Sunday Talks: Senator Ron Johnson Discusses Senate Homeland Security Committee Investigation of Operations Against Trump Administration…

Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Senator Ron Johnson, appears on Fox News for an interview with Maria Bartiromo.  Senator Johnson outlines the evidence he has uncovered and the next steps in his senate investigation into intelligence abuses against candidate Trump and the incoming administration.


Johnson Timeline and Data Below:

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75 Responses to Sunday Talks: Senator Ron Johnson Discusses Senate Homeland Security Committee Investigation of Operations Against Trump Administration…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    I’d feel better if Sundance sends Ron his top 25 questions to ask these perpetrators when they get under oath.

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    • bessie2003 says:

      That’s a great idea.


    • Fasterpill says:

      I’d feel better if Sundance WAS asking the questions!

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      • MelH says:

        I think it’s the better part of valor to continue Sundance’s cover. So far no one has been able to accuse Sundance of selectively punishing any group or any person because of gender,political or social bias.


      • i’d feel better if people began to understand what an enormous waste of time and money this effort is. NOTHING will ever come from this. it’s become just one more never ending effort, much like the “war on terror”. obama won’t be jailed. biden won’t be jailed. clinton won’t be jailed. none of their operatives will be jailed.
        the barbarians are no longer at the gate. now the enemy is inside the walls. to continue these investigations while D.C. is literally burning is truly bizarre. when you consider the fire power within that city and see none of it used sends a strong message. maybe this is how the romans reacted, right before the fall. unable to recognize and respond to the threat they faced.

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    • Paul from Canuskistan says:

      pretty comphrehensive


    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      What Johnson has uncovered……..Pfffft…..

      Sundance has already provided this information… us…. on a daily basis

      Oh yeah…….forgot……Stupid me…
      Congress people do not write any of their own stuff..

      Kinda cynical today….

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    • FreyFelipe says:

      Might I suggest a 26th and final question?

      26) Would you prefer to spend your life sentence at the south wing or the north wing of Devil’s Island which we will purchase from the French just for you?

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  2. FreyFelipe says:

    Clearly, the FBI, DOJ and CIA declared war on their own country and exterminating war on the United States Constitution.. Much like Antifa only far more powerful and far better financed and far better protected..

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    • Mike in a Truck says:

      Talk,talk,talk, that’s all the Repubs ever do.And when they’re not talking they’re talking about talking. At the same time the Communist Democrats act. These people dont represent me.

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  3. budklatsch says:

    Can’t wait for the next serial, I understand it gets better and better.


  4. Dutchman says:

    I would ‘feel better’ if he hadn’t said “we’re going to let Lindsey take the lead”. What Senator Johnson SAID, Sounded good, but then, theres Lindsey.

    And on the question of Subpoenas, is it like it is in the House, where Ryan prevented Nunes and Jordan from getting the subpoenas they were requesting?

    If Johnson has to ask Mitch, he’s gonna have a hard time subpoenaing anyone, methinks.

    This feels an awful lot like Fast/Furious, Tea Party/IRS, and Benghazi….
    Investigate to exhonerate,….

    They SAY the right things, they feign outrage, the vow to “get to the bottom of it”, they DO expose much, but hide their OWN complicity, and hold no one accountable.

    And, if thats all they do, than they are NOT “making sure this NEVER happens to another POTUS, again!”

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    • Carrie says:

      I took too long formulating my musings- you did a much better saying what I feel too.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Apperently a number of us had the same alarm bells go off, at the same trigger.
        I guess Senator Johnson, and perhaps many Senators, and more broadly those in the Republican party, don’t realise how the base feels about him.


    • Heika says:

      I had the same sinking feeling of doom at that moment

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    • bruzedorange says:

      We need a serious and unmistakable way to let them know–let the whole Republican senate know–that we recognize the games they’ve played in the past, and it MUST NOT / CANNOT happen this time.

