Jim Jordan Confronts Dr. Anthony Fauci on Disparate COVID Concerns….

Ohio representative Jim Jordan does a good job in this testimonial segment contrasting the political hypocrisy within the COVID shutdowns and decrees.

The political elite can assemble without issue at the funeral of John Lewis, but don’t you dare try to have a funeral for your loved-ones because it’s not allowed.  Within that contrast the fuel for COLD ANGER rages in the veins of ordinary Americans.

Jim Jordan gives voice to some of the most ridiculous aspects of the COVID political rules.


Somebody get this guy away from national public policy; he’s destroying the economy, and it looks to me like Dr. Fauci-Mengele is doing it intentionally.

Fauci’s type of over-the-top gibberish is identical to other statements made during this crisis which we first noted on March 17, 2020..

There’s been a debate about possible political motives surrounding the panic he has created; the massive economic damage he has inflicted; and the conflicting assertions of National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases (NIAID) Director Dr. Anthony Fauci.

CTH identifies the motives as sketchy. He appears to use his position to advance theories and yet position himself to avoid scrutiny.

Sometimes within a 24 hour period Fauci will make a statement, then contradict the initial assertion, then attempt to cloud his own conflict with obtuse and wordy explanations. After watching for several weeks, we called it out HERE.

Perhaps one way to help see through the professional obfuscation, and identify just exactly how political Dr. Fauci is, would be to: compare and contrast Dr. Fauci under President Obama in September 2009 after 3,000 to 4,000 H1N1 deaths in the USA -vs- Dr. Fauci under President Trump in March 2020 after 200 to 300 COVID-19 deaths. WATCH:


Now, to better absorb the information…. According to the CDC final estimate of 2009 U.S. H1N1 cases (published in 2011): from April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010 approximately 60.8 million U.S. cases, 274,304 U.S. hospitalizations, and 12,469 U.S. deaths occurred due to H1N1. That’s the empirical data.

After: (1) watching that 2009 video; and (2) comparing the 2009 H1N1 response to the current 2020 COVID-19 response; and (3) reviewing the empirical data; we must admit to ourselves there is a VERY BIG difference. So now, with the baseline established, we look for why such a big difference; and to do that we (4) evaluate the politics:


A few months later:


Now, pause for a moment – reread that again – don’t skip past it. Think about what type of mindset would send such a letter and communication. Apply common sense. Trust your instincts…

Would a person of reasonable disposition send such a letter or email to anyone in their professional network? Would you ever consider writing a letter to your employer, or the family of your employer, declaring your undying love and devotion toward them?

“rarely does a speech bring me to tears”?… “please tell her I love her more than ever”?.. “please tell her that we all love her”… etc.

Seriously…. think about it. If you have ever engaged in a large system, large business, or large network of professionals, how would you react to a person inside that organization who was sending such non-professional communication? What exactly does that say about the emotional stability of such a person?

And this person, right now, with this inherent sensibility, has the most consequential and direct influence over the decision-making for the worlds most powerful nation. Stunning.

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701 Responses to Jim Jordan Confronts Dr. Anthony Fauci on Disparate COVID Concerns….

  1. Badger says:

    I wonder what questioning by Jordan would’ve looked like if it included the NIH monitored study to be done by Yale on which “messaging” approach is likely to shame people into accepting a vaccine? Keep scrolling down for the options & see if it doesn’t resemble the public square self-denunciation in some ChiCom-like world.



    • Anne says:

      I can’t remember how I found this on YT. It is unlisted. It was posted way back in April. I bookmarked it cause it seemed very strange. It is a PR advert about getting the vaccine to everyone and makes this virus seem all the more contrived:

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    • DaWonderbaur says:

      Fauci is a fraud, nothing new

      be armed with this info, when they try to ram rushed vaccine, with liability protection down your throat.


      HCQ+ZINC PLUS AZ works well and they know this, i will not take a vaccine under any we need to say no.

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    • DaWonderbaur says:

      just read what they are saying, The Soviets could not have done any better, however as the mask mandate proves the sheep will very eager to please.

