Antifa Activists Take Over Six City Blocks in Seattle Washington – Create Lawless “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”…

It is really quite stunning how the U.S. media have avoided reporting on a group of activists in Seattle who have taken over part of the city surrounding the abandoned East precinct police station.  No-one is being allowed inside what they are calling a “Free Capitol Hill Zone” or “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

The activists have barricaded the streets and will not let any journalists or city officials inside their declared zone of control.  The region expands across six blocks as outlined by the occupying groups.  Information on the encampment AVAILABLE HERE:

According to the area activists the East precint of the police station is called the “captured regime” (above blue). Journalist Julio Rosas tweeted photos from the ‘Zone,’ including flyers demanding that Seattle PD be defunded, and declaring that police “will always be racist because capitalism requires inequality.”

Independent journalist Andy Ngo has a great deal of familiarity with the groups assembled in the occupying effort.  He describes the group in control of the area as “Antifa,” and cited tweets to suggest there were armed guards guarding entry among the occupy protestors.

SEATTLE – City authorities may be expecting the activists to disperse, but the barricades and the content of their social media suggest they intend to stay. Local businesses and residents have “agreed to disaffiliate from Seattle basically,” in the words of one activist, who called it a “flux state in the making” – a reference to an anarchist commune from the fiction series Shadowrun. (RT link)

You would think the militant occupation of a major American city by a group of Antifa activists would lead to a great deal of news media coverage.  However, it appears the media zeal to cover, excuse and justify the conduct of their radical Antifa allies has led to a complete black-out of coverage.

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650 Responses to Antifa Activists Take Over Six City Blocks in Seattle Washington – Create Lawless “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”…

  1. DSP2 says:

    Cut the power lines and water off to their little kingdom. When they exit, round them up.

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    • oldguy05 says:

      That would hurt any decent residents trapped inside. (if there are any)
      Break out the Water Cannons, Bearcats, Strykers and bulldozers. Follow it up with a huge contingent of police and the guard and bring in the buses to ship whoever remains alive to prison to await their trials for insurrection. Defund THIS you communist vermin!

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Excellent idea and not for the purpose of “starving them out”. If they are an autonomous zone make then built the infrastructure for as well as generate and/or buy their own utilities just like every other municipality.

      The fun starts when WA state and the County (where this zone is located) want their taxes and they call on law enforcement to assist them. Sorry, nobody available and not in our jurisdiction.

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      • William the Comptroller says:

        Get dumptrucks full of extra fish from the fishermen from Seattle harbor. Park them upwind from “CHAZ” (how soy/fey a name is that??). Disable the motors so they cannot be moved. Let the hot sun (and aerial bombardment by gorged seagulls) do the rest. It will be like Sustromming on steroids, doncha know!

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    • leftiesbegone says:

      My question is, since they have been declared to be domestic terrorists, why are we not open firing on them? They are dangerous criminals who must be dealt with through bravery and strength, instead of a bunch of cowering standing down wimps. This is OUR country we’re talking about here. OUR freedom, our economy and OUR lives which are being stolen by the new Black Panthers!! Why in the world are people not fighting back?????

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      • jeffsn4 says:

        Labeling the Antifa punks domestic terrorists was useless because it’s not a conventional group. They don’t really have a structure and there’s no real way to prove any of them belong to “antifa”. It’s kind of hard to explain.


      • dwinslowa says:

        No police. Remember?

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        • leftiesbegone says:

          Last time I looked, they haven’t disbanded them. Every officer should stiffen up their backbone and go after these dangerous creatures. If enough armed citizens join them, these bullying cowards will slither away.

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      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        “My question is, since they have been declared to be domestic terrorists, why are we not open firing on them?” ~ lbg

        Well these Antifa’ terrorists do not recognize the Seattle PD any more so who they gonna call when Charles Bronson & friends come visit them in the middle of the night?

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      • Contrarymary says:

        Lefties be gone, As someone said to me yesterday, they keep pushing and winning because our side plays by the rules and the laws of civility. When our side has had enough and we throw the rules aside too, all hell is going to break out. There will be a civil war. Our country’s culture has historically been a civil Christian culture. We have not been a people who goes out killing random people. We have not been a rioting, looting, vicious pack of animals. These are psychopaths who have no inner conscience that stops them. Most of us have never been that person. I believe the globalist uniparty is trying to push us into a civil war so they can gain more power. When one starts, it will be really ugly.


