President Trump Announces Major Drug Interdiction Effort Targeting Central American Cartels…

Earlier today President Trump and Defense Secretary Esper announced a major deployment of U.S. military to interdict narcotics trafficking from Central America.

On the surface the effort to deploy naval assets to the Caribbean and southern pacific is justified based on intelligence drug cartels will exploit the coronavirus pandemic to ship more narcotics into the U.S.

However, in the bigger picture there’s also a likelihood the CCP would work with their allies in Central American regimes to further weaken the U.S. during a time of increased vulnerability.

In times of war, or severe geopolitical confrontation, exploiting a vulnerability is a common strategy.  Therefore it’s a smart and prudent geopolitical move for President Trump and U.S. military to take very aggressive action against the cartels and their communist sympathizers.  There’s more going on here than appears on the surface.


Admitted or not we are at war with the Red Dragon.  Chairman Xi is cunning and strategic; President Trump is countering.  Keep watching…

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381 Responses to President Trump Announces Major Drug Interdiction Effort Targeting Central American Cartels…

  1. Anthohmy says:

    I knew he was a Bostonian before I looked him up. Not just the accent, the attitude…


  2. Mike in a Truck says:

    The cartels have been waging chemical warfare against us for years- with the help of Congress. The Red Chinese have been waging economic, and now biological warfare against us for years with the help of Congress. Maybe our real enemies are not foreigners?

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  3. Genie says:

    Nice to see General Milley wearing the “pinks and greens” instead of the dress blue; about time. No confusing him with Defense Minister Vindman in goofy dress blues.

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  4. Roger Duroid says:

    I like his attitude, “This is the United States Military – you WILL NOT penetrate this country …”

    70,000 drug deaths every year and the msm and uniparty had NO concern over the open southern border allowing the narcotics in that way.

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    • icthematrix says:

      That was kick ass. Bravo to General Miley and our troops. Blow ‘me out of the water.

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    • old white guy says:

      Right now every potential enemy of the U S should be monitored very closely. There should no game playing only very serious watches everywhere.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Roger Duroid: “the msm and uniparty had NO concern” about ANYTHING pro-America.

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      • sturmudgeon says:

        I have few complaints about this great Treehouse site.. BUT: WHY CAN’T THE “REPLIES” TO COMMENTS, APPEAR DIRECTLY BELOW THE REFERENCED COMMENT?? American Thinker and others are excellent in this regard… and avoids confusion as to whom one is replying!

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  5. Ospreyzone says:

    Pelosi et. al., not going to be happy about getting another DNC funding pipeline shut down.
    First the Ukraine, now this.

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    • MR52 says:

      It is bigger than that. It is the immigration and sex trade that is coming in to this country on top of all the drug deaths. China is linked to a lot of the fentynal deaths too.

      The linking smoking gun is GPS Fusion and WSJ.

      It is going to be interesting. I bet this ties GPS Fusion, Epsptein and a cast of thousands.

      How do you fight that in election year? Trump stops sex trade? Trump stops kick backs.

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  6. Conservative_302 says:

    That guy looks and speaks tough. Go get them! Also, I am amazed at all the balls Trump can juggle. The virus seems to consume us all, but trumps administration has got us covered. Bravo, Mr. President!

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  7. MfM says:

    The media is so concerned with the Wuhan Virus and makes a big deal of every young death from it. Yet 10,000s of thousands die from drugs and not much. Same with the violence that surrounds drugs, it’s just everyday life. The toll for those is great.

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  8. KMD says:

    Hop on u-tube and watch the ‘War-Castles’ series, learn of our true enemy…

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  9. Saml Adams says:

    Sinking by gun fire, with the crews aboard, minus one taken for interrogation at GITMO would send the right message.

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  10. CharterOakie says:

    “There’s more going on here than appears on the surface.”

    I watched the presser live online, and that’s exactly what I came away with.
    Momentous times.

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    • I only just came from American Thinker, which has an article this morning about China is going to start a war with the United States.

