Larry Kudlow Discusses: “We Cannot Let The Cure Be Worse Than The Problem”…

National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow appears on Fox Business to discuss the Main Street economic support package assembled in the senate. Stuart Varney also asks about the timing for getting people back to work.

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74 Responses to Larry Kudlow Discusses: “We Cannot Let The Cure Be Worse Than The Problem”…

  1. Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

    Rest assured, during the next week, fauci and the rest of the Deep State and media clowns will fabricate new ‘showstopper scenarios’ of second and third waves coming at us, millions dead, can’t take the chance, lockdowns must continue, etc.

    They’ve had such an easy time of creating chaos, disruption, deprivation, and misery without losing a single penny. So why should they stop now when another few weeks of this will likely do permanent grave damage to the country as well as President Trump’s reelection?

    This has developed a momentum of its own, thus recovery will neither be quick nor completely successful.

    As long as fauci and the rest are next to the President, smirking as he speaks, troubles will continue and increase.

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    • FofBW says:

      Make America HOLY again!! MAHA!

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    • jwmson says:

      Exactly. His absence yesterday was a welcoming. Guess he was ‘sheltering’ and hope he continues to do so. SHELTERING IN THE USA…most dumb thing I’ve ever heard. Gov closing businesses and many have NO fall back positions…GOVT….all needs to be said. CDC under Fauci, as guilty as anyone for this calamity and the voids that have arisen. FIRE HIM!

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      • YeahYouRight says:

        Fauci is NIH. 0bama was tinkering with CDC to investigate racism, abortion and “gun violence.” They need their mission restorered and a DS deep clean.

        Easter Monday sounds good to me, let’s get back at it and allow at risk folks to stay home.

        Tired of Fox giving Cuomo unfettered live broadcast time. He’s got no credibility, did nothing to prepare for this eventual emergency, now we all have to pay and send disproportionate resources.

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      • bkrg2 says:

        Dr False-see wont be happy until we are all dead. Idiot wants a 2 year shutdown.


    • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

      If this thing continues to spread as it has been doing we are going to see mayhem. But since so many selfish people refuse to stay home (I keep reading about celebs who are just getting back from vacations) there’s little that can be done.

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      • XO says:

        How long will it take to completely eradicate the virus if everyone stays home?

        Serious question. What is the number that it will take to rid the world of the virus. Because if it’s still out there, this all starts again.

        How long?

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      • auntiefran413 says:

        Are you by chance referring to those arrogant kids — kids old enough to vote — in Miami? At least DeSantis had the cajones to close the beaches! Unfortunately, several of them have been tested and have COVID19.

        Meanwhile, DeBlasio complains about the kids in the parks! He could have put a stop to that. Just send a platoon of police officers down there to issue citations that carry big fines. It’s the leadership, or lack thereof, that is the difference.

        I’ve not seen pictures, but I believe the California beaches are busy, too.


        • Risa says:

          I want to know where the idiotic parents are who subsidize their college student offspring’s week-long bacchanalia Spring Breaks at the beaches?

          Forget the virus, just the drunken behavior and the sexual activities are disgusting enough. We managed to get our children through college without ever allowing them to go on Spring break trips unless it was a family trip.

          And with Wuhan Flu as an issue, it is even more incomprehensible that parents would allow this. Stupid, stupid parents who want to be their children’s “friends”, rather than adults who have the courage to set rules for the protection of immature over-grown kids.


        • Willy Nilly says:

          The young are not at risk — let them be young like we once were. The old generation, the Pelosi’s & Schumers, need to get out of the way. It’s like this virus is Mother Nature’s visceral reaction to the plague of boomers who simply won’t get off the road.


      • Rose says:

        Staying home and hiding is only prolonging the pandemic, how long is long enough-six months to a year? It will take months, August, before the heat kills it, feel free to stay home but most of us don’t have that luxury.


        • old white guy says:

          Rose you are correct. the actions being taken will not allow the virus to run it’s course and enough people to develop an immunity. It will be extended.


          • Rose says:

            Yep my husband had Mers, still does and always will. If he gets a scratch it can easily turn into flesh eating disease. All the shelter in place fanatics are doing is giving the media the time it needs to brain wash those already freaking out and bleeding from the eyes in fear.


            • Lindy says:

              Mers–Middle East respiratory syndrome, OR
              Mersa —another name for MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a type of bacteria that can cause skin infections.


      • Alleycats says:

        Is there a little bell that rings for you every time there is some optimism discussed?


    • booger71 says:

      The WHO is already doing that by claiming that the US is going to be the next Italy.

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    • bkrg2 says:

      Idiot Demonrat Governors, Mayors and MSM are screaming nonstop how Trump is going to kill everyone.
      The only hope we have is the Patriots follow the President and start re-opening businesses wherever the Demonrats don’t have power. Maybe we will even get lucky and have some businesses re-open in blue areas?


