Presidential Debate Night – President Trump -vs- Joe Biden – 9:00pm ET Livestreams

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden take part in the first presidential debate between the two 2020 candidates. The Cleveland, Ohio event is moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace who will transparently assist Joe Biden.

The anticipated start time of the debate is 9:00pm ET and will be broadcast on all network channels. To avoid the narrative engineers C-SPAN, OANN and Newsmax will also be broadcasting the debate live.  We are providing the livestream links early to prepare.

RSBN LivestreamCSPAN LivestreamFox News LivestreamFox Business Livestream




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3,076 Responses to Presidential Debate Night – President Trump -vs- Joe Biden – 9:00pm ET Livestreams

  1. plane of the ecliptic says:

    The facts are that PDJT is the 800 pound guerilla. He owns the oxygen in this election cycle. He IS the news 24/7. HE should dictate the rules re these debates. I would tell the networks to pound sand…no ratings for you….insist on CSPAN, and neutral CSPAN Moderators. If Joe balks do the sit downs with CSPAN anyway. The debates on standard network TV are a sad joke. A twisted political Dancing with the Stars pile of cr#p.

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  2. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    I am not a debater, however, after the point and counterpoint doesn’t the person making the initial response get an opportunity to rebut or ask questions of the “counterpointer”? It seemed to me that when it became clear to Pres. Trump that he would not have this “classic” debate opportunity that he began to interrupt as his only defence against the outrageous and bald faced lies and obfuscation of Biden, the glazed one…..

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  3. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    …. and Wallces’s redirections

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  4. Right to reply says:

    Trump achieved what he wanted to achieve. He got Biden to disown his base, alienate anyone who was listening out for supreme packing, and he got millions Googling the name Hunter Biden. On top of all that, he got Mr Nice Guy Biden to throw insults

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    • gary says:

      googling logan act ,too.

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    • dr D says:

      Unfortunately, I’m afraid people “googling” Hunter Biden are only going to find links to dem friendly articles saying his pay for play corruption is a debunked conspiracy theory.

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      • LULU says:

        dr D, There’s a great deal out there on Hunter, including his very iiffy direct commission in the Naval Reserve at age 43 (!) and his subsequent termination for cocaine use. The $3.5 million is in many articles at Google. Go and have a look…

        Information recently released proved that the negative information about Hunter and Joe was NOT just a conspiracy theory, but the real deal. Facts. The truth.

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    • hanna693 says:

      Agree, but there will never be a great moderator like Trump in the complete sold out media. He did get Biden to disavow Sanders, and little Chrissy never pressed him on it. It is so terribly frustrating for us that are fighting the good fight with President Trump that more support is not shown for him by any network moderator. The C-Span moderator will no doubt be the best one that is already on the schedule. He is neutral.


  5. gary says:

    did i hear biden say his son was awarded the distiquished service cross, last night?


  6. Kim Howard says:

    No doubt about it Wallace won the debate, 76 INTERRUPTIONS to Bidens 15

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  7. jumpinjarhead says:

    I realize this will likely trigger some posters as being too “negative” but IMHO, these debates only have any real value in terms of the effect they have on those rather shallow Americans (who have yet to pay much if any attention to the fact America is in such peril from our enemies) who are swayed by such “entertainment.”

    Thus, the debates have almost no substantive effect on the 45% or so of the “faithful” in either camp in that their ultimate vote will not change.

    As a bit of an aside, the debates also have a secondary effect of influencing donors to give. According to reports today (if accurate of course) it seems “our side” was the loser in that more of our enemies were sufficiently encouraged and energized to give their money. This is another regrettable result of the apparently successful strategy of our enemies to facilitate the low expectations about Biden that way too many of us fell for and gleefully contributed to.

    When viewed in this light, that seems to have escaped the notice of so many on “our side,” I for one fervently pray that if there is another debate that our Champion will take a far different approach and persona and , as importantly, that WE do not help our enemies as we did before this fiasco in denigrating and dismissing Sleepy Joe and elevating Trump beyond reality.


