President Trump Announces Major Drug Interdiction Effort Targeting Central American Cartels…

Earlier today President Trump and Defense Secretary Esper announced a major deployment of U.S. military to interdict narcotics trafficking from Central America.

On the surface the effort to deploy naval assets to the Caribbean and southern pacific is justified based on intelligence drug cartels will exploit the coronavirus pandemic to ship more narcotics into the U.S.

However, in the bigger picture there’s also a likelihood the CCP would work with their allies in Central American regimes to further weaken the U.S. during a time of increased vulnerability.

In times of war, or severe geopolitical confrontation, exploiting a vulnerability is a common strategy.  Therefore it’s a smart and prudent geopolitical move for President Trump and U.S. military to take very aggressive action against the cartels and their communist sympathizers.  There’s more going on here than appears on the surface.


Admitted or not we are at war with the Red Dragon.  Chairman Xi is cunning and strategic; President Trump is countering.  Keep watching…

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381 Responses to President Trump Announces Major Drug Interdiction Effort Targeting Central American Cartels…

  1. Bill says:

    Cutting into the drug trade before the stimulus checks arrive on scene!

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  2. mobiuswolf says:

    Great graphic! Eat that snake, baby!


  3. SSI01 says:

    Shortly after 9/11 some of us in intel said terror groups were going to ally with drug cartels. Reasons? Terror groups well funded, can pay good price for being sneaked over the US border, also help cartels enforce internal discipline prior to and during shipment of dope north. Cartels could at that time move dope virtually unimpeded; if you can move dope and illegals across the southern border you can move Terror, Inc. Of course we were laughed at. No laughing now. USN will deploy assets to cover the flanks of the shipment route up from Central/S. America. We will without doubt have Spanish-speaking SF in northern Mexico, but that is an extremely close-hold thing highly unlikely to be mentioned. Inside our border we can do as we like. Posse Comitatus only applies to the use of the military against US citizens; I have read in some places it is by “tradition” extended to illegal aliens, but there is no written requirement AFAIK to extend that protection to anyone who is not an American citizen.

    Military personnel will likely have with them MI specialists who will BOL for OTMs that are picked up crossing the border, esp. those from the ME and Asians. The complexion of this entire situation could change if our military discovers and takes into custody what are later identified as members of the Communist Chinese Red Army crossing our border for any reason. At that time a technical state of war will exist between our countries. They will be without doubt in civilian clothing, which adds another element to the equation that could prove highly interesting, and raise the stakes considerably.

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    • oldguy05 says:

      When Dr. Charles Lieber, Chair of Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology was arrested for lying about receiving $50K monthly payments from China, as well as very large sums to help set up a “research lab” in China (which we hear next to nothing about), Two of his research assistants that just happened to be Chinese nationals, were also arrested. One of them is a Lieutenant in the Chinese Army!
      They don’t even need to smuggle them over the border. We’ve been allowing them to work in biolabs and we’ve giving them Visas!

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  4. SSI01 says:

    General talks a good game – hopefully someone has somehow corralled the JAG officers who always have a legal stranglehold on Army field activities and has explained to them we are in grave danger as a nation right now, from within and without. “Grave danger” means “live fire,” and if this is done right, is done with authority and for keeps, and to make the right impression on the cartels and their foreign backers, the use of lethal force has been authorized for our military personnel ashore and afloat. Once the target has been identified and is known without doubt – or even with reasonable suspicion based on a combat soldier, sailor, Marine, or airman’s experienced intuition – they should be dealt with in a no-nonsense manner.

    “We will defend our country no matter the cost” can cut both ways. One of that general’s primary duties is to ensure his peoples’ lives are not needlessly endangered. Reconnaissance-by-fire and firing to destroy a target rather than drive it away or damage it so allow capture of occupants is nice if you can do it, but it shouldn’t be the only way. Let is happen just once and the shock and disbelief that will spread widely south of the border will be immense. You really CAN get killed crossing the US southern border – at least right now. I wonder how big a dent that will put in the illegal invasion plus the drug trade?

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  5. Hoyt says:

    PS. – If I were the thugs in Venezuela I would be getting a little nervous right now!

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  6. oldguy05 says:

    The Government thugs “collectivos” are heading to the jungles on their bikes already:)


  7. sticknca says:

    Out here in Northern CA the current drug scene is beyond sad.
    Heroin has the youngest generation by the balls, methamphetamine has ruined countless white middle and lower young families. opioids are the prescribed medication for a large number of men in the trades from injuries, and A types from college students to politicians (and staff) snack on Adderall or Ritalin to overachieve. Crack is still wack in da’ ghetto.

    Being over 60 I’ve noticed my demographic has rekindled their fondness for the devil’s lettuce, as has every other age group since governments drooled at the return of lost tobacco tax revenue. Real plans are in action now in SF and Seattle and I believe Boston to not only have a state sponsored injection “safe” site, but to supply actual heroin.

    Our war on drugs looks an awful like our war in Afghanistan… insanely profitable for a few, but long, drawn out, costly and ineffective for the rest of us.


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