One Ping Only…

“relatively speaking”…


Notice how President Trump always says: “you’d have been at war with North Korea”.  Notice how President Trump doesn’t say: “you’d have been at war with Kim Jong-un”.

Again, this has always looked like one of the most complex geopolitical hostage rescue operations in history.   China controls the DPRK, which includes the entire military apparatus in/around control over the North Korean people.

The world presents North Korea as a rogue regime without noticing/admitting that in reality North Korea is a proxy province of China.

Chairman Xi is the captor.

Chairman Kim is the captive.

President Trump is the hostage rescuer…. and so they dance.

POTUS knows the status of Kim; both Kim and Trump have discussed the dynamic.  Chairman Xi doesn’t like the Kim and Trump relationship; because it has disrupted the entire purpose of the DPRK as a proxy province providing Beijing plausible deniability.

And so it goes…

“Relatively speaking” of course.

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  1. spmi says:

    There are no such words as “unconvent” and
    Please give us a break
    We have all the BS we need
    Straight talk or nothing!


  2. railer says:

    That public announcement that a Chinese medical team was going in to assist with Kim’s treatment told us something, not sure what. I suspect the announcement was cover for something. An assassination attempt or coup? Fake News has been building up that Nork gal, and Fake News is paid for by the Chinese in great measure, so that may be another clue, but I can’t put it together right now. Trump confidently dismissed that obvious Chinese plant at the presser yesterday, so he knows. Let’s see what happens.

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    • trnathens says:

      A little long, but it explains what’s happening, even if it IS in a fantastic way 🙂

      What I am about to say is what Trump meant…

      If Hillary had won in 2016, which she was SUPPOSED to, because no one expected PDJT, remember. So Imagine what I’m about to say as if PDJT NEVER EVEN RAN…

      This is what was GOING to happen:

      (1) war with North Korea, (2) virus released, (3) mail-in voting is passed, (4) perpetual Democrat rule

      NSA spying would have continued unabated, and after taking out PDJT, it would have been used even more brazenly. Hillary was going to use war with North Korea, and the release of this virus to change America. To turn America into a Socialist state.

      Sounds insane. I know. I do. But that’s how BIG Spygate really is. Geopolitical domination by the Democrats and the Chinese.

      It goes back to Obamacare, and the tax on medical devices. “They” wanted to ensure that when a pandemic hit, we didn’t have the supply chains for the equipment we would need. Nor would we have the manufacturing base to quickly ramp-up production. To hell you say!

      But remember…Hillary would be President, not PDJT. Not an American cheerleader, but an American apologist. An America HATER who wouldn’t WANT America to recover.

      PDJT had to change the status quo. What does China do when they are cornered? They have North Korea fire off missiles. And WE know that North Korea is controlled by China. But the world doesn’t.

      So, PDJT rescues Kim and his family from North Korea. Changes the status quo. China can’t fire off missiles anymore, because Kim can tell the world that it is really CHINA firing those missiles.

      Remember, he grew up in the West. He ISN’T the tyrant he’s portrayed as. He’s a hostage. HE hasn’t killed people the way they’ve been described. They’ve been killed and he’s been there to watch. Forced. As a puppet. To portray him as EVIL. So the Chinese can USE him to achieve the final take-down of America.

      It’s why PDJT had to MEET him. PDJT had to know that if he took on this gamble, that Kim could hold his end up. Meaning, can he speak English well enough to convince the world. Can’t have translators. Need it to be in English. THAT’S why he met. He HAD TO KNOW for himself that Kim could do it.


      I believe that Kim is alive, and well, and has been rescued from North Korea by American Special Forces.

      PDJT needs to secure Kim (change the status quo) to put China into complete checkmate (no way to start a war with North Korea).

      China needs to “use” Kim ONE more time, by killing him, and blaming the United States, as a pretext to war. That’s what they were going to do when we officially blame them for the release of the virus, and tell them that we are not paying them back for the share of the national debt that is owed them. They were going to start a kinetic war at that point, by claiming that Kim died from the virus, it was an American biological weapon, and his death is an act of war. That’s what they were GOING to do. That’s why PDJT had to “rescue” Kim.

      If PDJT seriously just rescued him and his family, then China/Uniparty is done.

      Assange is going to testify for PDJT, just wait.

      With Kim AND Assange PDJT and We The People win.

      Read this article, and pretend I’m right:

      And then read this one, and pretend I’m right:

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      • Ivehadit says:

        I can very well see how this could be. I have said all along that we sent our ships down south mainly to defend the Panama Canal area from attack (Thank you, Jimmy Carter. /s) as well as our southern border. I remember Donald making a comment early on in a virus discussion referencing China: “Knock it off”. I later took that to mean: “Don’t even THINK about attacking us.” Could be wrong.