    • Daniel says:

      Debates don’t really change anything for the majority and it will not in this case except for one thing:

      Trump was prosecuting Biden out there. We all have hope of seeing the criminal prosecuted despite many having overwhelming doubts of that happening, we all have hope. Trump uses every opportunity make his case to the public for a reason. If/when these prosecutions happen, it will not be a huge surprise to anyone.

      In the next debate or maybe just before, I believe Trump will present evidence which the media will not be able to spin.

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      • jumpinjarhead says:

        As to your first paragraph, I think that is as substantially my point.

        As to the rest, we will politely agree to disagree that the “big middle” of America (those who remain even now largely ignorant of even the issues, much less the factual details) will be substantially affected by any such “evidence.” Again, IMHO, if these Americans (pick your percentage of the whole) have not seen this by now, they will not see it before November 3.


    • somebodysgramma says:

      Or… you can take the point of view that the Left is so desperate to win, they will throw millions of dollars into the DNC hoping they can fix things. And… not to mention they launder money to their “favs” at the speed of light. The DNC is one big money laundering operation (ActBlue anyone?). The Trump campaign has consistent donors from regular folks whose donations are a sacrifice to their families. Which actually translates into votes?

      There is no denying the enthusiasm in every state for Trump. He’s actually, literally, saving America, every single day. The Left is literally tearing American down every single day.
      No contest, in my opinion.

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      • pochas94 says:

        It’s heartwarming to see that the citizens can deal with the money power of the inherited elite. This ship is going forward!


      • jumpinjarhead says:

        I continue to be confident that “our side” will win. I am not, however, as sanguine that things can still occur to diminish the extent of that “win” that again, IMHO, must be absolutely CRUSHING, not only as to President but also the Congress AND all the way down ballot in every state.

        A squeaky “win” will be a net “loss” in terms of slowing, much less reversing, the fatal trajectory the nation is now on.


    • tpwbama says:

      Money? Money didn’t win the 2016 election…not by a long shot. PT was not after the LOWINFO vote of the undecided. PT was out to dispirit Bidens Base which he did. Bidens base now knows Biden is squishy on his/their platform,


      • jumpinjarhead says:

        We will politely agree to disagree in our views (of course that is all they are at this point) that “money” is still not relevant to this election or that Biden’s “base” was shifted in any significant way (in terms of changing their vote).


  8. Hello Kitty says:

    Let’s take a larger view of the situation:
    Our elected President has been under an orchestrated attack for the past 3 1/2 years.
    Gen. Flynn has been wrongly prosecuted as part of an effort to “get Trump”.
    Other Republicans have been abused and prosecuted for minor or fake offenses.
    Dems., who have committed serious crimes that are patently obvious, actually go on cable news to pontificate about the President or the wrongly-prosecuted Republicans.
    Treasonous attacks shrouded as “impeachment” and “investigations” have been directed by outside groups, and performed by Pelosi and company.
    Then came the COVID from our friends in Chy-na.
    Followed by the Marxist Burn Loot Murder crew, aided by the woke, middle-class women and trust-fund kiddos.
    Someone was actually executed, putting everyone who answers polling questions or random questions that they are in danger!
    Finally, we all focus on one debate where Uncle Joe insults our President and stoops to an all-time low of, “shut up!”,…
    but someone out there thinks that Trump is losing?? –or lost last night’s debate??

    I know some pretty liberal people who are ready to vote for Trump. They are tired of the chaos!

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  9. dwinslowa says:

    All Biden would say is, “you are a liar”, “shut up” , “you killed people”. What he could not and would not say is anything substantive. Does anyone know where he stands with respect to the Supreme Court, raising taxes, the Economy, or on any policy issue? He is for the Green new deal and he isn’t for the Green new deal? He thinks ANTIFA is an idea? He wants people with clip boards to go on patrol with Police officers to make sure they do a good job negotiation with criminals? People may not like the President’s style but I will take an honest upfront man any day, over an “idea”!