      The sheer fact of the ongoing traitorous acts of the Insane Left, capped now by this virus attempted national “lockdown”, should be a warning to everyone that China, the Insane Left, and China-centric globalists are all on the same side in wanting to take down America. Nobody we can trust is watching the CIA closely (or telling us what or where the generals are having breakfasts these days, cough-cough, snort-snort…harrumph-harrumph).

      War would shake out that portion of the Democrats (and anti-Trumper Republicans) who are American at heart — which could ironically be the only thing that could rehabilitate that now-illegitimate party — but it will take another Pearl Harbor or 9/11 catastrophe to rally the American cat-herd into a unified country again. And the domestic enemies is a much larger menace this time than in the 1930s or 1990s.

      It looks like the second term will be a real hootenanny. And just for a little more dark humor (see my cough-cough line above): I told you we should have had full declassification a long time ago…

      We knew the job was dangerous when we took it, Fred.

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    • Eileen McRae says:

      Replying to CharterOakie: Yes! I agree. There are too many seemingly “random” actions to attribute them all to a viral epidemic. I compiled a list of these:
      -Trump’s language: battle, silent enemy, sneak attack, mobilize, at war,launch, strong together, deploy, etc. This is vocabulary used for war!
      -declaration of National Emergency Order which allows states to use National Guard
      -EO to allow Pentagon to activate up to 1 million retired troops
      -Defense Department enlisted for worldwide “testing” sites
      -Energy Department directed to purchase large quantities of oil for strategic reserfves
      -launch of public website for announcements (ostensibly for COVID, but can be used for other issues)
      -deployment of 2 hospital ships, one on East Coast, one on West Coast
      -HHS beefing up Strategic National Stockpile of medical supplies
      -invoking Defense Production Act which can compel manufacturers to give priority to defense production
      -companies refitting factories for production ostensibly of medical supplies but could be used for armanents
      -launch of Space Force Atlas V rocket, the sixth and final AEHF-6 military satellite (essential to National Security)
      -deployment of military ships and Air Force in Caribbean and Pacific
      (note the military leaders at the Press Briefing stated in conjunction with our allies in other countries)
      -military equipment on the move in Canada
      -military equipment on the move in Germany
      -military intelligence re Iran planning to launch attack on American soldiers in Iraq
      -recent phone calls by President to Russia and China
      -the “Stay-at-Home” or “Shelter-in-Place” orders
      -cancelling of international air flights (reduction in air traffic around the globe – (could imply battle will be fought in the air)
      There are too many “random” measures being taken, that belie the “random” nature of these. I do not believe in coincidences! I believe that the USA and other nations are preparing for WAR! Who the enemy truly is I can only theorize. Now I may have left some “random” events out. Let me know if you can add any to my list.

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      • Jan Pauliny-Toth says:

        Stressing the supply chains to find weak points to be countered.
        Supporting Boeing (needed for AWACS etc)
        Tethering the Fed to prevent covert treason

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    • frangelica1 says:

      Yes CharterOakie – I agree – There is more going on here than appears on the surface. One of my longtime friends, a retired Army Ranger said the exact same thing! He actually helped Central Americans fight the drug cartels there when enlisted. Many people think also the illicit sex trade of minors are involved or perhaps a threat from another country against the US.


  11. TRUTH says:

    Watch and see – we’ll learn that the CoVid virus was spread by enemy combatants; like Al Quaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran sleeper cells or Cartel members and Barry’s other allies.

    I’ve seen it first hand. With the recent low traffic, the combatants stick out like soar thumbs in locations where they seem obviously out of place. They spray business and mall door handles or sidewalks with infectant.

    With Barr and military brass now showing up at the briefings, that should be a clue. Make no mistake – Fauci and Birx now know they’re screwed and part of Barry’s plan.

    We’ll see.

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    • Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

      Spot on. Asymmetrical warfare is a favorite of chicoms.

      Chicoms have been all over cruise ships for years. Recently, these Chinese nationals would make a point of not stepping out of the way for people, as if they wanted to bump into them. In cafeteria lines, they’d push, shove, and otherwise make physical contact with passengers.
      Perhaps to spread disease? Why not? It’s what they do.

