Denver Broncos Declare If You Are Not Virtuous Enough To Support Their Antifa Politics Then Get Lost…

The NFL has been moving further and further toward the political left for several years.  Many NFL players and teams openly castigate their fans and denigrate anyone who doesn’t conform to their political correctness.  Overall, the NFL has become a toxic stew of identity politics and divisive intollerance.

However, the Denver Broncos are taking division up a notch today by declaring if their fans do not stand with their brand of virtue signaling politics, then you stand against them.

(Official Team Position SourceIf you ain’t with us, you against us.”)

Quite a remarkable position.  Apparently, in the endless quest to be the most virtuous, the team has decided to eliminate over half of their potential support base.  Against the recent pressure upon NFL quarterback Drew Brees to apologize for supporting the U.S.A flag; it appears the NFL is a lost cause.

Let the market decide.

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385 Responses to Denver Broncos Declare If You Are Not Virtuous Enough To Support Their Antifa Politics Then Get Lost…

  1. Grey Ghost says:

    Stopped watching 10 years ago. Isn’t it pass time to put the NFL in their grave?

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    • ME Winters says:

      Bronco players have to pay protection money to Antifa so they don’t burn down Bronco stadium. Personally I don’t care a rats butt about the players but the stadium has many good employees that are great Americans and have worked their for years, many hired by Pat Bowlen another Great American..


  2. Carter Burger says:

    The NFL is eliminating more than half their potential fanbase. And they are sucking up to the people that hate them. That’s a bold move, Roger. Wonder how it’s gonna work out for you?

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    • Ann Kenevan says:

      Denver Broncos Declare If You Are Not Virtuous Enough To Support Their Antifa Politics Then Get Lost…
      Posted on June 6, 2020 by sundance Quite a remarkable position. Apparently, in the endless quest to be the most virtuous, the team has decided to eliminate over half of their potential support base. Against the recent pressure upon NFL quarterback Drew Brees to apologize for supporting the U.S.A flag; it appears the NFL is a lost cause.

      When I made this list 6 years ago,
      I couldn’t imagine how Obama could destroy the NFL.
      But he is doing it before our eyes!
      Make no mistake the kneeling is ALL OBAMA!
      NASA – CHECK
      COAL – CHECK
      Governmental take over of STUDENT LOANS
      MUSIC INDUSTRY………………………………………………………………………………………………….
      If I wanted America to FAIL”:

      Let the market decide.

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      • God's Poster says:

        I wholeheartedly agree. As soon as I saw the kneeling, I knew Obama was behind it. Throughout his entire presidency, he worked to humiliate all things American – the presidency, our military, our traditions, our respect for our flag and National Anthem, etc. Humiliating all things American is as much of an identifier of him as his fingerprint.


  3. Richard says:

    Pull the tax subsidies and the anti-trust exemption and then let the market decide. Not a level playing field as it now stands.

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  4. scrap1ron says:

    Fear the power of the purse, leftist scum.

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  5. Bruce Fauth says:

    Been NFL free for several years now. Why you may ask?
    This, along with Saints QB being forced to kowtow to BLM and retract a patriotic stand, is but one more reason. If you are tempted to watch, just to ”get along”, re-read this every Sunday morn this fall.

    Umpteen reasons why we don’t watch the NFL any more:
    Dog killer Vick let back in

    Belichek cheating (headphone gate, signal stealing gate, deflategate, and almost have to had bought off a ref for that tuck rule BS) should have barred him for life from the game

    the Saints bounty hunting; for which coach Sean should also have been banned for life

    Having to shame the league into doing something about woman beater Ray Rice (and how many other cases of domestic violence have they swept under the rug?)

    Having to drag the league kicking and screaming to do something about concussions.

    Being lectured to at halftime about the menace to society that is the nickname of the Washington NFL franchise.

    the NFL threatened to fine the Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr and Victor Cruz for wearing 9/11 tribute cleats.

    The NFL did fine Jim McMahon for writing a message on his headband (that was under his helmet when he was on the field and some of the time he was off) and it wasn’t even obscene.

