FBI Notes Released – Show Plan to Frame Michael Flynn For “Logan Act” Violation and/or “Lying” About It – With Goal For Removal…

The first of the sealed documents provided to the Flynn defense have been unsealed.  The documents include emails between: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, his FBI counsel Lisa Page, as well as FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI Agent Joe Pientka in the lead-up to the January 24, 2017 interview of Michael Flynn.

This specific release is the court filing of five pages that was initially turned-over to the Flynn defense team last Friday. [The pdf is here]  [There are an additional 11 pages of documents from another production earlier today; those are not in this release]

The documents today also include handwritten notes taken by FBI counterintelligence chief William “Bill” Priestap; which show him both questioning and outlining the purpose of the interview: to remove National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

According to the Priestap notes it appears the position of the FBI on January 23, 2017, was that Michael Flynn had violated the Logan Act by having a conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on December 29, 2016, prior to the inauguration.

This was a ridiculous position, there was no violation of the Logan Act; however, it was this position from which the questioning the next day, January 24 2017, would be based.

The next page of notes discusses the “Afterwards”:

The redactions are likely “the transcript“; where the FBI has the transcript of the call between Michael Flynn and Ambassador Kislyak.   The redaction would be continued to protect the source of the material (“sources and methods”).

Interestingly, on the second day, the actual day of the interview, it appears Bill Priestap had second thoughts and was questioning the goal of the interview: “I thought about it last night and I believe we should rethink this”…

FBI Asst. Director for Counterintelligence Bill Priestap then asks the question: “what is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”

The premise of “wrongdoing” vis-a-vis a Logan Act violation was ridiculous.  As the incoming National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn would be talking to many counterparts throughout the globe.   Even Priestap started to realize what they were doing was “playing games.”

Here’s the full release:


[…] Multiple officials confirmed to Just the News that the author of the notes is William Priestap, the now-retired FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence and the ultimate supervisor for fired agent Peter Strzok, who led the Russia probe.

[…]  A special prosecutor is reviewing DOJ’s and the FBI’s handling of the Flynn prosecution, which led to the former Trump adviser and retired general pleading guilty to lying to the FBI under a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Russia case.

Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell filed a court motion last week saying new evidence has emerged showing Flynn was “framed” and his conviction should be dismissed. The officials said the notes are part of that new evidence and had been withheld from Flynn’s defense team for years even though they were potential evidence of innocence.

More evidence is being produced in the next few days that will further illuminate the FBI’s conduct in the case that is now at the center of the DOJ investigation, officials said.  (more)

Keep in mind, the Mueller special counsel knew this all along…

Keep in mind, former DAG Rod Rosenstein knew this all along…

Also keep in mind, current FBI Director Chris Wray and current FBI Legal Counsel Dana Boente knew this all along….

These documents have been inside the DOJ and FBI for more than three years; while they prosecuted him and drove his family into bankruptcy.

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766 Responses to FBI Notes Released – Show Plan to Frame Michael Flynn For “Logan Act” Violation and/or “Lying” About It – With Goal For Removal…

  1. Jerry Joe says:


    Thanks a lot. I just got in trouble for eating half a box of ice cream bars while pouring over these notes.

    I seem to recall years back in your articles that Priestep married into $, his wife being from a Wall Street related family and that his salary alone couldn’t support his neighborhood. Recall then wondering whether he might “flip” because he may be one person having an awful lot to lose.

    With that in mind, I began to speculate on his Day 2 notes, and his “rethinking” from the day before, might not have simply been the result of him ‘talking’ to his wife the night before.

    Definately malice aforethought.

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    • pepperjackgrits says:

      Sabina Mensche

      Daddyo Goldman Sachs

      Sabina owns Nardello

      Not sure but I think the Mossad like her very much.

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      • Danny Schroder says:

        Sabina Menschel is President & Chief Operating Officer of Nardello & Co., and is based in the firm’s Washington, DC office. A graduate of Harvard College and the Harvard Business School, Sabina has over 18 years of experience leading domestic and international due diligence, litigation support, fraud, and global asset recovery investigations on behalf of financial institutions, law firms, and multinationals.

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    • Bill says:

      Wray being complicit in all of this is truly astounding. He was brought in out of nowhere by Trump admin based on recommendation from Chris Christie. A guy that from my understanding had little direct connection to the fbi. Yet he’s brought in to be the director and immediately gets in lock step with the coupe.

      Does anyone know if he was working on any peripheral cases linked to the Russia hoax? How did he just jump in balls deep, and cover up everything?! And if he truly was recommended by Christie, they need to take a VERY close look at Chris and his dealings.