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    • John Good says:

      “I’ve seen it first hand. With the recent low traffic, the combatants stick out like soar thumbs in locations where they seem obviously out of place. They spray business and mall door handles or sidewalks with infectant.”

      WOW! I never thought that some people could be so slimy & despicable as to have no regard for their own fellow man or themselves, BUT just to safeguard myself ( & put others at ease), I started to carry my own “disinfectant”, a mixture of Clorox Bleach & water & a cloth to wipe down everything like shopping cart handles & have been using the cloth on door handles, etc., BUT not every-time!

      After reading your comments, I will be sure to become a germ-fanatic & Fuk-em if they are offended by my Clorox Cologne!


  12. The message I got is that both Iran, China and other state actors are – to varying degrees – being destabilized and may be planning something bold to change that dynamic and – what ever it is, we are aware so don’t friggin try it because – although the populace may be in semi-lockdown – America isn’t vulnerable militarily.

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  13. Bob Parker says:

    I for 1 am convinced that Xi & the Chicoms deliberately released this virus upon the US specifically & the world in total. It is in my view starting to become overwhelmingly clear.

    Chicoms lost @ trade to Trump.
    Chicoms are losing their hold on N Korea to Trump.

    Chicoms are evil & intent on world dominance, so what else is there to do but release a deadly virus (& to hell with the damage it does to its own people- Hell Mao killed 10’s of millions of Chinese & didn’t lose any sleep over it).

    So now look @ Where we are:
    3 years of tremendous economic growth WIPED OUT in a matter of a few weeks.
    The entire world headed for a global depression with no end to the lockdowns in sight!

    And the Chicoms? They’re busy selling defective medical supplies & goods to the world.

    At lease the Chicom bastards have exposed themselves for what they are: THE ENEMY.

    And I fervently believe that President Trump will DEFEAT THEM on the economic battlefield by taking manufacturing (especially Rx’s & medical supplies) AWAY from the Chicoms & either back into the USA or to friendly allies whose own economies will experience rapid growth as a result of the US re-organizing its non-food supply chains.

    These Chicom bastards cannot be allowed to get away with this!!

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    • G. Alistar says:

      I’m not…as a biological warfare candidate, Wuhan Covid19 is weak indeed. The fact that it is only somewhat contagious (nothing like measles, small pox, etc.) IMHO makes it an unlikely biological warfare agent. Also, the morbidity rate for healthy, military aged with no underlying conditions is near zero. As an attack directed on our economy, there is no way for China or other nation to anticipate future conditions with the uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity involved. Now, IF you made a case that the Democrats and their friends in the media are trying to exploit the pandemic in order to damage the economy and thus, the POTUS at any cost (thousands of sick and dead Americans) I’m with you. But….I don’t know as dogmatic certainty is an absurd position.


      • sturmudgeon says:

        G. Alistar: Good comment… thanks.

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      • Jan Pauliny-Toth says:

        Also to wipe out a huge swathe of elderly voters, who vote conservative…


      • teabag14 says:

        I’ve been thinking of this as a “trial balloon”. Perhaps not as serious a bioweapon as could be used, but certainly an excellent test to see what happens. Or maybe what is happening was an innocent, unexpected, unintended consequence of some kind of accident. Uh huh. OK. In any event, Pandora’s Box has certainly been opened. If anyone can use this to the benefit of America it is VSGPDJT. He’s got this and it doesn’t make one damn bit of difference what the Dims and the MSM say or do. VSGPDJT has got this.

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    • Irish19Kilo says:

      Spot on response, President Trump decimated their economy and this is their version of payback to get back on top. Make no mistake, this was no accident by any means. These communists will kill there own without remorse to achieve their objective of world dominance.


