He’s Got Tapes? -Tucker Carlson Interviews Hunter Biden Business Associate Tony Bobulinski – 8:00pm Tonight…

According to multiple recent media leaks and reports Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski has audio recordings of business discussions with the Biden family as they constructed the bribery scheme with the Chinese communist government.

Tonight at 8:00pm Fox Host Tucker Carlson is scheduled to broadcast an interview with Bobulinski and there is a great deal of anticipation for the content.

Consider this an open discussion thread for the broadcast.

UPDATE: Video Added

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865 Responses to He’s Got Tapes? -Tucker Carlson Interviews Hunter Biden Business Associate Tony Bobulinski – 8:00pm Tonight…

  1. donnyvee says:

    Tony B. on Tucker right now. First segment was devastating.

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    • Mr. Morris says:

      This was an amazing interview of Tony Bobulinski by the wonderful Tucker Carlson. The Biden family are so greedy and corrupt. If Biden is elected he will owe the Chinese government big time, and all the other governments who gave the Biden Family untold millions.
      I suspect Joe Biden’s decision to kill our gas and oil industries may be part of Joe’s corrupt bargain. The fact that all Democrats plan to destroy American jobs and our oil and gas industries speaks volumes. Under President Trump our nation is energy independent.

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      • jebg46 says:

        Yep, end USA energy independence so we are forced to buy foreign oil because we still need to heat, cool, drive, cook, etc. That will end all the peace progress made in the last 4 yrs so the war mongers can get back to killing our national treasure of young patriots. This is unconscionable!

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  2. gsonFIT says:

    “The cold war is over”

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  3. frogman says:

    Mr. Bobulinski seems like a straight shooter, IMHO. I have interviewed/intergated many hundreds of people of various power and in various amount of trouble. IMHO it is at least 98% real. But the forensics are most important.

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    • calbear84 says:

      He seems completely credible to me. My only question is why alarm bells didn’t go off when he got involved with sleezebag Hunter.


  4. Joe says:

    Bobulinski’ spoken list is grand jury material in itself.

    Now tapes?!

    Where’s the DOJ?

    Slam dunk… just kidding! I mean Barr so…

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  5. tuskyou says:

    He gave the Biden’s an out, he practically begged them to do the right thing and they refused!! I hope and pray The Biden Crime Family gets everything they deserve.

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    • Rhi316 says:

      Amen tuskyou, been also praying God expose the corruption for all to see, looks as though patriot Bobulinski stepped up to the plate and added more irrefutable proof for those with eyes to see what Sundance and several others have been unearthing over the years. Truly God is answering all of our prayers.

      Also great to hear that former Seal team members are protecting his family! And he added ‘the FBI offered to provide protection “if needed”!’ Having TS clearance, he is no dummy of the stakes and risk involved of coming out with this documentation. Looks like he told the FIB, ‘thanks, but you are part of the problem’.

      Wished Tucker would’ve asked about the FIB interview he presumably underwent. Good move enlisting Seal members for protection!

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  6. Drogers says:

    I know no more nor any less than every other citizen watching this program.

    As is so often the case the believability of the person relaying the message is the gold standard by which the story lives of dies.

    Mr. Bobulinski, like his facts, are impeccable.

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  7. Julia Adams says:

    Follow up the money. All Tucker needs to ask of Tony is show us the records that show how money was wired and into which accounts were tied to Joe Biden.

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  8. Niagara Frontier says:

    I would bet that not a single word of what Tony B. is exposing now about the Bidens is news to the FBI or to any of the intelligence agencies. That’s the bigger scandal.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      It’s astounding – or will be to those who still thought the 3-letter agencies were comprised of mostly good people.

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      • Horace says:

        Personnel is policy. The globalists have been getting reliably corrupt people into place for the last 30 years. I doubt the corrupts are the majority of the rank and file, but they are the majority of the leadership and when that happens they set the institutional culture and dissenters either leave or keep their heads down so they don’t get fired.

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    • steph_gray says:

      I wasn’t able to watch live, but as of yet have not seen anything in these comments that I didn’t know already from listening to Rudy G on Dan B’s show.

      Not that it isn’t plenty!

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    • grenell2024 says:

      Of course it isn’t news to the FBI, there was a FISA warrant on Patrick Ho, one of Hunter’s business associates. Two hop rule means they listened in on both Hunter and “His Chairman”.