      JFC, can someone please blow this thing wide open? Sundance has done that for all of us paying attention. But it’s so disheartening when I send his articles to people of like mind to us, but they respond “long article, but I’m with you, these people are snakes”. And I try to tell them, this is so much worse then them just being snakes. This is mind blowing stuff that makes water gate looks like a food fight in high school and it’s not hyperbole. But they just won’t listen. Or maybe they just don’t have the gray matter to put this all together as it’s laid out. No offense to them, but Sundance’s investigative reporting is so thorough and In depth, I don’t know if average folk can grasp it.

      Either way, it feels like we are going to need video evidence of Hillary Clinton, in Epstein’s cell, strangling him while yelling at a DOJ or Covington attorney telling him how he needs to do more to cover up his lies from the Flynn case while cutting a check to Putin for services rendered In the entire hoax.


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      • jeffsn4 says:

        If I remember correctly Chris Christie was behind a lot of the snakes.

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        • betseyross says:

          But I also recall the Christie was being considered for some major position. Maybe AG. Trump said NO. Wray came in to take over from Comey. By then Christie had had enough time to recommend someone that would heal his wounded ego by being a subversive. We seem to be dealing with children who need a good spanking.

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      • Snellvillebob says:

        Remember when Chris Christy was not charged for Bridgegate? Recommending Wray is most likely his payback for that.


      • Sharpshorts says:

        Yes indeed, Bill :

        Temporary Sanity …”the horror” — Col. Kurtz
        reality …”the dichotomy” — Sharpshorts
        “Late Lament” — Graeme Edge

        Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
        Watch lights fade from every room.
        Bedsitter people look back and lament,
        Another day’s useless energy spent.
        Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
        Lonely man cries for love and has none.
        New mother picks up and suckles her son,
        Senior citizens wish they were young.
        Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
        Removes the colours from our sight.
        Red is grey and yellow white.
        But we decide which is right.
        And which is an illusion?

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      • Country_Kat says:

        “Or maybe they just don’t have the gray matter to put this all together as it’s laid out. No offense to them, but Sundance’s investigative reporting is so thorough and In depth, I don’t know if average folk can grasp it.”

        Bill, I have always considered myself a simpleton. I’m simply a country bumpkin/redneck/hick, take a pick. I graduated high school in 98, married a year later and had our first child just over a year after that. I never got into politics or economics although I was always interested, I avoided them because I didn’t understand them. With my lack of understanding, I chose not to vote… who am I to cast a vote when I’m an idiot? That changed during Obama’s first term when I started understanding a little more and more. I registered to vote and voted for the first time in my life in hopes that he wouldn’t get a second term.

        While I understood more than I ever had at that point, when I was introduced to TCTH, Sundance’s articles were literally my ‘light bulb over head moment’. Sundance can break things down to where even an idiot like myself can understand. Rest assured that if those ‘people of like mind’ can only respond with a simple I agree or yea, they’re all snakes, it isn’t for a lack of understanding. It’s because they are too danged lazy to put in the effort.

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        • Bill says:

          County_Kat, I promise you the people that respond that way will be standing right next to me during the revolution. The thing they lack, is drive. Making them fall into the lazy, or too busy category. They are not snakes. But they are truly missing out what’s happening here based on facts. But I can tell you in their minds, they’ve already fast forwarded to the point where this is all considered as “no kidding” territory for them. They assumed all these things happened anyway.

          My gripe with that line of thinking, although I’m happy they are on our team, is that even though they’ve made the right decision that these people are evil, they are missing the actual substance of it, that I truly believe would heighten their anger much more and encourage them to get the message out there more. That’s the thing that they are missing from not knowing the facts. These facts that Sundance highlights are the rocket fuel that push me to constantly get the message out and tell people not only the facts, but direct them to this site. And for the non believers that call me a conspiracy theorist, I always just say do my a favor, don’t read the comment section, don’t read more than Sundance’s lead in, but read all of the actual government documents that he provides. Those are not hyperbole, those are not manufactured, those are evidence. Those are fact. Those are Truth.

          And I kid you not, I’ve turned some democrats into Trump supporters thanks to this site. I love it now when they send me articles before I can send them to them. And hearing that “man you really were right about these people trying to set Trump up, and the media is truly just attacking Trump instead of telling the Truth. It’s a great feeling.

          But it sucks when people on our side won’t take the time to dive a little deeper. Very upsetting.

          PS: CK, you are not a dumb person by any means. You found this site, you read upon your own will. You are plenty smart. Just because you took a path in life that you don’t think represents “smart” doesn’t make that true. You did you, and there is nothing wrong with that. And I’m sure your kids love you dearly and are happy you had them and care for them. Don’t ever look down on yourself. You’re a winner, you are on a winning team, and soon you’re going to win so much you’re going to get tired of winning:-)

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          • Country_Kat says:

            Oh, I hope you didn’t think I was calling your friends/acquaintances snakes. In your OP you stated their responses were along the lines of, “long article, but I’m with you, these people are snakes”, I was just paraphrasing that line. If you took it that I was insulting, I apologize.