      They have to be made to understand that we patriots are convinced that this American experiment in self-governance IS OVER if they do not expose every liar in this coup effort, and NAIL THEM TO THE WALL!

      No more kicking the can of hearings down to re-election time. Either the Deep State gets exposed, held accountable, and starts getting ripped out by the roots before November, or there will be a personal and historical hell to pay for every senator who does not defend our Constitution with his/her political life.

      And they have to understand that their personal “transaction with hell” won’t be done in an election booth.

      Senator, if you don’t defend the Constitution, do not expect it will defend you against the people you have defrauded. If by your corrupt and gutless inactions you force the governed to withdraw their consent–and withdraw it while OUTSIDE of a voting booth–good luck finding a security detail that will put their bodies on the line to cover your puny, perfidious posterior!

      These people have been manufacturing election year crises for decades. We have to make sure they understand… this is not another “election year issue.” This is the next deciding moment in our history. And the glare in which they hold these hearing will not be of television lights, but the unblinking glare of exasperated patriots whose minds are gripped with cold rage (and whose hands will be left no alternative but to grip their 2nd Amendment rights).

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      • Contrarymary says:

        Bruzedorange, I’ve become convinced that these rinos in congress understand full well and they really don’t care what you and I think. Remember when Mitch said he was going to crush the tea party everywhere? That was a good part of the base he was talking about and he just didn’t care. Notice every election, gun control rears it’s ugly head, and that’s what the rinos run on. It’s the one issue that makes the voters run to the polls and vote for these scum. The rinos attitude is, we can do anything we want, cuz where else are they going to go.
        We know. They know we know and they just keep stabbing us in the back. In all honesty, they want a very centrist/left wing of the Republican Party to keep power. They don’t want a strong constitution loving, free people to win out. They are trying to keep power, every bit as much as the Democrats want power.

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      • billshiloh says:

        Bruisedorange I am afraid they don’t give a d@&n what we think. JMO


      • billshiloh says:

        Bruisedorange I am afraid they don’t give a d@&n what we think. JMO


    • botchedcasuality says:

      Johnson is an accountant, and this is his second term. Compared to Lindsey’s tenure He is a newbie, Also not an Atty. an accountant.
      Mt faith faltered when he mentioned Lindsey, so
      I just went to his web site and sent him an email giving him a vote of confidence and a wee threat: stating how well informed many of us are, that we have low expectations from Lindsey’s theatrics but we have a very high bar for him, and we are watching closely.
      Much appreciation.


  5. calbear84 says:

    America truly is in the battle of her life. Evil forces corrupted her Constitutional Republic and sold her citizens down the river. Thankfully, she has President Donald J. Trump and a few good patriots at the ready. They have the determination to do what must be done, and I wish them all Godspeed.

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  6. fangdog says:

    Well, someone else looking in to what everyone else has looked in to for the past 3-4 years. However that being said, never hurts to have one more person look in to it. If nothing else gives that “looking in to” person something to do.

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  7. I think Senator Johnson is in the CYA mode. He realizes what’s coming out and does not want to appear to be on the outside looking in. I hope “the good guys” use him for whatever he is worth then ostracize him.

    I still don’t trust him; he’s not behind PDJT all the way. Remember – NO recess appointments.

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    • seekingthetruth2 says:

      You might want to rethink your position. The Strok/Page text messages were released by Senator Johnson.

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      • Zorro says:

        Trust RoJo.


        • bruzedorange says:

          My concern is… does Lindsey Graham trust RoJo?
          I would feel better if Graham feared RoJo might go rogue if he sees Lindsey not setting the hook.


      • Correct me if I am wrong (it happens on occasion…) but I believe he did not release ALL of them. And, if he in fact has just released some that haven’t been yet – I’d venture he did it before someone else did and takes the glory.

        I appreciate your opinion and will give it some thought, but I can’t accept him not allowing the RECESS APPOINTMENTS.

        MAGA – stay inside and don’t go out tonight wearing a mask dressed in all black!


