Senator Ron Johnson Eviscerates FBI Director Chris Wray – With Documents to Support…

Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Senator Ron Johnson, is fired up in this interview with Maria Bartiromo.  Senator Johnson starts by outlining the documents and evidence of Hunter Biden corrupt activity the media refuse to cover…… and then Johnson goes full wolverine on FBI Director Christopher Wray for concealing evidence.


A few notes. While Johnson’s frustration is righteous, his committee staff did not appear to have a grasp on the majority of evidence that existed prior to mid-2020. That said, we all know FBI Director Wray is part of the ‘resistance’; that’s the reason why AG Barr had to fire FBI legal counsel Dana Boente when Chris Wray refused to do so.

Secondly, something to contemplate -specifically for those who understand how DC information is selectively controlled- there is no better person to deliver the ‘spygate’ gut punch than Maria Bartiromo. Question those “sources” and we might just locate some sketchy narrative engineers presenting themselves as ‘friends’ of the truth.

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204 Responses to Senator Ron Johnson Eviscerates FBI Director Chris Wray – With Documents to Support…

  1. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    “…Goes full Badger on FBI Director…”

    Fixed it for you, Sundance!

    Same effect, just different critter, and never a day too soon and never a day too late. Maybe the good Senator realizes how much We Know.

    Thanks to Sundance’s visits…


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    • Wethal says:

      Honey badger, please. Because honey badger don’t give a…well, doesn’t care what nest it stirs up.

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    • luke says:

      I don’t think it’s as cut and dry. It’s hard to say really. You have the Deep State which I suspect is an alternative shadow group evolved from the Cold War era. And you have the Communist in which I believe BHO is/was one. Yet the Deep State allowed him to become pres. It’s kinda weird because the DS might have actually protected us to some degree from the Communist. Last 4 years MAGA has challenged conventional wisdom. Some have no doubt realigned. Hard to tell who’s, who sometimes. But I know who the Communists are and I also know they are bad news.

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      • Remember, Obama’s parents both worked for the Ford Foundation which is a known CIA front for various activities…so, Obama is deep state/CIA…

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      • Linda K. says:

        I think the Communist mind set is deeply immature and unrealistic, and therefore dangerous. Just think of the tantrum a two year old throws when thwarted and give the same adult mindset power to get their way. Ruthless murder and heartlessness and petty insistence of the right of their cause , no matter the cost.

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        • jumpinjarhead says:

          Not surprising in the least if one understands the original or Adamic sin nature of the Bible that infects each of us.

          ALL utopian movements, governments, ideas etc. have one thing in common—they fail to adequately account for this human nature that will act out negatively if given the chance or freedom to do so.

          As a result, every one of these, from the USSR to the hippie commune, eventually fails in its utopian dream due to human nature causing one or more members to want (and then take) more than their fair “share” allocated to them by the “egalitarian” system. It effectively then becomes an authoritarian system where the “leadership” is governed by survival of the fittest and strongest.

          That all this occurs is facilitated by the fact that these utopian attempts are by atheists, whether overt like communists, or camouflaged by various perversions of Jude-Christian beliefs on the Bible.

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          • YogicCowboy says:


            “Denial of Original Sin is the root of all liberalism.”

            H/T: “fishtank” [a poster on another forum]

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            • jumpinjarhead says:

              Glad to see someone else “gets it.” We spend a tremendous amount of energy (quite justifiably) railing against our enemies but precious little, if any, reflecting on where we are as individuals and corporately as citizens and “patriots” in terms of honestly assessing what this innate, immutable and universal “nature” has done to our own “lifestyles,” “morals” and “values.”

              Sadly, even the relative few of us who are willing to do such a self-assessment are then willing to do anything about those things we identify as needing “improvement.”

              Thus it is no surprise whatsoever that our nation, and more to the point, our “culture” is the veritable sewer that it has become through ALL of our collective “efforts.”

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        • Revelation says:

          There’s two aspects to Communism:

          1) The proles consisting on the bitter losers you see in Antifa etc who think they’ll be given free stuff
          2) The Nomenklatura who have almost unlimited power including life and death.

          Most of the deep state are type 2 – type 1 are the “useful idiots”

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          • VVV VVV says:

            Regarding point 1. It’s not the free stuff that is motivating them. It’s the “status” and power they get from belonging to a group. These are people that were the unpopular kids in school, Emotional problems, have mommy/daddy issues, or generally just losers in general.

