Kayleigh McEnany White House Press Briefing – 2:00pm Livestream…

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing with the white house pool in the Brady room.  Anticipated Start Time 2:00pm EDT

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkFox Business Livestream Link




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121 Responses to Kayleigh McEnany White House Press Briefing – 2:00pm Livestream…

  1. Mari in SC says:

    Sean Spicer has an interview with President Trump on his Newsmax show at 6 p.m. tonight (rebroadcast at 9 p.m.). If you don’t have cable, you can watch on Pluto.tv or on their app. It’s got to be better than obama’s 5 p.m. townhall.

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  2. Mari in SC says:

    Another press conference that conflicts with Rush. I wish she would change her pressers to 3 p.m.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      I said the same thing the other day. Either millions are leaving Rush which hurts him, or millions are not seeing her which hurts her. We should never split up Conservatives, we have such limited voices in our favor.

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      • rvsueandcrew says:

        The press secretary’s schedule is determined to a great deal by the President’s schedule. I don’t think it’s a matter of “Oh, let’s see. What would be the best time for me to have my briefing?” and then she goes and tells the President when she won’t be available. I suspect 2 p.m. is when the President has lunch or an open space on his daily schedule.

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        • dd_sc says:

          I think the press conferences are at 2pm so the networks can get video etc .. out to affiliates for the 5pm news casts.

          That seems obsolete in the digital age though.

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    • Bill Durham says:

      The gop are utterly useless. A hearing in which all the Fox news favorites showed up to do nothing. They spent their time defending the FBI and giving speeches. No questions. When Lindsey Graham and josh hawley ask the tough questions, it’s a cover up. Kennedy blackburn tillis cruz and the rest were useless. Is Joni Ernst retarded? No offense. Or just incredibly dim? She spent her time reminiscing about her times as a kid watching TV shows about the FBI and fantasizing about masculine men in blue uniforms with handcuffs. Is she menapausal or just frustrated in her personal life? Embarrassing. Not one question about the 25th amendment.

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      • joebkonobi says:

        Perfect example of why term limits are necessary, especially in the Senate. Most have 20 years or more of graft and corruption under their belt and are not interested in exposing any corruption lest their own gets exposed.

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        • dd_sc says:

          Perfect example of why the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed.

          My gut feeling, though, is that 2/3 of the Senate won’t sign on.

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          • Paul Hanson says:

            Not repealed, repudiated. There is a way. Conventional method will not work because you have to get 67 senators to vote themselves out of a job.

            Given the current political climate, a Constitutional Convention is also out of the question. I don’t want nancy pelosi anywhere NEAR our Constitution. Anyone who thinks the morons (excluding GOP/Libertarians) in CA wouldn’t send that idiot as a delegate to a Con-Con hasn’t thought this through.

            The 17th can be totally disregarded by any state that wishes to do so because of this clause in Article V (the section that allows amendments):

            “… and that NO state, without it’s consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.”

            At least 10 states didn’t ratify the 17th (maybe more) and were therefore deprived of their suffrage in the Senate. The others can decide to no longer consent because neither Article 5 nor the 10th Amendment prohibit the withdrawal of that consent.

            BTW, this explanation isn’t about the “equal” portion, it’s about the “suffrage” provided. As in whom do these Senators represent? The people possess that suffrage, not the state legislatures as originally laid out. I also always get this “But the people are the States.” Maybe true in many cases, but not in this context. If they were the same, why would they be separately deliniated in the last line of the 10th Amendment? How would one begin this process to repudiate? Think Utah.

            I wrote an entire article on this many years ago. 1995 or so. Refined over time. Id post a link but not sure if it’s allowed here. If any want to see it and if it’s allowed, I’ll link to it.

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      • They hate PDJT as much as the Democrats do.
        They want everything to just go away.
        They want life back to their normal.
        They want to continue feeding at the taxpayers’ trough.
        And as you said: “The gop are utterly useless.”

        MAGA while we still can………..

