Washington Post Confirms Flynn’s Name Not Masked in Obama Briefing Material – Open FBI Investigation Intercepted Kislyak Call and Generated Transcript…

The Washington Post confirms today what we have been saying for almost two years.

Michael Flynn’s name was never masked in the FBI intercept of his call with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Here’s the part that matters:

WaPo […] in the FBI report about the communications between the two men, Flynn’s name was never redacted, former U.S. officials said.

[…] It was the FBI, not the NSA, that wiretapped Kislyak’s calls and created the summary and transcript, the former officials said.

“When the FBI circulated [tech cuts], they included Flynn’s name from the beginning” because it was essential to understanding its significance, said a former senior U.S. official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe sensitive intelligence. “There were therefore no requests for the unmasking of that information.”  (read more)

The FBI was conducting (FISA) surveillance on Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.  When Kislyak contacted Flynn the call was intercepted by the FBI.  The calls were then transcribed and “tech cuts” created.

On January 3rd Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were text messaging about the intercept.  It is important to note these text messages have never been released; and were intentionally removed and hidden from the text messages that were released.

We only know about these specific texts from a Senate oversight committee paper that put a timeline together.

This January 3rd communication is critical so I’m going to explain it.  You will see why the FBI and DOJ and Intelligence Community have kept it hidden:

A FISA order, in this case on Sergey Kislyak, is referred to as “technical coverage” or a “tech”.  The FBI interceptors, staff doing the interception, then type up summaries of telephone conversations captured. Those are referred to as “tech cuts” or “cuts”.

The “CR cut” in the text message above is a “Crossfire Razor cut”, or a Flynn cut.

This is a summary of the call intercept.  This is the non-traditional intelligence document that FBI Director James Comey gave to DNI James Clapper to use for the briefing of President Obama on January 4th. There are no redacted or masked names because it is a raw intelligence document.

The Clapper briefing officially informed the White House of the existence of an open FBI investigation into Michael Flynn.  That briefing led to the January 5th “pull aside” meeting outlined in the Susan Rice memo.

The FBI was investigating Flynn and monitoring Russian communications to see a reaction to the sanctions imposed on December 29, 2016.  When Kislyak called Flynn the FBI legally intercepted the call because the FISA authority was surveillance on Kislyak and Flynn was also under investigation.

But there are more implications…

Peter Strzok  texts: “[Bill Priestap], like us, is concerned with over sharing.  Doesn’t want Clapper giving [the Flynn cut, or summary of intercepted call] to White House.”  All political, just shows our hand and potentially makes enemies.

Lisa Page responds: “Yeah but keep in mind we were going to put that in the doc on Friday, with potentially larger distribution than just DNI.”

Strzok Replies: “The question is should we, particularly to the entirely of the lame duck U.S. Intelligence Community with partisan axes to grind.”

The implication of the Lisa Page response about sharing the Flynn intercept, is the intention of the FBI to include the “CR cut”, the FBI summary intercept of the Kislyak call, within the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) which was being released on Friday.  The filter of their entire conversation was political.

We don’t know if the Kislyak-Flynn call was used as a part of the classified evidence within the ICA.  It sounds from Lisa Page’s text response that the issue was discussed and then a decision made not to include it:  “we were going to put that in”, implies they did not.

Bill Priestap and Peter Strzok have issues with the raw “tech cut” of the intercept being shared with DNI Clapper and White House.  Lisa Page downplays those concerns by saying: ‘hey relax, in context we were about to put that readout in the ICA which is a far bigger deal than just sharing it with the White House.’

Putting it all together.  The FBI intercepted the call.  A “tech cut” summary of the call was generated exclusive to the FBI.  James Comey gave that call summary including Flynn’s name to James Clapper; and James Clapper briefed President Obama.

Michael Flynn wasn’t unmasked in documents related to the call because Flynn’s name was never masked in the documents, the FBI “CR cut”.

If I put all the transcripts and texts together, it’s easy to see the picture:

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268 Responses to Washington Post Confirms Flynn’s Name Not Masked in Obama Briefing Material – Open FBI Investigation Intercepted Kislyak Call and Generated Transcript…

  1. coolmamie says:

    This may be a stupid question, but why was the FBI investigating Flynn in the first place?

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    • railer says:

      They wanted to fabricate Muh Russia, and were spying on PapaD, Page, Flynn and anybody else with a chance of helping the fabrication.

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      • Learned Hat says:

        Under what pretense/predicate . . . I think that is his question.

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        • regitiger says:

          there was no pretense or predicate in the sense of lawful correct official amenable ethical moral judgements.

          this was a frame up…that later became a cover up after the election was won by trump

          tldr: they manufactured pretense and predicate.

          it’s important to remember none of these people actually felt under any scenario that Trump would win the election. So it was an openly hostile aggressive set of unlawful business they conducted…once it became clear those assumptions were doomed, the critical troubles facing this ground was exposure over those acts of a conspiracy.

          we have the advantage here of having “prior knowledge” by way of expert level investigative journalism, salt free, of Sundance and others here at CTH….It is NOT confusing at all how these events and the motives of those criminal actions were created and by whom. We know the names of the suspects…at least the key suspects…it was a general process of deduction. But there are also going to be some surprises (known unknowns that could only be revealed by declassification and open source publication that continues to unfold)…What remains is just how large the so called small group really is/was. Taking a very conservative back of envelope approach, I suspect we are looking right now at about 40 officials who were directly involved in this conspiracy…and another 1,000 or so who were directly supporting some aspects of it by simply doing the “work”…and that isn’t counting the endless number of press agents and cutouts that willingly ignored the red flags, and enabled one of the biggest frauds and criminal conspiracies to every come from the “press”. And that isn’t counting the number of people working in foreign nation-states who were engaged in similar global campaigns to support this conspiracy and their press arms. It’s quite staggering to contemplate just how many people understood ..were quite aware of the fraud being conducted and the not so subtle way this criminal conspiracy was being shopped around as bona fide.

