This Too Shall Pass…

Thankfully as a nation this crisis is causing us to reevaluate our priorities: faith, family, community and freedom; and seeing the easy dispatch of liberty also reignites that oft forgotten flickering flame…

Journalists are less important than janitors. Our nation’s best athletes are healthcare workers rushing to assist those in need.  The true heroes are not celebrities, but rather farmers, truck drivers, stock clerks, and supermarket cashiers.

The most valuable businesses do not glitter or present themselves with self-congratulatory award shows; they do today what they have always done to keep our food supply flowing.  Perhaps now, at least for a few short weeks, we stop taking them for granted.

Effective right now comfortably invisible workers are recognized as critical priorities; or as the government has officially designated them “essential services.”  These folks form the network of our lives; they always have, but we didn’t notice. Everything else is less than.

Any average hard-working American is worth more today than all those who chase the golden statues of Hollywood; and ultimately if they want to go down the superiority path… well, what they provide is essentially useless.

  • Florida Power and Light won the prestigious International Edward Demming award for excellence in multi-platform engineering and efficiency superiority. They didn’t blow every PhD intellectual out of the water with slide rules, CAD programs and engineering acumen. They did it with hard hats and dirty fingernails.

Because they lost the award, the Japanese spent 6 months studying FPL and later published a 1,000 page dissertation essentially saying FPL “wasn’t really good, they were just lucky”….. FPL field leadership laughed, took out markers and wrote on the back of their hard hats: WE’RE NOT GOOD, WE’RE RUCKY….

  • When every single Kuwaiti oil field was blown up by Saddam Hussein, they said it would take over five years to cap them all off and restart their oil pumping industry. The Kuwaitis and Saudis called Texans, who had them all capped and back in working order in ten months.

We are a nation that knows how to get shit done.

  • When the Northern Chile mine workers were trapped two miles underground, they said no-one could save them. Who did they call for help? A bunch of hick miners from USA coal country who went down there, worked on the fly, engineered the rescue equipment on site, and saved every one of them….

That’s our America.

Don’t lose sight of it.

  • When a half-breed Islamic whack job, armed with an AK-47 and a goal to meet his virgins, begins opening fire on a train in France, the Americans on board didn’t run to the nearest safe room and hide themselves amid baguettes and brie. They said “let’s go”, and beat the stuffing out of that little nut with a death wish.

Legion d’Honneur or not, that’s us.  That’s you.

That’s just how we roll.

Lady Liberty can stroll along the Champs-Elysées with a swagger befitting Mae West because without her arrival they’d be speaking German in the Louvre.  Yet for the better part of the past decades groups of intellectual something-or-others have been selling an insufferable narrative that it’s better to be sitting around a campfire eating sustainable algae cakes and picking parasites off each other.  Enough!

  • Ordinary people, just like you and me, gave their lives and crashed flight #93, a commercial airliner, into a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania so they could save our nations capitol.  Yeah, I think we can wash our hands, quit touching our faces and stay inside for a few days.

In case you missed it, it wasn’t FEMA driving jacked-up monster trucks into the flooded neighborhoods around Houston Texas to rescue people from their homes; it was a bunch of glorious rednecks assembled like the second division of the Cajun Navy… which also just happens to be a fabulous bunch of shallow water boat operators who convoy their gear voluntarily into the aftermath of hurricanes and floods.

That’s America folks; in all her magnificent colorblind glory.

Git-r’-done ain’t government.

Quoting from Bart Hall:

Truckers are saying “fuck the log rules, I’m hauling” and they’re getting supplies to the stores. People are stocking the shelves all night and letting old people shop first. Folks are buying meals for truckers, who (obviously) can’t go through the drive-ups. Asking ’em what they want, then buying it for them.

Carnival Cruise Line has told Trump “We can match those big Navy Hospital ships with some fully staffed cruise ships”.

GM and Ford have said “hold our cars and watch this — we can make ventilators where we were just making car parts, starting next week” — by re-engineering seat ventilators which their engineers hacked together for a new purpose. In under a week.

In a project with which I’m loosely associated, a very-effective agricultural disease-control agent was re-purposed and re-labeled specifically for Corona-virus control by the FDA and EPA in under ten days, from initial request to distribution.

Restaurants and schools have said, “we’ve got kitchens and staff; we can feed the poor kids who used have school lunch.”

NBA basketball players have said, “Hold our basketballs while we write checks to pay the arena staff.”

Construction companies are saying, “Here are some high-end masks for medical staff and doctors”.

Distilleries are making sanitizer out of distilling “heads and tails” which are normally discarded. Nasty shit to drink, but effective sanitizer.

People are tipping grocery check-out clerks and thanking them for taking the risk.

Local, state, and county governments are taking control of everything the feds cannot do. Some are doing it wrong, but for the first time in decades … they’re doing it. Federalism is re-emerging, and the smallest unit of government is the individual and the family. This, too, is re-emerging after decades of dormancy.

As Japanese Admiral Isokuru Yamamoto said, after Pearl Harbor … “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

I sense this has just happened. We have a wonderful country, the greatest single force for good in all human history. We have closed our borders, with good reason, yet we have top medical people now assisting North Korea in their response to the virus.

Many things have been re-set, and will never be the same.