  8. cheering4america says:

    62 of those leaks were actual “threats to National Security.” And not a single leftist is interested because it serves their purposes. Really hard to wrap my mind around how anti-American the Democrat party is, not just with national security leaks, trying to rid the nation of capitalism and our electoral college, and eliminating borders, and more.

    Like he said, the news agencies know who committed these felonies. At least 62 of them.

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  9. So, I’m convinced Carter Page was a CIA plant to be used by the FBI as – among other things – an anchor for FISA surveillance into the Trump campaign.

    For the plot to be blown wide open & fully exposed, the public needs to be told this.

    Will Barr allow this to happen, or will he try to tiptoe around it as he has apparently been doing all along to protect “sources & methods”, even though the surveillance was deliberately predicated on garbage including the altered email regarding Page’s known affiliation with the CIA?

    This probably keeps Brennan awake at night.

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    • Lawton says:

      I don’t believe that myself. They were just convenient names to use by the crooks imo.


    • botchedcasuality says:

      Not just Page, Papa D, Manafort’s crime package had been researched and bundled for future use or (blackmail) during Os time, Rosenstein had handled the investigation. I’ve thought a lot about Flynn, could he have fallen on his sword in order to reveal the wrongdoing? Would we know any of this if he hadn’t been accused? I will probably always wonder but in the beginning knowing his long history and that he knew how the ABCs operated, that O and others were afraid of him: would he really take that meeting? What about the beautiful black sky statement spoken twice during his interview?
      What a movie this will make. By the way Papa D’s story is so improbable if true he is a plant if untrue he Was an unwitting plant.


    • ziegler von strahn says:

      Carter Page was a CIA asset that was burned for operation crossfire.

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  10. mugdiller says:

    Sundance is amazing, but my concern is that facts and truth may not matter anymore given the events of the past few days. The Left smells blood and the media is on their side. Pray for America.

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    • GB Bari says:

      The only blood being smelled by the Left is their own.

      If the Administration handles this rioting correctly all the way through, which I believe they will, I do not think the majority of independent and swing voters will see the DemonRAT candidate as a better choice than President Trump in November.

      Many of the House Republicans and most of the Senate Republicans however are NOT giving independent and swing voters much of ANY reason to vote for them instead of just leaving that section of the ballot blank or voting for some DemonRAT. That’s a concern for me.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      REpubs don’t know how to control a narrative.
      Let’s hope POTUS and Barr DO.

      With Keith Ellison having just been appointed by MN Gov. the guy in charge of the investigation of the Floyd murder, I think it says “huge cover up” and makes me think he and the cabal are not covering up for the FBI but for themselves.

      Could it be the counterfeit money was going into the coffers of Antifa for the kind of crap we’ve been seeing or into the coffers of the DNC?

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  11. TradeBait says:

    We just need to ask ourselves one question. Why are the leftists fighting so hard using illegal methods, enlisting media accomplices, promoting domestic terror operations, and openly killing tens of thousands innocent people with a bioweapon to get rid of PDT?

    Over target. May the next act in the show begin.

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  12. Carrie says:

    Senator Johnson is saying the right things. He has the appropriate level of gravitas in his voice. His body demeanor is convincing. He is focusing on the timeline and the complicity of the 3 letter agencies with the media. But I just feel like there is no one in the Senate that I ultimately can trust. They are all under the influence of McConnell. Even if they wanted to do the right thing, they can’t. Is Senator Johnson here just to try and placate the strong supporters of PDJT? I stopped giving Senators money a long time ago- I only give it to the PDJT fundraisers. I don’t think I’m alone in doing that.

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    • BobR says:

      If President Obama had been removed from the presidency in some way, I don’t believe many would taken to the streets cheering. Unfortunately, if this happened to our current president, a large group of people, much like we have today, would be in the streets cheering.


    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Look……Dutchman stated above……..Lindsey is going to head this up???

      Why?……Will he be like Gowdy?…..Get her in the chair then let her off the hook?