            I’m glad that they will be standing tall along with the rest of us that want to keep our country as founded and cleanse it of the rot. While I hope and pray daily that it can be avoided, I have an ever growing knot in the pit of my stomach that things won’t end well. There is simply too much at stake on both sides. For them, their absolute power and control and for us, our freedom, liberty and lives of not only ourselves but our children and grandchildren.

            It is frustrating that people won’t dive a little deeper as you say. If we don’t spend the time to understand how this has all taken place, from our jobs being off-shored to the continued attempts at taking down Trump, how will we prevent it from happening again. What we don’t learn from, we repeat.

            I thank you for your kind words there at the end. We have 3 kids that range from 19 years old down to 2 years old and I would lay my life on the line in a heartbeat to ensure their futures. It does give me hope that while our oldest is a ‘millennial’ that she (along with many others) doesn’t fit the narrative. She is like I was at that age though and won’t register to vote because she doesn’t feel she understands enough to give an educated vote and while I understand because I was just like her, I’ve slowly got her into reading and learning more. She’s come to me several times, especially since this Covid scam, and asked if I had read something and we’d discuss it. I don’t try to influence her but I try to guide her to find her own answers and opinions. I’ve given her real life scenarios such as Democrats adding in the student loan items in the relief bill, not telling her at first that it actually happened and she would get red in the face and assert, “but that has nothing to do with Covid!” Then I’d tell her that well, it was in the bill because Democrats/leftists wouldn’t agree to pass it without it. It’s encouraging to know that she’s starting to seek these sorts of things out now on her own and verifying. I just pray I can guide the younger two as well.


    • TMonroe says:

      Via our host:


      “On the home-front: FBI Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap is married to Sabina Menschel a self-employed “consultant” with a history of donations to Democrat candidates, specifically to Hillary Clinton. Bill’s wife Sabina comes from a Goldman Sach’s connected family, which must be why Bill and Sabina can afford to live in a $3.2 million home in Washington DC. Would be a little difficult to afford a $3,000,000.00 mortgage on a G-Man’s payroll.”

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    • Jan says:

      Not to mention he claimed in his testimony to Congress that he “inherited” his staff & Strzok was running things while he (Priestap) was spending his time at the CIA & elsewhere.

      What we’re discovering is that the corruption is so deep, we can no longer rely on
      any local, state, or federal government official to tell the truth, have ethics, or not take any bribe. They are our a “friends.”


  2. MaineCoon says:

    Many moons ago, we treepers had many discussions about Preistap, but I was also intrigued about the scuttlebutt about his wife…from a well connected Goldman Sachs NY family, Jewish…Israel…and then there’s the spy information about her, very interesting family…..

    For what it’s worth.

    Wonder where they are spending retirement.


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    • regitiger says:

      yes, his name first got my attention listening to comey testify before congress.

      he was asked why he did not inform congress or the president that a counter-intelligence op was active..

      something along the lines of “because of the sensitivity…etc”

      then comey offered against other lines of questions that this advice was given to him by the deputy chief (sp? title..I forget) of the FBI counter-intel section (again, sorry for not remembering with precision exactly what program/division comey actually stated).

      point is, Comey was pointing at Preistap….directly! Some might even say, he was blaming him.

      I then wondered why comey boy has been so coy …or more precisely what is it about him that really screams: “I am just a suit, I don’t make the big boy decisions”?

      because goldman sachs is working its magic a the FIB..that’s why..

      I’m sure there is more to it than that. I am sure we will slowly start to eat this elephant if we go hunting..

      anyone up for an elephant hunt?

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    • jaxnix says:

      First impression of the camelotdaily site is poor. I’ll not be revisiting.


    • NC Nana says:


      Really interesting article. I think his wife may have been behind Priestap’s overnight thinking.

      I knew about most of his wife’s background, but I didn’t know she had worked for the FBI at one time.

      I got really creeped out when I attempted to go to the second page of the article. My connection timed out and the message said .opdeepstate.com taking too long to respond.

      Just looked again, one of the reporters writes for OpDeepState. I’ve never seen that site name before. lol I won’t skip over the credits so fast in the future.

      Note to those saying “give me a break about opdeepstate: The FBI has been ham handed about a lot of things. They just use their filing system to cover it up.


  3. kleen says:

    BREAKING: Former FBI General Counsel James Baker Has Flipped! Durham is Building Conspiracy Case on All of Those Who Lied to the Court!
    By Jim Hoft
    Published April 29, 2020 at 8:59pm

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  4. Just remember folks, regardless of the Flynn outcome, if we do not re-elect PDJT in November, everything goes away.

