Email Records Show Democrat Nashville Mayor Hid COVID-19 Data To Intentionally Inflict Economic Hardship on Bars and Restaurants…

While the background story of data manipulation to intentionally inflict economic damage is stunning, the severity of the position of Nashville Democrat Mayor John Cooper is actually not a surprise.

It must be remembered this is the same Nashville Mayor who created COVID-19 internment camps to forcibly detain people in a quarantine camp at a fairground.  When one person jumped the fence to escape the police hunted him down and Nashville authorities charged him with “escaping a penal institution.”  COVID-19 was criminalized.

Two months after the internment camp incident a non-domiciled Nashville citizen named Joseph Bryant (61) was arrested for refusing to wear a face mask outside. His bail was set at $500 and he was incarcerated for not wearing a face mask.   So it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to discover the same officials hid data showing low COVID-19 infection rates in order to inflict the maximum amount of economic pain on business owners.

[Source Article With Details]

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — The coronavirus cases on lower Broadway may have been so low that the mayor’s office and the Metro Health Department decided to keep it secret.

Emails between the mayor’s senior advisor and the health department reveal only a partial picture. But what they reveal is disturbing.

The discussion involves the low number of coronavirus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and how to handle that.

And most disturbingly, how to keep it from the public. (more)

This totalitarian power grab is a pattern amid blue states and blue regions where Democrats are in charge.  The underlying ideology of democrats is based on government control over the lives of people; as a result these revelations only serve to highlight just how severe the ideological manipulation is.

…”The key for continued economic success is to get the blue regions and blue states to re-open their economies. However, unfortunately that positive direction is against their political interests. Democrats are willing to inflict economic pain for political benefit.”…

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286 Responses to Email Records Show Democrat Nashville Mayor Hid COVID-19 Data To Intentionally Inflict Economic Hardship on Bars and Restaurants…

  1. Johnny says:

    Sundance writes,
    “Democrats are willing to inflict economic pain for political benefit.”… End Quote.

    This shit is gonna keep happening until…..

    Freedom loving Americans start inflicting physical harm upon the dictators in government.

    That is as simple as it gets. I guarantee my solution to rid the government of any tyrants dramatically. Please call BR549 and we will send you a Giant 16 ounce can of American Whip Ass, all you do is pay 19.95 for expedited shipping. Also the first 50 callers will receive a set of Balls that will make you masculine once again, so that you never vote Democrat again.

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    • Patrick Healy says:

      Are you suggesting that American men have been “en-emasculated”?
      If so you are not alone, men all over the world have lost a pair over this Chinese Wuhan manufactured flu.
      Why no mass protests against these Marxists rulers, and I don’t just mean left dictators.
      Every country in Europe is cowering under the stairs, wearing mussels, afraid to come out and shake hands. The majority are not yet Marxist like your Demoncrat controlled cities.
      A goddess example of how ridiculous this scamdemic is is Ireland.
      A tiny country of 5Million where the government says 1750 died WITH Wuhan Flu shown on their death certificates.
      The actual number is 100 who died FROM this flu.
      The other 1650 were seriously elderly with other life threatening diseases.
      I am sure it is exactly the same in every country which has imprisoned their people.
      When oh when will we wake up and rise up?

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  2. maxxheadroom777 says:

    On September 17th 1787, in Philadelphia PA the final draft of the Constitution of The United States was signed. 233 years later, on September 17th 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court goes out of its way to end the Republic ordained by that Constitution. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”

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  3. jmclever says:

    Nashville is the next Detroit. I have stopped traveling there for any reason.

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    • jbowen82 says:

      It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Nashville, but when I was there last I was struck by the very large, visible homeless population on the streets. It seemed odd to me and not on a par with similar cities like Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Knoxville, or Chattanooga.

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    • john says:

      Sadly true. I refuse to stop overnight on Memphis when traveling because it’s so sleazy and dangerous.