By microbiological accident, we are living in profoundly transformative historical times.

So I ask you a question, what part are you to play?

If you feel comfortable sitting in your socially distant box and bitching about all things that are not right, or might be not be right….  Or, if you prefer to allow yourself to be overcome with dark imaginings simply because what cannot be done is more comfortable than the effort to oversee what needs to be done….  well, that’s okay.

You can do that.

And when you’re done doing that you’ll still be in the same place.

Or, you can check on older neighbors to make sure they are OK and make sure they have necessities. If older neighbors need something at the store, get it for them. Friends and neighbors who are anxious, send them a card or note with positive comments on it. Give people hope. If you don’t want to send a card, send an e-mail checking up on people.

Order an extra lunch or dinner from a local restaurant just so you can give an tip to the delivery person who shows up at your door. Then stick the extra in the fridge and eat it tomorrow.  We can do this.

No-one is saying this doesn’t suck; but some people know that standing around bitching about the comparative values of current life in suckdom doesn’t actually accomplish anything.

President Trump is doing what needs to be done; with far more information than me; and in the best manner he can assemble to keep America great.  He does this while simultaneously swatting away thousands of piranhas biting at him on an hourly basis.

So again, ask yourself a question: what part are you to play?

Live your best life.

You only have this moment once.

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  1. Colorado Conservative says:

    I was having a really difficult time earlier on Sunday starting with Hillary lover Fauci going on CNN to talk to Jake Tapper and stoke the panic. Then when I heard the shut down would be extended even more I was so down in the dumps, even with my faith the in the good Lord above. My husband is a small business owner suffering the set back of limits placed by the far left governor on services he can provide, keeping his employees employed, along with all the other small business owners we know who are in the same boat……the negativity can be so overwhelming. But before heading up to bed I came to the Treehouse one more time….to find THIS article from Sundance. Thank you for your words of common sense and comfort, and THANK YOU to all you Treepers for the inspirational comments.

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    • Norma Jean says:

      Keeping you close in prayer Colorado Conservative… keep the faith. God will look over you, TRUST. I know how hard it is having a small business right now, but please believe you’re not alone. Stay Strong.

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    • Betty says:

      Think about this,Yesterday I listened to Doc Debra and she made it clear they do not know what is going on in fly-over country – nothing, or all hell like NYC. Watch this face time video a NYC doctor, who is obviously nearly exausted and haunted by what he has seen, but says he is not afraid anymore – he knows how to keep himself safe while standing in the tempest.

      And then let’s pray for a Passover for Fly-over.

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      • only1master4me says:

        Betty, here in fly-over country we are doing the same as always, GREAT! It is always a benefit to live in fly-over country when crazy hits the fan! The coastal states are being prayed for here. BTW Great post Sundance! Reminds me of why I am so grateful to have been born in this country, especially as a woman!


    • nats1mom says:

      Thank YOU, Colorado Conservative, for your comment! The best to you and your husband!


    • fangdog says:

      People are experiencing in real time what it is to be under the control of communist-style politicians. You may as well say all Democrat politicians are in some manner shape or form in favor of a dictatorship, central controlled Communist-style government.

      No Communist Country has ever become a Communist Country without the need of “useful idiots”. Today’s Democrats are the necessary “useful idiots”.


    • LivLovely101 says:

      Thank you sundance. Simply beautiful.

      I am in a compromised group and cannot go anywhere and I have not complained off or online. It is what I have to do; stay home. Because if I get sick, I will take up a hospital bed and place more of a burden on our healthcare workers. I have managed my supplies by using Amazon Prime and Amazon Fresh and even tipped the guy extra for coming out at 8pm; he was shocked because a tip is included automatically for them, but why not?I also just had my usual UPS delivery and the driver signed for me so I didn’t have to touch anything; how thoughtful!

      There truly are good folks in America, ORDINARY good people. And to have such a benevolent POTUS like Trump who has offered to help the WORLD, even our enemies, is a beautuful thing. It is also what those ordinary good Americans will do and they may never be on the news or get an award. Americans just do what they have to; it’s action with compassion.

      So if my job is to stay home until April 30th, then that is what I will do; as sundance said, Trump has a lot more info than I do and he has always been a “man with a plan”. I trust he has his reasons and I will not add to the Dems doom and gloom and negativity, which like this virus, is easily spread. And I am not blindly following Trump like lemming off of a cliff; I am choosing to trust this extraordinary man as I have NO REASON not to and I am choosing to do my duty by staying home and not being a burden to other Americans.

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  2. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs people.
    The “behind the scenes” people that make and keep this Great Nation rolling along.
    The thankless jobs, many of which the majority of us don’t even know exists.
    The people, even when there is no emergency, selflessly give of themselves to help others.
    To all those unnamed deplorables out there, doing what they do without a second thought…..
    THANK YOU!!!!!

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    • MAGA Minuteman says:

      When I was reading the article, I instantly thought of Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs too.

      Mike Rowe has been doing some great work trying to fill the skiils gap in our country. Good jobs, good wages and 4 year college degree not always necessary. We need more people hearing his message.

      I think he would be a great (and much needed) replacement for Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story”.

