Do You Really Want The Book?..

Begin with the end in mind.

Whatever happened to…

You see, a funny thing happens when you intercept fraud…. It disappears.

That’s just one tiny example.  There are thousands more pixels.

Which sets up a question.  It’s a very big ugly digest.  All of it.  The sum is much more than its collective parts.  So, do you really want the book?  It’s a trilogy: (Vol 1) The Politics. (Vol 2) The Fraud. (Vol 3) The confrontation.

The number one statement I receive is a version of: “I wish I had never started following your research, because it was so much easier when I did not to know.”  Simultaneously, I receive an equal amount of requests to write a book about them.  [“Them” doesn’t just include the background surveillance against Donald J Trump (aka Spygate), although that’s a recently common reference.]

Here is why I have never, until now, contemplated doing it.

There are many really good and well-written books about politics and scandals.  However, every book, regardless of how well cited, researched and evidenced, always has a big missing part, at least for me: Where’s the confrontation?

Where’s the part in the ‘expose” when the writer takes all of the facts, all of the evidence, all of the cited and documented discovery, and gets in the face of the subject?

What’s the purpose, if not to initiate action.

Where’s the book writer of DC corruption who puts a microphone uncomfortably in the face of Mitch McConnell (or staff), or Peter Strzok, or Andrew McCabe, or John Brennan, or Kevin Clinesmith…  and asks the questions… or confronts Jake Tapper… or travels to the symposium,.. or Tom Perez… or Martin Gugino… or the team of Bubba Wallace…. or Rod Rosenstein… and challenges them in unavoidable detail, to document that part.

Relentlessly.  Visibly.

The answers are just as easily found on the perimeter; but no-one is there.

That Andrew Breitbart approach is always missing; that’s why we miss him so much.

The recent books are great.  I have likely read most.  They are terrific data records and they show solid documentary evidence on a multitude of schemes, but drive no outcome.

We gain knowledge; we seem satisfied; but perhaps, just perhaps, we are satiated only because we have stopped thinking about the purpose any longer.   What value is there in knowing the fraud and scheme if there is no confrontation to conclude it.  Maybe even stop it, or expose it on a level that cannot be denied.

Ongoing denial of truth permits continued trespass.

The villain escapes, ultimately because we have stopped the accountability quest.

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Next book, new controversy…. new evidence…. same shallow outcome.

Put another way – CTH receives hundreds of requests for interviews on some of our deep dive research; so many that we just don’t respond to them any longer.  But when we did respond, consider this customary reply:

My honest and respectfully intended question to you would be: What is it that makes media folks always want to “get an interview” when the information is there for the taking?

Perhaps, by training, by habit, or by unintended consequence you have developed yourself to live for the process itself as an end result. Is it logical to believe that journalism is the interview; the conversation is the point; the smoke is the fire?

Please forgive my uneducated and poorly worded suppositions, but apparently journalism has evolved into reveling in the process and, as a consequence, it completely ignores the end point, misses the bottom line, doesn’t actually SEE the subject matter and never actually applies what might be discovered.

In fact, I’m led to believe that sometimes those within the industrial media complex avoid the subject matter deliberately, because if they get their heads around it and nail it home, they won’t have anything to talk about any more–because they will have exhausted their stash.

Not attempting whatsoever to lump your intention into such a fray; however, many have gotten into the habit of milking each situation for “so many leads,” “so many interviews,” “so many column inches,” and “so many angles” that problem-solving does not appeal to them at all. They oddly appear to favor the endless process.

So when there’s an approach like what you are encountering with our significant site research, and my reluctance for self involvement, I don’t fit –because I don’t give a flip about “the process.” And therefore, I do not fit into the rationale of the box or the PERT chart.

If you want to make these truths known, they are free for the taking; and they are by no matter or consequence dependent on my advancement.

The same general outlook applies to my perspective on writing books.  Should not the book itself drive an action?  Does not that action, by necessity require a confrontation?

There you have it.

That’s why I have never written a book about all of the subjects we have deeply researched.

That said, the first two volumes of the Big Ugly trilogy are essentially written.  Vol. I “The Politics”; and Vol II “The Frauds”, are assembled.  The summaries of over a decade of CTH material makes each one about 700-1,000 pages (with citations).  But the missing volume III, “The Confrontations” precludes the release.  I will not release a book outlining fraud without initiating an unavoidable confrontation to expose each individual fraud on a very specific level.

So there’s the question: Do you really want the book?

It’s not really a book, per se’, the pages would be released digitally in live-stream video, a rather direct series of confrontations based on prior assembly.

Recent events have shifted the dynamic.

It would be very ugly, and most likely very public.

Think about it.

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  1. farmerren says:

    I can’t get past Sundance’s example of Martin Gugino, the activist for VOL 3.

    Here’s where Sundance provides info about Martin Gugino, activist. This happened in Buffalo.