          I look at it this way: arresting at least 40 people about a year ago should have happened. That really makes me anxious if justice will ever happen. It’s important to understand that while “we” have the benefit of the excellent work product of SD…the very people who are responsible for investigating and also prosecuting these kinds of corrupt criminals acts ALWAYS had this material evidence….I’ve read some of the theories why these officials in authority who have this material for over a year or more now, and why they have not acted yet. I find those arguments completely and utterly dishonest. And not simply because of who these people are. That does matter, to look at their reputations in prior work..That counts…big time. But if you set that aside, one can only come to the conclusion that there isn’t likely any sense of urgency for a criminal conspiracy that is truly one of the biggest frauds ever to be mounted against the very bone and tendon of what makes america great….the the law will be respected, defended against such acts.

          I find it very disturbing the lack of action has not happened.

          What would move main justice to act swiftly…does it really take a rocket surgeon not to understand these people all the way to the whitehouse willfully directed the full weight of corruption and abuse of power to manipulate a democratic electio?

          Is there are crime higher? serious question.

          Is there?

          If a shadow group of people oathed to protect the constitution were so bent on stealing an election …which is the central key priority for main justice to protect AGAINST..and that crime was hatched, planned, resourced, and carried out with a military level strike ….what crime could possibly be more toxic? it is literally raping the constitution.

          this is the reasons why such crimes have ALWAYS been such a novel crime in law and punishment..throughout history..in all cultures..in every kind of political government…but most importantly that the constitution of the United States TOWERS over all other in terms of what we recognize about it’s moral significance.

          WE THE PEOPLE…it begins and ends there.

          main justice in the former regime committed a criminal act against the constitution at the most fundamental breach.

          it was not accidental..it was not subtle. It was carried out by a very large group who had convinced themselves, they could do it and so they did. They held the power, and they used it…criminally.

          that, folks is the highest criminal act one can achieve….

          you can take aim and assassinate a single person..and yes it can change the course of history…yes, it’s possible..it’s happened before.

          what these people did was assassinate the entire law itself.

          as these documents rolls out, and they will, just remember…when it mattered the most to act and act swiftly to correct and arrest these seditious criminals…

          barr and wray were busy investigating.

          now contemplate this for a moment:

          if north korea had planted assets within the former regime to carry out some plan to smear obama….

          do you think for a moment main justice would not have, including the president, former, taking switft and severe action against that foreign threat….even responded militarily?

          I see no difference…I see the oath requires to protect against threats BOTH foreign and local.

          the actions of this corruptors is directly equivalent to a foreign threat.

          and they should have been arrested and decapitated quite a long time ago for this very destructive crime and conspiracy.

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          • regitiger says:

            The three stages of truth are:

            Violent Opposition
            Self Evident

            In my assessment, I believe the american people are still stuck at stage 1.

            in my assessment, I believe main justice is stage 2.

            in my assessment, I believe true justice is already at stage 3, awaiting for

            WE THE PEOPLE to get their shit together!

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          • ABN says:

            Excellent comment! The more of us who see this, the more likely rectification will happen. This massive crime must not be brushed aside just because it is so massive. If Grenell keeps declassifying and unredacting and if Ratcliffe continues on that path, there is a very good chance we will see a proper reckoning of this terrible chapter in US history.


          • Scarlet says:

            I want to know what they’re trying so desperately to hide.
            What do they fear Trump would find out?


            • Simpleton says:

              They have been spying on political opposition since at least as earl as 2012 when they spied or used government agencies against tea party. Spying really cranked up in late 2015 and in early 2016 it was major. It was out of control ang growing. They were using consultants to come in and get tones of data. Once adm Rodgers became interested they started covering tracks but also were addicted to the intelligence. So they moved to more risky methods like using spy’s. They became hogs and that is where the trail got picked up. Somewhere in here I think Seth Rich comes in. The information he had was so damning they played the scheme all the way.


        • Learned Hat:
          You have asked the most pertinent question!
          Three years of intense, absorbing, new developments have obscured the simple fact that:
          The pretext for the Russia investigation was, in truth, just a pretense based on a fabricated predicate.
          At some point prior to election 016, the plot was born to establish a lie as fact, namely that Russians had interfered in our elections and did so for the benefit of Donald Trump ( a dark intrigue which offered the dual advantage of a possible criminal basis for implicating the President-elect in a charge of treason, as well as a propaganda weapon for asserting his illegitimacy as leader of the free world. As a result, Obama (and his operatives), proclaimed willy-nelly that this fabricated interference was true, and imposed financial sanctions and ordered- repatriations of Russian diplomatic personnel in retaliation, all with scarcely three months left in his presidency .
          This pretext was, as stated, all pretense because no evidence was never shown (or could be shown free of contradiction), nor was the premise of said circumstances allowed to be challenged. Afterward, and according to Comey and others, President Obama tasked his operatives with looking into the suspicious reasons why Russia had not yet responded to the imposition of these sanctions, all of which was a flimsy and adolescent excuse to launch surveillance of Michael Flynn, but there it was, and it led these operatives to posit a possible Trump Russian collusion theory to explain why Russia was so silent after sanctions.
          Lastly, throw in the coordinated plan to ensnare Jeff Sessions in an innocent inconsistency in his Senate testimony regarding his contact with Russian diplomats, followed by the planned interview of Mike Pence with CBS’s Jon Dickerson wherein Pence stated that Trump administration officials had made no contract with Russians, and the dishonest, flimsy predicate became as tall and powerful as the Empire State building.

