Denver Broncos Declare If You Are Not Virtuous Enough To Support Their Antifa Politics Then Get Lost…

The NFL has been moving further and further toward the political left for several years.  Many NFL players and teams openly castigate their fans and denigrate anyone who doesn’t conform to their political correctness.  Overall, the NFL has become a toxic stew of identity politics and divisive intollerance.

However, the Denver Broncos are taking division up a notch today by declaring if their fans do not stand with their brand of virtue signaling politics, then you stand against them.

(Official Team Position SourceIf you ain’t with us, you against us.”)

Quite a remarkable position.  Apparently, in the endless quest to be the most virtuous, the team has decided to eliminate over half of their potential support base.  Against the recent pressure upon NFL quarterback Drew Brees to apologize for supporting the U.S.A flag; it appears the NFL is a lost cause.

Let the market decide.

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385 Responses to Denver Broncos Declare If You Are Not Virtuous Enough To Support Their Antifa Politics Then Get Lost…

  1. 4EDouglas says:

    So what’s next the come out in support of oh, say ISIS? not much difference..
    Th eBroncos are supporting Terrorism-and expecr Pres. Trump to say something..

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      The Not For Long will fold in less than 2 years. It has become the idol of too many people. It couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of self-entitled assholes.

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      • Thankful for Americans Outside of DPRK says:

        “You’d do it for Randolph Scott”

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      • jnr2d2 says:

        I have been a football nut for 65 years — from when it was mostly white in the mid 50’s till today. NO MORE. I was disturbed by the kneeling back when Kap started it. The radicals like Malcomb Jenkins and others you are seeing a lot these days started to infect their teams sufficiently, that many coaches said they needed to “act together” — stand and link arms, if not all kneeling. Or some kneeling, the rest holding hands — all were coerced (whites and even strong black Christians).
        First, I will say that in the past, sports (particularly football) brought the community together — all races and ethnics, in a relief from the weekly grind. Even as the sport went from mostly white to 85% black today — I supported lots of “heros” to me, white and black.
        At my company I had a rule – no talking politics or religion at work. Outside of work clearly no problem. The reason: it is easy to lose the cohesion of purpose for the company. People put up barriers, as well as take sides, and some get real angry and ugly. So the work place gets dis-functional to various degrees. And it spills over alot to customer relations. THAT IS WHERE THE NFL is today! The 90% of the crowd that is white, is highly offended by the Commissioner’s groveling, and now the same with coaches and players like Drew Brees.
        I and many are now saying #ByeNFL. I just dropped my Direct TV package and the NFL is now dead to me. Maybe when they realize that the empty stadiums are not being caused by covid, and their TV revenues crash, then the rich owners and the spoiled “woke” millionaire players will get the message I preached at my company. Once lost, customers mostly don’t come back. And revenue to pay for that $1 B stadium could be a problem, not to mention the sibolleth of public financing, since it is such a unifier and pride for the tax payers! Maybe if they go back to 1955 pricing where $25 got you the 50 yard line? I am sure the truly poor may then come out and have a riot of a good time.

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      • Rj says:

        Yet people should be outraged and pissed that they have tax exempt status and every congress person and senator should have never ended emails demanding its end.

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      • Rhi says:

        NFL is asshoe! 😜

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  2. oldersoul says:

    The reason for this degeneration of the NFL is due to the fundamental change in ownership composition of the teams.

    In the 60s and 70s, a majority of the teams were family founded, owned, and operated, in many instances, and were theIr principal asset. These were football families. The Rooneys, Halases, and Al Davises founded, ran and built that league then. Their fortunes depended and were built on their franchises. These people demanded a Roselle to ruthlessly grow their league into a national institution.

    Today, many teams are owned by people who acquired their vast fortunes independently from their franchise. People of that ilk can afford to virtue signal away millions in revenue, because the franchise is a mere hobby, a toy, to them. They do not rely on the franchise to support their billionaire lifestyle — but as a trapping of it. If the league suffers, it does not substantially harm them. Owners of this sort are willing to tolerate a Goodell as their Commissioner.

