Nancy Pelosi Says Every American Should Be Forced to “Wear The Mask”…

If only House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the highest ranking leader in congress who could immediately create; immediately schedule; and immediately pass a House law that required every member of the United States to wear a face mask… No, wait, wha?

Nancy Pelosi says today that every American should be forced to wear face masks.  However, proving that her position is purely a political division strategy, notice how she is not asked about passing a law that demands it then.  The reasoning is simple.

First, Pelosi knows a law forcing Americans to wear a mask would never pass; and even if it did it would be an unconstitutional, and unenforceable demand.  Second, Pelosi would never attempt such a bill because it would put Democrats in a minority position; Americans do not support such nonsense.  Third there is no factual evidence showing face masks prevent COVID-19 spread; even the boxes of masks specifically state: “will not provide any protection against COVID-19.”  Instead, by playing the politics of COVID Pelosi presents the nonsensical face mask issue as a political virtue-signal. WATCH:

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378 Responses to Nancy Pelosi Says Every American Should Be Forced to “Wear The Mask”…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    I’m thinking it is time to have an independent group analyze and investigate the COVID-19 test.

    Are we absolutely sure this thing isn’t rigged for false positives?

    Just look what they have done with how they code a COVID-19 death. Pretty much anyone who has a cough and dies is labeled a CV death so why should we believe anything these folks tell us.

    Just like investigate the investigators, maybe it is time to double check the CV test.

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    • Miguel Suradevi says:

      Just put me in jail. Here in California where i live almost everyone wears a mask in the car, walking in the fresh air, in the gyms but i will not wear a mask outdoors period. Just lock me up.

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      • I wear one under my nose when I’m FORCED into wearing one in order to buy things. Kind of like The MASK of the Beast, isn’t it? Can’t buy or sell with the “MARK”.
        The picture of sheep above made me laugh, because I printed BAAAAAAA! across the front of my white mask, and even have the sheep imitation down pat. I get some strange looks…….

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      • tularevava says:

        I, too live in Kalifornistan. I don’t wear a mask but now Gov. Gruesom has mandated all these new mask rules. I couldn’t enter the hospital for surgery without one. Couldn’t go to my cardiologist without one. So Yesterday I ordered a TRUMP 2020 one and one that says SHEEPLE I WILL OBEY THE GOVERNMENT. I figure if these socialists are gonna insist I wear one, I’m gonna tick them off in the process. I’m a 74 year old great granny, so my family is begging me not to wear the Trump one. I lied and told them I wouldn’t but I’m gonna wear it, while holding my phone in my hand so at least the family will know who clocked me.

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        • Joemama says:

          In CA also. I ordered a Trump 2020 mask, which I will wear below my nose, if required to wear a mask in order to enter buildings.

          I hope kind of hope somebody hits me, but it is unlikely because I am pretty big and obviously able to defend myself.


        • leftiesbegone says:

          We must be long lost sisters, because you sound exactly like me!!!!


      • John says:

        NO GOVERNOR CAN ORDER YOU TO WEAR A MASK — The Healthy American, Peggy Hall

        NO MASK? NO PROBLEM! CA STORES CANNOT DENY ENTRY – The Healthy American, Peggy Hall

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        • John says:

          California Superior Court order against Gov. Newsom dated June 12, 2020

          Dear Peggy Hall.

          Below is a copy of a letter sent to me by my state assemblyman in Northern California. He and our Senator sued the governor over his illegal order mandating mail in ballots this upcoming November. The judge suspended the governors executive order stating that it was an “impermissible use of legislative powers in violation of the California Constitution and the laws of the state of California.” Not only did he preclude this Executive Order, he is also preventing the governor “from further exercising any legislative powers in violation of the California Constitution and applicable statute, specific from unilaterally amending, altering, or changing existing statute carry law or making new statutory law.” It appears that this ruling was pending the appearance of the governor or his agents in court on June 26, “at that time defendant must show cause, if any,…”

          Here is a copy of the court order:

          Click to access TRO.pdf

          And here is a copy of Assemblyman James Gallagher’s email to me.


          Assemblyman James Gallagher
          Great news! This morning, a State Superior Court judge granted my request for a Temporary Restraining Order against Governor Gavin Newsom.

          The restraining order suspends the Governor’s recent Executive Order N-67-20 regarding the conduct of elections, and further restrains him from “exercising any further legislative powers in violation of the California Constitution and applicable statute, specifically from unilaterally amending, altering, or changing existing statutory law or making new statutory law.”

