Site Notes, Updates and Apologies…

As many are aware, our website has been challenged by recent updates to the WordPress hosting platform.  If you are experiencing any site issues related to recent software updates by the host platform, please accept my apologies.

Sometime recently, WordPress modified the backside code used for this website, presumably to update to an enhanced platform.  This was not done by CTH, it was out of our control, and it has created a considerable challenge as many site functions have been impacted; not the least of which is my ability to write and post about current topics in a quick and responsive manner.

The WP toolbar used by many, including site admins, has disappeared. No solution currently available.  The site “SEARCH” function tool (right margin) has also been disrupted and is not returning accurate results.  Additionally, the WP reader function is having a compatibility issue and many other ordinary site functions are disrupted. My sincere apologies for any reader/user frustration this is causing.

Be advised this set of challenges is nothing CTH admins or myself have initiated. These disruption issues are all driven by WordPress modifications made without any advanced notice to us.  Some of them appear to be driven by WP adding “plugins” as part of a new upgrade, and we are working diligently through a process to evaluate the compatibility problems if we uninstall the changes (or even if we can).

As with all software updates, these changes can have cascading effects depending on each users individual browser.  If you are experiencing site issues, this is likely one of the causes.  Browser compatibility issues are usually corrected over time, but that does not mitigate the frustration you may experience.

Obviously, given the nature of our political climate, all of this seems conspicuously timed; and of course the WP “happiness engineers” who have initiated this challenge -at this specific time- deny any suspicious intent; which is obviously disrupting the substance of our presented information and your important crowdsource discussions.

Thankfully, most of the more damaging and consequential changes have been mitigated, but there will likely be some issues ongoing as we work diligently through the process of attempting to put our website back to a very user-friendly format.  I have spent the better part of the past 24 hours trying to get things back to normal.

Again, my apologies for the issues and we will persevere.  We appreciate your support and understanding as we work through this.  If you have any specific issue that you cannot resolve, feel free to shoot us an email, and bear with us as you can only imagine the inbound volume in that regard.

Hopefully, I can soon get back to providing the CTH research and analysis that sets this little corner of the internet apart from the rest of the political noise.

Warmest possible regards,


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266 Responses to Site Notes, Updates and Apologies…

  1. justlizzyp says:

    ‘preciate the post! Thanks for all your work!


  2. jwh49 says:

    NO apologies needed. Not responsible for things you cannot control. Thanks Sundance. MAGA 2020!!!


    • RyderLee says:

      Jwh49 ,

      EXACTLY What I came here to post ! Thank You !

      And Many Thanks to Sundance and Crew
      for All You Do for Us EVERY SINGLE DAY !



  3. A Fortified City says:

    Ok there you go, and believe me I suspected it, alto’ it hasn’t been confirmed, some people who don’t like us probably inconvenient us on purpose.
    But I have every confidence we’ll be back up running in no time


  4. JRD says:

    No worries.

    WOLVERINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya


  5. canoehustler says:

    Thanks Sundance. I was wondering if you were ok. Call me paranoid but the light you shine makes very powerful people angry.


  6. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Perhaps they be trying to shut you and us up?????


  7. TreeClimber says:

    FWIW, in case replicating my setup helps anyone else:

    I’m using the latest Firefox, on a Windows 10 machine, my Flash player up to date (not sure if that matters or not,) Firefox built-in Enhanced Tracking Protection off, latest AdBlock Plus, and DuckDuckGo Privacy essentials active. So far I’ve had no problems (or else the mods have approved me instantly, in which case, thanks muchly!)

    Also using Spectrum internet, if that matters.


    • k9american says:

      Same here except Frontier FIOS 500/500 internet. No problems – yet.


      • Fuel Filter says:

        Using brand new iPad w/iOS14. Can’t like posts, can’t log into WP nor create new WP account any longer.

        Although I can see all posts they look different. The “like” count especially looks weird.


    • quintrillion says:

      Same here. Just downloaded Widows 10 upgrade and have had 2 Firefox upgrades in 2 days. I turn off The Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection twice= once on this site and again when I log in with my WordPress password. A while back during the last “glitches” I turned off my AdBlock Plus and now I leave it off for this site only. I also use DukDuckGo search engine in my browser.


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Are you getting your WP notifications?

      I’ll check back on this thread because I am not getting them….therefore no way to reply.


      • TreeClimber says:

        I don’t have an account, I’m just a permanent visitor – so I don’t get notifications. However, comments are no longer showing up in my history (which is how I keep up with replies) which is interesting.


    • GB Bari says:

      – Brave browser on a Mac laptop is unable to post comments or replies.
      – Also unable to see my WP notification bell in upper right to view Likes and replies to my comments.
      – Have not yet been able to post…do not know if mine are even going into Moderation..