  14. General Milley looks like he’s the type that will rip your head off and use your neck opening for a urinal.

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    • chzheadproud67 says:

      I sent this video clip to my Marine daughter (she’s overseas currently) with the comment “He’s not a Marine but dang!” Her reply back was “My CO has worked with Milley and he is ALL business ALL the time”

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      • John Good says:

        Could someone Please ask General Milley IF he would be interested in doing the Real Conservatives up here in Canada, a real favor & replacing our “Lazy Socialist-Twit” of a PM with a real man!!!

        He does not need any business experience, as he can just ask Donald J. Trump for help on anything he’s not sure of!

        President Trump is looking more & more like a leader everyday, because a true leader always “ASKS” the professionals in the field, BEFORE he commits himself to something that he’s not sure of!

        Sometimes the professionals are wrong, but that’s not his fault, & I for one hope that this is the start of the Trump Dynasty in American Politics!

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    • G. Alistar says:

      I personally heard him speak many times. A week or so after President Trump won the 2016 election Gen Milley was still the Army Chief of Staff and during a Q and A session after his speech, one of the audience asked/implied that Trump was a tragedy and danger to the nation. Asked his thoughts. Miley’s reply, “I will do everything in my power and that is humanly possible to make him the best and most successful President in the history of the nation. Just like I have tried to make President Obama the most successful. President elect Trump is the people of these United States choice and it is our constitutional duty to support him. Now, IF you or anyone else is not on board with that, see me with your resignation at the end of this session.” General Milley, with a lifetime of combat experience, is the real deal. Thank God we still have great men of honor in the service if our nation.

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  15. Richard Whitney says:

    This has been going on for some time. Announcing it to the public is a message to some perps.
    There were regular action videos of interdictions last summer. Remember the ship with 34,000 pounds of cocaine, now in a Philadelphia dock?
    This is part of Operation Cassandra, which was stopped by Hussein and reinstituted by Sessions.

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  16. plane of the ecliptic says:

    Spot on as usual Sundance. China has been sending Fentanyl to Mexico to destabilize the US for years. Instead of stopping it like PDJT requested, they have been upping the ante by sending 100x more powerful Carfentanil. It is time to declare the Narcos as Terrorists, and start sinking any craft with their cargo.

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    • Jan Pauliny-Toth says:

      Ddclare Fentanyl and Carfentanyl to be terrorist weapons outside of hospitals…mandatory life sentence or death if deaths were caused.

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  17. Angus D says:

    With China on the outs, and central American drug cartels in the crosshairs, the Pelosi/Newsom Crime Family business is looking a bit shaky. Come to think of it, they both have been acting a bit odd lately on camera……lolz

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    • Olivia Robbins says:

      Incomprehensible damage she’s reaped on this Amazing Country. So very sad. We must implore God’s mighty help to defeat this enemy within.

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      • majorkalhoun says:

        God always has a purpose in this Passion Play that is our lives. We are all but actors on the stage. The real audience are the angels themselves. This lesson of our lives is for them. It is why we were created and why we are forgiven. Even the bad people have a role to play in this theater of the absurd.

        Time loves a hero…


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      It’s cliche, and I don’t really like popcorn.

      Worked at a bar that served it back around
      1980, and couldn’t stand the smell of it for
      30 years afterwards.

      Anyway: regarding all of this and Pelosi/
      Newsome : I’m sitting back for the long
      haul, and seeing what tie in all of this will
      have to the gun cache in the abandoned
      Malibu mansion. Owned by Getty’s “ex”

      Getty=Newsome=Pelosi. Will fire up the
      microwave and endure the smell if any of
      that tale starts to pan out.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Angus: “acting a bit odd lately” lately???

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  18. plane of the ecliptic says:

    And while we are poking China in the eye it is time to lean into Walmart HARD. Hit Walmart (and others) up extremely hard re their China buying. We don’t have the luxury of ignoring this any longer. It is time for US retailers to be with us or against us.

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  19. TradeBait says:

    Fear strikes people when they think about 1.5 B people and others weaponized to war against us. They shouldn’t. There is no glue to hold China together as a culture and nation like there is in America. The Chi-coms rule through the iron fist. Their own people will turn on them. Their weaponry, including bio and cyber, are second/third rate.