    (Background: The policemen were arrested, charged and out on bail.
    Gugino (MG) was released from the hospital 5 days ago. ABC, CNN, USA Today have reports via my search using Duck Duck Go. Info provided by MG’s lawyer.)

    So this is one specific case where confrontation / challenges with Mr. Gugino, a mayor, MG’s lawyer, the Buffalo prosecutor, could have happened or still can be taken, for starters.

    Interviews, confrontations, and challenges would have to occur (think Barr, McConnell).
    Will this be a new activity of the CTH?

    VOL 3: Getting the word out quickly via all social media, not just Twitter is a must I believe.

    VOL 1-3: A book still should be considered down the road. It’s history Sundance.
    Then the movie :-).

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    • suejeanne1 says:

      I was just going to look for the newest information about Martin Gugino –

      totally seemed to have been dropped from the “breaking news” category – that to me seems a tip-off – this modest Catholic “worker” – where did he go? Is he in rehab?

      I would love to see something actually happen as the result of “connecting the dots” – we keep getting promises of “bombshells” here and there and “the other shoe is about to drop” – send me a postcard!

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        This guy is lonnnnngggg time connected. Hung out
        with the Berrigan brothers. All the old schoolers know
        each other. He probably has Ayers or similar pulling
        strings to keep him in the background. Or is a CIA/
        FBI operative from back in the day.

        The ones that keep themselves out of the news
        are the ones that are actually getting things done
        in the background.

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Reality, it could be a postmortem. But, someone must tell the story Sundance. Somewhere, someday, someone will blow the dust off and old usb drive and the reader will know how it happen.

      The Bible tells us that America will not be their at the end time. But not when.

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      • Ken Lawson says:

        islandpalmtrees – You’re right, but few here seem to understand end times prophecy or at least are unwilling to face the fact that by not being mentioned in end times prophecy, this means that America either won’t exist at the end times or if it does exist it will be as a weak country, possibly even a satellite of a more powerful country (much like Soviet bloc countries were under the control of Russia during the Soviet Union’s existence). That does not mean that we should not fight to save America for as long as possible. Even though things are grim and it sure seems like we’re at least at the door of the end times, we have no idea how long it really will be before God says enough and moves the world to the end. What we do know is that God promised to heal a nation if its citiens would repent of its sin and turn to Him and follow him by living lives that honor Him (II Chronicles 7:14). God even went so far as to start the healing of America without the people doing their part (His start was giving us this president). But since we have not responded by abandoning our sinful ways and following Him, there’s no reason to think that his gift to us will last. At some point He will stop it and allow punishment to come on us and the world for not honoring Him. That could be today or many years in the future, we do not know. I certainly think we’re on the precipice of it happening and He may even allow a Trump loss in this election because Americans wallow in their sin and don’t abandon their evil ways. I think that we should fight to save America and reelect the president, but what people need to understand is that the best way to do that is to repent of your sin and turn to God, then pray for spiritual revival in America. That will do more for what is going on in America than anything else because if we do that, God will surely help us in this election and in dealing with the efforts of the Marxists who are trying to take over.

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    • spoogels says:

      Doesn’t It Seem Strange Martin Gugino (Unstable Guy With Bloody Ear Drum) Also Shows Himself Rock Climbing?

      EXPOSED: Anti-Cop Agitator Martin Gugino Belongs to the Communist Catholic Worker Movement



      Martin Gugino Is a Provocateur


      Professional Antifa Provocateur Dupes Buffalo Officials – 57 Officers Resign
      57 Officers Resign…………………………………………….Martin Gugino is a 75-year-old professional agitator and Antifa provocateur who brags on his blog about the number of times he can get arrested and escape prosecution. Gugino’s Twitter Account is also filled with anti-cop sentiment


      Washington told The New York Post that Gugino has been “at every important protest in Buffalo in the past 10 years.” Here are 13 more facts about the long-time peace activist:

      Born in 1945, he grew up in Buffalo.
      From Buffalo, he moved to Cleveland, where he worked in computer technology.
      –>From Cleveland, he returned to Western New York and worked with several activists.
      –> He actively supported the Kings Bay Plowshares, a group of anti-nuclear activists convicted of entering a nuclear submarine station in Georgia, USA.
      He lives in Amherst in Erie County, New York.
      –>He is the treasurer of the People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH) Buffalo, a community organization dedicated to affordable housing, equitable jobs and ecological sustainability for the West Side of Buffalo.
      –>He worked with Witness Against Torture, a group calling for the closure of Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba.
      He worked with the Western New York (WNY) Peace Center, a human rights group based in Buffalo.
      In November 2019, he was a guest speaker at an annual dinner for the Western New York Peace Center.
      He was politically active on social media and a staunch critic of Donald Trump.
      Greta Thunberg condemned his encounter with the Buffalo PD.
      Patricia Arquette called his encounter with the Buffalo PD elderly abuse.
      After his encounter with the Buffalo PD, he is represented by Kelly V. Zarcone.