      Nashville is too liberal like most big cities. The whole “country music” scene doesn’t translate into good old boy conservatives. It just means mostly liberal music industry types, i.e.: LA transplants.

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      • Lucky Kitty says:

        “It just means mostly liberal music industry types, i.e.: LA transplants.”


        The artists know that they will really hit it big if they can parlay their Country music jig with a little face-time in Hollywood. Maybe, they can get a little TV deal or work the talk shows. Another way is for them to write songs that are more Pop than Country and see if they can do a crossover and double-dip in music money!
        So, their politics have to be *visibly* liberal.

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      • dawg says:

        I drove across the country about a year ago and had to stop in Memphis to spend the night. I could not believe what a s#!thole it was. Sorry, to anyone from Memphis, but thats my opinion. Without a doubt, the worst place I drove through between San Fran and Charlotte. Besides San Fran of course.

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      • Crusader says:

        The recent CMA’s just proved this point.
        I read that Ben Shapiro was moving his show to Nashville to get out of California. Good luck with that Ben, should have come to Texas!


  4. Pinot Noir says:

    Class action lawsuit in 3, 2, 1…..

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  5. Dana Christianson says:

    Like Austin Texas Nashville Has Been Ruined By Liberals Fleeing California. These Idiot’s Bring Their Liberal Voting Habit’s With Them And Wonder Why The City Is Overrun By Marxist’s. Ruined Country Music As Well… Maybe Ben Shapiro Will Straiten Them Out When He Arrives With His U-Haul Trailer…..

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    • QuiAudetVincit says:

      Benji? Don’t make me laugh.

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    • jmclever says:

      Ol Chicken Coop ran as a fiscal conservative. Sometimes, politicians lie to get elected. Shocking, I know. 😑

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    • Dixie says:

      Liberals really are stupid, aren’t they? How in the world can they actually think Biden is a capably legitimate candidate along with his idiotic cackling running mate?
      Same as when they reduce monetary support for police and then wonder why the police aren’t responding?
      How can they be so stupid?

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    • Mike Van says:


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    • yogiccowboy says:

      Urban cities in both Tennessee and Texas – as elsewhere – have long been Democrat. Furthermore, Nashville and Austin are music capitals. Musicians are entertainers. Entertainers, by and large, are hedonistic in temperament. (See Hollywood.) Not everything can be blamed on Californians, despite the concerted effort to do so.

      I am a native Californian. I am a lifelong conservative. I am an ordained minister. I am also a classically-trained musician who has performed with professional musicians from all over the country. I was virtually alone in terms of my ethics and morals (except for a few home-schooled musicans, also from California) in my various ensembles.

      California gave the USA Ronald Reagan as President. Texas gave the USA Lyndon Johnson as President. Johnson was home-grown Texan (Stonewall), long before any influx of Californians. He was also, in my considered opinion, a truly evil man.

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      • Orygun says:

        Having worked in local government and watched it being taken over I can say that all the liberals I saw were from big East Coast cities. They in turn hired more of the same until the entire administration looks like it came from your most liberal East Coast city.

        They would go to lunch together and hung out in the halls doing nothing but “socializing”.

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  6. P says:

    From email dated 09/16/2020:
    Here is one of LaRouchePAC’s three “terms of battle” for the 2020 election.

    Implement Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery of the United States, to unleash the productive power of our economy, freeing the nation from the grip of the global financiers.

    Many Americans now understand the concept of “fake news.” But there is a “fake economics” which claims that the fight is between capitalism and communism, completely ignoring the most powerful economic system of all time—the American System of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and Lyndon LaRouche.

    President Trump is the first US President to explicitly reference the “American System” in over a century (during a few of his early speeches in 2017), although the attempted coup against him has prevented further steps in this direction.

    Hamilton and Lincoln knew that wealth does not come from money, or from land, or from raw materials, but from the “productive powers of labor” which create new wealth. Lyndon LaRouche deepened the scientific understanding of those ideas and applied them in his “Four Laws to Save the USA.

