Obama Panics – President Obama Gives Political Operatives and Media Talking Points to Protect Him…

The good news is former President Obama is panicked by recent sunlight; the slight possibility of a U.S. DOJ that may soon have him in the cross-hairs; and the more obvious possibility the American people will discover the scale of his corrupt weaponization of intelligence to target his political opposition.

The better news is former President Obama is so heavily concerned about the looming possibilities; rather than relying on intermediary instructions through Media Matters; he is giving political operatives and national media his instructions directly.  LISTEN:

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981 Responses to Obama Panics – President Obama Gives Political Operatives and Media Talking Points to Protect Him…

  1. jmuniz1 says:

    Hes going to Gitmo his only chance is if Biden wins Which I dought.


    • rondonmonson says:

      I think he’s just signaling the Liberal Judge to not drop the Flynn charges. I don’t think es worried about charges. He knows that will go nowhere, hell they didn’t even charge Nixon.

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      • Santiago 1314 says:

        O’Bidens should be The Ones to answer for putting “The Law” at “Risk”. Isn’t this the Pot calling The Kettle Black.???…Oops I think I got that Backwards, Should Be; Isn’t that The Black POT Smoking President, Caught with his hand in the Kettle.???

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  2. JCM800 says:


    King Feces I

    Keep spraying the water and watch the melt..

    Don’t let this happen again, America.

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  3. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    Obama’s arrogance is going to take him out. He has more mouth than ability. The Donald may very well lose the election in 2020 (voter fraud in 4 states) but my money is he will blow up both sides of the aisle so all the fraud is seen for both of them. The sane will have to attempt to repair what is left.
    You have 5-6 months to create a plan for your stock market funds.

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  4. Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

    Tonight, I will pray a little extra that finally major, national miscreants will be brought before
    Lady Justice.

    But, I will not hold my breath while waiting to see whether Ms. Justice finally pulls it off.


    • Miguel Suradevi says:

      Obama got off easy but he did some really bad things. I was a big TEA Party guy here in small city in California. Tea Party here was vocal and big and I was so excited to join back before 2010. We had many street corner rallies then saw the big House victory in 2010. But gradually the Tea Party just went away and I could at the time not figure out what was going on. I tried to call the local President but her phone was disconnected. I could not find any members. I tried to find out what was going on by contacting the national office but no response. I was befuddled by the demise of the Tea Party. Later I found out why. Obama weaponized the IRS. Remember Lois Lerner, I never really found out what happened to our local TP president but when she filed for tax-exempt status she probably got some kind of nasty letter or call from the IRS that scared the hell out of her and she went quiet. This man Obama is and was totally evil. He used every means necessary to keep and stay in power but finally we are seeing some light shed on his illegal activities.

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      • trump20162024 says:

        The leaderless Tea Party has grown up to become the Deplorables’ Party, which is now being led by the Trumpster.

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      • Madi says:

        Remember Orlytaitzesq.com
        Judges, lawyers denied her lawsuit to be publicly debated. Remember sheriff Arpaio?
        To many people in in DC and Hollywood eat hot dogs and pizza.
        Justice is coming. Look for the fall of the cabal documentary and out of the shadows.
        May God help us.


  5. northwoodswatcher says:

    Today Fort Lesley J. McNair occupies the grounds of the Old Arsenal Penitentiary in Washington, D.C., where the hangings of four of the Lincoln conspirators took place.

    The building in which the accused were tried still stands. It is called Grant Hall.

    The scaffold where the executions took place would today stand near the back of tennis courts that are now situated where once was the prison courtyard.

    The four traitors dropped through the gallows trapdoors on July 7, 1865.

    Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if on this very site, on this very date, i.e., 155 years after these traitors were hurled into eternity, we could arrange for a reenactment starring Barry Soetoro?

    And let’s make sure there is room for simultaneous performances by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Brennan, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bill Priestap, Gina Haspel, Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry — geez, it’s gonna be crowded up there.

    First, we might want to remove those tennis courts.

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    • William the Comptroller says:

      It would be hilarious if someone parked their car near his Martha’s Vineyard’s sea-level mansion and blared the adnan at high-volume at 5AM every day… just to soothe Obama’s nerves. And see if MV residents would dare complain about the noise so to not appear islamophobic.