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    • Dutchman says:

      From my point of view, the Broncos are very late to the party.
      I walked away from the NFL some time back,…and have never regretted it.

      Had one foot out the door, due to head injuries, so before Kapernik, and when he started his crap, I said “THATS it!”

      To continue to support the NFL, with viewership, attendance at games, buying/ wearing merchandise, you might as well,…donate to the DNC,
      or the CCP.

      GET WOKE!
      Applying ‘social distancing’ to NFL stadiums, should be a problem because of them being able to have enough fans show up, to have one every six feet!

      Let those stadiums only be filled for Trump rallies,…or perhaps Amway conventions, but defund the NFL!

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      • Dutchman, 5 stars to you! Defund the NFL, I love it!!!

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      • The Demon Slick says:

        Broncos have been a joke for a long time. An episode of the Simpson’s in the mid nineties had Homer angry at his former supervillian boss for giving him the Broncos as a bonus (Homer wanted the Raiders). They were a joke several times in south park, including John Elway having to take a paternity test with the other characters after a drunken party with Cartman’s mom. Pretty sure not too many people care what they think or say.

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    • oldersoul, the NFL doesn’t care right now because there are no games coming up in the foreseeable future so they must think people will forget by the time there are games again. Since they have forgotten how many fans they lost when kraperkarap took a knee and it evolved into a loss for the NFL. Remember that the National Anthem was no longer televised so the viewers couldn’t see the teams disrespecting it. If they are counting on the protesters & rioters to support them they are leaving out a whole lot of the population.

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  3. borndwebb says:

    ESPN who tried to dominate the sports world and over paid and bought up every conference they could get their greedy hands on is on shaky ground now. Disney itself is financially in trouble, and dying keeping them afloat. Raised the bidding price for all the games which now are at minimum three nights/days a week. I know ESPN and I welcome their fall.

    Personally I wonder why the Commissioner did this. The owners are probably up in arms. And the players not getting paid, lol, those agents have contracts that will make the owners pay no matter what.

    Plus with what the situation is now. WHY do you think with fall approaching the fake Virus BS will be resurrected or something else will happen.

    This isn’t kids games in my opinion and others who I go to for military opinions. This is real, and it looks for all the marbles. I hope I am and they are wrong. Tonight there is no curfew, since everyone behaved last night….. The good corrupt mayor of DC decided she could drop it no curfew I hear.

    I saw the video of Secret Service Snipers entering the Reagan building to go to the rooftops. I checked to make sure they were real. Well there insignia etc. checked out. And they did it in public view walking down the sidwalk with ammo and kits in hand. And some very long, long guns. jeesssh was my thought, serious weapons for long shots.

    It is nightfall, lets pray for the stupidity to stop.

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    • Brutalus says:

      The ESPN website is absolutely unviewable right now with all the handwringing and virtue signaling…hey, i wonder if Elon Musk would interested instarting in starting a 24 hour sport station right about now?

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    • Dutchman says:

      Oh, don’t fret,…those cases were Just Another Rifle, lol.

      Seriously, unless its changed, the SS has a sniper rifle made EXCLUSIVELY for them, called a,”JAR” which actually stands for “Just,…Another,…Rifle”, …
      Somebody with a sense of humor, obviously came up with the name.


    • Rhoda R says:

      DC’s mayor appears to WANT a major, destructive riot in her city. And she appears to want the rioters to take over the White House. She is an idiot…but a nasty idiot.

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    • oldersoul says:

      ESPN can be best described as Bugs Bunny for adults.

      Programming for 20 and 30-something children.

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    • CM-TX says:

      Can confirm seeing that video too. It was obvious they were making their presence very well known to those in the area.

      Hopefully it only leads others to wonder if they’re here, where are all the rest we didn’t see?

      Whatever happened to the self-serving Nobama policy (exec order/law)? The one that made protesting in the area of ANY official that is under SS protection, a FEDERAL OFFENSE??