    Understanding those laws and the principle behind them is the key to destroying the grip of today’s British Empire over our nation and the world.”

    Benjamin Deniston
    LaRouchePAC Science

    For article on “Terms of Battle” go to:


    FTA: LaRouche’s Four Economic Laws and the American System

    Lyndon LaRouche shared the view of our founding fathers, of Abraham Lincoln and of Lincoln’s economic advisor, Henry Carey, who wrote that there are:

    Two systems are before the world …One looks to pauperism, ignorance, depopulation, and barbarism; the other in increasing wealth, comfort, intelligence, combination of action, and civilization. One looks towards universal war; the other towards universal peace. One is the English system; the other we may be proud to call the American system, for it is the only one ever devised the tendency of which was that of elevating while equalizing the condition of man throughout the world.

    Such is the true mission of the people of these United States…. To raise the value of labour throughout the world, we need only to raise the value of our own…. To improve the political condition of man throughout the world, it is that we ourselves should remain at peace… To diffuse intelligence and to promote the cause of morality throughout the world, we are required only to pursue the course that shall diffuse education throughout our own land, and shall enable every man more readily to acquire property, and with it respect for the rights of property. To substitute true Christianity for the detestable system known as the Malthusian, it is needed that we prove to the world that it is population that makes the food come from the rich soils, and food tends to increase more rapidly than population, thus vindicating the policy of God to man.

    It was in the spirit of “increasing … intelligence, combination of action and civilization,” and suppressing the “detestable system known as the Malthusian,” that LaRouche developed his “Four Laws.”

    See link ( ) for complete article.

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    • Simple Citizen says:


      Have not read, listened to, or thought about LaRouche in years, but I am glad you uploaded this post and will look into the information.

      With regard to Secretary Hamilton, I am not very fond of this Founding Father, but I do agree with Mr. LaRouche and his organization 100% on production being both the key to American survival, as well as a key economic component that Secretary Hamilton understood very, very well (dating back to the Federalist Papers).

      Simple Citizen


    • oldersoul says:

      “Hamilton and Lincoln knew that wealth does not come from money, or from land, or from raw materials, but from the “productive powers of labor” which create new wealth.”

      Irony. Karl Marx wrote nearly the exact same thing. Then he detoured into the means of production as a palliative. But he got the key point right: All value comes from human labor.

      That is because value & wealth are terms measured and determined only by human beings.

      You would be surprised how many Marxists never bothered to actually read Marx. Most of them.

      Study Marx, and you can become a fantastic capitalist. And you can intellectually slap down uninformed Marxists in your spare time, too.


  7. sync says:

    Just follow the money….
    All Federal Relief for Tennessee
    Tennessee is set to receive over $25 billion in federal coronavirus aid for economic relief, COVID-19 response, health and social services, and education

    Mayor John Cooper asks state for $82.6M more in COVID-19 relief for Nashville

    Mayor John Cooper has requested from Gov. Bill Lee an additional $82.6 million in COVID-19 relief to help aid Nashville’s tourism industry, music venues, small-businesses and to help expand the city’s social resources.

    In a letter last week outlining the city’s needs as Nashville continues to be rocked by the ongoing pandemic, Cooper reminds Lee the state’s economic recovery begins in Nashville — “right now.”

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    • Fools Gold says:

      Little Jimmy Cooper released a few million the other day bragging about it on Twitter. I simple respond with Thank You President Trump!

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    • hopespringseternal2020 says:

      Perhaps the feds should go after him for fraud or whatever federal statutes apply…Paging bagpipes….perhaps if he’s done making all his great sounding speeches this week, we could get a little action.

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      • Every Democrat should be kicked out of whatever position they are in. The Insane Left they have become is no longer a legitimate political force…yes, I know, I harp on this…but only a criminal, organized mob and an insane cult. And the Republicans are only Democrat Lite, simply by ACCEPTING the Democrats as they are now.