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          • Rick says:

            “At some point prior to election 016, the plot was born to establish a lie as fact, namely that Russians had interfered in our elections and did so for the benefit of Donald Trump”

            Could this be the genesis of the Russia Hoax:

            The moment Trump came down the escalator and announced his campaign, the Democratic Orweillian wheels were turned on him…

            At some point late in 2015, the plot was born to establish a lie as fact, namely that Russians had interfered in our elections and did so for the benefit of Donald Trump

            December 21, 2015 we see from Podesta’s emails what he and others in the Clinton campaign were discussing;
            “Best approach is to slaughter Donald for his bromance with Putin, but not go too far betting on Putin re Syria. Brent”

            Latter part of 2015: British GCHQ spied on so called Russian’s communicating with americans.

            Late December 2015: Peter Strzok in FBI counterintelligence wanted approval for “LURES” “outside the contiguous United States” in late Dec 2015

            Just after the Flynn/PUTIN dinner 6 months before “Crossfire Hurricane,” 3 months before “our boy is talking” text of Mar 2016 (around the time MIFSUD met PAPADOPOULOS), the FBI had Initiated multiple spies into the Trump Campaign.

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            • Simpleton says:

              I think the charges that Trump colluded was created as a cover up. They used Russian ties as a reason to spy. After Trump won they realized they needed a cover up so invented collusion. Then they used that to give mueller a chance to cover things up or at least say all things Russian have been investigated so move along.


        • Imapop says:

          I’m going to speculate that Brennan was behind the establishment of a “predicate” that gave Comey the cover to initiate the investigation of Flynn. The details are hazy to me now, but something to do with Brennan traveling to the UK on vacation time to meet with intelligence officials to create the basis for the Russian predicate.


          • Learned Hat says:

            I understand that it was a setup — I just figured they would have thrown some BS out as to why the FBI was investigating Flynn.

            Also, absent the DNC hack, what did the Russians do —- like what actions did they actually take — post stuff in message boards? take out Facebook ads? I can not imagine what they could say negative about Hillary Clinton that was not actually true. I guess they could have false flagged some stuff but our own citizenry is busy doing that too. I am no fanboy of the Russians but I have trouble seeing (1) why they would have ever wanted Trump as President and (2) what type of propaganda campaign they could run that would get lost in the bs that is already going on over here during and election year. So I knew that was junk —- I just don’t know what they have said they actually did (sans the DNC server thing which seems clearly a false flag of some type). Everybody always says that “nobody” knew Hillary was going to win but I think some in the Intelligence world probably actually saw what was happening during the 2016 ramp up and knew there was a decent chance of Trump winning.


          • Learned Hat says:

            I think I heard Bongino say that the Halper/Dearlove/Steele contingent invited him to some gala type bs and also invited the Russian born chick and then reported back that they talked or some such. Of course Halper was the same guy that co-led a class with the Russian dude that wrote the book on Russian misinformation?


    • CNN_sucks says:

      FLynn was very critical of machurian Xpres Obama middle east fiasco and Comey was more than willing to do the dirty deeds for mishandling Clinton emails.

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    • Tim says:

      test feel free to delete, I posted a coment and it vanished

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      • MelH says:

        I posted 2 yesterday that vanished. I think there is a self-appointed censor among us, who has the ability to eliminate postings that were actually published, for a few moments, but then disappeared. It happens easily and often on social media, why not here?


    • tim says:

      test 2


    • Matt says:

      I don’t think there are any stupid questions at this point. It’s definitely some confusing and convoluted stuff.

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    • jay says:


      You’ll find the answer within the released transcripts but prepared to be frustrated because the reasons the RATS give for being suspicious of Flynn are flimsy and not factual. The testimony describes feelings and concerns about Flynn. Yates and McCord describe things like- he travelled to Russia so he is probably a Russian agent. There is something in the transcript of Dec 29 call with the Russian Ambassador that disturbs Yates – But I think she is falsely disturbed. throughout the testimony and I sense her goal is to create a mountain out of an ant hill. Then again they are all RATS- the lot of them. And I never trust RATS. I have yet to hear solid evidence that Flynn has ever acted against the interests of the United States.

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      • I won't back down says:

        They set this up w news stories Nov 10, 11 2016 saying here’s the “new (incoming) NS advisor to Trump” and just by the way he’s Turkey’s thug cuz he tried to rendition an enemy of Erdogan a cleric in PA

        The O team went absolutely ballistic when Flynn met w Trump at Trump tower on ~12/16 when THIRTY NINE unmaskings happened that day of Flynn
        That meeting was the one where they discussed tanking the Iran Deal

        Right after that meeting the Trump team hightailed it out to new bedford outa Trump tower

        Put those pieces together and the picture is clear O was very afraid of Flynn and Os minions were willing to do ANYTHING to stop him

        Did they remotely access cell phone mics to listen in on the Trump tower meeting? I firmly believe that this intrusiveness is what happened and O either authorized or encourage his minions to tap into the phones of Trump’s team in real time to eavesdrop. And it was CIA and NSA capabilities that allowed for that to occur again, with no warrant.

        There were no “wires” it was all cellphones and it was real time

        O did one of his semantic giggles about silly trump and his text about “wires”

        And since they were breaking laws to do their eavesdropping there were not transcripts of what they heard at Trump tower via these means.
        And they kept doing it post inauguration – remember all the leaks outa the white house? They finally stopped when WH staffers were no longer allowed to bring their personal phones into the WH and West wing.