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  3. Vincent Piotet says:

    Thank you, Sundance.
    You have been my encouraging news channel for the last 2 years.
    Big hug to you and your family from a 85 year old emigrant from Switzerland
    who believed for years that America was going down the tubes.
    Now I have big hopes for America and the world
    including a structured Fed !!!
    GOD is good !!!!!!

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  4. Mo says:

    Thanks Sundance

    You’re the best of us daily, just like Our beloved President.

    You keep us informed and sane.

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  5. jean0404 says:

    Prayer needed for my twin sister, Meg.
    My 67 yr old sister is in hospital with Whuhan virus, and has complications. I am praying that God will restore her health and bless her with His Presence while she is alone in hospital. Thank you!

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        • Raven says:

          Dear Jean,

          I will definitely be praying for your sister, and you.

          You may have seen the letter from Dr. Zelenko many times before, but if not, it is below for you to read how his drug regiment has helped every person who has received it. Not only those who never were hospitalized with wuflu, but a man who was dying of wuflu that asked for, and received Dr. Z’s treatment, and woke the following morning to say he felt as though he had never been sick. That man was so sure he was going to die he said his last good-byes to his wife and children — and then got well!

          May your sister be healed by our loving Great Physician, and may she rise up to give Him thanks and praise. In Jesus Name we pray.

          Dr. Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko
          Board Certified Family Practitioner
          501 Rt 208, Monroe, NY 10950

          March 23, 2020

          To all medical professionals around the world:

          My name is Dr. Zev Zelenko and I practice medicine in Monroe, NY. For the last 16 years, I have cared for approximately 75% of the adult population of Kiryas Joel, which is a very close knit community of approximately 35,000 people in which the infection spread rapidly and unchecked prior to the imposition of social distancing.

          As of today my team has tested approximately 200 people from this community for Covid-19, and 65% of the results have been positive. If extrapolated to the entire community, that means more than 20,000 people are infected at the present time. Of this group, I estimate that there are 1500 patients who are in the high-risk category (i.e. >60, immunocompromised, comorbidities, etc).

          Given the urgency of the situation, I developed the following treatment protocol in the pre-hospital setting and have seen only positive results:

          1. Any patient with shortness of breath regardless of age is treated.
          2. Any patient in the high-risk category even with just mild symptoms is treated.
          3. Young, healthy and low risk patients even with symptoms are not treated (unless their circumstances change and they fall into category 1 or 2).

          My out-patient treatment regimen is as follows:

          1. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days
          2. Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days
          3. Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days

          The rationale for my treatment plan is as follows. I combined the data available from China and South Korea with the recent study published from France (sites available on request). We know that hydroxychloroquine helps Zinc enter the cell. We know that Zinc slows viral replication within the cell. Regarding the use of azithromycin, I postulate it prevents secondary bacterial infections. These three drugs are well known and usually well tolerated, hence the risk to the patient is low.

          Since last Thursday, my team has treated approximately 350 patients in Kiryas Joel and another 150 patients in other areas of New York with the above regimen.

          Of this group and the information provided to me by affiliated medical teams, we have had ZERO deaths, ZERO hospitalizations, and ZERO intubations. In addition, I have not heard of any negative side effects other than approximately 10% of patients with temporary nausea and diarrhea.

          In sum, my urgent recommendation is to initiate treatment in the outpatient setting as soon as possible in accordance with the above. Based on my direct experience, it prevents acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), prevents the need for hospitalization and saves lives.

          With much respect,

          Dr. Zev Zelenko
          cc: President Donald J. Trump; Mr. Mark Meadows, Chief of Staff

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          • jean0404 says:

            Thank you, Raven


          • jean0404 says:

            Thank you, Raven!


          • Newhere says:

            Dr. Zelenko’s approach reflects the sanity and good sense so sadly missing among our medical bureaucracies: Rather than lose precious time with testing (which so far seems spotty and time-consuming), the regimen follows symptoms and patient profiles, so the young and healthy are monitored, and the treatment regimen is readily administered to vulnerable symptomatic patients and to anyone who gets to the point of shortness of breathe. So sensible and balanced.

            Importantly, it’s administered PRE-HOSPITALIZATION, to prevent/reduce hospitalizations. The bureaucrats are targeting folks already hospitalized — one of many obtuse polices causing us lay people to slap our foreheads in anger and frustration. The French doctor who highlighted this treatment in a study remarked that if the goal was to find that it DIDN’T work, administering it only to critical patients whose lungs are already destroyed would be the way to do it.

            I would welcome any informed perspective on how readily available this medicine combination COULD BE in the United States. My worry is that we just don’t have enough doses to universally follow Dr. Zelenko’s protocol — at least in time for the first wave — and that we can’t import or manufacture enough in time. Is there enough to apply this smart treatment regimen throughout the U.S.?

            I also wonder how much state or federal medical bureaucracies, including licensing boards, still might inhibit use — even with the emergency FDA approval THANKFULLY announced yesterday. The inexplicable effort among certain regulators and politicians to suppress the use of this treatment regimen, even as doctors on the frontline report uniform success, is beyond maddening; and I have been trying to surmise how much of a chilling or suppressive effect these pronouncements from on-high actually have on doctors and hospitals and prescribers on the ground. Some doctors such as Zelenko are following their best judgment; do all doctors have this ability, without fearing repercussions or red tape? Citizens in Nevada, Michigan and Oregon should be readying lawsuits and revolting in the streets. The policies in these states are outrageous.

