NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Reports About White House Punishing China…

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow appears on CNBC to answer growing questions about whether there is a White House plan to punish China.  Kudlow is careful to tamp down any specific reports, while affirming there will be retaliatory measures.

Additionally, Director Kudlow discusses the status of the economy, the current claims under the Payroll Protection Program, and what efforts might yet come.

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33 Responses to NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Reports About White House Punishing China…

  1. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    There is NO doubt The Donald is about to apply any and all pressure he has available on Xi. I expect more tariffs and soon. We’ll pay more but lets get it on. China is all for Trump losing in 2020. Tim Cook better have a plan.

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    • BobBoxBody says:

      Yep. I anticipated this. He’s already got their nuts in a vice. Time to tighten it more. He should slap more tariffs on and then funnel it directly to the small business payment program or even towards another stimulus…..all at China’s expense. It also puts the scumbags in DC in the position of either siding with China or with the people they’re supposed to be representing. It’s a big optics win for Trump either way.

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      • Remington says:

        To some degree. Bob. I’d love to see 50% tariffs. Throw out all chi com students and profs. However, there is this little matter of meds. Can’t believe former powers to be…put us sooo far behind the right ball. I hope we are bringing that manufacturing back right now.


    • jwh49 says:

      Same for Bill Gates and the rest of the deep state!

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    I have unilaterally declared this: WORK IS DE-CRIMINALIZED
    Go and revive your businesses. I trust my fellow INDIVIDUAL Americans to take care of their own health decisions.
    It is time for us to save the world. Again. It is what Americans do.

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  3. fromseatoshinningsea says:

    They killed 50,000 Americans. They violated the Geneva Convention. They forced an economic shut down of the civilized world. They are without hearts, without souls. They are communist vermin. Isolate them,

    Their minions in the US are creating as much havoc as they can. The solution is punish them at the top: Barry & Michael, Crime wave Clinton, Brennan, Comey, all the lead traitors.

    Crush them, They deserve it.

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    • Dutchman says:

      In yesterdays AmericanThinker, an article “China committed an act of War” by William Gensert, is still available for viewing, if you scroll down to archives.

      I agree with the sentiment of the Title, but only somewhat with the article.

      He starts with the assumption the release of the virus was NOT intentional, but accidental.

      AS the Chinese dealt with the virus, they learned its true nature; that it WASN’T that lethal, but that it DID have the potential to overwhelm hospitals, if not controlled thru containment.

      And, his point is that China took a severe financial hit (in the process of learning this) on top of the 3 year hit they had been taking because of tariffs.

      So, they made a CONSCIOUS decision; the cover up of the virus, preventing inspectors, scrubbing info on genetic code, etc. was all INTENTIONAL, so that rest of world, and especially U.S., would be ‘fooled’ into doing just what we did, and instead of China alone bearing the damage to their economy, the U.S
      would, as well.

      I 1/2 agree with this; the blocking of info WAS intended to prevent us from avoiding a lockdown.

      However, I think the willingness to grab onto the idea the initial release was an accident, is fatally flawed.

      We have seen many, both commenters on this sight, and financial commentators, who continue to cling to the idea that somehow there will be a trade deal with CHINA, not recognising the reality there can NEVER be a trade deal with China, so long as CCP is in charge, because being Conmunists, they can NOT compete, and so must cheat.

      This, and blithely ignoring they use political prisoners as a human organ donor bank; they have absolutely NO ‘civilised’ restraints.

      I now believe they deliberately released the virus, and intentionally blocked any info getting out (even the corrupting the WHO was a part of their ‘war’ plan) as an attack against PDJT and America.

      The timing is just TOO propitious, for it to be an accident. It was an escalation in the ongoing war, and shows they are willing to destroy the World, if they can’t have it.

      Like Sodamn Insane setting the oil fields on fire, a MONSTROUS act that only reinforces the necessity for removing the CCP from power, while it makes finding the WAY to accomplish that, without destroying the World, exceedingly,….tricky.

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      • Bill says:

        Dutchman, I agree with you. And to add to your point, it has also been used as a rallying cry to to illicit national pride and xenophobia amongst the Chinese people. They’re using propaganda to push the idea that the virus came from America and is carried by foreigners. And this has caused their public to begin to treat other races with disdain and disgust. Thereby unifying the people behind the “party”.

        This was absolutely a plan. They also knew that by doing this, it would cause us to lockdown, causing a financial crisis, resulting in a massive bail out, which they KNEW they would get injected into THEIR economy as they tried to corner the market on all the necessary equipment to help combat the virus.

