Terrorized Virginia Woman, Being Attacked by Black Lives Matter Mob, Told to “Call City Hall” by 911 Operator – Video…

Fox Host Tucker Carlson broadcast a stunning example showing how average Americans are being terrorized by rampaging mobs as local and state officials do nothing.

In the example a woman driving with her daughter through Fredericksburg, Virginia, is attacked by a mob of Black Lives Matter thugs.  Panicked the lady calls 911 for help, the response from the 911 operator is to chastise the woman and tell her to “call city hall” with her complaint.   This is a prime example of what Marxist Democrats support.  WATCH:


The full Tucker Carlson segment is below:

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462 Responses to Terrorized Virginia Woman, Being Attacked by Black Lives Matter Mob, Told to “Call City Hall” by 911 Operator – Video…

  1. This whole event is an outrage, of course! But no one picked up why this 911 dispatcher claimed she couldn’t notify the police! According to her, it (BLM riot) was a “SANCTIONED EVENT!”
    Worth repeating: A 911 dispatcher had no authority to notify law enforcement of a criminal act occurring during a BLM riot because the riot was a SANCTIONED EVENT!???
    If you listen carefully, that’s what she said!

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  2. Carter Burger says:

    Never, never, EVER stop your car. I don’t care who you are, if you are in my way you WILL get knocked out of it.

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  4. This is absolutely the beginning of the end for our country. Our so called ” Democracy ” which promotes Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech is a farce . Our mass media , newspapers , T.V. , radio , the internet and Hollywood is dominated by an EVIL Cabal who are working toward a ” New World Order .” Welcome to George Orwell’s ” 1984 ” The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are on the Horizon. ….. Conquest , War , Famine and Death. And sadly our mass media and our so called elected ” Leaders ” are silent . Traitors All .


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