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  9. donnymo says:

    This is great and all….but are we gonna hear some tapes?

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  10. David DeAtkine says:

    this is devastating

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  11. donnyvee says:

    I’d like to hear from others on this. I’m thinking one of the reasons, if not the main reason, that Tony B. has gone public because he was (and probably still is) worried about being disappeared.

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    • gsonFIT says:

      He doesnt sound too fearful for his person. He sounds like his family name is very important. I hear a patriot. I am biased for the Lion but I do not know this mans motivation other than the right thing.

      Also he does not like Adam Schiff. Automatically makes him a rock star

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    • nvbob says:

      I believe there are two reasons he came forward. First, he is a patriot and was angered about the Russian disinformation comments.

      Secondly, I think he saw the handwriting on the wall as this has unfolded. He fears the Biden crime family will make him the fall guy for any unlawful activity. He needed to get out in front of this whole mess.

      Like @Frogman in another post, I have interviewed hundreds of people in my prior life. His speech patterns, word choices and body language tell me he is legit and so is his story.

      I feel sorry for Tony B. He stands to loose his business. That’s they way the liberal crony capitalism works. He broke the code of silence. God Bless him.

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  12. Julia Adams says:

    Here we go…when he comes back from a commercial break…he is going to respond to mu post.

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  13. WhiteBoard says:

    Rob walker texted Tony – said Chairman was his DAD – hunter’s dad.

    this audio played as Rob saying “you will bury us all” (if you go forward).

    they Impeached A PRESIDENT over this server.

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  14. cjzak says:

    Oh good. Next up is the explanation of where all the money went. Where the heck is it all?? I have been waiting to find out the answer to that question since this story broke.

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    • donnyvee says:

      Off shore somewhere. Someplace that doesn’t require SARS (suspicious activity reports)

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    • jebg46 says:

      The money is all hidden in real estate after being laundered through a bunch of shell companies. Hunter said he has had to support the whole family for 30 yrs so we need to see who signs the checks for all the family compounds. Just like the mafia!

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  15. yohio says:

    Where are the tapes Tucker promised, I’ve only heard a ten second sound bite

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    • Dekester says:

      yohio..your guy is done.

      Give it up.

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      • yohio says:

        I’m voting for Pres. Trump. My wife and I have spent the last 5 years doing registration drives for him. I just registered over a 100 people to vote for Trump in Ohio over the last three weeks before registration ended. What have you done? I asked where the tapes were because I’m tired of guys like Tucker and Hannity over promising, the Biden stuff is devastating enough with out over promising

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    • Dana Christianson says:

      Good Interview.. I Was Getting Tired Of The “Dick-Pic’s” And Hunter’s “Crack-Smoking”

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  16. Convert says:

    Wow. This guy is very credible and Tucker is doing a great job walking thru the incontrovertible, undeniable hard evidence. I pray nothing happens to this guy. 🤯

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  17. Dekester says:

    This is utterly stunning.

    It is simply not comprehensible that Biden be allowed to even run in this election after this blockbuster interview.

    We are in Canada, and several Canadian friends are texting me like crazy about this.

    This man is credible times ten.

    God bless PDJT

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    • boilingmud says:

      That’s encouraging. I have a sister in BC and they hate Trump with a passion. Cant talk to them about him, don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. Ignorance is bliss!

      Much like most of the friends and family I have in Washington state…

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      • donna kovacevic says:

        My friends and church members here in Ontario are also talking about it. A friend posted about it on FB, am surprised it was not taken down.


        • donna kovacevic says:

          Another point being the 750,000 American Serbs living all across the USA have I am sure heard all about it. Off the start they hated Biden anyways due to his involved, his statements regarding the former Jugoslavija, he said he would do it all over again. A member of our community from the US sent it all over FB a couple of weeks ago, it is being shared all over. I pray thay my American Serb brothers and sisters will all vote for PDJT. I know they will, but still praying. God Bless PDJT.


  18. realeyecandy1 says:

    this is like the Russia Russia Russia … much of it is very complicated to piece together

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  19. kbrion77 says:

    They need a 3 part series. This segment they need to keep elementary to basically just establish how criminal the Biden’s really are. Would be great to go into the business and financial detail in other segments.