        Very, very interesting, TR!

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      • Vabvive says:

        Interesting analysis, and plausible.

        As an aside, reminds me of one of the best fiction books I’ve enjoyed, The Orphan Masters Son, by Adam Johnson Fantastic story telling and touches on the type of interwoven complex lies and pretending going on in N Korea.


      • rickinhouston says:

        I agree Assange is going to reveal all about the DNC and Seth Rich.

        Just not sure how Imran Awan fits into it. Any thoughts?


        • WhiteBoard says:

          India will reveal that…

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        • minnesotamike55 says:

          The Awan family was told by Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz to “take care of” Seth Rich in return for going easy on them for IT scandal. Unfortunately, the corrupt thug like behavior of the Awans interpreted the deal as murder, and so it was done. DWS freaks out , pretty much goes into hiding while getting the Awans out of the country to avoid any investigation that would implicate her in the murder or dozens of Dem congressmen in a massive IT scandal. Haven’t heard much from Debbie lately have you?


      • trnathens says:

        And here’s MORE proof they were going to use war/virus as the vehicle to usher in Green New Deal and socialism:

        Al Gore: ‘Climate Crisis and the COVID-19 Pandemic Are Linked’

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      • jcnic says:

        So fantastical, it’s believable.


      • Kristin DeBacco says:

        Trnathens: How do you reconcile the wanted extradition of Assange. It does not look like our administration is fond of Assange…? Or is that a detraction?
        Interesting expose here. TY


        • trnathens says:

          How safe have American prisons been for politically connected people?

          Not very. So why bring him here? Keep him in England, “fighting” extradition. He’s safer there. You don’t think so? Guarantee that State Dinner that the Queen gave PDJT was her chance to personally assure him that Assange would be safe, to make up for MI5’s participation in Spygate.

          Plus, who in the Administration has he spoken with?

          No one.

          So when he says what he says they can’t say he was programmed, or coerced, or anything else. We didn’t promise him ANYTHING! He was FIGHTING extradition! Doesn’t sound like someone with a “deal”.

          And that’ll be important.

          I’ve said for a long time the reveal has to be DRAMATIC, it has to be IRREFUTABLE, and it has to IMPLICATE the media.

          That’s what’s going to happen when Assange and Kim get introduced to the world again, for the first time.

          I’ve also said the proof had to be enough to CONVINCE the biggest skeptic. It can’t just make sense to us, if we want real, PERMANENT change.

          That means a dramatic PARADIGM shift. There must be a new reality. Exposing what they know will create the circumstances necessary for that PARADIGM shift to happen organically.


        • trnathens says:

          Also, doesn’t the “delay” in uncovering the reactions now make sense?

          Barr said Late Spring. Hmm.

          Interesting how this timing is all working out.

          Almost like there was a…plan, or something.


          • trnathens says:

            Go back and re-read this post from Sundance.

            People on here ask about Statutes of Limitation. About Habeas Corpus.

            This is the DOJ saying, “We’re about to indict some people (Spygate) on some pretty bad stuff, and, we’re probably going to have to hold them for a long time until we can fully work out all the details of their malfeasance, but they are too dangerous to EVER be let out, so we need to be able to “detain people indefinitely without trial during emergencies,”; make sure the statute of limitations does not interfere because this is big, and it might take a long time, and we can’t have the clock artificially running out on us once it starts to run; and we can’t have people asking for asylum to try to leave the United States (for China) to avoid prosecution.”

            This isn’t the state protecting itself. This is the DOJ getting ready to drop indictments in Spygate.

            They are preparing the Courts for the same issues that people ask on here all the time.

            Courts like to know what is coming. They don’t like surprises. What’s about to happen is gonna be a big surprise.


            ——— AND ———–

            of particular note, this exchange between Barr and Hewitt:

            HH: But would not the announcement of indictments after a time certain have an impact on an election of the sort that the U.S. Attorney’s manual recommends against?

            WB: Well, what is the sort that the attorney manual recommends against?

            HH: As I recall, this came up with Director Comey making his announcement, and the concerns in 2016 that he had acted improvidently during the run up to the election. I don’t recall what the exact timing is.

            WB: Yeah, well, that was directly as to a candidate.

            HH: And so it would not matter, in your view, if there is an investigation, and the day before the election, someone is indicted?

            WB: Well, you know, I think in its core, the idea is you don’t go after candidates. You don’t indict candidates or perhaps someone that’s sufficiently close to a candidate, that it’s essentially the same, you know, within a certain number of days before an election. But you know, as I say, I don’t think any of the people whose actions are under review by Durham fall into that category.