          The Governor’s Executive Order changed a variety of state election laws, including the elimination of public meetings with protected groups such as Californians with disabilities and limited English proficiency.

          Click here to read the entire order issued today in Sutter County Superior Court.

          This action by the court is a victory for separation of powers. The Governor has continued to brazenly legislate by fiat without public input and without the deliberative process provided by the Legislature. Today the judicial branch finally gave him the check that was needed and that the Constitution requires.

          Our election laws have been drafted to ensure that the rights of all people to vote are protected. They are the result of public input given in a legislative process. For the Governor to arbitrarily change these laws is wrong. This is why we acted to end this abusive practice and to restore representative government.

          I want to thank Assemblyman Kevin Kiley for joining me in this effort.

          It is an honor to serve you.


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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      This morning in my FB feed is a post from a person who made an appointment at CVS to get a COVID-19 test done and then did not follow through with his appointment. However, sometime later he received a letter from CVS stating that he tested positive. Things that make ya go hmmm…

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      • leftiesbegone says:

        Gee, why doesn’t this surprise me?!!!
        Did you read about how a leader in Tanzania wanted to see how accurate these “tests” are, so he tested a goat and a piece of fruit. You guessed it, they both came out positive. This is just one BIG, FAT, juicy SCAM…….

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    • Rick says:

      The inventor said it was not intended for diagnosis.
      From the packages of both PCR tests being used. These tests cannot distinguish between bacteria, viruses, nor can they tell whether the virus is alive or dead.

      South Korea figured out people testing positive after getting over the disease were infact negative. They tried to grow their sample in a culture and it wouldn’t grow. They figured out the RT PCR test was picking up dead left over pieces of the virus.

      The Accula test says: cross reactivity with respiratory tract organisms other than those listed in the analystical specificity study may lead to erroneous results.

      The Abbot test says. Positive results do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. Do to the high sensitivity of the assays run on the instrument, contamination of the work area with previous positive samples may cause false positive results.

      Example of total and complete failure of and RT PCR:

      One other important point. These tests rely on massive amplificaton. They would normally cycle them about 32 times to get the most accurate result. It’s been reported the average sampling for coronavirus has been 37-40 times. The more you sample the test, the more white noise you get. It’s essentially useless to sample them that high unless you are want positive results. There are no set standards being used on these tests. Each country, state, country or lab makes the decision on how high to sample the test.

      This could have something to do with the predicted spike in cases coming to pass.

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    • Ri-chard says:

      Why isn’t anyone reporting on this


    • Ri-chard says: this may be what we have been waiting for.


    • A leader in Tanzania did just that. He tested a goat and a piece of fruit. Guess what? They both tested positive…..


  2. Beverly says:

    These masks only work to block BACTERIA, not VIRUSES.

    As most of you know, this is about humiliating us and training us to accept wearing literal bondage gear in public — like slaves.

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  3. Bogeyfree says:

    By the way has anyone done a simple math check of American deaths over the past 4 months?

    What I mean is on average 7,400 Americans die every day in this country from all issues.

    So after 160 days or 4 months we should have normally 1,184,000 deaths during this time period

    Now the vast majority of the COVID-19 deaths to date should be INCREMENTAL to that total.

    I’m just curious if the actual recorded feather this year are significantly above the 7,400 per day average considering what the left has said we have gone through.

    Again, just another reason why a honest/loyalhealthcare data analysis expert should be on the Pence team who is totally independent of Fauci and the CDC.

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    • Rick says:

      If you do a search like this:
      Deaths: Final Data for 2016 pdf Take results for each category/360 days
      Deaths: Final Data for 2017 pdf Take results for each category/360 days
      Deaths: Final Data for 2018 pdf Take results for each category/360 days
      Deaths: Final Data for 2019 pdf Take results for each category/360 days
      Deaths: Final Data for 2020 pdf Take results for each category/360 days

      Average the 2016-2019 figures for a straight comparison of 2020 now.

      You won’t find a category for COVID-19 as sole cause of death. It’s literally always mixed into pneumonia or influenza deaths.

      Good luck and share your results!

