Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Current COVID Living Status?…

With such incredible disparity between the states of our republic, I’m curious what is the current status of the COVID lifestyle near you.   What is going on in/around your town, city, region or hamlet?

This isn’t just a typical request for ground reports, it’s also a little selfish.  You are helping me with advanced recon for a travel itinerary.  It is quite amazing the scale of difference between states.  The media reports in large generic terms, but the stuff that matters is how it impacts your life; your daily function.  That’s what we are all interested in.

It is quite remarkable how different life amid COVID is within each state, even when two states are right next to each other.  So how is it your area?

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  1. Oregon: like it always is, there are 2 Oregons divided by the Cascade range. On the west side of it, expect to see all of the usual liberal lunatics and their Kool-Aid fueled policies, guidelines and restrictions. The east side of it (Central and Eastern Oregon), is a virtual reprieve from the madness. I’ve yet to put a mask on for a single second and the majority of folks in the CO region (vacation destination spot in the middle of vacation season) are essentially carrying on per the norm save the inconvenience of closings by our compromised and insane governor, Kate Brown. In fact and so much so that we have a strong contingency of people on influx from Northern Cali and east of the range who are living here temporarily in ABNBs or illegally camping in our forests.

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  2. I’m here in Alabama and the difference is stark within the state and location.

    South of Montgomery, not many people wear masks aside from service employees. No one in an office does.

    In Birmingham, far more mask use. Most people in grocery stores wear masks. I’d say 90+% of black people do. Every employee is in one, and rarely have it pulled aside or below the nose. Office workers mostly wear them.

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    • Mobile here AStitchInTyme . The mayor of Mobile just passed on ordinance that masks are now mandatory in public effective as of 7-3-20 at 5:00pm. Not to be outdone the county health department issued its own ordinance for county wide mandatory mask wearing when in public. This is supposed to be last 30 days. I got busted in the parking lot of Rouses at 11:00 am on the third by a gentleman because I didn’t have a mask on when I got out of the car. I told him it didn’t start until 5:00pm. I went into the store and got chastised again. I told the gentleman that it did not start until 5:00pm. I ended up putting my cheesecloth mask on, picked up a slab of ribs and left. I do not wear a mask in church because we distance. I had to make a summertime mask as I had to do blood work yesterday. this mask crap is going to ruin everyone’s immune system.


      • Simple Citizen says:

        Bionic Granny, this whole matter is draconian. Having travelled to Mobile during a summer in the 1990s, I recall the hummidity. Trying to move around in a mask would be extremely tough and potentially detrimental to one’s health.

        Although I could try to offer suggestions, as I do not live there, they may not be realistic and / or relevant. Instead, I shall just offer to keep you in my prayers.

        In Christ,

        Simple Citizen


  3. Liz says:

    California here, my sheriff doesn’t believe a word out of Newsom mouth and refuses to follow his rule. My mayor has declared our city to be a sanctuary for businesses. The corporate giants Wallmart, wallgreens, big 5, savemart, continue to push Newsom’s rules. I shop only small business all have a poster of the dictator stating his rules, but they don’t take on being a brown shirt for Newsom. So for me, I have yet to wear a mask, I’ve discovered businesses I would never have, recommend Newsom’s recall and give them the website. .

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  4. teabag14 says:

    I’m in Southern Utah near Zion NP. We’ve been pretty free all along except for a few types of businesses. Restaurants immediately went into takeout mode (even those who generally were not takeout) but are back to indoor seating now and are also continuing takeout. The beauty salon I went to (inside Walmart) was closed but is now open if you are willing to wear a mask, have your temp taken, and pay a $4 surcharge for sanitizing. I’m not. Tourist traffic (RVs) was very, very light for a while but everything is bustling now, although that could have been due to the season. I recently bailed out of Colofornia & moved here permanently so I don’t have a point of comparison. I love watching the RVs roll through. Springdale (the town immediately outside Zion NP) mandated masks not long ago but I don’t know if that is still in affect and I don’t know how well it went over. Hubby and I are not social creatures anyway (mostly) so our lifestyle has been unaffected although I line dance and that got closed down real quick. We have not worn masks except when in a medical office or at the dentist . . . or at Costco. We were at a Utah State Park over Father’s Day weekend and saw only one guy wearing a mask. Outdoors!!!! Temps in the triple digits!!! At the SP, it was a madhouse at the beaches. Humanity shoulder to shoulder – no masks, no social distancing period. Did notice that most of the license plates were from NV.

    Recently Governor Herbert required masks to be worn in all State managed businesses. In Utah, liquor stores are State managed so . . . be aware. At this point, I do what many of you are doing; I keep a mask in my car just in case I really, really, really want to go in that business.

    Currently, my line dance classes have resumed and one of the dancers shared this info with us:

    “As many of you know, my husband Rob has lung disease and we had an appointment recently with his pulmonologist. I talked to the pulmonologist specifically about wearing a mask while dancing or any exercise that increases your heart rate and your breathing. He said that wearing a mask during those times will make it harder to breathe and can cause severe dizziness and shortness of breath. He also said that breathing in your own CO2 for extended periods is not healthy. This can cause an increase in blood pressure; headaches; rapid heart rate; chest pains; confusion and fatigue. He recommends staying 6’ apart, of course, but doesn’t recommend a mask while dancing.”

    So I have gone back to dance and the Rec Center requires a mask in the lobby when checking in and takes our temps, but masks are optional after check in. I’m good with that. Live to dance, dance to live.

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    • steph_gray says:

      It’s nice to know someone is getting to dance. I don’t swing dance (Lindy Hop) as I used to because of arthritis but I have a lot of friends from that community and it’s probably not going to come back to this panicked blue state (MA) for years, if ever.

      Of course Lindy Hop is partner dancing, and works best with many different partners so that all can improve (sticking with one partner gets you in dance ruts). Therefore, an amazing art form that racism (real racism back in the thirties, not today’s fraud variety) could not kill in the last century may end up being killed in this one.

      This is partly why we as Americans instinctively recognize the intrinsic evil of the COVID Karens and the Tinpot Dictator governors and mayors. They have declared the pursuit of happiness non-essential. This is what Communism does. We know them by their actions.

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  5. AndrewJackson says:

    Salt Lake City Here. Things are for the most part normal. Many restaurants are still operating as takeout only, thought there are a decent amount of options to go for dine in if desired. Masks are not required and probably 30-40 percent of people wear them in stores. Our local pool has been hopping since opening in early June and seems completely normal. My family came to visit from Illinois and noted how it was a “different world” out here. It was nice to be reaffirmed of my decision to leave the Peoples Republic of Illinois 3 years ago. Been nothing but a boon of blessings for me and my family. Also, our school district is planning to go back as normal without masks required. From what I hear, not all localities are as free as ours.