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        • lieutenantm says:

          Linda, that is a great analysis. Thank you.


      • zorrorides says:

        Luke, deep state protected against communists, partially, because they didn’t want to be slaves to the Soviet Empire rulers in Moscow. Those Muscovites thought they were the owners of international communism. So DS in USA resisted those pretenders.

        The deep state was OK with serving global elite masters who would be controllers of US, Europe, Russia/Soviets, China, and Japan. India, Islam, Africa, Australia, Latin America and SE Asia were spheres of interest to the major players.

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      • gensensibility says:

        Comey advocated in 1981 that the US unilaterally surrender to the Soviet Union. He has been described as a Marxist. The Republican affiliation is plainly a ruse. Brennan voted Communist in 1976. The communists have been in control of the intelligence agencies, if not the deep state.

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    • All Too Much says:

      And the, someday explained, chance meeting in a coffee shop.

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    • ATheoK says:

      Wolverines are the kings of the wild.
      Even grizzly bears back down.
      Native Americans feared and respected wolverines.

      Badgers are smaller civilized critters by comparison.

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    • Pale rider says:

      Is he up for re-election? Asking for a friend. When Biden AND SON are prosecuted for this, then it’s news.


  2. HBD says:

    Swamp is deep and there’s no definite way to know who wears which color hat.

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  3. Sporty says:

    There are no coincidences in DC, I believe our President is sending a message today.
    It’s almost time for all the azzwhoopins to begin.

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    • Amy2 says:

      It sure would be nice if the president could de-classify. We have been entitled to this information for A LONG TIME! I’m holding on to what Mr. Sundance said that we must re-elect the president first. He will have nothing to lose at that point!!

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    • delighteddeplorable says:

      Nope, no coincidences. Having Rudy and Chris Christie at the presser today is somehow meaningful and POTUS played it up as soon as he came out. Verrrrry interesting.

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      • The Boss says:

        Durham crossed paths with Rudy when Rudy was US Attorney in SDNY and Durham ran the organized crime strike force of New England. Rudy would make an appearance when press briefings were held in New Haven, and agents there would often travel to SDNY as part of their investigations.
        So yeah, I’d say Rudy’s presence today was a bit more interesting than Christie’s for the reasons set forth above. That’s not to diminish Christie’s presence. He was a great prosecutor too. Just a bit younger than Durham and Giuliani.

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      • Max Revere says:

        I think Rudy and Christie were in Washington to brief/help the President regarding the upcoming debate on Tuesday.

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  4. Patience says:

    Johnson calling out Lindsey Graham being satisfied with document production and the FBI’s redactions in documents was interesting –to say the least;
    especially since Johnson’s interview was just after Lindsey’s.

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  5. Jlwary says:

    I do understand (from you, SD) how the alphabet agencies go to certain news media, but your paragraph to contemplate: Do you mean Maria’s sources are selectively narrating to her (which makes sense) as a cya manipulation; and why is there no one better than Maria to deliver the gut punch? Especially if only selective info is given.

    Sorry if my questions are silly.

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    • All Too Much says:

      Which agency would benefit from the ‘no Durham’ narrative reported by MB?
      CIA, FBI. DOJ. We know their media connections, but what agency uses MB, and how does it benefit that agency. The question I am have is which of them benefits most.
      DOJ putting pressure on FBI/Wray? MB and Johnson were shooting flames at Wray.
      Best defense is a good offense and all that.

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    • Sharpshorts says:

      I also wondered why Maria got and used the “un-sourced news”…
      Also wonder if she suspects whether or not it’s a set up…any hint of her suspicious cat?

      So, it’s probably a set up by the black hats, right? Because the white hats don’t do such things…(or did they?)


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Do you mean Maria’s sources are selectively narrating to her….

      Not silly questions at all.

      Why on earth John Q. Public would listen to stories based on
      “unnamed sources familiar with the matter” anymore
      is beyond me…..

      Whether they whisper to the NYT, WaPo, CNN…..or Maria Bartiromo.

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  6. Susan Harms says:

    so Ron Johnson is telling us that the Special Council took over $40million under fraudulent circumstances. It was our tax money. Do WE the PEEPS have a cause of action?

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  7. starspangledred says:

    Johnson is correct imo that not revealing anything in Durham’s investigation is more damaging than the BS excuse that we are now too close to the election. The truth should not be hidden, whether a 100 days from the election or if it’s tomorrow.

