Battleground Michigan – Biden and Obama Planning Campaign Push in Michigan Saturday – Undisclosed Location to Prevent MAGA Swarm…

According to the popular media narrative Joe Biden has a commanding lead in the state of Michigan.  However, that claim is belied by the need for the campaign’s biggest influence agent, former President Barack Obama, to join Biden on Saturday in Michigan.

If internal polling did not show a problem, they would not be campaigning there.  Which hearkens back to the foundational reality mentioned several weeks ago that Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID lockdown has backfired against the Biden campaign in a state they were counting on.  The false narrative is running into reality as the MAGA movement surges.

Interestingly, the Michigan -vs- Michigan State football game is happening on the same day, so interest in Obama is already facing a headwind…. And the fact that Biden-Harris are keeping the venue secret highlights their effort to avoid a repeat of recent swarms of Trump supporters showing up and outnumbering the Biden crowd.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has turned herself into a severe liability through her arbitrary and unpopular COVID lockdown dictates.  Whitmer was positioning herself for a cabinet position in a Biden administration; those hopes are diminishing by the hour.

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325 Responses to Battleground Michigan – Biden and Obama Planning Campaign Push in Michigan Saturday – Undisclosed Location to Prevent MAGA Swarm…

  1. More Bore says:

    MI peeps be sure you swarm the hell out of this thing

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  2. booger71 says:

    Where ever it is, they only will need space for about a dozen cars parked in a semicircle 6 feet apart

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  3. Baron Sicluna says:

    Oh sundance, I saw what you did with that second picture!!!! I just spit up beer all over my PC!!! And I pulled a groin! I hate you lol!

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  4. mallardcove says:


    I post this because it’s clear the goal even before COVID was to paint Biden(or whoever the dems nominated) as an unstoppable candidate who can’t lose. The pre-determined polling toplines exist to shape the narrative of a self fulfilling prophecy, that way if Trump wins again, they can use that as justification for brownshirt riots, attacks on conservatives, MUH RUSSIA 2.0, and other ways the delegitimize Trump’s 2nd term.

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    • Dutchman says:

      I agree they intend to TRY to delegitimise PDJT, WHEN he wins a second term.

      SOMEBODY, some group of somebodies IS going to be deligitimised, and discredited, but it ain’t gonna be PDJT, its going to be his and our enemies.

      Previous POTUS’s have been called “Teflon”, but PDJT is something else all together;
      The “I’m rubber, your glue,..” President.


  5. SoCal Patriot says:

    Trump should show up at their rally…at least there would be a crowd following him.

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  6. Screaming Eagle says:

    W-Hitler is a disgusting leftist tyrant. Worships only at the alter of power, sickening trash.

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  7. raptors2021 says:

    Elitism and snobbery is becoming the rule among the leadership of the Democrats. All voters are now “deplorables”, not just Republicans.

    Perhaps that explains this very bizarre presidential candidate they’ve produced: Sleepy Joe is the closest they can come to a populist. His job is to pave the way for a replacement (Kamala) who’s a bigger misanthrope than Hillary.

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  8. markmurraybooks says:

    I posted this in the Open Thread, but it’s definitely applicable here.

    There is one thing about Democrats/Liberals/MSM … they’re consistent. The polls they’re churning out look almost exactly like 2016. It’s amazing. Biden doesn’t have nearly the support that Clinton had in 2016, but yet he’s the projected winner. If you look at Clinton’s rallies vs Biden’s … not even close.

    Check out Nate Silver’s site. LOL. Newly redesigned, but pretty much the same thing as 2016. Biden win by 80-90%. “At this point, though, President Trump needs a big polling error in his favor if he’s going to win.” ROTFL! As I said, consistent. Same polls as 2016.

    New article at Cook Report. It’s similar, but I think they’re drinking more kook-aid (not disrespecting Kool-Aid as I grew up drinking it). “polls find Biden expanding Clinton’s margins in suburban Philadelphia”. Really? How do they add up the other polls that show Trump with far more of the support from Blacks in Philly than any other President? Oh, that’s right. 2016 Liberal Head-In-The-Sand outlook. “This time it will be different. It just will. Look at the polls, man! The polls! Biden surge!” LOL!