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    • teabag14 says:

      Congratulations, Andrew! Help us keep it red up there. We’ve got your back down here!

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    • ziegler von strahn says:

      Are you sure you’re in SLC? Salt Lake County? ….because I aint but I am in the hills nearby…been here 2 years and can count the amount of time I have been in SLC proper in hours. But Mayor Jenny ordered face masks mandatory. I’d hate for you to get in trouble with crazy karens.

      According to Wilson, face masks must be worn:
      >At public gatherings, indoor or outdoor, where social distancing is not possible.
      >Waiting outside or inside retail or other public locations, including bars and restaurants until you’re seated.

      Now Utah county?…nobody has mandated them, no lines to get in anywhere I have been. Neither the Dr or physical therapist office I am seeing require one. (and from talking to the Dr and the PT staff, none of them are concerned about it)
      I’ve not worn a mask yet, but I have a balaclava on standby for anyone that demands I do.


  6. TXgirl says:

    Williamson County, TX – things were fine until a week ago. Mayor of my city required masks inside of businesses, but was being low key about everything else, no fines or punishment for not wearing one. Apparently businesses and citizens were calling him and complaining that everyone should wear one.

    3 days later Abbott mandates his masks and fines after the first warning. I’m so pissed at him too.

    Before these mandates, I had not worn a mask the entire time. I have seen people in the last 2 months (about 70-80%) wearing masks at different stores.

    Yes cases are going up, but ICU/hospitalizations are stable or down. Deaths going down. Average age is much younger.

    Very frustrated, but trying to live life and be happy through all of this.

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    • Gen Sensibility says:

      I can confirm TXgirl’s comment from here in The Woodlands, TX. I hadn’t worn a mask until last week.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        Again, read the EO in its entirety. There is fixed NO mask mandate in the EO.

        Politicians, businesses, media and people saying such are wrong. They are adding a non-existent fixed mandate on top of the a very clearly stated proviso in the Governors EO: “…where 6 ft social distancing is NOT possible”.

        I have not worn a mask at all. Many of the businesses here i Collin County do not require a mask … they encourage wearing but do not require it.

        The governor Abbotts EO was a cowardly CYA move, especially the 20 case requirement that is the really rotten part of his EO. Yet, he at least used the ambiguity of the 6ft rule vs mask to prevail to some extent with his proviso.

        READ THE WHOLE ORDER and throw it in the face of anybody challenging you.

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        • Txgirl says:

          I did read his EO ,it was a CYA word salad..
          Unfortunately, stores that weren’t forcing you to before (HEB , Sprouts ) are making you now..I think they figure it is just easier to make everyone do it..
          Thought Collin city was stricter..good for you that they aren’t…


    • Jayne says:

      I have a house in Georgetown, TX but have been in California since this whole thing began and stuck since I don’t want to fly. I may drive in September. Nice to know there’s another CTH fan in the area. What town are you in?


      • Txgirl says:

        CP, liberty hill area. Georgetown was the first place I lived when I moved here many years ago…loved it, my how it’s grown and changed!
        Looking at moving a little further north from CP and have been looking at Georgetown area..


  7. nattydreadbushdoc says:

    N. Idaho (Free America) What virus; did I miss a memo?

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  8. VFW’s where possible
    American Legions where possible
    NRA and or State rifle and or gun org’s
    Any required new operations in some states.

    Set up “Go Fund Me” pages to restore, fix, repair and maintain any and all mounments and stataures ect nation wide now and forever. If a city or state trys to say not on public property buy land or a site and move and or reinstall the monuments ect.

    Do not get any of the elected elite in the deal now or ever in order to stop them from a sneak attack down the line..

    Get the word to all the talk shows
    If not U S, who?


  9. Barbara Costas says:

    Oak Park, Illinois- just west of the Chicago city line
    This is a deep blue town.
    The vast majority of people on the street and in the parks wear masks-of all ages, even toddlers.
    The car drivers wear masks.
    The bicyclists wear masks, I’ve even seen runners wearing masks.
    You must wear a mask when entering any store, and follow social distancing decals posted on the ground.
    No re-usable shopping bags are permitted in any grocery stores.
    Farmer’s Market requires masks and social distancing. You must line up on the sidewalk , distanced of course, before you are permitted into the market. No reusable bags of course. No touching of produce, of course.
    Outdoor dining opened recently and the tables are distanced. While the patrons don’t wear masks all the staff must wear them.
    I haven’t seen any hair or nail salons opened yet.
    My health club re-opened just last Wed. All staff must wear masks; members are not required except when using the elevators.
    You must lap time in the pool. No sitting around to watch permitted. Only one towel permitted.
    All class attendance requires reserving your place in the class, socially distanced.
    Only one class per day is allowed, no personal yoga mats are allowed.
    Saunas and whirlpools are closed.
    There are at least 10 previous shops in the central area off downtown whose windows now feature For Rent” signs. Very very disturbing. Of course the local Target was looted recently along with a nearby shoe store. The mayor issued curfews for several days.
    This is just a feeling but it seems to me that the citizens are reveling in this.
    The Emperor Governor Pritzger tells them to jump and they say how high.
    They love his edicts- there is no pushback, only obedience.
    Their obedience is a sign of their loyalty to the Party.

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    • Barbara Costas says:

      you must RESERVE lap time- sorry I forgot to type that


    • Barbara- thanks for your post. Very similar to the Slave State of NY.
      You’re right- the Dem Libs love their muzzles of submission.
      When the box cars come to take them away to the Covid Concentration Camps, they will be fighting to be first on line.

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    • Illini not for long says:

      Barbara, I’m several miles farther west and still fighting to stay conservative out here. I will not wear a mask outside. If a store has a sign to wear a mask, I’ll pull it on when walking in the door and it comes off as I walk out. Not necessary if eating outside at all. We used to drive into Chicago to enjoy the restaurants but not anymore. We will spend our hard earned dollars to support local places instead.
      Can’t wait to escape ILL INOIS as soon as we can retire!!


  10. gingergal says:

    Northern Arizona, conservative semi-small town. Husband called the sheriff’s office today to inquire about getting a concealed carry license as he is open carry now and we would feel better with concealed. They said they have suspended finger printing due to corona virus.