      • garavaglia1 says:

        You first.


      • JiminCO says:

        Nope: Antifa WANTS an armed assault on them so they can cry more police/gov. brutality and call Trump Mussolini. Better to cut power and stink them out.
        Might be wise for business owners inside the zone to stop paying prop/sales/use taxes until they get their “country” back.

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      • Denny Chaput says:

        By One World Order (UN)
        Are where the orders are coming from. BLM protests were hijacked by Antifa for the purpose of dividing and trying to start a race war, and postponed our economy some more. The government except Trump and his administration are not American anymore, in my opinion. Because it’s nothing but VITREOL and spiritual destruction. News is not anymore. It’s lies.


    • billshiloh says:

      Why not treat them the same way they treated WACO! End of story.

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    • billshiloh says:

      Why not treat them the same way they treated WACO! End of story.


    • ethicall says:

      They are now extorting protection money from businesses. $500 dollars in bitcoin or cash. Business owner said they did not know if that was expected weekly.

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    • unconqueredone says:

      AND cut their internet access/ cell tower access. That alone will break most of the snowflakes in the US.

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    • ethicall says:

      I toured the BLM/Antifa occupied zone today on Seattle’s Capital Hill

      I went down around 8:00am. Not too many people. They stayed up all night partying and writing their manifesto.

      This is what I saw and heard.
      The occupied area surrounds the East Precinct. Streets are barricaded and spindly, mostly white punks, sit at the barriers. I stood as tall as I could, probably 6 foot, and walked down the middle of the streets taking photos of the hate filled graffiti. Got some strange looks. I don’t think they knew what to think of me. I look like a hillbilly woman or a homeless woman. I am sure my face was serious. When I got to the East Precinct and saw it all boarded up with graffiti all over it and occupied signs it made me sick. They changed the name of the precinct from Seattle Police Department to Seattle Peoples Department. Graffiti covered the sidewalks and streets and buildings. The whole area looked dirty. Tents on the sidewalks. Plenty of drug addict, homeless people but that’s par for the course for Capital Hill. I took photos.

      I talked with someone at length and this is what I learned.

      Seattle Police were ordered to abandon the precinct by the Chief of Police.
      The east precinct area is currently a “no go zone” to cops. They have been ordered to not go in to the East Precinct area except for life or death situations. I saw no cops down there, not one.
      The Mayor, Jenny Durkin, is not making the decisions during this riot/takeover, the city council is. They are telling her what to do. Lots of commies on the city council.
      Businesses are being extorted for money $500.00, paid in bit coin or cash, for protection and security. Don’t know if that’s a one time or weekly payment.
      One of the Antifa? Ringleaders is a transgender something who has been accused of sexual assault and is now suicidal. (Don’t end your life, get help) I think this he/she is a teenager or in early 20’s. These are the people the grown ups are taking orders from.
      Some kid went there last night and was going to tag some stuff and the new armed “peace keepers” did not like it and started to rough him up pretty good.
      One of the organizers said that he thinks they are losing the support of the neighborhood. Maybe don’t have bands playing all night?

      That’s my report. Tucker Carlson got it right.

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  2. Gongo says:

    That’s easy to solve.

    Block the roads. No Food. Switch off water and electricity. Wait three days.

    REALLY easy to solve.


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    • wondering999 says:

      Actually… these people HAVE been blocking the roads… and burning down supermarkets… and a commenter above commented about the communal Seattle water supply. Look clearly at what’s being done by who, and what effects this will have.


    • leftiesbegone says:

      Blocking off their food supply and water will only prompt these savages to rob people’s homes and most likely murder them as well. No, we need FORCE, guns and ammo!!!! Antifa terrorists need to be shot on sight as dangerous criminals, and the ones who are captured should be executed for treason. People need to stop being brainwashed, intimidated and politically correct. Americans, wake up…..before you can’t…..


    • censoriB says:

      Or just ignore them. If Seattle doesn’t care why should anyone else. Just get more popcorn.