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        • Bill Durham says:

          Bingo. Anyone associated with Trump or us is ostracized. Guys like miley esper Barr etc, come home and find out that they aren’t invited to the cocktail party, fashion show, or awards dinner. The wife can’t go to the country club tennis tournament. The kids application to prep school was rejected. They don’t like being criticized in the papers or on CNN. Orange man bad. They want to get back to be part of the ruling class. They want their wives and mistresses to put out. Be part of the club. Washington is now the Roman empire. They are all the same. It’s a union but now it’s a Dem uniparty. There is no Republican party anymore. They only pretend to support school prayer, gun rights, and abortion restrictions. They only take those positions to fool the rubes back home. Everyone in Washington is part of the DNC.

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      • Eaglemom says:

        I just spilled my drink laughing at your comment about Joni Ernst. Her, “I’m just an ol farm girl from Iowa” schtick was embarrassing.

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      • Frankie says:

        Joni’s phone number is 712-370-3043. I called and left a message asking her why she wasn’t trying to get Planned Parenthood debarred for covering up the sexual abuse of tens of thousands of underage girls. Her aide called me back upset. I told her I was happily married and wasn’t stalking Joni for side action. Oddly enough, this calmed her down.

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    • petszmom says:

      All press conferences and events can be watched on youtube. Everything is available live or they will be there for anytime viewing later and can be found by simply doing a search.

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      • Mari in SC says:

        True, thanks for the reminder. Still…

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      • dbobway says:

        Thank you petszmom, I work for a living still.I hear Rush every day.
        I hear Kaleigh every evening when I get home. It’s on you tube without, news readers.
        She is awesome. Real, with common sense and knowledge of truth.
        It is comforting to listen to her press conferences.
        I have never felt they way before with a President’s press secretary.
        the 2 pm time is mute.

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    • P says:

      People can watch these press briefings any time they want to at:



    • MelH says:

      You can watch Kmac on You Tube, same day just later in the day.


  3. Lulu says:

    I’ve donated to President Trump’s reelection today in response to obama’s planned speech. I encourage everyone else to do so. https://www.donaldjtrump.com/

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  4. henry says:

    If I shove a can of CS up Acosta/s butt; would he cry?

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  5. barnabusduke says:

    PLEASE get Acosta away from The White House! What an asshat!

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  6. Patience says:

    Acosta continues his own demise

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  7. henry says:

    What do you say to Amercans who are outraged by having their businesses destroyed asshole???”

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    • FrankieZee says:

      Here is a guy who says he was afraid when he was at Trump’s rallies when the attendees would yell out ” Fake News” at him. And there was no violence what so ever at him other vocal. I would love for someone to tell him to go out in the middle of the riots and interview the rioters.

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  8. Revelation says:

    Kayleigh opens her folder and unleashed some whuppass on the moron Jim “Look at me” Acosta

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    • JC says:

      She’s so prepared and organized, Rev, I’m guessing she hauled in case after case of the stuff the day she was hired. What a pleasure to watch this frontline warrior. Thank you, KM!

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  9. sunnyflower5 says:

    Jim — when asked to leave— you leave.
    You ALWAYS have problem. You would have less, if you stopped lying.

    By the way, Jim was pretending to “freak out” in the Rose Garden, on air, before the President’s speech.

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  10. henry says:

    I demand the WHCA go out into the riots each and every night until they learn how to ask intelligent questions.


  11. maggiemoowho says:

    Law enforcement should not be protecting any media or they also should not give the media any special space. If the media gets beat up, chances are the they deserved it.

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  12. Patience says:

    WHAT exactly was wrong with the President walking to the “President’s Church” ?

    Damn straight it was a statement!

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    • Lion2017 says:

      Nothing at all! They just want to find fault 24/7. Rush was talking about this today. They want President Trump’s supporters to abandon him. It’s going to be a rough 5 months, we need to stay strong. This is a condensed summary of the beginning of today’s show.

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      • crikey9 says:

        Nothing that has happened will break Trump’s base.