    Everything else is back to normal, though we stopped going to Costco because masks are mandatory there. Mask wearing has gone up due to the fear mongering, we still get dirty looks. That’s why we applied for the concealed carry with everything going on, I also have my pepper spray handy. i’m prepared with an answer if anyone approaches me about not wearing a mask. I will tell them to stay six feet away from me, social distancing so you don’t have to worry. If they persist, I will tell them to stop harassing me or I will pepper spray them. I think I have been watching too many confrontations on youtube and just expect the worst at this point.

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    • gingergal says:

      I should say “trying to apply” for a concealed carry. We have been considering lately since things seem to be escalating quickly.


    • jimrockfish says:

      Gingergal- You know Arizona is concealed carry without the CCW right? In case you can’t get the CCW right away. Passed a few years ago.


    • jazzbogie says:

      Yes, Arizona is strange lately. I can’t figure out what is going on. Numbers are supposedly spiking but hospitals not crowded. Heard a Tempe company, Incite Analytics, on the radio analyzing the State Covid data. People assume daily means how many new cases/deaths in the past 24 hours, but the State data is not kept that way and can’t give you a daily score card. The cases apparently reflect the new data reported, so a case reported today can be, and often is, for days, weeks, months back but just now added to the count. I have totally lost faith in Governor Ducey. He is inadequate.
      Where I live, no masks unless you go to a corporate store. I prefer a bandana that I tie loosely so i can breathe well. One time i wrapped a scarf around like a hijab to see if anyone would comment. No one did.


  11. Simple Citizen says:

    From the standpoint of Montgomery County (close to the District of Columbia boundary / NWDC / Bethesda), life is relatively quite.

    During the major thrust of the riots, there were break – ins, signage and vandalism (as noted by Mr. Tucker Carlson); however, those events have seemed to end for the time being. There is a stronger police presence on both sides of the border all along MacArthur Boulevard.

    Masks and (sometimes) gloves are utilized by fellow citizens; however, I would say that this is more prevalent in the District. On the Montgomery County side, there are a great deal of cyclists, hikers and outdoors enthusiasts that will not wear masks or any additional coverings when engaging in activities. When some of these folks go to a business, after an activity, there may be some that do not add protective coverings and simply “get in / get out”; however, most businesses do require masks for entry.

    For the better part of four months (beginning in March), traffic was sporadic to nonexistent; however, there has been an increase in the flow of automobiles / trucks around the rush hours (especially in the evening). Most stores and businesses seem pretty crowded from 11:00 AM to about 4:00 PM. Outside service for most restaurants (on both sides of the border) seems to be proceeding okay. In the case of Black Salt (DC) one can eat indoors with a reservation (the hours are modified quite a bit).

    As we (our family) tend to drive into the other areas of our surroundings, I can state that McLean, Virginia has been extremely busy. There have been a large number of “professional shoppers” who have flowed into this area and the number of license plates from the District of Columbia has increased tenfold. In certain businesses (e.g. auto parts store) patrons do not seem required to wear a mask; however, by-and-large, most places are enforcing mask rules. Restaurants have begun to provide service to guests for outside service. Most businesses are open for walk-in clients, but a few (e.g. the toy store – hey, puzzles help pass the time during house arrest) are still online or by appointment.

    Potomac, MD is a lot like the District of Columbia right now. There is a lot of mask wearing and some glove use. Fellow citizens look and seem very nervous / scared (which is also the case in NWDC); you get a sense that having the joy robbed from many people’s lives has had a really devastating impact on mental / spiritual health.

    On up through Darnestown and Poolesville, masks are often stated as required on signs, but the actual practice is a bit more relaxed (in fact a nail salon in Poolesville bucked the system and stayed open the 90% of the lockdown – no big deal). It is more rural up there, very pretty and people are just calmer about the whole matter.

    Thankfully the dreaded “STAY AT HOME SIGNS” (in both English and Spanish) have come down (they were all over the county in April). There are a lot more BLM signs (both professional and made by children) in many of the neighborhoods on both sides of the border. Virtue signaling is at an all time high around here (was previously sporadic, with the occasional BLM sign or just a RESIST sign here and there).

    Many of the citizens in this area are the children and / or grandchildren of career government employees who probably had at least one all red t-shirt with a yellow hammer and sickle or a yellow star kicking around in their chest or drawers since the 1960s (in the case of the grandparents, it was probably the same symbols, but in pin form since the silk screening technology was not developed — many of them probably got their pins during the 1920s when Cool Cal was in office and they decided to hate him for no clear reason).

    There are far more anomalies that I could get into regarding these demographics; however, that would be an extremely long post and I do not wish to take up more space and time here. Hopefully this information is helpful.

    All my best…(and thanks for this site / community)

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    • Ad rem says:

      Welcome to the Treehouse Simple Citizen! If you get stuck in further “moderation”, I refer you to a comment I made on the first page of today’s Presidential Open for a solution. And…thanks for the well-detailed first comment. 😀


      • Simple Citizen says:

        Ad rem,

        Thank you; I will definitely look at the comment.

        Also, I am glad to help out. Although I have been reading the website for about 2 months now, I am sometimes slow to move (one might label me “conservative” = ).

        Please be well.


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    • Txgirl says:

      Thanks for this.
      Planning to head to Maryland -Sykesville for business in late Aug. / Sept.
      Was hoping some of this would end by then.

      Also wanted to site see – any suggestions would be welcome!


      • Simple Citizen says:


        Thank you for your message.

        This response is a tough one based on the varying parties involved at the current time. Although our “esteemed” gov. is willing to move at a RINO’s pace in reopening aspects of our state, many of the local county representatives (term used loosely here; there is no mayoral representative in Montgomery County where we reside) and boards / councils will modify the outcomes.

        Sykesville is in Carroll County and would seem a little more “open” to movement. Further, the town is historic and may permit some visitation around the local landmarks in an easier manner than is currently available where we are situated. So the immediate surrounding for your trip may be just fine for exploration.

        As for the greater District of Columbia, recommendations become a little trickier from both a logistical, as well as a personal security, standpoint. Mt. Vernon is slowly opening and may be an option for you during the proposed time frame. It truly is worth the price of admission should you be able to visit the location. Further, they do have very reasonable security both onsite and in the surrounding area.

        You might also wish to consider the Air and Space Museum at the Uder-Hazy Center. There is a good deal more to see, over the location on the mall, simply because they have more space. Also this location provides many interactive exhibits that might be worthwhile. They have not reopened yet, but I believe that may change by the time you are preparing to come this way.

        These two ideas:

        Regarding the District proper, I would like to suggest a couple of ideas. Seek to visit museums that are private or nonprofit in management. They will be requiring an influx of patronage quite soon or could face some really tough fiscal measures (unlike their government counterparts that can simply get a bailout whenever needed). In essence, this is what Mt. Vernon’s current model is (run by a 501c3).

