Perfect Choice – Gretchen Whitmer Negotiating With Biden Team for Vice President Position…

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced today she is in negotiations with the Biden campaign team to be considered a candidate for the Vice-Presidential nomination.  This would be an excellent choice by Joe Biden.  There are only a limited number of people on the planet as naturally unlikable by disposition as America’s Merkel, Fraulein Whitmer.

The totalitarian witch of the North would be the perfect compliment to a completely clueless Joe Biden.

(Via Daily Mail) Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer confirmed Tuesday that she is in talks with Joe Biden’s team to join the 2020 ticket.

‘I’ve had a conversation with some folks,’ she told the ‘Today’ show’s Craig Melvin. ‘It was just an opening conversation and it’s not something that I would call a professional formalized vetting.’

Biden, now the Democrats’ presumptive nominee, announced on a debate stage in March that he planned to pick a female running mate.  Among the nation’s female Democratic governors, Whitmer has been earning the most buzz. (read more)

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336 Responses to Perfect Choice – Gretchen Whitmer Negotiating With Biden Team for Vice President Position…

  1. fanbeav says:

    Who would have thought that Cankles would have chosen Tim Kaine as her running mate. He was as unlikable as Hillary!

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  2. Will never happen creepy joe and whitmer,
    I should hope that michigan people Making sure that power hungry whitmer one Term Governor,

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  3. surakvulcan says:

    Do it. That will guarantee a Trump win in the most important swing state, Michigan.

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    • jeffsn4 says:

      One could argue it’s the 3rd or 4th most important and you could bet your ass those swing-states will push voting by mail. The Left is clearly going to rig certain states by doing that. They’re not going to let Trump win. “By any means necessary” They’re pure evil.


    • Beany in Michigan says:

      I agree. Not only does it bring out the GOP vote in Michigan in November, it will be delicious to see her skulking back to Lansing after the crushing Trump landslide!


  4. revarmegeddontthunderbird says:

    This b!tch has some crazy scary eyes. Joe won’t pick her or the crazy GA woman either. Even though she did a good job in her role in Gone With The Wind, she would make voters stay home.
    I think Cuomo’s gonna come out as transgender and Joe will choose him/her.

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  5. MW says:

    Whitmer will assure that Biden looses Michigan again. people there despise her for her Soviet style dictats and threats against the people.

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  6. solomonpal says:

    Common Joe…you can do it. It’s to hard to resist. All that hair! And so close. Just do it!!!

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    • flyboy46 says:

      A perfect PAIR. Joe to run the memory unit of a nursing home, and Whitless to direct an INSANE asylum, where no one would listen to her rants any way.

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  7. Reaper says:

    Well now we have the Strawman and the wicked witch. One with no brain and the other just evil.
    Release the flying monkeys! So who is the cowardly lion and the tin man in our story? May not be a GOOD witch here.

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  8. Erik Heter says:

    It would be fitting for the Democrats to be tone deaf enough to select Die Furher as the Gropenfurher’s running mate.

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  9. namberak says:

    “Among the nation’s female Democratic governors, Whitmer has been earning the most buzz.” That Which ought to tell anyone what a worthless mob of contenders they have.


  10. I am going to paraphrase something that another poster said. Whitmer actually is very intelligent, in an evil way. She does stupid things because she suffers from the mental illness of liberalism. She is power hungry and greedy, petty and petualant.

    But she did graduate in the top 15% of her law school class, magnum cum laude, and served on law review. I didn’t catch this before. She worked for the largest law firm in Michigan as an associate in the administrative law section. She probably did no more than grunt work for 80 hours a week, but that had to include some form of attorney client interaction. So, I will have to correct what I said before, she has practiced law before and she can be legitimately called a lawyer.

    Whitmer’s greatest attribute is that she is very skilled at getting out of trouble. She is a skillful liar and knows how to create confusion and diversions. She really knows how to use the media to accomplish this. She knows the Dem playbook very well and knows how to play the gender and the race card.
    Klobishar is a clod compared to her. I see Whitmer as the most dangerous of the VP candidates. I hope Abrams gets nominated, because she is the worst pick.

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  11. Chewbarkah says:

    Whitmer claims to be a victim of sexual assault. Isn’t that going to invite some questions about being the running mate of a sexual assaulter?