      Go figure 0bama is one of those now promoting the very thing his ego couldn’t handle– so he made it unlawful!


    • fred2w says:

      Clarification: Disney is on shaky ground due to coronavirus not consumer boycotts.


  4. Blue Wildflower says:

    When professional sports is no longer an event for entertainment then there is no reason for professional sports.

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    • fixintostand says:

      It seems like “they” have been trying to do away with one of America’s greatest culture past times for awhile now. Football was a game that kids played for fun, (now everyone gets a trophy) some better than others. It morphed into a monster with professional sports. Now college kids are demanding they should be paid too. High school kids want to go directly to professional sports without going to college, Now this, stupid player athletes, if your not with us your against us. Just doing themselves in and not realizing they have been played. Something about rewriting our history and changing our traditions? Meh

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      • Blue Wildflower says:

        I almost used your last phrase in my comment. It just keeps bouncing around in my head and keeps coming forward at the strangest times. Michelle was showing us the future she had planned.


  5. Mark L. says:

    See ya…………………………

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  6. Jan says:

    This stabs me to my core. I have been a Bronco fan since I moved to Denver in 1973. I’ve lived thru the bad years & the good years. ,I’ve witnessed the good things Bronco players have done for the community.

    That they’ve made this statement to their fans like me..I’m white so I can’t possibly understand their pain??? We all have personal stories that affect our growing into adulthood.

    If you have athletic abilities that the NFL wants & will pay for, you got your ticket out of poverty. The rest of Americans did not.

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    • Rob says:

      So a freaking football team of socialists is more important that your life? Done with the NFL. Won’t even watch one game on TV

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    • paulashley says:

      “We all have personal stories that affect our growing into adulthood.”

      Therein lies the problem. Lefties don’t grow into adulthood.

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      • wondering999 says:

        THIS is true and all too seldom acknowledged.
        Everything is somebody else’s responsibility
        ….and they should be taken care of by that imperfect someone else, while they abuse that someone else


  7. Brutalus says:

    Drew Brees is a good man, who was put in a terrible position by his teamates (and dont even get me started on LeBron James)…they put the siren out there on social media and the avalanche caused him to panic…and in his panic, he did the worst thing you can do…he sacrificed his principles so he could get the mob off of him and be able to go into the locker room every day without getting heat from his teammate…he sacrificed his honor to people who dont give a crap about him and who are happy to have taken his scalp, at the expense of all the people in the country who respected him for his principled (and really mild) stances

    So now, he goes from all-time hero to fallen figure….like I said, Drew Brees is a good man…but unfortunately now he is a cautionary tale

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    • Pew-Anon says:

      It’s entertainment. That’s all sports is. Nothing more. They get paid million$ to throw a ball around in their glorified clown suits to the extent we pay to be entertained by the spectacle. So let’s all stop being entertained. Problem solved.

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    • Rob says:

      Drew Brees has no core values. He opened his mouth and tried to virtual signal to one side which was likely his true feelings, but then caved and was weak. He has no true conviction. I could understand if the guy was the average guy and needs to feed his family or was in his first year becomes he has to eat and feed a family, but he is at the end of a career and wealthy. He had the luxury the stay true to his beliefs, so that whole speech about his grandfathers was just BS he obviously didn’t believe. Shame

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      • paulashley says:

        Correct. At this point he doesn’t need the money, but he “needs” the acceptance of the elite crowd that is the only group knows. He can’t stoop to interact with the proles and probably knows no wealthy true conservatives. But he’ll never be fully accepted on either side after this. His status will always be provisional.


    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Drew Brees made / is making millions from football.
      14 time MVP

      So why sacrifice “ your honor” ……He has enough money…..enough talent

      Weak…..very weak…


    • Chip Doctor says:

      Drew Brees is a weak man. This is the second time he has had to backtrack after taking a stand. He might be a good football player, but he should keep his mouth shut if he won’t stand tall.

      Kaepernick will be in the NFL this year. He will be THE topic of conversation during every game. It will destroy the NFL.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Well said.


