President Trump: “Looting Leads to Shooting” – MSM Go Bananas…

While watching the third night of mayhem, looting and riots in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, last night President Trump tweeted: “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts”, and the media went bananas.

Every person of normal and stable constitution knew the meaning was looting and violence leads to shooting and escalated violence; thus it needs to be addressed with urgency by local officials in charge of maintaining the peace.  However, the media needed to pretend they were unaware of common sense in order to turn the phrase into an attack against the president.  President Trump responds:

The background of George Floyd being killed by police officer Derek Chauvin is horrific.  There is no justification for Chauvin’s action and the seemingly cavalier attitude by those who were at the scene of the events.  Outrage and emotional reaction over the video of the events is not surprising; but the riots, arson and looting are another level of troubling.

CTH has not written about the incident, because there is obviously much more to the story than currently being presented by national media.

This is one of those incidents where a variety of interests seek to take advantage; and as each layer of interest attaches itself, well, the larger truth behind the originating event is lost. A rabbit hole is created.

Officer Derek Chauvin and victim George Lloyd knew each-other.  Chauvin was a security officer for a sketchy dance club named El Nuevo Rodeo, and had worked there for 17 years. Chauvin worked for El Nuevo Rodeo cantina and dance club longer than he was a police officer.  Mr. George Lloyd also worked at the restaurant/dance club as a bouncer, for several years.   Chauvin and Lloyd knew eachother.

The dynamic of the relationship between Lloyd and Chauvin is divergent from the media narrative.  Additionally, the media presentation of the club, and ownership, is also materially flawed.

The club is not what appears visible on the surface; neither is the relationship between the two men who both worked there.  CTH has reviewed the background, and made a decision to exit the rabbit hole.  Suffice to say it’s better to just sit this one out and watch.

Speculative reasons for disengagement:

El Nuevo Rodeo is owned by foreign interests: Omar Investments Inc.  The club appears to be a laundry operation; which is a semi-legitimate business set up as a front to launder illicit income streams which might include counterfeit operations.  Chauvin and Lloyd both worked there. The presented “former club owner”, seen on television, appears to be a purposeful ‘front’ (a face useful in deflecting attention from the primary operations).

With that in mind, the scale of false information in/around the visible event, horrible as it was/is, creates layers and layers of purposeful misinformation and a need to control what the public sees in the media.

Combine a sketchy background of participants who are all very familiar with each-other as noted on video; with a network of foreign interests and false fronts; and overlay a network of federal and national security operations that are well known and specific to Minneapolis… and, well, it’s a rabbit hole best left alone.

CTH is not going there.

Ignore the uniform angle in the video above, that’s a non issue.  The casual and familiar nature of the participants, in combination with what the “paramedics” do not do when they arrive on scene, seems to tell a larger story.

Regardless, a man lost his life; that alone is tragic.


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473 Responses to President Trump: “Looting Leads to Shooting” – MSM Go Bananas…

  1. Patience says:

    Hey, WHAT happened to all the, “social distance”???

    Next week’s ‘news’ oughta be something else:
    >Racism caused 200 cases of the china-virus.


    • patti says:

      PLANDemic is over, Patience 😉

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    • Elle says:

      Good point!


    • flyboy46 says:

      IIFR we were on vacation in FL. when the riots in LA hit. My wife was an inner city teacher in Chicago. When school resumed the kids were talking about LA and “why if you are angry with the cops, are you burning YOUR own neighborhood? Yes, even 2nd graders could see the stupidity of that idea. As the saying goes, “some people NEVER LEARN! DUH!


  2. I have been thinking that this incident is part of the plot to take down the President and make sure he is not re-elected. We have the mail in voting (NC legislature passed today a measure to have mail in voting so everyone can feel “safe”); twitter speeding up its censorship of the POTUS and of others; and now this police violence thing that leads to completely out of control rioting…(why no rioting in Georgia?) … but I am really thinking this is more than Trump…it is a complete takeover of the United States by Communists..and the Dem Party is included in this, and a large part of the GOP Party, and big bushiness…I am watching the overthrow of the government of the USA.

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  3. I thought the National Guard was called in?


  4. Counterfeit currency, also known as precinct walking around money. It is how Democrats stay in office.The politicians encourage it and the police wink at it. But just like stealing from the mafia if you use it outside authorization you are going to pay a price. George Floyd didn’t get permission to use some politician’s campaign funds.