    America has more than any nation on earth to defend the country and allies from evil. Most importantly we have the will of God when we keep our faces turned toward Him and remain in obedience. The Word is clear.

    The danger to America has always been what it still is since inception. Infiltration and destruction from within. The NWO globalists combined with the traitors of the Uni-party are the enemy. 62-63 million patriotic citizens along with our courageous VSG patriot leader and the most capable, patriotic military and first responders on the planet and in world history took over on 11-8-16. That was our second national Independence Day. Personally, I will always have a celebration on that day. The Lord gave us another shot, just like he did the faithful chosen of Israel so many times through the centuries. The on-going messes within the alphabets that need resolution aside – this is a huge moment in world history that is being addressed in a systematic way.

    The Trump Doctrine involves the solidification of North, Central and South America into one cohesive unit for defense, trade, sharing of culture, and harmonious life. The evil from within most be purged – period. The “within” is both continents and the connector. It involves the building of national alliances in all other areas of the world that are capable of effectively countering the Satanists. When B2 and the military appeared behind POTUS to announce the planned actions, it sent that message to the entire world. There is no more planning – it is execution of the plan time. Which is what Gitmo was primarily prepared for and will include the Uni-party traitors and seditionists in the process.

    May God bless and continue to lead our country and other peoples who love and follow Him. Our role is to simply follow the lead, educate, and vote as we know we should.

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  20. DeWalt says:

    The Virus, the move against Narco-Communist, Women being included in the Draft, moving the Military to Southern Hemisphere?


  21. cherokeepeople says:

    bob.correct they released the virus to cripple us.if they lost a million people because of it.meh drop in the bucket.but they could not go nuclear as they need the ground to remain fertile to grow the massive amounts of crops to feed the hoards.
    so heres my thinking.just how many loyal chinese nationals are here right now that could take up arms against us from within??the chosen ones to sacrifice life for the cause the chinese version of the “kamakazi”. they are the ones we need to weed out.time to revoke all chinese visa’s,send the h1-b visa holders back to where they came from,if they don’t belong here send em back.time to flush the toilet so to speak.

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    • John Good says:

      Reminds me of the Radical Muslim problem within the Mosques, where Fanatical & Radical Imams are “stirring-up the gullible” Muslims right here under our own noses!

      Now, North America has to worry about another threat on our own soil!

      I say that every Globalist or Domestic Traitor that enabled this, should be “be-headed” like Daniel Pearl was by the Pakistany (that was found NOT-GUILTY in Pakistan yesterday) OR have his penis & balls ripped-off by a pit-bull terrior, like the man who a woman said that he raped her, by a Mexican Drug Cartel! Both these videos were posted on Breitbart at one time, & still may be on Liveleak, if you are interested watching in that sort of thing!

      The people are getting fed-up with all this “fake-news” that the MSM are spreading!


  22. cherokeepeople says:

    riley.i can’t believe how many people do not remember walmarts slogan “we buy american made”why did they change???greed plain and simple.

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    • NvMtnOldMan says:

      Cherokee–You have to include all the people that kept buying this junk over the years to save a few bucks. That is a big part of the puzzle.


    • ms doodlebug says:

      Consumer demand for low prices. If we didn’t buy it they wouldn’t sell it. The problem is that we have a huge population of people at the bottom of the income ladder who can’t afford the cost of American Made.

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  23. TJ says:

    “There’s more going on here than appears on the surface.”

    Will China’s response be a white supremacist from Nigeria, wearing a MAGA hat, listening to China News Network’s Brennan and Maddow?


  24. Mcguffin says:

    Sundance, General Mark Milley needs a bad ass animal meme. He belongs on the list with the badgers and wolverines.

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  25. the cartels and drug shipments have been taking place for decades. i believe nixon started the so-called ‘war’ on drugs. drug kingpins come and they go. some years heavy, some not so much. but now were are going to put boots on the ground in a foreign country to attempt to stop it? this on the heels of rewards for heads of state?
    call me crazy, but why now? shouldn’t our military be more focused on the u.s.? have they considered what all those addicts will do if supply dries up?