            HH: That’s big news to me. I had assumed that they would be in the category of people that could not be indicted given the obvious connection to President Trump, but I’ll take the news and I’ll put it away.

            See what WB said? “You don’t indict candidates OR PERHAPS SOMEONE THAT’S SUFFICIENTLY CLOSE TO A CANDIDATE.”

            Does it make sense that died-in-the-wool #MeToo! warriors Pelosi and Clinton would ENDORSE Candidate Biden, DESPITE creditable allegations of forcible digital penetration, OTHER THAN to say that they are “sufficiently close to a candidate” as to AVOID prosecution?

            Look what he made them do? PDJT has forced Democrats to choose SELF-PRESERVATION over Principle. In public. On Display. IRREFUTABLE.

            How else do you explain their endorsements? You can’t. At all.

            They are trying to get close to Biden, because they think they’ll be protected.

            They won’t.

            And they just self-identified as being guilty of crimes against the State.


      • MMA says:

        This is a good tie in to something I’ve been wondering about myself. I always thought the virus was a deliberate release, not from bat soup (!) and it was also genetically modified. What I’ve been wondering is if it is possible that this virus was not quite “ready” yet, and was released only because China had to, based on the sterling US economy and likely reelection of PDJT? Because Coronavirus is not that lethal …..relatively. Maybe it was being refined to be more so….but China had to go with what they had because November was getting closer and the Democrats had a lousy candidate who was not likely to defeat the President.. (One China wanted, though, because he was already bought and paid for!)

        Or….was the virus really an accidental release….one of an earlier version that was still being engineered to be more deadly? And, after it somehow escaped their deadly bioterrorism lab, they sat on that information long enough to make sure it got to the rest of the world, because they were not going to bear that economic consequence by themselves?
        For a bonus, they deliberately staged the dramatic lockdowns to get the word out and give the template of how to handle it? Because they did the dramatic police lockdown response, it signaled that the virus was like Ebola… and the rest of the world copied their approach without question. Bye bye economic gain!

        I wonder if the thousands of stockpiled urns at the Chinese crematoriums were part of a massive misinformation campaign, as well. Was it a giant head fake?

        Donald Elliott says this was asymmetrical warfare and we’ve already lost. God help us, I hope he’s wrong.

        Conrad Black has the opposite viewpoint…. but I wonder if that is truly realistic?

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      • Fata Morgana says:

        OMG, I hope you are correct!!

        …and deliver us from evil….


      • treestar1313 says:

        Regarding the medical equipment, Nobama never restocked the supplies.


  3. rah says:

    Seems to me that Xi could take out Kim any time he desires.


    • so long as Kim remains a reliable dancing partner there’s no need. Xi maybe the conductor, but the band members are thoroughly devoted to Kim.


      • rah says:

        Power is what determines who is devoted to whom. Kim has obviously been flirting with the notion of becoming independent of the PRC. Seems to me that Xi should have pulled the trigger at the first sign of that but he hasn’t and I want to understand the reason(s) why.


        • Nope says:

          My guess would be a lack of viable and controllable replacements and/or visibility. There’s no point in taking out Kim Jong Un if the replacement will burn you or doing so would reveal your complicity.


        • Dwayne Diesel says:

          You’re onto something that I think is in the right direction- Kim has been flirting with the notion of becoming independent of the PRC. He has been flirting and has done so since I think he took over. Trump is just helping him.

          Kim loves western culture- he loves his technology, he loves his games, he loves his shows, his fast food, his nice cars, and his NBA. He wants that for his country. Maybe not for his people per se but his country. And, I think President Trump has had conversations with him about how he, Kim, could be the leader who takes N. Korea into a new era, an era of freedom, an era of modernization, an era of jobs and success.

          Kim wants to be known for that……he wants holidays named after him, just like grandpa. And to get that now, he knows he needs to free N.K. The PRC knows, DJT knows. S.K. knows.

          yes, it’s just my opinion.

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  4. BigTalkers says:

    “Give me a ping, Vasili… One ping only, please.”

    — Cpt Marko Ramius

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  5. cdnintx says:

    Is it crazy for me to think that perhaps Trump and Putin had a “get Kim out alive” plan? Putin’s team would have been easier if an extraction was needed? Apparently Kim was in his train on the East coast….is that near the Russian border? Having said that as a worst case scenario, the truth is that if Kim leaves then North Korea is completely under Chinas control again – which is a very bad scenario.