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    • Amy2 says:

      Yes! Biden was in on it. He’s running for president for crying out loud!!

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      I much prefer the Barr/Durham approach of reticence. Weissman/Mueller, and all the rest of the castaways, kept dribbling out tactical leaks, knowing full well when they got up each morning that they would, in the end, come up empty handed. The Barr/Durham approach tells me that the bone has meat on it.

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      the BS excuse

      You mean the BS excuse that came from “unnamed sources”?

      You may want to check the track record of “unnamed sources” over the last couple of years.

      Hell….Peter Strzok….
      can’t get his OWN FACTS straight of his OWN INVESTIGATION.
      And he ain’t the only one with this problem

      I’m looking at you Mister pale-faced, puffy-eyed Former Director Comey….can’t wait til Wednesday to hear you tell more tales about that “broader mosaic” of yours.
      Hawley vs Comey might be fun.
      Remember…..”YOU cost Hillary the election”..
      (we’ll see if the Dems are still your “friends”….
      I suggest wearing your P*ssy hat and a BLM pin)


  8. Cowboy79 says:

    May I suggest Mr. David Alexander Clarke Jr as a replacement for Mr. Wray.

    Sheriff Clarke would “find and eliminate opposition to law and truth”.

    Wray is very far beyond his “sell by” date. He needs to go out to pasture.

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    • Linda K. says:

      Chris Christie would be better than Wray.

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    • OffCourseNation says:

      It would be like the Gunfight at OK Corral.

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    • All Too Much says:

      Grennell just called me*. Said “hold my beer.”

      *A work of fiction, But firing Wray and replacing with Grennell, on an Acting basis, would be a thing of beauty. I’m old enough to remember Nixon taking the torch to his administration during Watergate, and it didn’t go well for him. But Nixon was trying to hide evidence from the American people. Just a tad different here, fighting to disclose evidence to the American people. When the evidence is disclosed, any political backlash from the Wray termination will be forgotten. Johnson is correct, the evidence must come out before the election, and not doing so is political unto itself.

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      • Cowboy79 says:

        Grennell would be excellent. So might be Adm Michael S. Rogers.

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        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          What has Rogers REALLY done to expose anything?

          He shut down a broken program and testified he would reinstate it immediately if it could be fixed.

          More importantly…
          He has remained COMPLETELY SILENT (at least publicly) while the Trump Administration swung in the breeze over Russian collusion for 2 1/2 years.
          Remaining mute to this day.

          I only bring this up to make a point about picking Angels and Demons when it comes to DC and
          WHY it’s so hard for good people to do good things to combat the depth of the Swamp.

          If an Admiral and Former Director of the NSA has to be cautious navigating the Swamp….
          imagine what it’s like for a lower level agents in these bureaucracies.
          It requires some critical mass to be reached as inspiration
          Agent Barnett’s 302 –from last week—demonstrates this…..
          He knew Crossfire Razor (and probably Crossfire Hurricane in total) was complete BS from the outset….as was the SC’s investigation…
          And he’s only in a position to tell all this NOW.
          What changed?

          Hopefully Rogers was a navigator for Durham when he was meeting with him in 2019.
          But if Durham’s a fraud…as many here contend… won’t matter anyway.
          So will Rogers still be a HERO and PATRIOT then?


  9. budklatsch says:

    Is there any other American that could withstand the organized assault on their every motion the past 47 months +/- other than PDJT? I have moved beyond exasperated and disillusioned about our ‘American’ political environment in DC. Never did I ever expect what has come to light, no thanks to any of our investigative legal entities in DC. My sole regard now is to support PDJT these next 47=/- months until those guilty are found and charged and hanged if possible. No quarters, no excuses.

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  10. his committee staff did not appear to have a grasp on the majority of evidence that existed prior to mid-2020.

    Playing the liberal deep state game of “but, but, but we did no know.

    My take, NoWray is gone 4 Nov if not sooner.

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  11. OffCourseNation says:

    All of this leads to the obvious question – how much is Joe Biden paying Wray to coverup Joe Biden’s and Where’s Hunter’s crimes and corruption?

    Is it in the form of $$$, like Obama paid the Iranian Mullahs? Or is it in the form of promises of political appointment(s)? Or is it both?

    Given the amount and level of crimes and corruption he has been covering up, or at least trying very hard to cover up, it must be a lot.


