Lou Dobbs Interviews Mike Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell on Latest Deep State Developments…

The great Lou Dobbs interviews Flynn’s exceptional defense lawyer, Sidney Powell, about the ongoing revelations directly and indirectly connected to the case against her client.

Ms. Powell is not only Flynn’s lawyer, but she’s one of the few people who put the picture together early and recognized President Obama’s surveillance state included the weaponization of the NSA database.  Now that revelations are quickly surfacing, Powell is in a strong position to help people see how the dots connect over multiple years. WATCH:


Note: This interview took place prior to the recent order by Judge Sullivan delaying his decision and granting political allies time to petition the court and undermine the DOJ.

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36 Responses to Lou Dobbs Interviews Mike Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell on Latest Deep State Developments…

  1. VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

    Lou Dobbs loves you!!!!

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  2. David Joseph Ryan says:

    That is what bothers me the most how could this judge even consider convicting Flynn without the original FD302? He’s got to be corrupt.

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  3. huecowacko says:

    Judge Sullivan should have made his ruling pronto on the Flynn case and DOJ dismissal; now we know what his political biases are.

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    • ILOT says:

      No excuse, but he may fear for his life, or his family’s lives. I see him looking for political cover knowing that pursuing this is a continuation of injustice and has the potential to turn this into a goat rodeo. If I’m not mistaken his “sign off” is more to protect the defendant from harassment with the doj dropping charges and filing new charges repeatedly,

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  4. TradeBait says:

    Sullivan is doing what he did throughout the case. What goes around comes around, Judge. Maybe Gen. Flynn needs to testify in open court along with his accusers.

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  5. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Powell is in a strong position to help people see how the dots connect over multiple years.”

    Especially since she has heard it straight from the man the corrupt deep state/shadow government went to such great lengths to try and silence.

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  6. All Too Much says:

    Amicus briefs are not limited to one side.

    Judicial Watch, ACLJ – Jay Sekelo’s (sp) firm, and others, would, or should, be as much allowed to brief as Lawfare and its allies.

    It’s a strange move, or maybe, as BO might say, unprecedented, but it won’t be one sided.

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    • MJJ says:

      This is another delay until after the Election much like Judge Amy Berman Jackson did in August 2014, ordered the Justice Department to provide Congress with some previously withheld documents that had led Congress to hold Holder in Contempt and by that time, Eric Holder left the DOJ.

      Judge is following that Judicial style since Sullivan said in the order that he would set a schedule governing the submission of so-called amicus curiae briefs by people and organizations. The judge didn’t give any indication when he’d start accepting the briefs or how long it may take for him to issue a decision. He suggested there may be some limits to which briefs he accepts, quoting the judge who oversaw the trial of Trump’s longtime backer Roger Stone.

      “As Judge Amy Berman Jackson has observed, ‘while there may be individuals with an interest in this matter, a criminal proceeding is not a free for all,’” Sullivan wrote.

      Clearly, in hopes President Trump won’t win Reelection and Flynn will remain mute under a Gag order.

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  7. Кomrade Яetslag says:

    Dear Sundance,

    Can you file an amicus brief in this case? Does that require one to be a lawyer?
    If you can file one, I’d like to send you my thoughts. Is that possible?

    Here is what I would like to say:

    “Dear Judge Sullivan,

    General Flynn was framed, in a political hit job. Ms Sidney Powell provides overwhelming evidence of his innocence. If you cannot see this, you are a hopeless Democrat Partisan, and should not be a Federal Judge. Justice is supposed to be impartial, and discerning of truth, weighing both sides of any case, and alsways following the law. Only people who can do that without letting their political prejudices govern should be appointed as judges.

    You have a chance here to uphold the ideals of justice. In the real world, nobody expects perfect justice. But, General Flynn’s case is so obvious, that a kindergardener could see that he was framed.

    By the way, when you called General Flynn a traitor, you showed very poor judgement. But, you have a chance now to redeem yourself. Do the right thing, Judge Sullivan, allow General Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea, and then dismiss his case, with prejudice.”

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  8. WSB says:

    Thank you so much, SD!!!

    This was quite an interview! Had no idea how to capture it so quickly!

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  9. thedoc00 says:

    This smacks of a corrupt judge attempting to retry the case via legal briefs. Yes, I know both sides can file briefs but we know darn well which briefs are going to actually be used to decide the case, get real if you think otherwise as we know those briefs filed by friends of Obama are not going to align with the a withdrawn case or the defense. This judge is giving a 2nd Prosecution Team a free shot while denying the defense all due process rights and discovery.

    Friends of the defense can file all the briefs they desire, they will not be considered by the corrupt judge.

    Can Chief Justice Roberts (cough cough) intervene??

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    • etbnyc says:

      I know this sucks for Lt. General Flynn, but I’m interested in seeing what the corrupt Lawfare bros come up with for Judge Sullivan. Let’s see how hypocritical and corrupt they can be. Politically this could drive more people to the polls than Ruth Bader Ginsberg going into a deep and eternal sleep.


    • etbnyc says:

      I know this sucks for Lt. General Flynn, but I’m interested in seeing what the corrupt Lawfare bros come up with for Judge Sullivan. Let’s see how hypocritical and corrupt they can be. Politically this could drive more people to the polls than Ruth Bader Ginsberg going into a deep and eternal sleep.


