President Trump Great American Comeback Rally and Peaceful Protest – Middletown, PA – 7:00pm ET Livestream

Tonight President Donald Trump is holding a Great American Comeback Rally and peaceful protest at AvFlight Harrisburg in Middletown, PA. The anticipated start time is 7:00pm ET  [Livestream Links Below]

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream Link



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149 Responses to President Trump Great American Comeback Rally and Peaceful Protest – Middletown, PA – 7:00pm ET Livestream

  1. David Hertle says:

    Biden can go back to Sleep.
    Trump has got this!!

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  2. WRB says:

    I like it when people put in work to show what it is like to attend one of these rallies.
    Farmer MD’s I Went to a Protest in Pittsburgh! at Pittsburgh last week.

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  3. sunnydaze says:

    Stephen Miller, Kaley McEnany, Dan Scavino are with Trump.

    I’d love it if we could hear from Miller tonite, even a little bit. He’s been such a great speaker and it’s been a while since he was out there.

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  4. Marystriumph says:

    We are here! Phil Collins!

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  5. cantcforest says:

    Stephen, Kaley, Dan; Please disconnect this man’s battery for a day or two. I’m truly worried.

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  6. Sentient says:

    When Biden accuses the president of being responsible for covid deaths, the president could say “nobody notices that I cured the flu.”

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  7. PaulCohen says:

    oooh Don, Jr. rips MSM for ignoring Hunter Biden scandals…. mentions the $3.5 million from Russian oligarch and links to sex/human trafficking!! Also references POTUS Trump and Ivanka achieving so much combatting sex/human trafficking… what a contrast!! Will this come up in the rally?? [MSM can’t report honestly on anything…. biases and dishonesty in every MSM “reporter”….]

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  8. fionnagh says:

    Medic just walked back up the steps into the plane…?


  9. Maquis says:

    “We got to get Congress back and go after them.” The Coupsters are on notice.

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  10. Lulu says:

    The Lock him up for obama is going to send the media over the edge.

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    • SanJac says:

      For what Osama has done to this country including stealing hundreds of millions of dollars should have landed him in cuffs years ago. but we have to many trying to preserve institutions when the constitution would have them behind bars or worse.


  11. tuskyou says:

    POTUS talking about how well the country was doing before the China virus. He says “success will bring us together” and now it’s MAGA Again. He’s right about success if you’re a normal thinking person– but not the left. They hate ordinary people being successful, unlike Pres Trump who delights in our success and happiness.

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  12. tuskyou says:

    Lotta chanting and we’re just getting started. This crowd is lit! 🔥

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  13. Greg1 says:

    I think the wetter he gets out there in the rain with the crowd, the more fired up he gets and the more fun he’s having. The crowd sure is having fun.

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  14. CorwinAmber says:

    My kid drove up there for this rally…can’t wait to hear his stories and see his photos!

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  15. Patience says:

    How many people there? Anyone know?

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  16. tuskyou says:

    The fake suburb polls. Exactly! If more people knew how much our President has accomplished they’d be amazed. I’m glad he keeps talking about what he’s done for suburban residents.

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  17. tuskyou says:

    Rapid fire story of election night ~ “the non biased anchors are crying” ROFL

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  18. AWESME! Our President is RECHARGED ..

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  19. Greg1 says:

    His ability to speak off script is mesmerizing. No way in the WORLD Biden could do that. And everybody, including democrats, KNOW it.

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  20. Our Greatest President eva! Is on the Offense!

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  21. Dekester says:

    How earth can the media with a straight face say Biden leads polls.

    The head of the Police Federation was brilliant.

    800,000 members.

    Then the chant “we love trum”

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  22. Dekester says:

    Oops Trump. But you knew that.

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  23. rashomon says:

    “We’ve got to get back to Congress and get after these people.”

    The UNDERstatement of the decade!

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  24. Troublemaker10 says:

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  25. Patience says:

    …..”We’re thinking about that”
    “Why are they using free air waves … for fake news?” ~President Trump


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    • RBSlim says:

      Yes I have noticed Trump making the using “free airwaves” to smear us line a couple of times now. Could be foreshadowing a regulatory vector to take on fake news? I am curious to see what the administration has in the works.

