Frey Has Sad: Minneapolis Mob Turn on Mayor Frey For Not Being Woke Enough – Force Mayor To Do Walk of Shame – Video…

Last week Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey allowed the mob to burn the police precincts in an expression of his alignment with their woke demands.  However, the Minneapolis mob was not satisfied with his permission to riot, loot and torch the city, the mob wants more.

The mob always wants more. You can never be woke enough.

The mob has an unquenchable blood lust for power.

Today the social justice warriors demanded Mayor Frey prove his virtue by promising to eliminate all police officers and allow the woke community to take over the organization of their politically correct civic society.  The Mayor could not make the promise…. So the mob turned on him and forced him to do the walk of shame through the crowd.  WATCH:


Mayor Frey’s skinny jeans, antique T-shirt and woke hairstyle could not shield him for the demands of the mob. The crowd shouts “GO HOME JACOB” and then “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME” while giving him the middle-finger salute. Moments later as he walked alone, dejected down the sidewalk, they start throwing bottles of water at him. Jacob has sad.

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554 Responses to Frey Has Sad: Minneapolis Mob Turn on Mayor Frey For Not Being Woke Enough – Force Mayor To Do Walk of Shame – Video…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Told ya’ so! Yesterday and today.

    He has numerous strikes against him. The 1st being that he’s white. They don’t like white people or police.

    They have demands and you either bow/kneel to their demands or you’re out.

    These are DIMs, remember? They don’t do half measures. It is all or nothing. You are either in the club or out.

    Dumb Dude.

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  2. VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

    June 7, 2020
    Holy Trinity Sunday

    Open letter to President Trump

    Click to access Open_Letter_President_Donald_Trump.pdf

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    • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

      The rest…

      June 7, 2020 Holy Trinity Sunday

      We will also discover that the riots in these days were provoked by those who, seeing that the virus is inevitably fading and that the social alarm of the pandemic is waning, necessarily have had to provoke civil disturbances, because they would be followed by repression which, although legitimate, could be condemned as an unjustified aggression against the population. The same thing is also happening in Europe, in perfect synchrony. It is quite clear that the use of street protests is instrumental to the purposes of those who would like to see someone elected in the upcoming presidential elections who embodies the goals of the deep state and who expresses those goals faithfully and with conviction. It will not be surprising if, in a few months, we learn once again that hidden behind these acts of vandalism and violence there are those who hope to profit from the dissolution of the social order so as to build a world without freedom: Solve et Coagula, as the Masonic adage teaches.
      Although it may seem disconcerting, the opposing alignments I have described are also found in religious circles. There are faithful Shepherds who care for the flock of Christ, but there are also mercenary infidels who seek to scatter the flock and hand the sheep over to be devoured by ravenous wolves. It is not surprising that these mercenaries are allies of the children of darkness and hate the children of light: just as there is a deep state, there is also a deep church that betrays its duties and forswears its proper commitments before God. Thus the Invisible Enemy, whom good rulers fight against in public affairs, is also fought against by good shepherds in the ecclesiastical sphere. It is a spiritual battle, which I spoke about in my recent Appeal which was published on May 8.
      For the first time, the United States has in you a President who courageously defends the right to life, who is not ashamed to denounce the persecution of Christians throughout the world, who speaks of Jesus Christ and the right of citizens to freedom of worship. Your participation in the March for Life, and more recently your proclamation of the month of April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, are actions that confirm which side you wish to fight on. And I dare to believe that both of us are on the same side in this battle, albeit with different weapons.
      For this reason, I believe that the attack to which you were subjected after your visit to the National Shrine of Saint John Paul II is part of the orchestrated media narrative which seeks not to fight racism and bring social order, but to aggravate dispositions; not to bring justice, but to legitimize violence and crime; not to serve the truth, but to favor one political faction. And it is disconcerting that there are Bishops – such as those whom I recently denounced – who, by their words, prove that they are aligned on the opposing side. They are subservient to the deep state, to globalism, to aligned thought, to the New World Order which they invoke ever more frequently in the name of a universal brotherhood which has nothing Christian about it, but which evokes the Masonic ideals of those want to dominate the world by driving God out of the courts, out of schools, out of families, and perhaps even out of churches.