  8. Road Runner says:

    No worries… One of my sites also experienced the same in the last couple of days…


    • III% says:

      Two that I monitor/maintain have been up and down for the last couple of days. 404 then 30 seconds later it’s back. That have a heck of a bug in this little update.


    • David M Kitting says:

      Road Runner,

      Beep beep! The coyote’s after you…

      If he catches you you’re through…

      Hard to catch a 440+6 RR


  9. Sharon says:

    I like the photo of the irritated lion. Very much.

    So frustrating but also so predictable.


  10. airedalesrule says:

    Try Squarespace. Very easy.


  11. ColtLending says:

    Dump WP. We will follow you anywhere.


  12. Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

    We run many standlone WordPress servers. The question is do we upgrade or not. If you are on a WordPress site then you never make that decision its made for you. I would recommend finding a standalone provider then you can decide if upgrades are worth the hassle.


    • Right Wing Gal says:

      Yup! I work in self hosted WordPress sites all day long as a web developer. The (i.e. hosted by WordPress) sites give you next to no control. On the flip side though if you aren’t a developer navigating broken plugins and such can be extremely tricky, so I understand wanting to stay with a WordPress hosted site.


  13. nats1mom says:

    Sundance and ALL: No words can express the time, effort and dedication you provide to this site. No apologies needed; this is just a normal hiccup. After all, hiccups come and go. Thank you, thank you!!!


  14. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Today seem worse than I have experienced so far.


  15. airedalesrule says:

    Try Squarespace if WP doesn’t get its act together. Very easy to use and highly reliable.


  16. suehrs says:

    Having similar issues with my wordpress site. Much trouble shooting to do.


  17. wodiej says:

    Thanks, thought it was my computer.


  18. Blind no Longer says:

    Thanks for the info…I was about to break out my tin foil hat Sundance.


  19. ncxplant says:

    Lost my *Tree* icon… but so far everything else A-okay! 🙂


    • adam says:

      Me, too — Running Chromium with uBlock Origin on Mac Mojave. Don’t use “Search” but otherwise all is well.


    • quintrillion says:

      Before this latest whatever, my icon would appear in the upper right corner. I used it to log-out.
      Now, to log-out I go to the icon that shows up when I “Liked” the Posted Blog and when I click on that it takes me to the Gravatar website instead of the WordPress site to log-out.

      insignificant compared to your hours of endeavors with WordPress


    • Ad rem says:

      Tree icon (“flavicon”) should be back….fixed it a few hours ago.


  20. Sundance- First of all, thanks for your patriotism, courage and vigilance and all that you do for our Republic.

    You never any need to apologize to your loyal fans and readers. Personally I am not surprised that this little distraction has been thrown your way in the crucial weeks leading up to the election. Let’s hope that this is the last of it and that you can keep up with your amazing work.

    I think that as soon as it’s feasible, Our President Trump should do something to take out the Big Tech Masters of the Universe who are controlling our COMMUNICATIONS.

    It is no small thing that everything we hold near and dear, especially Free Speech, is hanging in the balance with this election. The Dark Swamp creatures are throwing everything they have at you and other Truth Masters. We know that you will never let us down, just like our magnificent President.

    You and your family are always in our prayers. If there’s ever anything we can do, just say the word.


  21. CoffeeBreak says:

    I appreciate you, Sundance and all admins. Thank you for all you do.


  22. Publius2016 says:

    I hate that word: “mitigate”

    stupid code!

    Ty for everything SD and there is no question the conservative treehouse honors Andrew Breitbart and so many of our heroes from times past! You and your team of patriots are the best!


  23. Val says:

    My issue is that is showing on Desktop format on the iPhone. I wasn’t able to post before, hopefully this will show up now.
    Thank you, Sundance and the moderators, for this place for us.


  24. sunnydaze says:

    Could people give a short description of what their twitter post is about?

    I ask because all I (and I assume many others) am seeing is the name of the account user. Makes it hard to know wether to click it or not.


  25. Rosemary B says:

    WordPress is not the only blog platform that gets buggy after their updates. … well, I am pretty sure.
    Hubbs is my macbookPro’s maid and servant, and sometimes his all so very good intention-ed updates and other computery maintenance creates a very very small outburst of frustration from ME.
    Thank you for resolving the unbeknownst to me, complications today


  26. bordoodle says:

    Sundance, mAny thanks for what you do. You and your staff are appreciated big time


  27. pluffmudgirl says:

    Thank you for the update ~ Much appreciated.