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      • mike dennis says:

        How about the following tracks — it worked on Noriega: “Nowhere to Run” and “No Particular Place to Go”, “Prisoner of Rock and Roll”, with “No Alibis”, “Wanted Dead Or Alive”. And of course… “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!”

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    • William the Comptroller says:

      Gen. Lee Wallace, one of Union judges on the judicial panel that tried the Lincoln Conspirators wrote “Ben Hur, a Champion of Christ”.


    • darose5308 says:

      My goodness Northwoods, I love they way you think. Bless you


    • DaughterofLiberty says:

      Too bad the gallows weren’t left to remain. Now THAT would be something – for Jug Ears and his merry band of conspirators to be walked up to the very same gallows.


    • Jeff Clasgens says:

      I like your selection of candidates but hanging them is a little harsh. I’d rather see them stripped of their wealth and pensions then thrown back to the wolves who propped them up in the first place. After the “Banksters” get through with us the aforementioned group of wanna be elitists will be so insignificant anyway.


  6. William the Comptroller says:

    It would be hilarious if someone parked their car near his Martha’s Vineyard’s sea-level mansion and blared the adnan at high-volume at 5AM every day… just to soothe Obama’s nerves. And see if MV residents would dare complain about the noise so to not appear islamophobic.


  7. ChampagneReady says:

    Unfortunately our law for form of death punishing those who commit treason has been changed in 1998. I couldn’t think of a better candidate for it.

    Settling for life in prison is too good for him.

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    • northwoodswatcher says:

      Yes, life in prison means taxpayers would be footing the bill for keeping his carcass expelling all of that dangerous CO2 into the air.

      OK. Well, then perhaps the U.S. Air Force could ask for Barry’s “X marks the spot” cooperation in a live fire demo at his Martha’s Vineyard digs?

      A GBU-57A/B Massive Ordnance Penetrator should about do the trick….

      Added bonus for builders is that the former mansion site would be instantly “shovel ready.”

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      • darose5308 says:

        I do believe there are numerous vacancies at the far end of Cuba. I think they call it Hotel Gitmo/s LOL


  8. Patricat says:

    The affirmative action president.

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    • swissik says:

      It was predictable like so many other promotions I’ve observed over the years, at my employer, in academia, at all levels of government. It is a shame really for those who made it on their merits no matter what ethnicity or color.

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  9. William Glenn Johnson says:

    OBAMA was behind the spying and wire taps on the President-elect and his designated staff. This is America not a banana republic or a Communist state.

    OBAMA was involved at every level – nothing happened without Obama’s approval and support – he is responsible and must face indictment and trial.

    If Obama’s is innocent, then let him prove that in front of a jury and judge. Let the chips fall where they may but its way past time for accountability in America!


  10. JCM800 says:

    We’ve come too far to quit.


  11. sysconfig says:

    Interesting that Michael izikoff and Obama would release a self serving interview and Yahoo puts it in the Sports Entertainment Section..

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  12. CNN_sucks says:

    ObamaO is a Chicago creature same with his wingman. Hope Flynn will get his lawsuit in order and sue Covington.

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  13. Tiffthis says:

    I didn’t listen to the entire thing, Obama is boring. Lol.


  14. thetigerleg says:

    I love the idea of Obama shitting his perfectly creased pants.


  15. John Drake says:

    Susan Rice not once but twice felt the need to emphasize ‘By the Book’ references in her ‘Memo for Record’ and included the ‘disclaimer’ that the President was not aware and did not wish to be aware of what FBI and DOJ were doing.

    In CYA parlance it means exactly the opposite. Obama KNEW every detail, and how it was fraudulently accomplished…and knowing of his affinity of micromanagement, most likely personally detailed the effort or at the very least had significant input.


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    • evergreen says:

      Why on earth would any supervisor or leader make known or imply (such that his underlings report his state of mind thusly) that he does not “wish to be aware of” the acts of his underlings? There is only one answer: knowledge is problematic.

      Her words accuse him.

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      • John Drake says:

        Did you ever notice how he found out about most ‘scandals’ was through ‘press releases’…conveniently leaked so he could feign ignorance and pretend he was only now becoming aware.

        How can he be clear when clarity is what he wishes to avoid. He announces that he ‘doesn’t want to know’…a signal to his people that whatever he already knows is to be denied whenever the question of ‘what did he know and when did he know it’ comes up.

        In Government we referred to that as ‘talking around the subject’.


