Forced Transparency – ODNI Richard Grenell Reminds Adam Schiff He Can Release Transcripts…

The back-and-forth between shifty Adam Schiff and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence continues today as acting DNI Ric Grenell sends Shifty a letter saying if he doesn’t release the requested transcripts to congress, then Grenell can/will do it.

h/t Catherine Herridge.

After taking control of the House Adam Schiff did not want to see the 2018 investigative transcripts released from HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes tenure as head of the committee. Becoming HPSCI chairman, Schiff told then DNI Dan Coats the transcripts were property of the House Intel Committee and must not be released.   When Ric Grenell took over as acting DNI he fast-tracked the declassification review of the transcripts and prepared them for release…. Shifty went bananas.

This week Jim Jordan is again asking for the release of the transcripts, and that’s where Grenell come back into the picture willing to release them.  Chairman Schiff now says his committee will re-re-review the declassification, to make sure Grenell didn’t reveal too much damaging information about the plot to take down President Trump.

As acting DNI Richard “Ric” Grenell continues to be a thorn in the side of those within the intelligence community who are trying to keep information hidden from public release. It is no surprise the Senate Intel Committee moved to hold a confirmation hearing for John Ratcliffe.

Washington DC uses the classified intelligence designation to hide everything and anything they deem adverse to their interests.  If Ric Grenell keeps exposing the documents hidden within the intelligence maze, there’s a lot of sketchy deep state interests exposed by the sunlight.

The almost funny aspect to this is how Grenell genuinely doesn’t give a damn about these DC politicians and their schemes.  Every time they try to operate their back-room conversations, Grenell just makes them public… and that drives the Deep State into fits of apoplexy because they are used to being in control over everything.

The intelligence apparatus and the media have been trying to controversialize DNI Grenell because they cannot control him.  However, Grenell is like a modern political version of Andrew Breitbart and he uses their own Alinsky methods against them… ie. “make your opposition live up to the standards of transparency they proclaim to support”.

Ric Grenell’s approach is splendid.

Here’s the list of transcripts previously requested.

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328 Responses to Forced Transparency – ODNI Richard Grenell Reminds Adam Schiff He Can Release Transcripts…

  1. republicanvet91 says:

    “Chairman Schiff now says his committee will re-re-review the declassification, to make sure Grenell didn’t reveal too much damaging information about the plot to take down President Trump.”

    After Schiffheads spokeshack accused Republicans of delaying release, they declared the need to look at them again, just to make sure those who made a career out of classified intelligence work didn’t miss anything classified.

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  2. sarasotosfan says:

    I will bet many of the testimonies are riddled with outright lies and it will be quite a chore identifying all of them.

    Schiff was supposed to protect them from being exposed. The law business in DC could see a solid uptick in the retaining of defense representation.

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    • ILOT says:

      Presumably these were provided under oath. I’m thinking if that is the case, we have some perjury claims coming…just that many more to roll in order to get to the truth.


    • underwhelmingposter says:

      If they can pull away from suing anyone and everyone re: the Wuhan virus. Just caught ads tonight hyping that. So, move over mesothelioma, here comes the Wuhan money.


  3. sarasotosfan says:

    Schiff has lots of calls apologizing for what will befall his lying conspirators who are finally going to be outed.


    • mike dennis says:

      OK, they’ll be “outed”. To be followed by a big yawn or simply crickets that is unless Schiff front runs the release by reading his own versions.


  4. Troublemaker10 says:

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  5. Kaco says:

    Ooo, Grenell is good. I hope Ratcliffe is a worthy successor. Grenell ought to just do it, better give them a timeline and if not met, then he should do it.

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  6. Drogers says:

    Acting DNI Richard Grenell is rapidly becoming one of my favorites inside the president’s administration.

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  7. dayallaxeded says:

    Don’t bother with the re-re-re-review, Shitty. The transcripts have been reviewed and must be released to the citizenry. After all, neither transcripts, your desk, your chair, the House bathrooms, nor anything else in the Capitol is your property–it all belongs to us, the citizens whose taxes pay for it and who’re sick and tired of being lied to.