  3. DeWalt says:

    They are occupying ground that was freely given. The citizens of Seattle have not lifted a finger to remove them. I don’t see a problem.
    Now, when they become emboldened, believing they have conquered that ground by force and that faux toughness leads them into Deplorable territory. School will be in.

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  4. pchasgottoend says:

    police “will always be racist because capitalism requires inequality.”

    It’s been shown that this is not an inherent problem of Capitalism. See explanation by Prof. Jordan Peterson and Marxism isn’t the answer:


    • henry says:

      Funny how socialism, marxism and communism all demand have a police enforcement group to control and punish rebellion.


  5. Summer says:

    🤪 soyboy revolution ran out of soy.

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  6. margarite1 says:

    I was on Twitter just now and it’s bad. The black rioter guy who tried to punch a Hispanic driver and got shot for it by the driver now has over 200k in a gofundme and he’s being called a hero for saving the crowd from a gunman. It’s backwards. They’re also calling the driver white in an obvious attempt to ratchet up the race war. The attorney for Floyd family is on Twitter riling everyone up over what is a lie.

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  7. northwoodswatcher says:

    “Broken Windows” theory says that you take action against the crimes that would appear minor, because it’s the old camel-in-the-tent story. Let the camel get a nose inside your tent and before you know you are out on your ass.

    Morale: There is no “best time” in which to take action against lawlessness. You just take action as soon as you can, and be as consistent as you can.

    The very best defense against lawlessness is to say what you are going to do, then do it. Doing what you say you will do communicates resolve.

    If a lawbreaker understands that law enforcers do not make idle threats, it makes all the world of difference.

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  8. More Bore says:

    Glad to see one of my favorite bars in the world (Canon) is just outside of their anarchy zone. It would likely be destroyed and/or ruined economically if so.


  9. Eric French says:

    Does anybody LIVE in this area? Are they hostages?


  10. Turn off basic services, especially internet and cell in that area. Snowflakes won’t last a few days.

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  11. vml9000 says:

    In what country is this taking place??? Couldn’t be America!


  12. Dwayne Diesel says:

    Why isn’t anyone taking action to stop this domestic terror take over of a city? I find it interesting that the Feds used complete force at WACO to eradicate people from their own property. Same with the Bundy ranch…..yet, here, they allow the criminals to conduct terror ops.

    Enough is enough. I don’t care if every single one of them loses their life over this BS. Play stupid game and win stupid prizes.

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    • Elle says:

      Why? Because this state and others are controlled by tyrants and have been for decades. Through aggressive “community organizing” they installed true believers and purged those not sufficiently compliant… from dog catcher to all bureaucrats, judges, Sec of State to voting integrity.

      The last roadblock to their success is armed law enforcement who can still enforce the rule of law. Thus LE must be destroyed.

      Phase 1. COVID.
      Ruin economy and establish control over people.
      Phase 2 Burning and looting
      Burn down what is left of Main Street to ruin economy and establish more control.
      Phase 3
      Use looting and rioting to cry racism and cripple police and destroy law and order.
      Phase 4
      Take physical territory with rebels to terrorize any resistance.

      Do this in CA, Mi, NY, IL, WI, MO, and dare the president to call it what it is: A civil war.

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      • Elle says:

        Oh and they already tipped their hand on this Floyd thing. They intend to call in the UN.

        This will get really ugly really fast as Trump made clear he WILL call in the military if needed.

        In my opinion, the Dems overplayed their hand. Thought they had it achieved victory with Hillary and have now pushed too far too fast.

        All those liberal karens are going to start demanding the US military save them as soon as they realize this sh&t is real and they are not safe.


      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        Yeah, except I remember this two little fiascos- Waco and the Bundy’s. The Feds had no issue trespassing on private property to murder people at Waco. Nor did they have an issue just taking someone else’s land and then killing him over rit.

        If Antifa is a domestic terror group as we have been told then this should be ended now. Would ISIS be permitted to set up like this, declare a plot free from U.S. sovereignty, talk about creating their own currency, they are developing their own flag, and they literally declare to anyone crossing they are no leaving the U.S.