      To let them stick a vaccine into you that has liability protection, is just plain nuts, never mind the fact that it is being rushed to market.


      HCQ/ZINC/AZ works pretty well they know this, no braindead zombie is going to shame me into taking the vaccine, i trust my immune system to do the job with treatment if need be.

      It is not the black death.


    • honeybumjoy says:

      His name is an Italian, he is Italian Mafia gangsta!!! He is having dementia ??
      He has 50+ patents under his name and this is clearly conflict of interests in his position at NIH. He is Fraud and genocidal maniac. He belongs in an asylum


  2. davidsstones says:

    The economic common denominator is “Main Street America”. Trump campaigned on restoring Main Street America. The methodical deconstruction of Trump’s Main Street promise may be Obama’s likely satisfaction. Wealth transferring back to corporations that pay to Lobby.

    Chain store Donors paying big income, payroll and property taxes allowed to stay open and make money. Independent Main Street services and shops forbidden to open, fined and jailed if they do. Their income transferred to the chains by forbidding them to stay open no matter how many precautions they take.

    Main Street businesses reopening safely; the NJ Gym, the AZ beauty salon, the Tampa church, were fined, threatened, closed, made a public display as examples of disobedience in spite of complying with Fauci’s recommendations. And Fauci said nothing to defend them.

    Do I think restrictions to collapse and shutter Main Street would be deliberately used under pretense of keeping you safe? Would opposition to Trump take advantage of a crisis to bankrupt store owners benefitting from Trump’s promises. Yes. Yes.

    Fauci’s glaring and stunning display of disconnect with rioters and protesters while fumbling for answers disqualified himself. He resisted the one question every person has asked. He’s ok with the double standard enabling crime and emptying prisons while locking down 100% of the people who value other people. None of his ideas have benefitted Main Street America. None. He delivered benefit to Corporate chain stores. Why?

    Trump must change the optics of Fauci being in charge. Multiple doctors accompanied by the Surgeon General. Announcements made in a neutral setting not a political-insider one.

    The Surgeon General decides on a medical team and consensus of a plan. The Surgeon General consults with the President and delivers medical updates. The President announces his recommendations and implementation. Fauci attends press updates but his time and turn at the microphone is limited. He is reshaped from governor and expert to researcher.

    The pandemic will pass. Bankruptcy, mental illness, suicides, isolated children, boredom and hopelessness, frustration, anger, losing your home, eviction, repossession, credit card debt will touch 330 million more lives then Covid-19 and for decades longer.

    Trump is the one with the understanding beyond patients getting well; he’s the visionary; he sees the entire landscape; he keeps goals in focus. We must not focus only on numbers of the sick and the dead.

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  3. Jeffrey Coley says:




    • DaWonderbaur says:

      At this point it just beyond any reasonable doubt, that they are frauds.


      HCQ/ZINC/AZ works pretty well they know this, no braindead zombie is going to shame me into taking the vaccine, i trust my immune system to do the job with treatment if need be.

      It is not the black death.


  4. Jeffrey Coley says:



  5. cantcforest says:

    Sundance, it is so beneath you to mention this fraud. Does your room not even have a TV?


  6. cantcforest says:

    You must be in Portland. Someone stole your Gideon’s Bible?


  7. Conservative_302 says:

    I am so angry about the hypocrisy. Fauci has to go. I’d fire him today if I was Trump.


    • Louis Genevie says:

      Why wasn’t killer Faucci asked about his bad mouthing HCQ+ zinc treatment for the early stages of the virus. Ask him to explain the thousands that have survived as a result, including the 53 in the Texas old folks home. How did this happen, Dr. Faucci? How many people have you decided to kill, Dr. Faucci, before you are done?

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  8. Conservative_302 says:

    Fauci needs to be fired.


  9. Auwtsnae says:

    Jordan should have asked Fauci to define a crowd.

    How many people constitute a crowd, Dr. Fauci?

