Quick Moves – Full Senate Confirms John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence…

It is quite remarkable how quickly the senate can move on a confirmation vote when there is a heavy dose of self-preservation in play.   Only two days after the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) voted to advance the nomination of John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence (DNI), the full senate takes up the nomination and ‘presto’… Ratcliffe is confirmed.  [Vote Tally Here] Huh, funny that.

Perhaps another way to look at it….  two days after the SSCI cried uncle in an attempt to rid themselves of the atomic sledgehammer of transparently perpetual sunlight known as Ric Grenell, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell rushed the quick dispatch.

Seriously, it’s a little unfair to cast a great man like John Ratcliffe as ‘less than’, because he truly is not less than anyone; however, boy howdy the deep state couldn’t get rid of their nemesis Richard “Ric” Genell quickly enough.

Mr. Grenell quietly brought more declassified sunlight upon the swamp than decades of prior transparency efforts; and he did it with a very deliberate flair, quite fun.

DNI John Ratcliffe will do an excellent job, and I seriously doubt this is the last we have seen of the Mr. Grenell.

FBI Director Grenell does have a nice ring to it.

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390 Responses to Quick Moves – Full Senate Confirms John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence…

  1. taxpayer here says:

    Very respectful of Mr Grenell to send that message but the shoes Mr Grenell left are YUGE ones to be filled.

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    • Merkin Muffley says:

      Grenell is a national hero.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        I used to love him on Red Eye and have always liked him. I’d send him positive comments on Twitter when he had cancer and when he became ambassador. I couldn’t agree more that he has definitely gone from a fun watch on late night TV to a historical figure at a key point in American history, a real American hero. God bless him.

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    • Blondesense says:

      Indeed. Having said that, Ratcliffe is a great man. He was my rep in Texas before I moved to Oregon. I’ve played golf with him a couple times. He’s a good dude.


  2. Pam says:

    What is everyone’s assessment of Dan Coats? Was he a part of the swamp, or just not man enough for the job?


  3. angech says:

    When does he start/
    Is there a change over time?
    Can they work together for any time?


  4. William Schneider says:

    I too love the sound of Grenell as AG How sweet for justice and swamp clean up in USA. We can dream and you go where your dreams take you.


  5. distracted2 says:

    From your lips to God’s ears, Sundance. They most certainly deserve an FBI Director Grenell. 😁


  6. Teresa Gorecki says:

    I would love to see a Grenell as director of the FBI… talk about transformational change…

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  7. BitterC says:

    I am hoping Grenell does a data dump tonite on his way out the door


  8. John Lott says:

    Please put him in charge of the FBI!


  9. Yogis_dad says:

    How about FBI Director Flynn?


  10. jmclever says:

    I think the whole satchel full of documents was just for show. Well placed thetrics. It was prob a thumb drive in his pocket, but boy howdy did that get the attention of the Lamestream media. ROFL!


  11. Can you imagine if we had a hundred more like Mr. Grenell in the halls of power?
    Thank you Ric Grenell. Thank you very much for showing what a little hard work, courage, and determination can do. You will always be remembered for your courageous part in this battle against tyranny.
    It is my prayer that ODNI Ratcliffe will run with the torch of illumination and patriotism the way you have done.
    It is also my prayer that POTUS does not move you across the pond to Germany for very long. Even though that is a very important post, IMO there is still much to be done here on our shores. I for one, would be thrilled to see you back in D.C. giving them the hell they so richly deserve.
    Thank you again, sir.


  12. Steven Hitt says:

    Now move a Grenell to replace Wray and the public will see all the criminal activity in the top law enforcement agency. Once finished there then on to the CIA. Grenell will be the swamp drainer!!


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