  16. patti says:

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  17. patti says:

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  18. patti says:

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  19. patti says:

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    • TrustyHaste says:

      Whoa!! The last few seconds of his statement, “I’m not on the ballot, but…… I am …… pretty darn invested,” was VERY telling. The nervous laugh, the breathlessness. He knows. He knows we know. Right now, he is looking to pin this on…..anyone in that room the day Rice writes her email. Also, who is Curtis Reid, the person she cc:d?

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  20. Yy4u says:

    This election was supposed to be between Pete (Hillary) or Repeat (Jeb!)

    When Trump started winning, the spies started spying.This did not start after he won the nomination. Papadopoulos was targeted early on. So was Flynn.

    Hillary was supposed to win. If she had none of this would have come to light.

    When she didnt they invoked the insurance policy. Frame Trump for Russian collusion. How could it fail? Republicans always cave. The RINOs always side with Democrats even if they have to do it surreptitiously…see Paul. Ryan, Mitch keeping the Senate in session so POTUS can’t make recess appointments.

    But Trump didn’t cave and though the Republicans tried to cover (Mueller is a good guy), Mueller failed to bring it home and here we are. The sheisse is hitting the lufter and everyone is scrambling.

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    • Ned Zeppelin says:

      The spies were everywhere well before Trump came down the escalator. You speak of the time when the Eye of Sauron finally took notice of the danger. (OK, LOTR reference. . . )


  21. TheWanderingStar says:

    “…the rule of law is at risk…”

    Is this the same speech you gave after Comey let Hillary off scotfree?
    How about when you ordered your IRS to investigate and compile dossiers on US citizens and political organizations?
    How about when you traded five murdering terrorists for a US Army deserter and traitor?
    How about when you ordered the IC, FBI and DOJ to investigate US citizens for your own bemusement (blackmail?) including a rival political party’s candidate?

    Was the “rule of law” in the forefront of your mind when you did these crimes, you dumbsh!t?

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  22. 6x47 says:

    The “insurance policy” failed, and now everything Obama tried to hide is about to be revealed in full sunlight. The DOJ is going to start rolling up his shadowy organization starting with the low level henchmen, and as they are caught they’ll be pressed to rat out the others.

    Michael Flynn is a free man: He isn’t going to be muzzled anymore.

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  23. Ackman419 says:

    Nothing fires up the CTH comments like Barry Ozero opening his dumb mouth.
    NOTHING would make us happier than seeing that traitor receive his just desserts.
    Hillary is a distant second to this clown. Again.

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  24. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    At the end of the day it all boils down to one thing…she was supposed to win. They guaranteed it. The table was set. Even the pope came out against candidate Trump. The polls said so. 1,000,000/1. That was it. We were never supposed to find out. That is the reason for the raw unabridged hatred. President Trump knows. President Trump knows them. THAT is what scares the crappe out them.

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    • JSllim says:

      yes it all comes down to that level of simplicity…..they never remotely anticipated him winning the election and once he did they had to now go back and match up a timeline of events that actually never occurred…..the spying was going on for years and I have always wondered if the high number of republican congressmen and senators retiring were simply because of blackmail by obamas intel agencies


  25. Deborah Fehr says:

    Wow! Not such a great speaker without the teleprompter.


  26. JSlim says:

    his national security team basically said “we have nothing but there is one option….the Logan Act” obama green lighted that course of action to stop flynn and try to hinder trump coming into office….again they were never prepared for trump to win


  27. JMLF says:

    Take your medicine, Mr Obama. You’ve done extreme damage to our nation. PURPOSELY! You know it. WE know it.

    Shame shame SHAME! I’m sure they’ll find you a nice cell. It won’t be Martha’s Vineyard, but …


  28. Jerry Joe says:

    After 900 comments, finally decided to give it a listen. Almost makes you want see if he was attempting Morse code with the ahs and ums.


  29. Bill Henslee says:

    I believe any honest FBI agent will tell you that one of the mannerisms they look for to see if someone is lying is the amount of “ums” and “ahs” they use in their story–because it indicates they are thinking too hard about the lie they are about to say, rather than let a smooth flow of honest statements come out.


  30. AnotherView says:

    Where was the teleprompter. I know one had to be in his face. Obama can’t speak without his crutch.


  31. David R. Graham says:

    Self-referential pleading. Weak tea indeed.


  32. Steve says:

    I thought the DOJ dropped the charges…


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