        There is your great big scandal that’s hiding in here

        O using NSA tech to listen in in real time on opposition president elect (and prior during the campaign)

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    • Tim says:

      There are two answers 1 The FBI has legal powers to investigate spy networks inside the USA, set up by foreign powers, The FBI has legal powers to spy on foreigners inside the USA and US citizen contacts. Including spying on US politicians who have contact with foreigners. ( the FBI uses the FISA court to do this. and according to the Chief Judge of the FISA court, lies to the FISA court to abuse this power (( no one has been punished )).

      Under Obama the FBI abused these powers on a massive scale.
      Flynn had stated that he was going to audit the intelligence services , working for the Trump administration.. All the illegal activity of the FBI and CIA would be exposed.
      The FBI And the CIA had targeted and illegally spied on Trump and his family and his campaign staff.
      Obama, a Democrat President, ran a counterintelligence operation on the Republican Presidential Candidate. The evidence Obama knew is in the presidential daily briefings, which Obama read, and others who read them stated they have really good intelligence on the Russians and the Trump people.
      Hence the FBI targeted Flynn.

      to see an example of how the FBI uses the FISA court to spy on US citizens read
      Maria Butina FISA virus . The FBI starts with a “suspect Russian” then they can legally
      spy on all the Russians contacts for the last 5 years ( first hop ) and all of those contacts, contacts for the last 5 years ( 2nd hop )..
      So if the FBI gets Maria into a Republican political function and she meets a few republican politicians, The FBI can spy on potentially the whole republican party.


      this is just the tip of the iceberg, but its a start
      fired Deputy Director Andrew McCabe also had reasons to hate both Flynn and Trump. but thats another story
      I hope this helps

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      • Elle says:

        “The FBI has legal powers to spy on foreigners inside the USA and US citizen contacts.”

        It’s a neat trick for these dirty players. Conspire with the Russians to bring in foreigners and use them as needed to spy on any citizen or organization you want. It would allow you to spy on everyone! I still think it interesting that Obama expelled so many after the election. Closes the open files and gets them out of reach for questioning.

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    • Tim says:

      After my long post I thought of a much shorter answer.

      Flynn was going to investigate the FBI. The FBI investigated Flynn first.

      Flynn was going to audit the intelligence services including the CIA and FBI, under a Trump Administration. Flynn had stated this publicly.
      The corruption of the FBI would be exposed. The FBI investigated Flynn first.
      The DOJ bankrupted Flynn with legal expenses. Then the DOJ threatened to charge FLynns son ( who had a four month old child ). The FBI and DOJ hid evidence from Flynn and forced him to accept a plea deal where Flynns son would not be charged.

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      • coolmamie says:

        So, basically, the FBI did nothing illegal to Flynn up until the time they were going to close the case?

        Unless all the spying since 2012 is uncovered – especially on the Cruz, Carson and Trump campaigns, Trump family, etc. That might cast how they handled Flynn in a different light?


        • No, the original investigation was illegal too, insofar as there was never a good reason for investigating Flynn, just the Islamist Obama and Brennan being disgusted by him and his continuing annoyance as an anti-Islamist power player (especially when he became the presumptive National Security Advisor to President-Elect Trump). But it was a tentative “investigation”, and they found it foolish to go on with it — until Obama’s loyal acolyte’s pushed it through anyway, with a new level of illegality and treasonous behavior in not informing “competent authorities”, the incoming President and his team. Everything Obama was doing after the 2016 election was illegal — but not substantially different, for him and his gang, from BEFORE the election. He was the First Fake President because he was the First Lawless, Traitorous President.

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      Prior to the phone call Flynn was snared under the two hop rule, if I remember, and was assigned a name and file within OCH to legitimize the FBI’s open ended surveillance. What Intelligence was doing, I’m not sure.

      As was posted here last week, the phone call with Kislyak occurred not only while Flynn was out of the country, as was Kislyak, which sidestepped several rules and restrictions that would have made the wiretap illegal on US soil, but also within twenty-four hours of Obama’s expulsion of Russian diplomats, a predictable outcome. The call would be recorded and transcribed, and Obama’s FBI would have a predicate for continuing a dead end investigation now that they had a basis for “concerns” that Flynn was making side deals with the Russians, presumably under orders from Trump.

      When Obama announced the expulsions and a few sanctions, critics questioned why he waited so long to retaliate against Russia for meddling in the election. They also noted that his response was rather weak. Now it becomes clear that retaliation was never the purpose, and Obama’s actions were intended to a) not start a cycle of retaliation, and b) guarantee that Kislyak would contact Flynn about the matter, thus initiating a strategy that would entrap Flynn in some sort of violation.

      That’s about it, as far as I understand it. Oh, and the transcript of the call is still classified, and the record of the FBI’s interview with Flynn was altered to create the Flynn lied narrative.


    • Georgia says:

      They actually wanted to destroy/remove Gen. Flynn — he knew too much as to them and how the Intelligence Agencies worked and he was not on board with Obama’s Iranian bs etc.– he was a threat to their criminal activities under Obama spying on political opponents/blackmail etc. — when it was clear Flynn was going to work for President Trump then they not only spied on Flynn but put an “operation” in place to target and remove him — get him fired or/and prosecuted — that is actually in the hand written notes as “what is” the point of the entrapment interview the FBI (criminals) did of Flynn — the “Brady” evidence that was illegally hidden from Flynn and recently came out leading to the DOJ Dismissing the case against him which the Judicial Hacktivist Sullivan now refuses to do so as to try and give cover to the Clinton/Obama coup plotters and further hurt Gen. Flynn. They are ALL criminals masquerading as “FBI”, “Intelligence Agents”, “Judges” — people are beginning to see this, the actual evidence is clear, and the NWO Globalist Mainslime Media is covering it up as best as it can.