    The NFL would not allow DeAngelo Williams wear pink for breast cancer awareness to honor his late mother because it wasn’t “breast cancer awareness” time. They have designated times you are supposed to wear pink.

    NFL banning the Cowboys from putting a little sticker on their helmets to honor five slain police officers, yet allowed “cops as pig socks,” with no retribution.

    NFL refusing to discipline St. Louis Rams players running on the field in sympathy with the total lie of “hands up, don’t shoot” posture

    Wardrobe malfunctions and other non-family halftime entertainment at Super Bowls.

    Allowing the equivalent of a Black Power halftime show.

    And to add to it..Tim Tebow was ridiculed and railroaded out of football because his 15 sec “thank you Lord” was causing too much controversy!.

    And that Kaperprick nonsense and his subsequent imitators.

    Anyone remember the Olympics and Jamaican (not even American) runner Usain Bolt stopped in mid interview to honor the U.S. anthem being played. You don’t have to agree, but just respect it.

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    • lisabrqwc says:

      I grew up with my dad and 3 brothers, and I’ve been a rabid Skins fan since the ‘60s, even after moving to FL in 1984. Some of my best memories are sitting on my dad’s lap, munching on Lay’s potato chips and drinking root beer while pestering my poor dad with question after question about the game.

      Met my ex at a party held by a friend, he and I and one or two other die-hards had gravitated away from the party and we’re in the den “just checking the score.”

      All that said to say I HATE WHAT THE NFL HAS BECOME! It’s been probably 5 years now since I’ve stopped watching or even following football. They’ve managed to take one form of entertainment away that for me was almost like a family member to me.

      Sorry…rant over. Once more for old time’s sake: Hail to the Redskins, hail victory. Braces on the warpath, fight for old DC). 🏈

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    • loseyateefa says:

      thx for this list. I saved it.

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    • Somewhere in Dixie says:

      Outstanding analysis of how the NFL has gone down the drain over the years. If you don’t mind, I have filed your statement as a must read.


  6. icthematrix says:

    Check out the replies on their twitter page. Gives me great hope. Broncos are getting hammered! A poll was posted for anyone to respond to, asking if you are now against the NFL. Against currently at 91%.

    As horrible as all of this looks, there are huge numbers of fed up, angry Americans emerging from this mess.

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  7. Countedthread1952 says:

    Does the team have no idea that the grammar on their tee shirts is just as insulting as Biden’s “You ain’t black” comment? Do they really think that they have to dumb themselves down to make a statement? Apparently so. That is obviously an attempt to pander to their lowest denominator.

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  8. COliberty says:

    Haven’t watched football in almost 4 years. If they can’t get up off their knees, I don’t need to watch them play football.

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    • RJ says:

      Their act of dropping down to one knee is a signal for others (that would be you unclean, vulgarians) to do what they want you to do…knee and bow before those to whom you should worship as your lords and saviors.

      And just look at the suckers who have dropped down to one knee!


  9. mcfyre2012 says:


    That’s definitely not the Colorado I lived in as a kid.


    • annieoakley says:

      You would not believe how Communist the State of Colorado has become.


    • Jan says:

      I’ve been a Broncos fan since 1973 when I moved to Denver. That these football players would wear these shirts & tell fans to shove it if you don’t agree makes me so angry….our young kids grow up seeing these guys as heroes–even those accused of domestic abuse–it makes me nauseous.

      Well, the NFL just lost a lot more revenue in a time when they’ll be playing games to empty stadiums. Hope these players realize that they shouldn’t have f**ked with fans. We’ve had enough. And I don’t need a bunch of racists calling me a racist.

      It will be disappointing if there’s no college football, but now that some of those players are going to pick up big endorsement money, college football will be going to hell too.