        In this case, I would like to suggest The Kreeger Museum ( should it reopen by the time you are traveling here. It is at one of the highest point in DC and the view from the general area is spectacular. The exhibits feature both classical paintings and more modern art. The sculpture garden and reflection pool are generally peaceful. Plus it is little known by those out-of-towners who wish to don black on a 90 degree + day, visit a local place they disagree with, and knock a statue over before heading home.

        Another option (not one I am too fond of, but worth a mention due to the grounds) would be the National Cathedral ( They too are closed, but this situation may change by the time you arrive. Mercedes Benz 500 and 600 models are costly to maintain, so the powers that be may need a little pocket change for the upkeep. The cathedral is beautiful in many ways, but the docents for tours can be a little trying at times.

        Also from a security standpoint, please recall that President Woodrow Wilson’s body is housed here. Since the priorities for destruction change rapidly, please be aware that it could become a target, even if Colonel Mendel House wrote a Marxist book under a pseudonym. Although I would assume the BLM, ANTIFA, CPUSA and WU generals know this fact, they might not have communicated the intelligence to the foot soldiers. Please proceed with caution.

        Either way, the grounds are magnificent and I could recommend a visit for that reason alone. Although many of the ushers are former military and security, most of them are 65+ years of age. There is no proper security force here that I know of. When heads of state or foreign officials visit, then the Secret Service usually provides security for that event solely. Again, caution and situational awareness would be suggested.

        Certainly, I wish I had better options for you. DAR, the Phillips Gallery, the Corcoran Gallery and the USPS museum (part of the system, but operated differently, just like the USPS) can be fun places to visit, but I do not wish to suggest any option that might cause you or yours any trouble.

        Sorry for the long message. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



        • Txgirl says:

          Thank you for your kind reply.
          Went to DC many yrs ago and have been wanting to go back for more sight seeing, but feel with all that is going on it might not be good idea right now, will see what I think in a month or so.
          Was looking at. ANNAPOLIS, Ocean city for visiting….is Gettsyburg too far away for a day trip?
          Thank you again!


  12. Ed Koops says:

    Just completed an 11 day vacation in middle America. If I had to grade the 10 states that we visited regarding your “covid-19 lifestyle” it would look like this:
    *Left San Antonio, Tx. on 6/24 – Life there really eased up and becoming casual. (Little did we know what we run into when we returned 11 days later!)
    *Santa Fe. NM was “faux mask” requirements
    *Pueblo, Co. Inside masks – outside optional
    6/25 – *Colorado Springs/Ft. Collins – Mask Nazis everywhere
    *Rawlings, Wy. Masks/SD signs…ingnored seemingly by everyone.
    6/26 – *Grand Teton Natl. Park…Masks/SD signs…small number of facilites enforced, others ignored.
    West Yellowstone, ID – Masks/SD signs, mostly ignored.
    6/27-28 – Yellowstone Park – Masks/SD marginally enforced.
    6/29 – NE Yellowstone and Cooke City – What’s a mask?
    6/30 – Cody, WY. This is Trump Country – Nuff said!
    7/1 – Hardin, WY. / Little Bighorn Battlefield – Only masks we saw were on the wild west outlaws robbing the train.
    7/2 – 7/3 – Keystone, SD – Mt. Rushmore – A lot of Trump Shops, minimal masks worn by hotel and restaurant staff – customers, ummm, not so much.
    7/4 Grand Island,NE – Mask nazis
    Oklahoma City – Mask Nazis
    Austin, Tx to see our grandkids – Mask nazis everywhere
    San Antonio,Tx – came home to a very uptight masked city on the brink of citizen revolt.

    What a difference 11 days makes, it only took that long for the DS and MSM to get the country fear back up to where they wanted it.
    Should have stayed in Cody, WY

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    • Ad rem says:

      Welcome to the Treehouse Ed…it’s been a while! And thanks for the excellent comment…..memories of Charles Kuralt. 😀

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    • Txgirl says:

      Thanks for the upate.
      So mad at Texas…We were doing just fine – not sure how long it will take people to revolt. Seems to be more cry baby’s than I expected around here!

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      • Karmy says:

        Something happened to make Governor Abbott do an about face. I wonder what it was. Blackmail or something more sinister?

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        • Carole Parker says:

          Deep state Abbott??

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          • steph_gray says:

            Blackmailed Abbott?

            Seriously, the more I read of unfathomable turnarounds in previously seeming conservatives, the more I start to believe that the Deep State has for years not allowed a single politician to rise on whom they don’t have blackmail material.

            Well, with one OBVIOUS exception! VSGPDJT has confounded them for all time.

            It may become imperative for citizen investigators to ferret out every blackmail scheme and expose it, rendering it useless…


    • uvaldegirl says:

      I have been wanting to come to San Antonio to see family. Sad to see that things are tense and in more of a lockdown mode.

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  13. j1u2l3i4a5 says:

    Bay Area, Calif. Well, you can guess what it’s like here. But our town of 40,000 has only had 100 cases of the virus in 4 months and maybe 1 death.


  14. Talkofthetown says:

    Ohio south Eastren, About 10 percent are wearing masks some stores even employees are not wearing masks. some say it’s the right to not wear one. Other stores all employees wearing masks. Autozone Advanced auto and Oreileys won’t even scan your car. Not allowed to by store rules. Yet I got mine scanned today at Orileys.

    Majority of people where I’m at are carrying on as it was precovid. Restaurants that stayed open during covid here never got fined. I doubt people will wear a mask here when Dewine puts it in to affect I’m sure he will soon.(RINO POS) I know I will not wear one. I’m willing to go to jail but that’s just me.

    Price of food here has gone up drastically. Head of cauliflower is 5bucks.

    Most people I talk to here,believe it was all a hoax. Out here in Gods Country! Yer ever this way I’ll buy ya lunch and a cold beer!

    Couple other places to look are Ohio game and fish they have a Corona thread. As well as Ohio Outdoors

    They have a corona thread as well. Plus they have a thread called political!!!!!t Some pretty funny stuff/memes on that thread!

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  15. Leslie Thomas says:

    Hosting 4 teenage boys who have knocked out Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 for about 8 wks 4 hrs a day, 5 days a week. They were so bored that when I suggested it they jumped on it.
    Had a haircut and they didn’t wash my hair b/c they didn’t want to have to sanitize the sink area afterwards.

