Hard Hitting Joe Biden Teleprompter Ad…

As President Trump takes questions from all adversarial media, including a staged ABC townhall event in Philadelphia attempting to ambush the president, the Trump campaign highlights the extreme control efforts by those behind the Corn Pop Joe Biden campaign.

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206 Responses to Hard Hitting Joe Biden Teleprompter Ad…

  1. trishinsouthernillinois says:

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    • Jeffrey Coley says:

      I haven’t heard that Allan Sherman song since I was kid in the 1970’s playing my mom’s LP on the old Sears and Roebuck console stereo: The thing looked like an big credenza, made of wood with a lift top for the record player and stereo. Almost exactly like the one pictured below.

      Thanks for reminding me of that!


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      • trishinsouthernillinois says:

        In the 70’s I listened to my dad’s Alan Sherman record.
        Now my son listens to Sherman. This song is one of his favorites. He also digs, “You went the wrong way old king louie”, “coffee machine”, & ” Al & Yetta.” He tells me all the time that he’s a Boomer. 😆
        Glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

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      • puca58 says:

        We had one of those console stereos too! Fond memories of blasting out Pink Floyd & Zepellin when Mom & Dad weren’t home. As for Allan Sherman, my all-time favorite will always be “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah”!

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        • Xena Laminak says:

          OMG Hello Muddah was a HUGE hit in our house! Everyone in my family has passed but I can still talk out loud and hope they can hear me. This thread has me laughing my socks off!
          When did we last laugh?

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        • ATheoK says:

          Cured my Brother from playing rock at maximum decibels.

          I forbade him from playing “Pink Floyd’s” ummagumma loud.
          Of course, as soon as I was gone for a few hours, he and his buddies cranked up the stereo system and maxxed out the speakers.

          “Eugene, careful with that AXE!”
          They were so desperate to turn down the stereo when Eugene’s victim screamed that incredible scream, that they spilled their soda into the stereo.

          He called and asked what to do about the soda. I told him to unplug everything and we’d rinse it when I got home.
          For days, He’s tip toe around the house and peeked out the curtains. As if he expected the police to show up and search everything looking for blood or a body.

          When I asked why he was nervous, he admitted that all three of them were stumbling as they desperately clambered over furniture to shut off that scream.
          I was kind of surprised our neighbors never mentioned it.

          A rinse with distilled water got the sugar out of the receiver amplifier, followed by several weeks drying and the receiver worked great. One of the speakers however, blew out the tweeter and the ripped the bass speaker.
          The neighbors never mentioned loud music at my house again. (You know the music was loud when the neighbors across and down the street complain).

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    • Crusader says:

      The people at Babylon Bee are brilliant! And they are equal opportunity satirists.

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  2. roddrepub says:

    I hope the hard hard hitting ads keep coming! I can’t really see them hiding him for much longer!

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  3. TheWanderingStar says:

    Watching these Biden press conferences I’m thinking that the dems are in no way trying to get Biden elected. What is coming on November 3rd is just more of the same dem riots, looting and chaos. Their intentions are clear – tear down our system of government, our society – how ever long it takes, regardless of what the electorate says.

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    • Evil Airgod says:

      The intention is for Biden to step down immediately or to be the figurehead that no one will see while harris is defacto in charge taking her direction from obama. Remember when obama left he set up his “shadow government” to run things behind the scenes. Harris was the obama pick for president. She was to complete the destruction he started but her abject incompetence saw her wash out before the first primary so this is now their second bite at the same apple. The dem voters overwhelmingly rejected her but who are they to think they have a voice in this whole process? Just like the republicans with their attempted splitter strategy in 2016.

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    • Kulak69 says:

      Good point. If so, then the paralyzing chaos of a blown-up election and Constitutional crisis is in fact the true, overarching goal of the Left. Most disturbing is that the self-styled ‘smart kids’ who would sell us out to a globalist economy (enriching themselves, the aristocracy wanna-be’s, natch), think that this Marxist revolution stuff is just a convenient alliance with stupid brutes, a fungible tool to break up national identity/opposition, not a calculated, coherent, self-aware movement; q.v.. Lenin. The ‘smart kids’ have no clue that they are useful idiots and will be the very first group to be put up against a wall en masse, and murdered by victorious Marxists. So much history here, it’s almost a cliche.

      Fight’s On.

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  4. Drogers says:

    At some point the American people of good will need to come to an agreement among ourselves. We have crossed over to the land of Oz and it’s from here where we’ll make our stand.

    If we are to win in this environment we’ll have to take on every flying monkey, castle guard, and flying witch. No other crew I’d rather do it w/ than the ones here!

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  5. Boston Bean says:

    I suggest that Trump debate Teleprompter Joe and “spot him” one point: Joe gets the questions in advance, but has to answer extemporaneously. Trump doesn’t get the questions ahead of time.

    Trump would STILL clean up the floor with what’s left of Dementia Joe’s mind.

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  6. Jeffrey Coley says:

    How ironic is it, after trying to invoke the 25th Amendment against Trump over policy differences, the Democrats are trying to elect a man who is demonstrably suffering from the sort of cognitive deficits the 25th Amendment was intended to address.

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  7. Biden Visits Macy’s Ladies Lingerie Department

    James Woods say’s “what in God’s name is he (Biden) talking about?” I figured it out after watch the 14 second vid several time and you should see it for yourself. On a video interview Joe Biden is in a dementia loop thinking he is in Macy’s ladies lingerie department and has been caught sniffing underwear.



  8. Rusty says:

    devastating ad


  9. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Let Joe use the teleprompter in the debate. Everyone will know and no matter how good his people do running it, or how well he does reading it … it will be just as devastating as this ad.


  10. WDS says:

    Not even a teleprompter can help Joe “Capt.Pike” Biden at this point.


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