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        • Joebkonobi says:

          Base will be ok, independent’s are dems goal.

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          • Dekester says:

            Maybe, 4 in this household are independent Canadians as are two mates I met with today.

            Anecdotal for sure, but we are more fervent in support of your President this week, than we were, even last week, and last week was off the charts.

            PDJTs strength just grows and grows..his detractors.

            They are shrinking quicker than a used cond*m😉

            God bless PDJT

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    • Dances with Wolverines says:

      The press views it as wrong because the President’s march to the church resonated bigly with The American People.

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  13. henry says:

    Kayleigh needs to show videos of the Monday night protest and ask them where are the peaceful ones…..

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  14. sunnyflower5 says:

    Thank you for expanding the perimeter around the People’s House and to include the historic church, that was at risk of further destruction.

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  15. henry says:

    Replace Wray NOW>>>> and where the hell is Gina’s intel????

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    • MVW says:

      This staged riot attack on our cities was our 21st Century Pearl Harbor. This was an orchestrated attack on our Republic from within.

      It was planned and executed. The stand-down by the ‘stab America in the back’ Democrat Governors, and mayors was preplanned, the media narratives were in lock step and reflected a planned propaganda war.

      So, who planned it, financed it, executed it, coordinated it?

      It was the job of the FBI, CIA (Antifa is a foreign agent) to protect us and they did not.

      Pure and simple.

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      • paper doll says:

        Both full of Obama holdovers….sadly


      • MelH says:

        I heard the whole thing was financed by George Soros. They mentioned his voting machines were in 16 states and outcome was changed on the machines in the mid-term elections. I previously heard his voting machines were in 21 states. Does it seem illogical to anyone else that he, of all people, is allowed to supply the voting machines?


  16. sunnyflower5 says:

    Her response is excellent on Rosenstein.

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  17. CM-TX says:

    Should we tell them they’ve been played as pawns?? Dems knew they’d do exactly what they wanted them to do. They also sent in their foot soldiers (Pantifa) to help them destroy their own communities!

    Wake up & flee the Democrat-Plantation!

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  18. joebkonobi says:

    Nothing but America haters in the press in that room, with the exception of OAN. Would not doubt that some of them are rioting at night. Kayleigh deserves hazard pay for having to respond to their accusational gotcha questions.

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  19. Paatience says:

    Why is that man taking pictures of EVERY member’s face?

    split screen of DC


  20. sunnyflower5 says:

    The Lapdogs always fail to remember President Trump’s First Step Act.

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  21. sunnydaze says:

    Good for Kayleigh for refusing to answer the same question more than once!

    Do they need ASL interpreters at these PCs for these deaf reporters?

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    • All Too Much says:

      The reporters should start over again.
      For most of them, third grade would be about right .


    • Debra says:

      I took a course in college called, ‘Listening’.

      People hear all kinds of ‘noise’, but very few listen.

      The first week of class, the instructor (a retired military officer) read a story, no note taking allowed, and then asked something like 20 questions about that story.

      I was the only one in a class of ~30 that listened well enough to answer every question correctly.

      The instructor asked me to stay after class whereupon he tried to recruit me to the FBI.

      I was pursuing a journalism-related course of study at the time . . .

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      • Judith says:

        Intriguing. Sounds like a real life Men In Black moment.

        I remember someone who was being recruited in college by the C-A. In the course of checking her background they *infiltrated* her family and her friends.

        We never knew who these “investigators” were, but my guess is a bartender. There was also a brand-new guy who came into our group around that time, and he wound up marrying one of her friends.

        The potential recruit turned down the job offer, as the story goes. She was then informed that her friends were almost as hard to infiltrate as the C-A.


      • Robert Smith says:




  22. sunnyflower5 says:

    God Bless our police officers and military.
    Thank you isn’t enough.

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  23. bessie2003 says:

    She’s a Great press secretary!