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  2. Jerry Joe says:

    You would definately need two versions of each Trilogy. One version for the many persons, like those here, wanting the same in an easy to access, printed reference documenting this arguably most historic period in our rather short, but red, white & blue existence. A second version would have to take the form of a textbook; Chapters and Sections followed by Discussion points and recommended readings – as have already appeared on these pages were thoughtful and thought provoking comments – your choice as the author to which direction you would prefer those discussions occur. Glossary, Index and Appendices being mandatory.

    Teaching this history at a post-secondary level of education would soon be viewed no differently that any other general education requirement. If your research is not taught to new generations, it won’t matter if any ‘confrontation’ bore redress.

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  3. Right to reply says:

    Trump could release everything, but he doesn’t. I have never understood that

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  4. Masc says:

    In order for a book to have an impact, on current events, it has to be timely. Unfortunately, history is moving so fact, that any topic, on which a current affairs book would be written, will be old news before it goes to print. And, we have additional evidence coming to light every single week. This can change conclusions. Then you have the problem of the current evidence supporting more than one conclusion. We all know that certain parties within the US government, the Democrat Party and other interested parties were involved in a massive effort to remove an elected President from office. What we do not know, for certain, is exactly why this was done and all of the people involved. Better to wait and write a historical tract when this has all concluded.


  5. Bigly says:

    The image of that 70 something getting knocked over

    Here is the press conference , the first question just goes on and on about it….cosmic example of the enemy of the cops/people

    Brietbart was taken out before 2012, no doubt in my mind and Limbaugh too – it sounds nuts but how hard would it be reading the CIA emails in 2016, they know how to take control of a car….


  6. Tl Howard says:

    It’s not just a coup. It’s about how members of the Senate and the House pass or don’t pass legislation because they are bought. There are all kinds of methods of persuasion, some legal, but many are illegal.


  7. trumpetter says:

    I understand Sundance’s point, but in the event, that there is not a confrontation, what if he doesn’t write it. Here is one of the most important pieces of investigative journalism in the past century if not more and why wouldn’t he write the book. Why not own the subject, then let others make movies about it.

    The left is trying to take over our history. Over the weekend I saw a History Channel movie on Washington and all the narrators were BLM, Colin Powell and Bill Clinton – that’s because they want to be seen as authorities on this subject. However, we know the truth in that they are destroyers.

    If you really believe in all those countless hours of investigation and documentation, then write the book to get it out there and be the number one source and expert on this subject. Then, perhaps the time for confrontation will produce itself.

    Sundance, you have God and the truth on your side. Our country needs your insight, the rest will work itself out.

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  8. Tl Howard says:

    Sundance starts this post with the pic of the professional trouble maker pretending to be hurt by a tiny push from an officer of the law.

    Whatever happened to him? Some newspaper accounts quoted his attorney as saying he had a bad concussion and was in ICU.

    Was that even true?

    I thought we saw slo mo and still pics of the actors “tube of blood” in that guys’ upper body?
    Whatever happened to those pics?

    So, perhaps Sundance is talking about STARTING with THAT CONFRONTATION, the one that would have to include that police dept., the hospital that he was sent to, his attorney, the man himself if one could find him, etc. AND ALL THE NETWORKS WHO CLAIMED THIS GUY WAS BADLY HURT BY A TINY SHOVE FROM THE POLICE. Or, perhaps even the police who shoved him were involved too.

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    • 4EDouglas says:

      Candace Owen


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Foot in the door. Jussie Smollet was the first big break
      sanity has had in this direction. Dave Chappelle was far
      from the first black person to doubt Smollett. He knew that
      it was safe to say, so he said it.

      Could have told many here the same thing. The watercooler
      talk around my black co-workers was way interesting back
      then. They didn’t even pull the “hush, there’s a white guy
      coming” routine that I am all too familiar with.

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  9. Eskyman says:

    We already have the facts, that the MSM won’t ever publish.

    We already have mountains of evidence, that no one outside this site ever sees.

    What we need, as Sundance said, is people who will get IN-THEIR-FACE and question them!

    That’s why I strongly support Laura Loomer, who’s running in Florida, even though I’m in Texas.

    As you probably know, Laura is banned on Twitter, banned on Facebook, banned on YouTube, Instagram, and virtually every other popular social media site- though she can still be found on which, unlike the others, supports freedom of speech.

    Laura Loomer is the closest person to Andrew Breitbart that I know of. Please mention any others that have backbones of titanium and no fear of confrontation, so I might help support them too!

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    • TrustyHaste says:

      Eskyman, Your fellow Texan, Alex Jones confronts the swamp early and often. He confronted CEO of Google, Eric Swalwell, Marco Rubio, Congressmen Ted Deutch and more. He is not shy about getting in faces.


    • uselogic19 says:

      Gonna be tough for her. If the district included West Palm, she might have a shot. The gerrymandered it for Dems. Might have to throw a donation her way though. I hope she wins.