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    • Despicable Me says:

      Was driving in a neighborhood early today in the southern part of Fairfax County and saw a huge Trump 2020 flag in someone’s yard. Caused me to smile and say quick prayer for the protections do welfare if that individual, family and property. Trump flags are a rare sight indeed in this neck of the woods.

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      • Bill says:

        What part of Fairfax? I lived in Herndon for 15 years of my life. The formative years in the 80’s and 90’s. Further out west in those parts a sign like that is encouraging but nowhere near the level of Fairfax Proper? Like Fairfax City, or Vienna or falls church. So where in county were you? Would love to hear somewhere between 123 and 7:-)


        • Despicable Me says:

          I’ve lived in the southern part of the county since the early 90s. I was driving in a neighborhood adjacent to the route one corridor on an errand I deemed essential.

          BTW, I have also seen Trump 2020 signs and bumper stickers in Burke, Kingstowne and Springfield. The signs seem to be strategically placed where thousands of motorists will see them daily. I also know a few MAGA supporters in Falls Church but they don’t dare advertise the fact. I think we’ll see more signs supporting POTUS as we get closer to November.

          Also seeing a rise in the number of Gadsden flag license plates on vehicles in my area but I’ve always suspected those to be trade or service personnel from PW or further points out.

          Was in a Fairfax adult Ed trade class to learn something new. The class was predominately populated by recent legal immigrants who were oddly (or maybe not) mostly Ukrainian or Venezuelan and small business owners or otherwise self employed. ALL were unapologetic supporters of President Trump and his MAGA agenda. I wasn’t surprised by their sympathies but encouraged by their outspoken support.


      • betseyross says:

        Last summer there were Republicans out in Shenandoah at their county fair that were selling Trump swag including hats etc etc. A friend got ahold of some rather large Trump flags and he said that they disappeared like toilet paper today. They couldn’t keep up their supply. There was huge interest. I have seen a few of them on Rt. 11 up and down the Valley and I am thrilled that some have made their way ‘over the mountain’!


    • dilonsfo says:

      Truer words never said.

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  5. Fools Gold says:

    What has Barr had to say about this shit regard buddy Wray? Before you go off looking I’ll give you the answer: Nothing yet, he’s working on a special type of “bondo”….


    • HecklerDon says:

      Why in the world would he say something negative about Wray? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right? Barr is playing the game perfectly. It’s just that we don’t know that gameplan or the timetable he is working under.

      I think it’s so hilarious that so many of you are not smart enough to see what’s going on with Barr. It’s so obvious that he’s gone out of his way to feed out of Rosenstein and Wray’s hands. The man has come out and made statements that are causing folks to break out in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, and done so at opportune times when the media was taking things grossly off course. Consistently he has maintained that what has gone on is disturbing, that he has a vicious lead prosecutor on the case, that things are moving forward, and that he cannot get into the details too deeply when the investigation is underway.

      If James Baker has turned state’s evidence, who knows what they have to work with. Also, they very well may be working with additional folks who’ve flipped to save their skin. They may also be flipping others presently.

      I look forward to the day when many of you eat crow over this, but not nearly as much as I look forward to the day these scumbags get frog marched out and put in a dark, musty hole where they will stay for awhile.

      It’s coming. Have faith. If you don’t trust certain among these folks, DO trust PDJT. The man simply does not lose, he’s had these folks in checkmate for awhile now, and he’s dropped very telling hints at times about the fact that he has already beaten these folks. If nothing else, TRUST OUR LION! And President Trump would not be proud of those of you who feel compelled to keep disparaging his AG.

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    • laurisand says:

      Isn’t Barr the one who declassified all of this? So, is that ‘nothing’ in your mind..? Seriously asking..

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    • laurisand says:

      Isn’t Barr the one who declassified all of this? So, is that ‘nothing’ in your mind..? Seriously asking..


    • icehole3 says:

      Barr has a public Q&A on twitter today,


  6. History Teaches says:

    If there is no pain for the high level coup platters, there is no gain.

    These traitors need to be punished to the max. No cute legal compromises, plea deals, settlements, transfers, retirements and so on any more.

    Otherwise the deep state braintrust and their backers will just regroup, strategize, bring in new operatives. They have shown without a doubt that nothing is off limits for them.

    Their punishments must be so severe and frightening that it shakes the foundation of the comfortable deep state status quo. Without fearsome deterents there will be no fear. With no consequences of significance, nothing changes.

    And the cesspool of the educational system needs immediate and radical revision. That’s the breeding ground that perpetuates this behavior. Enough is enough!

