Senator Richard Burr Temporarily Suspends Role as Senate Intel Committee Chair…

Senator Richard Burr has suspended his role as chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) while he participates in a federal investigation into insider trading with his stock portfolio.

Last night a search warrant was delivered to Senator Burr’s lawyers and federal investigators scheduled a convenient time to pick up Mr. Burr’s cellular telephone from his Washington DC residence. It appears the cell phone is part of the ongoing review of Senator Burr’s stock trades.

With the investigation progressing, Mr. Burr said Thursday that he wanted to limit distraction to the Senate and informed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that he would temporarily step aside as chairman of the SSCI while the review was ongoing. Senator Burr will remain a member of the committee and an interim chair will be selected.

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146 Responses to Senator Richard Burr Temporarily Suspends Role as Senate Intel Committee Chair…

  1. Bye bye Burrdy!

    You can’t use it. I just copyrighted it. /s

    Please all you users of Twatter, make it trending.

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  2. Tell Right says:

    I hope nobody investigates me. I got out of the stock market too because it was in too big of a bubble. Then when it crashed I jumped back in around mid March. No real genius on my part or insider information necessary.

    So I’ll reserve judgement on Barr.

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Why in the world would Senators and representatives avoid putting their investment assets into a blind trust and turn it over to a neutral party while serving in the Legislature? I thought they had to do this??? Regardless of how this turns our, the perception out there is that Burr and Diane and others….a bunch of crooked politicians!

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    • bigtex52 says:

      You didn’t do it 10 minutes after leaving an intelligence meeting saying what the government was planning on doing. Nobody I know got out early, unless they just puked out of panic.


  3. litenmaus says:

    How does this replacement of Burr as Chair of the Intelligence Committee affect the appointment proceedings as regards to Ratcliffe’s nomination as Director of National Intelligence?

    Does the upheaval of Burr’s departure cause a delay in the proceedings? or on the other hand…Is this buying Richard Grenell more time to release declassified information?

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    • Issy says:

      litenmaus, Mitch doesn’t need something like this to stall a confirmation hearing. He has dozens of ways. It shouldn’t have any effect, other than timing. Mitch doesn’t want Grenell or Radcliff. Grenell is time-limited, and Cocaine Mitch could come up with something to stop Radcliff from being confirmed.

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      • 56PackardMan says:

        “and Cocaine Mitch could come up with something to stop Radcliff from being confirmed”
        … and, knowing The Turtle (a.k.a. Cocaine Mitch), he likely will …

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      • wlbeattie says:

        Sundance has already suggested that Grenell is limited but if Ratcliffe is rejected the Grenell’s tenure could be extended.
        Leaving the SSCI “between a rock & a hard place” – AND they definitely want Grenell out!

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        • Issy says:

          Wibeattie, Grennell has 6 months. I believe until August. If the almighty senate rejects, you’re right, it can be extended.

          I have faith in the duplicity of Mitch. Just waiting to see if he comes up with something.

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      • Hoosier says:

        I was under the impression that Grenell would be extended if Radcliff gets shot down. That that fact was a check mate on turtle. He is damned if he puts in Radcliff but even more damned if he does not. In a doozy of a catch 22 situation. Was what I read wrong?

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  4. romy911 says:

    Matt Gaetz regarding Burr stepping aside:

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  5. Despicable Me says:

    Let’s hope and pray the interim chair who is selected can push back against my much beloved Senator Warner. I’m not hopeful considering the likely pool of miscreants, I mean candidates. Hence the necessity to pray for a miracle.

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  6. GTOGUY says:

    Cocaine Mitch said that he would name a “permanent” replacement soon.


  7. Bill Henslee says:

    Burr has kept himself under the radar throughout the Obamagate conspiracy. I think he was probably part of it TBH. Never let this guy near a committee chairmanship again.


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