Jerry Nadler / Lawfare Planning to Impeach AG Bill Barr?…

In 2018/2019 the roadmap to impeach President Trump was clear; many denied its visibility until it was almost too late.  In the past week several moves within DC present a roadmap to impeach AG Bill Barr.  Could this be the DC defense against USAO John Durham’s findings surrounding the DC soft-coup effort?  You decide.

♦On Monday House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler announced that two former Special Counsel Robert Mueller attorneys, John W. Elias and Aaron S.J. Zelinsky  would be designated as “whistleblowers” to give testimony against AG Bill Barr. (LINK)

♦On Tuesday, the last remaining DOJ advisor to Jeff Sessions, Jody Hunt, announced his intent to leave the justice dept. (LINK) Hunt was Jeff Session’s chief-of-staff, and one of the key advisors responsible for the decision to recuse from the Mueller probe. (LINK)

♦And now today the DOJ is announcing that Solicitor General Noel Francisco will be  departing: “Solicitor General of the United States Noel Francisco announces his departure from the Department of Justice, effective as of July 3, 2020.” (LINK)

With those final two departures there’s no longer any Main Justice leadership in position from the era of Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein.  Seems like quite a coincidence.

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184 Responses to Jerry Nadler / Lawfare Planning to Impeach AG Bill Barr?…

  1. PVCDroid says:

    I’m sure the Sullivan/Flynn crap will be added to any impeachment trial of Barr. This is so stupid. Democrats are so evil and stupid. America is waking up.

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    • Henwood says:

      Hope so!!

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Bank on it.



      This Court should conduct an evidentiary hearing to assess the government’s decision to dismiss this case and—if it concludes that the evidence demonstrate “abuse of prosecutorial discretion”—should not hesitate to deny the government’s motion to dismiss

      Replace “This Court” with “This Oversight Committee”


    • JamesD says:

      Stupid? Not at all. They made major gains in 2018, shut down draining the swamp, shutdown deportations and immigration reform, censored Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, and derailed efforts to improve relations with Russia, which would really help us vis-a-vis China. They’ve been brilliant. Immoral, perfidious, demon-possessed seditious traitors, yes. Stupid? no.

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      • cali says:

        @JamesD: The problem with these democratic critters is their insanity – repeating the same thing/strategy over and over expecting a different result.

        Not only will this not let them anywhere but will end in failure if it even get off the ground running.

        Durham, Huber – yes Huber – and company are crossing all their ‘t’s’ and dotting all the ‘i’s’.
        Notice how the sealed indictment counts are rising almost daily. One indictment could include 12 defendants more or less.

        Italy is now cornered and their former prime minister Renzi – buddy and SpyGate partner of Hussein together with others in the Italian Intelligence deep state are under investigation there. Remember the Italian embassy in Rome was the rendesvouz place that was used by these Hussein appointed ambassadors, FBI’s Gaeta, Mifsud and the rest that even included US Vatican reps attempting to frame and remove president Trump.

        Of course don’t look at the US media to report any of it but browsing the Italian media and Gulio Occhionero and his US based sister Francesca are on top of that SpyGate story. After all these two individuals were framed ala PapaD and even spent time in prison despite being innocent.

        Whatever Nadler and the rest of these demons in the democratic party try to do will blow up in their faces. Their overreach has destroyed their little credibility with the rest of America. Don’t be fooled – the leftist mob is not as widespread and big as the media make it out to be.
        On the contrary Americans are fed up with these corrupt politicians and the riots, looting, burning down building and attack on our police men and women which are only occurring in leftist run states.

        I suppose George Soros will kick the bucket before he sees his life dream of the destruction of America come to fruition. This republic – she is worth it to be restored!

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      • vladdy says:

        Perhaps the way to look at it is, no matter how cleverly you go about it, if you plan to take down America, you’re being stupid —in the largest sense possible. The ramifications of such an act, with no guarantee you’ll be evade them (no matter how sure you are that you will, considering that alliances break easily with new governments in power) are just too enormous and unknown.

        So…at the very least, “wreckless,” easily expanded to encompass “stupid.”


    • Divingengineer says:

      Not stupid, just evil and scared.
      Durham is coming with indictments and they know it.
      They’re guilt is obvious and their last hope is that they can get Barr out and claim it was a “witch hunt” by a partisan AG.
      It’s all or nothing for these traitors now.

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    • old white guy says:

      No they are not waking up. The whoowho flu and the protests show that most are asleep. Where are the second amendment patriots stopping all this insanity? Where????


      • bodieisland says:

        Old white guy, from an old white woman. Many 2nd A supporters are fighting in Virginia. Warner and Connolly are putting pressure on our failing voting systems. January the “new” bullies at state rescinded our voter ID laws so anyone can vote now, primaries are June 23rd, more are going to Seattle (bikers for trump, etc) to take back CHOP Many don’t advertise what they are doing or Blackface will try and stop it. Local elections are important and have been taken over by Bloomberg & Zorro. We are trying to stop it.


      • Patchman2076 says:

        Have patience.
        I know it’s hard sitting back and watching this insanity, but we just need to be patient.


  2. Mortimer says:

    Strategy seems to be two fold:

    1. Tie Barrs hands while impeachment drags on. (Same as they did Trump)

    2. They assume that IF you can discredit Barr …. you automatically discredit Durham.

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    • Cobraboy says:

      I doubt Barr will be slowed down by any impeachment move.

      The guy is tougher than woodpecker lips.

