President Trump Message to The Graduating Class of 2020….

One of the unfortunate impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic is the elimination of most ceremonial gatherings for the 2020 graduating class.   Despite the inability to celebrate with gatherings of families and friends, President Trump and First Lady Melania send their congratulations to the graduates:

WHITE HOUSE – Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! The First Lady and I are very proud of you.

Over the past weeks and months, you, your classmates, teachers and administrators, and our Nation have experienced times of uncertainty and adversity. Much like our country, you have risen to the challenge with remarkable poise and determination, demonstrating the character traits that define the American spirit—resiliency, responsibility, and a stalwart drive to succeed.

Though this season of celebration has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, our country and communities need you now more than ever. Your leadership will be essential in the days and weeks to come in helping your fellow Americans recover from this hardship. I remain confident that the future of our Nation will be brighter than ever before.

As you arrive at this important milestone in your life, your heart should be filled with tremendous pride. Your resolve during this unprecedented time will serve you well as you embark on your next chapter. We hope you will continue to use your unique, God-given abilities to strengthen our great Nation.

We wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.


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40 Responses to President Trump Message to The Graduating Class of 2020….

  1. Kaco says:

    I’m in NE Ohio and our oldest is graduating. It looks like they will do a ceremony, possibly, with our school district, limiting guests to 4 people each. We’ll see. But my son never got to go to prom either and any other senior activities. So much for 2 weeks to 30 days to slow the spread. Very disappointing.

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    • Right Mover says:

      “15 Days to Slow The Spread” and “30 Days to Slow The Spread” were LIES that we were sold.
      While I hesitate to lay the blame for that at the President’s door, Mike Pence told us every day that these were “the President’s guidelines.”
      Who signed off on the initial guidelines, knowing that wasn’t the real intent. We’ve flattened the curve. The hospitals are NOT overwhelmed, not even in the notorious hot spots.
      But here we are, still imprisoned, with NO END IN SIGHT.

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      • old white guy says:

        A vigorous application of the second amendment would fix that.

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      • “No end in sight..” I believe the original ‘flatten the curve’ initiative we joined was presented as team effort quarterbacked by our President. Everyone appeared engaged. Somehow, as the goal posts kept getting moved and moved, further away… others started calling the plays. It appears to me, now, that petty local, district, County, municipal, and State officials have become drunk with this newly acquired ‘power over the people’. The huddle, now is being bullied by ‘walk on’ State quarterbacks from the bench. Power now has absolutely nothing to do with the virus. None of us intended playing 7 quarters.

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      • old deplorable owl says:

        I’d like to suggest that :PDJT pick two names at random from the Hohunkie, Missouri phone book, and make them his personnel advisors. The “professionals” he’s been relying on have been less than stellar in their performance.
        I’ll give him credit for being blind-sided by this thing, and probably knowing less than I about mediine, but it seems to me that even the village idiot would have looked into the background and history of the potential Task Force members.
        Gates’ puppets should have their foreheads branded and publicly fired! Fao Chi is going to hold out for his master’s vaccine if it takes ten years……hang the proverbial boot in the appropriate place last month!

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        • Big Jake says:

          I always called him Faux-ci but I may steal this one.

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        • Daniel M. Camac says:

          old deplorable owl, Hoot de-Hoot! I hear ya. I believe that our VSGPDJT’s decision to suspend flights from China was the best decision he made based on what I have read and I now have a 4 month window to base that on WHEN HE DID NOT. But Our President has now had maga amounts of scientific info fed to him from sources other than CDC and NIH and he is veering from their apocalyptic screenshots to sensible opening of OUR COUNTRY’S ECONOMY!

          I seriously doubt he will let the last three years of he and his economic team let this fu*king Chinese Viral warfare, the Damnocrats and their lying scumbag enemdia destroy what he and his team have produced.

          If WE THE PEOPLE don’t stand up for President Trump, his successes and what he has planned for our great country then F you.

          I drove around three closed roads and multiple blocked streets in Killmington, DE (Wilmington) to protest against our Communist governor Carney. That pales compared to what our forefathers did to give us the freedoms that are now being taking away from us.



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      • Right Mover says:

        Not within the sights of those of us in jackbooted blue states.

        Months away.


        • MelH says:

          It’s very simple to do what folks in our part of California are doing, just using Common Sense and going about their business. My family had a birthday party, sans me of course, had a barbecue and went on like life is normal, 22 people having fun, none wearing masks. Traffic began HUGE today, businesses opening, not waiting for a decree.I suspect thousand have done the same thing, not made an issue out of it.

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    • fangdog says:

      Your son learned a valuable lesson as what it is like under Communist-style government control of the American people. How quickly; freedom, liberty, self-destiny and the Constitution can be taken away by propaganda of the media and errant agenda driven politicians.

      Remember; “Hard to light a candle, easy to curse the night instead”.

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      • Kaco says:

        Oh, he’s definitely for POTUS. I am worried about my youngest, a freshman, though. He used to understand back in ’16, but I’m afraid he is being influenced by pop culture.

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        • fangdog says:

          I hope he doesn’t become one in a herd of submissive sheep being led to slaughter by an evil goat.

          I know it is a disappointment. I too have an offspring who is presently a “Useful Idiot”. Thank God there is more of us than there are of them.

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          • Kaco says:

            He says all my husband and I watch or listen to is Fox (husband has Sirius in his car) and it’s all about POTUS. He is tired of it. But I see he is starting to have some liberal ideas.