    • jazzbogie says:

      The case is over. The Judge won’t change this, they never do, he is placating the various political factions. And this is helpful to us because as long as it is still “ongoing” in some fashion, the Brady material (the evidence that tends to exonerate Flynn) is pertinent and must be released. That Brady material may well bring down the Cabal..

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  10. doug says:

    Amicus briefs? A great opportunity for some more sunshine. Let the Sun shine in. Pretty clear Flynn was set up. It’s all good.


  11. revarmegeddontthunderbird says:

    I wish Flynn could have a few minutes alone in a locked room with Obama. Barrack that is…not the masculine one Michelle.

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  12. Johnny says:

    There is no prosecution of the case. No prosecutor for the trial.
    Flynn is being held hostage under the color of the law.
    Time we start going by the common law. Besides dome robbed tyrant under a admiralty flag.

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  13. raherman1outlookcom says:

    Let’s let it go to trial. Wouldn’t you like to see Ms. Powell take apart all the Lawfare guys, and present the REAL evidence, indicting the O Administration? I would…


    • Indeed. I thought a trial would be the last thing the bad guys would want for this case, particularly following all the documentation which has come to light. It would certainly provide a formal setting to lay out for the public the foundations of the #ObamaGate story. Perhaps that is where this is heading.


  14. richard verney says:

    There must be some US lawyers on this site, but my understanding of the status of this case is:
    1) There is an application made by the DOJ (last week) to withdraw the prosecution.
    2) There is an application made by the Defence (I think in January) to set aside the plea on the grounds that the DOJ/Government reneged on the plea
    3) There is an applciation by the Defence (I think made in March) to dismiss the case on the grounds of egregious prosecutional misconduct.

    The present ruling made by the Judge deals with the first of these 3 outstanding applications. On the assumption that the Judge dismisses the Government’s application to withdraw the proceedings, the Judge cannot simply proceed with sentencing. He needs to first hear and rule upon the 2 outstanding applications made by the Defence (ie., 2 and 3 above). That will indeed force the Judge to deal with all the documentation that has been put before the Court, since January.

    Of course there is additional documentation that the Defence will wish to adduce, namely the IG Report, and the recent 57 transcripts/letters. The Defence do not automatically have a right to submit submissions on the IG report nor on the recent disclosure of the 57 transcripts, but of course Ms Powell will make an application seeking leave to make submissions on these. There can be no doubt as to their relevancy, so it will be difficult for the Judge to decline that application.

    I am not sure where the Judge is going with this, since although the political shenanigans are plain to see, the Judge cannot simply proceed to sentencing. He will need to make a deep dive into all the documents put before the Court, since January, and that does not make pleasant reading. Further, should the Defence succeed on the first of its outstanding applications, there will need to be a full trial, with the prosecution having to prove that he lied (and that is rather difficult given the recent transcripts, and the prosecution will have to release the Kysliak call), and should the Defence succeed on the second application, then the dismissal would be on a ‘with prejudice’ basis, meaning that there would be no prospect of further proceedings against Flynn. That would stymie Biden’s recent threat.

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  15. bill says:

    I’m not a body language expert but either Sidney Powell is either nervous in that interview or really upset. She is blinking a lot, but more noticeable was Sidney’s breathing fairly hard or swallowing a lot, showing stress.


    • CountryDoc says:

      Of course she is (although bodylanguage is the same as whenever I have seen her). She is angry. There is a man’s life and a nation literally dependent on the outcome of her work as a lawyer. She has the nation’s best crooked cops and judges and politicians against her.

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    • James Groome says:

      There is nothing different regarding Ms Powell’s behavior in relation to numerous of her previous appearances. She always appears “to have numerous tic’s” she breaks sentences in weird places, hesitates in awkward instances, etc etc… this is Sidney Powell. If anything, I am led to believe that she looks as though she is holding back her own happiness for her perception of the current position (prior to the current judicial ruling re: amicus briefs) not wanting to “jinx” anything prior to the judge ruling, quite prescient, given the current state of affairs…


    • I think she was being careful not to join Lou in lambasting Judge Sullivan or the institution of the court.


  16. TwoLaine says:

    Where’s Huber when you need him? Maybe someone should ask Sessions what is taking him so long.


    • Julian says:

      I saw Sessions was “steamed up” about the treatment of General Flynn. If only he could have been in a position to ensure this miscarriage of justice never happened! Someone make this patriot the AG!!


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    • Missy says:

      Yes, while all the “trust the plan” people are waiting passively for Sessions and Huber, Sidney is kicking ass and taking names, and doing THEIR WORK FOR THEM!

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  17. Don't vote for crooked and senile Joe Biden! says:

    Joe Biden keeps hiding in the basement, not because of the virus, but because he doesn’t want to be interviewed. Joe Biden knows he and Obama were responsible for getting General Michael Flynn fired because they thought General Flynn knew too much about the Obama, Biden Administration, because General Flynn used to be in Intelligence under Obama and Biden. When
    When President Trump became President, he hired General Flynn to be his Intelligence for the Republican Party and Obama and Biden were afraid General Flynn would tell President Trump what the crooked Democrat Party was up to. Obama and Biden wanted to destroy General Flynn and most of all they wanted President Trump taken out. How could anybody vote for such a crooked Party? Vote for President Donald J. Trump and get this country back to where it was before the China virus attacked us.


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