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    • Rinmn says:

      Those Optics work with their messaging. The spin will be ” see, even this nice smart independent successful empowered woman from Michigan who is a also victim believes Joe”

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    • dd_sc says:

      Probably not.

      But I’m sure the DNC is making plans to maintain social distancing for Joe and any female running mate.


  12. RJ says:

    Notice how both have unfocused eyeballs? Mentally unbalanced for sure…

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  13. TwoLaine says:

    GOOD! Like ILLary America has gotten an eyeful and earful of this Wicked Witch of the Middle East, I mean Michigan.

    If we weren’t already sure we didn’t want Creepy QP Joe in our lives, we will be 100% certain we don’t need or want this witch either.

    However, all of the ones I’ve seen as potentials so far scare me. That big bench the DIMs bragged they had is pretty darn skimpy.

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    • betseyross says:

      Well someone has to be the sacrificial lamb. They have to choose carefully. Who among them do they never want to see on the political stage again? That’s the one they should choose. Pretty much includes all of them, doesn’t it.

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  14. TreeClimber says:

    You know, such a comparison is really unfair to Effie, who actually turned out to be not a villain. A much more apt comparison would be Alma Coin, who was in fact a totalitarian dictator claiming she was allowed to be because of a war.

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  15. Ringo Phonebone says:

    It drove me nuts when Obummer would use the word “folks” in his speaking. Now Biden as if it is part of the “approved talking points dialogue” the left uses. And it might be.

    There’s nothing more condescending to me than being called “folks”. They just don’t get it.

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  16. Caius Lowell says:

    Mr. Socialism and Ms. National Socalism, the perfect totalitarian couple!

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  17. slowcobra says:

    No worries on any of this because PDJT will win!!!!!


  18. dlddd59 says:

    While we here in MI suffer because she wants to be VP. They deserve each other.

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  19. dlddd59 says:

    While we here in MI suffer because she wants to be VP. They deserve each other.


  20. What happened to woman of “Color”??? Democrats has such hypocrites…..Although, maybe Whitmer identifies as a Transgender African American……

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  21. gz9gjg says:

    Take her, please! Michigan doesn’t need Half-Whit’s opression!


  22. rayvandune says:

    It will be a terrible shock when Joe finds out (the hard way?) that “Trans” doesn’t mean she has a Pontiac to match his Chevy Camaro! Stay tuned.

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  23. rayvandune says:

    It will be a terrible shock when Joe finds out (the hard way?) that “Trans” doesn’t mean she has a Pontiac to match his Chevy Camaro! Stay tuned.


  24. Baby Hurley says:

    Does this mean Joe gets to sniff her hair? Can’t wait to watch their first embrace…😂


  25. DanJ1 says:

    Biden can have her. She’s done nothing for Michigan other than flush down the toilet. She ran on a single issue – “Fix the damn roads!” Unfortunately that would strap the Motor City and the State with the highest gas taxes in the country which would go into the general fund to pay for whatever Leftist wish list she could think of. In other words, her only legislative record is economic collapse and 40% unemployment. She also referred to her own state residents as racists Nazis. She has no respect for anyone who does not agree with her. These must be the qualities Gropey Sniffy Uncle Joe respects in a woman.

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  26. 4EDouglas says:

    Nurse Ratched and her patient..

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  27. Wethal says:

    IIRC Whitmer is a survivor of sexual assault. Has she or the Biden campaign considered the optics of her running with a man accused of sexual improprieties?

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  28. 335blues says:

    Whitmer is a marxist and an atheist. She is the perfect choice to represent the
    party trying to ‘fundamentally transform’ America into a marxist state.
    The sheet has been completely removed from the democrat party.
    The party responsible for slavery, lynching and Jim Crow has come out of the closet.
    The democrat party has been trying in earnest to destroy America since the 60’s.
    And now they present Joe ‘well son of a bitch’ Biden, and Hillary, I mean Gretchen ‘the witch’
    Whitmer. They represent the democrat party perfectly.

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    • Marilyn Shealy says:

      I would like to say, that I feel bad for the people of that state, they have Hitler as there governor. Now another emergency is at there door. 3 dam breaches and now heavy flooding in the area. I just can not imagine what her next orders will look like. Prayers to you all, I hope everyone there will be safe. Why my brain is telling me she made this happen, I do not know, and why does she think she needs to keep everything in lock down mode. This is the lady who would not allow people to buy paint or seeds.