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    • Inca Hoots says:

      Leslie, That is so awesome! Maybe next week Recite the Declaration of Independence.
      Make it a competition. Boys love a challenge. Moms like you are keeping our culture together, even if by a thread. God Bless you Leslie


  16. Doc says:

    Northern Alabama with the exception of closed restaurants, barber shops and beauty shops during the peak period has been as normal as it was before the craze. Everything is open now. The only masks you see is from those businesses that choose to and the mask shammers. Birmingham and Mobile are demoncrat strongholds so virtually everything is either shut down or masks required.


  17. Deb-Bee (formerly debzeppelin) says:

    Mohawk Valley Region NY: In our county, pop. about 49,000, we had 110 lab confirmed cases, 96 made full recovery, 1 fatality. We’re opening up a bit more than downstate. All stores posting masks required, I’ve seen a few people without. I wear it just so I can get what I came for and get out without a hassle. I have the blue pleated surgical mask that I cut the inner lining out. Weather’s been upper 80’s and humid. So technically, I’m wearing it, but breathing easier. Not following the arrows in the aisles though.

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    • steph_gray says:

      Good for you! I am SO over those stupid arrows and floor decals!!

      Most stores in MA only do this nonsense so as not to lose their licenses. The whole system of licensing needs a serious regulatory overhaul with provisions for appeals against unConstitutional health decrees.

      Maybe something for year 4 of PDJT’s second term.


  18. Badger says:

    West Central WI, along I-90 headed for “the River” and the I-90/94 split where 94 takes you up to Mogadishu-North. Semi-rural conservative county.
    Businesses: Open, a few big-box stores in adjacent county to the west require masking. Nothing like that here. Normally a mix outside between voluntary maskers/no-mask of 30:70. People keep respectful distances anyway, which they view as more important.
    Eateries: 1/2 open, limited seating. Where able (or have adapted) doing curbside and drive-thru with vigor.
    Medical: Clinics pretty much open for anything after the requisite fever-query & worthless head-swipe temp taken. Will issue you a cloth mask for visit but prefer you bring your own. ER fully operational, as is hospital, although anything really serious or lasting longer that a few days will likely get evac’d to La Crosse.
    Covid Case load: Since some “relaxing” (aka, the courts & legislature told the Gov to stuff his edict to extend things) there have been a few case spikes, particularly in the more populous county to the west (La Crosse) which is also a college town. Demography suggests that they couldn’t wait to dive back into the bars on State St. More cases also in this area due principally to large testing increases supported by PH folks and the National Guard at the local armory. Most folks in higher risk categories are just continuing to do what they were doing anyway for the last 100 days or so, which is to avoid crowds (always good advice) and be prudent about travels. 1 death, much earlier and attributable to a variety of underlying causes but Covid positive so TPTB dictate must be Covid. County currently with 36 active cases,
    Political: Few weeks back there was a faux BLM march that lasted for a couple hours. Just a march up & down both sides of 2 miles of main drag, congregate in park, and a rather large thunderstorm took the trash out right after that. Saw video: a few useless purple-haired locals in the line of about 60 people, but most 2 known travelling BLM minstrels (1 white, 1 black) and a bunch of non-locals probably recruited from craigslist.

    Have a nice trip. Regular gas continues to float around $2.00 to $2.19 a gallon, up from its low of $1.09 during the days of the desolate roads. Do your stops at the moderately sized towns away from the metro hot spots. Nicer folks anyway

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Cali update says:

    Inland Empire, California
    Yes it really is as bad as people are saying. Masks are required everywhere you go, and restrictions continue to increase. It is disheartening to see so many people blindly obey the governor’s every whim. That being said, there are pockets of resistance and overall grumbling as the masses grow weary of tyranny.

    The group that I see the most resistance is believers in Jesus. They seem to have their priorities in order. Sadly many of our Churches are still closed. Maybe it’s better that way. But the faithful remain committed to truth.

    There is a large Church that has become a beacon of light, a city on a hill, for SoCal. Patriots here at the Treehouse will be inspired by Pastor Jack’s sermons, check out his Independance day sermon at

    Sundance, if you dare to brave the deep dark blue of California I recommend a visit to Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. There you will not be required to wear a mask or social distance. And they will lift up their voices to praise the Lord, in spite of, or rather, in rebellion against the governor’s edict.


    • Heather says:

      I recently traveled the length of California by car. From Southern California through Sacramento, everyone was wearing masks. Once I got north of Sacramento, mask use dropped off a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

      • TonyE says:

        Did you come to the OC? It’s a pretty big state.

        But, yeah, we’re now thinking of requiring visas for people from LA to cross the Orange Curtain. 😉


  20. mtk says:

    Covid in Southwest Florida.
    First, Because of my job, I have been direct contact with covid patients. Been tested twice. Both times negative for antibodies.

    Wear a mask quite regularly. Required as function of my job. When I go out, shopping I wear one, but not while in car. I am very much a home body.

    After nearly four months of Covid precautions.
    What I think of masks, more do with being polite and providing a sense of proactive protection.
    It is my understanding, as a professional trained in N-95 mask use many people are more apt to infect themselves with putting the mask on.
    Why, well just look at in very generalist manner. Many are aware that keeping your hands away from your face is to reduced infection routes from eye contact and oral contact. Increased mask use if not rigorously and religioualy performed with an understanding of the medical definition of Standard and Universal precautions are ENGAGING in an activity that puts your hands in your face more than normally would occur at key junctures that force you to weigh risks by violating the one activity known to increase risk. Hands and fingers in your face, combined with at a crucial moment in time you know your hands should have been recently just rigorously washed for twenty seconds.

    Second, I have access to the ability to sterilize my masks by sterrad’ing them. How many complaint mask wearing persons can say that!!!
    Which bring up a very important Observation, if masks are the effective end of all to breaking transmission routes. Then there is a MASSIVE misconception out there in the public. That is if mask are the effect barrier keeping us safe from airborne transmission. Then there is a massive disconnect to the reality of airborne transmission. Conjunctiva routes of infection. That is through your eyes.
    I double dog dare any CDC type to argue this. Period end of discussion. The hand waving gymnastics a person would have to go through argue forthright to mitigate this observation is beyond telling in ethics.

    So yes, many in SWFL are wearing masks(my estimate is 30% of population). Yet the fact remains, if masks are effective for airborne transmission, what of the eyes!!!

    After all this time, I am noting that there is still very little in the way of PSA understanding of the means covid is infecting people.
    Yes covid has an airborn vector of transmission. But, my gut belief is the main vector is contact with an infected person’s sweat.
    It would be so easy to analysis an inflected person for viral load in a person’s perspiration. Yet, nothing. No studies. Basically a big zero. Just wear the mask.