  28. Akindole says:

    “…deny any suspicious intent…”

    I just note that I visit some other WP hosted sites and haven’t observed any unusual stuff. But, I’ve been a bit sensitive to “them” for about 12 years now.


  29. Ozark says:

    Another one of many reasons to get rid of wordpress.


  30. lolli says:

    Sundance🇺🇸 Patriot Extraordinaire🇺🇸

    I think everyone understands and does not expect an apology from you for WP actions.

    Thank you for your undying commitment to truth.


  31. TBH, I have long expected to lose access to The Conservative Treehouse before the election, you are way too effective for them not to find some means of censoring you. Been dreading the day, as it is so difficult to find the truth.

    Even before I opened this site today I could see something was different on the email which includes the link. The opening paragraph was strangely bolded.

    No idea if this will post, my previous comment didn’t.


  32. MicD says:

    Communists are not stupid.
    We’ve bought cheap crap from them for years.
    They’ve used some of that money to influence almost all of our tech companies.
    While the opposite is impossible, unless you want you’re hair to bailed and sent here.


  33. hagarthorrible says:

    THANK YOU, SUNDANCE! and just in case it becomes necessary…their are millions of us “ready to ride!” WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. lubyankafh says:

    Thank you for CTH. I wonder if the WordPress changes were intended to “October Surprise” Bloggers??


  35. truenorthseeker says:

    Thank you Sundance. ❤


  36. Aeyrie says:

    No apologies needed, Sundance. If they are messing with us, kiss ’em goodbye. There are alternatives already mentioned. We’ll follow you wherever you put our online tree Sundance.

    By the way, I would like to have added a “like” to other comments, but can’t right now. The whole time I have been reading this post and comments the “likes” have been “loading…” Oh. WELL! Keep on keepin’ on everybody. This too shall pass. 🙂


  37. bulwarker says:

    Auto-login was not working, seeing if this might.


  38. CanaCon says:



  39. mikeyboo says:

    Word Press-bah humbug! futhermuckers!!!


  40. Sharon says:

    Oh – see I have to sign in again right now – oh, well –

    Just coming to comment that I noticed earlier today that your subscriptions had exceeded 200,000 – that is so fine.

    ….and then I noticed that that specific number is not showing in the right hand margin….maybe it will come back when I get re-signed in? We’ll see!


  41. Sunshine says:

    Strangely, it’s been working better for me since a few weeks. I can now ‘Like’ under my WP name and post under my alias.


  42. barnabusduke says:

    ‘Tis but a scratch! We will survive this slight annoyance as long as we are able to have access to Sundance and this site! No apologies are necessary to your loyal readers, we are but guests in your home. Many Thanks to all who help keep The Treehouse running!!! BD


  43. WordPress must have used the Biden update. Diminished functionality, unable to handle a large audience and increased frustration when attempting simple tasks. /s


  44. mauiis says:

    So far no problems that I’ve encountered. Using latest Firefox and Catalina OS on a Mac (of course).


  45. jimincalif says:

    I haven’t had any problems myself, at least that I’ve noticed. But given the environment we are in, is there a possibility the WordPress “happiness engineers” could just memory-hole the entire CTH site with no advance notice, citing the ubiquitous “violated our TOS” excuse? And if they did so, would Twitter follow along as well? Is there a backup communications plan? Or do we need to be prepared to resort to our own “samizdat”, stocking up on typewriters and carbon paper?


  46. Curt says:

    Forgive me if I’m a bit skeptical about Word Press’ intentions; in fact, it’s downright suspicious. These things do not happen by accident or by miscalculation………..


  47. A Fortified City says:

    I have just in the last hour noticed that my comments post really fast. I mean almost immediately haha I’m not use to that


  48. MR52 says:

    Thanks Sundance. Love your site. Understand total the pain that software can cause. Just be careful about software updates the next 30+ days. You are a critical platform.

    FYI, if you have any of those gift cards with like $10 on them, shoot them over to Sundance to help with the site!!!! You are going to lose that money sitting on those cards in your draw. Pocket change!!!


  49. jmbuck says:

    No problem. Who said ” what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. Just another day on the Trump train! Nothing is going to throw us off.


  50. bessie2003 says:

    Thank you for the update.

    So far, the only thing I’m noticing is that when I click to “like” a comment, it that shows up that I did like it, then that “like” immediately disappears; as well as

    the little bell icon that usually shows up in the upper right hand corner (using a desktop) is gone, but if I click from this WP site and visit Stella’s Place, that bell symbol shows up as well as the comments others might have made or liked to one of my comments, so am

    assuming that is one of the glitches being worked out as you navigate these WP upgrade changes.

    I hoping this comment appears, so will see soon enough.

    Thank you all for working so hard to figure out and fix what wordpress has done.


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