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    • Rhi says:

      Looks like that is a good chunk of ‘the rabbit hole’ Sundance has peered into and decided to disengage. When even the great Sundance pulls out, that is a deep hole. So many rabbit holes, so little time. Regardless, God has perfect knowledge of all the evil going on. And He WILL avenge. That day is coming.

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    • Seeadler says:

      I find it curious that the photo of the counterfeit money shows a stack of $1 bills, not 20’s, 50’s or 100’s. Curious indeed..


      • Joemama says:

        Yes, it it is my understanding that counterfeiters do not waste their time with small bills. I think that I read that counterfeiters go with $100 bills and higher.


        • Marc says:

          There is no currency currently being circulated that’s larger than a $100 bill. This was done to curtail the amount of counterfeit money one could forge and launder.


      • northerncanuck says:

        If I may try this on for size….

        Buy a coffee at a shop – pay with 4 ones, including small tip. Purchase $18 of gas – pay with a ten, fiver, and three singles. Buy some ice cream cones from ice cream truck – kids pay with singles. Saw this on the internet – go to strip club, use ones for…..

        True, it’ll take a while to go through $900K of ones, but very easily put into circulation, and hurting the small guy in the process.


        • Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

          I have read that China likes printing small denomination counterfeit bills, as they can do it easily on a high res printer and those are not often checked. They also sometimes intentionally distress the bills so they appear worn and used.

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  5. Bogeyfree says:

    Simply strategy…..

    Arrest 50 looters

    Fingerprint and identify where they live

    My bet is 50% or more do not even live in Minneapolis

    Then check their bank account to see who and how they are paid

    Then show the facts to the American people with a simple question……

    If over 50% of these looters are not from Minneapolis, who brought them here and why?

    And has anyone paid them to come and loot?

    It’s facts and truth that the left can’t take. Pull back the curtain and show everyone this too is a fraud and their game ends overnight IMO.

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    • Good plan, but it requires honest Minneapolis public officials. How do we know this was not a diabolical commie operation designed for Antifa and BLM (both Soros funded) to go into action, burning, looting, intimidating?
      Fast forward to November – Antifa, BLM, the Black Panthers still at it – blocking Trump voters from the polls, breaking into Post Office buildings to destroy “mail ballots” for registered Republicans.


  6. patti says:

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  7. Elle says:

    When I read the headlines this am that Trump “threatened to shoot protesters“ I did not know what was going on but I knew Trump had his opponents scarfing irresistible bait from his hand…getting them in nice and close… before he lowered the trap. When I saw the actual quote about looting and shooting I laughed out loud. Can’t believe they fell for it!!!

    So he puts out the Exec Order and then the very next day, hook, line, and sinker!! Haha. I’m not even sure Twitter realizes just how well Donald played Twitter to make his point!!!

    Trump is a master at this! So Twitter does exactly what Trump was complaining about when he wrote the XO, going so far as to even refuse to allow Trumps actual quote to be forwarded. Haha.

    Now we find the is even more to the story. International money laundering and likely human trafficking. Meanwhile the city burns and we find Amy K. is responsible for the cop being free. The thugs arrive to pants the impotent police and community leader. Trump steps out was front and center, promising to send in the National Guard to protect them. Thanks Dorsey for letting the world know.

    Acosta and Dorsey and their rabid, deranged followers are so busy chewing the red meat off the bone that Trump threw to them, that they have no idea what just happened

    Troll level: Super Master.

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  8. patti says:

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    • bleep21k says:

      cnn @9;23pm – “protesters” are attacking the cnn building LIVE on cnn, during fredo’s show…

      cuomo: “the white dude with the skateboard…”, “phalanx…”, “will the crowd get satisfaction when the windows break, or do they want more…”

      Yeah, I’m in some weird alternative universe…


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      • nimrodman says:

        yeah, I wonder what it’ll take for them to turn into “rioters” in CNN’s eyes

        crossing the nuclear threshold perhaps?


      • wondering999 says:

        CNN wants an excuse to not report their fraud regarding General Flynn etc. If their building, records and equipment have been burned… maybe some of the evidence will be burnt also


    • ann says:

      CNN is a nautural rallying point; best buddies w Resist.