    • vikingmom says:

      “…how much is Joe Biden paying Wray?”

      Joe Biden has absolutely NO idea that any of this is even happening. The first debate is supposed to take place in TWO DAYS and there is no way that he is going to be able to do it so they are throwing everything they have at DJT in the hopes that something will stick long enough to distract the Lo-Fo voters from the oncoming train wreck!

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      • OffCourseNation says:

        I will defeat Joe Biden.
        – Joe Biden

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      • KT Prayer Warrior says:

        There is not enuf popcorn available for Tues night!
        Get your Biden bingo card ready… “Come on, man”. “You know the thing”. “As the father of some who have served…”. ” As the father who has lost a son” “As a husband who has lost a wife tragically to a drunk driver (a lie)”. “When I graduated first in my class, while on scholarship at a historically black college…” ” stupid bastards” “fat” “I’ll take you behind the bleachers….”. ” You lying dog-faced long soldier” “old quartermasters can work in the women’s department on the 7th floor” “I’ve gone on too long…”

        I should go back thru Bongino’s podcast, there are more….
        Pres Trump’s card is more fun and far less predictable!

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    • dd_sc says:

      Audit Director Wray’s stock portfolio.

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    • Zorro says:

      Isn’t Wray’s wife very wealthy ? It go way beyond money, although the bad guys love it like everyone else. Why do old geezers like DiFiChiSpi and Madam Polident continue to plague the country at their age when they could be on the beach ?

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  12. OffCourseNation says:

    How is anyone, but a complete moron, going to have his faith in the FBI at all restored when its Director is such a criminal?

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    • cantcforest says:

      OffCourse, you may be new here. Many of us who have followed Sundance’s revelations for years have no faith in the FBI, DoJ, and CIA. Recently, we have expanded that list to include CDC. The FDA and NIH are suspect, as are most congresscritters.
      I expect that President Trump will make some dramatic changes to the bureaucratic alphabet agencies, but I’m clueless as to how he can get congress to straighten up.


  13. Mike in a Truck says:

    Imagine the shoe on the other foot.People would be in prison. Ongoing indictments and trial after trial.The former President brought up on charges and his stupid bumbling corrupt V.P. and his family arrested and on trial.Along with former A.G., FBI ,CIA, and members of the MSM. But that’s in an alternate universe. Or maybe a fairy tale.

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  14. starfcker says:

    Devastating job presenting documents for comparison at 6:50. Nice work, Senator.

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  15. Nothing will ever come of any of this. Democrats are almost never brought to justice if it is important.

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  16. Nothing will ever come of any of this. Democrats are almost never brought to justice if it is important.


  17. ReglarMerican says:

    Actual question here, not snark.
    Who would prosecute these Intl Community top brass, if they were prosecuted for their crimes?


  18. Toolnut says:

    And why didn’t Barr fire Wray for insubordination when he refused to fire Boente?

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  19. Eric C. says:

    I tried to post earlier on another thread (it said “looks like you already posted this, we I didn’t 🤷‍♂️), but one thing I thought of is this: you look at the damage the “resistance” has done when not in power, think what they could do with absolute power.

    If Trump loses (I don’t really think he will lose), then every charge brought will be dropped and everyone involved in the prosecutions will be charged. They’ll go after Trump, Barr, Durham, etc. after all, they would’ve only done it to influence the election 😉.

    There probably is strategic value to waiting until after the election, if Trump wins he can go scorched earth and leave nothing untouched. If he loses, he needs to preserve everything. Pardon Flynn, preemptive pardons probably.

    He knows what’s at stake. I don’t have any opinion either way, but I think Barr knows the futility of pursuing these things if Trump loses. Biden’s AG and DoJ will just undo everything and attack the Trump administration with vengeance and probably get convictions because there’s be no one to release exculpatory evidence to save the day.

    It sucks, but it’s the reality of the situation. I’m confident Trump will win and finish draining the swamp in the 2nd term. But we need to look at the paradigm through the lease of a Trump lose and what that’s look like for certain actions taken today.

    The Art of the Deal, own the downside. Making bold charges and losing the election isn’t a winning hand.