      The American people are mature and have now understood how much the mainstream media does not want to spread the truth but seeks to silence and distort it, spreading the lie that is useful for the purposes of their masters. However, it is important that the good – who are the majority – wake up from their sluggishness and do not accept being deceived by a minority of dishonest people with unavowable purposes. It is necessary that the good, the children of light, come together and make their voices heard. What more effective way is there to do this, Mr. President, than by prayer, asking the Lord to protect you, the United States, and all of humanity from this enormous attack of the Enemy? Before the power of prayer, the deceptions of the children of darkness will collapse, their plots will be revealed, their betrayal will be shown, their frightening power will end in nothing, brought to light and exposed for what it is: an infernal deception.
      Mr. President, my prayer is constantly turned to the beloved American nation, where I had the privilege and honor of being sent by Pope Benedict XVI as Apostolic Nuncio. In this dramatic and decisive hour for all of humanity, I am praying for you and also for all those who are at your side in the government of the United States. I trust that the American people are united with me and you in prayer to Almighty God.
      United against the Invisible Enemy of all humanity, I bless you and the First Lady, the beloved American nation, and all men and women of good will.
      + Carlo Maria Viganò
      Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana
      Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America

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      • billinlv says:

        An amazing letter that deals with truth authored by an amazing catholic prelate. Thank you Archbishop Vigano.

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      • Seneca the Elder says:

        An amazing letter on so many levels. Thanks very much for posting.
        For myself, I have come to believe absolutely that Satan himself has unleashed his devils from hell upon us and that our President Trump is the fabled “Man on the White Horse.”

        Furthermore, the longer these riots continue, the more convinced I am that the killing of George Floyd was a complete set up. They were all in on it, for reasons I cannot fathom.
        It was have been some very high end crimes that caused the lot of them to pull off the event. George was stoned out of his mind and probably Derek the cop was too.
        It was all too deliberate, it was no accident. The cops knew they were being recorded.

        And it all worked out PERFECTLY. The Demon Rats got everything they wanted and then some.

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      • Todd says:

        Amen! Thank you for posting that, VoteAllIncumbantsOut.

        The Light of God will always outshine the darkness of the devil.

        The Light is like the sun, which is 1 million times bigger than the Earth.

        The darkness is like the moon, which is about a quarter of the size of Earth.

        There is more Good in this world than evil, but the Big Six Media only shines their false lights on their own blue moons, making themselves out to be even bigger asses than they already are.

        We walk towards the Light. Truth is Light. Freedom is Light. God is Light and LOVE is Light!

        Darkness is a very cold time in space, or space in time. Ying/Yang, vice versa.

        “You can’t have light without the dark.”

        Bullshit. Billions of trillions light years away, perhaps even in a different dimension exists a world with 2 suns where darkness does not exist.

        I can’t wait to get there!

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        • redline says:

          That would require a significant alteration of the known laws of physics, as ordained for us by our Creator, in our corner of His universe.

          However, it would be impertinent for me to put such a prank past Him – in some part of His realm infinitely beyond our limited perception. This is His universe, after all. I think we’re just here to find that out.

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      • Aj says:

        Well said!


      • Alex1689 says:

        A true good shepard who is using this letter to announce his entry into open combat on behalf of God to reclaim the Chair of St. Peter. He is not in hiding anymore. Exposing Cardinal McCarrick was just the start. Pray God this real man of the cloth will clean out the vile occupiers and the false Pope. God bless him and keep him safe. May we too put on the full armor of God and stand with him against the dark spiritual forces in so many high places. Amen.

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        • YvonneMarie says:

          The Archbishop’s open letter to President Trump is a treasure and a blessing.
          I compare Archbishop Vigano to Saint Pope Pius V
          and President Trump to Constantine I.
          Most Holy Trinity, Have mercy on us.
          Holy Family, Pray for us.

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      • FrankieZee says:

        I truly believe that President Trump visited the shrine of Pope John II is because God told him that he is the SAINT that would protect him. If you look at the biography of Pope John the II you will see that he is about as close as any human could be to the likeness of Jesus.

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      • ltravisjr says:

        I wish a copy could be inserted into every bulletin in the country tomorrow.

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      • Serena says:

        This is an amazing and very powerful letter. God bless him for speaking out and telling the truth.

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  3. suejeanne1 says:

    This entire idea of “defunding the police” is SO absurd!