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  10. cattastrophe says:

    I only have one nerve left so didn’t want to risk it watching the all out attack on our President. I did see one little bit where sycophant Wallace ask Joe about packing the court. Joe refused to answer and started yelling at the camera for people to get out and vote.

    Joe is still gonna crash spectacularly no matter how much they prop him up and it will be on national TV. That’s my prediction and I’m sticking with it.

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  11. SomeDemsDidSomething says:

    The first debate is the preseason game. The Trump team didn’t know exactly what to expect from the Biden team, but now they do. Biden is trying to distance himself from the burning, looting, rioting, defunding the police, green new deal, packing the Supreme Court, payments to Hunter, etc. The next time Biden uses the term “racism”, I wish the President would point out all the minority-owned businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul burned up and looted by Democrat rioters, then ask “Why isn’t that racist?

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    • donnymo says:

      Problem is there won’t be a second debate.

      Biden team is very happy the way it played out (rightly or wrongly), Joe never melted, no mental disasters. They are quite confident that the steamrolling and constant blabbering of Trump turned off elder voters and suburban women (and many other Americans).

      Trump was extremely defensive and rarely ever bothered to promote or defend his own record. Even when Biden lied saying that Trump called the troops “losers” he ignored it and moved straight to cokehead Hunter Biden.

      I thought it was an incredibly, astoundingly poor performance. Even if Biden did show up for round 2 the viewership will be a small fraction of this first debate. Nobody besides our echo chamber here enjoyed that.

      It’s in God’s hands now people. Big missed opportunity.


      • LULU says:

        If there are no more debates because that is what Biden wants, what does it tell you about who really won? He doesn’t want to face President Trump again. (Didn’t want to fact him the first time.) He’d like to go back to his basement and wait for election returns.

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      • JMP says:

        Go read John Nolte at Breitbart or listen to Bill O’ Reilly’s take. Sheesh, are you a Trump supporter?


      • ATheoK says:

        Every time President Trump started his response, Wallace interrupted and either challenged President Trump on some issue or demanded an answer to some question Wallace thinks he asked.

        Only democrat true believers would not have noticed that Wallace almost never challenged Biden for question Biden did not answer, which was most of them.

        As another commenter points out above, Wallace interrupted 74 times.
        That kind of action/interruption/distraction angers most fair minded people.
        Commenters below the streamed debate were vociferous about needing alcohol to keep them calm.

        Democrats are celebrating because from a shallow perspective, Biden survived.
        • Thanks to Wallace’s corrupt complicity,
        • Fox news presupplying Biden with questions,
        • MSM in general vilifying President Trump responses yet never mentioning Biden’s conflicts,
        • Biden’s documented evidence of graft and corruption,
        • Biden’s senility and energy medical issues,
        • Biden’s massive failures to deliver Biden’s current promises during his 47 years in government,
        • Son Hunter’s international rapine actions, sex and drugs in countries where Biden had influence; democrats tried to railroad Kavanaugh for a minutia of Hunter’s corrupt acts,
        • The total lack of voter enthusiasm for Biden or Harris,
        • The rampant recent evidence of democrat voter fraud and corrupt officials!

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  12. Bree says:

    Nice try. Never a missed opportunity for our President Trump. He debated two losers who tried to control the process by letting Biden get away with lies and rehearsed answers.

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  13. JimFromNH2 says:

    Joe seemed like he just got off the No Malarkey tour- an assemblage of platitudes, cute comebacks, and policy one-liners, but nothing substantive to wrap the brain around the next day.

    Trump’s response to fraud & mail-in voting were largely anecdotal.
    If there’s a next debate, he needs to be more succinct at threshing out the extent of the fraud-election nightmare, and offering methods as to how the public can better get on top of it.

