Information Without Action is Antithetical to Its Purpose….

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Thanks again for all the support.  Do not take my brutally honest writing on DC to be anything other than a way for ordinary people to see the corrupt nature of this toxic place from an outsiders perspective.  I am not fearful, I am more determined than ever.

The truth is my weapon here. I fear nothing in that regard.  It is just sad to think this is our nation’s capital and yet it seems occupied by doom and despair.   Saying hello, or good morning to one of the masked zombies gets you the glare of the pod people.

On to the mission at hand.   –  Almost all of it GOOD news; even in the bad news aspects of recent feedback.  Bottom line: no-one in a position of any oversight ever put this together before; and yet once you see it with all the accompanying certified evidence, everything makes sense.  Once visible it cannot be unseen.

Unfortunately, this reality also means congress did not figure this issue out; even with years of investigations.  However, on the plus side it also means they are not hiding it. Quite simply: they didn’t know about it, they never pieced it together.

Which then leads into the second aspect…. Is Durham clueless about this?  The consensus answer is yes; USAO John Durham likely has no idea.  Which again is bad, but also holds a silver lining in that he would not be covering-up a major DC issue, but rather has no idea because the primary elements are long-forgotten.

In federal government, never assign corrupt intent to those things that can be easily explained by incompetence.

So, that’s the next step; get this in front of USAO Durham; or his team.  Again, much more positive activity than negative. The direct evidence is irrefutable.  Once visible, not a scintilla of doubt on primary.  So that’s good… affirming and needed.

The background story is a truth weapon that cannot be avoided. As such, it is critical the four corners stand strong without any weakness.  Anyone who has reviewed the material so far is in agreement; this is exactly that.  Direct evidence including sworn statements under oath (ie. base story is beyond doubt); and overwhelming circumstantial evidence that fills-in and even bigger picture (not really needed to advance immediately).

Keep radar on maximum alert now.  Look for tell-tale signs starting to surface with increased focus directly to the special counsel investigation.

OK, that’s about as far as I can go for now.

I am beyond humbled by the words of encouragement and support; and I do have a plan to move forward and return to a position of accountability and representative government. Sounds like a big goal, because it is. Additionally, I have a plan to help you, and your friends, and your neighbors. That dual-purposed and parallel plan is also well underway and will continue with unwavering intensity.  {Go Deep}

The truth is far more exposed today than yesterday….

More work to be done; but optimism abounds.

…Double or nothing? Yeah, sure

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1,138 Responses to Information Without Action is Antithetical to Its Purpose….

  1. William Schneider says:

    I continue to pray and offer up suffering for you Sunndance. I live in the hell hole of Portland Oregon -the epicenter of leftist satanic anarchist/socialist hell raisers. While praying for you last night at 3 am In donwtown Portland (at my Catholic Church) I could hear the explosions from the streets a few blocks federal agents battle with the thugs of Satan.
    The juxtaposition of Christ on the alter and Satan in the streets of my beloved Portland was heartbreaking and yet somehow encouraging.
    I know God is watching -and working through folks like you to bring down the evil one and his minstrels. May God be with you Sundance. You are an inspiration to many-including me.
    Double or nothing indeed! Go for it my Captain!


  2. libertydemandsmemory says:

    What can we do to fight for Liberty?

    As the war forced upon us becomes more evident, the abject failures of our elected, over-paid representatives to protect us becomes glaringly obvious.

    We know, now, that the deceitful self-servants we had trusted and depended upon, for decades, to protect us, our Constitution, our Christianity, our values, and our way of life have betrayed us continuously.

    They give us rotting false hope by saying what we want to hear, just enough to keep us dependent upon our abusers to save us – just enough to keep us from rebelling against their duplicitous tyranny.

    As battles rage, comments increasing fill with expressions of love for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Concerns about our families, friends, freedoms, and legacies are apparent.

    What kind of world are we leaving for our Children and Grandchildren?

    Shall we fill our world with the beauty and loving kindness of Heaven or the chaos and suffering of hell?

    Gratitude is expressed for Warriors for Liberty who forge beyond their comfort zones and face the fears of the unknown and risks of retribution.

    What can we do to fight for Liberty?

    Without financial wealth,
    without friends in high places,
    what can we do?

    We can practice discernment by asking questions.

    Questions are our weapons.

    Answers are our armour.

    What should we ask?

    1) What am I being asked to do?

    2) Who is asking me?

    3) If I do what is expected/demanded, who benefits?

    4) Who suffers?

    5) Whom do I harm?

    Let us make our choices after discerning Truth about the asking.

    May we understand that the status quo, the current power structure, is constructed by evil-ites who profit by causing suffering.

    those suffer-mongers have infiltrated our education, our institutions, and our hallowed halls of CONgress.

    We change our small worlds by asking questions then discerning Truth.

    What am I being asked to do?

    Isn’t it time to trust ourselves, instead of our putrid abusers?



  3. 321vacation says:

    I will never trust or believe my govt again until someone goes to jail. Democrats watch CNN, MSNBC, CNBC etc and don’t even see what is happening in Portland & Seattle. They don’t even show it. By hiding the truth of what is happening, they facilitate it. My SIL has no idea what is really happening. Yes she is a liberal Dem. Lord save us!


  4. pamperedbunny says:

    This is an incredible interview with John Solomon and Seamus Bruner on their newly released book, FALLOUT. My brain is still vibrating.


  5. johnnyreb says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Bless you.


  6. Donna In Oregon says:

    What is obvious is that Congress and all their pals have been stealing American taxpayer money.

    We are Trillions in debt and nothing to show for it. Americans have nothing to show for all the money spent; however, every single politician that has rolled through Washington DC has millions. And their friends and family have millions. Some have billions.

    So I would submit that Congress doesn’t want to know because that is their personal piggy bank that is going to keep them all filthy rich.

    They do not care what happens to us no matter what ‘proof’ is presented. We are part of their equation.

    Turning the other cheek gets us chapped faces. Giving it to God gives us a Heavenly Father that is confused that we don’t act in our own best interests. Why should God care about Americans that have created their own 40 years lost in no-where-land?

    Get a clue……


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