        This 100% was an act of war. And the worst part is, half OUR stupid population sides with these F’ing monsters. We need to put China in a corner and hurt them as best we can. But we really need to come up with an antidote to liberalism. It is absolutely a mental disorder. It’s symptoms are…

        1. Incessant need to control everything and everyone.
        2. Inability to read people and tell when they are blatantly lying to your face. (i.e. Hillary Clinton speaks about anything and they can’t tell she’s lying when it’s as clear as the air we breath)
        3. The desperate need to be accepted and considered smart.
        4. Lack of drive and or belief that they can survive and succeed if they work hard.
        5. Self loathing.
        6. Their belief that science is greater than God, and their outright hatred of God.
        7. Belief in reparations… the willingness to punish themselves and others for things that people did centuries ago that have absolutely ZERO link to them or those they want to see punished, or even those that they want to see rewarded because of those acts.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Yeah, read a linked story, probably by A2 (?) about how African workers living in China are being kicked out by landlords, etc.

          Funny how Rassssccccist is used so often by the left, yet Chicoms are all for inspiring rascism, when it suits their interests.


          • BIl says:

            Funny side story, my sister moved to China to get away from Trump because she refused to live under a dictator… Derp… The last thing I said to her before she left was, I’m not coming over there to save you when everything comes crashing down. Fast Forward 3 years and look where we are now???

            She also told us when she came home that she can’t say anything online or via text or any other EC because she knows they are spying on her. And she has changed her tune on Trump and republicans in general, as far as being dictators, now that she’s gotten a close up look at one in real life. Yet she’s still a lefty. Unreal.

            She sent my parents a commercial that she saw while over there. She didn’t say if it’s Chinese or not, but its a commercial that all the ex-pats have been shown and they share it amongst themselves I guess because it’s so shocking. Anyways, It starts off with a black man going to kiss his asian girl friend. She pulls away, grabs and throws him in a washer machine. The machine runs and when she opens it up she pulls him out and he’s a pale asian man. I guess the premise is the machine is so good it can turn a black guy asian??? Yet republicans are racist!!! I haven’t seen the commercial myself, she sent it to my parents and they told me about it. Just wanted to clarify, if details are not exactly as the commercial shows if someone looks it up.


    • jumpinjarhead says:

      Treat COMMUNIST China as the enemy It actually is.


  4. GH says:

    Sundance has said many times that China’s view is;

    “If it does not benefit China, it is not done.”

    Kudlow says; “China will be held accountable” We’ll see


  5. TRB says:

    Continuing to notice supply chain shifts. The Walmart Ozark Trails line of rotomolded coolers have been a mix of US made Cooler bodies and lids with imported hinges and straps and just plain made in China and has for several years, now it is a mix of US Made with Imported Parts and Made in Vietnam. The smaller and cheapest size of these Yeti knock offs is 89 bucks.

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  6. delighteddeplorable says:

    This article tells how to identify where a product is made by looking at the barcode:

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      That is most useful.
      A few years back I was looking at Yeti coolers in a Gander Mountain, trying to determine where they were made.

      No markings whatsoever on the product or labels. Great product; however, I was not ablout to pay that kind of money for something made in China or SE Asia.
      USA or Europe, yes.


      • Dutchman says:

        Frankly, including Europe in that shows a focus on quality over economics, IMHO, in decision making.
        China, thru trade barriers, I.P. theft, Dumping, and corruption of our government, has been ripping us off for 30 years, for 1/2 $trillion/year.

        MOST all of Europe, thru trade barriers and underfunding NATO obligations, has been ripping us off for,……?
        1/2 $Trillion/year, for 30 years!

        Actually, virtually ALL countries we trade with, have been ripping us off on trade, and virtually all those we have military cooperation with have been ripping us off on those deals, as well.

        What makes CHINA and EU different,, is their political and social systems are structured so they are UTTERLY dependant on the status quo, whereas countries like India, Japan etc. CAN, given some time, accept the new reality of reciprocal tariffs, and paying a fair price for U.S. military ‘assistence’, the EU and CHINA,….CAN’T.

        It is INTRINSIC and built into their system, that they continue to rip us off; they can NEVER agree to what PDJT is demanding, without a profound change to their system, which they are unwilling to make.

        Point being, if it ain’t made in the U.S. of A, or at least in countries PDJT has negotiated trade deals with,….it is sending jobs to those who are ripping us off.

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    • chickenhawk says:

      Interesting article, but look at these quotes:

      “Barcodes certainly contain a great degree of information. For instance, if you look at a traditional UPC barcode, the 19-digit number will tell you:

      The type of barcode the scanner has read
      Who the product manufacturer is
      The exact product it is

      This information doesn’t include the product’s country of origin.

      Then there are EAN-13 (European Article Numbering) barcodes, 13-digit barcodes which are used globally. Unlike UPC barcodes, EAN-13 barcodes do contain identifiers for a product’s country of origin.

      But it can be more complicated than that.”


      While yes, it is true that barcodes can be used for traceability initiatives across a global supply chain, the digits mentioned in the misleading November 2008 email do not signify the product’s exact country of origin.

      Instead, there’s a need for true traceability programs, which are far more complicated, intricate, and rely on various programs, systems, protocols, and stakeholders worldwide.


  7. Richie says:



  8. Popoy says:

    May 1 is the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker. Let’s put America back to work!


  9. 4sure says:

    We can’t have it both ways.