    Mr. Grenell, please, please, please RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      Yeah, this re-re stuttering isn’t cutting it Schitt! If you weren’t elected to represent LaLaLand, you would likely find yourself not even being electable as dogcatcher!


  8. Fools Gold says:

    That one hell of a witness list of transcripts I’d love to read!


  9. montanamel says:

    I trust Grenell…. Besides it’s only 12 reams of paper to copy all 6,000 pages before he ships them back to Shitty’s office…. Or, I guess, since they are redacted, he could just ship over the new copies with all the black blocks…. keeping the originals to drop on some news room table come Friday night… I’m beting they can’t vote on the new guy fast enough with this log in the fire now…

    Can you imagine the “sound” of 12 reams of 20# bond hitting some table top…KerrrrrTHUMP…
    Kind’a nice, I think…. similar to a blade hitting some vertebrata on the way thru…. tic…toc….


    • littleanniefannie says:

      I, personally, would like to see him really shake Trump’s pencil-neck puppet up. Don’t send Schitt the whole 6000 pages, just send him the redacted parts and let him cut them out and paste them in the little black boxes. And, oops, if you send them in an e-mail and hit reply all, we can all get a copy!! Sit on that pencil and rotate til the eraser gets to your neck A-damn!


  10. efilnikcufecin101 says:

    Is it? can it be? IS this the beginning of Dun dun DUUuun… The Biiiig UGLYYYY!!!!
    It has been so long, I am so reluctant to believe it…

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  11. leslievb3 says:

    Does anyone else think Adam may have schiffed his pants today? I suspect tomorrow is going to be worse for him, cause Grenell seems like he’s the cat and Schifty is the mouse. Grab the popcorn.

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  12. REetired IG says:

    Love Grenell breathing Hot on Schifty. FINALLY and apparently, we now have a PUBLIC OFFICIAL – Grennell , who is not MASKING his intent to call in Schiff to account. Schiff’s eyeball’s, must be frying. Think the image of egg yolks in a frying pan.
    So far Schiff has been presiding over at least three KANGAROO COURTS re the President of the Untied States:
    1.) Russian Collusion
    2.) Ukraine Collusion
    3. Next will be COVIID 19 collusion .dream scheme inquiry to blame COVID 19 on President Trump . That plan is in the works. and this effort will FAIL too. THREE STRIKES YOU ARE OUT!

    I know that the saying “vengeance is mine” is in Biblical Scripture. But I waited for Bush I, Bush II all of the Clintons, Cheney and the Obummer truths to come out. How much longer must I wait dear Lord? I am weeping and gnashing my teeth.

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  13. Spatch says:

    DNI Grenell is claiming the declassification occurred, was completed, and was given to all the necessary departments before he was even appointed.

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    • Mr. Morris says:

      In the interest of accountability and transparency the entire batch of interviews conducted by Comrade Schiff in the basement of Congress need to be released in their entirety.
      Surely there is the public’s right to know what taxpayers funded.
      Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Next up the original 302’s not the altered versions, plus scope #3 Rosenstein memo, unreadacted.

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  14. LCPUSA says:

    i think if ratcliffe or grennell were to actually incarcerate these criminals….they’d wind up president of the united states.

    trump nation is looking for the next swamp drainer, and they will not trust anything less.

    i’m ready for any combo of a ratcliffe/grennell ticket myself.

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  15. Carter Burger says:

    Grenell keeps saying he’s willing to release them. Ok…so….DO IT!

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  16. Genie says:

    It is good to see that John Carlin is the first name underlined in red. He is the former National Security Division top attorney who signed and submitted in September 2016 the FISA 702 certifications despite knowing that Mike Rogers was looking in to violations. Then Carlin announced his plan to depart the DOJ. He left in October about a week before the FISA was issued on Carter Page. The court was not yet aware of the 702 violations.


  17. mikeyboo says:

    Re Grenell: Book ’em Dano!!!

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  18. fillemup01 says:

    Grenell, if you can do it then by all means DO IT! We all know Schitt-for-brains is going to scheme up a way to keep hiding anything that would be detrimental to him and his cabal.

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  19. fillemup01 says:

    Grenell, if you can do it then by all means DO IT! We all know Schitt-for-brains is going to scheme up a way to keep hiding anything that would be detrimental to him and his cabal.

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