Fake Hate – FBI and NASCAR Admit Bubba Wallace Claimed “Noose” Was Simply A Garage Door Pull Down Rope…

It took a lot longer than it should have; and it created buckets more intentional controversy than it should have; but the FBI and NASCAR have finally admitted the “noose” claimed by Bubba Wallace was nothing more than a simple garage door rope tied in a loop and had been there since October 2019. EXACTLY as we outlined:


FBI STATEMENT: (Insufferably the FBI keep calling it a “noose”, it wasn’t.) The FBI wasted “fifteen FBI special agents” on this investigation.  Good grief.

Not surprisingly, there has been no statement from NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace.


The manual garage door rope on stall #4 was tied into a hand loop by the team of  Ryan Blaney sometime after the October 2019 Talladega qualifier and before the start of the main race.  There are numerous ropes on several garage bay doors that are tied to make similar loops at the bottom.  It just makes it easier to pull the door down.

This entire controversy was over absolutely nothing.

Apparently NASCAR wants their heavily promoted story to quietly disappear now.

Oh well; damage done.

Move along…

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591 Responses to Fake Hate – FBI and NASCAR Admit Bubba Wallace Claimed “Noose” Was Simply A Garage Door Pull Down Rope…

  1. Sterling Wulff says:

    Hey COLIN…. I mean Bubba –
    You and your RACIST MINDSET has been HAD.
    The MEDIA got you, and you bought into EVERYTHING – Hook, Line and Sinker.
    Now you know what President Trump fights on a DAILY basis, and you just got a possible career ending TASTE of it.
    So I assume you’ll be VOTING REPUBLICAN ?
    I would if I were you, but I’m ALREADY voting Trump – because I know what side my TOAST is Buttered on… And YOU ???

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  2. truthseeker39525 says:

    Well, THAT one’s Played Out!
    On to the Next Fake Outrage!
    Let’s see if we can make Another group of Whities Grovel at the feet of Black Leftist Political Correctness!


  3. jello333 says:

    Something just dawned on me. I’m sure we all have a friend or relative who’s a really amazing person, but we’ve gotten so used to them — seeing what they do, who they are, for so long, on a constant basis, day after day year after year — that we just kinda start taking them for granted. They do something really incredible, and our reaction is, “Yeah, that’s nice, but what’s new?”

    Well, every once in awhile I’m reminded that this is exactly how I treat Sundance. I just assume that he KNOWS what I feel about his amazing skill-set, and more importantly his humanity, and so I too often fail to acknowledge the guy. So yeah, Sundance… just because I don’t often verbalize what I feel about what you do and who you are, I hope you realize how much goes unsaid. 😉


  4. fillemup01 says:

    Wallace, just like his kindred fellow, Jussie Smollett, just can’t seem to let go of a “good” racist hoax. And now he’s joined by the race-baiting huckster, Al “Not-so-Sharp”-ton…”It’s a noose, alright, I know a noose when I see one and that’s a noose…”! I guess Wallace was right to call in the godfather of disproven racial hoaxes. He’s a master at squeezing all the life he can out of them before he finally begins to be ridiculed and they are discarded onto the trash heap of history. Probably the only reason “rev” Jackson didn’t inject himself into this hoax is that he couldn’t figure an angle to make money off it.

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  5. George Orwell was right says:

    Good to see that while our cities are becoming lawless with rioters, that the most pressing crime in America is another hate hoax.


  6. justsomeguy69er says:

    boycott NASCAR for inciting racial violence and profiling, but first, use the LAW to take down all of the fake media. Here; https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/373 – inciting riots, here; https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2101


  7. Gary Miller says:

    These pictures have been shopped and the originals removed. The orig. pix were not up more than a day or so before they were subbed out. The orig. pix showed a hoop with a fig 8 knot for convenience and nothing more. The subbed pix now have a true Noose with 7-8 loops above the hoop for exaggeration.


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