    When it comes to beaches, the hot sands and the highest effective exposure to UV radiation ( Sun light) being the most hostile environment to covid and viruses in general. Yet, the simple fact is basking on the beach increases a persons perspiration, and many social interactions on the beach promote close bodily contact. Not to meantion, what does it take to get from point A to point B to lay on the beach. In my opinion going to the beach should be the safest activity you can engage in provided you don’t sweat up against another. Just stop an think about how impractical that is as you climb back into your car all hot and sweaty.

    Second Corona viruses as a family of viruses are notoriously able to be carried in water.
    With that understanding and combined with the fact that here in SWFL, almost all pools are saline based(not chlorinated). So I stay the heck out of pools.

    In addition besides perspiration, there is much to suggest an inflected person carries a viral load in their bowels(read fectal matter). So i stay the heck out of public restrooms and again pools.

    To me what I highlight here, is professional spot on.
    To sum up, given the social message of, “Together we are all in this.” Where are the PSAs on masks. In my opinion masks are a false sense security. And more importantly being used as a false sense of being proactive.

    In sum, in the absence of definative studies, which should be easy and readily forth coming. The absence in my opinion is indicative of many political considerations.

    As such I have choosen to limit my exposure based on the understanding that human perspiration is currently that main factor driving the second wave of covid infection.


  21. JazzSaxPlayer says:

    We live in Los Osos, which is in San Luis Obispo County, about midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles along the Pacific coast. So far only two Covid deaths in the County of 283,000 people. Positive cases have increased, but, as elsewhere, when more people are tested there are more positives; as non-emergency medical services have reopened more people are being tested. In mid-March we started sheltering in place, but by early April we were going more often, not as often as before, to Costco, Home Depot, Ralphs, etc. Our work in construction/repair and rentals is classified as “essential”. Most of what we have needed to do can be done while maintaining distancing. When a store has “required” masks we generally comply, to avoid Karen hassles, while annoyed at the imposition and more out of breath when we leave the store and can finally take them off. Even though we had N95 masks from our work, we quickly replaced those with easier-to-breathe home-made cotton masks. [Do admire Farmerboy & wife’s report of their handling of “big baby” at Home Depot.]
    We live next to a Montana de Oro State Park which has remained open. On weekends, especially Memorial Day and the 4th, it was super crowded, with lots of people coming to the coast from the very hot California valley areas to walk on the coastal bluffs. There was similar crowding on our County’s several open beaches. We saw groups of people, some masked, most not. In spite of hefty $20,000 fines for fireworks, on the 4th there were lots of airborne sparkles around our little town.
    As I read the justifications at Berkeley Law and other schools for stopping face-to-face classrooms, what I see is that they are attending to their medical “experts” who in a CYA fashion strive for a riskless outcome, something that has never existed, but which might limit their open-ended liabilities. Next year personal injury lawyers around the US will have a target-rich environment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • steph_gray says:

      Out of breath when you leave the store? That SO is not right…

      Drop them beneath the nose and breathe! I am in the Land of a Thousand Karens (Maskachusetts) and there hasn’t been a peep out of a single sheeple who sees me this way in any store. It is absolutely routine for me now.

      Moonbats are cowards at the root.


  22. Bamalaker says:

    30 minutes south of Birmingham AL, I have only worn a mask once when I took my dog to vet. I work for a small business. One boss wears a mask if the customer has one on, the other boss never wears one. So far I have gotten away with not wearing one. A couple weeks ago I got back to almost no customers wearing one but then the media started in with “the numbers are going up” so now almost all of my customers are wearing them. No one has said a word to me about not wearing one. Our business never shut down. All the stores are open whether you wear one or not. Hoarding and scarcity was bad the first time but not this time. My husband has never worn a mask and no one he works with does either (electrician). His business never shutdown and they’ve been extremely busy. Almost everyone in my family and friends are completely against wearing a mask and thinks the only way this ends is by taking away all power from every democrat in November.

    Liked by 4 people

  23. lemmonee says:

    Harrison County, N.E. Texas, about 20 miles from Louisiana border. I take care of mom and dad so I wear mask and use sanitizer. We went mask mandatory at noon last Friday state wide. The last few weeks less masks were worn, during the height many wore. Covid numbers for us are, 20 new cases, note half were in long term care facilities, bring our active to 106, recovered stands at 328, deaths 30. We hadnt had any new cases nor deaths for a while. Mother needed dentist visit. We finally went and they extracted a broken tooth. We get call that a staff member in the office had tested positve. My mother had taken the call so I had some questions. Was it one of the 2 people that worked on her, and was the person ill or asymptomatic? I explained I am not asking identity but I thought it important for us to know. They would not answer. Two weeks was Monday, so we are fine. Today my daughter went to a convenience store. Clerk asked her to put on mask, she did it was in her purse. Before she left 3 others came into the store, the clerk didnt ask them to put on masks. Mask should be worn by those with compromised immunity, elderly and those that take care of them. We need those that are healthy and young to carry on and develop our herd immunity so we can kiss this b.s. goodbye.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. chuck lowe says:

    Kansas City – the nurse across the street, works at Research – no fatalities a slight uptick in hospitalizations and the patients are “not nearly as sick”.

    It’s over, despite what the media tells ya. And yes, we are all humiliated and forced to wear masks for NO REASON.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. “Mad Mask Disease “


    Liked by 4 people

  26. Paul says:

    I read an article by a doctor who is also a lawyer that stated “wearing a mask is like using chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of the house” they don’t work. I read another piece from an expert that claimed “locking people in their home wrecks their immune system” I believe both of these because they backed up their truth statement with science.

    My son, who is a Navy vet, has filed suit against the city of Jacksonville because of their mask ordinance. I told him if they can force you to wear a mask if you are healthy, then they can force you to wear anything.

    This whole thing is just another rotten hoax.

    I am very happy he did.

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  27. j1u2l3i4a5 says:

    We live in the Bay Area of California, so I don’t think I need to say more. In our village of 40,000, there has maybe been 2 deaths in 4 months and 100 cases of the virus but we wear masks everywhere, can’t sing in church, can’t inside restaurants. In fact, the ABC part of Newsom’s cavalry (Alcohol) shut our village outside eating down last Saturday night. They even had guns on their belts. Surreal.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Paul Northcutt says:

    Here in SE AZ, (Sierra Vista) the Mayor has a mask policy when in a commercial establishment, but not in restaurants or bars. Most things are open in our city.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. JR Lammers says:

    Here in rural southern Vermont, life just goes on. Some folks wear masks, some don’t. Nobody seems too concerned. It’s a place where common sense has deep roots.

    Liked by 3 people

    • steph_gray says:

      I know well that it certainly used to be.