    • Tidux says:

      This IS the military focusing on the US. Army Corps of Engineers is building WALL and field hospitals, Navy is sending hospital ships, etc. Going after the source of the drugs that kill 20 9/11s worth of Americans EVERY YEAR is part of MAGA.


  26. Rob says:

    “there’s also a likelihood the CCP would work with their allies”

    Am I stupid for not knowing what CCP means? I don’t see anything in the story to indicate what CCP stands for.


  27. LArro says:

    Esper has that look in his eye like an eagle. I bet Mattis keeps an eye out for him…
    ….I have always imagined just how much narco $$$ gets back into our gov employees…
    wanna bet there are some mad public servants losing sleep over losing payoffs???


  28. jimrockfish says:

    Stumbled on this article with great inside pics when looking up Mercy and Comfort. I’m in awe of the men and women of our military.

    Thank God for them and God Bless them.

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  29. Esper has that look in his eye like an eagle. I bet Mattis keeps an eye out for him…
    ….I have always imagined just how much narco $$$ gets back into our gov employees…
    wanna bet there are some mad public servants losing sleep over losing payoffs???


  30. cherokeepeople says:

    larry.we need to protect north america,i believe PT is looking at it as we need to protect thee americas north and south from chinese infiltration.china supplies 80-90% of our prescription drugs or components.they also supply probably close to the same percentage of illegal drugs fentenyl meth etc that puts a burden on our system.stop the drugs,stop the money train.

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  31. Linda K. says:

    Now there is a man who gets right to the point.

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  32. Zabadak says:

    He is one Obama missed when he was purging the military. And I’m thankful for that. No nonsense. No wasted words. No prisoners. Unleash the might of our military. Protect America at all costs with our CIC standing right beside him in full and total agreement.

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  33. TheWanderingStar says:

    The only addition that General Mark Milley could have added was a quote from President Ronald Reagan, “We begin bombing in 5 minutes.”

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  34. Davenh says:

    Just like Reagan set the stage for the downfall of the Soviet empire, Trump has set the stage for the eventual destruction of the CCP. The key difference is China has been amassing wealth and economic power over the past 30 years. The Russian bear fell because they were unable to outspend US. The Chinese have far more resources to counteract our moves. But in the end we will prevail as history while not an exact repeat of itself, does tend to rhyme


    • thedoc00 says:

      China Inc.’s ace in the hole remains US Wall Street allies and purchased politicians. The USSR would have done the same but failed to harness US financial assets to do the dirty work. The USSR also made the mistake of maintaining a real, visible military threat in Eastern Europe and conducting very active, visible proxy wars to give the US a visible boogie man. While, China posed no physical and evolved technically faster than the USSR with help from the US via US Government issued Export Licenses.

      During the Viet Nam war, China Inc.’s government made of point of saying the US will defeat itself. The President can do it but the economic attrition is going to be brutal.

      There is civil war currently being fought in the US with computers and finances as the weapons.


  35. thedoc00 says:

    Would be nice if somehow some smart bombs could find their way onto Drug Cartel facilities South of the Border. Maybe a joint Americas Operation by US and local Allies needs to be arranged.


  36. bruzedorange says:

    Has anyone read which class (or both) of littoral combat ships they are sending?

    Freedom-class or Independence-class would be a clue to what they expect to encounter—or to administer!


    • TheWanderingStar says:

      Seems DOD are discussing bringing out of mothballs the Perry class frigates (7). No upgrades in armament. Current status: sea worthy, able to navigate and low restart costs.

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      • bruzedorange says:

        If I’m reading the Navy Fact Files correctly, there are 7 Freedom-variants operating out of Florida. All the other LCSs are west coast. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are more than a few stationed near Iran. I wonder if they’re over-qualified for this mission… of if DOD just wants to keep their new toys nice and shiny.

        Hopefully, on this mission our frigates will be mostly tasked with searching for survivors.


