President Trump Has Long Demanded Critical Manufacturing Return to the U.S. – The Coronavirus Pandemic Outlines Why…

The lack of independent control over critical healthcare products is highlighting exactly why Donald J Trump has been demanding U.S. manufacturing firms return production to this nation for years.  White House trade advisor Peter Navarro drove home the point yesterday:

[Transcript] – Q: Mr. Navarro, what’s the status of the “Buy American” executive order?

MR. NAVARRO: “One of the — one of the things that this crisis has taught us, sir, is that we are dangerously over-dependent on a global supply chain for our medicines, like penicillin; our medical supplies, like masks; and our medical equipment, like ventilators.

We have — right now as we speak, over 50 countries have already imposed some forms of export restrictions in their country against the rest of the world. And what we’ve — what we’re learning from that is that no matter how many treaties you have, no matter how many alliances, no matter how many phone calls, when push comes to shove you run the risk, as a nation, of not having what you need.”

“And if there’s any vindication of the President’s “Buy American, secure borders, and a strong manufacturing base” philosophy, strategy, and belief, it is this crisis — because it underscores everything that we see there.

So the “Buy American” order, which — which is going through process, would do a couple things. It would simply say, — not during this crisis, because we don’t want to disrupt anything. I want to be really clear about that. But going forward, after this is over, the VA, DOD, HHS, and this government buys American for essential medicines, our medical countermeasures, and the medical supplies and equipment we need.

At the same time, it will deregulate so we can get the FDA and EPA to facilitate domestic manufacturing. And then, innovate. Because the key here — the key here is having advanced manufacturing on U.S. soil that can leapfrog other countries so we don’t have to worry about competing against cheap sweatshop labor, lax environmental regulations, different tax regimes, and the massive subsidies of foreign governments who are actually directly attacking our industrial base.

So be patient with that, sir. It’s — the other priorities we have right now are to DPA and what the task force is doing. But if we learn anything from this crisis, it should be never again. Never again should we have to depend on the rest of the world for our essential medicines and countermeasures.” (read more)

From the outset of Donald Trump’s entry into the world of politics he espoused a series of key tenets around what he called his “America-First” objectives:

  1. The U.S. needed to have control over our borders, and a greater ability to control who was migrating to the United States.  A shift toward stopping ‘illegal’ migration.
  2. The U.S. needed to stop the manufacture of goods overseas and return critical manufacturing back to the United States.  A return to economic independence.
  3. The U.S. needed to decouple from an over-reliance on Chinese industrial and consumer products.  China viewed as a geopolitical and economic risk.

Donald Trump was alone on these issues.  No-one else was raising them; no-one else was so urgently pushing that discussion. In 2015, 2016 and even 2017, no-one other than Trump was talking about how close we were to the dependence point of no return.

Given the status of very consequential issues stemming from the Chinese Coronavirus threat; and the myriad of serious issues with critical supply chain dependencies; wasn’t President Trump correct in his warnings and proposals?

In early 2017 President Trump and his administration coined the phrase: “economic security is national security”, and the economic team set about starting a very complex process to ensure the past three decades of trade policy was reversed.

One month after taking office, February 2017, President Trump met with labor unions and assembled a corporate manufacturing council, telling all of them they needed to change their thinking about manufacturing overseas.

The members of the council didn’t like the conversation; many of them were Wall Street multinationals who were themselves part of the historic shift in moving jobs to Asia and beyond.  Several months later the council disbanded amid the policy contention; but Trump persisted with the America First agenda.

President Trump, never wavered; he warned the corporate CEO’s they needed to adjust their thinking and bring back their manufacturing jobs.  Trump warned them to reorient their supply chains because they had become too dependent on China; and that dependency was manifesting as geopolitical risk if the U.S. and China were in conflict.

Time after time, conversation after conversation, in the background of events where few media were paying attention, President Trump spoke privately and publicly about the issue of over-reliance on Chinese products and critical goods from southeast Asia.

Then, after months of warnings, came the tariff hammer.

Those same manufacturing council executives and their Wall Street pundits screamed into every microphone they could find that President Trump was going to collapse the economy; that consumer prices would skyrocket; that Steel and Aluminum tariffs would mean everything from beer to soup would no longer be affordable.

Team Trump, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and USTR Robert Lighthizer didn’t waiver.  President Trump accepted the criticism of “Tariff-Man”; he owned the downside and then expanded the tariffs even higher upon more goods.  The CEO’s shrieked louder, but eventually, reluctantly, some started moving supply chains out of China.

