Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Lockdown Status?

Comrades, if you live in Derp Blue Washington State you now have to show your papers to eat at a restaurant.   Governor Inslee and The Ministry of COVID compliance are requiring all restaurants to keep a list of all diners names and addresses.  No papers, no service.

Additionally, the powerful blue Ministry of Los Angeles is extending suspension of the first amendment and economic freedom for an additional three months.  Anyone who exits a building is required to wear a mask outside.

All your freedoms are belong to us.

Meanwhile the Michigan Ministry led by Governor Gretchen Whitmer has suspended the occupational license of a non-compliant barber who refused to adhere to the dictates of the state.  The rebellious outlaw unlawfully trimmed the hair of fellow rebels.  Fräulein Whitmer was not pleased with the rebellion and dispatched the regulatory arm.

On a positive note, rapid increases of open rebellion against the Blue Team have been identified.  The citizen rebellion is starting to align with the freedom and liberty banner of the Red Team.  The open totalitarian nature of the Blue Team’s oppressive ideology is creating a backlash which could carry the Red Team to a big victory in November.

As a reminder, the virus has a genetic targeting mechanism able to differentiate between essential cans of vegetables, bottles of liquor, lottery tickets and non-essential products like sneakers or furniture.  The virus will also target specific venues.  To avoid an increased infection rate it is critical for American citizens to only visit Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, WalMart & other large institutional retail systems with influential lobbying offices near the Covid Mitigation Ministry.   

Effective compliance and mitigation requires that everyone must avoid the small business operations where the virus is more prone to hide out and attack consumers.  The scientific data-hubs in/around K-Street in Washington DC must lead our careful decision-making.

Remember, the Ministry is working closely with regional governors to outline the greatest threat.  Walking on a golf course in Massachusetts is safe-behavior; however, if you carry a particularly shaped stick and swing it at a ball, the virus will immediately target you.

These granular distinctions are very important to understand.

Currently in most regions the virus is allowing dogs and cats to have their fur trimmed. However, if a human attempts to commercially reduce the length of your sideburns it will create a viral hot-spot potentially putting the health of our planet at risk.

The rebel alliance has noted that specifically random viral targeting appears much more prevalent in the regions where people formerly wore genitalia on their heads.  There is a possibility this could be propaganda because there is not enough conclusive scientific data assembled to quantify the merit of this claim.  Confirmation efforts remain ongoing.

In almost all regions of ministry control, furniture purchasing seems like one of the most potentially dangerous activities.  Out of an abundance of caution these consumer hubs of activity have been shut-down; however, the Ministry is evaluating how the virus would respond if cans of vegetables were placed within the building. 

According to the most extensive study conducted so far, commercial buildings with cans of vegetables appear to be the safest venue allowing congregation and proximity.  It is unknown if moving canned foods and sandwiches into the furniture stores, or other less traveled venues, would transfer the benefits of virus mitigation.  The Ministry has a teleconference with scientists and industry experts scheduled later this week to analyze this question.

In the interim, the Ministry would like to remind you the greatest danger is the type of purchasing you make.  Large box retailers with dense populations are safe-spaces.  Smaller business with less density are hazards; and houses of religious worship are death traps due to their propensity to promote the most critically dangerous activity of all, fellowship.

Because the literal health of our nations’ citizens is at risk, we must remain resolved to keep all hospitals and patient facilities closed and at precipice of financial ruin.

Remember, we are all in this together; and to prove how critical this is to the function of our American society, we must all stay apart.  Your compliance is appreciated.


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804 Responses to Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Lockdown Status?

  1. Ornus says:

    Comrade Inslee back down on his restaurant requirement!

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    • laurisand says:

      He did?? I haven’t watched anything with him, cause, he’s just in over his head. But I did leave him a nice message on his Governor phone line yesterday. BUT, not until I had to sit thru about 1.5 minutes of phone numbers they gave me to rat out my friends, neighbors and businesses I see not following their orders. Somebody needs to make an ad out of that.
      Then I sent him an email about how I will not be complying with his Restaurant Rules. I got a nice form letter back.


      • ArizonaArtist says:

        As a Real Estate Broker in AZ I deal with clients from all over the world. One of my most unique and interesting clients was a charming lady from Venice IT. After two property Traction’s in AZ I know her pretty well. She tells me ha spying on neighbors and cheating on taxes is normal in Italy. Currently she is stuck in Columbus OH visiting a son and his wife. Italy will not allow her back into the country because of Covid-19. Welcome to Socialism in Italy and pray, pray, pray that it never gets out of he State of Washington, Oregon and California.