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  4. bessie2003 says:

    When our State’s governor, Sisolak of Nevada, mandated everyone has to wear a mask in his ditty ‘no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service’ our county sheriff (Washoe, the Reno and surrounding area) put out a statement in the news and social media sites that there will be no arrests, or fines for people not wearing masks, even said if people have a need to complain when seeing someone without a mask to call a local phone line which is basically an answering machine where someone will get back to them later 🙂 ) gives me some hope; am planning on going to the local small grocery store in the morning to see if there’s any pushback. During this whole time have not worn a face bag so they are used to seeing me without one. Fingers crossed that this is still Nevada, home of the sagebrush rebellion.

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  5. thedoc00 says:

    Bet this interview cost her a fortune in botox injections, disc sander time, skin stretching and make over fees. Then there is the design mask and matching cloths. Wonder which pot of money this all came from??

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  6. RedBallExpress says:

    A mask will definitely help Pelosi snag an unwary male.


    • amwick says:

      I hope you know that this is a meme I made.. It is actually a paint ball mask, and an endoscope.. I liked the irony..

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      • Ed says:

        I think you’re on to something, though (at least the mask, not the endoscope!). Many of these mesh masks have camouflage paint on the mesh, and unless you’re looking straight into the mask you’re not likely to notice the mesh size. And how closely would most persons passing you by look at your face (or mask)? I certainly don’t give the Sheeples’ faces more than a casual glance when I’m out shopping. And if someone does call you out, you can just claim stupidity!


        • amwick says:

          A guy did just that… he wore one to a walmarts… 😆

          On a serious note,,, many of the masks have an exhale valve, so they only function one way.. Think about that… *sighs


  7. hugofitch1 says:


    I’ll have to take your word for it, Sundance. I just can’t …

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  8. T2020 says:

    She is such a national Embarrassment and should be forced to wear a paper bag over her head so children won’t be frightened.

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  9. hugofitch1 says:

    P.S.: This guy called and wants his… yeah.


  10. czarowniczy says:

    I can’t winnow thru the replies, low bandwidth, but if no one’s said it yet: Nancy Pelosi could benefit from wearing a mask.


  11. Real men wear masks? Pelosi doesn’t know any real men. Her ideal is 6′ 1″, 140 lbs., sporting a patchy beard, bun ‘do, and wearing skinny jeans.

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  12. Tornarosa says:

    I’m pretty sure Sundance meant the cute sheep picture to represent unquestioning sheep-like behavior of mask wearers, but it kinda made me think of the MSM reporters gathered in the wee hours of the morning waiting to get their Party Line drop so they can prepare their shows

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  13. omyword says:

    Well, a little info on Ms. PIGGY. This is mkst likely a professional or mil. Intelligence. The break down is professional. In these videos you will see nearly an hour of the last STOU and plot to poison the president.

    This is about more than covid. And there are indications if you listen they know about rona virus. THEY KNEW!

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    • crikey9 says:

      I have told my friend everyday that Pence is the SNAKE. Never forget that that toad had a website ready to go poosie gateweekend for a Pence Ryan ticket. If one of your best buds is Paul Ryan as is Pence you are not for Trump. I have had a gut feeling about this guy and his disastrous influence since he was picked. Prnce has supposedly led the Coroanvirus nightmare….I imagine he vetted that FauxChi putz who has triggered national lockdowns. These are great videos and having worked the legislature in my state there are all types of hand sigmnals, nods and behaviors that are done to signal support or not without going on record


  14. Kay123 says:

    Notice they tell you how many have the virus…
    but they don’t tell you how many have died…..and if
    those deaths were VERIFIED ChicomFlu.

    Most deaths they “claim” are ChicomFlu ……are not.


  15. Cassidy says:

    Many Americans are scientifically illiterate. I try to explain that viruses are so small that they pass through the materials that the masks are made out of. The masks don’t have the power to stop/block a virus. Therefore, the mask is not protecting you and you are not protecting anybody. Not to mention that deaf and hard of hearing people need to see people’s mouths to read lips. Not to mention that we are supposed to expel carbon dioxide not breath it back in.

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  16. realitycheck6 says:

    from England instruction for opening up pubs etc …. see page 35 …”It is important to know that the evidence of the benefit of using a face covering to protect others is weak and the effect is likely to be small, therefore facecoveringsare nota replacement for the other ways ofmanaging risk, ”

    Click to access Keeping-workers-and-customers-safe-during-covid-19-restaurants-pubs-bars-takeaways-230620.pdf

    Next up for the panic porn around this : the non lethal consequences of catching Covy that may affect people for the rest of their lives. (Just like any other disease and most of these are the same as catching the flu.