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  24. Troublemaker10 says:

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  25. Mike in a Truck says:

    Time to bring back the rallies Mr.President. The ChiCom Pox caper is finished. It died with the first riot.

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    • Joebkonobi says:

      That, exactly what the progs are trying to stop. There will be continued chaos until November with riots, protests and lies that Covid19 is still a dire threat. All meant to prevent PT from having rallies. They are his most effective weapon and the progs and msm will do everything possible to prevent them.

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  26. CM-TX says:

    Never forget- Nobama BUILT this (he even helped provide the “concrete” [bricks])…

    | Massive Dump Of Video Clips Documenting Looters And Violent Riots During George Floyd Protests |



  27. FreyFelipe says:

    Just for some historical context –

    In 1967, when the Detroit Police, the Michigan State Police and the Michigan Nation Guard could not handle the riots in Detroit, President Johnson, Democrat, sent in many thousand of Federal Troops. This included thousands of 82nd Airborne. This was done at the request of Governor Romney, George Romney, Mitt Romney’s sane father.

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  28. MicD says:

    The pretty little Lie Swatter 🙂
    Thank you Kayleigh


    • bertdilbert says:

      The next time the press brings up “systemic bias” I want Kayleigh to had out mirrors. I’ll buy the mirrors. Acosta gets a concave mirror that makes him look really small.


      • Barnestormer says:

        No, the president rejects the idea that one such incident in a Democrat-controlled city in a Democrat-controlled state means that all police departments controlled by Democrats are racist.


  29. bjorn says:

    I wonder if those police kneeling and standing down are going to be rethinking their pathetic actions when it starts to be directed to their own families.



  30. Winston says:

    The black-on-black violence crisis the media never talks about. Former 10-year Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn speaks to reporters after a Fire and Police Commission meeting in 2014 concerning the shooting of Dontre Hamilton. He dresses down a reporter who suggested he was being disrespectful during the meeting because he was looking at his phone when he tells her why he was looking at his phone:

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    • Amy2 says:

      This is off point, but it took me forever to figure out that the reporter is NOT wearing a pot of flowers on her head.


    • Gary says:

      He is referring to the five year old girl Layea Peterson who was shot dead sitting on her grandfathers lap by drive by thugs who got the address wrong.


  31. I believe there is a way, once this acute crisis passes, for the President to find consensus involving racial discord by making the focal point of discussion the issue of BIAS in general, to be extended to its broadest meanings to cover not only racial bias, but political bias, religious bias, to mention just a few. The discussion would also be applied to a broad cross-section of the American work force to include not only law enforcement, but also the legal field, medicine, journalism, government service, education, athletics etc.
    The proposal would suggest common sense ways to more easily root out employees who, in the course of their work, allow bias to affect their professional judgement and the manner of carrying out their duties. It also might include professionals accepting that disclaimers will be placed visibly on their work products or on their professional credentials stating that their services, duties, or work products will not be carried out in such a way as to disadvantage any person, customer or reader (newspapers, magazines) as a result of bias.
    Lastly, this proposal should, as a result of the current crisis, devote considerable time to how a professional, such as a police officer might improperly allow racial bias, religious bias, or any other, to affect the outcome of his or her work, even, and including tragic results as our current crisis.
    A statement, prior to employment to contain a full-disclosure of the different forms of bias, might be a standardized paragraph which work applicants might be asked to sign.


    • bjorn says:

      Are you taking the piss


      • This nation won’t survive unless political bias stands next to race, religion, gender, age etc as prohibited forms of discrimination.
        When one considers how much our educational system, our media (and others) are infected with this bias and how Republicans suffer electorally specifically because of it, you will understand that, in some way, there must be awareness that nothing else threatens our country more.
        Imagine if victimhood were not monopolized only by the race-baiters, people of color, women etc with their constant law suits, but also by conservatives filing their lawsuits for discrimination, their lawsuits against news media, against professional organizations etc.. People would ultimately come to their senses and say enough is enough, that our Bill of Rights is adequate for all purposes, expunge all the stupid laws concerning discrimination because if EVERYBODY can claim a cause of action, the country will be bankrupt and ungovernable.
        Like warring countries that sign peace treaties because neither side sees any advantage to prolonging the war. Recall that wars are declared because someone thinks there is an advantage. In lawsuit-0-rama no one wins.