    It’s like telling a cancer patient, okay, we are going to stop using radiation and everything – yes, we know that has been working for you but now we want to send you for snake oil treatments –

    or like all the “authorities” railing against the use of hydroxochloroquine – which has already been shown to help in many cases – and we are all supposed to wait with baited breath and on bended knee for the vaccine that Bill Gates is going to “give” us –

    I don’t think so!

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    • vfm#7634 says:

      I’ve noticed the media is no less positive about President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. I guess a vaccine isn’t good enough for them unless it’s a Bill Gates vaccine. Like the polio vaccine that India had to ban because it was causing more problems than it solved.


  4. hawkins6 says:

    President Trump is nothing like Mayor Frey (On Topic)

    PT Troll update: (Off Topic)
    3 hours ago—FNC—”Thousands of protesters gather in DC for massive George Floyd demonstration.”
    3 min ago, POTUS tweets:

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  5. pucecatt says:

    I suspect he may resign by Monday if not I have to at least give him credit for being honest lol .. he’s weak for the most part though ..

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  6. TwoLaine says:

    This is exactly what happens when you import people who do not love our country, our flag, our ideals, our language or our Constitution.


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  7. More Bore says:

    These are some of my favorite moments of the woke culture. When someone who bows down finds out it didn’t inoculate them from the insanity. It happens with corporate culture especially and gives me great Schadenfreude. Look at Target – busy virtue signaling for years now, only to be told they are “racist” for not letting the looters have supplies they needed.

    I only wish we could follow up with them, perhaps anonymously, to see what their thoughts and intentions going forward were.

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  8. Minnesota is becoming irrelevant. I hope Mike Lidell moves out.

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  9. Judiciary says:

    Frey’s city is being held hostage. Never bow down to kidnappers, extortionists, aka leftists.

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    • johnnyfandango says:

      Stockholm syndrome in real-time. Losers…
      Also those FBI, and Military members kneeling., it’s same thing. Get them out, they are toxic to their institutions.

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  10. Michelle says:

    That kid is the MAYOR???

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  11. hawkins6 says:

    This beautiful flag and this great pledge will outlast the crazed, censorious mobs and the quisling power hungry Woke politicians:

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  12. sunnydaze says:

    Dem AOC is all in on Defund the Police.

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    • California Joe says:

      How about we defund the Welfare Department instead? We are supporting the people who want to kill us!

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      • Seneca the Elder says:

        Joe- you nailed it. They want to take the money from the police and funnel it directly to the thieves who run all the entitlement programs for minorities.

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        • vikingmom says:

          Seriously! WHY is there NEVER any talk of scaling back “social service” budgets? Police, fire, parks, roads, pension funds (which I know are a mess but many people made in hundreds of thousands of dollars over their 30 year careers and the problem is that the state never put in the share THEY were supposed to contribute – that’s why so many states are upside down)…

          But welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, “free” healthcare, EITC, “homeless” services, etc – why are those items always protected from ANY cuts of any kind?!

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          • CNN_sucks says:

            Should listened to epoch times interview with Woodson…the middle man that distribute that social service get 70 cents on a dollar…the remaining only what poor people gets. Somebody figured out how to milk the taxpayers with no accountability.

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      • Jorizabeth says:

        And…if there ever was a moment that proved that no white supremacy exists in America, it would be now. This tragedy has flushed out the truth of so many things!

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  13. dufrst says:

    At some point these snowflake white liberals will realize there are racist minorities too and they hate for white people is at the top of their hate list.

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  14. fangdog says:

    The Mayor has just experienced what it is to be; a gullible, naive, inept “Useful Idiot”. I care less if he learns any lessons, but rather just see him just go away into the darkness of his gloom.

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  15. TwoLaine says:

    This is the same wimpy guy who attempted to keep President TRUMP from having a rally.

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  16. garavaglia1 says:

    He should have rode out on his skateboard.

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  17. Galahad says:

    How did this weak virtue signaling loser even become mayor???? Wow what did expect from These communists?

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  18. Right to reply says:

    He just realized he’s not at UNI anymore, and his utopian dreams are nought but a nightmare!

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    • It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall near Frey. Wouldnt want to be in his head, too much wind blowing between those ears.
      The man has no idea what it takes to command respect or lead, and that is the job he was elected to do. Mpls is screwed.

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  19. lol
    chin up, little boi.

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  20. Jasonn says:

    In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause’s goals, and who is cynically used by the cause’s leaders.[ The term was originally used during the Cold War to describe non-communists regarded as susceptible to communist propaganda and manipulation.