        I live in Gallatin TN, which I THINK is better than Nashville (and I don’t wear a mask, for every reason under the Sun)…but hee-hee, this town, this state, this world is not my home. Know whut I mean, Ern? (…”my little hut, I’ll just let it be…”, from “A Mansion For Me”)…heh-heh…I don’t need no stin-king revival, i’m my own…so are you, Fred (as Superchicken always told his sidekick, “You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred.” I like to remember that…)

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    • midtngal says:

      You’ll be glad to know that our Gov declined mayor cooper’s request! We are all hoping he will be resigning soon…

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    • Rick says:

      Good catch. The emperor has no clothes!

      Trump can end this. Just end the National Emergency and cut off FEMA funding.

      This mayor should be recalled by the people for abusing power. Like Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmoore, Wolf and many others playing this scam. I wish they could be locked up for abusing their power. The governors and mayors giving aid and support to the violent rioters should be charged with insurrection.

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  8. bunky says:

    How many of the waiters, bartenders, etc voted for him?
    I bet the majority did.
    I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

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    • Simple Citizen says:

      Okay, but what about the business owners? Many could be conservative or moderate. Do they deserve such punitive measures?

      Long ago, I thought Tennessee was a more conservative place (visited a couple of times in the 90s), but I guess it has changed or I was simply wrong.


      • jmclever says:

        TN isred, but like nearly every capitol and large city, Nashville has turned blue in part from people running from liberal horror shows and in part thanks to George Soros backing liberal/radical !ayors, DAs and police chiefs. That’s Soros plan. Overrule the countryside by ruling the cities.

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      • I moved to Nashville a year ago from Alabama. Really fun, nice city but EVERYONE around here is a Democrat! So many idiotic Biden signs. Crazy! People very mask compliant and to this point have supported Cooper. Outside of city Itself it is all red blooded patriotic America. Tennessee will go TRUMP🇺🇸. – NOT NashVille 🤷‍♀️

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        • Simple Citizen says:

          Thank you both for the education; I was unaware, but appreciate the information.



        • Dwelling in Gallatin, 20 miles east of Nashville, for the last 25 years (Jesus H. Christ, it’s been that long…aiee), I regard Nashville as just a Gordion Knot of highways; trying to get in, around, and out is just a mess. I never thought of it in wider terms before, but now I see, that is probably why it has gone rotten politically. Insane roads leads to insane politics, every time….that’s my theory, and I’m sticking with it (hee!)

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        • dayallaxeded says:

          Maybe these revelations will red-pill the idjits! I’m praying for it–you should too!


    • Fools Gold says:

      I don’t know but there’s a pitition to boot his ass from office. Fortunately it’s not my district. He’s raising taxes 34% in Nashville. The city is broke from dim mayor’s. . .little Jim Cooper regularly post everyday on Twitter.

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    • midtngal says:

      Not surprisingly, mayor cooper ran as a fiscal conservative. We are a metro government that does not assign parties to our local politicians. Knowing he was Jim Cooper’s brother was a big tell but it was either him or the smarmy mayor briley that took over after mayor berry was caught in an affair with her bodyguard! It’s really been a soap opera the last few years to say the least!

      The servers and bartenders that work in the bars downtown probably don’t vote. They’re generally in their 20s just trying to survive! I’m bettin’ they’ll pay attention now!

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  9. sync says:

    You give away money like this and most of it gets looted…

    Posted: Sep 17, 2020 / 05:05 PM CDT / Updated: Sep 17, 2020 / 06:11 PM CDT

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — In a letter sent to Nashville Mayor John Cooper and Metro government provided to News 2 by Governor Bill Lee’s administration on Thursday, Governor Bill Lee said he is ‘deeply concerned’ with an $82.6 million request of the state’s Coronavirus Relief Fund award for Nashville-Davidson County.

