Soros Funded St. Louis City Prosecutor Executes Search Warrant Against Couple Who Defended Their Home, Firearm Seized…

Soros funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, the city’s prosecutor, previously said she would be investigating Mark & Patricia McCloskey for having the audacity to protect their home from violent Black Lives Matter thugs who tore down a gate and stormed their property.

Yesterday Ms. Gardner issued a search warrant to confiscate the firearms the McCloskey’s used to defend themselves.

According to local media reports the warrant was executed Friday night at the McCloskey’s home in St. Louis’s affluent Central West End neighborhood.

ST. LOUIS ( — A search warrant was executed Friday evening at the Central West End of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, their attorney told News 4.

The McCloskeys made national news when they pointed guns at protesters from the lawn of their home on Portland Place on June 28. Protesters were marching to Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house.

Joel Schwartz, who is now representing the McCloskeys, would not comment on whether anything was seized from the home. The pair was previously represented by Al Watkins.

According to Watkins, the search warrant was executed because Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner “sought weapons held by Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey during June 28, 2020 in defense of themselves and their home at time of the march.” The attorney said he had been given possession of the couple’s hand gun so it could be used as an exhibit in court following the incident and was not dischargeable. (more)


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434 Responses to Soros Funded St. Louis City Prosecutor Executes Search Warrant Against Couple Who Defended Their Home, Firearm Seized…

  1. mr.piddles says:

    Let the Smear Job commence!

    “St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters have a history of suing neighbors”

    The couple also reportedly sued a synagogue near their home for setting up beehives on their property to harvest honey for Rosh Hashanah celebrations. Mark McCloskey allegedly smashed the beehives, and the next day the children in the synagogue cried, the congregation’s rabbi told the Post-Dispatch.

    Slow news day, I guess.

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  2. Jay says:

    Sent to me:

    A free society collapses in four stages.
    The Soviet Union (Russia) created an entire system of Marxist indoctrination and takeover they had perfected and executed in country after country during the 20th century.
    China. Eastern Europe. North Korea. North Vietnam, then all of Vietnam. Cuba. Nicaragua. Later, Venezuela. Various African countries, including South Africa, the communist bloom of which has only recently come to pass. Some of those countries went communist because the Soviets rolled the tanks in; most went communist because the pre-communist society collapsed for various reasons. All went communist after they had been infiltrated with Marxist revolutionaries.

    The collapse happened in four stages:
    The first one is Demoralization.
    What he meant by demoralization is a process by which students in schools controlled by disciples of leftist thought would be indoctrinated into a set of values and beliefs foreign to those of the American tradition. Bezmenov ( Soviet defector and former KGB operative named Yuri Bezmenov) said, in 1984, mind you, that this would happen when the 1960s and 1970s student radicals began to control the educational institutions, and their project would be to throw out traditional Judeo-Christian morality, classical education, and American patriotism.
    Is there any doubt this has happened? Our young people are the least patriotic in our nation’s history, and the most ignorant of the cultural, intellectual, and ideological patrimony of which they are heirs.

    It’s even worse than that, because the cultural Marxist project not just in our schools but in our media and entertainment institutions has poisoned those against the country. Remember when the NFL was an escape from politics? Remember when the movies Hollywood made extolled American values and made viewers feel good about their country?

    When was the last time you saw anything from American education or corporate media that made you feel good about your country?

    The first goal of revolutionary propaganda, particularly the Marxist variety, is to demoralize. It’s to depress you and make you believe your civilization is lost. Once you succumb to that, you are, in the words of Ming the Merciless, “satisfied with less.” Why do you think ordinary white people are so willing to apologize for the sins of their ancestors and to confess to being racist without even knowing it? Why do you think corporate America is blindly endorsing a Marxist revolutionary organization that openly declares war on the nuclear family?
    That’s demoralization, it’s the first step in engineered societal collapse.