    • Eric C. says:

      Suppose to be “through the lens of a Trump loss”


      • OffCourseNation says:

        Trump will now battle the fascist leftists boldly on all fronts and at all times and at this he will not flag nor fail. He will never succumb to the siren call of the fascist leftists propaganda ministers that will permeate the television waves, nor to the cowering fear of the GOPe to do battle. He will no longer bargain with the fascist leftists and their propaganda ministers and gutter rats. He can not reason with them as the fascist leftists and their gaggle of lying lackeys and deranged dingbats will grant no quarter to him and if they can, they will destroy him and his family and all of America without remorse.

        Trump will now follow the fascist leftists to the inmost recesses of their minds and make them fear and dread the very sight and sound of him. with only an occasional drug or alcohol induced respite in between their waking nightmares as their day of final reckoning approaches. Trump will make them howl.


    • Susan Harms says:

      Picture this: Trump loses, what does the oppo do? Just wait for inaugaration? Probably not — I think they will go full tilt bozo screaming, we cant wait, he is out now. They cant afford for him to stay in place, preserving evidence, releasing documents, etc. They will want to burn the place down with him in it.


  20. jus wundrin says:

    Lets talk and express some more outrage, ron, as it has worked so well in getting results in the past. Perhaps you could ask your fellow repub colleagues what they are being black mailed for, and who is doing it.

    …..or is there some other reason for your repub colleagues gross negligence and apathy over the rule of law?

    jus wundrin

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  21. hoosfoos says:

    What can be done? When will it be done? How will we measure progress?
    Is it time for some enterprising media host to quantify action rather than simply provide a platform for partisan demagoguery?

    What actions can a Senator take? Sponsor legislation, block funding and approvals, hold hearings and investigations, public pressure, etc. What results will they achieve?
    Insist on a schedule and monitor progress.
    Revisit progress on each visit to the show.
    Proactive congressmen should welcome the accountability.


  22. Carly says:

    I so appreciate Maria–her pursuit of truth and insistence on doing the right thing.

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  23. SanJac says:

    There is a reason why the “Report” or “Indictments” have not happened yet and if people think certain people and the President are not controlling this think again. The President has powers to impanel very powerful tools we know nothing about.

    The election is the most important thing we all have to focus on and this country and the world depend on us Americans or else.

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    • OffCourseNation says:

      Trump most certainly wants the report and indictments to happen and the sooner the better. I can not think of anything less likely than his being the one stopping it.


    • I totally agree with your statements. It is the election and nothing other than the election that matters. I will have comments on the report not being produced that blog but in summary, we want CONVICTIONS and not an emotional release of a criminal charge. We want air tight evidence that is not politically tainted.

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    • Revelation says:

      All of this could be a bluff for an October surprise.

      Not holding my breath but you never know.

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  24. are there any Patriots left in the FBI or are they all communists who need to be eradicated along with those whom Brennan polluted while CIA director. These black hats all need a firing squad or hanging.Drape them in a communist flag to rot in a ditch, the treasonous scum that they are


  25. KT Prayer Warrior says:

    In one job I had in the military, I answered FOIAs as an add’l duty. We could never get away with these redactions. Definitely couldn’t have just NOT responded. But we had UCMJ….and honor….so I guess there is that.

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  26. CountryDoc says:

    I time is here where we need to define the patriot side, and begin standing to be counted. The definition of what we believe this Country stands for, what the constitution means, and what we will allow to be changed only over our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor — then start facing people down, exerting the power of the constitution, calling out the snaky lawyers, politicians, media, emotion laden snowflakes. We cannot count on a vote — not this election. And even if we win, we will have enemies to face. They must be identified and eliminated or neutralized from positions of power.

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    • regitiger says:


      refer to bogeyfree lists

      BF has produced dozens of names and a host of corrupt activities.

      max pressure now AND later…no matter the election outcome these people and those corrupt actions must confront consequences.

      assymetrical …25 ways to Sunday.

      never ending relentless confrontations.

      make them “famous”

      create the news.

      manage the narrative.

      steer the narrative.

      WE KNOW

      and that means we can openly forcibly engage THEM with it.

      at every corner…every event…at home or at work…we swamp them with reality and truth.

      patriots lives matter

      toilet paper their lives

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Given that none of the coup members have been prosecuted then “even if we win, we will have enemies to face” is a fair statement. Add to this that these same coup members are actively working against the American people, even now.

      At a minimum the coup members must be identified and eliminated or neutralized from positions of power by public prosecution, if the government is to survive.