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Read the EC CLOSING the Flynn Intelligence Investigation (Codename Crossfire Razor) for the reasons they gave for OPENING it.
      Page 23

      Reason One: The predicate for Crossfire Hurricane (IOW: Papadopolous conversation with the Australian Ambassador in a London Bar)
      Reason Two: Flynn was part of the Trump Campaign
      Reason Three: Flynn knows Russians based on newspaper reports
      Reason Four: Flynn has been to Russia based on newspaper reports

      See…the problem they had with PapaD is that he
      1) Doesn’t KNOW any Russians
      2) He had never BEEN to Russia

      So how is any Russian going to give him the “Russian dirt in the form of 1000s of emails”?
      They game of telephone story
      that Mifsud told PapaD who told Downer who told the FBI

      It’s all TOTAL BULLSHIT


    • Everett Miller says:

      they were mad at Flynn for exposing the truths about Benghazi


    • He say next to Putin, Gave a Speech in Russia, Talked to someone else… Dah, Dah, Dah… Nada… BUT, it was “Report” by Stefan Halper(2nd Hans) that Flynn got in A London Cab with some Russian Hottie… Fake Pretext.


    • He say next to Putin, Gave a Speech in Russia, Talked to someone else… Dah, Dah, Dah… Nada… BUT, it was “Report” by Stefan Halper(2nd Hans) that Flynn got in A London Cab with some Russian Hottie… Fake Pretext.


    • July or August 2016 they opened their investigation into Flynn. On January 4, 2017 they ended it because of lack of any evidence of improper activity but before they could close it, the “7th Floor” directed they keep it open.


    • July or August 2016 they opened their investigation into Flynn. On January 4, 2017 they ended it because of lack of any evidence of improper activity but before they could close it, the “7th Floor” directed they keep it open.


  2. ezgoer says:

    All this proves is that if you have a good plan it’s possible to execute a successful coup in the U.S. against a legally elected president who hasn’t done anything illegal. This came very close to succeeding. Probably would have against anyone without the strength of Trump. Likely will happen in the future as the Democrats win the power struggle against a divided and corrupt GOPe. Unfortunately for the USA, the future is bleak after Trump whether that is in 6 months or 4 1/2 years from now.

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    • GB Bari says:

      No, only if the coup group is DemonRAT and thus has the Deep State and the entire lying U.S. MSM covering for them.

      Repubs could never have gotten away with anything close to this.

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    • Georgia says:

      And if the plan fails — you use a Cold Virus your allies the NWO Globalist ChiComs released to institute your prepared plans to roll out Medical Martial Law and to crash the USA Economy using your NWO “Expert” allies in the WHO, CDC, Neal Ferguson in London etc. together with DEM/RINO Governors to try and remove Trump that way and by Cheat By Mail and other Voter Fraud to steal the election. They have all the money in the world to do this and are networked Psychopaths at all levels– Government, Medicine, Media etc. — People are waking up but many are brainwashed by the NWO Globalist Meida’s 24/7 “Orange Man Bad” ongoing for 4 years now.


  3. LeperSandwich says:

    Help me, Treepers! The *summary* was presented to BHO&Co, not the actual transcript, correct? If so, who did the summarizing, and who saw the original transcript? Assuming the FBI circulated the *summary*, my hunch was that it was probably a subtle misrepresentation of the actual exchange, particularly mention of sanctions and generally ginning up a sense of something vaguely untoward. If so, Comey sending Strzok/Pienka to interview Flynn wouldn’t be fishing, but actual entrapment based on a preconceived false premise that sanctions were discussed in a meaningful way. However, in light of the recently noticed absence of any mention of the sanctions in the 302, I wonder if it’s possible that Comey was just too stupid to know the difference between sanctions and diplomatic expulsions? Also, Strzok and Page seem less soulless here; are they just concerned that the APPEARANCE OF being political would impede their ability to carry out their witch hunt, or is it that they are laboring under a false sense of the Kislyak call per the *summary*?


    • hokkoda says:

      This is why Sydney Powell has repeatedly demanded that the original transcript and the recording be produced. Like the 302, if there is no recording, the transcript is whatever people with agendas say it is…


      • Alex1689 says:

        The NSA has everything. There is a transcript, it is just somewhere in a supercomputer in Utah.

        By the way, Trump avoided all of the traps the plotters laid for him almost seamlessly. That’s more than just luck. Internecine agency war? White hats at the NSA and DIA maybe had enough of the dirty tricks (and worse) of Brennan and McCain and Clinton and their George Naders and Jeffrey Epsteins? Maybe they decided sometime in 2014 when Flynn was fired that it was do or die time if we were to keep our Republic? Just speculating a little outside the box, but more and more it seems like Gen. Flynn is a very, very pivotal figure, along with Adm. Rogers.

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        • ABN says:

          Agree. Seems something like this happened and the people who decided to do or die included citizen Donald Trump.

          This decision may have been made even earlier than 2014, maybe much earlier. And this is another good reason to hope that even if Barr/Durham prove to be coverup artists, PDJT still has more ammo and will use it.


        • B** Pipes says:

          Yes, believe me when I say this…..there is a war…….and the good guys have WON !!


  4. T2020 says:

    How magnanimous of them to print facts. Pigs are flying somewhere.


  5. Rj says:

    Why now is a C_A mouthpiece admitting this ?


  6. rearadmir0l says:

    Now we have a list of those in possession of information, so now we just need a quick check of phone calls to David Ignatius & viola !