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    • 1nikao says:

      Jordan should have nailed his feet to the floor by asking if a group of people gathered in a street in crowds greater than 10 constitutes a crowd, whether they are wearing masks or not.
      Of course antifa iz wearing masks. They’re crim in nals. The chinavirus dempanic has made the antifa uniform our universal mandate.
      Fauci has twisted the virus as a fear-inducing contagion that is killing the whole world, but leaves antifa immune without a forced vaccine. Amazing!
      And, now Dr Birx wants us to bling out our new mandated face shields.
      I just bout a new bright red Keep America Great Trump 2020 mask to wear in Walmart.
      If youre going to force me to wear a mask in every store in my Democrat-infested town, I will silently protest in way that makes the Democrats fear me.
      BTW, I noticed when I was purchasing my mask, there were over a dozen Trump masks & one Biden mask. So, of course, I commented on the number & asked why she had so many. She said they were far more popular, but she wanted to be fair & offer both. But, the Trump masks sold far more than the Biden masks.
      It’s another “one of those things” that makes me know that if Biden wins, it is in no way a reflection of actual supported/voters.
      If the masks are mandatory, I think the masks should be telling stories–opposite of what those who require the masks wish.


  10. maxxheadroom777 says:

    If Trump loses in November 2020 then by November of 2022 ain’t nobody gonna give a damn about the Presidency or anything else re: corrupt government. It’s gonna be dog eat dog and the evil communist bureaucracy from local to federal will be trying to “prove” the lawless law is on their side. Good luck wid’at. We ain’t peons and we ain’t serfs. We are Americans. Constitutionally ordained citizens of the democratic Republic of the United States of America. What the Declaration of Independence says, goes. That is all.


    • MelH says:

      If you use the Word Press Reader, look at the articles between the ones from
      sundance and you can read how Dr. Fauci’s assistant was suicided, and read other articles that are startling in Fauci history, I’ve posted about here as well because he truly is a Corrupt scientist. then down further below those articles is a “draft’ of Fauci’s hate for Trump and his resignation letter. Interesting Treepers began citing Fauci’s “quirks” very early on and saying he should be fired..Indeed, he needs to be fired but with a lid=st from Jim Jo0rday of all the reasons he should be fired. He is a tool of the Democrats, for sure!

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  11. Dana Christianson says:

    “Side-Issue” Fauci Is A Useful Dupe Nothing More. Hes Been In Place For Decades And Has Been Recently “Reactivated” (To Aid In And Be The Face Of Bill & Melinda Gates Global Eugenics Program). Agenda 2030 Is Going Forward With A Economic Reset Using “Blockchain” Technology. Destroying The U.S. Economy With A Plandemic Was Always An Option For Them. Trump Is A Fly In The Globalist Ointment And Millions Of Patriotic Americans Are Slowing Their Roll Right Now. I Have A Feeling It Won’t Be As Easy As They Think. Zbigniew Brzezinski Said It Best “It Is Infinitely Easier To Kill A Million People Than It Is To Control Them”….. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-call-investigations-bill-melinda-gates-foundation-medical-malpractice-crimes-against-humanity?fbclid=IwAR0NmuvGdB95t1vVtDDtk5WlWkUh9Gr1HUA3OLwPdwdNTc-mB43W4k4k4z0

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  12. Carter Burger says:

    Who is that at the end that comes in and tries to make us belive that only “political meetings” spread the virus? Jim Clyburn?


  13. Sonia says:

    Dr Fauci’s love letter to Hillary, sent Wednesday January 23 2013, predates the mysterious death of Kuan-Teh Jeang, his second-in-command, by just four days. Sundance raises commonsense doubts about the mindset of a NIAID Director sending something as odd as this to someone within their professional network.

    Could it be about favors due?

    This extract from Dr. Judy Mikovits’ book (page 42) Plague Of Corruption points to a possible connection:

    Every scientist wants to think their work has integrity. To call a scientist a liar is the worst epithet you can use. I strongly believe an impasse was reached between Fauci and his second in command, Teh-Jeang. What happened after that point? I can’t tell you. Was Teh-jeang shamed by what he’d done? As a Chinese man, honor was very important to him. Did he do things of which he was ashamed? Or did Fauci, after it was clear to him that Teh-Jeang could not be turned, place a call and give an order. Was Teh-Jeang getting ready to go rogue? Fauci might not have known what exactly would happen, but he knew something would happen.