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  27. islandpalmtrees says:

    Senator Ron Johnson, aggressively optimistic republican during the day and Uni-party by night when the cameras are off.

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  28. Patience says:

    Congressman Matt Gaetz on The Next Revolution (fox) just called out “Romney, Bush, Chaney” as what we need to stay away from in the future after President Trump (after 2nd term –that is).

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    • warrprin1 says:

      I can just imagine how Rep Gaetz’ remarks went down with Liz, daughter of Dick. Gaetz is getting better and better. We have, at least, a few real men and women in the House.


  29. starfcker says:

    Back in 2018, in one of President Trump’s round tables, Senator Johnson had a strong disagreement with the President on trade and immigration policy. It was however, quite cordial, and while President Trump did not bend at all, actually he schooled the Senator, he took Senator Johnson quite seriously, and I always thought at that moment the die was cast for the relationship between the two in a positive way. Hearing what people have to say and treating them fairly can go a long way. Go to minute 31:00.

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  30. appraisher says:

    We now know that there are numerous FBI agents that knew about The Coup, but were afraid to speak out for fear of not just losing their jobs, but fear of they and their families being destroyed (as the FBI was attempting to do to Trump)…and forget about being a “whistleblower”, only leftist whistleblowers are protected. Imagine a large group of agents coming forward with “first person” dirt on the Get-Trump-Coup…even the MSM couldn’t ignore it.

    THEY have all the information and know where all the bodies are buried, but will not come forward until Wray and the rest of the Obama Cartel are removed…so what we have here, is a Mexican Standoff. They won’t come forward until the Obama Cartel is prosecuted, but the Obama Cartel won’t be prosecuted, because these agents know that no one at Justice has their backs.

    Durham obviously has the dirt on all of those involved, otherwise, his “exonerating” report would have already been presented, so what is Durham’s purpose? Slow-walk until after the election? And what is Barr’s purpose if he has the proof, but refuses to act on it (deciding, in a round-about way, to provide the proof {declassified documents} to Sidney Powell instead)? Keeping his hands clean? What is the point of a “Justice” Department, that refuses to mete-out justice?

    It appears that the Emperor (Barr) has no clothes.

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    • Totally agree with your statement about fear of retaliation and personal destruction causing people not to become whistle blowers. The Obama administration was famous for this, starting with the defenestration of IG involved with his buddy Kevin Johnson in 2008. It continues with the 2018 persecution of the whistleblower Adam Lovinger, who questioned payments to Stefan Halper. Faced with professional ruin many just kept their head down and did their jobs

      I respectfully disagree with your assessment that Barr is slow walking the report so to bury it after the election. I believe that he wants an air tight case against the Obama officials and the Mueller team. You don’t release information until all your ducks are in a row. Or you end up getting the guilty parties acquitted. Remember Bill Ayers famous quip. “Guilty as hell and free as a bird.” A sloppy case will end up with acquittal’s and we don’t want that.
      Read this assessment that I find to be compelling.

      Note his conclusion. This is personal to Barr. His best buddy was made a fool and he isn’t going to let that pass.

      So set your face to stone. Gird your loins and act with cold anger to win this election. Nothing else matters.

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      • billinlv says:

        “This is personal to Barr. His best buddy was made a fool and he isn’t going to let that pass.”
        You and the Red State writer are deluding yourselves. Barr is the one who was made a fool by his friend Mueller. Barr seems not to want to face reality and the “Truth”. Mueller is a bad dude and Barr apparently needs friends who walk on the dark side. Thus far, Barr’s only claim to fame is being very good at cleaning up after criminally corrupt high level government employees and keeping them very comfortable and out of jail.


      • appraisher says:

        My abiding fear is that IF (and that’s a big if) Trump is not reelected, none of this will ever see the light of day, although I’m not actually certain that most of it will see the light of day even when Trump is reelected.

        The fact that the man who is running against Trump for the presidency was involved in a coup to take Trump down, is the reason why the American public needs to know the truth, BEFORE the election.

        The truth shouldn’t be held hostage because Barr doesn’t want it to affect the election or because he believes it to be “political”, quite the contrary, the truth should be out there prior to the election, so Americans have the unvarnished truth, and can make an education choice.

        Thank you for providing that link, it is filled with food for thought.