        Everyone who donates to any group that funds Antifa should be hit. These gofundmes are supporting a terror group…you do that with ISIS- you’d be hunted down, interrogated and thrown away for no one to ever see you again.

        This is ridiculous….they do this but my wife can’t work because some liberal governor ha shut our state down and won’t open it up.

        I don’t disagree with what you wrote but this selective enforcement of laws is really old.


  13. donnyvee says:

    Something I would love to hear. “The scoops are on their way!!”

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  14. jay says:

    They don’t work. They don’t have money. They gave their food away. And now they are hungry and begging for food. And they think they can rule the world. You cannot make this stuff up.



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    • William the Comptroller says:

      “All that CHAZ”
      “The Book of Morons”
      “Ms. Sowgunt”
      “Cats: the Stampede!”
      “Guys & Guys that look like Hentai Dolls”
      “I’ve Got Rabies”
      “The Fecalstinks”
      “Les Marxistrabbles”
      “Blue Hair Group”
      “Phantom of the Cider Bar”
      “Urinetown II”
      “Pudgy and Cess”
      “O, Cowcuddle”
      “A Corpulent Line”
      “Marxa Mia”
      “Rent II; Control”
      “FIddler on the hood of the police car””
      “Smello, Doody”
      “My Fair Ladyboy”
      “Hairspray II, Rancid Pubes”

      C’Mom, folks.,… you give it a try!

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  15. dwinslowa says:

    No one noticed the cement barricades being placed? What is going on? I feel sorry for the real Americans who live in Seattle. If there are any?

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  16. Debra says:

    So, ‘four dead in Oh-high-oh’ has just morphed into ‘six blocks in Sea-at-le’ . . .?

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  17. imalulu says:

    Why is this rebellion not being put down? A City,nor State can Constitutionally succeed and there must be citizens held against their will. This IS civil war and there’s nothing funny about this treason. We live in a small,rural Ohio town. These lunatics have been “protesting” on our town square twice this week! They are coming from nearby colleges,even though our lunatic,dictator RINO Gov. has has all schools shut-down since early March.This human trash has tons of pent-up anger and energy, but of course, no jobs. They are loud,obnoxious,and have the business owners sitting vigil with weapons across their laps. The police presence at these “peaceful protests” is costing we the people $25-$30,000 a pop,as extra man-power has to be “on-call”. We are a drug-ridden little city with a HUGE meth problem that has been enabled and “back burnered” by this traveling freak show. Do you really think these lunatics are not emboldened by Seattle? It wasn’t enough that we’ve got our Dictator RINO Gov. “Dewino” and his Marxist Medical sidekick,Dr. Amy “Over-ReActon” destroying Ohio,arresting business owners, and flaunting their new-found power,now this insanity. WHERE ARE BARR AND TRUMP??? Don’t really care about “indictments and investigations” right now. We’ve got a nationwide coup going on. The “Titanic” is sinking and these politicians are looking for a stylish swim suit to wear!

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    • northwoodswatcher says:

      This is “Broken Windows” theory in action.

      Those who think that the Seattle incident is merely local do not understand how media networks (e.g., social media, etc.) work. Nothing is local anymore. Everything is viral, electronically speaking.

      So letting these idiots in Seattle get away with the takeover of even a small segment of a city is a camel’s nose inside a tent. Let it go a little longer and more city blocks are taken over. And people are watching.

      Lack of enforcement communicates “these institutions are paper tigers; they do not mean what they saw; the laws are not really laws since no one is enforcing them.”

      Sure, letting the locals stew in their own crap has its purpose.

      But letting the locals get away with it also serve their purpose.

      What works is what Rudy Giuliani advocated. Enforcing all the laws, i.e., for even the smallest infraction, prevents a whole lot of crime. Because they way a criminal’s mind works is that they think, “Well geez, if the cops cracked down on me for littering, they sure as hell won’t let me get away with grabbing that lady’s pocketbook.” Human nature.

      I remember NYC in the 1970s. Real sh*thole after David Dinkins got through with it.

      What Rudy accomplished was like night and day. And it happened overnight.

      What is “Broken Windows” theory so hard for people to understand?


  18. WalkAlone63 says:

    What does Ellen Ripley think about this?