      But I hope you can get rid of Janet Mills! That woman is certifiable! Looks like LePage will run again in 2022. I am in MA but Howie Carr does a terrific job covering the politics in all the New England states, and when he has LePage on the show I drop everything and listen – the guy is awesome.


  30. Wes says:

    Santa Cruz, California. One of the curious and unfortunate mandates are the beach closures. Although they seem to have finally given up enforcement, for a time it was allowable to walk through the sand to the water, but you couldn’t walk or be “on” the beach. My neighbors came back from a walk and explained that they were told to leave where they were standing on the sand, with a threat of citation. They asked why the kid next to them was allowed to remain. He had a boogie board, and so was “in” the water.
    Junior (Life) Guards was cancelled this year. Such a bummer! Kids in the sun and in the water getting loads of fun, social interaction and exercise. Why cancel such a low-risk group (age 9-16), in a covid-resistant sunshine environment. And it’s not like they are standing on each other… lots of naturally occurring social distancing, etc.
    Among all the mandates, this in particular seems darker than others.

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    • Eugene says:

      Fellow Santa Cruzian. I have a good friend here, higher up in law enforcement. Tried to call Gail Newel to stop the 11am-5pm beach restriction because it was unenforceable. Couldn’t reach her…she was on vacation!!!


  31. Jenevive says:

    Well Our Govenor Lamont (CT) announce we had NO Covid deaths
    since yesterday..first time in months..


  32. robindranoth says:

    Northern NH. Lot of angry looking mask wearing people, and I know they hate seeing those of us who will not wear them. I will not shop in places that force people to mask up. I left my job when they tried to impose a mask on me. I did not file for unemployment because it was only 16 hours a week.
    I am a home body, so I don’t venture far, but I always inquire of employees wearing masks as to what they think, and I am dismayed that they do not rise up against it enmass. If the employees got together and walked in and said we are no longer wearing your face diapers, I think it would go a long way in alleviating the problem.
    Even if they just leave it as a choice. Someone told me in a shoe store that she wears it for “solidarity” purpose. I told her masks aren’t worn out of love, and that was a lie straight from the pit of hell

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  33. DavidH@MN says:

    In Minnesota it seems that much latitude is given to private businesses to set their own standard for enforcement, from ‘masks optional’ to ‘no admittance without’. It seems that the Democrat Governor Walz’ reopen plan is to offer terse warnings and threats, and then relying on the national COVID terror campaign to scare people into self enforcing masks, social distancing, and voluntary stay at home. Most indoor recreational venues appear to be closed still by mandate from the state governement. What infuriates me most about the COVID terrorism/propaganda machine is the top-to-bottom blackout of real solutions. I watched this very recent interview of Texas Doctor Richard Bartlett on “America, Can We Talk?” with Debbie Georgatos, that now has my BLOOD BOILING. You need to watch this and take whatever action you deem appropriate. I have spent the last several hours contacting (hopefully) attentive Senators.

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  34. Brian L says:

    Basically back to normal here in Washington except masks are required when in public buildings, stores etc.


  35. coolmamie says:

    South Carolina.

    Everything is open. Many businesses at less than full capacity. Medical visits and physical therapy visits require temp.

    Some of the larger cities now requiring masks. I am 67 and have been wearing a mask since April and I don’t mind. Not sure if it hurts or helps, but easy to do and it seems considerate of others. Only a few businesses require masks. I don’t mind businesses requiring masks, but I do not approve of governments requiring. Our governor, McMaster does not require statewide. Says impossible to enforce. I agree.

    I am eager to hear of SD upcoming tour, but don’t waste your time on SC. We are overwhelmingly Trump already. I was in Lake Murray Trump Boat Parade on Sunday, and there were over 2500 boats. Flags galore.

    SC is absolutely the BEST.

    Liked by 1 person

    • steph_gray says:

      Respectfully, I recommend that you read up here on the reasons why:

      1) It doesn’t help (the virus can get through easily – masks simply don’t work).

      2) It can hurt (Co2, germs).

      3) And most of all, it is a mind control measure to take away our freedom as Americans – not to mention help the mind controllers to identify the free thinkers among us.

      Please, please, I beg of all treepers – do not buy the “wear it as a courtesy” or “just to make people feel better” tropes – they are the worst of all propaganda and lies.

      I am not saying never wear one in any circumstance – I’m forced to in order to buy food, so I do, but I take steps, such as wearing labels on mine, wearing it incorrectly, taking it off or pulling it down or whatever I can think of at any and every moment to signal that THIS IS WRONG!!!

      The time is FAR past when wearing or not wearing the mask could be viewed as a non-political act. It is now the tip of the spear in the culture war. Please treat it accordingly and don’t help the fascist left.


      • coolmamie says:

        I do not take offense to your message, but my opinion is based on the consensus of what I have read. Pro and con. You include some of the better “con” arguments. On what do you base your expertise?

        I know one thing for sure, when I sneeze with a mask on, it greatly reduces the spray.

        More is known about this virus every day, but it is still a mystery. I do not consider a CLEAN mask to be a harm to me for the short periods of time I wear it.

        This is not, nor should it be a political act or statement. It is basically because i don’t want to get the virus, and I do not want people around me to feel worried when I sneeze. They have no idea where I have been.


  36. Say Whatt?? says:

    Berks cty PA lifelong resident and US citizen: Local DA and law enforcement have stated its not priority to enforce any dictates from Tyrant in chief wolf! most stores have mask signs but large majority wont question it. Id say about 75 %of people are masked in store only.

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  37. TimT says:

    Oxford County(western Maine)
    What’s Covid? As close to normal as you can be. Stores and restaurants open. Inside dining with spacing between tables.

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  38. uvaldegirl says:

    San Diego is tightening again. Beaches were open over the 4th, which brought in people from LA and Orange Co, which closed beaches. For a while, things had felt freer and on the upswing.
    Now indoor dining is closed again. Restaurants are going back to take-out only. The beaches still open. Teens and most people seem to be ignoring social distancing mandates and living their lives.
    There are mask shamers, especially in indoor environments. Also, people will swerve dramatically to social distance, but most people, government notwithstanding, are not as totalitarian as you’d think for SoCal.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. Here’s another update from NY Covid Compliance Central: This northern Westchester town is no doubt proud to be the first (and not the last I’m sure) town in this FU state to mandate mask wearing.
    That means the cops can bust you for not wearing your muzzle.
    I don’t understand how they can do that however, if you are just walking around.
    As far as I know, we are not mandated to carry ID cards if we are just walking. OMG- I hope that’s still true!