    • hagarthorrible says:

      I’ll bet his old US soldier Grandpas are sure proud that their boy Drew learned the lessons of their courage and self-sacrificing patriotism!

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  8. Pew-Anon says:

    “Let the market decide.”


    This market member already has. Years ago.

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  9. Miya says:

    Haven’t been to an NFL game in 15 years.
    Haven’t been to a college game in 3 years.
    Haven’t been to a movie theater in 6 years.
    Haven’t been to a concert in 12 years.
    Haven’t had cable TV in 10 years.
    Don’t have Netflix, Hulu, or any subscription television.
    Don’t donate to anything but local orgs where I’ve done the research about where my money’s going.
    Actively boycotting companies for so long it’s second nature.

    Life is good. Once you make a habit of it, you find much more time is available for the things that really matter. Like family. And target practice.

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  10. sync says:

    The owners want their stadiums full with cash paying customers. They want the same exemptions from the lockdown/no protest rules enjoyed now by the Floyd protesters. What better way to signal the dem governors that they are with them and in return the dem governors will let them open up.

    They will now start every game on their knees

    Colin Kaepernick will be the next NFL commissioner

    All white NFL players will be made to apologize for their whiteness.

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  11. Vince says:

    This is kind of sad for me. As a very long time Coloradan I have been a Bronco fan most of my life. The Broncos have been a part of Colorado in ways that most teams could never be in their cities.

    But they lost me a couple of years ago with the kneeling, and now this just pours cement on it.

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    • Dutchman says:

      If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for any thing.
      Be sad for the American flag, for the Constitution, for our Republic.

      Football, while an American icon, is far down the list,…they are vandalising the,Washington and Lincoln memorials,….the WW2 memorials,…

      These same asshats that want to kneel, AND WANT YOU TO KNEEL, at their football games.

      Family and target practice,….indeed.

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  12. Phil aka Felipe says:

    ‘Turn Out The Lights -The Party’s Over’

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  13. David M Kitting says:

    That’s too easy to correct with scripture.
    “What shall we then say to these things ? If God be for us, who can be against us ?” ROM 8:31
    So, when you take your knee, ask God for His guidance in all your ways. He won’t lead you to criminal behavior.


  14. plane of the ecliptic says:

    This is one of the reasons I only watch International Rugby. Never the NFL.
    And oldie, but a goodie below:

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  15. CoHoBo says:

    Orange men bad.

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  16. Tickled Pink says:

    As with pretty much all racial politics, it’s never about solving a problem or making things better or helping people get along.

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  17. hagarthorrible says:

    Denver resident my entire life…I’m 70; college football player; had a Bronco training room pass in the late ’60s…I am embarrassed! I hope they move these overpaid, under ‘brained’ fools to Fargo ND!

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  18. hokkoda says:

    The NFL spent the last 2 seasons all but begging fans to return. A lifelong fan, I got my Sunday’s back, and realized I didn’t miss it all that much. The NFL knows that if it doesn’t kiss ass, the local government won’t lift CV19 retractions. They’re looking at what has happened to MLB, and they will suck whatever body parts are required of them.

    The beauty of living where I do is there are 1,000 better places to be in any given Sunday. They won’t be missed.

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  19. Jim in TN says:

    These locker rooms are going to be torn asunder. Everybody is going to be under the microscope for being down with the cause. There won’t be any unity left before they play their first game. Just play acting for the Commisars.

    Just think what everybody will start to think the first time Brees is sacked. Was that on purpose? Did someone just send a message? Can I trust my teammates to play to win, or does something else take precedence? Will the same bastard let himself be rolled over my legs to injure me?

    The Saints fans might as well break out the old brown bags.

    Drew Brees needs to study how Archie Manning was able to elude so many tacklers after they ran right through the front line.

    And the Broncos won’t be able to play as a team.

    Shit happens on the field even when no one is playing political vengeance games.

    Great start to the NFL season. How many more teams will defeat themselves before the first game?