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  20. Zorro says:

    Can you believe we’re living through this ? Our future history will flow on the resolution or non resolution of Biden corruption.

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  21. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Ol’ Tony dropping a bunch of big t*rds in that Biden “family legacy” punch bowl tonight.

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  22. screwauger says:

    I am blown away at his credibility. I am a an investigator by trade for the past 30 years. People need to go to prison. Biden cannot be President and should lose his security clearance now. In my opinion, Biden is compromised, is on his natural way out and would easily agree to kamikaze President Trump.

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  23. MaineCoon says:

    Written evidence is devastating. Self-incriminating. Extensive jail time, even treason, if we had a justice system.

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  24. cjzak says:

    Bobulinsky is a very believable straight forward guy who didn’t have wanting money as a motivator in all this. He just wants to clear his name and tell the truth about the Bidens who refused to come forward and tell the true story.

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  25. SlowLearner says:

    For me, the sweetest nugget so far is that ADAM SCHIFF is the idiot who spurred Bobulinski to come forward. Delicious!

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  26. Puzzled says:

    The Chairman is a F&N crook.

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  27. PatriotKate says:

    One week from today it’s a Trump Landslide.

    Immediately thereafter Biden is disqualified. This is just the tip of the iceberg and apparently the way it’s going to totally unravel.

    Does this guy have exposure here? I’m confused about how legit the business actually was

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  28. swampfox999 says:

    DIRECT CCP LOANS TO THE BIDENS. A vote for Biden is a vote for the CCP.

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  29. Jase says:

    Ha ha. It was Schiff’s crazed lies about Russia, Russia, Russia that tipped him over the edge and made him determined to speak out!
    Pencil neck Schiff, the gift that keeps on giving.

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  30. Nepanyrush says:

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  31. patti says:

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    • maggie0987 says:

      Man oh man – his brain is truly fried by the drugs.
      Is he talking to himself? or is he dictating it to some computer recording thingy? Does not sound as though he is talking with someone.

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  32. gsonFIT says:

    Pages 65-87. Holly cow!

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  33. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Tony is talking about his “Q” clearance.

    How does he retain it with his name all over documents he’s talking about in partnership with Communist Chinese Party members? HUH, Tony?

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    • A-10 says:

      You lose your clearance when you leave the military. I had a Top Secret Clearance with White House Access (USMC Security Detail at Camp David in the 70’s). Lost it the day I left the USMC. He is saying he had a “Q” clearance.

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    • Cowboy79 says:

      he said he “had” a Q clearance. Did not say “has”.
      Nobody retains a Q clearance after leaving Service.
      Q clearances have codeword authentication that is changed daily.
      Kind of like an eternally rotating TS/SCI Clearance that allows you to also be unescorted in the presence of the President. Q clearances are not allowed to “just anybody”.
      Anyone with Q clearance has had a SSBI + Proctological + Extra Special investigation and update. More so than a TS/SCI.
      Bobulinski was a Nuclear Propulsion Officer.

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    • outhousecounsel says:

      I’m not sure I understand what Mr. Bobulinski was doing for the past some years with all his professed patriotism, and knowing this was going on, and saying nothing until now. (What was HE doing, doing business with these countries?)

      It sure looks like Biden, Clintons, government officials, bureaucrats, Congressers were running wild selling off the U.S. and cashing in while Obama, Brennan and co. were weaponizing blackmail under NSA and “community organizing” for the future complete destruction of this country.

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      • Phil aka Felipe says:

        Yep. It sure sounds like a lot of folks that know USA secrets have a tendency to leverage that knowledge for $’s in questionable relationships whether personal, business, or politics.

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  34. Zy says:

    I’m sure Bury It Barr is out at his bagpipe lesson tonight and isn’t watching this.

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  35. tuskyou says:

    Bright and early tomorrow morning everyone should call their senators, congress critters, the FBI, the DOJ and anyone else we can think of.

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  36. Julia Adams says:

    How soon before the DNC machine puts a contract out on Tony? He might be a Dead man walking and they don’t want him talking. Stay safe and thank you for your courage Tony.

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  37. Auntie Anxiety says:

    Where is the press on this travesty? The treason? What would have to happen for the scales to fall from their eyes?