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    • Elle says:

      Why does the camera move through the crowd at warp speed? I suspect it is to hide all the white skin.

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  9. booger71 says:

    Lot’s of antifa positioned all across the country

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  10. Patriot1783 says:

    I remember this scene from 1992, among many, breaks your heart for this business owner who worked so hard to get ahead. 😔

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    • ann says:

      That is very sad. ♥️

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      • nimrodman says:

        today’s equivalent:

        Black firefighter ‘devastated’ after rioters destroy bar he spent life savings to build

        Minneapolis firefighter Korboi “KB” Balla says his dream was always to open a sports bar, something he almost achieved after “countless hours” working on the project.

        … that plan came to a crashing halt when rioters destroyed his business on Wednesday.

        “I don’t know what I’m going to do,” a teary-eyed Balla told a CBS affiliate. The outlet reported that Balla invested his life savings into opening the bar which looters infiltrated as cameras were rolling.

        “We’ve been working so hard for this place. This is not just for me. This is for my family,” Balla says on the video.

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        • ann says:

          Hi nimrod,
          Pull down those who rise.
          Success, self agency contradicts the DNC’s victim ideology .

          Progressives avoid fixing root causes of Social pathology.
          Far more profitable to build a permanent constituentcy out of misery .

          In my bitter opinion. 🌸

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    • jello333 says:

      You know… I’m hoping there are some proud Korean business owners (or anyone else, black, white, whatever) who are GOOD SHOTS. Yes, I’m saying that looters and arsonists and their ilk SHOULD be fearing for their lives right now.

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      • p'odwats says:

        Memories of the LA riots 1992 watching Korean store merchants up on the roofs of their businesses loaded for bear with their weapons aimed at the looting mobs.


    • jello333 says:

      I watched most of the trial. Was totally opposed to what the cops had done, and expected some guilty verdicts. So when it didn’t happen, I was surprises, and yes angry. But that anger didn’t last long… or rather I should say it shifted directions. I went from being angry at the cops/defendants, to being angry — to the point of hatred — at the rioters. And once the Reggie Denny video was broadcast, I wanted blood!

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      • Patriot1783 says:

        I remember seeing helicopter footage of Reginald Denny being pulled out of his truck and lying there getting pounded by bricks with rioters all giving each other hi fives.
        Wrong place, wrong time and wrong color.


      • sturmudgeon says:

        See these nice new ‘threads on your mom and dad, kids? Well, we stole these from Target, and we have stolen several new articles of clothing for you, also. We also stole that brand new 60″ TV that is in the living room. Isn’t that great? We didn’t have pay for this stuff, because we were faking our concern over a man being killed by a that we could go out and steal from Target. Aren’t you proud of your mom and dad?

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  11. Texian says:

    They are playing their last card against President Trump.. the race card..

    And after that doesn’t work.. it’s the grand finale..


    Are you ready to rumble..

    Fourth Turning..

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  12. patti says:

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  13. jus wundrin says:

    Tin foil time: I read somewhere that disgraced agent strzok was on his way to being canned for bad behavior, then suddenly hes left alone and even promoted. Who did this? This chauvin cop had multiple complaints filed against him, yet was untouched be the higher ups, and even then county attorney amy klobutcher dropped the ball on prosecuting him in 2006. One would think that at least he would have been fired.

    Unrelated? Most likely, but having a loose canon around to stir up some future pot? Probable.


  14. Perot Conservative says:

    BTW, the Twin Cities have seen a large increase in their black and Latino populations the past 20 years.

    Minnesota now has approximately 250,000 Latinos, who are over represented in youth.

    There has also been an explosion in hard drugs and drug trafficking. Apparently MS1E has decided to use the TC as a transportation hub into the Midwest.

    Star Tribune: “Somewhere along his path to a better life in the U.S., William De Roo-Ramirez found himself hauling carloads of meth up to Minnesota for one of the same drug cartels that wrought horror back in his home country of Mexico.