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  7. gsonFIT says:

    I think Nancy Pelosi should send General Flynn some of her mail order ice cream. You know as a good will offering.

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  8. History Teaches says:

    Platters = plotters, though they should be served boiled in oil or fried in he’ll.


  9. Despicable Me says:

    Just reviewed the documents and noted the following regarding the handwritten:

    The initials EP in the upper right hand corner over the date 01/24/17 are those of…….Edward William “Bill” Priestap. Looks like the date was changed from the 24th to the 25th.

    Also note at the bottom says…….review on standalone. What in the world needed to be reviewed on a non-networked computer. More importantly, WHERE is that computer and who had access to it?

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  10. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Every once in awhile, I read The Enemy’s twitter feeds, just to see how delusional they all are. Here’s Mr. Lawfare’s feed:

    I despise these holier than thou twisted sick people. Black is white, up is down, evil is good.
    The perversion of the Constitution and the law (“lawfare”, right? – it’s just a big f*n game to them).


    • Zy says:

      Yes, all of this but Witless is admitting in his tweet that the FBI has no integrity, morals or investigative standards. Some argument from Lawfare.

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    • gsonFIT says:

      Wittes made a comment earlier in the night about regardless of how shocking this may be that he felt confident judge Sullivan knew the law and that the law was on the judges side. Something to the effect of people dont realize this is how policing gets done.

      I would like to think “justice” is on the side of the Judge Sullivan and exactly how much criminal law has the empirical Ben Wittes be in involved in other than textbooks and blogs?

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  11. John says:

    I’m pretty sure Judge Sullivan can look at the history of the Logan Act and smell the manure. 70,000 Fentanyl deaths that year and the higher ups (high salary) in the FBI are focusing on the Logan act and bullshit russian collusion. That in itself is grounds for termination. I hope I never see a tweet from anyone of them about Covid-19 and a lack of gov’t response when they spent months screwing around with this bullshit while thousands died.

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    • Despicable Me says:

      Agree that pursuing General Flynn via the Logan Act was unconscionable and Russia, Russia, Russia was a cruel joke but isn’t the fentanyl problem the primary purview of the DRUG Enforcement Agency (DEA).


  12. Somebody's Gramma says:


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  13. Kristin DeBacco says:

    I am relieved the criminals documented their crime and preserved it.
    I know it’s infuriating but we have been infuriated for three years now.
    I am glad it’s out.
    Vindication feels good.
    Now remember November.

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  14. The Logan Act is dead-letter law. Only twice used, never successfully in over two centuries, the last time 1852.

    New Dealers accused Hoover of meddling. Reagan accused Jesse Jackson of meddling in Cuba. Jim Wright meddled in Central America. Obama accused Republicans of meddling in his Iran Treason, Hillary told Tom Vilsack to accuse Trump for his “Russia , if you’re listening”-joke. If John Kerry isn’t guilty of it with Iran, THERE IS NO SUCH THING.

    They weren’t investigating any goddam Logan Act. They were merely trying to generate a process crime or extort a plea by holding his family hostage. Period. Mobsters with badges.

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    • Zy says:

      In addition, there’s always the difference of an alleged crime by a Republican admin versus a Democrat one as narrated by the msm co-conspirators and propagandists.

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  15. DeWalt says:

    Lisa Pages old Tweets are pure gold.


    • hudsonthedog says:

      I thought Page would be the one to turn on the others, but she’s not that smart, and obviously has no personal integrity.

      I think Priestap is going to be the one to testify against the others. He’s in the witness protection program out in California, the only one of the cabal to still be employed by the FBI. He smelled trouble brewing, clearly had second thoughts abut the “plan”, and was smart enough to keep handwritten notes about what was happening.

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      • Electra says:

        Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s Pientka who is hiding out in California. He’s the agent who went with Strozk to the WH to ambush Michael Flynn in Jan. 2017.

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      • furtive says:

        Priestap is married to Sabina Menschel, the current head of the Washington, D.C., office of Nardello & Co, a detective agency.[9] Menschel’s father, Richard Menschel, is a Goldman Sachs investment banker, philanthropist and political donor, as is her uncle Robert Menschel.[ His mother-in-law, Ronay A. Menschel, was a deputy mayor of New York City under Ed Koch.

        Money to Candidates
        WASHINGTON, DC 20007 NARDELLO & CO. 10-26-2016 $500 Clinton, Hillary (D)


        After graduating from Harvard Business School, Sabina served as a Special Advisor in the Directorate of Intelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s headquarters in Washington, DC. In that capacity, she worked with senior management to refine and strengthen the FBI’s intelligence gathering capabilities and implement its intelligence transformation efforts in response to the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.