  10. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    ” I will not release a book outlining fraud without initiating an unavoidable confrontation to expose each individual fraud on a very specific level.
    So there’s the question: Do you really want the book?”
    What I really want is ALL the “ugly” confronted, which I think will be brought about by this.
    So, YES to your question.
    Just remember, it will assure you a place in the National Garden of American Heroes.

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  11. atomichillbilly says:

    Write it!
    Publish it NOW!
    Yesterday would be even better.

    We trust you Sundance.

    It’s time to decide what to do with them and get the ball rolling!


  12. MaineCoon says:

    IMMEDIATELY backup all your research on mainframes where only you have the code with daily backups. All web-based data is for everyone else.

    One by one you will be banned from all platforms…have many Plan Bs, many platforms where you can be found as you are banned from one site.

    Protect this site so you never jeopardize contact with Treepers; possibly a private site, subscription-only to reduce trolls, hacking issues, viruses, etc. Can’t ever lose contact with your support – just like PT doesn’t. You might need us to post on our pages the address to a new platform. Plan on moving from one site to another and many here would post notices of a pending live stream. Trump’s built a network. You’ll need one too.

    Target the worst subjects first which will have the biggest potential impact as time wears people down.

    Create your own SS.

    PT gave the call to action at Mt Rushmore. Get your ducks in a row and come out fighting.

    I support this venture.

    God bless you and your team Sundance.

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  13. help4newmoms says:

    Is it possible that they want us wearing masks to PREVENT herd immunity?

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    • plumnelly1 says:

      No …it’s to “Cow you down”.

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    • Ken Lawson says:

      Even if they did, it wouldn’t work. The CDC has already said that masks won’t protect anyone from getting the virus. They will only help keep it from spreading from already infected patients. So, if you’re infected and wear one, you might keep someone else from getting covid19, but if you’re not infected, then wearing one will not protect you from getting it.


  14. help4newmoms says:

    Is it possible that they want us wearing masks to PREVENT herd immunity?

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  15. Big Bubba says:

    I would be happier if Sundance was advising the President on these matters vs. writing a book.

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    • Asciimom says:

      I agree with you. Sundance’s anonymity is too valuable.

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      • Bill says:

        While I agree with this sentiment, the deep scum knows who Sundance is. In this day and age nobody is secret any more. Technology is our biggest hurdle to overcome this evil. And after we do overcome, we MUST make sure to never let this evil rise again. As the next time, technology is going to be so powerful that if evil people control it, we are all doomed.

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        • Big Bubba says:

          @Bill You are absolutely correct. I know who Sundance is or at least the original Sundance. Crazy huh? Followers of the site since the beginning will remember the identity was leaked to ruin the person in those early days. So I’m certain the people “in the know” know as well. However I don’t know if SD is still a single entity or more a collaborative effort at this point. Either way – very grateful for this site. It’s honest journalism and really helps to navigate through the fog of obfuscation, outright lies, and social engineering in the media today.

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  16. Burma Shave says:

    Sundance, I could count on both hands the number of times I’ve posted here, although I think I’ve read nearly all of what you’ve published since I discovered this site in 2018. My post yesterday to Menagerie’s thread was cathartic. My post here is of action. I encourage you to publish, and I would respectfully suggest that you provide specific coordinated action steps we can take to support you as you engage in a new means of battle.

    When our churches closed their doors, I skipped Zoom and took the scriptural path of assuming spiritual leadership of my family as the head of the household. Fittingly, my message this morning was from Ephesians 6:10 and 1 Samuel 17: The Battle Belongs to the Lord. David knew that no weapon against him would stand.

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  17. cattastrophe says:

    I want you to do what you want to do for the outcome you want to inspire or cause.

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  18. DanJ says:

    I don’t disagree with you one bit. I refer to what is happening in the world of “reporting” and “journalism” as LAZY JOURNALISM.
    Journalists are given a task and a conclusion and told to write an article. The dutifully sit in their pj’s in their parents’ basements, google searches at the ready, and churn out the 400 or 600 word article, start to finish. They know that they can’t get it past their editors, so they need to find a quote from an “expert”. Sometimes that “expert” is another journalist (this is the NPR model). There is no skepticism in the process. They’ve already written the quote, they just need to get an email or recording with approximately the same information. Or find a couple reliable “unnamed sources”/ They don’t even want to consider an alternative conclusion or risk an answer that they don’t already know. That would mean more work or worse, an alternate possibility!
    No skepticism. No objectivity or independence. No hard reporting. No tough questions. No research. Just LAZY JOURNALISM.

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  19. mugzey302 says:

    What we face today is different from what we have faced before, in conspiracies and scandals, because the veneer is gone and the malevolence is in our faces. The demonic tactics are in full view, for those who will look and see the reality of it. The battle is much bigger, on many different fronts, knowing how/where to marshall our forces is critical. But, exposing truth to the masses is critical, that’s the priority right now. Deciding what to do about that truth comes next.

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  20. drg13miami says:

    Wow, I respect so many of you Treepers and clearly our Leader Sundance.