    • regitiger says:

      i disagree. removing wray isnt going to motivate anyone who has evidence.

      what it WILL TAKE is for some serious charges to start dropping.

      then these people will find that THE PARADIGM has changed.

      right NOW bill barr stands in the way of that. intentionally…

      he’s telling you the truth.. listen to him.. believe it. bill barr does NOT want to create that opening. he understands his mission is to prevent a mass coming to jesus moment…

      sen Johnson is correct but fails to mention the other dynamic

      .doin nothing IS A POLITICAL CHOICE.

      it’s the devil’s bargain.

      yes you can throw out the water and still keep baby.

      that’s the truthfik reality.

      bill barr insists that isn’t possible.

      THAT is the devil’s bargain.

      we ALL must call that out.

      if barr cant save the institution..we will have to force it upon him.

      now…start thinking about how to do just precisely THAT.



      • babrightlight says:

        A real truth & justice-loving AG would fire everyone on the 7th floor of the FBI. Every. single. one. If they didn’t know what was going on they’re incompetent. If they did, they’re complicit. If they give testimony on their way out to what they know and it’s useful, then they can keep their pensions. Otherwise, bye and best get yourself a good lawyer.


      • appraisher says:

        Many of the points you’re making were in my comment…we are both saying the same thing.


  31. Leon Brozyna says:

    All the deep state players keep dragging things out, waiting for the election.

    Come Trump’s landslide let the firings and indictments begin … fire Wray … file ethics complaint against Sullivan … and to make this wait worthwhile, Durham had better have some real humdingers to rock the deep state to its core.


  32. Bogeyfree says:

    I too am confused by Sundance’s 2nd paragraph.

    Does he mean that Maria’s sources are wrong or they are right and this was their plan all along to string it along until 35 days before.

    Could her source actual be the DOJ or is it a RINO like McConnell?

    And if true could this be the deal cut – ACB for No Indictments and Sullivan drops the Flynn case??


  33. Paul Gable says:

    Trump should make Obamagate more visible as a campaign issue. Go ahead tomorrow and declassify everything and order full disclosure, and announce that both Barr and Wray will be replaced on Nov. 4th by Sidney Powell and John Ratcliffe, respectively. Give the American people a chance to vote for that decision–by voting for Trump, and to assure confirmation of the appointments, by voting for all R’s running for the US Senate .

    The stakes in 2020 are sky high, and every reason why they are so sky high needs focused attention and messaging. Obamagate especially.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. islandpalmtrees says:

    I have been looking for any coup members Senator Ron Johnson has recommended for prosecution. Given the number of coup members Ron has hardly had an opportunity to make such a recommendation.

    I suppose, that when the coup members identified by the public exceeds or equals the Washington population he could find one or maybe two.

    But then again I am optimistic.


  35. Sharpshorts says:

    “Trust the Plan conspiracy cult [sic]” and all that…
    The latest “Qanon” suggestion is that AG Sessions had started a parallel investigation that is still on-going but has somehow been kept under the radar of the deep state.

    PDT knew from the git-go that very few in every branch of our government could be trusted.
    MAGA people think he knew all this well before he came down the escalator.

    I personally think PDT understands it and knew it at least as far back as the 1980’s. His friend President Reagan understood it too…I believe that President Reagan learned about it well before he supported Senator Goldwater’s run for President in the early 1960s. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat and a Hollywood participant for much of his life – until the “Democrat party left him”.

    Who are the people in Trump’s administration that also served under Reagan’s?
    I know Larry Kudlow is one…who else?


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Tomorrow is 37 days until the election.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sharpshorts, from your response: PDT knew from the git-go that very few in every branch of our government could be trusted.
      MAGA people think he knew all this well before he came down the escalator.
      —if this is true, why weren’t ALL the holdovers pink slipped on his first day as president? Asking for a friend…


  36. T2020 says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for sharing this!! God bless and protect Mr Johnson!!!! Angels around him to protect and encourage!!! Keep that truth coming!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  37. If it was only treason or sedition

    Sick m’fers much worse


  38. Pew-Anon says:

    “…there is no better person to deliver the ‘spygate’ gut punch than Maria Bartiromo. Question those “sources” and we might just locate some sketchy narrative engineers presenting themselves as ‘friends’ of the truth.”

    So does this mean MB was given fake news about a Durham no-show before the election by “sketchy narrative engineers” in order to “gut punch” the PT voter base expecting spygate justice? And by “question those sources”, is it meant that they should be questioned literally, or that we should just be suspicious of their motives?