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    • Mary Van Deusen says:

      I’m sorry. I was in the workforce until 1993. I NEVER saw bias. I saw black and white employees working together comfortably with no notice of skin color. Intelligence and competence were the only ranking issues. I would be insulted to be asked to sign anything saying that I would be unbiased regarding skin color. That’s like saying I would continue to breath.

      Yes, I admit some biases. Cultural. I’m comfortable with middle class people of middle class mores. I’m comfortable with people with whom I have something in common, including values and lack of bigotry. I’m comfortable with gay friends who share those values. I’m comfortable with Christians who share those values. And whether or not those gay friends or Christians are purple with orange spots is totally irrelevant.

      I, too, remember the riots of ’68. I was in college at U of Chicago and scared out of my wits. There’s a reason I live in the burbs among policemen and firemen and plumbers and construction people. And it’s a Republican town in a Democrat state. A slice of safety and sanity and small town goodness with a bandshell concert center surrounded by churches and a hardware store where we watched the baby daughter in the playpen grow to good womanhood.

      The people rioting aren’t doing it for any rational purposes. It’s opportunity and a chance to “party” after being locked in so long. And it’s a chance for the other party to demonize the Best President Ever. It’s not going to stop because there was no other reason for it to start. It’s going to get worse and worse and different as the election season progresses. And we’ll get depressed and scared and go up and down like yo-yos. But Trump’s following won’t leave him. And we WILL win in November. Which won’t stop anything. Especially if we don’t capture the House. So we need to develop thick skins, keep our eyes on November, and stay behind our only chance for the future of this country – President Trump.

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      • Mary Van Deusen, your feelings fit mine to a tee…..completely!
        The workplace is, of course, already overburdened with labor law statuts and poorly-written (and themselves discriminatory and unconstitutional) civil rights law which has only specified certain classes of people capable of filing suit, while at the same time the worst, most endangering form of discrimation (against political persuasion) flourishes, is praised, exhalted and will end up making the country circle the drain.
        As I said in another response, when everybody can be a ‘protected class’ then no one is a protected class, and THAT’S MY POINT. But it has to occur in stages.
        The surreal aspect of our current crisis is that there is absolutely no solution to it. ‘We’ll try a little harder?’ ‘We’ll institute a few more sensitivity classes? Of course not! What these people really want is money, money which we work for and give to them in the form of reparations, or possibly indentured servitude by law.
        However, in the political realm, legislation will be, with utter certaintly, proposed. It will be papered-over statutes that already exist. For instance, I’d like to see universities sweat about catering only to libs in hiring and other activities. I’d like to see newspapers squeam about placing a disclaimer on their pages, and for which they might be sued, that they either favor a political ideology or they don’t, or that they do or don’t favor one party over the other.
        Ultimately, I would hope, that many of the laws would be repealed when many groups that only collect money now through litigation will also start paying out money from litigation.

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      • diver64 says:

        I did. I was in the workforce right out of College and was denied a job because “they had to hire women and minorities and a mid-20’s white guy even though a vet was not going to get hired”

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        • Mary Van Deusen says:

          I started out as a feminist in 1967 because women couldn’t get jobs. I was a physics/art history major at U of C. I trained on the Zeiss Planetarium at Adler, but was told a woman couldn’t give main auditorium lectures because her voice, in the dark, had no authority. I wanted to use a woman narrator on a movie script, and was told that women had no authority and I had to use a man. It was only after the women’s movement tried to raise women ABOVE men that I gave up on feminism and now consider myself a humanist. But the start of the movement had a rational purpose.