    What’s the second step? Destabilization.
    This is a rapid decline in the structure of a society — its economy, its military, its international relations. We’ve discussed in this space the unquestionable impetus on the part of Democrats to keep the economy as hamstrung as possible with COVID-19 shutdowns, and those continue despite a precipitous decline in death rates as testing ramps up across the country. It’s clear the virus is no longer a significant threat to the health of Americans who don’t already have serious medical issues, and yet COVID hysteria is increasing, rather than decreasing. Just Wednesday the Ivy League shut down all its sporting events planned for the fall semester, an absurd decision that is nonetheless likely to be copied by other universities dominated by leftist political activists (the Big Ten, ACC, and SEC are all in various stages of planning conference-only schedules this fall, which makes no sense whatsoever). The virus is the perfect platform by which to impose the economic destabilization the Left has wanted all along.

    No, that isn’t a conspiracy theory. They’re telling you it’s what they’re after. Do you believe Ilhan Omar was off-script when she suggested dismantling America’s economy as a system of oppression earlier this week? Ilhan Omar, who paid a political consultant $900,000 in fees last year, money that came from somewhere, isn’t smart enough to say these things without having the script written for her. She’s being trotted out to introduce them because she’s already radioactive and a lightning rod for criticism, and also because she’s (1) black, (2) Muslim, and (3) an immigrant, and even an illegal one. To criticize her statements as cracked bears the signature not of incisive reasoning but rather racism. So when other Democrats join her call you are no longer allowed to object.

    Google Omar’s statements and what you’ll find is a loud cacophony of gaslighting by left-wing media outlets like Common Dreams, The Nation, the Washington Post, and others attacking Republicans for reacting to what they saw and heard on video as “meltdowns” and “losing their minds.” Even Snopes, the left-wing site purportedly acting as a fact-check operation, declares that Omar didn’t actually say what she said.

    That’s destabilization. They’re fully engaged in it, whether you believe they’ve been successful or not. But ask Mark McCloskey, for example, whether or not he thinks it’s outlandish to suggest the American order has been destabilized. McCloskey told Tucker Carlson that after the police told him they couldn’t protect him after the incident where he and his wife used guns to protect their property from a mob of Black Lives Matter trespassers, he called around to private security firms for help and was given advice to get out of his house and let the mob do what they would. Does that sound like a stable society to you?

    The third stage is Crisis.
    The catalyzing event that builds on the first two stages to bring on the change the revolutionaries are looking for.
    Looking for a crisis? Take your pick. We barely even remember the fact that we just had only the third presidential impeachment in American history half a year ago, a constitutional crisis that was wholly and completely manufactured directly out of thin air.
    We progressed immediately from that to COVID-19, which was unquestionably a manufactured crisis — not that the virus itself isn’t deadly to a certain portion of the population, but if you think the panic and destruction it’s caused doesn’t smack of manufacture then it’s clear you’ve been demoralized.

    And then the George Floyd riots and the paroxysms of violence and virtue-signaling those have brought on, complete with the current campaign to bowdlerize American history and culture in an increasingly indiscriminate fashion. That’s a crisis, everybody, and it’s a completely manufactured one. The speed of the cultural collapse that followed Floyd’s death — when the legal system moved very swiftly against the police officers responsible for it — makes it undeniable this was planned and only needed a catalyst.

    What’s the fourth stage? Normalization.
    As in, a “new normal.” The statues and monuments are gone, the ball games are out, or at least you aren’t allowed in the stadium to watch them (and you’ve got to watch them on TV interspersed with commercial spots and in-game messaging pushing whatever memes and narratives the ESPNs and NBCs of the world and their Madison Avenue partners wish to implant in your mind), the schools have purged American history and culture, the Universal Basic Income checks have replaced your job, which you can’t do because the small business where you used to work has gone under thanks to the virus. Then we have an Election. The Democrats cheat and win…

    And then Biden is president.
    For a little while, until it’s clear he’s incapacitated per the 25th Amendment, and then somebody else that you didn’t vote for is in charge of the country and we are in a communist regime.

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    • icthematrix says:

      Scary but amazing analysis. We are much closer to the tipping point than many realize.

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    • Solomonpal says:

      And the military and police will sit on their asses. They are not our friends.


      • Jimmy Jack says:

        Worse, it looks like they will aid it. We’ve recently seen police go into a church service that was socially distancing and shut it down anyway, arrest a mother taking her kids to the park, and forcefully arrest a mother in the NYC subway for not wearing her mask properly.

        I’m a big supporter of the police but we are definitely seeing a troubling trend.