    It seems a bit presumptuous for Treepers to be suggesting to start questions with this one, then that one, ad infinitum.

    Sundance has given so much of himself. I hope he’s strong.

    Does anyone actually think Sundance isn’t aware of what he’s going to next do?

    I have to hope; and I do believe that Sidney, Don, Jr., Rudy, et al., have made Our Great President aware of CTH, and that he knows exactly what’s going on. Further I believe that significant material will be doled out to the public as the election comes closer.

    Much respect and admiration in my corner for Sundance.

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  21. Hell yes. I would devour it.

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  22. III% says:

    The confrontation must happen at some point. Better on our terms than theirs. God grant it open eyes and help correct course in this nation. Go for it Sundamce, I’ve got your six and will join you in anyway I can.

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  23. Sundance, the answer is YES. And, yes to the necessary mess..
    [So are you saying we each need to BE Andrew Breitbart where we are? How? – As in, I’m in Nashville so I take the situation Here and go to my Mayor and press for what factual data gave him the determination to cancel the city’s July 4th fireworks public celebration And yet allow a large downtown BLM protest to publicly gather on that day? Claim citizen-journalist status? Then what? Cry foul to who and where? Or, Turn the tables and apply for a BLM protest permit and have a July 4th like celebration in how we do it.]
    Help us make this very purposeful, necessary mess – for how else will real effective change ever happen? It is past time and we are hungry for justice and righteousness to be our applied standard.


  24. Chewbarkah says:

    Pompous advice for Sundance or whoever wants it:
    Focus on a vision of what YOU want the outcome to be.
    The vision will tell you what to do.
    Anticipate the roadblocks and strategize how to surmount them.
    Enlist assistance. Many want to help, but need practical guidance on how. There is a great tool for organizing specific action right here.

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  25. Og Oggilby says:

    The Best of Andrew Breitbart….

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  26. Paul Murphy says:

    I agree completely with your view that publishing books of claims, evidence, and/or interpretation without an action plan is somewhat pointless. Personally I’m interested in first causes rather than prosecutions (see my website), but share and understand the frustration people like you and James O’Keefe must feel as you reveal the evidence and then see nothing happen to the bad guys.

    May I offer a not-thought-through-yet suggestion? Write one book: “the big ugly” backing much of the analysis by reference to the website rather than through inclusion, and co-author that book with someone bringing significant federal prosecutorial expertise. Couch every chapter as a case file covering everything from grand jury prep to summation notes and offer part of the proceeds to support people willing to force action.

    Most states will not allow ordinary citizens to file federal charges; but I believe some, including Maryland, do – and most have a process under which civilians (in the DOJ context) can use the office of the district court commissioner to initiate proceedings.

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  27. inrecordtimes says:

    The answer is a profound “Hell YES!”


  28. spankynotalfalfa says:

    It is time to individually step forward, and be an Andrew Breitbart. Be a change agent and do not retreat. Question the GOPe, and do not relent because they are evasive. Press forward! I have committed to writing my Congressman and Senators on everything that is critical. Take the time and do it, but don’t stop there. Do the same for the swamp support creatures that carry their water. Speak up in every forum.. disengage from social media if you will not battle the there. The time is short. The course has been set.

    If you haven’t noticed, they are attacking everything we stand for. The call has gone out from Sundance, General Flynn and our VSG President Trump. The time has come to declare
    “I am Andrew Breitbart! I am Spartacus! I am Patrick Henry!” The battle cry and the trumpet have been sounded.

    There will soon come a time when they will seek us out, so don’t wait for them. Move forward now. It will require prayer, and then action. Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. The OODA Loop is a requirement for battle, whether it is in physical war or spiritual war, or political war. Make no mistake, they have declared war.

    This is The Last Refuge! So named because of the state of our country and current society. Engage the enemies: socialism, anarchy, apathy, the cancel-culture. Let’s take back our country from the rioters and sociopathic political class in every jurisdiction.

    You are here for a reason. The last chapter is being written and you have a huge part to play. Join your close friends and trustworthy associates in preparation for the reality that is upon us. If we shirk from this task that is upon us, we will be relegated to a battle from the shadows, as a counterinsurgency. That is not what I would guess we all want. The Greatest Generation has left it us to right the ship and we must preserve this Republic and our God-given rights. “As for me and my house, I will serve the Lord!”

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  29. zephyrbreeze says:

    Get the rollerblades.

    Six Memorable Breitbart Moments that Live Online


    • zephyrbreeze says:

      These Andrew Breitbart moments should be included on the list of things we want to preserve for our children and grandchildren. I get chills every time I watching Andrew take over the Weiner confession press conference. Weiner was late, so the press asked Andrew to get up and explain how the revelation of the crimes unfolded.
      OMG – this is some great theater. Love you Andrew!!!!

      Weiner press conference STARRING Andrew Breitbart.

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  30. Scott B. says:

    The late Mike Vanderboegh, of Sipsey Street Irregulars, faced a similar dilemma.