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  17. Lance Dodd says:

    Crucial data for each reporting geography necessary to make a proper risk evaluation for that district = 1) number of Wuhan flu deaths for that district; 2) population of that district ; 3) number of people on ventilator for that district; 4) umber of positive tests for that district; and 5) percentage of population tested for that district.

    This would yield:
    1) probability of dying from the Wuhan Flu
    2) probability of becoming seriously ill from this Wuhan Flu
    3) probability of actually contracting the Wuhan Flu
    4) sampling size of population and hence a view to accuracy and usability of the results. (sampling 1 person per 100 is far less accurate than sampling 1 person per 10)

    What is being reported are raw counts without statistical context, which reveal very little concerning the information a person, like myself, who is deciding what is safe (acceptable risk) and what is not (for example: hanging out in certain St Louis – or other top 10 crime infested cities) zip codes with probability of near 100 violent crimes per 10,000 vs the 1-2 per 10,000 of contracting the Wuhan Flu – which is 2 orders of magnitude less).

    A zip code level analysis would be the most useful. Like crime statistics, using a city or county level can be very misleading. For example Phoenix is a very safe city from the perspective of violent crime, with the exception of several zip codes that have very high crime. Many other “high crime” cities have a similar incident pattern. Better granularity in the reporting made available by govt agencies would be immensely useful to the citizen (voter) concerned about their own safety and trying to make informed decisions of where to go or not go.

    What is currently being reported by the govt and the media is substandard in terms of what an everyday person, like myself, would want-need to know to make informed go-nogo risk decisions. What information is published should not be about some half-brained narrative but rather, about getting reliable, accurate and useful information to the 350M decision-makers in this country.


  18. Karen A Warne says:

    Posted elsewhere, but if this is happening, the numbers are even more screwy than imagined.

    “My brother was recently contacted by a “tracer” because his girlfriend’s brother-in-law, who had NO symptoms, went to a testing site and apparently tested positive. They traced everyone he was near which included my brother. My brother then got a phone call telling him he was exposed, and also told him that they now have to document him as having Covid (though he has no symptoms) because he hasn’t been tested.

    They apparently did this to around 20 associated friends – so because 1 guy was curious and tested positive, 21 new cases were added to the numbers. Now imagine that extrapolated across the country.

    People need to wake up and realize they’re being played hardcore big-time right now!

    It’s absolutely insane”.

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  19. Retired IG says:

    It’s a REALLY SAD, to see Pelosi’s answer to al that is going on in our world today is “to wear a mask.”
    Is that the “best” the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives has to offer in these times?
    Empty. No offer of hope or solace to anyone in the times we are living in. Just offering up more BS to humans, so they might fight amongst each other about wearing a mask or not.
    Dunno. To me it seems all Pelosi has to offer the world these daze is toil and trouble. Her messages are NOT WHAT THE WORLD needs now.
    SUNSHINE, HUMIDITY, and a quiet mind. Today I had them all. What a gift.

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  20. Pale rider says:

    Pelosi isn’t wearing a mask when she speaks and you know she doesn’t when she is away from the camera. Why do we know. Because those two brain cells would die quick and Dementia would accelerate. Make her wear it, The plastic Walmart bag mask.


  21. crikey9 says:

    Is there any treeper who can evaluate this study. A neighborhood Karen posted it as justfication for mandatory masking. The first thing I see is that the major authors are all chinese. The study praises the China response as early and comprehensive….the study uses alot of gobbeldygook wording which I believe is to hide that this isnt a study of corona 19 but a mush mash of other studies about early versions of SARs etc. and finally the time period of the “study” is Jan to May and is focused on China, Italy and NYC…hmmm 2 countries and a city. Of course the communist paid for propaganda delivers the “wear a mask or die “ message


    • minnesotamike55 says:

      With the cultural willingness of Asians to wear masks due to pollution and other factors, it is likely China has a higher compliance with wearing face diapers. If they are so effective and China wears them a lot, why is there a new outbreak in the news this week?

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    • Jayne says:

      I’ve seen that too. My response is you can’t trust what comes out of China. If you had symptoms and went out, then got a knock on your door from the Chinese gov’t., would you admit you had symptoms? No, and few would do that in America either. So this asymptomatic spread idea is nonsense.


  22. lambgraham says:

    Every Democrat Senator and Representative should be forced to wear the sickle and hammer symbol for all to see.