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  21. NJF says:

    Did he kneel? Or was the performance of him crying on his knees before ‘ol George’s coffin cover that requirement?

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  22. Ray says:

    Game of Morons . The Zombies won.

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  23. Dandaman says:

    What will happen when the people get around to the fact that nothing happening now was unexpected. In 1957 the dixiecrats published their “southern manifesto” in response to supreme court decisions including Brown v board of education. Their stated goal was a race war if civil rights laws and court decisions were not repealed. This is what they intended. It is no mistake that these acts of brutality by cops are happening in democratic controlled cities. Time for truth.

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  24. Chuck says:

    Hard times create strong men,
    Strong men create good times,
    Good times create weak men,
    Weak men create hard times.

    This seems relevant. You decide where we are.

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  25. hawkins6 says:

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    • hawkins6 says:

      After watching it a few times, I noticed several of the young white saps looked perplexed and didn’t join the shame chant. If they had even a shred of reality soak in at that opportunistic time, they would realize, this not a group I should belong to. When will my turn come?

      Also the creep that threw something at Mayor Frey near the end and might have hit someone else in the crowd. I wonder what it was?

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      • Tazio Nuvolari says:

        Looked like a water bottle he threw. Lucky for the mayor the guy that threw it was a noodle armed soy boy like the mayor and can’t throw anything that far, probably the kind that got traumatized when he tried to throw a baseball as a kid.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      You have to wonder why this ASS CLOWN has changed his stance. A couple of days ago he was all for defunding the police. Who changed his mind? now he has to pony up $ for all the damages, because Trump will never help him fund that. Did the Black community get to him. Will we see this in other communities?

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      • WSB says:

        Maybe someone threatened him….that will do it every time.


      • theoldzombie says:

        Probably because he finally understood what that crowd meant by defunding the police. He just wanted to chop some money off of it. That crowd however wanted to eliminate all police in the city. Even he knows that would be a disaster.


      • marymorse says:

        He was trying to get the trump campaign to pay roughly $1/2 mil for increased security for a few hour rally due to protests that he likely pushes.

        Trump may not have met his demands, so how does he pay the protesters and his police working on the side for private third parties (AEC, and the nightclub)? Was he getting a kick back?

        If these were my community police, I don’t think that iwould want to fund them either.

        Amy klobochar failed to prosecute.

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      Dumbass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    • jay says:

      To all the useful idiots remember history repeats:

      “Bezmenov said of the academics and activists“They are instrumental in the process of subversion only to destabilize a nation,” . “When their job is completed, they are not needed anymore. They know too much. Some of them, when they get disillusioned, when they see that Marxist-Leninists come to power, obviously they get offended. They think that they will come to power. That will never happen, of course. They will be lined up against the wall and shot.”
      Hayward: Democrats Embrace the ‘Four Stages of Ideological Subversion’
      John Hayward
      6 Jun 2020270

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  26. clodfobble says:

    looks like a bunch of whitebread millennial out of work baristas, waitresses and soon to be hookers wearing diapers on their faces. Now THAT is one WOKE bunch of losers berating the BIGGEST loser of them all. Makes me happy.

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  27. sunnydaze says:

    And now Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant has called on Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign over the SPD. haha. Massive Trainwreck!

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  28. billshiloh says:

    Patriotic , conservative Americans ,cannot
    allow this gang of stone raving lunatics to
    gain complete control of America.
    Because if we do ,white Americans over the age of fifty are doomed!
    I don’t see short of a shooting war, how our country can be saved.


  29. billshiloh says:

    Patriotic , conservative Americans ,cannot
    allow this gang of stone raving lunatics to
    gain complete control of America.
    Because if we do ,white Americans over the age of fifty are doomed!
    I don’t see short of a shooting war, how our country can be saved.

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  30. spoogels says:


    The links between BLM and Chairman MAO
    It mentions Obama’s favorites W E B du Bois,-Franz Fanon, The Black Panthers
    Now we know where this revolution comes from

    Black Like Mao: Red China & Black Revolution

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    • spoogels says:

      Now read this–original in UK Telegraph but behind a paywall
      I found it in the NZ Herald

      Covid 19 coronavirus: Virus began as ‘accident’ in Chinese lab, ex MI6 boss says:

      ” In an interview with the Daily Telegraph UK, Sir Richard Dearlove said he had seen an “important” new scientific report suggesting the virus did not emerge naturally but was man-made by Chinese scientists.