    They’re completely ignoring 2016 when the polls said one thing and Trump took more States than they ever imagined. And they’re ignoring that 95-99% of those 2016 Trump supporters are still going to vote for Trump. Biden isn’t polling nearly as well as Clinton with any group. So, uh, just by 2016 standards, Biden has a very uphill battle. That’s not adding in all those Never Trumpers who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but are going to in 2020. Even 50% of them is significant. If you start adding in all those gains with Blacks, Latinos, Women, etc and it starts getting to be a huge lead.

    “THE” only reason to doubt is the illegal and fraudulent voting. That’s significant. Without those two, Democrats would never win another national election, but there’s widespread fraud in our voting system. Has been for a very long time. See and note “The evidence re­vealed substantial vote fraud in Chicago during the November 2, 1982, election and found “that similar fraudulent activities have occurred prior to 1982.”” California (and other States) give driver’s licenses to illegals while maintaining Sanctuary status. How many can now easily vote without fear? Too much fraudulent voting to feel at ease in any election.

    Everyone thinks November 3rd is the end of the hard work, the MAGA rallies, the enthusiasm. November 3rd is the day the hard work starts. With a reelected President Trump, the fight gets nastier and tougher. Draining the swamp requires good DOJ/FBI/CIA people at the top. The MSM will be in overdrive protecting the swamp. Corporate/TechGiants will need to be divested of their Globalist/Chinese connections. The education system will need an overhaul. Investigations into fraudulent voting should be done. There is a lot of work ahead. This is the time, perhaps the only time we’ll get, to drive America toward what the Founder’s envisioned and not what it has become. This will be time to roll up our sleeves and dig deep into cleaning all the muck. The bright shining light in all of this is that not only will our President be there beside us, but we’ll all be in it together.

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    • More Bore says:

      IMO the polls are even more extreme – they are saying stuff like 10-15% ahead for Biden, unbelievably ridiculous.

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      • aremore95 says:

        Imho, the more extreme they make the “polls”, the worse Biden is actually doing. Because this just looks like they are panicking at the amount of people that don’t care about them anymore, so they’re making the numbers more and more ridiculous to demoralize Trump voters, even though it does the complete opposite.

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      • adam says:

        Sadly, we have to accept that they will cheat, so maybe their “polls” reflect that built in.

        Sure, there’s more grassroots support for Trump but they planned to cheat and got their vote-by-mail in many states, so Trump still needs everything we can give.

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        • David Murphy says:

          They will cheat, of course. What they failed to consider is that cheating will be exponentially more difficult with the inner city numbers that will be voting for Trump, in person.

          If it’s even close to what I expect, it will be impossible for them to overcome.


    • More Bore says:

      Also – related to your last paragraph…. Agreed this is the beginning. I have begrudgingly come to the conclusion that its OKAY that we wait on the destruction of the deep state, charges, etc, until after the election.

      The American people have a right, now that Trump 1.0 has exposed all of the corruption before us, to decide if we really want to spend the time and blood and capital getting rid of it. Its a valid question, very much the blue pill/red pill scenario. While I am not a fan, I think its a valid choice, given how much filth we now see…. to blue pill and go with the Matrix: put me back in, let me pretend I never saw it, and give me a nominal life. “ignorance is bliss” – I will let the corruption and filth continue in exchange for a cheap iPhone and 5% return on my 401k.

      If the country red pills, times will not get easier.

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    • Questioning says:

      Foolish, Democrats. Did they know if Joe was on the Ticket he couldn’t help but plagiarize the 2016 Polls?

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    • jinmichigan says:

      There is a huge pool of people who didnt vote in 2016 and that have never voted that are all in on the Trump train.

      There is a huge pool of Union members who voted the way their BAs told them to in 2016 that dont GAF what their BAs tell them this time that will vote Trump.

      There is a huge pool of Black and Hispanics that voted Hillary in 2016 that will now vote Trump.

      Polls that show anything but a Trump landslide are an attempt to gaslight the public into disenfranchising themselves and to give the tyrants the excuse they need to disavow any legitimate Trump win. These polls are the dog whistle the tyrants will use to call for their minions to ramp up the insurrection and as cover for their massive fraud and the upcoming coup.

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  9. bocephusrex says:

    Don’t think even Chicago Jesus can rescue the sinking pedophile geezer-hopefully the Trump supporters find out and lay waste to them-

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    • I read somewhere that Pennsylvania is going to segregate ballots received after Nov 3 and not mix them with uncontested ballots pending Scotus ruling.
      I only read it one place
      Has anyone else read that or seen confirmation?