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  14. Danny D says:

    Trump stick to a couple simple messages, “Jobs not Mobs”
    “Hope not Misery”


  15. disman2017 says:

    Absolute trainwreck last night! Of all the Presidential debates I’ve seen in the past 15 years (2008 between Obama and nameless guy, 2012 between Obama and Rmoney, and 2016 between Trump and Crooked Hillary. etc), this was the absolute worst debate I ever seen! The constant interruptions from all three men involved (President Trump, Sleepy Joe, and “moderator” Chirrs Wallace) was such a turn off for me! Still voting for Trump but if I were a undecided voter instead, I would still be undecided (or even vote 3rd party even though that wouldn’t matter) after last night’s debacle. Also was it just me or was Sleepy Joe’s mic louder than Trump’s mic. Also, it not far off to suggest that Sleepy Joe got the questions in advance. After all, Donna Brazille works for Faux now. It was a 2 vs 1 handicap match between Sleepy Joe/Wallace and the President!

    Between Trump and Sleepy Joe it was a draw but the biggest loser last night was easily Chris Wallace. Sleepy Joe actually performed better then I expected (although he acted too scripted) but him dodging the issues over his Supreme Court list, not denouncing Antifa terrorism, etc. was pathetic. Also, he can’t figure out if he wants to be a moderate or a socialist as seem through his answer on the Green New Deal (we know what he and most of his party truly are). And his name calling and insults contradict his claim on running on “decency”. Trump, on the the other hand, was good but could had been better. I liked that he bought up the attempted coup against him, Hunter Biden and Sleepy Joe’s 1994 Crime Bill/super predators but he missed some golden opportunities, such as failing to mention the First Step act (Alice Johnson), mention Sleepy Joe’s insult on the military, focusing more on his accomplishments as President, etc. If not for Chris Wallace’s endless interrupting, I would had said that Trump won. Speaking of which…

    Chris Wallace was horrible last night and an utter disgrace! From his biased questions to constantly interrupting Trump to failing to fact-check Sleepy Joe most of the time. It was so infuriating! And I thought Lester Holt from 2016 was dreadful with his interruptions! (Ironically, I thought Wallace was decent during the 3rd debate between Trump and Crooked Hillary in 2016) Nobody turns to the debate to see the moderator! I don’t mind tough questions but clearly Wallace was trying to badger Trump and protect Sleepy Joe. At least Trump realized that he was not debating Wallace instead of Sleepy Joe and he let him know about it. I don’t want to hear Trump haters insist that Faux is in the tank for Trump anymore. Wallace’s performance as moderator last night proved otherwise.

    Some Democrats and media types are calling for the cancellation of the last two debates (and maybe the VP debate between Mike Pence and Creepy Kamala). I say no way to ending the other two debates! If they insist that Biden “won” or held his own against Trump, then why cancel the other debates. Trump can debate as proven by the last 2 debates against Crooked Hillary in 2016, with the 2nd debate being Trump’s best performance and may had been my all-time favorite debate. There’s is room for improvement. Not so much for Sleepy Joe. Maybe the other debaters will perform better than Chris Wallace did last night but I’m starting to have doubts. The show must go on!


  16. Magabear says:

    Someone made a good point today that the reason Wallace is such a bad debate moderator is because he doesn’t understand (or care to understand) that a debate is not his Sunday morning show. Asking gotcha questions like he does produces exactly the type of WWE wrestling atmosphere that we had last night.

    IMO, Mike Huckabee is probably the best debater on the Republican side I’ve seen recently, so I wouldn’t mind having him work with PDJT on using some humerous one liners on Lyin’ Biden in the next debates. Joe is an easy target for zingers.

    There’s only so many lies you can counter during a debate, but all in all, PDJT landed some big punches on Lyin’ Biden. Liar Joe blaming PDJT for the economic downturn due to WhuFlu when he and his party wanted even greater lockdowns and quarentines is beyond chutzpah.