      We already know the timeline from Sundance……
      .Again….this will be dragged out until the election…..over a timeline “WE”… already know

      Charges need to be filed… least……‘
      This is on “both” sides….Dems and Repubs…same same


    • Drogers says:

      Your statement got me thinking {wondering} if there was anyone I’d trust in the senate.

      Rand Paul – every other position he takes tics me off no end but strangely enough I trust him. Fact is I think he is a man of principal.
      Ted Cruz – I agree he can be a handful but I constantly see him in take no prisoners mode.

      Other than that, and at least for me, the picture starts getting depressingly out of focus.

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    • hagarthorrible says:

      there are just 5 months left to publicly “hang ’em”…after that….Armegeddon!


      • Tl Howard says:

        Yes, very little time, esp. for America to 1) hear it all and 2) digest it all. It’s not as if they will be able to talk and present in silence. There is a lot of noise out there on purpose.


    • TwoLaine says:

      Turtle’s wife, a TRUMP Cabinet member, just did a commercial for TRUMP 2020 and the Asian vote. They are a package deal and they are on board for 2020.

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  13. MACAULAY says:

    Outstanding. Thank you.

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  14. May 10, 2017

    What is MYE?

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  15. PS says:

    The way I read this timeline, I feel like

    1) FBI worked with Steele to harass the Trump campaign with rumors, and that was all they wanted to do. Strozk himself seems supportive.

    2) after the election, Sen McCain relaunched the Steele dossier after the election and it began to snowball. FBI side sounded caught off guard, kind of defensive, shut down Steele, resigned themselves to fading back into the shadows

    3) FBI outplayed by CIA. the Page FISA was a setup, and it seems like FBI didn’t have a clue. the CIAgency picked the ball (dossier) up and ran with it as Foreign collusion Allegations.

    4). I start to feel bad at how outplayed the FBI were by the CIA and DNI by Jan 2017. It makes them out as “useful idiots” who did all the risky work. But not that sorry. We know Strozk doubles down on the Flynn 302 when there was a chance to let it fade away in an appendix.

    4). After Comey fired, Mueller investigation begins, Strozk acknowledges no there there. At this point he doesn’t sound like a ringleader, but more like someone above him stole his work. He is an accomplice, and he knows it. He and Page are trapped.

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  16. TwoLaine says:

    For all you naysayers about Senator Johnson, go back and watch his interview on Mark Levin’s Fox News Channel show. He had been threatened personally, and is not kidding around on this.

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  17. stvzs47 says:

    Excellent article! Great comments! Thanks everybody! MAGA2020


  18. hokkoda says:

    Shame the timeline doesn’t include the b.s. persecution of Mike Flynn, publication of scope memos, appearance of Mueller in the White House just before his appointment – a strange 8-day gap after “Comey is fired”. Similarly, publication of Strzok texts after Flynn’s plea deal. Similarly, recusal of first Flynn judge (because of those texts). Also, the timing and reasons for Strzok removal from Mueller investigation withheld from Flynn, Congress, Public until AFTER Flynn plea deal.

    This timeline has more holes than Swiss cheese. Where is the CNN reporting on the Comey/Trump/dossier meeting? Where is the Wolfe leak of the Carter Page FISA application?

    This is pretty weak.


  19. Snellvillebob says:

    It would be useful if Bubble Boy would name a right-wing group that is rioting. Crickets!


  20. Tl Howard says:

    Yes, very little time, esp. for America to 1) hear it all and 2) digest it all. It’s not as if they will be able to talk and present in silence. There is a lot of noise out there on purpose.


  21. Tl Howard says:

    They set a parish hall of a church on fire in DC. St. John’s. Damn them.


  22. ann says:

    Blue, “What is MYE?”

    Mid Year Exam,
    The Burea’s cutesy acronym for cases involving Clinton’s “matters”,
    I.e. security breach email & communications, destruction of official records, etc. .