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      • Rileytrips says:

        The important question, to answer your question, is… who is the current Secretary of State in PA? Is that person a Republican or Democrat? He/she is the person who will certify the vote for PA.


  10. Sparty says:

    Mark MI a W for Trump. I live here. And this will happen.
    African Americans will vote for Trump in record numbers. Unreal numbers. He’s done a lot for Detroit and powerful black business leaders support Trump.
    Unions: Trump all the way. Like 90% or higher.
    Zero enthusiasm for Biden
    Lansing rally- half the people there in the rain were dems and independent. My wife was there, said young old black white Latino whatever no matter one huge mixing bowl of love for Trump.
    -no sign of major voter fraud apparatus. Who would take the risk this time? Early voting more R’s than D’s. Unheard of.
    -everyone despises Whitmer.
    -nobody cares about Obama. He did nothing but screw this state. Especially Detroit. Nobody cares. no mojo no care so yesterday.

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  11. freepetta says:

    Undisclosed? So who is going to be there China? Romania? Ukraine? Russia?
    Maybe they will have just a few circles?💁🏻‍♀️

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  12. decisiontime16 says:

    “L” (loser) pointing to Whitmer 🤣

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  13. T2020 says:

    Desperation is an ugly characteristic.

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  14. Zy says:

    Head of Department of Domestic Lockdowns


  15. alvasman says:

    It’s “undisclosed” because it’s cover Biden. This way no matter where he shows up they can say it’s the spot. And, if Obama isn’t there, they can claim he’s he one who made the mistake.


  16. pigletrios says:

    I have no doubt the site will be discovered and Deplorable Chumps will show up!!

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  17. Leon Brozyna says:

    PDJT shows up in Maine with little notice and hundreds of supporters show up anyway. Do the Dems think it takes several days for the Trump Train to get together for the has been and never was appearance? This will backfire on the losers no matter what they do or do not do … now it’s like a dare.

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  18. Publius2016 says:

    MAGA will show!

    OHiden and 44 may actually go green screen! can’t anywhere they are welcomed!!


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  19. James says:

    What an absolute total joke.
    Dragging out B-rock Hussein Ozero.
    America’s former reigning creep.
    The malignant narcissist has yet to realize that he is irrelevant.

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  20. borwarrior says:

    Drones can spot those stupid socially distanced circles, provide pictures back to the operator and mobilize a small MAGA army pretty quickly.

    These people are not very smart.

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  21. John-Y128 says:

    ‘Biden and Obama Planning Campaign Push in Michigan Saturday – Undisclosed Location to Prevent MAGA Swarm…’ and they are bringing their own 1/2 dozen supporters.

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  22. Magabear says:

    “Dummy and the Witch”, now out on Blu Ray and DVD. 🤣

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  23. A Fortified City says:

    Haha very clever Sundance

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  24. UniPartySlayer says:

    I love it!! I bet the treepers here can sniff it out. Any Michiganders in here?

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  25. deeperinfo says:

    Comes down to

    Winner: either
    PA plus one or
    The 3 Not PA.

    I like those odds for President Trump.

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    • Tony Sherfinski says:

      WI will go Trump in a big way! Only way to stop that would be cheating in Milwaukee that would put Chicago Dems to shame.


    • ganesh says:

      Actually, giving President trump FL again, he just needs any of these four, or both NV and NH.

      Five paths to 270 with Florida.


  26. bosscook says:

    Cabinet post for Whitmer? LOL. Just put her IN a cabinet and dump into a lake.

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  27. comgri says:

    Im sure OBiden can find that Greek Temple they had built for Obama to announce thatwe were 5 days away from fundamentally transforming America…..

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  28. slowcobra says:

    We are in MI and are ready to crash china joe’s circle sideshow!!!!! We will do our best to find out where, and our cars and clothing will be MAGA.

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  29. Mike in a Truck says:

    Hey Wet n’ Wild Joe- when did you stop taking showers with your daughter?

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  30. Bogeyfree says:

    Why go if only 25-50-200 people show?

    I never fully understood that.

    So why go?

    Because they need there favorite word, plausible deniability on how it is possible they got so many to mail-in votes for Biden come Tues.