    • laurisand says:

      He did?? I haven’t watched anything with him, cause, he’s just in over his head. But I did leave him a nice message on his Governor phone line yesterday. BUT, not until I had to sit thru about 1.5 minutes of phone numbers they gave me to rat out my friends, neighbors and businesses I see not following their orders. Somebody needs to make an ad out of that.
      Then I sent him an email about how I will not be complying with his Restaurant Rules. I got a nice form letter back.


  2. Cecelia Power says:

    I am hearing good news from GA. The America’s Mart will open for all it’s summer shows starting in June and including its big Atlanta Home and Gift Mart in August. Apparently, they have been canvassing former attendees and large trade organizations about their willingness to attend and the response has been very positive.

    The Las Vegas Gift Mart will also open…but word has it that their competitor, the big Chicago Mart will remain closed. 😎 I guess retailers will have to take their business to other states.

    This is good news for hotels and restaurants in these areas as well. So thrilled that the Fear Porn cabal appears to be losing its hold on people.

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  3. Edith Marie says:

    I live in Northern Virginia where our lovely Governer just extended our shutdown. The rest of Virgina has started phase one. My husband just waited over three hours for a hair cut in the next county over. That county is not considered Northern VA.

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  4. D. Oliver says:

    Life in Michigan:

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  5. They say a picture is worth 10,000 words.
    Check out the jack booted SS Gestapo troops posted at Coney Island in NY.
    So while Comrade Emperor Cuomo consents to open the beaches, he will make damn good and sure we all know who’s boss.
    Please, President Trump- save us from this Tyrant!

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    • DaPicayune says:

      AKA: Benito Cuomo!

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      • warhorse says:

        one of the sayings I’ve been using lately is ‘se lo sapesse il Duce!’ (“if only the Duce knew!”)

        I read a book lately about dictatorships (How to Be a Dictator by Frank Dikotter) and the common experience between them seems to be that no one blamed the leader for hardships, they blamed the people around the leader for not telling him about it.

        these “leaders” no longer get the benefit of the doubt. they have no excuse to not know this is worse than the disease. which leaves one thing: this is deliberate “how much pain can I inflict before they get rebellious?”


  6. BitchyPants says:

    I bought a Trump 2020 Mask just in case someone might try and ask me to wear a mask – Most of the “mask enforcers” are liberal lunatics so I figure they will be so triggered by it they will beg me to take it off

    Another interesting note: I spoke to my young niece and her boyfriend – they have been partying every night since they don’t have to go to work but are still getting a paycheck – and guess what they spent their stimulus check on? Booze, weed and new tattoos – good times
    (not many people in TX are following any rules at all)

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    • BigDeeTX says:

      That is a great idea! And it’s true that here in North TX, it’s more or less life as usual. The only thing missing is that my gyms are still closed. I do NOT wear a mask. I went to Whole Foods (shudder) yesterday to return an Amazon box, and every single weeping liberal in there was wearing a mask with such a poopy look on their faces. They love being a victim. They insist on it.

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    • John Good says:

      Month or so ago, I was going to use one of my Trump 2020 hats as a face-mask, but I I was “afraid for my well-being” here in Socialist Canada.

      Being disabled & a Trump Supporter here in Socialist Canada is a double-whammy against you in life. We here in Canada have been “disarmed” so we cannot even protect ourselves (“When seconds matter, the police are mins away” & the crooks know this fact).

      That last picture in the above article reminded me of my best-friend’s father, Jack the plumber, who had a sign in the shop 20 yrs. ago that said “The beatings will continue until moral improves”!

      Anyone remember the 60’s T-Shirt, “Fly United”? I wish that society could return to 50’s values, & still keep the 2000’s technology & the only way I can see this happening is to PREVENT the Democrats & the Socialists from power in the USA or else you have Socialist Canada!

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  7. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Just say’n…

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    • Duke of Cumberland says:

      It’s already happening. The pop-ups that appear here and on other conservative sites are ads for “fashionable” masks that extend below the neck. Stars and stripes, camo, tiger stripes in different colors, etc.

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      • AnotherMDConservative says:

        Yes fellow Cumberlander! It’s disgusting. I could see it a mile away, their trying to help us adjust to their “new normal”. UGGGH!!!

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      • Marc says:

        There are ads on Salem Media’s radio shows promoting buying masks to help donate masks to medical workers. Heard Larry Elder hocking this crap personally. It’s so telling that neocons like him will simply accept everything the Left throws at them and never speak out against it. Always perplexed but never pissed off. They simply give ground and pretend things have always been this way.