  17. Mr e-man says:

    *Biden can now claim he won’t participate in any more debates becasue Trump won’t follow the rules.
    *Trump badgered Biden and got his goat.
    *Biden insulted his opponent many times calling him a racist, a lair, and a clown twice, and told him to shut up.
    *Trump saw early he was debating two people, not just Joe.
    *On climate change, Trump was interrupted immediately and repeatedly. Biden was not interrupted once in his 2 minutes.
    *Trump fought for the people. He did not roll over for Wallace & Biden.
    *Biden didn’t like that Trump fought back. He was obviously annoyed.
    *Wallace didn’t like that Trump fought back. He was obviously pissed.
    *Biden lied about Green New Deal and the Bernie Manifesto.
    *Biden refused to answer questions about packing SC and filibuster.
    *Biden said he was in charge of the Dem party, yet later refused to call Dem Governors to end violence saying he wasn’t in charge.
    *Biden said 200,000 people died becasue of Trump and how many of those survived? Huh? None survived if they died Joe.
    *Biden said everything about Hunter was a lie. Hunter didn’t get $3 million from the Moscow Mayors wife?
    *Trump pivoted nicely from Beau Biden’s honorable service to Hunter Biden’s corruption. Which son? Hunter?
    *Trump did well on COVID, vaccines etc. You don’t trust Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson?
    *Trump killed Joe on law and order. Excuse the pun.
    *People will focus on Trumps interruptions but Joe was equally as nasty but also threw insults immediately and laughingly mocked Trump throughout.
    *Some of the first words out of Biden’s mouth were Trump is a liar. Wallace did nothing. Trump fought back.
    *Biden’s debate playbook is always to talk forcefully and aggressively. Trump countered that by doing the exact same thing. That threw Biden off.
    *Biden’s best thing was looking directly into the camera several times and delivering his message directly to the people.
    *Biden had several gaffes and stuttered badly. He did not get the glazed look.
    *Did Biden have a wire in his jacket and his sleeve?
    *Trump steamrolled the team of Biden and Wallace.


  18. joebidenunauthorized says:

    Honey Badgers, it’s time to get that hive. Call DOJ Public Integrity and demand a grand jury investigation of Joe Biden’s Burisma malfeasance and Barack Obama’s coverup — (202) 514-1412

    Here’s how I did it this morning on Newsmax ….


  19. Charles Dodgson says:

    IMO debates only swing the needle much if there is a major screwup. Trump is a known commodity and most people’s minds are made up. He isn’t going to hurt himself or help himself a whole lot in the debates. For Biden, undecided people are looking to see if this is someone they can envision in the oval office. If such people paid attention to the details, they would not be undecided.

    I think Trump was trying to overwhelm Joe intellectually and create an immediately disqualifying moment for him. It didn’t happen, oh well.

    I turned the sound off after about 10 min and watched body language. Trump looked virile and aggressive. Aggressive will turn some people off, but again, that’s not a new thing for him so won’t affect anything.

    Joe looked old, tired, and cranky. He leaned onto his lectern a lot, looked down at what were presumably notes a lot, and closed his eyes while listening. This is a guy having trouble staying intellectually in it. But I wonder whether the average undecided (legendary suburban mom) that just doesn’t like Trump much, saw in Biden a guy that could be president, or their ageing relative that is an interesting person but that kind of needs keeping an eye on.

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  20. USA Citizen says:

    Democrat Chris Wallace helped Joe Biden too much, and overlooked Joe’s interruptions, but he stopped President Trump if President Trump tried to respond to Joe’s comments. Chris Wallace is a BIAS Democrat and should be removed from being a commentator for the Presidential Debates. This debate was two against one and President Trump is the one. I hope all the suburban women who think Joe is such a sweet old man, heard Joe Biden on the debate. I think they ended up seeing a mean, angry and hateful old man that called President Trump a Clown twice, also he called President Trump a RACIST and told President Trump to Shut Up, right on camera. Joe Biden is not a sweet, nice old man, he is a jealous, cruel lying Socialist Democrat that will say anything to become President. Joe refused to answer questions and got away with it by Chris Wallace. Joe Biden is pretending to be a moderate. He is a Radical Far Left Democrat Socialist that will destroy our country if elected. President Trump has done more things for our country in 48 months, than Joe Biden did in 48 years. Joe Biden is a puppet for the Radical Far Left Socialist Party and Joe will do whatever they tell him to do and say. I wonder what the WIRE was for on Joe Biden? Vote for President Trump November 3, 2020 and stop the Radical Left Socialist Democrats from taking over our country FOREVER.