While Team Trump renegotiated trade with South Korea and Japan; and while Trump renegotiated NAFTA with Mexico and Canada; the president kept the pressure on those U.S. corporations and multinationals to return critical manufacturing to the United States.

Now, with the global pandemic known as Coronavirus, people are starting to awaken to the real dangers of our medicines, pharmaceuticals and critical health care products being made overseas.  Right now we see the clear reasons why President Trump was so adamant about a conversation no-one wanted, Wall Street hated, and few were paying attention to.

Heck, it is only now that most Americans realize just how many critical products are at risk…. and instead of thanking President Trump for the foresight, the incredible prescience he exhibited, the professional political class are criticizing him for over details around an issue they allowed to happen.

In many cases those who are now criticizing the weakness of our supply-chain are the same people who participated in creating a manufacturing system based on dependency, for decades.  The criticism is not only unreal to witness, it’s maddening in the scale of its hypocrisy.

It sure is blood-boiling to watch the media now. To see the media cheer-leading for a national health crisis -literally with smiling faces as they hope for an economic collapse- for the exact same gleeful reason they cheered the impeachment effort.   The level of U.S. media vitriol against President Trump is sickening.

The American mainstream media truly is the enemy of a prosperous and thriving America.

These times will never be forgotten.

God bless President Trump….

….And Thank You Prescient Trump.

We will never forget.

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120 Responses to President Trump Has Long Demanded Critical Manufacturing Return to the U.S. – The Coronavirus Pandemic Outlines Why…

  1. oldarmyblog says:

    Lots of great comments here. China is not our friend, in fact the government there is no one’s friend to include their own people. Our government should not purchase anything made in China and eventually move not buying anything made overseas. Bar any company with a joint venture with China from competing on Defense contracts. Once the Chinese are inside your company’s computer networks they will steal you blind. All for free trade as long as it also fair trade.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dr D says:

    Sundance, excellent article as always. I wish I could strap every lib I know in a chair with their eyes taped open a la Clockwork Orange and force them to read this.


  3. Despicable Me says:

    Just saw this video from Fairfax County Police Chief of Police Edwin Roessler, Jr. regarding social distancing efforts of the Fairfax County Police Department. Per the video, The Fairfax County Police Department is practicing social distancing in all they do “including your calls for service” including use of cell phones. So, when my call for service for say physical assault or battery or perhaps a home invasion threat which would more appropriately require the physical presence of a burly police officer, I can rest assured that one will be on the other end of a cell phone call. But hey, we’re all One Fairfax. I’m sure many Fairfax County Police Officers are shaking their heads.


  4. Fools Gold says:

    Sundance this a little off top but you gather your contacts together and do a investigate why the national stockpile of emergency supplies were never replenished and fully stocked for a pandemic. I know Oboma regime is to blame but why wasn’t addressed publicly after its depletion. It’s being touched on by media pundits but I want names and faces of emergency management teams.

    Let’s just say inquiring minds want know why that process was broke and who all broke it down to the granular details.


    • TMonroe says:

      I think part of the impact was still having holdovers and vacancies due to the obstruction of refilling the top levels of the administration.


      • Fools Gold says:

        Wasn’t the little short daily Dr. around during the last round when all the surplus was used up but never replenished during the muslim regime of Barrack. One would think Dr.’s responsible for mitigating damage caused by a pandemic? 😷


        • Fools Gold says:

          I meant to say “be the most important goal?”
          I want the mask off of that bunch so they can be smashed into spoiled hamburger meat head first!


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Stock that’s not re ordered when the money is
      available = theft.

      Monies set aside for maintenance of infrastructure
      ( anything from grounds maintenance to bridge
      inpections to replacement of rotting cement on
      dams) that is not spent on that purpose =theft.

      Emergency supplies for a pandemic that aren’t
      replenished when the monies have been allocated

      Remember also under who’s administration this
      happened. How much evidence is there that Obama
      utterly hated any and all things American? Think that
      our former bastard-in-chief would want us able to
      defend ourselves against a health outbreak?


      • Fools Gold says:

        Your right but i want too see all of the faces at CDC and Fauci department heads who were around under Barrack who are still there under my President Trump so he can fire them all and replace period. Imho this needs to be investigated to the level of the coup failures.


  5. Blind no Longer says:

    I love Peter Navarro!!! The man is brilliant!!! In terms of my respect, trust and admiration, he is right up there with President Trump!!


  6. Dareisay says:

    Thank you President Trump!

    Down with globalization! Each Country needs to make what they use!


  7. Honey Bees says:

    Every one needs to ask Trump to undo Obama’s Executive Order HR (Smith-Mundt Modernization os 2012 ) making fake media legal in America


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