  16. chojun says:

    “Can quote [REDACTED]” is likely a reference to the leaked media report about his call.


  17. John Fullbright says:

    Given these new revelations, the only path forward is to fire them all and start over again. The DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. etc. three letter agencies are all compromised. Time to start over. Since they are agencies of the executive branch, DJT has the absolute authority to do this. Let’s get the job done …

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  18. islandpalmtrees says:

    I wonder, if Nunes has asked Bill Priestap and Carl Ghattas, McCabe’s “Right Hand Man about the notes?

    JULY 20, 2018
    FBI’s National Security Branch Chief Abruptly Quits; Assistant Director Ghattas Described as McCabe’s “Right Hand Man”


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  19. iconoclast says:

    I want to see the sanctimonious Right Reverend James Comey, author of A Higher Purpose, perp-walked in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street, in Washington, DC. Try him, convict him of sedition, and hang him in the town square. This is what this man deserves.

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  20. 2zymos says:

    We have a purpose in the “Flynn interview”/frame-up meaning we have a “HOW” they get rid of him.
    Do we have a “WHY”?

    What is the motivation to have Flynn removed?

    And, seems like a “number of players” all agree and work together that Flynn has to go.
    Flynn is NOT the bridge to Trump: Russia Russia Russia is already rooted and starting to sprout and reports are Obama’s only personnel recommendation to Trump is no to Flynn or avoid Flynn.

    The motive for getting rid of Flynn will be EXTREMELY EXCEPTIONALLY important as we move forward.

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    • Zydeco says:

      IMO Two motives, get rid of Flynn because of his conflicts with the Obama administration and his knowledge of where the “bodies are buried” and how that might be used to expose their corruption now that Flynn was joining up with the Trump administration. Now the second motive is that Trump can be dirtied up through Flynn contact with the Russian ambassador.

      Either motive stands alone or in combination.

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      • Linda Wood says:

        Your question, “What is the motivation to have Flynn removed?” is the most important point in all of Russiagate and the attempt to remove President Trump. General Flynn has been outspoken about the duplicitous, treasonous nature of our foreign policy in support of Saudi Arabia as it has armed and funded ISIS and Al Qaeda.

        As DIA director Flynn publicized this 2012 report:

        Click to access Pg.-291-Pgs.-287-293-JW-v-DOD-and-State-14-812-DOD-Release-2015-04-10-final-version11.pdf









    • John Ostrowski says:

      General Flynn worked for Obama, and when he got wind of what the deep state was doing, he unknowingly, expressed his displeasure to a snitch, and consequently was canned. When he signed on with Trump with intentions to clean out the deep state, he became a target, ” the motive”. The man who knows too much must be destroyed.

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      • John Ostrowski says:

        I also agree with Zydeco, that the tie in with the Russian COLLUSSION WAS ALL PART OF THE PLOY.


      • deeperinfo says:

        Interstingly, the recent comments from Senator Grassley and Sidney Powell directly cite Flynn’s knowledge of illegalities in intelligence agencies.
        Not even sugar-coating it anymore – directly stating he was targeted to stop disclosure of obama admin violations of law.

        The best word I read today was “conspiracy” from Joe DeGenova. NOT individual crimes.!

        Oh, please be true. Awaiting verification from Durham, but these new releases are (additional) explosive evidence of illegal conspiracy.


  21. ezduzit63 says:

    What do all these bad actors have in common..they are SES…

    Liked by 2 people

  22. Bubby says:

    In other words Benjamin Wittes admits Judge Sullivan is in on the frame up! Who knew?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zy says:

      Wow, what a bigot Witless is. Drug dealers are black, gang members are Latino, terrorists are middle eastern.

      And btw, the FBI uses unethical and illegal tactics and try’s to entrap people everyday so why start with morals and integrity now?

      Gotta luv Lawfare.

      Liked by 1 person

    • iswhatitis says:

      I’m sorry to ask, but what sort of garbage is this?

      Benjamin Wittes “If you’re outraged by the FBI’s tactics with Flynn, keep in mind that they do these things every day against drug dealers, gang members, and terrorists. Except those people are black, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern—not “lock ‘er up” lily white.

      What a load of rubbish.

      So only those races have those types of criminals?

      That is serious B.S. Criminals come from all races, colors, creeds, cultures (including “lily white”).

      This Wittles character has got to be a Lefty – to spew racism off-the-cuff like that (while likely believing they aren’t racist).

      I’m sorry if this is some “highly respected” character (I really don’t know). He’s a moron in my eyes, if spewing that sort of rubbish.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Jay says:

        I think Flynn should sue under color of law. BHO is a racist. As are most RATS.
        Not sure if a ‘lily White’ has filed but under color of law but it sure would be interesting.