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  38. dd_sc says:

    Bidens tight with Chinese and Ukrainian energy companies; Pelosi’s son tight with Ukrainian company. All while talking about shutting down fracking and going with a Green New Deal and paris Climate Accord.

    Who in Congress hold stock in these various overseas energy companies?

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  39. Elric VIII says:

    I’m waiting for somebody to flip on Obama. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and expose the puppeteers, the real force behind all of this corruption. And Valerie Jarrett is always there lurking. Shudder!

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    • DuaneB says:

      Yes, we see the strings. .but, will they be clipped before we can follow them to the top?

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    • JCM800 says:

      King Feces the First is out and about, praising the Looting, Arson, and Destruction.

      “‘My people loot. My people riot. My people vandalize and burn and kill. It’s what my people do. Everyone who suffers loss and damage has insurance so it doesn’t matter. My people have a RIGHT to cause pain to others. And many of them coulda been by son.’

      Sure he said it, he just used different stuttering words..

      When he is revealed and accused in this Treason Pay Off and Corruption, the magnetic strip on his Race card, now corrupted, won’t work.

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  40. delighteddeplorable says:

    Courage, love of country. He has robust security, which is good, and actually being so overtly public is a type of protection. Very impressive.

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  41. Marygrace Powers says:

    NO DOUBT POTUS is watching Tucker right
    now on AF 1 before the Omaha NE rally. UNREAL.


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    • donna kovacevic says:

      Debela guzica Barr knew exactly what has transpired, that is why he said Obama, Biden are not being looked at, a few months ago, he knew the gig was up. Da Bog da crko Barr. God Bless PDJT.


  42. Nepanyrush says:

    Better get some of these tweets out before James Woods and others get blocked by Twitter:

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  43. swampfox999 says:

    Devastating interview in a country with a free and independent press. That used to be America.

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  44. Landslide says:

    Wow wow wow.

    Believe him 100%. Very intelligent.

    “I’ll become irrelevant in this discussion because the facts are so powerful…”

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  45. srmikeinohio says:

    Is there going to be no knock raids by the FBI on Hunter and the “Big Guys” houses tonight????
    Asking for a friend….

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  46. Julia Adams says:

    Tony is credible. He acknowledges he is getting death threats. Tucker just said he was under incredible pressure not to air the 45 minute segment.

    Truth over power. Evidence and facts over spin.
    The Biden’s are done. If it can be proven that Joe got money, he should be charged on RICO, bribery, tax evasion and treason

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    • jebg46 says:

      Just like Giuliani has been saying ever since he became the President’s lawyer. The FBI/DOJ have demonized Guiliani ever since. They had the lap top during the sham Ukrainian impeachment.

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  47. snowmaze says:

    Something is missing. Oh! I know. The FBI and/or, DOJ arrests. Nothing happening. Why must it take the citizens to demand something to be done?

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  48. L4grasshopper says:

    Tucker ended the show thanking Fox News for allowing the interview. Gee….one would think that interview was a natural, and did not require any special permission!

    He then said he was under “tremendous pressure” to not do it. Unfortunately he didn’t say from whom that pressure came. Wonder if asshole Paul Ryan was one of them?

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  49. Cheese says:

    Something bothers me about him. I see smoke but no gun. I want to I just can’t see this changing anyone’s mind.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      The importance of this guy was to validate the genuineness of Hunter’s laptop and what was on it. He did that.

      He also exposed as a huge lie Biden’s claim that he didn’t know of or have anything to do with Hunter’s business affairs. He proved he had met with Joe twice.

      His motivation for coming forward was simple: he was being called a liar and a Russian agent by Biden and other Dems. He was expressing some “cold anger”.

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    • Julia Adams says:

      Tony B had to be guarded in what he could and couldn’t say. He was testifying on an international money laundering scheme. He spilled his guts to the FBI or so he says. Tony needs to protect himself from being targeted as a co-conspirator

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    • starspangledred says:

      Why does the word obtuse come to mind?

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    • Chip Doctor says:

      Cheese, I happen to agree. In a normal America, Biden would step down and his arrest would be front center on every channel and paper in the world. In today’s world, DOJ, FBI, MSM, FB, Twitter, Google pretend that this interview never happened. Most Americans will not know about this. And most of the ones that do, will just write it off as either “politics” or Russian disinformation. Very very frustrating.

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