          I believe in the strict equality of the sexes in terms of opportunity, but know that each has their strengths and weaknesses. When I was given an international magazine, I told the director of the research lab that I wouldn’t make videos about his projects. I’d make them about his people. And that’s what he told the lab-wide meeting. That was using being a woman in the way that I believe our strengths lay.


  32. Bubby says:

    Jimmy Carter’s biggest moment in his Presidency was putting on a sweater! A sneak tweak by Kayleigh too funny!

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  33. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    She has done a great job training the toddlers. Notice how they are silent when she leaves. She drops a bomb of sobering facts on them, wraps up quickly, and exits.

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  34. rjones99 says:

    I smell a revolt in the air. Outside our conservative twitter bubble the media is over the top anti-Trump and promoting the narrative that “without any doubt, far and away, indisputably, the protests are mostly peaceful.” We have gotten used to the media’s mendacity, but the current level is x10.

    We’re distracted and annoyed by Rosenstein, while Obama and Bush are “preparing to speak to the nation.”

    Tucsker Carlson gives a powerful speech, critical of Trump’s response thus far, and strongly urging that Trump aggressively put down the protesters and heavily criticizing the Trump admin. To me, that is was very very bad advice… and not too different from the very bad covid advice. Trump is obviously constrained in using the military because of the risk that the military would be forced to shoot at Americans. It sure seemed like Carlson was trying to split up Trump’s support with that speech.

    The mayors and governors and local attorney generals through implemented law or verbal comments are giving aid and encouragement to the rioters.

    Boosters in ever locale are keeping the embers hot and letting them burst into flame every night.

    Obama tweets seem to include code words like “concrete action” that we’ve seen before.

    Our side is largely unprepared, especially in the case of some major usurpation in Wash DC. Even if that didn’t happen it does not seem possible hat the military could legitimately get involved. By all appearances, we are Trump’s only allies and we don’t have a clue what to do.

    Our side needs to get it’s act together quickly and before our communications are shut down by twitter and facebook and gmail.

    At a minimum, ever needs to setup accounts on alt social media and start publishing contact databases. On top of that we need some rough planning on how to react in certain scenarios. I feel like we’re just sitting here waiting for something to happen and when it dows it’ll just be too late to do anything but hand over our arms to antifa reps.

    Am I just nuts and paranoid? This situation just feels very bizarre to me. We’re in a fog and it seems like we’d better get out of it quickly.


  35. diver64 says:

    I am quickly falling in love with Kayleigh.


  36. cantcforest says:

    I can usually reclaim my sanity by recalling that a few hundred thousand people in DC are publishing unending propaganda derived from the empty, corrupt heads of a few hundred thousand more people who are likely paid off by Soros. Sometimes I just go off the rails realizing that I have offspring who can’t yet see that.
    Keep ammo, guns and those you love close and vote any ballot you lay your hands on.


  37. I must repeat myself; Kayleigh is the best Press Secretary ever! She’s smart as a whip, does her homework, is always prepared for whatever they ask. I really admire her…good job.


  38. fred5678 says:

    Dear Secretary Esper — learn a bit of history:

    The insurrection Act has been used at least 19 times, 4 by LBJ for RIOTS IN SINGLE CITIES, twice by G H W Bush for RIOTS IN ONE ISLAND and ONE CITY !!


    And a sampling of comments on Esper from Breitbart article — all worthy of repeating:

    Lincoln had a hard time finding Generals who would take the fight to the enemy…. this is an old battle of wills.

    Sometimes you need to go through dozens before you find your Gen Grant

    But Esper, Mattis and previous SecDefs would send my brothers and sisters in uniform by CICs to harms way to be shot at in foreign land to defend foreign lives, properties and “democracy”. How many of them died, maimed and some are POW/MIA; however won’t protect livelihoods, lives, properties of Americans.


    • fred5678 says:

      Forgot to say this:

      Dear Secretary Esper — learn a bit of history, since massive arson, looting and killing of police officers over many days in scores of American cities is “not one of those situations”:


  39. Shellbell says:

    I just love to watch Kayleigh! She is the best!


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