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  20. JoeJoe says:

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    • Dutchman says:

      So, what with openly not enforcing social distancing on these mostly black “peaceful protesters”,…even though China virus disproportionately effects blacks,….Oh, its like Planned Parenthood! These politicians are TRYING to kill them off, cause they are KKK, white supremacists, is that it?
      Only 1/2,/S

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  21. Drogers says:

    When Mr. Humperdink first started the brouhaha I check out his position. You can’t just agree or not agree without educating yourself a little. When it set off my BS alarm I quit watching professional football. What’s it been now … 4/5 years?

    I will not watch another professional football game until everyone in the stadium stands for the National Anthem.

    *just me wouldn’t have much impact but I know a couple of Patriots

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  22. Mari in SC says:

    I was a HUGE NFL fan until the Craperdick kneeling crap started. I left them before they kicked me out. I have not missed it.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      So I’ll mark you down for a “You Against Us”, then?

      Hockey’s a better TV sport anyway. It’s an acquired taste… but once you acquire it… it’s very tasty.

      “We’re not women’s soccer. We’re not the NFL.”


  23. Roadagent says:

    The NFL is now officially dead. Let the knuckle dragging illiterates with faux college degrees see how the world treats them outside of a football stadium.

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  24. Tickled Pink says:

    So basically, the NFL is telling us that we SHOULD judge people by the color of their skin, instead of the content of their character.

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  25. frankdear52 says:

    Piss on them all…bunch of overpaid prima donas. Not American sport any longer.

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  26. frankdear52 says:

    Piss on them all…bunch of overpaid prima donas. Not American sport any longer.

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  27. Big Jake says:

    The N-F-what?


  28. andrewalinxs says:

    Now we know why Tim Tebow had to go.

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  29. Bree says:



  30. CNN_sucks says:

    This is another inquisition in the 12th century a political or religious nature, characterized by lack of regard for individual rights, prejudice on the part of the examiners, and recklessly cruel punishments.

    They will force us to bend our knees and kiss their feet.


  31. Ozark says:

    Between this and Drew Bress time to boycott the NFL again.

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  32. paulashley says:

    “If you ain’t with us, you against us.”

    They be really, like, down fo de strugga! Wow, like bad grammar and all!


  33. Sepp says:

    The Dread and Final Judgement is more important than anyone or anything.


  34. The Boss says:

    Time to send all of the Broncos to the glue factory.
    F***ing nags.

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  35. BruceG says:

    The NFL has left the building. Goodnight folks. Show’s over.

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  36. Bob Lynch says:

    Does this mean all the fans in the stadium must take a knee along with the players?


  37. burginthorn says:

    They’ve done the same thing to the greatest game in the world – Australian Rules Football. The last bastion of true men’s sport. No helmets, no padding, just straight up man against man.

    The move you’re seeing, if you watched the video, is called a ‘shirt front’ totally legal in the game. How things have changed. We now have Indigenous Round. This is where we pretend to pay homage to the indigenous people of Australia, with Aboriginal designed players uniforms and a whole Aboriginal ceremony before each game where everyone gets to virtue signal. Oh and for the record, my grand father IS an indigenous Australian, war veteran and would be spinning in his grave over this BS virtue signaling.
    We also have homosexual game day. This is where teams again change their uniforms to incorporate rainbow colors into their uniforms. I’m not joking. Just about every game now is some form of virtue signaling attached to it. Rules changes to make the game less brutal, which has lost the AFL so many fans. Most people, true supporters, are flooding local and country football instead. So now they are moving into those areas also. The game is finished as far as I’m concerned. The left destroy everything they touch.

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  38. EggsX1 says:

    I don’t think the marketplace is enough. Alinsky rules need to be applied.
    1) Every white player needs to justify why they took the spot of a black player.
    2) The organization needs to be combed through – every non-black employee needs to justify why they took a black person’s job – from the coaching staff to the executive sweet.

    Make them own this. They are with BLM, right?

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  39. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Sadly, come football season many conservatives and people on the right will turn on the television and purchase the season tickets.