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        • California Joe says:

          Look, be reasonable JJ. The police can’t arrest Black people or anyone associated with ANTIFA now so they have to arrest somebody else. That somebody else is White people like us. After all. somebody has to go to jail. No?

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        • Alan Reasin says:

          A local church was effectively raided in my area for having services. The pastor and others sued the governor and it was thrown out of court. Lady Justice has been neutered,

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    • joebkonobi says:

      Great post Jay. The only question left is if there are enough of us to stop it? They (the communists) are using our own Constitution and its inherent freedoms to destroy us. If they have one weak spot it is that they are being forced to rush their takeover because of Donald J. Trump. I pray there are still enough folks that understand what is going on to overcome it without armed conflict, however I think we may be past that point. We will find out in early November.

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    • Gotterdammerung says:

      This is from Yuri Bezmonov. YouTube it. I discovered it recently and everyone in American needs to watch him to understand what we are seeing.

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    • John Juan says:

      It’s a current article from American Spectator. Based on the writings/interviews with a KGB propagandist. If I’m not mistaken, Glenn Beck actually had an audio of this soviet defector on his program. It was from the early ’80’s. It’s scary as hell. And, to think, we were “winning” the Cold War then.

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    • John Juan says:

      This is a current article at the American Spectator. While this is the written summarized version, an audio was played on Glenn Beck within the last week or so. I believe it was from the early ’80’s. Scary as hell when you think we were “winning” the Cold War then.


    • lgstarr says:

      Here is the source (contains 96% of the text you posted):


    • Jesus&Prayer says:

      Ultimately this is a spiritual battle. Karl Marx sold his soul to Satan when he wrote Marxism. The bible repeatedly gives us how to stop these battles & for God to favor and protect this country again. 1) Repent for yourself and your nation 2) Ask Jesus (the son of God into your life) 3) Turn from your worldy ways and seek God’s ways for your life. 4) Keep the sabbath holy 5) Give to/help those in need/oppressed (although you need to be careful which organizations you give to today and make sure they are really helping those in need & not furthering this movement towards communism) 6) and list sins to turn from like adultry/ promiscuity/acts of hate etc 7) to pray in agreement. 8) Prayer/fasting to speed up help from God 9) Become familiar with the framework of the bible & know it so you have discernment & a firm foundation, that way when difficulties of life come your way you aren’t dismantled by satan from your faith and trust in God because your faith will be tested several times by this world 10) Unite with other christians, remember christians are human & some are more mature in faith and obedience to God but everyone is dealing with the spiritual battles of this world so you will be disappointed at some time or another by everyone in life and that’s why you make Jesus your role model. Jesus always loves you and has great plans for your life. Also note that this was part of the marxism plan was to demoralize christians and all america 11) Memorize scriptures which are sharp swords of protection in this spiritual battle. 12) pray anytime you feel discouraged, anxious, or need help..pray pray pray


  3. Ackman419 says:

    2 cops ambushed in McAllen, Texas today.
    Responding to a disturbance/domestic.
    Better by 12 than 6

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  4. Mr. Morris says:

    If the Democrat Marxists are successful Kim Gardner will eventually be in a re-education camp along with the rest of us. Look how the mob turned on Lin Manuel of “Hamilton” Broadway fame. He folded to the mob in a proverbial New York minute. Easy peasy.

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  5. visage13 says:

    Great so now the mob can come back and finish what they started. The McCloskeys are sitting ducks.

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  6. Augie says:

    Take a look at Ms. Gardner’s Wikipedia entry.

    “The Circuit Attorney’s Office has experienced a more than 100% turnover rate in staff since Gardner took office. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported in September 2019 that “over 65 attorneys with a combined experience of over 460 years in prosecutorial experience” have left the Circuit Attorney’s office under Gardner.[18]”

    If you read the article, you’ll see that Ms. Gardner has been a busy bee. Her efforts have not been confined to staff morale-building.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Picking the office with like minded Marxist minions. And it’s not just her. I guarantee you this is going on in cities all over the country. Maybe Treepers can start pulling together a list of their local Kim Gardner’s.

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    • Gigi the Old says:

      Take a good look at Ms Gardner’s pointy egg head’s face: not much room for a brain there.
      but you know that in her breast beats a dark enlarged sold out heart.