    • BigTalkers says:

      More ‘Gallows humor’ methinks.


  23. roddrepub says:

    All of those involved deserve an old school punishment.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. hokkoda says:

    It might not even matter if the judge agrees that these conclusively prove Flynn’s innocence. He doesn’t have to agree with that to know that:

    A) Evidence has emerged that would definitely have changed Flynn’s willingness to enter into a plea, and
    B) Brandon Van Grack knowingly lied to the court about the existence of these materials.

    In reference to B, IIRC, Van Grack calmed the existence of Brady materials and other claims by the Defense a conspiracy theory.

    Conspiracy fact, Mr Slimeball Van Grack… conspiracy fact…

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Howie_Roak says:

    Sorry folks — all of these theories I read on this site and others do not hold water.

    First of all no one mentioned recently has anything to to gain by “flipping” for the prosecution since none will ever be charged for even spitting on the sidewalk.
    Secondly the FBI and USDOJ have a ready made alibi — it was a counter-intel investigation per the direction of the POTUS (Obama) that spanned over in to the next administration (Trump’s) — to maintain consistency the investigation had to complete before it could be terminated. The investigation was conducted in a standard manner consistent with standard procedure…
    Third and most important — the whistleblower to the house and USDOJ investigators has not been publicly named as of yet and is still hiding in plain sight. He told Rep. Nunes where the “jewels” where and how to find them. Lately he has ran to ground to protect himself from many threats….

    Lastly those that know how to read the trail of bread crumbs aren’t talking for several reasons.
    1. its against the law to reveal sensitive personnel actions within the USDOJ or its 5 LEOs.
    2. The loss of security clearances due to violating (1) is severe ….
    3. the old maxim of the USDOJ still applies
    “we are the law, the law is whatever we say it is; besides who is going to stop us we are the law”
    4. The severest punishment I ever saw render to a high level USDOJ personnel was — “you are kicked out of the club…and don’t call us ever…”

    the reason why the FBI hates Gen. Flynn….

    June 19, 2012 Andy McCabe authorizes an OPR investigation of Special Agent Robyn Gritz after one of his deputies told him Gritz was about to file an EEO complaint.
    April 30, 2014: Flynn announces his retirement from the DIA about a year earlier than expected. Media reports reveal that Flynn was effectively forced out over his combative management style and clashes over his attempted overhaul of the agency. [excuse not the truth]
    May 9, 2014 The then DIA Chief Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn wrote: “SSA Gritz was well-known, liked and respected in the military counter-terrorism community for her energy, commitment and professional capacity, and over the years worked in several inter-agency groups on counter-terrorism targeting initiatives,” This angered FBI’s McCabe and others. The FBI sought to block General Flynn’s support for the agent, asking a federal administrative law judge to keep Flynn and others from becoming a witness in Special Agent Robyn Gritz Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).


    • Brutalus says:

      One man’s “alibi” is another man’s coup


    • Obviously, there was more than one reason for their determination to get Flynn. He was, in a word, the “Enemy” of all their plans…and all of their personal sins/failings. What sealed his fate among them, was his opposition to Obama/Soetoro’s desired islamification of America and undermining of “Racist (Christian) America”. Islam — or rather, Obama’s personal attachment to it, essentially as a Black Muslim at heart — is the hidden elephant in the room, in the persecution of Flynn.


  26. jm says:

    General Flynn writes in his book:

    “This administration has forbidden us to describe our enemies properly and clearly: they are Radical Islamists.”

    “I don’t believe all cultures are morally equivalent, and I think the West, and especially America, is far more civilized, far more ethical and moral, than the system our main enemies want to impose on us.”

    Essentially, Flynn is saying: Hey BHO. 🖕 GFY

    Liked by 4 people

  27. mtk says:

    As was recently said, “America is not broken.”
    So then it got to be, “Just a little side tracked.”

    So look into our eyes when we ask, “Say it ani’t so, Joe!”

    Really, “Is that what it has come to?”
    “Please, sir, (we) want some more”

    Please!!!, worried about the Institutions… The Institution!!, what Insituition? Would that be the Institution of Mr. Bumble, or is it the Instuition of Fagin.

    That is, “What we know, and what you know, we know!”

    Walk your halls and look into the eyes of the thousands of proud civil servants, “This was not cooked up by them, this was the top leadership throwing, ‘Dice’, hedging political bets. Playing with the Future, that is enshired in OUR CONSTITUTION to rail road the faith of what they serve (C-O-N-S-T–I-T-U-T-I-O-N) and if you would ask them, “Is America broken? you might be surprised with their responce, of course that would require looking into a mirror.”