    On the one hand, many who say Fauchi and the CDC overhyped this to destroy the economy, and this Wuhan virus was no worse than a regular flu season, are now saying China killed 50,000 americans and must pay.

    So, which is it? This covid from china is the real deal as Dr Doom says, or is it just another o overhyped flu season?


    • fanbeav says:

      I think it is both….overhyped by CDC. But any death from this virus is the result of China not telling the world to give a heads up and blocking travel from Wuhan into other areas of China, but allowing them to travel elsewhere in the world. That is a deliberate act and they must be punished.

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      • Beigun says:

        While only 12,000 to 18,000 died in the USA during Obama’s Swine Flu, the global estimate is in the several hundreds of thousands of deaths–and we have not reached that yet with Flu Manchu. Some say Swine Flu originated in Mexico, others believe it started in the US, but nevertheless, it was “seeded” all over the world. Culprits were pigs, not bats. Be careful what you ask for.

        Hardball on China is a must, along with the other “Fatcats” of NE Asia, but think about how to do it!


        • Beigun says:

          And I’ll say it again despite the stone-throwing to follow. ALL flights from Wuhan, international and domestic, stopped the day the lock-down commenced there. Any deep look proves this, but we keep hearing it again and again from those on the tube who should no better. This is becoming the “Yellow Cake” of Saddam for WMD. Why the hokum? I am very suspicious of our IC since it is implicated in the COUP. So, why now are we hearing from POTUS that it may have come from the Wuhan Lab (by accident?) as he mused yesterday. Could it possibly be IC eavesdropping in Wuhan? Did they hear, “Oops, we got a leak in the bat room!” in December or January? Then why in the heck are we hearing about this now??? C’mon, guys! If the IC bubbas have proof, where were they months ago? Something stinks and our IC gang has lost decades of trust from Brennan’s COUP!


  10. KnowSERENoFear says:

    As much as it “feels good” to wish our Federal government will “punish” China, the reality is that ALL our politicians are bought and paid for by them. As SD astutely writes, big pharma, big tech, and big industry write our laws, then lobbyists wine and dine our pols, and our pols pass it. Big pharma, big tech, and big industry & lobbyists = China.

    The other hard reality is the pervasive dependence on our Federal government to fix our problems. It’s apathetic, lazy, and ineffective. The only thing we can truly change and control are our OWN actions. WE are the BIGGEST consumer of Chinese goods…so why don’t WE stop buying them? It comes down to a battle of our willingness to suffer the consequences of going without Chinese products vs our willingness to wear a Chinese leash, a red ball in our mouth, and be a “Gimp.”

    We don’t need our government to punish China. WE THE PEOPLE can!


    • 4sure says:


      And to carry that a step further,
      we the people don’t need the gubmint to do much of anything for us. We can use our labor, our money, our constitutional rights to cast off the chains of big gubmint. If that fails, we should do what the founders told us to do. They knew that sooner or later, the fed. Gubmint would subvert us, and we would need to water the tree of liberty.

      Frankly, I think that tree is dying from a lack of water.


      • KnowSERENoFear says:

        AMEN! A word of caution..we do NOT have Constitutional Rights. Rather, WE have Natural rights. The “Bill of Rights” when read, is really a list of restrictions imposed on the Federal government by it’s Creators (WE THE PEOPLE). And for those Natural Rights not addressed in the Bill of Rights, the Framers specifically created the 10th Amendment…and I will dare say most important Amendment to the Constitution:

        “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

        IF our rights were Constitutional and the Constitution was created by MAN, then men can take them away. Instead OUR rights are Natural…they come from the DEVINE…and NO MAN may take them! It may be just “semantics” to most, but I believe there is a powerful distinction. Words are powerful. The Globalists, Elitists, Collectivists, and Socialists all know this…and it’s why one hears that we are a Democracy when in fact we are a Republic….We here that Courts “rule” when in fact they issue OPINIONS (kings rule not Courts)…and we hear that we have Constitutional rights which allows us to accept that government can “infringe” them.

        Apologies for the rant! 🙂


  11. jumpinjarhead says:

    I cannot agree with this entire approach that merely continues the lie we have been told by every administration since Nixon.

    COMMUNIST China is our existential enemy—it is not our “friend,” “trading partner,” nor is it just a “big cuddly panda bear of a country” full of smiling friendly Chinese wanting to be our pals.

    As our mortal enemy (it has not changed its ambitions since it was created through unspeakable brutality and bloodshed over 60 years ago!), we should disengage ALL ties with that COMMUNIST nation (economic, “cultural,” scientific, educational etc.) and treat as we do any other enemy state, like we do Iran for example.

    Continuing as we have done for the last 50 years is sheer folly.

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  12. woodstuff says:

    I want very high tariffs on pharmaceutical companies from everywhere in the world, but especially on China. Big Pharma would lose their tails if they don’t make a move back home.


  13. Ray Caruso says:

    The US should really crack down on China. Do you know what we should do? We should stop lending them hundreds of billions and selling them all kinds of stuff on credit!

    Oh wait…


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