    The letter outlines how Metro Nashville had benefited from $2.5 billion of the $13 billion in COVID-19-related response funds the state has.

    “…which at $3,745 per resident ranks as the highest per capita relief of any other Tennessee county. This includes $121 million of Coronavirus Relief Fund payments directly to Metro-Nashville government, an amount subtracted from the State’s initial CARES Act allocation from the United States treasury,” said Governor Lee.

    “As for your specific request for additional funds, I am concerned that many of the spending decisions you have described may not account for significant federal and state expenditures that serve several of the needs outlined,” Gov. Lee continued, “While many of the expenditures you highlight are well-intentioned, the Coronavirus Relief Fund is most valuable as a last-resort for COVID-19 expenses that cannot be met by other program sources.”
    t economic relief to businesses affected by April restrictions.

    “With that in mind, I respectfully request that you re-prioritize your Coronavirus Relief Fund budget to reflect our shared commitment to economic recovery and allocate the full remainder of your unbudgeted $27.3 million towards economic relief for businesses. This would match the state’s investment of $26 million in Tennessee Small Business Relief Program payments to Davidson County businesses. I would also strongly encourage you to consider and weigh the impact that locally imposed restrictions will have on the prospects for Nashville’s future,” said Governor Lee.

    In lists provided, $376,695,312 of Nashville’s funding has gone so far to payments supporting health and social safety net services within the county including nearly $37 million for a child care and development fund, $1.1 million to Second Harvest Food Bank, over $290 million to a medical provider relief fund, over $33 million to the Tennessee Community CARES program supporting 144 local non-profits and $4.2 million to TennCare relief payments.

    An additional $1.3 billion went to economic relief for ’employers’ within Davidson County including nearly $55 million for Nashville International Airport improvements, over $873 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans (Over $150,000 in size), over $416 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans (Under $150,000 in size), and at least $4.4 million in tourism industry recovery support.

    The remaining $224,296,769 went to government entities in the county, including the originally mentioned $121 million to Metro government, a little over $26 million to Metro Nashville Public Schools, around $1.5 million to Department of Justice assistance, and $75.7 million to DOT Cares Act apportionments.

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  10. fangdog says:

    How many democrats would willingly forego their retirement? Probably none, however a Biden win just about guarantee retirements sink to at or near zero. Democrats are too dumb and stupid to know what is in their best interests. It is seems unfathomable, but the run of the mill democrat seem to have this fascination with self-destruction.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      No, it’s they have 24/7/365 OMB drummed into them and Biden’s really a centrist that they simply won’t believe that all that will happen until it does. And by then the fix will be in on every election afterwards so they won’t be able to vote the bastards out.


    • Simple Citizen says:

      This one is really odd as a story goes, but I do wonder if it is a preemptive strike across the opposition’s bow. The NY Post and President Trump have had a hot / cold relationship for decades. For the most part, it has been good, and this may be a indication that the administration is stating it will not go down without a fight.

      Hard to say, but thanks for posting it.


  11. Fools Gold says:

    I’ve been ragging the mayor’s ass all about it today. I’m not the only one. BTW his brother (little Jimmy (US TN. 4th has been running his dim mouth ragging our POTUS all day). He’s up for reelection. Not my district though.


  12. Nashville says:

    Our mayor shuts the city down, then raises our property taxes 34% to make up the shortfall in revenue that he caused. The increase isn’t for one year to make up the shortfall, they made it permanent. Our city council had an opportunity yesterday to cut one million from the city budget, they deferred the vote to sometime in the future. The one million dollar issue? They were going to vote on extending LIFETIME health insurance to any city council member , and their family, that serves two terms!
    We live in south Nashville, sent our now 25 year old daughter to private schools ( Christ the King and St Cecilia ). Wife and I both work in Williamson county, RN and a factory foreman.
    We will probably cash out in a few years and move to the country.

