Tom Cotton Discusses How China Manipulated The Wuhan Virus….

Senator Tom Cotton appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss how China handled the Wuhan Virus and their intentional manipulation of information in order to achieve their geopolitical goals.

After China intentionally seeded the world with their virus they continued to collect all of the global PPE so they could use it later as geopolitical leverage and a profit opportunity. Senator Cotton is calling for a complete structural change in our relationship with China to include: removal of critical manufacturing from China and the suspension of all Chinese visas.

SECRETARY POMPEO – Indeed, last year, a Chinese Government-backed think tank in Beijing produced a report that assessed all 50 of America’s governors on their attitudes towards China. They labeled each of you “friendly,” “hardline,” or “ambiguous.”

I’ll let you decide where you think you belong. Someone in China already has. Many of you, indeed, in that report are referenced by name.

So here’s the lesson: The lesson is that competition with China is not just a federal issue. It’s why I wanted to be here today, Governor Hogan. It’s happening in your states with consequences for our foreign policy, for the citizens that reside in your states, and indeed, for each of you.

Axios had an article earlier this year and included the Chinese Communist Party Report [Cloud pdf Here]  It will be interesting to see how and when each of these governors responds to the re-opening of their economy post COVID-19 peak. Will there be a correlation to their CCP assigned alignment?

We’ll keep watching…

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188 Responses to Tom Cotton Discusses How China Manipulated The Wuhan Virus….

  1. bkrg2 says:

    I posted comment the other day about a great interview with Tom Cotton with Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College. It’s 45 minutes and good coverage of Wuhan virus and China criminality before, during, now and later.
    Here is the link


    • trnathens says:

      The REASON that PDJT was so insistent on calling this the China virus, the Wuhan Virus, and making sure people KNOW it is THEIR virus is because shortly, the Chinese are going to announce that Kim Jung Il is dead from the virus, and that it was an AMERICAN BIOLOGICAL WEAPON. That’s my guess.


      • trnathens says:

        It WASN’T, of course, but that’s going to be the new narrative.


        • trnathens says:

          And Kim’s sister, installed by China, or a puppet General, ordered by China, will launch a real, live missile. It may or may not hit it’s target. But remember, most Americans don’t know that North Korea is controlled by China. PDJT does. So his response has to be careful. And Democrats will pounce, no matter what he does. If he retaliates, “He wanted to start a war to distract from…”, or if he doesn’t then “He isn’t fit for the job, and must be removed for not protecting American interests…”

          Wow. They’ve really planned ahead on this.

          Those Democrats involved, and the others that control and influence this crazy world have been working on this for YEARS. None of this is organic.


          • trnathens says:

            And here’s another thing to consider, in terms of planning:

            2010 Obamacare, medical device tax:

            “As part of the Orwellian-named Affordable Care Act, sales of medical devices from implants to MRIs, research equipment and surgical instruments were to bear a 2.3 percent tax. The tax would be on gross sales and not just profits. Even packaging, shipping, and warranties were included when calculating what was to be taxed.

            Cook Medical, America’s largest privately-owned medical device manufacturer has been adamant that shrinking margins may force investment overseas. “Cook will no longer be able to expand our manufacturing in the United States,” said company spokeswoman Allison Giles. “We’ve always resisted going abroad” but due to diminished returns “decisions will have to be made.”


            Right now…was planned…AT LEAST 10 years ago.

            Let THAT sink in.


            • trnathens says:

              Do you see now why it’s difficult to just REVEAL everything? The implications are beyond comprehension.

              Watergate was the tip of the iceberg, where Nixon foolishly tried to control political outcome in the United States.

              Spygate is the tip of the iceberg, where Uniparty/China are trying to control GEOPOLITICAL outcome of the WORLD.

              The reveal goes BEYOND whether we can save the institutions. It’s whether Uniparty/China are willing to start a war to protect their interests.


            • trnathens, President Trump’s signed into law a bipartisan federal spending package that brings in an end to a tax the medical technology industry has been fighting against for the last decade.
              The 2.3% tax on medical device sales that is part of the Affordable Care Act has already been on temporary hiatus since the beginning of 2016, but was scheduled to return at the end of this year if Congress didn’t eliminate the tax or put it on hiatus once again.
              So thankfully that medical device tax is no longer. In fact some court said it was illegal to repeal the tax but the SC said it is legal to repeal and it has been repealed.

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        • trnathens says:

          That’s also why you see a disconnect between how the press STARTED to cover this, by calling it the Wuhan Flu, the Chinese virus…

          But then all of a sudden stopped.

          And started calling anyone who continued to use those terms: RACIST!

          They had to stop the press from using the Chinese moniker, BECAUSE it’s going to be called an AMERICAN BIOLOGICAL WEAPON, and “they” didn’t want the press calling it the Chinese virus…

          Interesting that.


          • trnathens says:

            That’s why the CCP floated the idea that the virus was brought to Wuhan in the Fall, by a US soldier, who was there for the 2019 Military World Games. They were foreshadowing then, so that NOW they can say, “We TOLD you it was an American virus!”

            That’s how they will try to justify saying that Kim’s death is an act of war.


  2. appraisher says:

    I noticed that the tyrant that rules my state, The Peoples Republik of NJ, isn’t on any of the 3 lists. So besides “Hardliners”, “Friendly” and “Unclear/Unknown”, there has to be a 4th list that exists with Phil Murphy’s name on it…”Already in our Pocket”.

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  3. ThePeople'sRepublicofCoronastan says:

    Utah’s status will change from friendly to intimate once Huntsman replaces Herbert this November, he was a prev ambassador to chicomland…

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  4. Kay123 says:

    Just read about the nature of this virus.
    Seems in 2015… Obama funded the Wuhan Lab with
    3.7 billion (Fauci was a player then too.) of our money!
    It was reported to be 7.3 billion…..Where is the rest of it?

    China is responsible for several other pandemics….so
    Why are they giving Communists in China one damn dime?
    Who is watching the watchers? Or in this case the coke
    smoking, communist, community organizer.

    Oh, I forgot the Demoncraps are joined at the hip
    to these leeches.

    Like Democraps…who release the criminals
    from jail so they can once again prey on the responsible, lawful,
    respectable public… creating more havoc, insanity, hate, and
    costing the taxpayers several million more in taxes.

    How has that worked? Not well from what I see.

    What is wrong with those jackasses? 🦓….🐘
    (See no icons on computers of donkey butts….
    wonder why????)


  5. etbnyc says:

    I hope I live to see the day Tom Cotton is POTUS.


  6. etbnyc says:

    I hope I live to see the day Tom Cotton is POTUS.


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