        • JSBachLover says:

          If you’re high-risk, as I am, you’ll wear a mask when you go out and have to be near people you don’t know. I can’t take a chance on not doing that. Contrary to the BS we were told at first, masks help prevent aerisolized droplets from landing on your face and/or being inhaled. Masks are not a hill to die on. Not a big deal. Why are so many of you making it a big deal?


          • Sharon says:

            I think “so many….” are “making it a big deal” because when it comes to masks in public, an order based on debatable conclusions, we are pro-choice.

            The push for masking has revealed things about people in authority and people who apparently are living in fear.

            What it has revealed does not incline me to want to go along to get along.

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    • laurisand says:

      Yep, it has definitely started. I see ads for bikinis with matching face masks…


    • DaPicayune says:

      Commie Cough Mask = Face Burqa.

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    • Abster says:

      Sadly, I agree w Lionel. I also refuse to wear a mask. He’s right about making it a fashion statement. It looks like many have made masks to coordinate w their outfits. The Trump Pence face mask makes me cringe. We also have constant public service announcements telling us to wash hands, wear mask, practice social distancing. Many new commercials have masked faces. WTH


  8. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Worth every second of your time.
    Knowledge is power.
    Learn the truth, please.

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    • John Good says:

      “The game is to prevent the therapies until everyone is infected, and then push the vaccine.”

      This quote is by Judy Mikovits, from this article:

      Fauci, Gates, Soros & any other Globalists tried & convicted should be executed for what they have done to the World, in the name of greed!

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      • jello333 says:

        I said pretty much the same thing to my wife earlier today. If we can find proof, hard evidence that this was done intentionally, some people have to PAY big time. I’m not talking so much the virus itself and its spread… I’m talking about the reaction to it, the hype and hysteria that has lead to so much physical, psychological, economic damage, the dismantling of much of our basic rights and freedoms.

        IF we can prove this was planned (either in advance, or taken advantage of as it went on), then the individuals most responsible MUST be held accountable. And considering the world-wide damage done, the punishment must be HARSH. I agree with you: EXECUTIONS. Live, on worldwide television. I am NOT joking. (But yeah, I know it won’t happen that way…)

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  9. czarowniczy says:

    Mayor of New Orleans attached the same ‘show me your papers or no soup for you’ conditions to her opening NOLA eateries. If she’d have had her way she’d have everyone using any business in the city having to leave their full personal information at every business they patronized but feedback on that aspect was too much so she decided to do the sicherheitsdienst shtick only with sit down eateries. Sometimes it’s better than others to be queen.

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    • Sharon says:

      Yup – I’ve been wondering why it’s ok for hundreds of people to gather at Home Depot, etc. in groups, for periods of time, and nobody’s asking for their ID….

      Actually, the NO mayor is at least being consistent in her thinking; If she’s convinced there’s that much danger, requiring ID for every customer in every business would make sense.

      So all it means is that she will “give up” a portion of what she wanted (demanded under false pretenses) while retaining what she can get (which is also derived under false pretenses).

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Most places will have a sign-in book but it’s looking as if no one in the eateries will chek zair paperz. I’m thinking to prevent a bloodbath between the mayor and the very popular restaurant owners they came to an agreement that would save the mayor’s face and minimize the impact on the still struggling eateries.

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  10. Bill Dumanch says:

    Prose warming my heart for the Weekend
    Stay Inside.
    But, you DID remember to…vote, right?
    They’ll take care of that for you..

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  11. RyderLee says:

    Washington State , Fully Covered by Sundance in First Paragraph of Article .

    My Home ,,, now Ruled by King Inzlee 🤖

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  12. yy4u says:

    The Cure for Covid-19
    President Trump could cure the virus immediately if he would fire Mike Pence and then resign. This would restore power to the Democrats (Nancy Pelosi would be president) so within minutes, Dr. Fauci and the media would pronounce the virus eradicated, and that’d be the end of it. Talk about the cure being worse than the disease!

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  13. DesertRain says:

    Arizona “stay at home” request ends tonight. Business closure orders lifted this past week.


  14. Beverly says:

    That there is hysterical

    Friends, here’s a critical point: The Leftwing jailors keep screeching about the number of CASES, which sounds like “sick people,” right?

    But they really are talking about EXPOSURES. We’re all EXPOSED to gazillions of germs every blessed day — but unless you get SICK, you don’t have a Case of Kung Flu or anything else.

    See what they did there?

    You can have 5 cases, with 200,000 exposures…but 200,000 sounds a lot scarier, doesnt it?

    Everything, but Everything, is worded in a way to terrify us if possible.

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  15. TradeBait says:

    TN – Gov. Lee completely opening it up with restaurants and retail on 5/22. Positives continue to decline. Knox County had 0 positives posted today for an area of nearly 500,000 people.