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    • JCM800 says:

      I knew that no matter the size of town or city, once the cash registers are no longer ringing up tax revenue, the Corrupt Mini-Tyrants would jack Property Taxes. They know that property owners would pay versus dealing with selling and relocating.
      How many Illegal Alien Parasites are in the Tax Funded Schools or other Tax funded programs? 1 is Too many.

      Remove Them.

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    • Blessingsuntoyou says:

      I can feel your disgust and I agree it is infuriating.


    • JCM800 says:

      Best Regards in “playin’ yer cards”
      We are all dealt a hand to play.


  13. MicD says:

    I’ve got a good friend in Lincoln Nebraska that Lost her job because the Democrat Mayor and her ‘Police Chief” let these communists burn downtown. One of the offices burned was hers.
    She tells me that this democrat mayor woman has directed her city health department gremlins to
    spread out and video any “Mask Infractions” thereby giving her “Legal” authority to revoke their business licenses by posting signs on their doors.

    She told me that calling the city health department gave her a bizarre series of options for nothing that a normal human would ever ponder…
    True story, makes me wonder if these cities haven’t been fixing their ballots and boxes for a long time.

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  14. stripmallgrackle says:

    Feathers, tar, rail.

    Is the mayor’s concentration camp still up and running?

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  15. Ocelot says:

    Hiding useful infection data that would help some businesses and their employee’s families survive the pandemic restrictions, or at least minimize the harm, is an apparent act of pure evil.

    Cooper and Wheeler have different approaches to lording over and hurting some of their constituents but IMO, they are kindred evil spirits.

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  16. alliwantissometruth says:

    OK, another day, another democrat politician / official violating their oath

    Another day, another democrat politician / official involved in corrupt actions and involved in criminal actions

    Another day, another democrat politician / official lying to and deceiving their constituents


    And what?

    Nothing happens to them. No government agency goes after them and holds them accountable. They do whatever they want with impunity. There’s no consequences for anything

    The question is, why wouldn’t they lie and deceive? Why wouldn’t they become corrupt and criminal? They do it to advance their agenda.Their agenda is advanced and they get away with it time and time again

    Being a democrat means never having to say you’re sorry, or anything else because they’re never even questioned about their disgusting unethical, corrupt and illegal actions

    File this one on top of the mountain of other instances of malfeasance they’ve gotten away with.. Tomorrow there will be one or two more examples on top of this one, and more the next day, and on and on

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  17. coldanger says:

    Why hasn’t he been stopped?
    This mayor would be very comfortable as a concentration camp commandant…


  18. LKAinLA says:

    This may be a good time for some “go getter” reporter to look into New Orleans. Same crap going on here with bars, restaurants, schools. All are at the whims of king Bel Edward’s and an affirmative action mayor named Cantrell whom is too busy “reimagining” the historic French quarter instead of opening. The city was all ready over run with druggies and ferals so this continued shut down is the last nail in the coffin.


  19. sync says:

    From Blue Shirts to Brown

    And here we get to the crux of the SARS-CoV-2 scam. Sure, there’s a virus out there. It’s real and it certainly kills people but we know enough about it now to know that the draconian response taken by Premier Danial Andrews is scientifically indefensible. So why is he persisting with the lockdowns?

    My personal opinion is that the global program of lockdowns is a mechanism for reorganizing societies around the world along the lines of the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset” agenda and all that this entails. It seems Daniel Andrews is fully on board with this agenda. But make no mistake, its coming to your state and country next.

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  20. sync says:

    Alan Jones on Resignation of Victorian Department of Finance and Treasury Economist Sanjeev Sabhlok: “This Virus Is Not a Pandemic”

    Sky News Australia
    609K subscribers
    Sky News host Alan Jones says he has warned time and time again the political leaders who are the architects of this coronavirus response will not be able to escape the criticism that is now finding its way into the public place.