    The publication of his novel “Absolved” never happened; other than occasional blog excerpts. This was partly because of his failing health, and resultant writer’s block. More importantly, his fictional work was overtaken by real-world events that occupied Mike’s time and attention.

    IMO, volumes 1 and 2, properly disseminated, could at least put us in position to win. History is written by the victors – so let’s do it!

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  31. Back to Basics says:

    Just re-read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and strongly recommend that everyone here take the time to read it–takes about an hour.

    Make no mistake, we are at war, and time is very, very short. The upcoming presidential election may well be the inflection point from which there is no return. If the Marxists regain power, they WILL consolidate their position and ensure that an aberration like President DJT will NEVER happen again.

    We need to know our enemy, and know ourselves. If we don’t, we shall lose the Republic that our Founding Fathers laid their lives on the line to create.

    A detailed, comprehensive book would be a great long-term goal, and a movie would be even better, but we have less than 4 months to fight against a rising tide of leftists hell bent on destroying our country. They are moving the ball down the field with each passing day.

    It is going to take something truly dramatic to capture the attention of an electorate that has been thoroughly indoctrinated and lulled into hypnotic obedience by the MSM. We need to concentrate efforts to focus on exposing on at most TWO or THREE of the most shocking abuses of power by the establishment and hammer them, over and over, across as many platforms as possible, into the collective consciousness. If we try to eat the entire elephant in one bite, we will fail.

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      The Book of 5 Rings, by Miyamoto Musashi is, imho, much more readable and helpful for the world and type of fight we, mostly as individuals, find ourselves in today and for the foreseeable future. If you’re commanding divisions, Sun Tzu becomes more pertinent.


  32. aisheschayal says:

    Sundance, yes, please write it. No matter how long and you can’t wait for the confrontation because it could possibly change the outcome of a confrontation, for the better. Also, it’s exactly what the left is trying to prevent. They don’t want anyone telling the truth, proving the truth, they don’t want historical truths. The left wants to tell everyone what to believe and even then you’re only allowed to remember it for a day maybe. Definitely put the book out there and then make sure you have some really good security.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. a_missippian says:

    To spur the public to the required level of outrage & action, and bring awareness of The Sundance Confrontations to the masses, an OTA broadcast (not cable) tv network with OAN’s direction and focus would be of the greatest benefit. Can we make this happen without FCC censorship?


  34. KaweahKid says:

    My take: “Principalities and powers, rulers of darkness and wickedness in high places” work through human agents, some so insidiously invested (Crowley, Parsons/Hubbard, HRC, Soros et al.) that they too easily give the game away. The vast corpus of others, obstinately destroying in the name of some ideology or another, or just for the love of money (for it is the root of all kinds of evil), hide that evil supernaturalism behind the sheer volume of their speech and activism. There are many who take great pains to hide that supernaturalism, for they don’t want to expose the true nature of the game.

    The “confrontation” you write of necessarily involves a spiritual dimension because the root of the problem is spiritual. As a Christian I might have some suggestions, but you’re right: Books lay out the truth. The “Book” makes the Truth quite plain. However, even books written on these things from a Christian perspective seem quite bereft of the *action* phase. Perhaps that is because it is up to the reader to decide, or to “be led” by God to do something.

    I know from direct experience that the “confrontation” phase in citizen journalism is fraught with all sorts of dangers, including and especially spiritual peril. SD, I didn’t start writing this to proselytize, but please make certain that you’re protected spiritually, and equip yourself to do some spiritual warfighting, because it will come. “Clothe yourself in Christ” and “put on the full armor of God”. I have to write this because time is just so very short.

    And set about putting these things together.

    I think an online release would be most effective given the acceleration of these social devolutionary processes. Books take 1-2 years on average to write, unless one has a lot of help. You and WE don’t want your invaluable work to be out of date.

    So, Sundance, go for it! Just be sure that you’re not going on your own.

    I so enjoy your work and the comments of all my fellow Treepers!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  35. hillbilly4 says:

    I dunno. A ‘book’ would be a hard sell, except for the few learned who would take the time to BUY AND READ such a product.

    Perhaps the ‘book’ could become a ‘mini-series’ on Youtube. I believe Youtube offers a near unlimited audience, more vast than a limited-run book/s. Or do both. Even the younger generation might watch Youtube. The mini-series could be offered for sale, on DVD. Offer it free to education centers.

    Knowing Sundance and his outstanding staff, the mini-series could expose the incredible work they have done. Start the project on this site (test what works, best ideas, etc)…then populate to Youtube and other media. The impact of ONE video on Youtube could be YUGE.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Due Gonzalez says:

    What is the downside to not implicating the powerful evil doers and exposing them?Perhaps we loose a powerful Rhino seat? Chaos? Economic losses? Yes, all this and worse could be used to justify not exposing the truth and generating a confrontation. But if it isn’t done now, will it grow in strength and power to the point that it will become almost impossible to destroy. How many innocent lives will be snuffed out or destroyed if these people are left to reign over us unabated, unbound by laws, media cover, and with unlimited economic resources to achieve their goals? Given the reality of the situation, this is probably as good as time as any for the confrontation.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Zydeco says:

    Sundance is master (omg cancelled word) of the timeline. Any book should be written in timeline fashion, not an out of sequence obfuscation fest like a Congressional hearing. That being said there is no book by no author that is going to effect the justice or the election at this time.