      He knows the game and may have expected it.

      There is obvious panic in DC.

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  3. The Raven says:

    You can bet your last quarter that when the Democrats are back in the saddle, they will arrest and convict anything that moved in the Trump administration for whatever reason. Maybe spite. Barr should be moving at warp speed.

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  4. sammie2 says:

    Shiny fast moving objects again.

    This being used as a shield for Barr to do nothing. You have to stop thinking like an honest decent person and learn to see how your enemy thinks. Its always misdirection.

    They place themselves into positions as their own opposition and then use process and rules to set up a pretend Gordian knot that they use to ensure they arrive at the desired outcome.

    These people are in the same social circles, they work in and out at the same places and their kids/wives do the same thing. They don’t give a crap what you think and are perfectly happy having public false emnity as long as you believe it. They have been doing it for decades.

    Look at Bill Clinton he was happy to go through the Lewinsky BS so it would ensure no one would investigate the export of restricted technology to China. It was always a cover and Starr was in on it from the get go (and probably Lewinsky). He doesn’t care one bit if you think he is a rapist as his social circle all know its a scam.

    The farmers don’t care if the cattle think badly of them.

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    • old white guy says:



    • map says:

      Really? Is Barr really certain that everything is a show? Is he certain that he won’t end up like Roger Stone and Mike Flynn and Michael Cohen?

      If his “friends” in the social circle decide to play it for real, then what recourse does Barr have? Does he have some kind of special note or video that indicates he is besties with Nancy Pelosi and the deep state?

      How does Barr know he won’t be sacrificed to improve the appearance of the conflict?


  5. RAC says:

    Maybe time to replay the ODNI maneuver.
    If BB goes his replacement will be a honey badger.


    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      Wouldn’t be interesting is Grennel was the man. Now, that would be hilarious. The screes!!!!!! In the night would be bursting ear drums.


  6. AvengingAngel says:

    I’d scare the hell out of them .I’d threatened to replace Barr with Flynn assisted by Grenell.

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  7. Jenevive says:

    The Average American is not going to put up with this impeachment
    nonsense again.. We have several crisis, COVID which is still effecting
    several states in lockdown and the riots/police brutality..and people trying to
    get thier life back to normal.. They won;t put up with all that being hijacked
    for nonsense impeachment again.. And how does it look if Dems spend
    all thier time on impeachment and NOT working on Police reform after
    they have hair on fire called for it..

    This is all just more pile on.. people see that.

    This is not Barr first Rodeo here..He doesn;t seem at all bothered
    by this so…he knows the game and how DC works.. I don;t think
    he came out of retirement to put up with this abuse.

    I find it interesting though that they don;t go after Durham, are they
    that afraid of him ? I haven;t really heard any Dem try and disparage

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  8. Henwood says:

    Sounds as if there is panic amongst the Deep State
    Imagine if Grenell deputises.
    Grenell is not as patient as Barr


  9. mayflowerchild says:

    Maybe this will light a fire under Barr to get some prosecutions going.


  10. Patriot says:

    Durham better strike soon.


  11. BitterC says:

    Not sure I can connect the dots between sweeping out Session/Rosenstein DOJ employees with empeaching Barr


    • WRB says:

      I think the idea is if you can’t use traitors on the inside to fight the “resistance,” you have to attack from the outside, using, for example, impeachment.

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  12. 2smartforlibs says:

    Why do we keep letting this happen?? I don’t have any liberal to recall but I sure would go after them every time a liberal any liberal goes after one of ours.


    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      Why did voters let the House majority go to the Dems? That’s the problem. We can’t keep making mistakes like that. Very difficult for Trump to work with RINOs, it’s way worse when the Dems have control.


      • Dee says:

        The voters didn’t, Ryan and others set out to lose becuase they hated Trump. So best to be able to impeach him. By Dem design.


  13. ncedgar says:

    Democrats, if they don’t agree with it, it must be destroyed.


  14. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    If you did not vote for your GOP House candidate, then you are part of the problem.

    Gotta vote straight GOP in November, everyone.

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    • tojak says:

      The rinos controlled both the house and senate for two years and didn’t do a damn thing !

      Voting for rinos is a waste of time ’cause they are no better than the dims/commies.

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      • gda53 says:

        So you’re saying vote straight Dem ticket.

        Because rinos are worse than Dems and 4 more years of Nancy Pelosi is far better than having control of the House, even if there are rinos .

        Good to know exactly who you stand for.


        • tojak says:

          Your reading comprehension skills are somewhat less than average…

          I didn’t say a single word about voting a “straight Dem ticket.” Those are your words, plain and simple.

          re: rinos vs dims: There ain’t a nickel’s worth of diff in the rinos and the dims…

          If you vote for a rino, you are voting for a person that will “bend over backwards” to make sure the dims/commies get everything and anything their little hearts desire.


  15. Zydeco says:

    Things are so far gone for MAGA and USA that even Q no longer has hope.


  16. KenD says:

    Totally orchestrated, totally predictable.


  17. Jenevive says:

    People saying Barr is covering up or stalling,,Why would he do that.
    Why would he come out of his nice quiet retirement to put up with
    this abuse, to END the Mueller investigation and say no obstruction
    (if he was in on the coup) why would he publicly say more than once
    that YES POTUS was spied on(if he was in on the coup)? Why when
    he wasn;t involved in the coup in the first place would he come out
    of retirement so he could get involved in the coup? That makes no


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