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    • An says:

      That’s bad on two levels. One, she’s mistreating staff. Two, the sort of staff who can stand to work with a toxic woman like that are probably themselves just as bad.

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  7. Randolph Scott says:

    Kim Gardner., FU, FU in every orifice you have. You and your BLM punks can come down my street anytime, you will need a hearse to remove the filth of your corpses’.

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  8. California Joe says:

    It’s not just felons who shouldn’t have the right to vote. Anybody on public assistance (welfare) of any kind shouldn’t be able to vote either. Why should anyone on welfare have the right to vote for higher taxes that the rest of us have to pay or electing an Affirmative Action activist like Kim Gardner who’s only goal is to allow criminals to go free and prosecute White people?

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      The founders had it right when they limited voting to land owners. Once there are more takers than makers it’s over. We’re on that threshold now.

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      • California Joe says:

        Exactly! Why should someone who is on welfare be able to vote for the rest of to pay higher taxes so they can more welfare? As it is only 50% of Americans pay tax supporting the other 50% who are loafing!

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    • BitchyPants says:

      Only law abiding citizens who pay property taxes or are retired and have paid into the system should be allowed to vote – period

      Why can’t the United States of America be split in half?
      One half for hard working conservatives who love America
      The other for Lunatics who want to riot and protest all day

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    • trumpetter says:

      And, to add to that fabulous idea, any organization that recieves federal or state money in any capacity should not be able to make political donations.


  9. Jimmy Jack says:

    Seems to me that this is what Beto said he’d do and it as roundly mocked for. Apparently it’s not only possible but easy to do.

    God save our nation.

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  10. RAC says:

    Portrait taken using a fish eye lens ?

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  11. Conservative_302 says:

    If local governments, local AG, violate our first amendment rights, it should be a federal crime with a minimum of a 10 year prison sentence. I am sick and tired of reading stories about law abiding citizens getting their fist amendment rights violated. Trump is missing the boat here by not taking on this as a serious issue. Nobody is defending our constitutional rights.

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  12. Michael Serles says:

    This is the same Kim Gardner that lied about being stopped by the police for 15 minutes. Proven liar, and she’s a prosecutor for the city.

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  13. Cowz says:

    I’m interested in what the Warrant states.

    Missouri also has a Castle doctrine law that includes property.

    § 563.041. Use of physical force in defense of property
    1. A person may, subject to the limitations of subsection 2, use physical force upon another person when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes it necessary to prevent what he or she reasonably believes to be the commission or attempted commission by such person of stealing, property damage or tampering in any degree.

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  14. davidsstones says:

    St. Louis (KMOV.COM), “when they pointed guns at protesters from the lawn of their home ….”
    Hard to get two lies into 12 words but the Trespassers onto posted Private Property posted their video indicting themselves, opening an undamaged working gate and then, here you go;
    1- McCloskey’s didn’t point guns at anyone at any time or take aim
    2- McCloskey’s were not on the lawn of their home.
    300-500 violent Trespassers, with at least one gun drawn and exposed was aimed at them by the mob threatening to kill the McCloskey’s, burn their house down and kill their dog, were on the lawn-close up.
    The McCloskey’s remained on their porch and once Mr. McCloskey stepped 5 +/- steps down to the permastructure of their porch and back up again. The mob owned the lawn.

    KMOV.COM is painting a picture that is a lie; they want you to envision McCloskey aggressively
    descending and crossing his lawn into the mob with an AR-15 pointed at them instead of what McCloskey did; more passively standing ground at a distance, gun barrel to his right side at the ready but away from the crowd.

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  15. I think the couple will win in court, but this city prosecutor is going to make them lawyer up, spend money, and go through the legal process. The feds should step in and suspend the city precursor law license.


  16. dadzrites says:

    Give BLM the address of the City attorney and tell them she prosecutes blacks to the fullest extent of the law. Then sit back and watch what happens. Just like they did to the mayor in Seattle, who allowed CHOP to take over a portion of the city and a police precinct. When BLM & ANTIFA decided to make an excursion to the mayor’s house and protest, threaten, harass, CHOP ended with a big police presence moving in and dismantling CHOP with force.


  17. jumpinjarhead says:

    Well this is no surprise but still outrageous:

    This is what happens when we sit idly by after Soros tells us he is going to put local woke prosecutors in office and he then does it.


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