Sidney Powell Discusses Latest Flynn Developments With Lou Dobbs…

Michael Flynn’s defense counsel, Sidney Powell, appears on Lou Dobbs tonight to discuss the defense victory in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals; and the next steps in the case.

Ms. Powell still has legal business in front of Judge Emmet Sullivan, so she obviously needs to be a little tempered at this inflection point.  That said, what an incredible job Ms. Powell has done on behalf of her client.  Remarkable legal counsel.  WATCH:

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238 Responses to Sidney Powell Discusses Latest Flynn Developments With Lou Dobbs…

  1. Liberty ONE says:

    Ms. Sidney Powell is a Guardian Angel of JUSTICE. God bless her and Gen. Flynn & his family. God’s TRUTH will prevail in the end!

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    • helix35 says:

      I wonder if Flynn will sue his original defense team for malpractice.

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      • Jan says:

        It’s wingman Holders firm, and they charged Flynn over $6 million for the shoddy and probably illegal work they did.
        If Flynn sues, and wins attorneys fees, the gov will decide if that bill is too high, and pay the firm only what they believe their “customary and usual” fee should be.
        So many bad guys in this case, it’s hard to decide who to root for, except for Flynn, who has been put through the wringer.

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  2. Jan says:

    Shoot, I can’t remember where I read the actual judgement. But it mentioned something close to: Of this were to continue, the gov would then be required to show why and how the original charge and case was handled.
    I remember you saying, one of the reasons Barr wanted the case dismissed, was so the gov wouldn’t have to reveal the illegal ways the case was handled. Barr just wanted it to go away, because he knew every deliberate illegal decision behind it.
    So happy for Flynn, finally…but I hope the gov will still be forced to divulge the crimes the gov carried out behind the Flynn case.

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    • rickinhouston says:

      But the why and how would be covered up or kept under wraps for months before coming out. Much like the hand-written memo that came out yesterday. It allows this all to drag out longer.


    • Patriot1783 says:

      Bottom line a lower court does not trump a higher court..if this was to go thru future cases would all be in jeopardy by being subject to a lower court judge whims or bias.
      Sullivan should be removed from the case and stripped of his credentials.


  3. Angus says:

    Thank you dearly Ms. Sidney

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  4. Sidney Powell, National Treasure. I have read Licensed to Lie, and am reading Conviction Machine. The FBI is so corrupt that it should be dismantled, and re-stocked with actual police, with attorneys for back-up only. It is too far gone, and too corrupt. Not one whistle-blower in the whole rotten lot.

    To quote Yogi Berra: it a’int over till it’s over..let’s see what that crooked, corrupt affirmative-action bastard Emmet Sullivan pulls out of his robe now. I do like that the order of mandamus did not include removal of that filthy mutt from the case..make him sign the order of dismissal himself. Watch..he will now recuse himself..

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    • Ken Lawson says:

      Recusal would be nice, but I fear that he won’t accept the Appeals panel’s ruling and demand that the entire Appeals Court hear the case, which he has a right to do, but the real issue is that he ants Flynn muzzled until after the election. That’s why he’s doing all this. He’s been directed to keep Flynn quiet to protect the Obama administration. If the left wins the election then they can do all sorts of things, but if what Flynn knows comes out before the election they know they don’t have a chance at winning.

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      • YeahYouRight says:

        Ending the case would releaae all kinds of evidentiary documents which are now under seal while the case is ongoing.

        Sullivan’s (and now also Gleeson’s, only job is to keep those documents under seal.

        Gleeson has already sent up a test flag on continuing the charade because Rao (inexplicably) did not say the Appeals court ruling is effective immediately.

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        • RJ says:

          Ya gotta drive that wooden stake right through the vampire’s heart to kill it! Sullivan is still alive which is bad news for General Flynn.

          Like the cat who plays with the captured mouse prior to eating it, Sullivan intends to play his role which I think you too understand.

          As the ignorant punks stand by the Wendy’;s with their long guns to keep out those bad, evil cops, Sullivan stands by attempting to keep out all who wish to expose his bro, Obama!

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          • Raptors2020 says:

            So much of American civil and political society depends on people accepting the America Idea: half no longer do, and many couldn’t even define what they are rejecting.

            We grant judges so much power, on the assumption they will be honorable people; but in our modern world, Sullivan is a hero to that half who reject America and its values.

            The Founding Fathers rightly feared factionalism, but what we have now is tribalism, something much worse. Krauthammer and many others described it – we think Democrats are wrong, Democrats think Republicans are evil. That disparity in emotional intensity echoes Yeats’ poem “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity”.


    • crikey9 says:

      There was one FBI whistleblower during the Ted Stevens case. He is the reason the case was tossed out and Stevens finally exonerated. However the goal of the corrupt machine had achieved its goal…Stevens lost reelection and the balance of power in the Senate changed

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  5. Retired IG says:

    Watched the interview re Dobbs and Powell. Love them both so much. “Funny” the way it is though, how they both joked about Biden “not remembering.”
    Am beginning to believe Joe “not remembering” is part of dark and very sticky game being played now. If Joe can’t remember anything, about his past actions, how can he be held accountable for his crimes? I believe He’s PLAYING the “I forget game”. on PURPOSE, or is most likely being directed to play this role.
    Just think about how “not remembering” shi*t gets him time “off” from abusing children, Ukraine, money, his role in spying on Trump?, etc, etc. etc.
    I guess to us then, his voice in all these matters will always be a mystery. A President? My God please do not let this be so..
    If Biden has dementia or some other mental or physical disability, so sorry but stuff happens as humans age. Guess he still thinks with his “I don’t remember” status he cannot remember why he is even running for President. He is a PUPPET.and FRAUD. Do the crime do the time in court and hopefully in a Dem run nursing home.
    I have a long and painful memory of a parent experiencing a massive brain stem stroke who retained their memory. Biden and his limp d*ck excuse “I don’t remember” is an INSULT to me and the pains, joys, and trauma re caring for a parent in home for TEN Years.