  23. namberak says:

    “… Pelosi presents the nonsensical face mask issue as a political virtue-signal.” Which reminded me that a couple of weeks ago my wife stopped in at a Trader Joe’s she was passing, where we’d shopped with some frequency years ago … OK, where we went for Three Buck Chuck … anyhow she said she was literally the only person in the place not wearing a mask. Virtue-signaling paradise!


  24. Carter Burger says:

    My body my choice

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  25. sledhead406 says:

    I can’t be the first to say this but:

    Batman masks count right?


  26. Rick says:

    Back in 2016 dentists did a study on face masks and found that viral particles are .004 microns. One thousand times smaller than what an n95 can filter.

    They found that an infected person’s virus spread out along the face seal of the mask, that it leaked like a sieve.

    In a double blind study they found no statistical in getting viral infections.between mask wearers and non-mask wearers.

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  27. minnesotamike55 says:

    Any mask clearly wards off one bug: fear. Confoundingly, the sight of so many people wearing masks also spreads fear. And there’s no measure of collection efficiency or fit factors that can help humans out of that pickle.

    An N95 mask filters out particles .3 microns or bigger if fitted properly with no facial hair 95% of the time. Coronavirus is .1 to ,2 microns and can slip right through. Many mask manufacturers have disclaimers on their package that says the mask does NOT protect against viruses!

    I asked the MN dept of health if they track whether positive cases were wearing masks or not, and they said they do track that. But, it is not published on their statistics page, so I asked if they could add that. Could be interesting data. Do any states health departments publish that? I’m not holding my breath until I see it.


    • Rick says:

      It has been said the number one cause of cancer is stress.

      I remember reading a story about a dad in Azusa, California who was very fearful about this virus. He followed all the social distancing to the letter, kept his family locked up in their house and only allowed the eldest son to go shopping. They followed all the rules and still got the coronavirus. He died in the hospital from it, and I suspect the fear had a lot to do with it. I believe he was in his 30’s. The article was in the Orange County Resgister.


  28. Rick says:

    A lot has been written about ventilators. It’s been said they’re the wrong treatment for COVID-19.
    The UK did a study revealing 68% of patients put on ventilators died.

    If you take todays worldometers covid death count for the usa and subtract 67% for all the people who died from the wrong treatment, we’d have 41,120 deaths involving COVID-19.

    Statistically, that puts this down to an average flu year.


  29. Spurwing Plover says:

    All liberal Democrats should be required to wear a Dunce Cap to show to the world their total idiots


  30. jleonard14 says:

    I wore my Trump 2020 mask for the first time yesterday to the grocery store. I’m in Vegas. I was looking to see the reaction. There was only one. The cashier said quietly, “I’m so glad to see you wearing that mask. The democrats are out of their minds”.


  31. Hans says:

    I can’t help but think that the fines imposed to business for customers is the real goal… a new covid 19 tax.. $500, $2000, $5000 to boost graft money.. extortion here we are.. I’m the city/county/state covid 19 tracker….I see one….


  32. Kulak69 says:

    It’s not 1917. It’s 1775:

    …refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

    … erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

    …combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:

    …For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:

    …For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:

    …For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments…

    …plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

    …at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the (government) of a civilized nation.

    …excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless…Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

    …our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.

    Happy 4th – !!!!


  33. TLDR:Masks are BS!
    I’m posting the entire piece hoping no one will skip it.
    by Dr. Simone Gold

    Author’s note: The below is the Op-Ed that was accepted to USAToday on June 24. They deleted key phrases/paragraphs for their print paper and then they refused to print it at all online.

    It is clear to me as a physician-lawyer that the disinformation about both Covid-19 and the Constitution has caused us to turn a medical issue into a legal crisis.

    The scientific usefulness of a mask has been so aggressively overstated, and the foundational importance of the Constitution has been so aggressively understated, that we have normalized people screaming obscenities at each other while hiking.

    The Covid virus was supposed to be contained in the kind of lab where people wear astronaut suits and go through triple sealed doors. It is a con of massive proportion to assert that now, having escaped those environs, a bandana will magically do the trick.

    After all, size matters.

    The pore size of cloth face coverings range from ~ 20-100 microns. The Covid virus is 200-1000x smaller than that, at 0.1 microns. Putting up a chain link fence will not keep out a mosquito. Even the most esteemed medical journals admit their purpose is to calm anxiety. “Expanded masking protocols’ greatest contribution may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety …”

    Of course, by knowledge or common sense observation, most Americans already know that masking everyone is superstition. But unlike privately carrying a lucky charm, mandating facial coverings requires the consent of the governed.