    Live free or die.

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  16. J says:

    If you havent heard the story yet, 77 year old barber Karl Manke from Owosso, Michigan, after being denied unemployment 3 times, had no choice but to open his shop for business. This led to Comrade Whitless engaging in asymmetrical warfare against him.

    A Michigan Citizens Militia is now guarding the entrance to his shop from any nefarious and tyrannical overreach by Comrade HalfWhit and her commie political officer AG Nessel.

    Michigan teeters on a knifes edge.

    My county Sheriff and Prosecutor have stated publicly they will not enforce Comrade NitWhits unConstitutional orders. I will look to see how many of Michigans 83 Countys have announced similar policies over the weekend. But it is many.

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  17. annieoakley says:

    Face mask was optional in my area of Colorado until recently. So in the next county east it is still optional and that is where I go to shop now. Tthe local nurseries want a face mask anyway so no I won’t go to shop there. I look up the store and take my money elsewhere if they want everyone masked. It is stupid but apparently there are a lot of stupid people around me. I shopped at an IGA without a mask and no one said anything. The checkout people (they bag your groceries and help you out to your truck with the bags) thanked me for shopping there! Thanked me sincerely!


  18. Jim says:

    First time commenter here. I live in a blue city in an otherwise red state (Lexington, KY, about 2/3 libtard), and I see the beginning of the end of the lockdown, despite what the barely-elected governor wants. I work in a store, similar to a Walmart Supercenter (though not one), and today I saw two things that tell me it’s ending – people bringing more kids in to shop (and without masks, heavens!), and people buying party food/alcohol/supplies (can’t have a party without violating social distancing). No, it’s not the end yet, and enough people in this town still buy into the governor’s BS, but eventually there will be a critical mass of people that the authorities won’t be able to stop. You can’t arrest them all.

    Now if they would quit making us poor cashiers wear those stupid fear masks…

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    • avocadodipp says:

      I was in Mt Sterling yesterday – no one wearing masks!


    • Bluegrass Nana says:

      Bill, I’m in Louisville, another blue city in our red state. Gov. Andy is “permitting only ONE polling place for Jefferson County for our primary. He expanded mail in ballots to all. Yet, Indiana and Tennessee will have their usual in person polling places open. We can’t let him do this in Nov.

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  19. Southern Trumpette says:

    I’m with you, Annie. I won’t wear a mask. It maybe stupid, but if I die of the virus, at least I ‘ll go out feeling like an American. Our President must feel the same…I haven’t seen HIM wearing a mask. If people want to wear masks and gloves, it is understandable and maybe it’s smart. I just can’t bring myself to do it.


    • BitchyPants says:

      If someone asks you where your mask is just say this:
      President Trump told me that I don’t have to wear a mask
      It’s optional – you can’t force me to wear one
      I think the mask thing is an excuse for future antifa violence

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  20. minnesotamike55 says:

    Minnesota Governor Walz saw the writing on the wall between MN and WI. New rules monday allowing retail and small groups to gather in MN. With the WI supreme court striking down the orders there our governor thought through how all of the twin cities will simply flock to WI and since he didn’t want to get sued, looks like he is slowly giving up.

    This is at the same time Menards is requiring masks and at the grocery this morning I would estimate about 80% wearing.

    By the way, I haven’t seen it in the national news but MN has 80% of deaths in nursing homes. New York’s governor is getting heat about their 50 or 60 percent nursing home deaths, so why isn’t the media going after our Gov?


  21. coastermomohio says:

    Ohio is opening slowly and with lots of restrictions. Even daycares are opening. I will have to wear a mask for my hair appointment so I will, only because it is something I really want. I will see how long that goes on and if necessary, I can color my own hair. I’ve done it before. But I really want to support my stylist. Funny thing happened today. Restaurants were allowed to open for outside dining only. I was out and happened to go by a restaurant that was in a small plaza, mostly a beer and sandwich place. Their outside dining was a small area on the walkway in front of their business. It was packed. It has an awning and some table umbrellas for shade. We got a sudden downpour, rain and wind. There was no way you could stay on that outdoor space, even with an awning, and not get wet. So the customers were let inside. Haha. I didn’t snitch though. I wouldn’t do that.

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  22. Snow White says:

    I went to Costco today, the first time since they mandated the stupid masks for everyone. I didn’t plan on wearing one and when I walked in, the lady at the front checking the member card handed me a mask. I took it, said thank you and stuck it in my purse. I only saw about 5 people total without a mask in the entire store. I got some looks from some sheep but ignored it and no one said anything. Finally toilet paper and paper towels have made a come back without flying off the shelves in 30 minutes. The other 2 grocery stores I went to there were very few people wearing masks at all.