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    • coastermomohio says:

      I don’t trust Joe Biden or his handlers. He is a liar and an “actor”. Remember his “put y’all back in chains” comment with the accent and all? Remember his laughing at Paul Ryan during the VP debates? He is an evil person and I can easily see him using this “possible dementia” now as the reason to stay out of the public eye as much as possible during his “campaign”. (and even to deflect criticism – poor Joe isn’t well. How dare you attack him?) He seemed pretty alert and on point during the last debate with Bernie and also when he was defending himself against the sexual assault charge. Is that common with dementia patients? Something just is nagging at me about the whole thing. Will the party do a switcheroo at the last minute? (isn’t the last minute already here?) Hard to believe they are going to really run with this guy.

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      • ziegler von strahn says:

        dementia comes and goes in the early stages. Also, there is a condition known as sundowners where the dementia asserts more at the end of the day than during the day.


    • carnasievich says:

      Sad how all these important personages like sleepy and the special counsel have all developed pre dementia type symptoms during these oh so important time in history. Where’s hunter?


    • RJ says:

      It’s the Hillary game book he’s playing. Expect to see the “dog ate my homework” ploy.

      Keep your eye trained on who becomes his vice president candidate for that person will be the one to take over as quickly as possible if Biden and his people can steal this coming election.

      Trump’s best move would be to immediately attack Biden in the first debate, to knock him off his feet with a direct–and I mean a serious, direct attack on his character and ability to know right from wrong, highlighting his accumulation of wealth that goes way beyond the monies paid him via the government salaries he’s collected over the years.

      “You have sold out the America people for years, Sleepy Joe, and I can prove it!”


    • Bob says:

      Sullivan will not go away quietly. He has his marching orders from Obama. He will appeal to the full appellate court and drag this on further. Our Judiciary is corrupt and useless.
      The Obama funky judge was the dissenting vote despite overwhelming case law. Progressive judges are just activist hacks with a law degree.

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  6. capetribulation1 says:

    Sidney Powell should be Attorney General. We would be light- years ahead of where we are today.

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  7. Conservative_302 says:

    By the hand of God, Sidney Powell freed Michael Flynn. I prayed for his freedom every night for a long time. My takeaway….This is another example that God is real. He is good, and he delivers. May God bless us all.

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  8. Bugsdaddy says:

    I just mailed Ms Powell a Thank You card for her efforts and work to uphold justice and the rule of Law.

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  9. convert says:

    The Flynn case presents in microcosm the horrible state of affairs we’re facing. A corrupt cabal of political apparatchiks both inside and outside the government concocted a breathtakingly corrupt plot to destroy someone because of politics but shrouded in the veneer of some criminal enterprise.

    Because the plot was extremely complicated and involved lots of people and complex confusing legal issues, it’s hard to follow. Then the propoganda media ignore the whole thing, calling everything a ‘conspiracy theory.” The busy public doesn’t have time or inclination to become a Treeper, so the public has no idea .

    The Justice Department, along with maybe Powell and the President, would have to call a big Rose Garden presser, complete with PowerPoint, ala Ross Perot 😊, to get the word out (and then put together a series of good one minute ads focusing on the Flynn case and other Spygate facts, which they would have to pay big bucks to get them run on TV and radio– not social media because I believe social media is going to totally go for broke and ban anything but liberal/Dem content before the fall campaign.). It’s going to take lots and lots of money to break thru the evil wall of lies and obfuscation.


  10. islandpalmtrees says:

    How will JUDGE SULLIVAN react – will he request a full 13 member ruling, of the DC court of Appeals.


  11. It will be no surprise to me if Judge Sullivan requests en banc. That has been discussed as a probability for over a month.
    Judge Wilkins now supports some support for Mandamus light as a change or reason for en banc. I bet he had consistently refused to go along with this in deliberations of the panel. What a dirtbag!


  12. Screaming Eagle says:

    Observation: Did anyone notice all of the public statements from Ex- (Trump / Obama) Generals, applauding the ruling to shut down the General Flynn case yesterday?? You’d think after watching a 33 year Patriot, one of their own, get his career ruined and his life destroyed, they’d be up in arms with glee for a colleague who’s been so mistreated, wouldn’t you? The silence is quite telling. Please Lord, protect Mr. Flynn, and our wonderful President Trump. They are trying to do good works, operating in a den of demons,


  13. Patriot1783 says:

    Thank you Mrs Powell for your heart & soul, tenacity, knowledge of the law and perseverance to right the dc/Obama corruption to exonerate your victimized client General Flynn. I hope you realize you have opened the eyes to all and especially young girls who admire and look to follow in a future legal career because your footsteps have blazed the path for truth and justice.


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