    Many cultures mandate clothing that appears totally irrational to outsiders. Never have those cultures pretended that there is a scientific basis for their clothing requirement. Their leaders rule, and their citizens accept, that their choice of clothing is due to religious or cultural preference.

    Not wearing a mask is not mere “personal choice” like deciding between a head covering or a t-shirt. It is a flashpoint for being a free human being who has consented to be governed but has not consented to be ruled. We do not consent to a masked America, because that is a fundamental change in American society, culture, norms, and rights.

    People who are apathetic toward their own liberty cannot eliminate Constitutional rights for those who are not. This is not the first (or last) time that people who believe in superstition are screaming the loudest. The Constitution exists precisely to protect all people during times of mass hysteria.

    The mask has become the most visible symbol of #socialconditioning to Americans determined to preserve individual freedom. Thus far most Americans have continued to give their consent to be governed. But you are trying our patience.

    – – –

    Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM, is a board certified emergency physician. She graduated from Chicago Medical School before attending Stanford University Law School to earn her Juris Doctorate degree. She completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. Dr. Gold worked in Washington D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well as for the Chairman of the Labor & Human Resources Committee. She works as an emergency physician on the frontlines whether or not there is a pandemic. Her clinical work serves all Americans: from urban-inner city, to suburban, to the IHS. Her legal work has focused on conflicts between hospitals and insurers. She writes on a number of policy issues relating to law and medicine. She always leads with the facts. Read more at The Gold Opinion.

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  34. dawg says:

    I have worn a mask exactly one time when I was forced to in order to get my annual physical a few weeks ago. I walked out of a Verizon store when they said I had to wear one. I was about to buy a new phone but I refused and walked out.


  35. minnesotamike55 says:

    Quote: “The medical benefits of wearing a mask are clear – a mask helps reduce virus transmission, particularly by individuals who are sick but have no symptoms and by individuals who have been infected but do not yet show any symptoms,” said Minnesota Medical Association President Dr. Keith Stelter. “Masks are also safe to wear.”

    Think he can prove it is clear? The MN dept of health tracks positive cases as to whether they were wearing masks or not. Unfortunately they don’t publish that data. Could it be that it is NOT clear? If it were so evident wouldn’t that data convince everyone to wear a mask? If it is clear, then there should be very few positive cases that were wearing a mask. If it is clear, why does China have a new outbreak while requiring masks?

    And if MMA thinks everyone should wear a mask, then they must also have an opinion as to when they can STOP wearing masks. But they failed to comment on that.

    Saying it is so, does not make it so!


  36. phillip jeffreys says:

    Turn the tables on these nitwits: “It’s my body. My right to do with it as I please.”


  37. Cynthia says:

    Just because all of her faithful protesters wear masks (to hide their identities, mind you), doesn’t mean she’s going to force me into wearing one. No way, no how. Enforce that, Nanc.


  38. northwoodswatcher says:

    • Remember the “flattening the curve” strategy? It was floated because authorities were worried about overwhelming hospitals with covid-19 cases.

    But actually the last place you want to be is in a HOSPITAL.

    —> That’s because the 2nd biggest preventable form of death in the U.S. is HOSPITALS.

    —> Only smoking is bigger preventable cause of death in America.

    —> Preventable mistakes by doctors, nurses, and technicians in hospitals kill anywhere from 250,000 to 440,000 people a year in America.

    —> “The third-leading cause of death in US most doctors don’t want you to know about”:

    —> Whether it’s as low as 250,000 or as high as 440,000, the fact remains that HOSPITALS are mistake-prone kill zones.

    —> The killers are the very people whom we entrust to cure us.

    —> Hear anyone called for a lockdown of HOSPITALS?


    • leftiesbegone says:

      I suspect that the Gates team has unleashed another strain of this “virus” on us. It’s either that, or the tests are fraudulent…..They want to finish America off. Whatever Black Lives Matter More doesn’t accomplish, they are hoping this will….


  39. AWM says:

    Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh:
    (Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh was born Ileana Apostolescu in Ploiesti, Romania during the communist era of Nicolae Ceausescu.)
    “It is the mask we had to wear when we were forced into harvesting grapes for free every fall in high school when we had to wear masks that prevented hungry and thirsty students from eating any grapes.”
    “Masks were used in other cultures to control and enslave people, to diminish, and demoralize them. Masks were and still are worn as a form of obedience.”


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