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  40. Robert Smith says:

    I’m waiting for my team to do this. I will drop them in a second.

    I support them and I don’t need them to tell me how to act and feel.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers Fan…..

      Owned by the Rooney family still.

      And Art Rooney Implemented the “ Rooney Rule” in the NFL where each team “Must” interview at least one Black American when a coaching position opens up.

      So…I was following the NFL on just to see how everything was.

      Now… more info about football…All divisive and nothing but kissing the protestors butts.

      Sad, but, The NFL is done now….over…..

      Friggin money……

      I’m done


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  41. dissonant1 says:

    Vic Fangio (Broncos coach): “I don’t see racism at all in the NFL…if society reflected an NFL team we’d all be great.” @CBSDenver
    — Michael Spencer (@MichaelCBS4) June 2, 2020

    “I think our problems in the NFL along those lines are minimal,” Fangio said in a digital news conference. “We’re a league of meritocracy. You earn what you get. You get what you earn.

    “I don’t see racism at all in the NFL. I don’t see discrimination in the NFL.”

    That, of course, lasted less than a day before the Brees-esque apology. Dogma and taking a knee are always more important than truth to the woke.

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    • Magabear says:

      He’ll be fired just like that Sacramento Kings announcer was for saying (wait for it), “all lives matter”. 😯

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    • Tl Howard says:

      The NFL is a meritocracy. You’re not good enough, you don’t play. The NFL survives because huge percentage of people bet on it.
      They won’t let the rest of American be a meritocracy, however, even though having good people at the right jobs is crucial to any society.

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    • Patchman2076 says:

      He’s done, I just recently saw an article about Belichick and why he hasn’t weighed in on this crap.
      They’re just waiting to pounce on him because of his friendship to the President.
      He’s not taking the bait.


  42. sunnydaze says:

    Wow. The NFL is stupid.

    I’m not a football fan, and never have watched. But I would *think* they may have just barely started getting back some of the viewers they lost a couple years ago, since people tend to have short memories.

    But I guess they’re gonna ignite this stuff again and remind people just in time for the new season!


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  43. They lost me 6 years ago. Good riddance. In fact haven’t watched NFL for 6 years either.

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  44. Pale rider says:

    People may already be aware but…. Rush predicted this years ago. It’s not so much a movement for anything more than erasing America. Who else has football? Soccer will take its place and we will all be in the globalists family.
    Started with the concussion scam then kapernick payoff. Soccer has just as many head injuries. That’s the sad part, America loses another great icon. Just as the statues and such are torn down America is torn down. The masses of people are ignorant of what they are doing.
    This virus scam also is a reset of normal, it’s here folks. I’m not going to state the obvious road we are on because I won’t proclaim what I do not want.
    My fantasy is our nation will repent and be healed, that is my confession.

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  45. Magabear says:

    And to think I used to be a Broncos fan. Those days are long gone.

    Thought Elway was better than that. Guess when Pat Bowlen passed away, so did the organization. FU Broncos.

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  46. Kent says:

    Grown man chunks the ball…

    Grown man CATCHES the ball….


    Really? Why is that important?

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  47. EnoughIsEnough says:

    We walked away from the NFL the first time Kaepernick knelt. We used to plan Sundays around the games. We often had friends over to watch, and hosted huge Super Bowl parties. My kids received NFL gear for Christmas, and we tried to attend a couple games each year. After the kneeling controversy, I donated all my NFL jerseys and football plates and glasses that we used to entertain. We were so disgusted, we quit cold turkey and have never looked back.

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  48. DWC says:

    Revenue is everything to professional sports. If viewership and attendance drop significantly then the revenue, profits and money for salaries decreases. It’s amazing that the players themselves are participating in their own eventual demise. The goose that lays the golden eggs is slowly being choked to death by the players and management who are either too stupid or unable to grasp that BLM is nothing more than an anti-American political agenda piggybacking on the emotion of highjacked grief.

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  49. EnoughIsEnough says:

    Denver Broncos, see Jacob Frey article.

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