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  14. Silver Sunday says:

    Dr. Faucci is self serving and should not be trusted with the well being of an entire nation. His words say nothing. Reposting this most interesting video which shows Faucci to be quite a player in the:
    The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

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  15. mainecoonman says:

    Good afternoon Treepers,

    Over in the UK for the FIFTH week running total deaths, not just Covid related – everything, have been below the five year average. This in a population that has grown rapidly during that period.

    Covid has “finished off” (please excuse the unpleasant expression) a lot of the very old and the very sick who in many cases would have succumbed during the first half of this year due to flu or other factors. Now that those particularly vulnerable folk have sadly gone the virus is having minimal if any effect.

    Over the same five weeks while deaths in hospitals and care homes have been below average deaths at home have increased. What else do you expect if you virtually close down your much-vaunted (but actually truly awful) health care system and deny people vital ongoing treatments?

    The lesson could not be clearer. Take care of the very old and the already sick but for heavens sake let the rest of us get back to work/school/normal.

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  16. Bigly says:

    What’s so interesting to me is how he looks to the dems time and again – like seeking them out to save him from the rascally republican.

    Show us your cards, much? Shitty poker player.

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  17. waveanalyst says:

    Jim Jordan did a brilliant job of forcing Fauci to at least hear about the political impacts of what Fauci’s recommendations are. Fauci is hiding behind what he calls”science,” when those papers he reads and quotes from, about hydroxychloroquine for example, are only to support his narrative of keeping the economy shut down. Fauci never treats patients for a living. He pretends to know nothing about politics, but he is all about politics.

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  18. jmuniz1 says:

    Trump and the republicans will beat Biden in a big lanslide in 2020. There already sellling Trump 2020 gear. But its up to us. Trump 2020 or we are done. Vote on November 7th.election day. Do not pay attention to the polls rhey said Clinton would win she was crushed. Biden will lose big

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    • Trygve says:

      I hope you’re right.

      But there is a lot of cold anger. Hopefully President Trump manages to disassociate himself from Fauchi/Birx in time to reduce the damage they are causing him. There is a lot of anger out there.


    • Crwys says:

      November *7th* election day???
      Check your calendar!


  19. Jordan did great but no one challenged Fauci on his position switch from 2005 on HCQ. He has to answer for that especially since so many medical doctors are using it for themselves/staff and for patients…….successfully.

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    • Rick says:

      Fauci sits on 6 billion dollars of grants, mostly from the likes of Bill Gates and vaccine manufacturers. They threaten to pull the money whenever one of their products are discovered to be causative agents of disease. Fauci threatens scientists to retract and or alter inconvenient truths as they are uncovered through legitimate scientific inquiry. He finds willing patsies to conduct phony strawman studies to excise real science damning to the vaccine manufacturers.

      Did I make all that up? No. You can find convincing proof in “Plague of Corruption,” 2019 Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively.

      They are all part of globalist cabal. Remember, the Clinton Foundation were involved with vaccines. World Health is the globalist cabal’s chosen vehicle to destroy Nationalism and institute the NWO.


  20. TWOHAWK says:

    Bring. IT. On.


  21. Texian says:

    Throughout History.. It’s all about Resources..

    The United States has the most wealth of natural resources on the planet..

    There are psychopaths with an abnormal fear the world is going to end because there just isn’t enough for everybody.. and spread propaganda panic across the lands..

    Many people across the country see the government enforced elimination perpetuated on Christian religious law abiding tax paying American citizens..

    It is no different than the tactics that were used in Germany.. albeit with a softer glove..

    So who is leading the Country right now..

    Our own politicians have sold out our whole Country.. for temporary wealth.. as do wealthy “celebrity” millionaires.. continuing the current destruction by kneeling against the System that made them millionaires..

    I call that dumb.. and dumber..