    “The job paid well — promising as much as $20,000 for each delivery — and business was brisk. Ramirez had already made the trip more than 15 times when authorities pulled him over in Oklahoma in January and found 152 pounds of crystalline shards packed inside the Toyota Camry he had borrowed from a friend in Phoenix, one of the biggest meth loads ever stopped on its way to Minnesota. …

    “The arrests of Ramirez and his associates are the latest proof that meth, after largely fading from public view a decade ago, has come roaring back. It’s more potent, more plentiful and cheaper than ever, and this time around the Mexican drug cartels that control it have hand-picked Minnesota as the regional hub for their entire Upper Midwest meth trade.

    “State and federal investigators in Minnesota seized almost 1,500 pounds of meth last year — four times the total retrieved five years ago. Some of that meth was bound for major dealers from Green Bay to Fargo, but plenty was left over to wreak havoc here. The number of Minnesotans treated for meth addiction doubled in the past decade, to almost 14,000 last year — more than those treated for addiction to heroin and other opioids combined.

    ” *** The number of overdose deaths, which peaked during the first meth crisis at 18 in 2006, soared to 140 in 2016, according to the most recent data compiled by the Minnesota Department of Health. At least 80 people have faced federal meth distribution charges over the past two years. ***

    “Minneapolis-St. Paul has become a major market,” said Kent Bailey, a former senior U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent who now leads a federally funded counter-narcotics program in the metro. “You can sit there and keep your head in the freaking sand but the sheer volume of the drugs being seized indicates otherwise.”

    “Many of those caught supplying Minnesota’s meth have had direct ties to major, internationally known drug cartels in southern Mexico….”

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  15. maggiemoowho says:

    Now would be a really really good time for POTUS to declare Martial Law. The military can come in and arrest the thousands of terrorists destroying our cities. I bet some very large detention camps can be built pretty fast to detain all those arrested too.

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    • Jenevive says:

      This.. POTUS may have to at least in MN. Hannity is on and they reported
      that the NATIONAL GUARD and police abandoned thier line and pulled back
      then why was the National Guard sent in? WTH? there was a curfew in effect
      45 mins ago and people are just walking down street not listening..

      POTUS may have to clean this up.

      Bongino gave a warning telling people if they think they will get away with this
      at the WH with the Secret Service they will be sadly mistaken..He warned them
      not to try it..

      Rudy was on saying how he clean up this nonsense when he was mayor by arresting
      them the first person who started , the second so on.. He called the leaders idiot
      saying thier idiot policies are leading to this..

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    • Lion2017 says:

      Agree. Time to send in the military!

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    • Eric says:

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      • maggiemoowho says:

        He is going to have to send in the military though, rioters are going to move to burning homes next. I just pray to God that there are many armed citizens to start shooting theses rioters to protect themselves. I don’t care if Democrats loose everything or their homes, but Republicans need protected by someone.


  16. Ace says:

    I feel like we just got dragged back into the “Obama” years.

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  17. convert says:

    What’s happening in cities across the country tonight is really shocking, sad and depressing. The Left is so pleased, of course, full of self-righteous, self-serving pride, obsessed like Capt Ahab with killing the “white whale” (the President).

    Fools that they are, they have no idea what the pandemic followed by these destructive riots across the very same beseiged cities will mean: you will see the big cities collapse as Americans vote with their feet and flee the cities in droves unprecedented.

    During my childhood, small town and rural America emptied out, and people poured into the cities in search of a better life. Now I will see the trend reverse.


  18. USA CITIZEN says:

    I am so tired of seeing the Blacks burning buildings and cars, breaking windows in stores, so they can steal products from the stores. They are using the Black man (George Floyd) that died, because he was arrested for doing something unknown to us, and unfortunately the Black man died. Do you ever see White people burn down buildings and burning cars and stealing goods from stores that they break the doors and windows of when there is injustice done to us? NO! Only Blacks do that and they get away with it. That’s why Blacks keep doing this. Whites and other races are getting tired of this and need to stop this destruction. Police in every state and their Governors and Mayors have to get together and stop this Now! If the police don’t start taking control and stop being scared of these Black Thugs, then our country is in jeopardy not by the enemy, but by our own Black people who are acting like savages. One of the Black rioters said, “We built this country and we can burn it down.” This country belongs to all of us, but the Blacks seem to think they own it.

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  19. The American Patriot says:


    Furher O has declared war on America due to the unraveling of his master plan (which has exposed him). He has sent his BLM and Antifa army to cities to cause riots. His supreme master is financing the operation.