  7. Clinton pays how many million for the dossier? for a bunch of bar chatter scribbled on napkins?
    No, for people to get paid to do things to make the Russia mirage an oasis.
    If Rice waited til the last minute, somebody would only do that because they are waiting for something to happen. If you are waiting for something to happen, and it doesn’t, you’d be in there last second (knowing it looks bad) with whatever the last option was left for you.
    The way some people are challenging releasing the phone transcripts of the Kislyak call – from both sides… I wonder if Hilly tried to buy the Russian ambassador and they were waiting for him to set the hook, and he double crossed her? Or Flynn figured it out and cut off communication,
    thus thwarting it?
    12 million for 35 pages?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Bogeyfree says:

    Surely Grenell has these text declassified, right?

    But just in case, maybe it is time for Sundance to use the Ty Clevenger approach……

    And mail you this thread and your suggestions directly to Richard Grenell and I’d add a CC to Donald J. Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. upstate909 says:

    so much for “peaceful transition of power”
    Obama speech 11.9.2016 rose garden….listen well 9 min

    Trump and Obama 3 min

    and if you want HRC 3 min

    Liked by 1 person

    • ann says:

      You’ve focused on the central crime: to this day, the courts, DNC, Bureau and part of the Justice Dept are using false pretexts to refuse the full peaceful transfer of power.

      The DNC platform slowly implementation is enabled by their allies across the aisle.
      CONgress doesn’t represent us, they just create smokescreens while building their financial and patronage empires,

      We are stuck with lifer Judicial Despot who rule by courthouse decree. The triad of state AGs, public unions and funded militants run to the court to block even putting a referendum on the ballot. If approved, judges immmediately block it.

      Their power is over us, not of us. To my knowledge, no electorate was even asked to approve making their state a sanctuary or consented to fund the lifestyles of illegal immigrants.

      The United States is no longer a country governed by its citizens, nor are our power and rights respected.since this inbred megawealthy post Cold War political network gained control over both parties and the government.

      Their legacy is crap:and younger Americans know it. .

      Liked by 4 people

  10. Alex1689 says:

    Ok, so why does the incoming National Security Advisor choose to vacation in the Dominican Republic on Dec 29? 44 and gang are deathly afraid of Flynn: He knows the national security apparatus inside and out, and he knows where to look, from black books ops to bought or compromised congresscritters to infiltration by foreign agents (Awan Bros). He just needs authority and access and their goose is cooked. He knows their playbook, he saw them execute it on Petraeus and on the Iran deal. He has to know they are surveilling him. He for sure knows they suspect Adm. Rogers spilled the beans to Trump about the NSA database abuses right after the election. So he knows he has a big target on his back. Hopefully not literally.

    What is the advantage to Flynn if he’s running a sting on their surveillance abuses of being in the DR? Help me out here.

    Btw, the call kept “dropping.” Really?
    Big smile on my face imaging Flynn “accidentally” hit “end call” four or five times, just for the yucks, knowing how frustrating that must have been to both Kislyak and the thugs all listening in : )


  11. So when are our FISAs going to catch all the pedos? Let’s hope Bri$nnan is first.


  12. Matt says:

    Question: where was Kislyak when the call was made? Was he in the U.S. or in his homeland? I believe it would be physically/technically impossible to go up on his phone if here were in Russia and an FBI FISA wouldn’t cover that, no?


    • jeans2nd says:

      Matt, the F in FISA stands for Foreign. We can (and do) tap into any foreign electronic transmission anywhere, be it telephone, email, text message, or other.

      It is not legal to tap an American citizen without a judge’s approval.
      As we see, the laws are not always followed.


  13. Jan says:

    It’s a shame that the Post never releases Info damaging to Dems just to put forth the TRUTH.
    Their UNDERLYING motives seem to represent a way to get ahead of bad news they realize is going to come out, anyway.
    If they are the ones to print it, they can easily frame it in a light most positive to Dems.


  14. coolmamie says:

    I think if all these shenanigans are found to be technically legal, Trump has a bunch of handy tools in his box.


  15. kiera cameron says:

    OK, enough of this garbage. Let us see the transcript – hear the Flynn call to the ambassador.


    • I agree, you would think that would put an end to the lies, and to the traitors. But then, I remember how President Trump’s revealing the transcript of his call with Ukrainian Zelensky did NOT put an end to the fake impeachment. Schiff just read a false, slanderous version, a blatant lie, into the congressional record…AFTER the actual transcript was already being read by we the public.

      It is all like something out of the Phoebe Buffet book of clueless, and blindlessly frightening, observations. The Democrats are just so many strangely insane Phoebe Buffets, for the last 12 years.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. jeffsn4 says:

    So if it’s now known he was never masked then why did Grenell release of list of people who supposedly “unmasked Flynn”? Something isn’t adding up.


  17. Liberty ONE says:

    Here’s some questions. WHEN did the FIB’s apply for and were granted a FISA warrant on Kislyak? WHO applied for it? WHY ? WHAT was the basis for the application? I’ll bet it was AFTER TRUMP’S election and /or when the FIB’s knew the president was going to appoint FLYNN as DNS. Fynn was in the crosshairs of the Kenyan ergo the”investigation” wiretaps etc..


  18. Dim Osmab says:

    So again there is another way to spy without warrant – tech cuts !!!!! how is it constitutional?


  19. Paula S Daly says:

    As Devin Nunes told Tracy Beanz last Friday on her podcast, they knew this Russia concern was a load of crap. For 8 years Obama allowed Putin to invade Crimea, W. Africa, Syria, deal with Iran and so forth. It wasn’t until Donald Trump won, they made up the whole Russia did it, expelled the Russians/Sanctions and brought Flynn into the whole thing. He knew when he saw what they did, it was BS… he said, Paul Ryan and others totally agreed, and for Devin to do his work behind the scenes and get the truth and that’s what he did.