  37. rioosodog says:

    I want to see our men and women supported by HEAVY arms. Chain driven min-guns, 20mm armament in case they roll out heavy resistance, which they have been known to do. I want the message “loud and clear” that you shoot at one of ours you will be “dispatched” soooo….. give our troops the rules of engagement to carry out that objective. Without good engagement rules we are eunuch!

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  38. swamph8er says:

    We are at war.

    Cyber Warfare: This has been going on for over 20 years.

    Information Warfare: MSM and some D&R politicians are owned by China and blatantly lying.

    Bio Warfare: China removed the strain of the sick and elderly on their financial system, destroyed the world economy to even the playing field, and disappeared the protesters during the chaos. The Chinese rich and powerful were vaccinated…were our collaborators as well?

    Economic Warfare: China was winning until Trump showed up. They were forced into a trade deal they didn’t want and their economy was failing so they unleashed a plague on the world.

    We are about to go kinetic.

    Look at the timing, the result, and the narrative…this was no accident.


  39. Caius Lowell says:

    President Trump Announces Major Drug Interdiction Effort Targeting American Cartel — that is, the Democrat Party…

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  40. majorkalhoun says:

    Communist Sympathizer = Demo☭rat Politician


  41. Mike Robinson says:

    These drug-runners are bringing Death to our shores, and it would suit me fine if they encountered a nice torpedo. ⛴ 💥 “Mercy” is not called for – they show no mercy to us.


  42. dustahll says:

    Noticed Trump deflects questions about China, saying now is not the time, but with a firm
    look. Big changes coming.

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  43. InAz says:

    Wow, so President Trump can walk and chew gum at the same time! /s

    All the Stalinist Alinsky media sites are attacking the President for not focusing on Covid-19.

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  44. sundance, well said. I think I finally understand what you’ve been saying on this website for the first time. Thank you so much


  45. cherokeepeople says:

    we can not deal with china until all our drugs and med supplies are made here.


  46. Doppler says:

    Knowing our enemy:

    Reviewing what we know about China’s efforts to subvert our government, economy, military, here’s a partial list:

    1. The $1.5B investment by the Bank of China in the Biden/Kerry Private Equity Fund, detailed by Peter Schweizer in Secret Empires, and revisited in Profiles in Corruption. I know something about private equity, and the general partners generally draw down a 2% management fee per year of the money committed, and take 20% of any profit made on their investments. That’s $30M per year to pay for fund management expenses, including salaries or draws by the partners. This particular PE fund has a unique advantage in setting up cross-border deals in China, since its major partner is a bank controlled by the Chinese government, i.e., the Chinese Communist Party, which, like royalty of old, has all the power it needs to confer favored status on trading partners. So, in 2014, we can imagine many, many opportunities to put that $1.5B to work in cross-border import/export companies that could spin off huge profits to its owners and be available to sell in whole in part at vastly appreciated (10X style) value. A successful fund could generate $8B in profit over its life (5 – 10 years), with 20% or $1.6B to the general partners. The investments made by the fund have not been publicized to my knowledge, and are usually non-public. Such a YUGE amount seems likely to have been intended by China and the Obama Administration / Deep State / DNC to compensate more people that Hunter Biden or the Biden and Kerry families. An investigation of that fund and its investments – especially the other investors in the fund and the other investors in each portfolio company – would be, in my opinion, highly likely to yield evidence of broad-based corruption in the US, somehow funneled through Hunter Biden. But, Peter Strzok’s wife runs the SEC section that would be in a position to investigate such shenanigans. Also, to investigate the broad-based fraud by Chinese companies going public in the US disclosed in the excellent documentary, “The China Hustle.”

    2. Diane Feinstein’s long-time political operative recently arrested as a long-time China spy. As a member of the Gang of Eight throughout the Obama Administration, DIFI had access to the US’s highest level classified strategic and security matters. Her husband, Richard Blum, is also in the Private Equity business with major dealings in Asia. It would be worth cross-checking the Biden/Kerry investments and co-investors with Blum’s many firms and their co-investors. Not saying there’s anything there, just what should be investigated if we are to know our enemies.