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  20. Squirrel Doc says:

    When will the members of Antifa get arrested?


    • Galahad says:

      This also shall fail, they are running out of ideas and know the president will be re elected. They will stop at nothing. Please pray that whatever is coming will be thwarted, fail, or be exposed in time. Pray for all of us and the president.

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  21. tsmifjones says:

    The cop on George’s neck is a criminal, no doubt. But what if there’s no video, it’s covered up. I have recorded audio and video as well, but the victim is an elderly white lady so nobody gave a squat. Her murder was covered up by Little Rock, sued by the f’ing state medical examiner! Asa Hutchinson is no friend to good honest people.


  22. Patience says:

    Flash Mobs across the USA

    Yes WE Can
    You didn’t build that!:

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  23. Haveaspine says:

    The stock market is rising. That’s not good for the Dems. Do not let the Minneapolis crisis go to waste. Soros and his Antifa goons are at work again. Anticipate there will be a whole lot more burning cities around the country. Must get Trump out of office at all cost.

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  24. CNN_sucks says:

    I think these riots by antifa are deliberate. Time to arrest Soros if he is funding these.

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  25. Tl Howard says:

    “Looting lead to shooting.”

    Sundance, it would appear that to the press and to libs, only blacks are allowed to rhyme to make a point.

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  26. Patchman2076 says:

    It’s amazing how quick these “protests” just spawned in these major cities, almost like somebody sent out a communication.

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  27. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    It’s unreal how whenever the left needs a distraction from something (Biden racial comments, overdoing corona and declass) right on cue something like this happens. The video above with the “EMT’s”, something is fishy. The ambulance is there yet the cops don’t get off the guy. The EMT never checks for a pulse and holds the mans head as though he doesn’t want the crowd to see it flop over. Soros is at it again!

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    • Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

      I thought of something else, They called an ambulance that took 8-10 minutes to respond. There were 4 cops there (2 unseen holding him down hidden by the car, the kneeler and the guy on the sidewalk) If an ambulance were called wouldn’t other police have responded to the scene if for nothing else to block traffic and gotten there quicker than 8 minutes?

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  28. hawkins6 says:

    sundance knows instinctively and from experience when not to dive into a particular news rabbit hole just like the wise lagomorph in the picture.

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  29. Sentient says:

    I’m about 2.5 miles as the crow flies from Minneapolis’ 5th precinct station. Media helicopters are up over the scene and I hear occasional booms like flash grenades, gunshots or maybe tear gas being fired. I’m in my yard enjoying a campfire and can’t tell what’s happening, but it’s damn sure something. The 5th precinct is the command post for the entire SW quadrant of the city – the peaceful prosperous part. Think DC’s “Northwest Quadrant”. The precinct building is in the NE corner of the precinct – closest to the trouble. Dammit, those just sounded like gunshots. Lots of them. Where are the goddamn national guard? Our mayor is a little dickless wonder.

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  30. Sentient says:

    There’s a LOT of what sounds like live rounds off in the distance. Hope it’s just rubber bullets or tear gas. This is unreal. I’m sure what I’m hearing is at the fifth precinct: 3101 Nicollet Ave S,Mpls, 55408. It sounds like a battle going on.

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  31. Theckman says:

    Obama immediately ready with his staged comments of outrage on how can this be happening in 2020!
    Did Obama forget when there was a similar incident (except this one looks planned) Obama said let the people get their frustration out of their systems as they looted St. Louis and other cities.
    How can Obama dare show his face when his leadership as president condoned and encouraged lawlessness!
    Trump pleads with citizens not to protest in a violent manner conveying violence escalates an already upset community.
    Who sounds and acts more presidential? Obviously Trump so no matter what Obama and MSM say about it Obama was no role model for anyone.
    Perhaps if Obama had handled the rioting Appropriately during his terms, this unruly, destructive, polarizing current behavior would not be tolerated even if what was bought and paid for by Soros and his hired thugs.
    It’s so sad and frightening what this group of globalists will do to ensure Trump is not able to serve another term.
    I cried when he won because I had stopped believing elections were legit.
    I voted for Trump with all my heart; but felt I was downright stupid to believe “they” would allow Trump to win.
    Trump won the election and the citizens that wanted the same things Trump promised have been punished ever since for daring to go against the globalists.
    Called racist and ignorant just because I chose not to vote for Hillary.
    We won’t give up and Trump certainly won’t either.
    What’s so disgusting is how there’s no limit to what the globalist cartel will do including unleashing a bioweapon on their fellow citizens and whole world.
    We must remember these fanatics believe it’s all for the big picture and killing people is just collateral damage.
    Sorry so long got carried away.
    Everyone take care!
    This is the only place I can go that makes me feel I am not paranoid.