  20. papamac71 says:

    If Obama had expelled the Russian diplomats, why was the FBI the agency that was monitoring for Russian reactions? Wouldn’t this have been a CIA issue?

    Remarkable that so many people on the left were shocked that Russia decided not to react to an unfounded, partisan act by a lame duck President just before the end of his term.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. S. Armaticus says:

    Just in case nobody on this thread picked this up, Tracy Beanz has more on Gen Flynn/Kysliak intercept:


  22. yojack454 says:

    so it was a typical strategy of push and pull, then using the phone calls to sidestep and trip up Flynn. It will be nice to hear it from their own mouths


  23. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    So the FBI, in its “counterintelligence” function, can legitimately tap/listen Kislyak and then disseminate what it hears–including the Flynn attribution, without any FISA court referral. One might almost ask why we bother to have a FISA court at all. Is it just superrogatory CYA?


  24. RAC says:

    Don’t know if I’ve got this straight in my head, but I interpret it like this.
    Some IC monitors Russian phone call all the time, OK standard practice.
    Obama without a lot of reason throws out a bunch of Russians knowing Kislyak will phone Gen. Flynn whose job it is to handle disgruntled foreign diplomats.
    They lay in wait till Kislyak makes the call then record Gen. Flynn just doing his job. Then put it through the disinformation machine and here we are. But it was obama who set the ball rolling, and whoever told him it would be a good move to throw the Russians out.


    • Lady Sid says:

      I now think the Clintons screwed over Obama by forcing him to deal with a Russian Collusion scheme they put together, featuring John Podesta, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, DNC, old school/Rhodes Scholar classmates like Stefan Halper and “Russia Expert” Strobe Talbott, Codey Shearer and Nellie Ohr, Clinton Foundation contribution$ made by Hillary’s foreign State Dept pay-to-play contacts, and so on. Hillary just days after the 2016 election, even before it in the debates, was murmuring sh#t about “Russia” interfering the in the election. Not one of her experts, paid or volunteer, knew squat about China — and China was what was on Gen Flynn’s horizon as a threat, which he shared with Susan Rice and the President, downplaying Russia, noting its upcoming demographic collapse, among other problems that country faced.

      Flynn’s concern of course made Obama look bad, as he had focused for 8 yrs on the Middle East and Iran, plus it was at the end of Obama’s 2nd term, to give the man some leeway for acting the way he did, not easy to change course, etc. (I’m leaving out all the bad stuff for the sake of argument.) He gave useless Joe Biden the Ukraine to milk for cash to keep him and his moron kid busy. Russia pretty much ignored this move, as Putin was likely smirking knowing the endemic corruption in the place. Russia was kind of a throwaway to Obama and his people which is why they didn’t “get it” when the Russkies didn’t react to the diplomats being kicked out in late December 2016. You can see Susan Rice being sent out feebly defending Obama’s Russia policy in the Judy Woodruff interview; Susan is obviously out of her depth here. Then FBI Comey made a mess of things for Obama’s team when he was trying to bail out Hillary in July 2016 (“No reasonable prosecutor. . .”) and later with the emails being reviewed right before the election. Don’t forget it was Bill Clinton who said that James Comey lost the election for Hillary. Stuff kept happening with the Clinton campaign; Seth Rich being murdered in the summer resulting from his likely sending DNC/Clinton records to Julian Assange; DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz being relieved of duty; Hillary very publicly collapsing at a 9-11 event at the WTC was pretty weird, too. None of this was “executed” by Obama and his people and it would be understandable for them to be royally p.o.d to be included in this series of mess-ups.

      It was Hillary’s campaign, not Obama’s, and as can be recalled pretty easily, President Obama didn’t do all that much to help her. The Clintons are/were a whole other generation older and even represented the previous century! So much for “transformation” possibilities! She was a crappy candidate anyway, but there could have been some terrific rallies that would have been like 2008 if she had asked for Barack’s assistance. Bill worried out loud about this, too. Don’t forget who replaced her as Secy of State, another dreadful presidential candidate, John Kerry. Did he ever get asked to help Hillary at a rally? Is there a Democrat alive who “misses” John Swift-Boat Kerry? Even Bernie had more energy and interesting ideas, even if they are so wrong!

      Anyway, I am wondering if Trump’s recent negativity/name-calling re: Obama because of the twists and turns of the Flynn case is designed to anger the former President SO MUCH that he lashes out, saying “It wasn’t ME — Hillary made me do it!” and brings down the entire Clinton house of cards. Watching the videos above showing him with Trump at the WH THE DAY AFTER the Election made me re-consider a lot of things. I think President Obama was very gracious to “President-elect Trump,” as he kept calling him, without stuttering, several times, also referring to Mrs. Trump as First Lady-elect! He didn’t have to do this. Trump responded in kind. The men had a lot to talk about. It was a refined, healing informal chat to the nation, one of the best Obama ever made IMO. I also sensed his relief that it was Trump, not the witch, who would succeed him; that a weight had been removed and now he could go on his way to live life on his terms.

      The image of the relay race and batons being passed, that ultimately we’re all on the same team was perfect! I don’t think it was phony. Watching this classy exchange must have angered the Clintons so much that they never forgave him and pushed back hard with everything they had (probably some Obama blackmail, too) insisting on Russian Collusion and the Mueller Investigation, Ukraine, Impeachment etc. Bad for Trump but Awful for the Obama Legacy.

      Sadly for our country, the Clintons have successfully besmirched them both.


  25. Paprika says:

    Ya got to love Comey’s weasel words as he sets up the narrative in Obama oval office meeting (or wherever it was)–That the number of Flynn/Kislyak conversations were “concerning” and “unusual”!

