snarky way, but really.

      • TreeClimber says:

        Knowing why these people do unexpected things, is always good. For instance, we found out the Weissman team were the ones who released the text messages… in order to cover for something else. So why would Hunter leave the laptop? Especially since it carried the dynamite that could blow the whole operation wide open? Calculated risk, dumb as a box of rocks, or spite against those using him? Knowing that could help us know what else to look (out) for.

        • Peoria Jones says:

          Ok, but at this point I’m interested in the bigger fish to fry. If Hunter wants to go all out confessing his family sins, so be it. Until then, I assume he’s just a crackhead who forgot his laptop.

    • Kaco says:

      If you haven’t seen his depraved photos and videos, then you’d know the guy really was coked out. I think the computer guy even said he might have been under the influence, but I can’t recall exactly.

    • Conservative_302 says:

      Unfortunately, I had a step son who had a drug problem like Hunter Biden. Trust me, his abandonment of the laptop is due to drugs and nothing else. This type of drug takes over ones life. There is no motive more important than getting a doing drugs. When their high, memories are lost. He dropped off the laptop and forgot about it.

    • namberak says:

      I’m an Occam’s Razor kind of guy as to the why, and I have a bit of anecdotal evidence, sort of, to share about this. I have a friend who built up a computer repair biz from the trunk of his car until he had a small retail operation where he employed five people (sadly I imagine that biz is destroyed now and he’ll have to start over). I think the bulk of his business from an income perspective was probably contracts with small businesses for network services but regardless, he had three guys in the back fixing computers people brought in and dropped off. I’m certain he’d tell you that having people abandon their computers is fairly common. He’d follow up a couple of times, then scavenge what parts he could and the rest would go to the recycler. His guys would put together Frankenputers and they sold them in the front room which is where a lot of those parts ended up. Why they got abandoned, who knows, but I’m guessing he’d say people decided to just buy a new one and rather than pay for the fix on the old one, they’d abandon it.

      And this behavior isn’t restricted to computer repair, I might add. I have a college friend who became a fairly well known luthier and guitar repair guy in his part of the world and at any time will have fifty or more instruments in his shop needing work. People abandon expensive instruments for years at a time. He was puzzling about this one time and told me that he’d had an instrument he’d estimate was worth at least $15k for more than two years and the only way he got the owner to come get it was to send him an e-mail telling him that he was going to auction it off. A lot of people just aren’t too orderly. 🙂

    • madeline says:

      That’s Glenn Becks thought as well…

    • walt39 says:

      It may well be that there is NO well thought out motive for H. Biden leaving the laptop at the shop past 90 days. Drugs rot your brain, they addle your perceptions and judgement. He could have believed he already picked it up, gotten confused about which laptop was which, whatever.

      LOTS of drug addled behavior is in the news. Those guys who get blown away by the cops by charging with a knife or fists or ??? Is that good thinking? But it’s happening every day.

    • mooselasheen says:

      While anything is possible with this drug addicted super kink freak, it seems counter-intuitive to me. He doesn’t appear to have the faculties or wherewithal to make any kind of living on his own. Compromising his own father/family in such a manner empties his crack pipe and leaves him with nothing. Possible but not probable is how I would view it.

    • mooselasheen says:

      While anything is possible with this drug addicted super kink freak, it seems counter-intuitive to me. He doesn’t appear to have the faculties or wherewithal to make any kind of living on his own. Compromising his own father/family in such a manner empties his crack pipe and leaves him with nothing. Possible but not probable is how I would view it.

      • Susiejoe says:

        I think it was dad who compromised son, not vice versa. Just saying it seems that dad was the one who used his son for his own crimes. Crimes were such, they just put a drug addict into overdrive. They call it enabling.

        John Bachelor has a podcast. He had on a guy who was friend’s with the computer repair guy’s father. His story was that Hunter took in 3 computers (Mac’s) because they had experienced a water spillage. One computer was totally gone. Second computer had problems with the keyboard only. Repair guy fixed that one. The third was not fixable but the info on the hard drive was still retrievable. Hunter came back and took the first two computers. He left the third for the computer repair guy to retrieve the data on the hard drive. Repair guy made a number of calls when that was done. Hunter never contacted him or came back. After so many days, the repair guy had the right to take ownership of the computer and do what ever with it. Hunter probably didn’t worry with picking it up since it wasn’t any good. It probably never occurred to him that data on the harddrive would end up anywhere but the garbage.

    • thrasher47 says:

      Tree Climber – I heard Rush Limbaugh voice a very similar hypothesis to yours.

  3. WhiteBoard says:

    russian disinfo intercepted by someone.


  4. Nancy Murphy says:

    Wray to President Elect-Biden; “Mr President-Elect we have here a Laptop, containing salacious and unverified material we thought you should know about……..”

  5. Julian says:

    It’s pretty clear an element of control over politicians is having an extensive dirt file.

    If they have no dirt on you how do they control you?

    Well – they invent dirt!!

    Witness: President Trump and all the Russia BS!

  6. Mike says:

    At least the criminals don’t have to worry about DOJ/FBI coming after them. Imagine if that laptop belonged to a republican. I was fooled by Barr, he is swamp.

    • bowhuntrpa says:

      “The Cover-up General”……………………….befitting in these times. I’ve said before, when something doesn’t pass the smell test, just insert CIA and it will become more plausible.

    • bowhuntrpa says:

      Great link, BTW………………I forgot Lumpy was in charge during the Cocaine running scheme.

  7. yonason says:

    Extrapolating to its natural conclusion, the intel community probably also has all the dirt they need on the Clintons, Kerrys, Pelosis, etc., etc., as well.

    But to what end(s)? Who is pulling the strings, and why? The leadership of those organizations isn’t fixed, and there are too many of the crew to pay off to keep quiet. They’d all have to be in on it, whatever “it” is. What am I missing here?

    • Susiejoe says:

      Guys in intel are about the same end as the Clintons and Bidens, getting power and getting rich. Comey for example went to work for Lockheed Martin for a few years (thanks to Mueller who had done the same). He got Lockheed a government contract on FBI work. Lockheed paid him $10 million. In reviewing what I could about the Clinton Foundation, she would put all these various people on payroll or contract their services. So her foundation wasn’t just a cash cow for her, but for them as well. It’s a swamp.

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