  23. Right to reply says:

    If anyone has already mentioned this, forgive me. But…Is anyone here now getting the feeling that the FBI released Clinton’s emails to WIKI LEAKS? Think about Crowdstrike, and no investigation of the DC servers. Something isn’t right, is it? The DC hack was blamed on Russia, and that was EXACTLY what the FBI/Obama WANTED.


  24. Johnny Dollar says:

    It’s too bad there are no Clinton campaign tactics included in the early timeline, May through November 2016. The influence of Wikileaks on the Clinton campaign as well as on the FBI, DOJ players is not given enough emphasis.

    In part, the motivation for all the characters, FBI, DOJ, NSA, etc., during the campaign period was to get Clinton elected. The actions they took were in response to the needs of her campaign. So, for example, when Wikileaks threatened more leaks in June 2016, a narrative had to be established tying the leaks to a Russian/Trump collusion. That’s a fiction ginned up by FBI etc., which she used during her campaign.


  25. republicanvet91 says:

    Hmmm. The Seahag is found by a newspaper to be using a account to conduct official business in March, but the FBI didn’t open an investigation until July.

    On the other hand, the same FBI has decided to go full beast mode on Gen. Flynn after a single phone call. It was such an important national security issue, Comey took it to Clapper who took it to Obama who discussed whether they should even share certain information with the incoming administration.

    I guess the bias training was really needed.


  26. Ticonderoga says:

    Shouldn’t we be forming, at this very (though late) moment, Committees of Correspondence and Committees of Public Safety within the patriotic body politic?Serious needs for them are both visible and exceptionally portentous. Each county, every state needs to be able to replicate the fervor and ardor of our Founding Antecedents, and no time should be lost. Despite the over-abundance of Aaron Burr types and William Franklin ones also, we are a glorious Patriotic folk of diverse backgrounds,united in our adherence to our Liberty, our Constitution, and our G-d Almighty.As was said, “si vis pacem, parabellum”.


  27. Lee Moore says:

    So Carter Page has left the Trump campaign before the first FISA warrant. So the FBI can snoop all his stuff prior to the warrant issue, including – gold dust – everything within two hops, which is probably most of the Trump campaign. Fine – understood,

    So what are the renewals for ? Presumably by January 2017 (first renewal) the FBI has already hoovered up anything they want from Carter, plus two hops from Carter, from Jan 2017 as far back as they like. But now Carter is not generating any useful hops – because he’s no longer part of the Trump campaign.

    So my question for FISA buffs is this. How do hops carry over to renewals ? ie if Carter is two hops away from, say, Jared Kuchner in Oct 2016, so that Kuchner’s communications can be snooped under the first FISA warrant, then does Kuchner remain a legitimate two hop target after a Jan 2017 renewal, so that his current comms can be tapped, even if he isn’t two hops from Carter currently, because Carter’s no longer communicating with anyone on the Trump campaign ?

    Or does the two hop rule allow the FBI to snoop anyone who has ever been two hops away from Carter ?

    The puzzle for me is why the desperation to renew the FISAs, even including Clinesmith’s forgery. It only makes sense if the two hop rule allows the FBI to use the Carter Page renewals to keep spying currently on the likes of Kuchner / Trump himself etc, long after Carter has left the Trump campaign.


  28. how about a 27th?
    noose, bullet or Guillotine?


  29. Deborah Fehr says:

    All this info…will anything at all happen to any of these people? I mean the only main stream media even talking about this is FOX…none of the other channels will even pick it up…as far as the MSM is concerned its a big yawn…NEXT! And with all that is going on right now…my god, these corrupt players should have to have some consequences..right up to the top person…OBAMA…there should be something. All the money that these corrupt players have made off the backs of the American People…they should at the very least be forced to give it back, and be publicly shamed on the very media outlets that have celebrated them..I mean watch CNN or any of the others, they make jokes about this stuff, and turn it around to the big orange cry baby…its despicable.


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