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  27. Southern Trumpette says:

    What was that jet flying over? Trump remarked on it. Shouldn’t the rally be a no fly zone?

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  28. Patience says:

    What a day!
    What a night!

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    • tuskyou says:

      Another winning day/night 🇺🇸

      President Trump and patriotic Americans firing on all cylinders! The enthusiasm is off the charts. Even here in suburban Chicago I see Trump signs and bumper stickers more than ever before. The closer we get to the election the more people are showing their support m

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  29. Troublemaker10 says:

    Wraps it up with his YMCA dance moves again! Love it. 💕

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  30. alliwantissometruth says:

    Meanwhile, Jill Biden out draws Joe with a massive rally of just over 11,000 people

    Wait, I mean 1100 people

    Correction, I mean 11 people

    (see photo shopped Joe in the window)

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    • Sentient says:

      Look at them with their stupid masks on. Outside. While they’re 15’ from each other. It’s all theater.

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    • PaulCohen says:

      rofl this is so moronic…. outdoors, huge distancing, and they still do the mask theater….. pitiful. Oh and why on earth is Joe always hidin’ Biden?? Under these conditions he should be doing many events per day. But not, he hardly ever ventures out.

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    • imkittymyers says:

      They probably had to shout to one another to be heard. Not to mention whatever they say is muffled by their face diapers.

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  31. Sentient says:

    Can you believe that Lee Greenwood is a month older than Joe Biden? Lee can still belt it out and China Joe is wheezing after a few steps to a podium.

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  32. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    Second time I have heard the President refer to a special weapon…..makes me think we actually managed to put a Kinetic weapon in Orbit.

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  33. fangdog says:

    Trump says it to discourage any Nation to even think they have a military option. From a Nation’s standpoint it is hopeless for them as bringing a pocket-knife to a gunfight.

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  34. USA Citizen Woman says:

    Did you see that big fat guy dressed in black with a black MAGA mask at President Trump’s rally at Middletown, PA? He sat right behind President Trump pretending he was a Trump Supporter. He held up a sign saying, WE LOVE YOU, AMY covering up his sign saying FOUR MORE YEARS!
    What a Jerk, I hope he will be punished for that. The big fat pig thinks BIDEN would do a better job??? It only proves how STUPID this DEMOCRAT PROTESTER IS!!!

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  35. juridicus2016 says:

    I attended the rally. The crowd was amazingly energized. A shuttle bus driver said they started to shuttle attendees at 10 am. When I arrived around 3:30 pm, a secret service agent said about 10,000 were already admitted. By the time the President arrived, there were between 17-18,000. The local press reported attendance of only hundreds and that most were unmasked.

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  36. FL_GUY says:

    Great Rally. The spontaneous “We Love Trump” and “We Love You” chants are spreading throughout the country.

    President Trump always provides clues to what is going on behind the scenes. I noticed several important points:
    1. President Trump will NOT accept an election that is stolen
    2. The days of the media-rats broadcasting lies without consequences are coming to an end.
    3. The proverbial $hit is about to hit the fan for the coup plotters. (I suspect it will nullify their attempt to steal the election in Nov. JMHO)

    It pisses me off that the intentional SCAMdemic stopped President Trump from being with We the People. He would have had a ton of rallies by now.

    Another point about FL. President Trump has a rally and the very next day, Gov Desantis opens up the state and frees the people. Coincidence? I think NOT!

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  37. Troublemaker10 says:

    In attendance:

    Half in attendance were working men.
    15% in attendance were Democrats

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  38. Scarlet says:

    His stamina is awe inspiring !

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  39. ezgoer says:

    Great rally! Lots of crowd energy. Who the heck is voting for Biden and his awful policies?

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    • dead people….a lot of them….multiple times


    • alliwantissometruth says:

      “Who the heck is voting for Biden and his awful policies?”