    It’s harder to explain this if you never even showed up to campaign. PT on the other hand has 10-20-30K people show up to honestly support his surge.

    So this Sunday is nothing more than laying down breadcrumbs or footsteps whereby they and the media can say, Joe worked hard in MI to get all those mail-in votes.

    As we have seen these past 4 years most of what these people do is based on a fraud, a diversion and IMO this campaign stop Sunday is no different.

    The fact O is coming just might indicate the states where the most mail-in voting fraud is going to occur.

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  31. TrustyHaste says:

    I’m in mid-Michigan. Ready to go!

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  32. canoehustler says:

    Ah, don’t ya hate to see it? Bless their hearts.

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  33. canoehustler says:

    Ah, don’t ya hate to see it? Bless their hearts.


  34. jessetmims says:

    Re “Biden and Obama Planning Campaign Push in Michigan Saturday – Undisclosed Location to Prevent MAGA Swarm…”

    So funny! Instead of hiding Joe in his basement, they’re going to try hiding him in plain sight… What a plan! lol

    Hey Michigan! If you see something, that looks like a Biden rally, SAY something on social media; so, Michigan Deplorables can STILL swarm it!

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  35. Terry Gain says:

    Obama is afraid that Trump supporters will turn up and massively outnumber his tiny turnout

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  36. TrustyHaste says:

    My hunch is that it will be in fraud filled Detroit.

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  37. realeyecandy1 says:


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  38. OffCourseNation says:

    “Governor Gretchen Whitmer has turned herself into a severe liability through her arbitrary and unpopular COVID lockdown dictates. Whitmer was positioning herself for a cabinet position in a Biden administration; those hopes are diminishing by the hour.”

    Hopefully, you are right, but what if a majority of voters in Michigan would rather live as subjects under a dictator than live as free men and women? I guess we will know in about a week … or two … or at some point.


  39. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    One of the best campaign lawn signs I’ve ever seen, near Glen Arbor MI 2 weeks ago: “Our Governor Is An Idiot”

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  40. comgri says:

    You can picture as Stassi. She is CRAZY and a psychopath….and dangerous

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  41. Wethal says:

    Presumably local law enforcement would have to be notified ahead of time for security details, local traffic patterns might need to be altered, and the airport notified for security and air traffic control.

    Do the Dems really think the location couldn’t leak out with all those people involved?

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  42. omyword says:

    Suddenly uncle Ted shows up playing stranglehold.😄🤣😄😂😄🤣😅
    Got you in a stranglehold, baby You best get outta the way 

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  43. TL Howard says:

    This shouldn’t be close, not with Biden exporting jobs to China. Trump needs to pummel and pummel that home. I

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    • joebkonobi says:

      If it is close, President Trump and supporters are the only option to save America. Based on the candidates, this election should be a landslide. I truly don’t get it!

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  44. aremore95 says:

    Totally looks like someone who’s winning, right? r-right?

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  45. kleen says:

    Hoax number…. Ahhh never mind I lost count…

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  46. Chip Doctor says:

    My neighbor is a Michigan snowbird. He told me they think Whitmer has done a good job of keeping people safe, but they will vote Trump all the way. They love them some face masks. 🙄

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    • jaxnix says:

      Michigander here – she is AWFUL. What is safe exactly? Safe for destroyed businesses? Safe for those who delayed medical care to their detriment? Safe for the emotional well being of children? Safe because your neighbor hasn’t contracted Covid – because he probably wouldn’t have anyway? PFFT!

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  47. James Street says:

    Trump rally yesterday in Omaha, Nebraska
    Estimated crowd size: 29,000

    Biden rally yesterday in Warm Springs, Georgia
    Estimated crowd size: 38

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  48. IAMGROOT says:

    Methinks Gretchen skated on thin ice and went “plop”! Poor little tyrant! Gretchen…I am really really trying to feel something for you…what? I should not say in public ;D

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  49. SanJac says:

    The prepaid debit cards that are now being passed out will be the invitation to drum up a crowd if possible.

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  50. petszmom says:

    Not sure if it will have the same impact but a MAGA swarm will be happening in Mcallen, TX for Kamaltoe on Friday. Don Jr. just gave a shout out to Laredo and Mcallen for their outstanding Trump train turnouts and ‘suggested’ Laredo go down and join McAllen to check out Harris rally. Just checked and they are already planning it!

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