    They think their bunkers will save them.. but their handlers have the master key.. politicians and government employees will be among the first to be put in the ditch.. but that won’t make things better at that fearful late hour..

    There will be no Country on the planet to come and save us this go round.. America will be invaded by foreign Countries and Global Committees who plan to finish us off.. to confiscate and plunder our Resources..

    I don’t think our dear leader can handle this on his own..

    It always comes down to The People.. History says so..

    Our finest moment approaches..

    So.. are ya feelin’ lucky..

    Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition..

    Fourth Turning..


  22. TMonroe says:

    Going back to the briefings posting:

    “Once briefed, and with the documents in hand, each person then has the skills to see the story; and the next step in completely understanding any story is to teach it. That’s going to eventually be your task. You only need to reach 10 people. One becomes 10, becomes 100, becomes 1,000, becomes 10,000 etc…”

    There are going to be enough challenges in communicating this to audiences of various backgrounds and the world views. As it has been in previous occasions when sharing relevant info from the site, the source of the research can be significant to the recipient.

    When people are asked look solely to the content rather to the credentials of the source or their identity as they deal with other sources of information to varying degrees, what surrounds that needs to lend much credibility as possible to doing so. That especially goes for parts of the prospective audience who had gotten some straightforward and usable information from the likes of Glenn Beck over the years, only to have him go down paths beyond that. Add the fake news and alt labels as well as trusty planners to the list, and there appears to be an imperative of culling what could distract or detract from the message or story.

    To that end, it’s good to consider what some of the reactions and distractions and detractions would occur if somebody with wide eyes and good intentions steered to the site all of sudden sees Mickey looking back at them. Could this help or hurt the mission, especially when they see that in contrast to the multitude of Biblical references and encouragements in other messages, calls to action and prayers to God for help on multiple levels (as acting according to His will is the part where our main concern should lie)?


  23. rushtonovember says:

    A great question to ask Fauci or any other of the government experts is “What supplements, drugs, etc. are you taking prophylactically to help prevent you from getting Covid-19”?

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  24. alonzoarchimedes says:

    he created a panic?
    that’s what he does
    he started a panic in the 1980’s when he wrote a paper claiming that HIV could be transmitted via casual contact, “as in a family environment”
    he was responsible for creating the myth of heterosexual AIDS and the ensuing panic
    and then he was promoted
    why anyone gives him any credibility at all is puzzling.
    same thing with that POS Neil Ferguson at Imperial college of london.
    he’s so wrong so often that his colleagues refer to him as the master of disaster


    • gueppebarre says:

      That’s why he works for the government. Anyone who is that wrong that often would not keep his job in the private sector – but in the government people like this idiot are headed for the top.


  25. JWC says:

    Dr. Fauci did acknowledge the protests were occurring. Wonder what kind of trouble that will get him in with the denying Dems.
    (Truly not that smart…couldn’t straddle the points Jordan made.)


  26. KevinK says:

    Fauci is doing what a democrat/deep state Fauci does. If you still think he’s a good guy, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn going for a song.


  27. haoleboy says:

    So what happens when they develop a vaccine and millions of us refuse to take them having lost confidence in Fauci and Gates ?

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  28. gueppebarre says:

    I’m sure Dr. Fraud-chi is only following his orders from his love interest, the execrable Hillary and the “Clinton Global Initiative” or whatever they call that crime syndicate these days. Wasn’t the Clinton Foundation all about vaccines – AIDS, etc.? – starting to see yet ANOTHER link to the globalist agenda, brought to us by the Clinton-Obama axis.

    Don’t think these creeps are not in cahoots – the only dispute they have with one another is who’s gonna end up on top and who’s gonna go to Lubyanka for the “Beria treatment.”


  29. shipley130 says:

    Fire Da Fauci.


  30. Fauci’s a snake, but he’s untouchable and his dodges are effective. He puts out the “recommendations” and the dispersed little tyrants cherrypick the winners and losers without his direct input.


  31. bluebongo says:

    He fed the alligator in hopes it didn’t eat him.


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