      Well let’s see…

      Most politicians
      The Washington establishment
      Most government employee’s except police and firemen and women
      100% of the Enemy of the People “Media”‘
      The rioters and looters
      Welfare recipients
      Cemetery “populations”
      The brainwashed nitwits “educated” in our leftist propaganda centers known as schools
      War mongering military generals
      The Tech Overlords
      Feeble elderly people who have their ballots filled out by democrat handlers

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      • Marc says:

        There’s a lot of low info, baby boomers that are empty nesters and just want to vote for perceived personality over policy. Most Biden Harris signs I see are in yards with the nicest homes. Trump signs are typically in the working class areas.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Good list but you forgot a few million illegal aliens in sanctuary states, whose laws prohibit verifying a signature on a ballot, who will be paid to vote for Biden or let their name be used on a ballot for Biden.

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    • gabytango says:

      It’s not so much “voting for Biden,” as much as it is voting Trump OUT. If by some horrible nightmare Biden should win, they’d really not even know what to do from there. They are THAT deranged.

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  40. Scarlet says:

    I wish that, during the Presidential debates, at the beginning…President Trump would say “Chris! I’d like you to remove all of our teleprompters and earpieces. I’d like this debate to be man vs man . No. Supplementary help, no talking points being fed to a candidate and no pre planned thoughts on the monitor. “

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  41. Sentient says:

    So the first debate is scheduled for 69 hours from now. Wonder what will happen.

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    • Scarlet says:

      Biden simply cannot compete with this . It will be embarassing,humiliating, shocking, debilitating, politically suicidal and crucifying.
      It’s shameful to put a cognitively deficient man up against a superstar warrior with endless stamina.
      His wife should be ashamed.

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  42. SR says:

    I am getting 2-3 times a day phone call from democrat party of PA folks. I hope Republicans are doing some court fight to fix this mail in ballot corruption in PA and other states.

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  43. fangdog says:

    My guess Trump will go rather easier on Biden than conventional thinking. Trump does not want to arouse a chance for sympathy feeling regarding Biden.

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  44. delighteddeplorable says:

    It would be fun if there was some way to have a CTH “poll” about who thinks Hiden will debate/not debate. It would be even more fun to wager some $$. We could bet TreehouseBucks. This is no doubt an impossible idea but it would be fun! 💃💃💃💃


  45. Bogeyfree says:

    Love this post.

    PT says some real beauties coming out in the next couple of days……

    I guessing he means right before the Tuesday debates. And if they are beauties as he says one would think they could be the talk of the debate.

    Is the plan to flood these next 2 weeks before the ACB hearings with new texts and info of the coup, the framing of Gen Flynn, the Wiener Laptop, Ukraine and Illegal Spying on Americans?

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  46. Bogeyfree says:

    Anybody know what happened to The_War_Economy. His twitter account has been deleted.


  47. Troublemaker10 says:

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  48. marystriumph says:

    WOW! What a night! We were in awe watching Air Force 1 touch down and taxi up to the crowd. President Trump came to us! It didn’t matter that it was raining. It really brought home the truth that President Trump cares about and listens to each and every American and works so hard to make the lives of ALL Americans better in every way.
    We stood in the misty rain, misty eyed, filled with love and gratitude for our fearless, tireless, dragon energy President who fights for WE THE PEOPLE. The list of his daily accomplishments is dizzying. The fellowship and enthusiasm in the crowd was amazing and we met people from every background and walk of life. We met doctors, truckers, contractors, business owners, restaurant workers and many more, all with the same reason for being there: to show support for the greatest President ever and to encourage him to keep up the good fight. We met a group of Amish farmers who were there to support President Trump. They made us aware of the Farms to Families program which was aided by Ivanka Trump which allows low income Americans to stay off of Welfare by providing food right to them while helping their farms as well. And, the Amish are all coming out to vote for him this election! Again, there is no section of American life that has not benefited from this American Hero.
    I know President Trump was feeling the love. We continue to pray for President Trump and his family for protection and fortitude and success and we also pray that those who have evil intentions are thwarted and their hearts converted. We also pray for Sundance and thank him for this site.

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    • marystriumph says:

      Also, thanks to Sundance enlightening we common folks, every time President Trump brought up the corruption, we shouted out, “WE KNOW!” We hope this is added to the rally chants!

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