  10. Jeff says:

    To be honest, it wasn’t the NFL that drove me away from football. Well, the league and the players had something to do with it, but mostly it was the fans that drove me away.
    Back in the early ’90’s, when Jimmy Johnson was the coach and the Dallas Cowboys were riding high and winning Super Bowls, star wide receiver Michael Irvin was caught in a hotel room with cocaine and hookers (channeling his inner Marion Barry, I guess). Naturally, the community was outraged. “How could he? My little angel!” And so down comes the fine and suspension. During his suspension, Michael Irvin was caught on a hot mic confiding to a friend, “Meh, just let me score another touchdown and they’ll love me again.”
    And Irvin was completely unequivocally correct about that. When he stepped back onto the field for the first time after his suspension, he got a standing ovation. And when he scored a touchdown, the stadium nearly exploded.
    THAT is why I’ve been NFL-free for over 20 years.

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  11. Ed Jones says:

    Everything from the 70’s up to two years ago….all bronco clothes and such destroyed and shipped back to Englewood with the message on the box enough is enough….we are done!

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  12. Artemis Gordon says:

    I’ve been on a significant NFL diet since Knee-gate started. Especially since it started because he was pouting from being benched! I had planned to watch Tom Brady games again this year as I truly admire his work ethic. Now, I can’t even do that. Perhaps we should de-fund security forces in their neighborhoods first, just to show them support of course.



  13. Tom says:

    Aren’t those White guys wearing shirts festooned with actual, or at least quasi-Ebonics, guilty of “cultural appropriation”???


    • RJ says:

      Hey, you educated fool, come sit here in the front of class! Maybe later we all can learn how to speak jive, get high on meth, knock up some wanna be baby mommas, fly away, go to prision, become muslims, get out of the slammer, work the streets, then get shot by some mean out of control cops all the while screaming “I just wanna be me?!”

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  14. Deserttrek says:

    If you believe in lower taxes, personal responsibility and are against corporate welfare, then you would never watch the nfl
    They are heavily taxpayer subsidized
    Watch them, any of them and you ate the problem

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    • Bruce Fauth says:

      Just ask how many of those Sunday places of worship to the god of Football were built without taxpayer funded bonds. Almost all were built with public dollars.


  15. uselogic19 says:

    Welp, one of my favorite teams since the 70’s is now dead to me. First kneeling during the anthem….and it’ll happen…and it’ll be the whole league. They think empty stadiums are bad, wait till advertisers see their ratings plummet. New TV deals come up in 2022. I’ll laugh my butt off it the networks come in with less money.


  16. Tsquared says:

    If memory serves I believe I gave a big “FU” to the NFL years ago. They can circle the drain and go under and that would be fine with me. The National Felons League has been out of tune with what is America for over 50 years.


  17. skip says:

    Fix their asses in all sports… stop going, stop subscribing over tv. walk away for good. Dumb shits get forget there million dollar salaries…


  18. I am not racist, nor do I support racism, therefore, I “ain’t” with them.


  19. Bob Bobby says:

    If I wanted to watch monkeys playing with a ball I would go to the zoo. A person would have to be a complete moron to watch football.


  20. loseyateefa says:

    Suggest they reschedule all their demonstrations and protests during the NFL games and outside at all the stadiums. No fans inside. Or anywhere……


  21. Staledale says:

    How many NFL Stadiums still have subsidized loans from the community they are located in? Would it not be in the best interest of the NFL Owners to keep as many ticket holders happy (multi year season ticket holders out live the players contracts). Less people watch on T.V. equals less revenue. Less tickets sold equals less revenue. Less sports revenue equals less local taxes into the community coffers. Result is less than 5 years, empty stadiums, massive community property taxes sky rocket due to avoid bankruptcy, worthless junk bonds on the repayment of the stadium loan. NFL Commissioner has no skin in the game to guarantee the owners & communities they reside in for financial success in this sport at this juncture in time. Take a knee now, lose a heck of a lot later.


  22. noswamp says:

    Since Kap took a knee, I tuned out of the NFL, sold my season tickets and have not watched a game since. (Superbowl neighbors parties not included). Frankly I could care less.

    The NFL teams just get more and more stupid. Unbelievable.


  23. S. Armaticus says:

    Stopped watching about 20 years ago.

    But the burning question is: what if the position the Bronco’s management is taking is WRONG?


  24. MMinLamesa says:

    The NFWho? Really surprised that Elway allowed this but no matter, haven’t watched my Broncos for 5 years.


  25. SuperP says:



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