    3. China has been courting US academia for many years, with prestigious appointments for US faculty to spend summers visiting and teaching at Chinese universities, with many students coming to study, and much funding going to US university research. Reports of that Harvard professor recently arrested, and that Chinese natives who have become US citizens, long worked here, are welcomed and treated as heroes for spying and delivering US government and corporate secrets to China exist, and has made me rethink many experiences I’ve had with respect to Chinese investors and investment funds looking to invest in US start-up companies in high tech fields.

    4. Unfortunately, our CIA appears to have been engaged repeatedly in illegal activity over decades, including engaging in international drug trade, arms dealing, subverting foreign governments and starting wars serving obscure interests, many of them potentially adverse to the US, and have repeatedly escaped accountability for them. John Brennan, Bob Mueller, Eric Holder, James Comey appear to have routinely abused NSA databases to spy on Americans, without accountability or transparency, and those abuses continue even through today, the fourth year of the Trump Administration, all without accountability. Both Brennan and Comey at times have self-identified as “Communist.”

    5. US news media and entertainment media all have major business in China, and the China CCP openly censors not only what they present in China but what they present here and elsewhere, using tried and true Orwellian Big Lie methods to control the narrative concerning them.

    6. China also wields extraordinary influence over international organizations like WHO, the UN, and trade organizations. It took Trump to wake up myself and many in America to the uniquely favorable status China enjoyed in “free” world trade. Free for me but not for thee.

    So that’s a start. If it all doesn’t come crashing down very soon, and the economic shutdown continues, if Trump doesn’t get his second term and a Congress and a cleaned up version of the administration that serves the US instead of corrupting influences, the future will be grim.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Fools Gold says:

    My deseased brother was involved in a interdiction operation in the 80’s. He was AWACS crew chief. They were stationed in Porto Rico monitoring flights out of S America for ~9 Months and yes traffickers were caught. Problem was there wasn’t enough interdiction upon arrival so it never made a dent in the cartel. Of course that was then and this is now and under the command of our VSPDJT. I have high hopes for this round and hope ground strikes are authorized.


  48. B1701F says:

    First time poster here, but long time reader of the articles and intelligent comments. Great website and hats off to this community! I wanted to add something to this that may or may not be relevant. My father, an avid skywatcher (and retired from the Navy), counted twenty-two satellites flying over (we’re in Oklahoma) a week ago. This was within a two-hour time span. He mentioned that there was a lot of traffic up there and that this was unusually high. Reading this article (and the comments) and considering my father’s observation, I do wonder if we’re building up to something bigger with China?

    Liked by 1 person

    • johneb18 says:

      We might have ‘moonraker’ type craft which are chasing down potential orbiting EMP weapons placed in orbit by China and North Korea back in the day. (imo) Time bombs.


  49. Fools Gold says:

    Yes, President Trump is realigning the global politic and trade. IMHO this a work in progress that will be completed in 4 1/2 years. I also believe at that time we will all understand the full meaning of MAGA and keep it that way. That’s why we must pray for our President’s safety.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Fools Gold says:

      This was suppose to be a reply to BF1701. IPhone and word press is aggravating and pathetic, especially when trying to edit before hitting send.


      • B1701F says:

        Thank you, yes! I’ve never felt such a strong urgency to pray for a president as I have with this one. I did not vote for him the first time around and am embarrassed to admit that I was apathetic to vote at the time since George W. Bush destroyed my confidence in American leadership and Obama completely vaporized it (even after reluctantly voting for John McCain to prevent Obama).

        Praying that Trump’s wisdom is God-given and also that blinders begin falling off of people here and worldwide. There are real and terrifying consequences of this globalism, which is nothing more than a Tower of Babel — and we know how the last one came crashing down!

        BTW, will be voting for Trump in the next round, along with my wife.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Fools Gold says:

          Most excellent and wise choice. Imho he is the best President in the modern era and given more years Probably ever since our the founders writing the constitution. By the way many folks here are woke and your welcome to comment your perspective anytime! Welcome!


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