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  40. Steve in Greensboro says:

    Here’s a nice article article by the wonderful Salena Zito about Bristol, a town which is roughly bisected by the TN-VA state line. TN is more or less open and VA is more or less locked own. So you have a horrible regime on the North side of State Street and a more or less free regime on the South Side. Sad. Of course, the North side of State Street is under the tyrannical thumb of Ralph “The Baby Crusher” Northam.

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  41. Zimbalistjunior says:

    Still marooned in LA. Beverlywood area.
    The protests/ riots changed a lot: people’s attitudes to isolating shifted. They started going out, meeting up with friends etc.
    But there is still adherence here to most of the restrictions:
    Masks on In stores (if they’re open)
    Half the people wearing masks even when just walking through neighborhood and no one nearby
    Playground opened then closed

    People are pretty chill in this hood. Half the people don’t usually work anyway so they’ve gotten used to this pretty easily.

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  42. AlwaysRight says:

    Eastern, NC

    Raleigh is a suburb of Mars (the planet) populated with aliens, not Americans.

    Farther east where I am, some men are wearing masks – when they are sanding on fiberglass boats. Others, not so much. We have a few liberals on weekends who bring their masks with them which are worn like a badge. We just snicker and carry on.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Steve in Greensboro says:

      Just moved from the Democratic People’s Republic of Chapel Hill to more civilized and mountainous parts West. I sympathize for those of you who for job reasons (probably) are stuck in the commie provinces.


  43. Linda K. says:

    Murrieta, California in Southern California is open for business, flying Trump flags, all in defiance of Governor Newsom.

    Liked by 2 people

  44. drdeb says:

    What virus? GA NE Mountains on Lake Nottely! The only issues we have experienced are doctors, and one medical center requiring masks and restaurant workers and only them in masks. Went to local hospital for scheduled tests and masks are now optional.

    Driving to Colorado Springs, next month. We are praying for an event free travel. We ordered those fishing hats with the clear visors, in case we are ordered to be masked, in transit.

    Learned the hard way that folks who wear hearing aids should NOT wear those masks! Ventured to a Costco, ripped off the suffocating mask upon exit. Great NOT. Knocked one of my hearing aids off my ear and onto the floor of the exit. Discovered this, drove 40 miles back, retrieved my “runned over” beautiful pink device which looked nasty. Fortunately it works just fine!

    Let this madness END! I have been wearing hearing aids for most of my life.
    Never Again will I mask my face over them!

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  45. Richie says:

    Was in Ventura County CA since Sunday thru Tuesday. Stayed at a resort on the beach. The local law making scum bags in charge shut down all 4th of July celebrations on the Beach. The scum bags want everyone to wear a face covering wherever they go. Pool was closed but basketball courts are open because thay makes sense. When into a bar at the resort to buy a bottle of wine…guy working inside interrupted my purchase to ask if I had a mask…I said yeah I have one right here..but I was not wearing it. I try not to wear a mask at all to set an example but I keep it in my pocket just in case I need to enter a store and am told to put it on. So far, I have had no problem without a mask inside any gas station however any grocery store or restraunt will require it.
    .Just doing my best to stay away from the body snatchers.. Waiting for November to come around when I expect this all to end at which time I hope Trump makes all of them pay dearly for the plandemic hoax they forced us all to suffer through.

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  46. Suzanne says:

    I’m in rural north Georgia and we have been going about our lives pretty much as usual. Yes the schools closed, and yes there was a massive run on TP and then a smaller run on meat for a while and a bunch of small businesses closed but Kemp re-opened us early. All in all it’s been pretty much as before. Servers and store workers wear masks but I would guess only about 20% of the rest of the populace wears them. I have yet to put one on. The sheriffs around here grew up here and like life just as it’s always been thank you very much so their tendency would be to look the other way.

    Liked by 2 people

  47. Ausonius says:

    A handful of Ohio counties (maybe a handful and a half) have just mandated masks in public: these are the counties of e.g. Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and Cleveland, all cities run into the ground by DEMS.

    So if you live in a suburb and think you can shop maskless there, GOTCHA! No escape!

    We will be driving to the nearby rural county to do our shopping now!

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  48. David says:

    South Bay LA. I wear a mask typically in public if I expect to be around people. I would wear one even if the governor didn’t ask. I wore a jock and a cup when I played baseball. I figured a little discomfort was worth the long term risk. Same with masks.

    Most things that I don’t frequent are either not open, or highly restricted. Bars, clubs, gyms not open. Restaurants highly restricted. I guess I was a social distancer long before it became trendy.

    Tennis, beach, golf open and not a lot of competition for space. Mask rules to and from, but if that keeps other people from going then I say great. I hope that they keep the mask requirements for the next decade. It is the Machiavellian in me.


  49. Ordinaryman says:

    Western Mountains in NC. Partial mask wearing in grocery stores. Signs posted in most store entrances with exception for respiratory stress which most everyone seems to have. Travel AAA just required masks to be worn and they ask you not to come in without one. I will be booking my own travel now. Had my Trump 2020 shirt on in Sam’s today and got 5 thumbs up comments and one sneer.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. Zachary says:

    Sacramento, CA
    Almost all stores have posted notices that all who enter must have a face covering, This is fairly recent. Last month, some stores were optional, but now our crazy governor has closed indoor dining again, as well as bars. It seems like things are changing every week or two, but very few people are resisting the scam. I almost never wear a scam mask, or I take it off once I enter the establishment, especially if I see at least one other person not wearing a scam mask. My wife argues with me about it, but I have not been confronted by any mask Nazis yet. Everyone here seems to know it’s a scam but for some reason, they just go along with the program. I don’t. I push my luck and force the establishment to enforce the rule on me, but this has only happened once and that was at Lowe’s in West Sacramento. And if the establishment forces me to entertain the stupidity, I won’t give them my money. This is why I stopped shopping at Costco and changed over to Sam’s Club.

    Within the last three weeks, I have gone on a two overnight saltwater fishing trips aboard charter boats that are open to the general public, and every fisherman knows the rules. Everyone puts on the scam mask at first, but once the boat leaves the dock, everyone takes off his mask and laughs about what a scam it all is. Social distancing on a fishing boat? Hahaha. Wearing a scam mask 40 miles out to sea? You (Governor Newsome) must be smoking the really good stuff.

    The Home Depot near my house does not enforce the mask scam. The other day at Sam’s Club, the employee at the entrance checking everyone’s membership was wearing a scam mask, but she had it pulled down below her nose and mouth, so I didn’t even bother to fake it, and once inside I saw that even some employees were not wearing scam masks. People need to push back against this nonsense. I’m easy-going most of the time, but I won’t run from confrontation when I know I am right.

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