      The apparent discovery will raise the prospect of China paying “reparations” for the death and economic catastrophe wreaked upon the world, the former intelligence chief said. It comes as Beijing faces growing pressure to explain precisely how coronavirus first began to spread late last year.

      International scientists have reached a near-unanimous consensus, however, that the virus emerged in animals – most likely bats or pangolins – before jumping to the human population.

      But Dearlove, 75, pointed to a scientific paper published this week by a Norwegian-British research team who claim to have discovered clues within Covid-19’s genetic sequence suggesting key elements were “inserted” and may not have evolved naturally.

      From the outset, the Chinese government has endeavoured to “lock down” any debate about the origins of the virus and Beijing’s handling of the crisis, he claimed.

      “I do think that this started as an accident,” Dearlove told the Telegraph.

      “It raises the issue, if China ever were to admit responsibility, does it pay reparations? I think it will make every country in the world rethink how it treats its relationship with China and how the international community behaves towards the Chinese leadership.”

      Dearlove, who was the head of MI6 between 1999 and 2004, cited startling new peer-reviewed research produced by Professor Angus Dalgleish, of St George’s Hospital at the University of London, and Norwegian virologist Birger Sorensen.

      In their paper, the scientists claim to have identified “inserted sections placed on the Sars-CoV-2 Spike surface” that explain how the virus binds itself to human cells.

      “The Sars-CoV-2 spike is significantly different from any other Sars that we have studied,” the paper says.”

      He revealed that the Dalgleish/Sorensen paper had been rewritten several times. An earlier version, seen by The Telegraph, concluded the coronavirus should correctly be called the “WUHAN VIRUS” and claimed to have proven “beyond reasonable doubt that the Covid-19 virus is engineered”.

      “We are aware that these findings could have political significance and raise troubling questions,” the authors originally wrote. The paper was widely circulated behind the scenes after being distributed for peer review, while intelligence officials reportedly examined its findings.

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  31. The state of Minnesota seems to have turned into one large Kindergarten – with no adult supervision. They all need to be put down for their afternoon nap, followed by a snack of graham crackers.

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  32. CorwinAmber says:

    possibly the most pathetic display I’ve ever seen by a “politician” SMDH

    y’know when I think of a big city, hard-boiled mayor, I think of HIZZONER Mayor Daley or Ed Koch or Frank Rizzo…can you imagine them in a situation such as this? Sparks would fly and cops would be allowed to do what they do – “The police are not here to create disorder, they’re here to preserve disorder.”

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  33. OhNoYouDont says:

    This will circulate far and wide … hypocrisy.

    In 2015, Obama used the word ‘thugs’ to describe this abhorrent behavior.


    I’ve heard a LOT of Democrats excusing riots, looting and arson this week as a necessary expression of people who feel unheard. Let’s roll the tape back to see what Obama said about rioters… Weird how ya’ll suddenly have a different view.

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  34. MGBSE says:

    LOL… This video is STUNNING … Mr. “Cool” Frey … gave his RAT voting morons in Minneapolis EVERYTHING they demanded … and they still made him walk the walk of shame … demanding even more concessions … and … “INSANE LIBERAL” Frey thinks if he gives them even more they will like him … again … fool.

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    • johnnyfandango says:

      It’s never enough. Isn’t this really symbolic of the left. There is no limit of what they want or want to change. They are Rats that at some point prey on each other once the cheese runs out. As far as Major Soyboy, another sacrifice at the left’s alter of change. Good grief I hate Minnesota. Thanks for exposing what a worthless state and people they have. Bunch of commies.

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  35. gsonFIT says:

    How old is he, 17? Is he mayor of his Junior class in the local high school?

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  36. Alex1689 says:

    His new name will be Waldo from here on out: whether it’s GoT or Minn, Freys lose the game when they play both sides for their own advancement and sell out those who came to deal in good faith.

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  37. spoogels says:

    Ohio men caught with machete, other weapons during NYC protests

    Officers tracked down the vehicle quickly. The driver and his passenger surrendered without incident, WABC reports. However, when police searched the car they discovered a cache of weapons and tools to carry out an attack. Officials found knives, swords, gasoline, bricks, two-way radios and other weapons.

    When protestors spotted something “not right” just blocks from a demonstration, they called police.