    Gee, what might have just happened that was unusual….something like, just then expelling all the Russian diplomats maybe? Maybe Flynn and Kislyak were trying to figure out what happened, why, and how to respond to this situation that was purposely dumped into incoming President Trump’s lap?

    It would be damned strange if they were not trying to work together to find out how the incoming President and the Russian President would peacefully and diplomatically handle this steaming bowl of heifer poop!

    Which of course goes right along with Comey’s briefing to PT about the “Russian Dossier” that was purposely very selective, pointedly incomplete, and misleading. Much like his description of any “Matter investigated”, like his investigation and exoneration of the “Hillary Clinton Matter”.

    Weasel words with a weaselly intent meant to misguide and obscure sure are his trademark no matter what Matter he is describing. The man is nothing more than a large delusional, egotistical weasel with the mind of a mental midget. His supposed “higher authority” is only his own view of himself.

    RIP(rest in piss), mr. weasel. May you reap what you’ve sown.


  26. help4newmoms says:

    “When Kislyak contacted Flynn the call was intercepted by the FBI.”

    The picture is becoming clear on how the FBI got the telephone call. They must have had a BS warrant on Flynn, just like they got BS FISA warrants on Carter Page. The kind of warrant that is “so hard” to get. Remember this gaslighting piece: https://www.justsecurity.org/38422/aint-easy-fisa-warrant-fbi-agent/

    Why is the FBI being used to investigate political enemies? And what ACTUAL domestic crimes are they NOT investigating because they are busy with their targeting of political enemies?


  27. Rick says:

    I don’t see how the FBI cutout is legal. There was no FISA warrant on Flynn. Whoever recorded or reconstructed the conversation should have immediately blacked out Flynn’s name. It never should have made to Obama’s desk, nor Brennan or Clapper. I’m not sure they had the right to listen at all knowing Flynn was on the call as part of a transition.


  28. atomichillbilly says:

    “Obamagate” was committed to protect the much larger basket of crimes which will be known as “smidgengate”.

    Spying on the Trump campaign is just the tip of the iceberg.

    The real predication for this crime was to stop Flynn from figuring out what other crimes they were up to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jaggggg says:

      Yeah, it bothers me whenever people obscure the issue by saying Obama “hated” Flynn or Trump. Obama may have but all the crimes against both had to do with PROTECTING Obama, then Hillary and then the rest of the Democrat party involved in all kinds of corruption (in the Ukraine and, likely China….and not just Biden).

      Obamagate isn’t mere ANIMUS. Obamagate is the absolute NECESSITY for finding a crime to pin on Flynn and constantly shilling the impeachment of Trump for Obama and Democrats. Making it personal actually helps Dems and the MSM because it allows them to deflect any attention to the matter as simple personality conflicts, not outrageous criminal acts by all these creeps.


  29. Bromdale says:

    In today’s edition of Tablet magazine there is an article by Lee Smith providing a very thorough and detailed analysis of the reasons for the attempted elimination of Lt Gen Flynn from public life. The argument revolves around Flynn’s outright opposition to the Iran deal, Obama’s most cherished foreign policy project, and to Obama’s policies generally, especially for the Middle East and Afghanistan. He also notes that the FBI had an agenda of their own:

    Obama and his foreign policy team were hardly the only people in Washington who had their knives out for Michael Flynn. Nearly everyone did, especially the FBI. As former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon’s spy service, and a career intelligence officer, Flynn knew how and where to find the documentary evidence of the FBI’s illegal spying operation buried in the agency’s classified files—and the FBI had reason to be terrified of the new president’s anger.



    • Bromdale says:

      For his part, it is clear that Flynn was fully aware of the extent of the FBI’s surveillance. It’s interesting and informative to take another look at the interview published by the Daily Caller on 14 February 2017, shortly before his resignation. There we read:

      Flynn insisted that he crossed no lines in his telephone conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak: “If I did, believe me, the FBI would be down my throat, my clearances would be pulled. There were no lines crossed.”


      In order for Flynn to have to face any kind of reprimand from the FBI, that agency would have to know exactly what he had been saying and doing, where, when and with whom. His remark suggests that he was fully aware that his activities, at least in his official role and possibly beyond, were being continuously and comprehensively monitored, as a matter of routine.

      Working on that basis, we can safely assume that he was accustomed to crafting his communications with care. What’s remarkable is that those conspiring against him seem to have thought that they might catch him in some “careless talk” in an unguarded moment. Hardly a safe bet.


  30. gerob says:

    I don’t understand why Flynn would believe he needed to cover for VP Pence for his answer to the question from CBS’s Jon Dickerson wherein Pence stated that Trump administration officials had made no contract with Russians. The question was ” has anyone in the Trump administration talked with Russians trying to influence the 2016 election”. The question was specific to the election. Since the Obama administration had decided that president elect Trump shouldn’t have a heads up regarding concerns of possible collusion with Russians, then Pence’s answer would’ve been correct. That doesn’t mean the MSM and democrats wouldn’t have twisted his answer to fit a narrative, but that Flynn didn’t need to try to defend Pence against a lie in the interview.


  31. anthohmy says:

    So I’m not the only one wondering if the Feb 10 Instant Messages refer to cooking up the Flynn transcript, not the 302. Preserving Flynn’s voice…

    Now, I’m wondering why General Flynn said he knew they recorded the call when he knew Kislyak was on US soil. Did he bait them?


  32. Pete says:

    Did the FBI committed a crime by naming Gen Flynn in their surveillance of Amb Klisyak? If not and the FISA court accepted the FBIs report, what’s wrong with that?


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