  23. Rob says:

    “All your freedoms are belong to us.”?

    Just who are you, Sundance? Most think you are a patriot in your 60s, valiantly and intelligently fighting the good fight. But with a mid-2000s internet meme reference like that…it makes me wonder if you have us all fooled. 30s?

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  24. northwoodswatcher says:

    THE TYRANNICAL RULE of the demonRAT governors has been seen before.

    I was just watching a documentary on Masada, and at the six-minute mark I learned the following:

    • “Herod the Great disallowed public gatherings or normal community life and all activity was watched.”

    • “Those that obstinately refused to adapt to such social constraints he punished in all kinds of ways.”

    — Josephus, “Antiquities” (Book 15)

    The above quotes from Josephus are found at 6:00 in the following YouTube video:

    “Documentaries Full Length Masada – The Last Stand Against The Roman Empire”

    Herod the Great was great only in his own mind, conducting a reign of terror during his long rule. He killed off his wives and children, and was a pretty sick tyrant.

    He seized the throne of Judea by force in 38 BC, and his subjects feared and hated this paranoid dictator.

    Disallowed public gatherings?

    Banned normal community life?

    All activity was watched?

    Sick? Hated? Paranoid?

    Which governor does Herod remind you of?

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  25. Remnant says:

    In WI, after the Supreme Court overruled the unconstitutional Dept. of Health Services designee’s orders, almost immediately, many municipalities and counties issued their own orders, basically mirroring the DHS orders. Today, the WI County Assoc warned that county-wide orders would not likely withstand legal challenges. Most rescidened their new rules and opened up without limits, just cautioning on distancing, mask, and such. I’m guessing that there were fears about possible litigation from businesses for loss of revenue, or perhaps fears about risking chances of reelection. Regardless, most all of WI is FREE! The holdouts, of course, of the very Blue areas around Dane Co, (Madison) and the City of Milwaukee. Of course, Milwaukee will lift restrictions in time for the DNC convention.


  26. USA Citizen says:

    The very slow openings of some states (all Democrat Governor states) have a reason for not opening their states. It’s POLITICS! They want President Trump to be blamed for this virus, and for the unemployment caused by closing the USA because of the CHINA virus. Pathetic Democrat people that only watch “The Fake News”, like MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. believe these Democrat liars, whose job is to destroy President Trump even though President Trump built up this country the best its ever been for many decades. USA had the most jobs ever, and the lowest unemployment in history. Then this evil China virus attacked the USA. President Trump didn’t have any choice. The doctors like Democrat Dr. Fauci forced President Trump to close our country. President Trump listened to the doctors for a long time, but realized we can’t keep locked up forever, so we must open the USA safely again. All of the Governors of the closed states are Democrat. This is all POLITICS! The former Vice President Biden has now been caught red handed along with other Democrat FBI leaders, where they unmasked (spied on) General Flynn who was hired by President Trump to be in Intelligence. Former President Obama and former Vice President Biden were trying to get to President Trump and destroy his Presidency, because they didn’t like the outcome of the 2016 election. No other President has ever been treated like this in history by the outgoing Democrat Administration. This will go down in history as the biggest Sham/Hoax in Presidential history. What Joe Biden did when he was Vice President should be punished at the ballot box. Vote for President Donald Trump in 2020 and make this country great again.

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  27. Joemama says:

    I know that it is late for this post & maybe few will see it, I would like to encourage this:

    Please post any “open the state” protests here on Sundance’s site. I know that I would like to participate in such protest in the LA, CA area, but there is no information on such protests that I can find.



    • warhorse says:

      are you looking for just CA ones, or are we trying to generate a comprehensive list? here’s NH…..
      We, the People, Reclaim Our Religious Liberty!
      Join Us for a Christian Worship Service
      Saturday, May 16 @ Noon
      Capitol Building, Concord


  28. Silver Sunday says:

    If you have not seen this yet it is a MUST watch and share.
    The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

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  29. Zydeco says:

    Saturday morning at Opening day for local farmers market in Wisconsin. Ridiculously long line as they only let so many in and there are checklists at the entrance. At this pace the vendors won’t make sufficient money to make the effort worthwhile. But that’s the goal of the Democommunists during this totalitarian takeover isn’t it?

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  30. guest4ever says:

    Even California is getting into the act. Here’s a headline from TGP: “Atwater, California Declares Itself ‘Sanctuary City” for Businesses – Allows Owners to Open (VIDEO)”


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