  28. Petri Volk says:

    This means they’ve got McCabe. For the FISA stuff, he could just blame ‘intelligence’, but this stuff means he’s completely trapped – no way out. Investigators will want to go through his entire work product at the FBI, and all his personal communications records. If he stays stumm, they still get everything, so will he plea deal and talk? This has the potential to get a whole lot bigger.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. spoogels says:

    James Baker has flipped. It is his notes that were revealed. Wray prevented them from being released.



    • KBR says:

      See Sundance above. He did not flip he works for Lawfare.

      Liked by 1 person

      • QCM says:

        Also, the notes are NOT from James Baker. The notes have the initials of Edward William Priestap, also known as Bill Priestap in the top corner. As some of you recall, Bill Priestap is an American attorney and intelligence official. He was the assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division from 2015 to 2018


  30. Nowut Ameen says:

    The moral of this story is never talk to the FBI without your attorney present. There is no such thing as a friendly chat with that bunch. Assume they are out to get you.


    • deeperinfo says:

      Why talk to the FBI? Tell them to write you a letter with their questions, like hellery.
      Your attorney can write back: “On advice of attorney, my client has determined he cannot recall your quesions, can you please ask them again next year, at which time I will advise it that too much time has passed to recall the answers.”


  31. Conservative_302 says:

    These corrupt people are pigs.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Cocoon says:

    Priestap is Strzok superior and still at FBI?
    The other interviewer of Flynn was still at FBI and protected?
    Ohr is still at DOJ and received bonus monies?
    Original 302s?
    And the law firm (where Holder is a partner) didn’t find in its search for previous records a document titled MTF Memo?
    I am no techie but that would seem a no brainer, no?


  33. tonya1021 says:

    I thought I would be happy and feel relief when this information came out. It thought the truth coming out would finally make me feel happy for General Flynn and his family. I feel more anger now. I have kept quiet just patiently waiting from some truth because I knew all along General Flynn was innocent. Just reading those few notes from the FBI made me more angry that I have been about this whole corrupt situation. I can’t imagine how I am going to feel when more is released. I will never ever trust the FBI or the government again.


    • JCM800 says:

      “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”

      This applies Worldwide.

      Liked by 2 people

  34. Scarlet says:

    This makes all of those sanctimonious Comey tweets all the more enraging


    • J Gottfred says:

      The whole lot of ’em!! I posted this on Lisa Page’s twitter after seeing her congratulating Andy Mccabe on Feb 14.


  35. islandpalmtrees says:

    Ghattas was described as McCabe right hand man. Bill Priestap was taking orders when he wrote the notes. 1) Chuck Grassley needs to questions all three Bill Priestap, Ghattas and McCabe about the notes. 2) Barr does not want McCabe prosecuted 3) This may be a way of getting McCabe. 4) McCabe wants to control things directly.


  36. jaggggg says:

    So James Baker illegally leaked transcripts of Flynn’s call with the Russian. This creates the public (i.e. “innocent”) reason for the Flynn entrapment for a ridiculous Logan Act violation (no one ever convicted and no one charged since 1870) and subsequent removal. Later a “whistle-blower” is also “created” (as he was never a whistle-blower in any conventional sense) who also passes along a “tip” to Schiff that serves as yet another pretext (however feeble) to fabricate an impeachment effort against Trump.

    Why do I get the feeling that there were innumerable Democrat operatives throughout the federal bureaucracy that were PRIMED to pass along anything that could, however absurdly, be used to get Trump? To get anyone who was a threat to their systematic, political, surveillance system?

    In some ways it is more astounding that ALL that these efforts could manage were a specious Logan Act charge and even more feeble attempt to flog a nothing burger of a Ukraine phone conversation into an impeachment. God knows how many Democrat sympathizers laboring daily to pass ANYTHING along and THIS is all they come up with in 3 and a half years? Either Trump is the cleanest president in history (and there’s little doubt now about that) or the Democrat operatives are imbeciles.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. namberak says:

    I’m telling myself that after election day in November, that a tsunami is going to flush out DC. But I’m not holding my breath.


  38. deeperinfo says:

    Wondering if Flynn’s orignial corrupt attorney had a proper “China Wall” to keep the files secret from other patners’ at the corrupt law firm…AND
    who was the (REDACTED) boss within the corrupt law firm giving directions to Flynn’s attorney’s in the case relative to legal exposure for malpractice (failure to properly file FARA) and hidden negotiations for settlement with the FBI/DOJ? Big decisions due to mistakes go upstairs for review.
    Why was the corrupt law firm not charged for the failure to file if they were advising Flynn it was not necessary? Isn’t reliance on counsel a defense?
    I’m betting that there is much more corruption in the corrupt law firm in the Flynn case than has been exposed…


  39. viator2 says:

    When are the perp walks going to start? Until then it all bloviating


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