    The vagueness of this statement makes me wonder if this was written to MB, and not us.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. nvbob says:

    Barr knows his “investigation” is going nowhere if DJT looses re-election, even if indictments are handed down after the election but prior to the inauguration. The new AG will just drop the cases citing “political prosecutions”.

    Barr seems to have Wray’s back. Why, when Wray does everything he can to thwart Barr’s investigation? Why are anonymous sources coming forward now to MB? Is there discontent within the white hats at DOJ?

    I was around for Watergate, oh those many years ago. There is more open source evidence of an attempted silent coup (sedition) than there ever was of corruption / cover-up by Nixon. This should have been resolved a long time ago, criminally.

    My sincere hope is, if DJT is re-elected, after the inauguration, (I don’t trust the Dems even a tiny bit), DJT goes absolutely nuclear and fires everyone, including Barr if necessary, then declassifies ALL the documents.

    This BS has to end!

    Liked by 2 people

  40. rpcoastie says:

    FBI Director Wray, AG BARR and Durham dealing with a Zulu attack!

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Retired IG says:

    It seems odd to me that Johnson is suddenly in an uproar over the “Biden’s.” I want to remind him, this is VERY OLD NEWS DUDE. Why the umbrage NOW? Hope he’s not a closet UNIPARTY member.


  42. jx says:

    Wray and Barr need to be prosecuted. After Trump is re-elected these two are first in line for prosecution.


  43. montanamel says:

    We keep hearing this crap about how THE RIOTS will explode if Trump even comes close to winning, much less a landslide…. BS…. WE, THE PEOPLE, have had enough…

    There will be immediate and instantaneous “Police Actions” taken by Citizens; from local small town or small County locals….all the way to Nationwide actions within “States” and/or actions at the Federal level in DC and other centers…. This will NOT be some “Civil War II” as is being warned, this will be the end of all such BS… Notice it’ll be a “localized Police Action”….ie: Think Korea.

    End transmission.


  44. In the Land of Poz says:

    Maria asking why Wray is still employed was great. Her “sources” may have fed her half-truths in order to have Trump hear her say things that will get Wray fired faster. If Jensen indicts in furtherance of Barr’s goal to reshape the battlefield, then it can still be true that “Durham” did nothing before the election while escalating the pressure on Wray.

    If Bartiromo (and Graham) are right about more revelations imminent this week, I think Wray will be out immediately after.


  45. Ragle Gumm says:

    Maria stated that the press has picked a side, which means that they are biased towards Biden. What she should have said is that the press is so far up Biden’s ass that they can kiss his oversized prostate.


  46. anthonydog says:

    Read and Hammer Lindsey—Call him

    Lindsey Graham Must Ask Comey: Where Are The 47 ‘HAMMER’ Hard Drives Of Spygate Evidence That Comey Buried?


  47. anthonydog says:

    Read and Hammer Lindsey—Call him

    Lindsey Graham Must Ask Comey: Where Are The 47 ‘HAMMER’ Hard Drives Of Spygate Evidence That Comey Buried?


  48. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Yup. Mmmm-hmmm. Not like we haven’t known all of this for years now. Spare me the outrage, nothing is happening. Oh – except when the subject of the investigation is an associate of President Trump. Then, on the thinnest of evidence and the flimsiest of charges, there’s an immediate SWAT raid arrest and perp walk with CNN cameras rolling.

    Meanwhile the Spygate criminals go on TV boasting about how they’ve not been charged, and slamming Trump as a Russian agent.


  49. DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

    Does anyone . . . including Sundance . . have any idea why the Moscow mayor’s widow wired $3.5 million to Hunter?

    That giant gorilla has been sitting in the living room for a few days now . . . and no one has explained why. Anyone?

    Liked by 1 person

  50. CRAIG NELSON says:

    I have tried to understand how it is that problems like Wray are not just dealt with. If he is not doing his job or gets in the way of investigations why is he not removed.


    • Jeffrey Coley says:

      I think about all the times when people have said President Trump is surrounded by traitors, that so-and-so is disloyal and working to subvert and undermine the President; only to be told by others nope, Trump isn’t stupid, he has EXCTLY who he wants, where he wants them, doing what he wants them to do. “Trust the plan”.

      And then, weeks or months or years later, Trump finally drops the hammer and fires the guy. Or gal.

      I guess the plan wasn’t quite as trusty as the trusty-planners supposed.


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