            • fangdog says:

              The issue with more Liberals that age is they never had to work and earn money for what they wanted. ….do your homework, stay out of trouble and get good grades doesn’t count “as earning money”. They are an expected responsibility.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Your experience seems to be the common decision at least for High School Graduations. Here in Allen, Texas, what you describe is a carbon copy per my gym friends, whom I see on my daily bike rides and walks.

      Also, same message is being spread by folks here, this is what communism will look like if you elect to have it, Its an up “milder” close view of Venezuela.

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      • Kaco says:

        Good point, teach them a communism lesson with this. The high school in ’16 had a mock vote, and Trump won. I think the media/culture beat down has taken a toll on both of them, though, especially as they try to fit in.


      • KBB says:

        … this is what communism will look like if you elect to have it,…

        Now is the perfect time to get this point out there every day. This is what socialism is. This is what millennials, and some ignorant older people, think they want. When asked of a younger person in a street interview to define “socialism”, she said, “We are talking to each other and being social. This is what socialism is — being social.” Those were her exact words.

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  2. The Devilbat says:

    Can you imagine that @sshole Obama sending a message like that to our graduating students?

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  3. cheering4america says:

    LOVE the picture.

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  4. Right Mover says:

    High school graduations that are scheduled for mid- and late June should go on as scheduled. If we can’t ease up on this social distancing masquerade by then–when the days are hot and sunny and 15 hours long, well, then, when the hell can we? When the hell does this end?



    The nation is twisting in the wind, and the Dem governors, if left to their own devices, will let us all rot.

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  5. old white guy says:

    Destroy the family and destroy the country. Can’t hug your grandkids, blame a lying politician, and kick the a hole out of office and reverse all their edicts and mandates.

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  6. That’s so wonderful!! We are truly blessed by God to have a President like this one!!! And a wonderful First Lady who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!!!

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  7. TwoLaine says:

    One of my grands is a 2020 high school grad. He’s out making a YUGE profit selling morel mushrooms during the shutdown. 🙂

    He’s already got some of his college college done too.

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  8. carthoris says:

    My menage to the graduating classes of 2020 would be this –

    Since your throwback leftist teachers made it a point to never teach you about things like freedom, the Bill of Rights, the Founding Fathers (other than as evil old white men), energy independence, border security, etc, but instead only indoctrinated you in the wonderfulness of the Democrat Party and other foul totalitarian crap, your chains have now been lifted and you are now free to actually get a real education, so just go out and get it.

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  9. paulashley says:

    All well and good, but those grads (and i), whether they know it not, would be far better served by the President spending time on another speech, an Oval Office address to the entire nation calling for freedom and the unleashing of the American people to get back to our normal productive lives. Absent that and other bold action (not talk) these grads may not have much to look forward to.


  10. Risa says:

    Our local, rural high school is holding graduation in July in the football stadium. Normally it is in the basketball arena, but at least the students get a ceremony. But July in Oklahoma is HOT!


  11. Comrade Mope says:

    I might be cutting across the grain here kids, but the Class of 2020 was two weeks or so into their last semester when this thing struck. If anyone thinks pupils should graduate without completing the requirements, they are no better than a Hollywood type paying for their child to get into a good college; taking from some other poor schlub their spot. Graduation here is unearned.
    Union teachers are still getting paid to stay home. Who wants to volunteer to pay just the pension part of that salary? Bueller? Anyone?
    We need to realize there is a major realignment happening right now. One side wants fiefdoms with the underlying subservience to globalism and the other wants freedom. But you cannot have the freedom to look away from what is right and wrong.
    This is a crossroads. Do we want to change the system or not?


    • KBR says:

      My three grandsons in Maryland are having to complete their year’s work by computer.
      One of them graduates this year. (I live in NC)
      Why pay full salaries to teachers who are not there in person?


      • GB Bari says:

        Why pay full salaries to teachers who are not there in person?

        I understand your question.
        But I would refer you to anyone who works from home and still gets full salary. It can be done effectively.

        And what’s more, thrusting a “regular” classroom teacher into a distance learning/ instruction mode is quite challenging and requires a lot of additional work for him or her. My better half has a graduate degree in education with a focus on distance learning.

        My MBA degree was done entirely online. Distance learning requires additional teaching skills but is possible. Visual aids are quite effective online provided they are prepared effectively with audio or can have live instructor audio playing simultaneously.

        Feedback and interaction is more difficult in a time-limited instruction period but it quite possible with current technology. “Blackboard” is an example of a highly flexible / customizable distance learning application that is in use by a LOT of schools and colleges.

        What I find questionable was the suddenness of the school systems being closed and masses of students and faculty being thrust into this mode when few were prepared in advance for it.


    • Patriot1783 says:

      We have a college classroom here and within weeks of decision for offsite the refund for 1/2 room and board was available to those who had already paid for 2nd semester tuition.


  12. neev1031 says:

    To truly cherish a thing, an experience of the opposite is needed. Freedom is understood when it is taken away. Responsibility is almost unnecessary if there is no freedom. Though we teach our children to be responsible, it is difficult to explain how it is the bedrock principle of freedom. I think the past two months provides us with a real & tangible basis to talk about that. Governments do not return control once they take it away. Consider the TSA – from preventing terrorist attacks involving aircraft to screening my 80 year old mom. We are told that major threats have been defeated but there is no discussion of return to how things were before the TSA. Maybe our children will learn from this ….


  13. lcsteel says:

    Arizona here- Governor caved to leftist of Phoenix mayor and ordered shutdown until the 14th.
    No social distancing or stay home orders are being enforced in the state.


  14. We all know what the President is capable of when it comes to inspirational speeches. Considering what has been taken from these kids, and how discouraged they must be…this speech was very disappointing.
    He missed a great opportunity with these future voters. His campaign people are really letting him down. Probably on purpose.


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