    • BofTruth says:

      Action: Everyone please email FOX the Fixer Network and complain about what we know was a Debate Hoax that Fox and Wallace perpetrated against President Trump in efforts to get Biden/Democrats elected. I use the email address: Please Treepers bombard FOX with emails showing your displeasure at their and Wallace’s conduct !!!

      Second: does anyone have contact/email for the Debate Commission as we should voice our displeasure with them? They also had the gall to compliment Wallace in their press release.

      Third: a petition should be started for the firing of Wallace. Given the obvious bias, did you know that Wallace just added climate change to the debate – it apparently was not on the final debate topic list.


  21. Texas Rancher says:

    To: I’m just sayin’:

    We turned off the “FREE FOR ALL,” masquerading as a Debate at 9 p.m.!

    As a former debater for my school, I can honestly say that the debaucle that occurred DID NOT RESEMBLE A DEBATE IN THE SLIGHTEST! It was more like a Jerry Springer episode, with no rules whatsoever! I believe this was done to attract viewers, and ratings, and to discredit primarily the President of the United States!

    For anyone not knowing how official debates are run:

    1. The moderator poses a question. No one else is allowed to speak at this time. After the question, the moderator does not speak.
    2. Each debater is allowed a VERY SPECIFIC amount of time to answer the question. There are time clocks plainly visible. Absolutely no cross talking, laughing, sighing, or interruptions of any type are allowed! Whichever debater “won the toss” speaks first. Points are deducted if a debater goes over the allotted time.
    3. When both debaters have spoken, the moderator allows each of them a set time for rebuttal in the order they spoke. During rebuttal, they can address what the other debater has said. The same rules apply.
    4. The moderator poses a different question, and the rest is the same for each question. I believe that there is a specific time at the end to summarize your positions regarding the question(s).

    That’s it! The judge(s) decide who won with a point system. Actual debates are not very exciting viewing, and this is why these TV “FAKE DEBATES” have devolved into “CAGE MATCHES!” They further the loss of respect, courtesy, decorum, and class that is so prevalent today – largely due to media influence over decades!

    I never saw a single time clock for debaters or viewers, And to tell you the truth, it was difficult to tell what the procedure actually was!

    Now, some people enjoy the “reality tv anything goes” style. We do not. Even though we are rabid Trump supporters!, we want to hear how each candidate presents themselves and handles disagreement during rebuttal.

    Even though stamina, assertiveness, and tenacity are important (as Rush pointed out today), I can guarantee you that President Trump has not been nominated for 3 Nobel Peace Prizes by yelling at and interrupting foreign leaders! Have you seen him around The Queen of England, for example?

    Last night’s debate was TOTAL CHAOS, and each election year, it gets worse! On top of that, WHY ON EARTH DO THEY ALWAYS ALLOW BIASED MEDIA PERSONS TO MODERATE!!! the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result!


    TO: thedoc00
    As a former debater, I have NEVER understood why “the talking heads” of the media are always chosen as Presidential Debate Moderators!

    When these debates began, no one even imagined such a thing as television, so why are television talkers always chosen? The media, for the most part, are so COMPLETELY BIASED, that it’s hard for them to hide their sneers when the few True Conservatives are interviewed or mentioned on their programs!

    Not to mention that their bosses these days are often billionaires who own the media as “Vanity Projects,” that they can control in ways that benefit themselves!

    There is NO good reason to utilize these people – many of whom have revealed themselves to be enemies of We The People!

    Also, NOT ONLY MUST drug tests be administered prior to each debate, but each candidate must be screened for devices that would allow them to cheat – after any break – during the debate!

    As for the Dems “doing another Brazile,” there should be several extemporaneous questions which appear only at the debates!


    • Texas Rancher says:

      Sorry, Folks – At the end, I accidentally tacked on another comment I had made elsewhere a couple of weeks ago which made a long comment even longer.


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