    However we can confront our pols in perso, phone, email and notify them that we are well educated on the Uniparty and its agenda. Well aware of the role of The Turtle. Well aware of the origins
    of spying and Russia, Russia. Well aware of the multiple hoaxes of the D Party.


  38. farmerren says:

    Rush Limbaugh! His media reach, to drip drip drip one atrocity at a time.
    Could he / would he be ready to jump into this?
    Regardless, his opinion would be golden.


  39. I do not read all the expose’s for exactly the reason Sundance writes.
    Why bother getting my heart rate up when I know there will be no follow through????
    (as I write this I’m wearing a heart monitor)

    I’m one of the people who has (more than once IIRC) asked Sundance to write a book.
    I am one who prefers the written page and I would happily pay $50/per volume.

    I have donated to the Treehouse more than once so Team Sundance has my email address so send me a link and I will prepay for the “Swamp Manual”.

    Michael D.


  40. Gen Y Ballistics says:


    In brief. Could we, right now, field 5 guys to run a Lois Lerner style ambush interview? We fielded 3 companies at Lexington and Concord. Consider the size of Alger Hiss’s network. Ours needs to be of comparable size and capability if we are going to retain this nation. My criticism at the time of the Tea Party was that they were just meetings, easily busted up meetings if Obama had reason to fear them. What was needed then, and what is needed now, is some form of entrapment against the DNC capos. More broadly, subverting and disrupting the enemy is the remaining viable tactic when the chess board is locked up, when everything is trench warfare.

    The O.S.S. “can do” attitude must be re-cultivated among the Right. No article, no unearthed fact, no small number of court take-downs, and no 11th hour voting drive will make a difference in a world where, as Melville put it, “possession is often the whole of the law.” Much amateur talk of Republican “direct action” schemes will build in the next few months, and it has a danger of getting out of control unless respectable figures are running the strategy. There is an opening for your “book,” I have been considering this problem for several months and I can see it clearly. But first we need to deepen our bench, and focus on 50 page field manuals, not 1000 page technical anthologies.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Pew-Anon says:

    Instead of getting bogged down in arbitrary definitions of what a book “is” and what it’s outcome, by definition, should be, perhaps a better question to ask would be whether a need exists, or whether it is just worthwhile, for the blog content to exist in another format. I would answer in the affirmative. I think there is a need, or at least it wouldn’t hurt, for the blog content — in part or whole — to be synthesized in a book-like format where dots are more readily connected than the raw, linear chronicle format of a blog. In short, as helpful as is the blog, a reference would be an additional help.

    As for any requisite actionable outcome, I see no need to limit the idea of action to mere personal confrontation, as worthwhile as that may be. The greatest action the work here could achieve, regardless of format, is to motivate people to stop participating in the corruption of the current system, enough to actually change that system. The current group of criminals can — and should — be held accountable for their crimes, but as long as the corrupt system remains, two more will rise tomorrow to take the place of every one we bring to justice today. Corruption is ultimately a reflection of the people who tolerate it, especially in our regime where We the People are sovereign. The corruption won’t change until We the People change. If the work here can contribute to that change, then mission accomplished. If that simply MUST include personal confrontation, then so be it. But why impose such an arbitrary restriction?

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Eileen McRae says:

    You certainly are facing a quandry!


  43. chezster17 says:

    There are many of us who want to do something but don’t have the platform or means to carry things out. We need some guidance from a group of leaders that have a platform and means to unite us all. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if a group of people like Sundance, Tucker Carlson,Rush,Laura Loomer,the Holt brothers from Gateway Pundit,journalists at the Federalist,Tom Fitton and others got together to speak as one loud voice. Conservatives are for most part anti-confrontational compared to liberals. If we are to write that last volume it needs to be done by one giant voice. I think that there are many people out there still unaware of the truth because it has never been presented to them. That’s why a giant platform needs to be established and facts presented by so many different directions that people have to hear it.


  44. dave says:

    The first and most important book or chapter needs to be Mitch McConnell, with the confrontation taking place in Kentucky to defeat him with Amy McGrath. I know she’s a democrat but that’s the weapon we now have at our disposal. Even if President Trump wins re-election if McConnell wins little to no progress in saving The United States of America will take place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have mixed emotions about this idea and I have given it some thought.
      We simply can’t risk any chance of losing the Senate. Yet
      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”


  45. Eliza says:

    BRING IT ON!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  46. lizajmoon says:

    the point i take is we have to create the evidence our beloved Sundance will use in Book 3 by acting on all the gifts we have already been given.

    we long time readers either have , evidence wise, what it takes to do Sundance the favor of creating the confrontations he has given us ample evidence to prevail with, or, we just keep patting ourselves on the back for knowing so much and remain nonconfrontational.

    almost all my snowflake friends posted videos of all the fireworks surrounding them on the banned fireworks displays day. i am suggesting we see them as votes.

    so who here is gonna start what with what we all know?

    here in michigan we are suing the HalfWhit into the dirt as opposed to my preference which would be tar and feathers. i can supply the feathers.