    The result: 2 men arrested, gasoline, knives, a machete, 2-way radios recovered … and lives saved — all thanks to the community & cops working together.
    — Commissioner Shea (@NYPDShea) June 6, 2020

    “Different types of knives and weapons,” Robinson explained. “Point-to-point radios, gas masks. All types of different things that you won’t bring to a peaceful protest.”

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  38. hawkins6 says:

    Obfuscator Wray’s “Bias training initiatives” on despicable display.

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  39. jus wundrin says:

    A lord of the flies dystopia in the making.

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  40. redline says:

    It’s so refreshing when these pathetic dem “masters of the universe” get to personally enjoy the recognition they so richly deserve.

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  41. Ken says:

    Sadly, this really IS the best thing on the internet today.

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  42. gary says:

    there is a particular repulsion generated by this sorry man. make a good campaign ad.

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  43. Sentient says:

    I live in Minneapolis – at least for now. We have nonpartisan “ranked choice voting”. We had something like 32 candidates running when Frey was elected. He was one of the more conservative candidates. At least that was his stance then. The most conservative was a young Arab guy whose family ran a business and he was running on fiscal conservatism. I asked for a yard sign and never got one. Beware electoral novelties like ranked choice voting. Better to have the field whittled down to two main candidates than a cast of trannies and assorted jagoffs.

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  44. SR says:

    Does not matter what deal you give antifa and BLM they want more. No police, open border, vote by illegals, everyone is legal, free everything, trillion $ on climate, stop all ICE cars, love China, trump must resign, no constitution as it’s written by white males, one world govt.
    PTrump is master of politics and did not get bait of sending military. Let democrats burn own city and own politicians.

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  45. czarowniczy says:

    And didn’t I say that the revolutionaries want the Okhrana disbanded and replaced with the Cheka?
    I’m wondering that since so much of the urban drug activity is centered in major city minority communities, how much of the funding and support for the ‘movement’, especially the Defund the Police movement, is coming from the cartels and their downtrace? Democrats have pushed for legalization of illegal drugs for decades, look at the major Dem controlled cities and states that are step-by-step legalizing drugs. Denver has legalized pot and magic mushrooms, the entire Left Coast has legalized recreational pot (illegal pot was California’s top ag product for years) and San Francisco’s looking to create legal flops where junkies can smoke/shoot up illegal drugs cleanly, safely and with medical supervision.

    Just as the Left is pushing for defunding the Border Patrol to allow free illegal immigration they’re also pushing to defund or at least neuter the police, that would allow illegal drugs to flow more-or-less freely. The illegal drug money flow JUST IN THE US is conservatively guesstimated at $150-BILLION per year. That kind of money buys a lot of politicians and if the profits go up they can ask for a raise. You have Dem controlled states that are fire hoses for drugs, the states are awash in drugs, druggies and illegal cash. You know, like how a Mexican drug cartel could set up in Chicago, control drug business throughout the Midwest while turning yearly profits that exceeded those of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange – and no one noticed?

    There’s more money and support coming in to these riots than just those from the Sorosites, it’s a joint effort with varied interests looking for common goals.

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  46. Gabriel says:

    Mayor Frey tried to appease The Cult after getting heckled at a budget announcement last year when he wanted to add 14 new police officers to the force.

    He partially caved, and instead shifted the money from the 14 new officers to a future cadet class, The Cult, of course, wanted less police and wanted the money invested in “community led safety solutions”, whatever in the **** that is.

    This is one of those situations where, “If you only knew a year ago what you know now …”

    They is no appeasing the The Cult Mayor Frey, they will use you until you have satisfied their needs and then throw you aside in a gutter somewhere when you are no longer of any value.

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  47. paper doll says:

    The little snowflakes darlings will be under Sharia law in a week and will gladly don burkas.imo


  48. Val says:

    Lord of the Flies in real life.

    Reminded me of this Bernie Sanders’ event:

    “Black Lives Matter” Protesters Disrupt Bernie Sanders Event In Seattle, Sanders Gives Up The Mic To Them” August 9, 2015

    Liked by 3 people

  49. AJ says:

    Frey. Stop! You may be a demented leftist mayor, but BLM and Antifa are in another league. They are no holds bar authoritarians and people need to stop thinking this small, but highly active fringe group represents the majority. They do not.

    They are a hate organization they tells whites to get on their knees.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. babishop2015 says:

    where would Amy Klobuchar stand in all this?


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