            Regular Americans can do risk-benefit analyses, and if the trajectory is dying in a hallway waiting for a ventilator, I might just take my chances on a combination of these readily used and available medicines.

            And last point — using “hoarding” accusations as an excuse to regulate against this protocol is cynical and depraved. Make or import more of the drug. If we don’t have enough — it’s a policy and bureaucratic failure, not a result of “hoarding.” I hope our doctors and health-care professional have liberal access to this regimen if they wish to use it to protect themselves and their families. They are putting their lives at risk on our front line, often without adequate protective gear.

            Thanks in advance for any informed perspective on the questions here.


    • Jma724 says:

      Prayer for your sister for deliverance and strength through this trying times

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    • tyshab says:



    • GrandpaM says:

      Prayers up!


    • donna kovacevic says:

      Praying here in Canada for your sister. May God lay his healing hands on Meg, also give you the family strength and peace of mind. In Jesus’ Holy Name Amen. Let us know when she gets out of hospital. God Bless.

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    • babethebeagle says:

      Prayers going up!


    • Rollin Shultz says:

      See if you can negotiate visiting wearing gear or even a hazmat suit if necessary.


    • hoosiergranny says:

      Jean, Praying for your sister and for you. Papa hoosier was hospitalized last week after a fall. We were not allowed to be with him while he was hospitalized. It was scary and frustrating. Call regularly for updates to help stay in the loop. Her NOK should also remind the physicians that the HCQ and zpack therapy are now approved for use by the FDA.

      May God comfort and be with you & yours.

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    • kevin m miele says:

      tell her doctors she wants HCQ NOW!!!!

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    • bpicecream says:

      Praying here!


    • TexanInFL says:

      Dear God, please keep Meg in your loving hands and help her body fight as it has never before. Amen

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    • Norma Jean says:

      Praying for a total healing.. and an even more beautiful reunion for you both!!


    • the phoenix says:

      Praying for good health, healing, quick and full recovery and restoration for your twin sister Meg, jean0404. Jesus, I trust in You.


    • coldanger says:

      You got it, Sis! 🙏 G-d bless you both.


  6. Thank you Sundance.

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  7. teaforall says:

    Beautifully written with American exceptionalism , grit, honor and belief in the American people. Thank YOU
    I am on the Front Line every day, this is the career that I have chosen, helping others . I pray every day and thank God for keeping me and everyone around me safe
    Take care of yourself and love ones, be safe

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  8. Sheri Reynard says:

    You have totally changed my bad attitude about this mess with your inspiring column. Thank you for reminding me how wonderful our country is and its people. You are the first blog I read everyday and this one is a keeper. I will copy it and email it to all my friends.

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  9. Everett Miller says:

    “You ‘da man.”
    Thanks for being a gift that keeps on giving.
    The rest of us.

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  10. Skip says:

    This is true journalism at it’s finest…..

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  11. butch cassidy says:

    One of our dj’s in Detroit just said this and it ‘s funny and true ” Every day in our house is like Vegas, we are losing money by the minute, cocktails are acceptable at all times and no one knows what time it is”. Vegas, good for a couple of days then get the hell out.

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  12. Lauren says:

    Thanks for the positive peace Sundance it always feels good to see how other people are dealing with this social distancing and trying to get through the hard time. My husband and I are the older people you spoke about who have received phone calls and offers of help from neighbors. We try to reciprocate by checking on people down the road who are actually older than we are.

    Finally, yesterday I took some dinner over to a friend whose husband is fighting the coronavirus and has been in ICU for 10 days now. She’s been social distancing Herself because she nursed him with the virus before he was taken to the hospital. I left the bag of food at her door, and rang her doorbell so she would know it was there. As I walked away she knocked on the window And said thank you. You’re quite right Sundance it’s the little things we do that make others feel better and therefore We feel better. Nice!

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  13. John-Y128 says:

    So are those Cowboys riding to DC, to lynch a few politicians?

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  14. Catherine Thompson says:

    Sundance, this to shall pass but at what cost. I will be 64 in 10 days, been laid off. If we stay shut down for another 30 days my job won’t be there. A lot of jobs will be gone and at my age it will be hard to get another one. You can’t draw full SS until 66 1/2 so what do I do after 4 months of unemployment ends? Think about it

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    • Co says:

      It is my understanding that unemployment benefits have been extended. please apply Catherine. We are all weathering this storm together. God Speed.

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      • Catherine Thompson says:

        I have applied. The stimulus package that passed was for 4 months of full compensation plus 600 I believe. After that it goes back to a percentage of your income – unless they come up with another package. At any rate I don’t see it lasting for two and 1/2 years until SS. Thanks for your input. God Speed to you as well my friend.