    • DoggyDaddy says:

      “…is that near the Russian border?”…No. Wonsan is about 100 miles east of the capital Pyongyang and is situated on the Sea of Japan (what DPRK calls the East Sea). Wonsan is North Korea’s “Riviera.” Kim’s train is there in Wonsan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s there — think “shell game.”


  6. regitiger says:

    Lil Kim: I would have liked to have seen montana

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  7. Legion of One says:

    Kim: ” I will marry a round American woman and raise rabbits, and she will cook them for me.”

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  8. flatlandgoober says:

    Somewhat related. Sean Connery’s voice is in my brain now. I miss Sean Connery.

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  9. kurt72 says:

    Ok, now I’ll have to get out my copy of Hunt for Red October and watch again. Then Patton.🇺🇸

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  10. kcockroft says:

    Why do you not look at Headlines With a Voice recent video on Kushner. Then you are informed as you are not now it appears


  11. gymcy81 says:

    If there is a will
    then there is a way.

    a. someone, a country, a community, family embraces ‘honor’
    b. someone does something that another (person, country, community, family ) thinks is improper
    c. the ‘another’ seeks a mutual remedy with someone, such that a clear angle of ‘honor’ remains.
    d. mutual co-existence continues….

    If there is a will
    then there is a way.

    practice, practice, practice…
    (Some remember other prior circumstances 30’s, 40’s, proverbial wooden-nickels etc., tyranny growing…. and also now know that Japan has been an ally for decades. Both the US and Japan like it that way – mutual co-existence.).

    freedom is not free….
    love thy neighbors…

    have fortitude,and other virtues….it is o.k.
    “be not afraid,
    I AM with you.”


  12. gymcy81 says:

    the movie “Mulan”
    had a character named “ping”.

    One can also watch it to begin to get a deeper grasp on a culture of ‘honor’.
    (yes, it is an animated show. However, there are many messages, lessons, within the content of the story that apply to ongoing realities.)

    While there can be visible, and invisible enemies over time,
    a virtuous country can, and does for centuries, mutual exist on the same world with a country largely centered on ‘honor’. (and / or other cultures)


    Love thy neighbors…
    If you believe it, then prove it…over time.


  13. Keating Willcox says: Sean Connery superb

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  14. jbrickley says:

    Besides the fact that Kim Jung Un at age 36 is 5′ 2″ & 300lbs, has had repeated episodes of gout, has heart disease and stroke family history, is likely diabetic, smokes 4 packs of cigarettes a day, needs to sit down after walking and has a reported $30 million alcohol budget.

    But yes, the DPRK has a Game of Thrones vibe as evidenced by the massive bloodshed when Jung Un seized power. Killing his own family members as well as high ranking political and military opposition. He even had his half brother assassinated with a nerve agent in a public airport outside the DPRK. The truth is likely far more amazing than the propaganda.

    If he is knocking on the gates of hell, I seriously doubt his sister would be allowed to take power. She would likely be executed or murdered.

    What if Kim is perfectly A-OK but is in hiding perhaps protected by US forces or US backed forces? Was there a Chinese assassination plot? Is this a coup against Chinese control of the DPRK? Anything is possible…


  15. pepperjackgrits says:

    This is amazing. Twitter joke going around showing these two sitting in a small cafe sharing hand sanitizer.


  16. Bill Dumanch says:

    I believe that Hart Surgeon.
    How many people in NorkLand have legs with ANY extra meat?
    He’s NEVER operated where you must ask-
    “Where’s the beef?”


  17. Eileen McRae says:

    That Chinese reporter was hoping that her question to President Trump about Kim would make him slip-up, and I believe he nearly did. She mentioned a statement purportedly made by Kim last Saturday and President Trump told her she was wrong that Kim could NOT have made that statement on Saturday.

    That tells me that President Trump does indeed know exactly where Kim is. And I believe that Kim is in the USA at a renowned (but not named) hospital recovering from heart surgery performed by the best of the best American heart surgeons. That is why he is incommunicado!

    President Trump also stated when the time was READY, the world will know about Kim. I do believe that President Trump and Kim have pulled off one of the best “cloak and dagger” operations that the world has ever seen.

    Remember President Trump talked about all those transport planes ostensibly flying to China/South Korea to pick up those much-needed medical supplies. That is how they got Kim out of North Korea and into the USA. Those planes were also used to transport additional US military and equipment into South Korea where they would be used to assist both South Korea and North Korea military against any impending attack by Chinese military.

    President Trump and Kim are pulling off the grand reunification of the Korea’s under the noses of China. Kim will use American military as buffer against China.


  18. mugzey302 says:

    If Kim is dead, it’s because China took him out (or, possibly our own treasonous black ops people).


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