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  29. minnesotamike55 says:

    Dumber than Joe! The governors quote “A woman’s health care, her whole future, her ability to decide if and when she starts a family is not an election,” Get that? A decision is not a decision! I wouldn’t demean a box of rocks by putting the governor in that category.


  30. Sparty says:

    I live here. Whitmer is horribly unpopular with everyone including people that voted for her.

    Won 53% of vote running against a zombie, takes office and right away proposed a 45 cent gas tax. Went down in flames. She was written off in the minds of vast majority of voters after that debacle- regardless of party affiliation. Marginalized by R led legislature she sat in a corner, pouted and whined like the little brat she is, and ghosted out. Did nothing. Zero. To point people forgot she existed.

    Then along comes Covid. True pent up evil in Whitmer unleashed. Total phony. Narcissist to the extreme. And stupid. Vapid. Check out her major league nasty hack ambulance chaser AG Dana Nessel. Perfect pair.

    Bring it on. She is very unlikeable. All about Gretchen. Find her EasterBunny as essential worker video, watch and see for yourself. Keep a bucket nearby for that one. ..:)

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  31. 335blues says:


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  32. tsmifjones says:

    OMG… I was wondering how the people of Michigan elected such a hitler… Are there any Americans in Michigan? Didn’t Trump win Michigan? What happened, did everyone all of a sudden go stupid or was the election rigged? My money is on rigged, no way the people of Michigan elected this..


  33. The American Patriot says:

    She’s going to be recalled

    She’s probably going to get sued

    Pence will clobber her in a VP debate


  34. looseends660722553 says:

    There is no way to measure Gretmer’s popularity. The last poll was 72% to 27%. No way. But I bet Republican internal polls probably showing doing pretty well given the timidness of Republicans in their response to her. She is the “Half-Whit” when it comes to her Soviet Style policies, but she possess loads of evil intelligence and seems to be growing in political accumen. Keep her in Michigan. She hasn’t fixed any roads in Michigan, but she gets away with it. She always seems to get away with it.


  35. old sneakers says:

    I’ve noted many times that people who I would consider to be Mentally Ill seem to have an unnatural need to tell others what to do, almost an obsession. Whitmer fits that description to a T

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  36. redline says:

    To me, the fact the dems haven’t pulled Biden means they’re still sure they can’t win in November.

    If they thought they had a reasonable chance, they’d run someone else.

    If they thought they had an excellent chance, they’d run Joan Rivers’ friend, Mr. 0bama.


  37. Junkyard S Dogg says:

    Gov. Maleficent would make a wonderful running mate, as stated earlier. “Compliment” as used in the article should be spelled “complement.”

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  38. Ken B says:

    THIS is a good reason to suspect that they’re throwing up a screen to distract from whoever they’re really planning to run. Creepy Joe is ridiculous enough, but Gretchen Whitmer – who has been making headlines like an over-the-top Hollywood villainess? Threatening to revoke licenses and jail for doctors prescribing hydrochloriquine; Shutting down and arresting 77 year-old barbers and anyone who shows up at the capital to protest in his support (…and their little dogs too!)

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  39. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    My $$$ is on Tammy Duckworth. Devoted Dem, military vet, lost her legs, mother is Thai, father was in the military. Doesn’t have the bad vibe of Whitmer. She just had her interview with Creepy.


  40. coldanger says:

    She should talk to Tara Reade first…


  41. ‘‘Tis true. Worse than Merkel. Adams Family Evil


  42. potus2020 says:

    So she was talking to Joe while upper East Michigan dams were failing?


  43. Deplorable CheckIN says:

    Joe is going to t someone good looking. Democrats are few on choices when it comes to good looking women Democrats. Whitmer is probably one of the best looking they got and she does love socialism and fascism.


  44. WVNed says:

    She goes well with creepy.


  45. JCM800 says:

    Whitmer’s Incompetent Administration’s Arrogance is now being consumed by the River Dragon of her own making. Emergency Preparedness is a Core Competency of Administration.
    Hang in their MI, When you Dry Out, Kick Whitmer Out!

    “Floodwaters breached two dams in Midland County as officials are currently evacuating up to 10,000 people in the area.”


  46. F2F says:

    BTW, she’s no “Fraulein.” She’s 48 and been married twice.

    At best, she is a Frau! and at worst, a Freak! LOL.


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