    • tyshab says:

      I am in your age range and do not take your concerns lightly. Look at your years as experience gained which makes you more valuable than those who are just starting.
      Do you have skills which you could freelance with? An idea for solving other people’s problems? A dream of a small business? Something you always wanted to learn? The way we work has changed in the last decades, skills in many areas can be acquired through online learning or on the job training. I have had to learn totally different things to obtain employment over the years. It is very scary at first but you get better at it and it boosts your self confidence every time you succeed.Look at the time you have now as an opportunity to think about and act on these ideas.
      Someone once told me that if you look at issues as opportunities it changes the way you approach things. I think about it as a coin, with issues on one side and opportunities on the other and I try to mentally flip the coin over. It has helped me over the years.
      Please do not despair. You are a Treeper and we are the deplorables. We will not give up on our country and give in to the forces which seek to lead us to despair and to the destruction of our freedoms.
      Lifting you up in prayer.

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      • John Post says:

        My Dad used to say YOU ALWAYS GET KICKED UPSTAIRS!
        Meaning that no matter how bleak things look at the time, if you keep your eyes open and your brain working, you will see that you have come to a better place (maybe not what you had planned but BETTER)! Keep the faith. This too SHALL pass!

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        • David A says:

          Catherine, everybody’s situation is different; hopefully the extra 600 a week, extra 2,600 per month on top of
          regular UE will be very helpful.

          Also, while you may not be able to afford the reduction, you are not required to wait until your full retirement age to collect S.S.

          Al the best…


      • If you need to, take early ss and get a part time job.
        I did and with ss and part time job I was making more than I did working.


    • JayJay says:

      You draw SS at age 62 like most do.


    • William H Gilkerson says:

      Your the same age as me, you have two options. Worry and fret about it or pray, and think of how you can survive in the worst case scenario. So maybe get a lesser job to work for less than two years to get you to retirement? You also have the option of recieving your SS now at a lesser amount, at where your at I am guessing 3/4 of full benifets? Your unemployment will be upgraded thanks to the stimulus. Also it is absolutely going to be exxtended IF the unemployment rate stays high, this is a normal thing the government does for even mild recessions. OR you could scroll up and read Sundance again, this time read with the mind of faith instead of the mind of fear.


  15. Co says:

    Sundance you are a brilliant journalist and more important a good person. God Bless America xo

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  16. Rick554 says:

    Well Done Sundance! ALWAYS FORWARD! REDHORSE!!

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  17. Conservative_302 says:

    Sundance, you said it all and so perfectly. Thank you!

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  18. butch cassidy says:

    You have to believe that Trump has already assembled a team that is looking into what has been going on with the starting and the handling of this virus, the handling of the drug situation, all of this. And if anything is found to be nefarious, he will attack, he has already proven that with his past actions in the Russia,Mueller and impeachment scenario’s. But now is not the time.

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  19. Slowkid says:

    Say your prayers. Fly Old glory. Let’s get our fingernails dirty.

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  20. SW Richmond says:

    …and if anyone imagines the urban communists will appreciate it, they are grotesquely mistaken. The urban commies are owed it, as far as they are concerned. Once this is over they will go right back to voting to steal from you and to take away your guns.

    Count on it. Someone tell me again why we are helping them?


  21. I am am essential worker. Our group feeds college students at a small university in the PNW. We are contracted to do this so no matter rain sleet 4 feet of snow or Corona virus we go and we work. Some students have no other place to go including those with elderly parents or immune compromised family members even tho they are remoting (I just made up that verb) from their dorm rooms. I have always wondered. If I’m doing the right thing working here in the belly of the beast. But at times like this I know I am. Yes I’m supporting my family. But not all these students are radical and there have been many looking for a sane voice in a crazy world and I try to provide that. I also am able to give them work hours right now and they are realizing just how valuable that is. Any way regardless of that I am in awe of the truckers and grocery workers.

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  22. Dan Patterson says:

    Thank you for committing those points to writing. Thank you for getting that word of work and dignity out to many who do not organically understand it. Sadly there are too many who do not, and many of those are people of strong influence and persuasion.
    Piss on them. Every last one of them and their delicate sense of self-importance, furrowed brows and all. Piss on them.
    Turn the stupid TV off and leave it off.
    And welcome to the redneck world of getting it done, making it work, Making do, suffering in silence, cussing about it, and doing it all over tomorrow. Scars and calluses.
    And by redneck I include all the ghetto, gang, single mom, single dad, unloved, discarded, misunderstood, and ignored. Black Americans, mixed, oriental, indigenous, Latin, mutt doesn’t matter. Redneck.
    Point your finger and place it in the middle of your chest. That’s the person who is going to make things survivable better if not make things better. Start small if you have to and help those within reach, take care of your own, don’t do stupid stuff, and improve the things and the life surrounding you.
    It is good to be Redneck.

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  23. Bob Parker says:


    Thank you for the inspiring & wonderfully patriotic message!!

    This is a “Keeper” for periodic re-reading especially when I am feeling down.

    What a GREAT way to start the week off with!!

    God’s blessings & continued best of health to all!!

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  24. Bulldog84 says:

    “seeing the easy dispatch of liberty also reignites that oft forgotten flickering flame…”

    I’m a strong introvert by nature. I’m also naturally risk averse.
    Yet nothing in the world makes me angrier than having my civil rights deprived by being ordered — under threat of criminal prosecution — to stay at home. Nothing.

    When you have your rights stolen, do you ever get them back?