  47. Doppler says:

    After sleeping on this, and reviewing the morning news, I wish to amend my unqualified support for “confrontation.” It depends on who is confronting whom over what? I am all for indicting the many guilty of the vast array of criminal activity detailed here, bolstered by confessions from those who plead guilty and cooperate in order to facilitate conviction of those most responsible for the worst violations. If that includes Mitch McConnell and John Roberts, legions of operatives, reporters, career government employees, consultants, so be it. The more the better.

    This morning’s news carried this article about the NFAC Militia (that’s Not F***ing Around Coalition), comprised primarily of armed African American warriors marching in force on Stone Mountain, Georgia, baiting white militias to come out and fight. I do not support this sort of confrontation, armed conflict between sides divided by race.

    Sundance, your journalism has been an essential beacon over these last four years. Other sources include the Q phenomenon, plus Zero Hedge, Gateway Pundit, Epoch Times, a few of the Fox News people, etc. And, of course, President Trump and his wolverines and honey badgers. But, while the catalogue of crimes against the Republic fattens and becomes more creative and blatant with every day, the “Plan” to rectify any or everything remains obscure, its obscurity becoming murkier as time passes and new crimes are committed by actors within our government against our people. There is a point where President Trump and those he delegates his authority to begin to share responsibility, complicity, in these crimes, by not having previously cleaned things up. It becomes a political strategy to win the 2020 election, rather than a functioning system of justice as part of a responsible plan of governance in an era of high crimes and misdemeanors.

    You ask if we are ready for conflict: yes, insofar as cases and controversies are required to hold criminals accountable. Yes, insofar as honest debate funnels untrammeled reason, logic and eloquence in contests of ideas and policies. Yes, insofar as anarchists fomenting chaotic violence need to be constrained, investigated, exposed and their ulterior motives held up to the light of day. Yes, insofar as voter fraud plans needs to halted and true voting preserved. Yes, insofar as foreign governments and international organizations seek to steal our secrets, our technology, subvert our government need to exposed, countermeasures taken, and deterrent discipline imposed.

    But there is a risk here that the leaderships and ultimate goals of the two sides in coming conflicts will be largely unknown to the combatants. If “know your enemy” is essential to leadership in battle, “know your leader” is also essential to prospective combatants, especially in a constitutional republic.

    President Trump claimed to have “caught them all” last November. Since then: Impeachment; Covid 19 Pandemic: CDC and FDA acting as the marketing arm of Gilead Science and the vaccine industry while subverting science showing inexpensive medical strategies to lessen the impact of the virus; economic lockdown; deliberate introduction of Covid 19 into our SNFs; the George Floyd BLM phenomenon;


  48. cantcforest says:

    After reading Sundance’s post several times and reading a lot of comments, my personal light bulb finally lit.
    IMO, Sundance has modestly pointed to his enormous work and effectively said “Yes, I can write a book, but it will be meaningless if you don’t get off your butt and do something.” It is now up to us to help Sundance write Vol. 3.
    Quit running away from the microphones and cameras. Take every opportunity to attack the media and (especially dimmocrat) politicians. After the election, go after every politician with every attack you can muster. Schedule comments at council meetings, public gatherings, and town halls. Make it known to all that you are funding their opponents and not them. (Mitch has been my favorite target and I’m not a constituent.) Do not shirk from commenting on social media. (I may need help here as I haven’t been doing social media, with the questionable exception of being kicked off Reddit several years ago. I don’t remember why, but I was probably too rude and crude in addressing a liberal crime of the day.)
    In other words, Sundance has very carefully, but firmly, told us to GO ! NOW !!!

    Liked by 4 people

  49. cantcforest says:

    Thank you Sundance for your enormous contribution to our Republic.
    May God bless and protect you and yours.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. Remod says:

    I too am frustrated …seems like everyone can identify all the problems /all the players/all the crimes /all the timelines /all the evidence/evidence that disappeared /people who disappeared /puppet masters/puppets/who got paid/who s screwing who / who lies/ who is married to who/money going here ,there ,everywhere /books written about all of it / the YouTube is full/the internet is full of it all…
    The answer…. write xyz ….vote ….boycott …Ad nauseum… a political /criminal problem requires something more than wait and see… will we act if we have that answer? I know how to help individuals but institutions?not so much . I say lay it out there! a man with dawn in his eyes multiplies .


    • lizajmoon says:

      have you spoken with your local election clerk at any time in the past decade? registered to maybe do something to help soon?


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