    It comes as an economist in the Victorian Department of Finance and Treasury, Sanjeev Sabhlok, on Wednesday penned an article in the Australian Financial Review announcing his resignation from his position.

    Mr Sabhlok wrote he resigned “so that I would be able to speak out against the state’s management of the COVID-19 infection”.

    “I made a number of criticisms of the state government on social media. The head of human relations at Treasury asked me to remove them.

    “I resigned on the same day, the only honourable course for a free citizen of Australia,” Mr Sabhlok wrote.

    Mr Sabhlok continued to note a number of his other criticisms over the response to the virus.

    “One question remains, how many others have been silenced across all arms of government, including in Canberra,” Mr Jones said.

    Mr Jones also reiterated his call for a national advertising campaign to “tell the public the truth about the fact this virus is not a pandemic”.

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  21. Nashville says:

    Our local talk radio guy was talking about this in some detail this afternoon.
    The mayors office was hiding the fact that there had been 1,200 cases in construction workers and only 20 related to bars. Their decision was to close the bars, not construction sites.

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  22. Lady Sid says:

    We moved to the Nashville area 20 yrs ago; mostly retired and staying in TN. There really is no manufacturing industry “business” in Nashville itself, so it’s “music row” performing and recording industry, large law firms, hospitals (Frist family’s HCA), several universities and the State Capitol. TN had its FIRST Republican governor since Reconstruction about 30 yrs ago., Winfield Dunn, a dentist from W TN. Since we’ve been here the state govt has turned into a Repub bastion. The Repubs even took the side of a black state legislator from Memphis who was being pushed out of his own caucus. There are liberal “DINC” (double income, no children) living in town, but I think when their kids get to be school age they will be outtathere and into Williamson County.

    A lot of outsiders don’t realize that TN does NOT have a state income tax. They even had a citizens’ revolt about that a while back. Not sure former US Senator and VP Al Gore even keeps a place here anymore, but hey he’s reaped millions from his climate change bushwa. Funny how the Dems manage to keep unpleasant news, like the source of Hunter Biden’s income, or Al and Tipper Gore’s divorce, from making the evening news. Inquiring minds want to know. Remember their lovey-dove story during the Clinton years? I would love to know the REAL story. Probably involves large sums of money.

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  23. Scott B. says:

    Tucker Carlson all over this story.


  24. Richie says:

    So whats the “Department of Justice” going to do about it? Bag Pipes


  25. Cowboy79 says:

    It isn’t just Bars and Restaurants being harmed, There would also be “Creative defense Lawyers” using Covid19 to Help their clients. Just you wait and see…………

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  26. KAG says:

    Masks, lockdowns, Fauci, Birks, all BullShit.. C’omn man!

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  27. dave casper says:

    Nashville Restaurants and Bars, start suing. You will win.

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  28. JMP says:

    And the police go along with it. Maybe it’s about time that we admitted that LE (including Prosecution and the Courts) is just as divided and containing corruption as the rest of the Country.
    We have to respect and honor it as an institution because Rule of Law is a cornerstone of our Republic. At the same time, we can’t let it overpower the Citizenry.

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  29. T2020 says:


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  30. paulashley says:

    Note that the numbers hidden concerned cases. Not hospitalizations. Not deaths. CASES! And cases mean nothing. Heck, they don’t even bear much, if at all, on the oh-so-a-few-months-ago original goal line of “flattening the curve”.

    People ought to be in jail. At the least, fired, or if elected, run out of office and by recall if necessary.

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    • Patrick Healy says:

      See my comment at 2-37 above.
      It is not just Nashville, it is international – the second biggest scientific fraud in history after the global warming fraud coming down the turnpike right behind this one.

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    • dawg says:

      They actually arent even “cases”. A case is medically defined as someone who got enough of a viral load that they become fully infected and show symptoms to the point of being physically ill to some degree. Thats considered a “case”.