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  25. CM-TX says:

    “Wars Visible and Invisible
    The virus and the coup.”

    | In mid-March, as America became the nation with the most cases of the coronavirus (if you trust the Chinese statistics), Trump declared himself “a wartime president,” fighting “an invisible enemy,” which he described as the most dangerous enemy of all.[1] But anyone paying attention to the political battlefield recently knows that there are actually two wars engulfing the country, posing dire threats to its future. … |


  26. Publius2016 says:

    where is the JOY Fox and Friends???


  27. I think, I think, into the dustbin of obscurity, I may have fallen.


  28. Jon Shipp says:

    We wouldn’t be dealing with this if the injustice department prosecuted the sedations traitors for their crimes against the US and President Trump which has only made them worse as we are witnessing the results of the copredication of an attack against the US with China.


  29. Ausonius says:

    I am unsure where to place this, but since this topic is #1 today, here is a comment on Language and Reporting What The President Says About The Current Emergency:

    The Subjunctive Mood is the verbal form for expressing possibility, probability, and obligation. It does NOT deal with facts.

    The words involved in English are could, should, would, may, might, ought, and similar words and phrases e.g. “hope for.”


    When the president uses the Subjunctive Mood, I have noted how the MSM deliberately ignores the verbs involved, and attacks him for saying things he absolutely did NOT say..

    “You said Easter was going to be the end of this” and blah-blah-blah-I-stopped-listening.

    No, he said it would be nice, if that happened, that he hoped for things to be over by Easter.

    PAY ATTENTION, Leftist reporters! But I believe that they know exactly what they are doing, and if they really do not understand the Subjunctive Mood, they should all be paddled, fired, and sent to do something equal to their talents, e.g. picking up trash along the roads.

    Liked by 3 people

  30. Lo says:

    Well my “cold anger” is now scorching hot.
    If any of what is happening right now was happening with Hillary as president, how would we be feeling, reacting?
    That’s how we should be feeling and reacting right now. You said a number of days ago you believe this is a hoax (Trump said as much on March 9 in a tweet when he referred to coronavirus as “low risk.”) and our response should be “this too shall pass?”


    I have no doubt in my ability to face anything that comes my way, that I have what it takes to soldier on, but sitting back and quietly accepting defeat is not something I’m willing to do. Part of the problem as I see it, is we have a a group of Trump supporters who refuse to see what is happening and continue to cheer him on while we’re being sacrificed. Trump has always been the type of person who responds when criticized but if all he keeps hearing is that we’ll support him no matter what, then he has no reason to fight for us. His “experts” are our enemies.

    If I’m going down, I’m going down fighting.


    • butch cassidy says:

      So what are you going to do?


    • Carly says:

      Um, Lo, who is being sacrificed? I have a lot of disconnects with your half-cocked rant.
      Not at all sure why you seem to feel alone in this fight. Especially after reading this piece, and the PJMedia excerpt.
      But if you need to get angry (your ref to cold anger), you do what you need to do. Some people can fight calmly. You do your part, and we’ll do ours, and it’ll get done, and this, too, shall pass. And if you don’t like my vague platitudes, I’ll give you a refund because I don’t have a crystal ball.


      • hardworkinghousewife says:

        Maybe pushing forth the 5G agenda as well as vaccines? This is a certainty and was hidden in the CARES act. Both of those are an assault on the human body. So no, the whole truth is not being examined here.


  31. Randolph Scott says:

    Prayers for John.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Patience says:

      Some years back my mother excitedly….gleefully phoned to inform that an amazingly talented… charming man was singing and playing guitar on tv; –and that I had to turn the tv on and see/hear him! So, I did.

      She went on to describe him as a singing story-teller….. and on and on, and asked if I knew his name. Did I know his name ??? LOL!

      I said, “Ma, do you remember when you used to ‘complain’ that the music coming from my room was too much….. played over and over….., and too loud? Well, some of that music was John Prine.”.

      A few years later John came to town. So, naturally, I got tickets.
      That was Ma’s very first concert; she was in her early eighties.

      God, Bless John.

      Liked by 1 person

  32. Carly says:

    Nice, but the PJMedia piece was full of unnecessary cursing (I say that as someone who curses like a sailor but would never publish some of the stuff I say). Including it here mars Sundance’s sentiments. Has anyone read VD Hanson’s piece, the other week? Excellent. Made same points.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Bubby says:

    “We are a nation that knows how to get shit done.” – Sundance Amen! I’m not a world wide traveler but during my work life I went to Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. The one thing I noted most about America compared to other countries is that everything works in America and if it breaks it gets fixed. We have water than we can drink and bath in (except for Flint, MI). We have electricity to light and air condition our homes and natural gas to heat them. Our sewer systems work. Our garbage is picked regularly. We have plentiful gasoline supplies for our cars and truck to run on. If our car or truck breaks down we have tow trucks and great auto mechanics to repair them with readily available spare parts. We have cellular service all over the country to easily stay in communication with our families. Our grocery stores are fully stocked with more food varieties than anyplace on earth. Even the poorest in our country have TVs, cars, and food to eat. We have a trucker industry that is second to none in the world keeping us supplied. In addition we have Fed EX and UPS. We have an airline industry that is relatively on time and we can get to any part of the country within hours. We still have the best healthcare in the world despite obamacare. Most importantly are the farmers and ranchers that keep us fed, they are the most productive in the world except for maybe Israeli farmers. We have more freedom than anywhere on earth. The countries I visited has some of the above but not all and even then sometimes for only part of the day. Yet this country where everything works is hated by Democrats and the corrupt msm? I praise God that I was born in America still the greatest nation on earth and for His divine Providence for this country. Godspeed President Trump! Godspeed Sundance who reminds us who we really are!