  19. dd_sc says:

    ….it appears the media zeal to cover, excuse and justify the conduct of their radical Antifa allies has led to a complete black-out of coverage.

    And not just Seattle. Talked to relatives in Portland, Oregon. My nephew’s girlfriend is a cop. She sent him a text message the other day that they were going to have to search a part of Portland for IED’s.

    The Oregon governor has crawled into her safe space and thrown the Portland Mayor under the bus.

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  20. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Now that the Seattle Antifa terrorists branch is whining about the local homeless people “stealing” all their consumable provisions maybe a stupid woke company like WholeFoods will donate some organic mung bean sprouts and tofu to the cause.

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  21. Another Ian says:

    Re Seattle

    “@iowahawkblog – Looks like everything’s going swell at Seattle’s Goth ISIS utopia”

    And re statue banning etc


  22. brenrod says:

    so protection of life and property has been withdrawn from law abiding citizens, isnt his a violation of civil rights which should require sending in the military.


  23. Henry says:

    So this enclave is now being extorted by these criminals and whenever this is over, care to bet they qon’t be prosecuted.

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  24. CNN_sucks says:

    Wow. Jonestown redux. Antifas are crazies, violent and dangerous.

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    • William the Comptroller says:

      Maybe they will put the artisanal cyanide (“Black Hand Authentic Cyanide 1905”) in the craft cider……mmmmm…good mouthfeel…


  25. B says:

    I say we barracde it so no one gets out, just like in Berlin or communist Russia. In about 8-12 weeks, the problem will be gone as they will all have starved to death.


  26. John Doe says:

    Ok with me if they burn the city to the ground. The leftist loons voted for the mayor and council members. Elections have consequences. Once the city is destroyed keep your sorry a…. there; we don’t want you infecting any other city or state with your pathological thinking.


  27. FPCHmom says:


  28. Just Me says:

    Surround the area around their so-called zone and shut down all in going traffic, no food or supplies brought in, close the water and electrical services and wait. Only way out is to surrender to be arrested, charged and prosecuted, no deals or easy time to serve, 20 years hard labor with no early out.

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  29. Snarky 1958 says:

    Washington’s Governor Inslee hasn’t really heard about this. I just watched a clip of him saying that on Tucker Carlson. Are we living in the Twilight Zone? Obviously, Washington is. My thoughts about how to stop this insanity are obviously contrary to vapid Inslee’s thoughts. I know that my giving him the benefit of the doubt that he actually thinks is ……….


  30. buckeyejames says:

    Friday and Gannon knew how to deal with punks like this…

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  31. Summer says:


    Antifa has a warlord policing the zone and beating revolutionaries if they don’t obey him. So predictable.

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  32. Don Greene says:

    Send in the national guard now!!!!!
    What if this happened in your neighborhood?


  33. WE WANT JUSTICE! says:

    Now these EVIL rioters (All Liberal Democrats) are knocking down beautiful statues in the USA, even Christopher Columbus and knocking his head off. He discovered America in 1492, where these Marxism/ANTIFA criminals (Democrat Party) live. I’m afraid people will have to arm themselves to stop this EVIL from taking over our country. The Politicians are a bunch of WIMPS that refuse to speak up. That’s why people will have to take control themselves, only then will this EVIL stop.


  34. Nfcolvert says:

    Every time there’s an election year or a
    sad race problem. Democrats are always on board to stir the pot to make the problem worse. I’m very very sad about what happened to brother by a few outlawed cops. I hope and pray that those 4 cops get everything they
    get and never see day light again.
    Now those 6 city blocks in Seattle take over
    by those outlawed group put up another barricade around there’s and block them in.
    Nothing in or out for a couple of weeks and
    then round them all up and deport them all
    to a Desert island in the middle of the ocean
    that way us tax payers want have to feed,
    cloth, ect them. They are unAmerican so we don’t need to take care of them.


  35. animal_lover says:

    People need to hold the mayor of this town accountable!! Time to hunt her down and find out why she is not putting a stop to this.

    The media should also be held accountable. By not reporting on this accurately, they are instigating a bad situation, and making it worse. It’s time to hold all media accountable for their lies.


  36. joan says:

    Well isn’t that special.


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