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    • MelH says:

      Getting “carried away” is what happens because this is “The Last Refuge” for so many of us. It’s okay! I’m really worried , they are getting so desperate to stop him in November. All the fraud around elections is only going to get worse the closer we get to it.

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  32. Joemama says:

    I say again, The attack on CNN is a false flag.

    The cultural marxists are pulling out all the stops. They are doing every thing they can to destroy the USA.

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  33. Herbert Kroll says:

    I bet that Sundance will look down into the rabbit hole, just not right away…


  34. Justin Burch says:

    Wow wow wow. Anyone familiar with Pallywood would immediately recognize this scenario. Fake ambulance rushing to the scene but not doing what medical people normally do, all just playing for the camera. Police officers standing around looking official but actually faking their activity for the cameras. The entire scene staged from beginning to end. Has Pallywood arrived in Minneapolis compliments of their new Muslim Brotherhood Attorney General?

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  35. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Oakland Police: 2 Federal Officers Shot, 1 Fatally During George Floyd Protest


  36. jumpinjarhead says:

    For those Treepers and others who have taken the progressivist media bait and rushed to judgment on the basis of a smartphone video and have declared the cops involved “murderers,” there is now this slight complication. Yet another teaching moment in how we, especially conservatives who say they believe in the “rule of law,” should be more careful to not let our emotions get ahead of our reason. This is exactly what our enemies do and what they are so eager to get the rest of us to do as well.


      • Marc says:

        Irrelevant. You don’t restrain a cuffed suspect with your knee on their neck for over 8 minutes. This was obviously an inside hit on Floyd. Did you read Sundance’s post at all?

        I’m tired of the deflections and whataboutisms. The end result is a man was killed by someone, supposedly an officer, simply for writing a bad check.


        • jello333 says:

          Kneeling on the guy’s neck for so long after he quit struggling was WRONG… PERIOD. Was it criminal? In my opinion, yes, even if it turns out not to be the direct cause of death. (Which all has nothing to do with how totally sick these so-called “protests” are)

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        • jumpinjarhead says:

          Hardly irrelevant. You apparently did not comprehend my post. We will politely agree to disagree.

          And I am sorry you are so tired.


    • Everett Miller says:

      I find it insulting to claim we are taking bait and rushing to judgement on the basis of a smartphone video; and disgusting that you feel it important that this poor man was in ill health, or that the cop knew him, or that he was breaking the law, etc etc., as being somehow “emotional” and “unreasonable”. Worse that you equate us with “our enemies”.
      YOU are the one taking bait by failing to see what happened. SCUM COPS tortured a subdued man in restraints to death. The 3 who helped the 1 are even more guilty (and yes I am JUMPING to conclusion here) because their failed in their duty to turn on the 1 and immediately stop his actions and arrest him on the spot for attempted murder. You jarheads (?) trying to obscure these facts are only helping “our enemies” in their efforts to tear down Civilized Society and Restore the Law of The Jungle.
      Shame, shame, shame.


      • jumpinjarhead says:

        My dear fellow—I regret having you feel insulted.

        You may also have missed my several posts clearly stating my disapproval of the original incident.

        The remainder of your post IMHO of course merely further proves my point.

        We will just have to politely agree to disagree

        Have a great rest of your day..

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  37. ontoiran says:

    from what I read, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chauvin epsteins himself in jail

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  38. CountryDoc says:

    In the titter video by Mel (how do we copy this) the very first part of the video, looks like the brown shirted “emt” cop gave an injection into the victims neck with a syringe hidden behind his index and middle finger, pushing the syringe plunger with the heel of his hand. He then seems to keep his fingers extended in the miliseconds visible after removing his fingers.

    There are oral secretions on the ground when they turn his head. . Not clear why the officer would keep his knee on the mans neck when he was obviously limp.

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