    Liked by 6 people

  34. TexanInFL says:

    Thank you so very much for this post. I truly needed it. I had even stopped coming onto the site because frankly, I was feeling just a little overwhelmed by a totally negative mindset I had allowed to take over my life. God Bless America..God Bless each of you. I have a small pendant that I wear and it says “What doesn’t kill me, Better Run”. It’s been my attitude about life. I now add…Thank you, Dear Lord, for blessing me much more than I deserve.

    Liked by 4 people

  35. Elle says:

    I’m crying. Time to cowboy up. Thank God for our wonderful country. As for the rest of the world… please join us in our optimism. Everyone can participatei in the Christian values of faith hope and charity. Not saying you have to be Christian to spread then love, just saying let’s all join forces to do it. God bless us as we move forward to help.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Betty says:

      I think President Trump has done the best job he could do given the information he’s been given. However I’m concerned with the amount of authority that has been given to the “experts” regarding policies and procedures to deal with this crisis. They are non elected bureaucrats with no accountability to the American people.

      Also I’m concerned about the lack of specific information given to us by these experts. No details about the patients that died ..Did they have pre-existing conditions? And if so what were they? All the people that have been tested how many were negative and how many absolutely positive? How many people Have a covered And what were their worst symptoms?Like a cold?Or a flu?No symptoms at all just maybe a little funny nose? Just just know answers to these questions that are being given.

      Eventually Trump is going to have to start talking about the economy and the damage that was done to it and exactly what the plans are to try and bring it back Questions are being asked Not in any detail are they being disgust. And that really worries me. More than the virus.


  36. Marcia says:

    Retired Magistrate here: Just my opinion, but this may have been a bio weapon that got released before it reached its full potential.

    I think that what concerns the President is how rapidly this virus spreads and what its eventual destructive potential really is. It has become apparent that our current federal emergency response to a pandemic was woefully unprepared to handle a situation like this. So, President Trump, the businessman that he is, has streamlined the system in a very short period of time. Look what he has done: has the public and private sector working together, has manufacturing facilities repurposed to turn out face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, ventilators and other much needed equipment and has put the FDA into warp speed into approving drugs to treat the coronavirus. Unfortunately, this will not be the last time that this country is hit with a virus we have not seen before. At least we will be better prepared in the future.

    With regard to the economy, President Trump has the best minds in this country working to get the country back on its feet again. People are also beginning to see that open borders are not a good idea and that dependence on China for drugs and other goods is not in the best interests of the United States.

    I don’t like my liberty being taken away either; however, I try to look at the big picture and hope that everything turns out for the best. The other alternative is to get really depressed and anxious over this and make everyone around you miserable and anxious also.

    Do what you can to help others and pray, pray, and pray some more.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Publius2016 says:

      this is War…there is no substitute for Victory!

      Always thought the numbers showed Flu like numbers but 45 said his experts are showing total wipeout…I’m with 45 straight down the line!

      45: “the worst thing we can do is declare VICTORY too early…”

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ken Maritch says:

      If this was actually a bio weapon, how would China protect its owe people?


      • Christopher Johnson says:

        You presume they’d want to.

        China’s plan with the One Child policy was to shrink its population to “manageable” levels via forced abortions. It misfired because the cultural importance of male heirs skewed the demographics towards too many males who now have no prospects of marriage or families of their own.

        A virus that targets the elderly and those with compromised respiratory systems and a population where half the adult males smoke and they’re starting to have problems taking care of the elderly (not enough young bodies to do the work) seems like just the sort of thing they’d want.

        Xi and the CCP probably view the deaths of disproportionately more non-productive elderly and the overpopulation of men as a net positive for their society; especially since they took no steps to stop it from hurting everyone else too (and having a near monopoly on needed medicines).

        Never underestimate the wickedness of tyrants in pursuit of utopia.

        Liked by 2 people

  37. retiredseabee says:

    Awesome, awesome photos. USNS Comfort with Miss Liberty lighting up the way. That naked little cowboy. Really awesome.


  38. TGB says:

    Flu shots work. Sometimes they are well matched some times they are not.

    People are not going to suddenly wake up and think Wuhan Flu / COVID19 is fake or overblown. Sure their are some people who think HIV is made up, they likely think that COVID19 is made up.


    • hardworkinghousewife says:

      You trust the CDC? An extension of our deep state government? Flu shots do not work. They only serve to weaken the body and encourage the likelihood of acquiring the flu in the future.

      Liked by 1 person

  39. ivanthenuc says:

    Thank you. Great write-up. President Trump wouldn’t do this without a great reason, so lets make the best of it, get through it and then get on with the battles.


  40. TGB says:

    Thanks for posting this. Git R done.


  41. FofBW says:

    Semper Fi America!

    Liked by 1 person

  42. bpicecream says:

    Well done!
    I am sending this to friends and family.