      These are just positive tests. A positive test does not mean the person is ill, symptomatic, or contagious.

      And on top of THAT, these tests are so sensitive, because they are cycling samples over 45 times, when anything over 33 times has shown to be detecting only remnants of a virus that the immune system has controlled, the tests are hypersensitive to the point where people are being labeled “positive” when they shouldnt be.

      The data manipulation, conflation and obfuscation is out of control.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. paulashley says:

    Note that the numbers hidden concerned cases. Not hospitalizations. Not deaths. CASES! And cases mean nothing. Heck, they don’t even bear much, if at all, on the oh-so-a-few-months-ago original goal line of “flattening the curve”.

    People ought to be in jail. At the least, fired, or if elected, run out of office and by recall if necessary.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. TwoLaine says:

    This smells like lawsuits waiting to happen.

    Liked by 2 people

  33. L4grasshopper says:

    John Rich, super star country musician of “Big and Rich” Fame, was just on Laura Ingraham show and ripped Mayor Cooper six ways from Sunday! Called him the “de Blasio of the South”.

    And he said: “I have just 4 words for Mayor Cooper: Class Action Law Suit”

    It will be interesting if his appearance on Laura’s show is mentioned on any of tonite’s Nashville news broadcasts 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  34. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    CDC’s day in the barrel will come, should Trump win.

    Redfield knows this……and now (going full resistance) says masks are better alternative than vaccine.

    (Surprisingly good article from LA Times that includes HISTORICAL data, required to contextualize Covid-19 numbers)

    Besides the fact that the Centers For DISEASE CONTROL
    seemed completely unprepared to CONTROL DISEASE….

    The CDC’s Influenza Like Illness (ILI) Surveillance Systems were BLINKING RED in December 2019.

    Liked by 2 people

    • guidvce4 says:

      CDC has been totally complicit in this faux pandemic. Need to break out the emails, etc. of all connected to the various organizations and made public.
      My suspicions are it will be shown that CDC, et al acted on the behalf of the chicoms and the leftists everywhere.
      Trump handed the chicoms their proverbial butts to them in the trade deal and they couldn’t have been happy about that, what with losing face and all that stuff. It was shortly after the deal was made that the kung flu was announced in full alert.
      Then the games began. Figures released recently by the CDC show that the kung flu had less deaths, due to it, than the annual flu. Not being touted anywhere. Anymore.
      This whole thing needs a public airing, from start to now. Naming names and pointing fingers. Class action suits against all responsible.
      Yeah, right. Dreaming. I can still do that, can’t I?
      Just sayin’.

      Liked by 5 people

    • uselogic19 says:

      This is without a doubt. I first learned of the WuFlu in late October, reading through some defense/foreign policy sites. At the time, none of them posited this as a global economic threat. More along the lines of, “Oh, great…another Chinese/Asian virus outbreak. This could complicate things a bit.” Turns out the CCP, along with their leftist allies, collaborated on perhaps the biggest economic weapon in history.

      Liked by 2 people

      • dayallaxeded says:

        Links from 10/19? That would be excellent info to red-pill people.


      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        Common sense….
        A virus that takes 4-5 days to incubate….
        (How far can someone get in 5 days?)
        before you even present a symptom….

        IF YOU EVEN PRESENT a recognizable and unique symptom.

        Like a lie…
        This thing got around the world before we got our pants on.


  35. Crusader says:

    Some virus did something…


  36. minnesotamike55 says:

    I asked the MN dept of health if they tracked covid positive cases as to whether they were wearing a mask or not, and they said yes. I then asked why that data wasn’t published because “masks obviously help” and it could convince people to wear them. They totally agreed, but there still is no publication of that data.
    Meanwhile, according to MDH, daily deaths reported statistics, MN average per day deaths has increased since the mask mandate July 24th.
    June – 13 deaths per day average.
    July – 5
    August – 7
    September so far – 7

    So there you go.

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