  43. pyromancer76 says:

    Mike, get over yourself. The cure has just been (formally, “governmentally”) approved. Once this will have been rolled out far and wide, the grave danger will have passed.

    And don’t forget it was a grave danger. If you simply call if another flu, you are badly mistaken and need to take to further researching in a can-do spirit.

    We will pull together and we will be fine. We will come out of this stronger than ever before. Nature (with Chinese nefarious help) threw us a nasty curve ball, but Americans will persevere and win.

    Thanks, Sundance. I have sent this article to all the young people I know. I hope others send it far and wide.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fast-tracking a treatment is fine, but the untested theory that “social distancing” and effectively shutting down the entire economy “is an appropriate treatment” will turn to bite the Executive Branch in the ass. All virii can be dangerous and we live on a planet that is chock-full of them. Yes, people need to be conscious – as always – of how contagion can be spread, how to practice hygiene and so forth, but they must do this while living their lives.

      When you go to park and the picnic tables are cordoned off (“lest someone touch them”), and there’s a note on the railing of every walking bridge on a trail warning people not to touch it, then we have gone too far. When the State of Florida closes every RV park and literally forces all the retirees who winter in fifth-wheelers to leave their State and go to Georgia or Texas, many of those people won’t return next year. When the State of Rhode Island uses their National Guard to attempt a checkpoint(!) looking for New York plates, you’ve gone too far.

      And here is where being the Chief Executive sucks: “You are responsible for this. You cost me my job that I never got back. When (as I predict …) it turns out that these practices didn’t really change the course of the virus (according to CNN, say), then it doesn’t matter that you were acting on the best available information in the face of unknowns: you were wrong.” There is – mark my words – going to be tremendous and irrational backlash to match the initial also-irrational response.

      “Even if a hundred thousand soldiers fight the war, only the President loses it.”


      • dayallaxeded says:

        PDJT ain’t losin’ this one and neither are we! Truth will out! Take-aways from this one is that now, more than ever, borders must be secured and POTUS has to be able to shut down travel between foreign nations without back-biting. A complete shutdown of travel between here, China, and Iran, including connecting flights, in January would have likely made this pandemic a pin-demic–as in a pin stuck in Wuhan. Decisions made by Demonrat goobernators and shills on the fed level are what have made this entire situation as bad as it is and certainly far worse than it should have been.


  44. pyromancer76 says:

    Now that a cure has been “approved,” we need that test for immunity to the Wuhan virus, real immunity, to be finalized and spread far and wide. Then we can know who will not be carriers of this nasty virus. This knowledge frees us in many imaginative and productive ways — beginning with health care workers.


  45. Harry says:

    Well done, and very timely, Sundance!
    CT is my first stop of the morning in my quest for the news that matters.
    I forwarded this article to several people before I’d even finished it.


  46. Padric says:

    Sundance’s post here definitely put a smile on my face and reminded me of just how truly blessed I am.

    My wife and I both are employed by healthcare providers and as such, considered “necessary”. We still have jobs, still collecting full paychecks. We just bought a new house and moved, a little over a month ago. All of this could have been catastrophic for us.

    And honestly, the quarantine doesn’t bother me or most of my friends that much. Yes, because of my job I have the ability to go to work. But honestly, all this just reminds my friends and I of when were in school. Go to school, go home. Rinse, repeat. We’re all Gen-X, the latch key generation. We were raised with this stuff, so the fact that we can go home to a place where I can, through the miracle of the internet, still communicate with people, watch any movie or tv show, listen to music or just read a book is heaven compared to how things used to be.

    My attitude about all of this has been a simple one: Take it seriously, but lets not lose our minds over this. Articles like this, reminding me of how truly blessed I am, make that a ton easier to do.

    And yes, there’s a new restaurant not even 6 months old in my little village that I think I’ll be ordering out from tonight for me and the family. I’ve been wanting to try them anyway and I have a hankering for some empanadas.


  47. scrap1ron says:

    I think back to what my parents and grandparents told me about their experiences as children and raising their families from WWI, The Depression, and WWII. There was no safety net, medical help was primitive compared to today, fresh food was local & seasonal, during the war years it was rationed. Fear of the unknown, whether it was diseases like the Spanish Flu, small pox, polio, unemployment, hunger, not to mention two world wars; yet they survived as did your predecessors. Being brave is not the absence of fear. Being brave is not allowing fear to stop you from what needs to be done. Those that came before us got it done and thrived, so can we.

    Liked by 4 people

  48. SHV says:

    I’m optimistic that after this blows over, Globalism, Open borders, etc. are done and PDJT and the USA will come back stronger. The nagging worry is that PDJT and/or Pence can’t get sick from this shit and the Rethugs have to retake the House. IMO, this Country’s future is hanging on the knife edge of PDJT staying healthy and alive.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. jimrockfish says:

    This was so timely for me. Spent most of yesterday realizing/moping (mostly moping) the business I spent the last 7+ year on, working 16 hours a day to be better than my competition and was doing pretty well, is gone. It may come back in a few months. Maybe not. Hoping I can get the “self employed” unemployment benefits in the CARES act. But there are bigger things than me and my business at hand.

    Reading this helped to remember how grateful I am to be an American. And how we Americans are different and better.

    God bless us all.

    Liked by 1 person

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