  2. jwmson says:

    And unfortunately for now, the cure is the Dems plan. SHUT DOWN the USA, its economy, destroy employment, make We The People totally dependent upon big bro govt…Minority unemployment was lowest ever and many likely thinking Dems weren’t for them. Minorities likely loosing jobs 1st, which makes Dems very happy…get back on that plantation. We know best.

    Small biz in 2 wks, will be destroyed, plain and simple. They can’t keep doors closed and open them back up and instantly be successful and profitable. Dine-in restaurants can’t function with take-outs and deliveries. Not their operating model. Their menus are not designed for such.

    Barbers, salons, nail salons are self-employed and they work wk-to-wk. These folks cannot shut doors and receive no earnings and they have no insur, rent, car pmts, food…..

    EVERYONE on Capitol Hill should go hungry and be destitute for 1 wk…
    IF you liked politicians before, how can you like them now?

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    • Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

      Many likes.

      Thank you for stating the truth.


    • Magabear says:

      Awesome post! 👍

      Seriously, waiting until 4/12 to reopen America is just too long of a wait. You can’t shut down a nations economy like ours for a month and think all will be well. As the above poster said, many businesses will be gone if this shutdown goes on any longer.

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  3. Janice says:

    Trust Trump he will get it done! How blessed we are to have this administration at this time! KAG

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  4. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    The problem is that there are enough people not adhering to the recommendations that this virus is still spreading like wildfire. What part of “stay home” did those many thousands of travellers pouring into Florida from New York not understand? No sense in punishing everyone then. Let ‘er rip.

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  5. jx says:

    Let’s get to work.

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  6. XO says:

    We can cower in fear in our homes for 6 more months. But unless there’s a vaccine, it’s not going to be gone and it will flare back up.

    Sheltering and isolating is a pointless exercise. What, are we expected to do this for 3 more years? 4? 5?

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  7. bullnuke says:

    I decided to put a chunk of my retirement savings into the market last night because I just know the economy is ready to come roaring back. Great day for the markets! There is know doubt this president will make America rich again.

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  8. bessie2003 says:

    Fully re-opening everything by Easter would be wonderful; with the President talking about having this over by then am figure he’s on top of the process for the needed ventilators, medical treatments, other supplies starting to get to where they are needed. Very encouraging how this Administration is relying on and using the private sector to help where no government sector could.

    Quite the opposite of listening to the NY Gov whining because his State doesn’t have this or that when it’s actually his responsibility to see his State has this or that.

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    • bullnuke says:

      The federal government failed to restock needed emergency supplies after they were severely depleted by H1N1 in 2009. Hence the stock is low everywhere.


    • Cuomo spent the ventilator money on green jobs in the Tesla Solar Panel Debacle, which cost a million per job created. His top aides were convicted of kickbacks.

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      • jnr2d2 says:

        Demos in every election in every state says “it’s about” “sustainability.” We now see how clear a lie this is (they knew it, but it sounds good to the youngsters voting). They can’t produce their own ventilators, or their own masks, or Meds, or milk, or eggs, or oil, or cars, or toilet paper etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Seems to me that at the end of this week we can follow what Kudlow is suggesting–different areas are less affected and thus their hospital systems are likely less in peril of overload. I would assume that the public health folks at state and local levels are monitoring the conditions and availability of such items as respirators. Likewise, we need to accelerate production of additional hydroxychloraquine tablets as well as the Z packs. This regimen apparently significantly reduces the need for ventilators.

    Meanwhile, I have been following the covidtracking site to look at specific states and their level of testing, % positive, % dead of positive (case fatality rate). As of this AM when the data was last synced, there are some stark differences between localities–sample below. (Note the column headings don’t align. ALSO note that there is funkiness in the NJ data because they aren’t reporting the negative tests in a consistent way…so probably don’t rely on their data.

    % Tested (inc pending) % Positive CFR (%Death of Positive)
    0.039% 3.67% 2.20% Texas
    0.052% 6.49% 2.07% Virginia
    0.073% 9.71% 1.27% Florida
    0.467% 28.12% 0.82% New York
    0.037% 88.79% 0.95% New Jersey
    0.450% 6.55% 4.95% Washington State
    0.066% 12.12% 1.56% California
    0.211% 10.29% 1.46% DC
    0.096% 15.63% 1.26% US as a whole

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  10. AndrewJackson says:

    Thank you Kudlow. This hoax needs to be stopped. Once the dust settles, real scientists will observe that this pandemic was less deadly than the seasonal flu. Time to fireup the American Engines.

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  11. Tl Howard says:

    It sure would be easier for all to go back to their lives if we had a supply of quality face masks that would last each of us a month.

    From now on, we need to adopt the practices of the Japanese and schools need to require students (yes, teens as well) who have coughs and runny noses to wear those masks. Employers lose hours of employee productivity every year because a kid who ought to know better doesn’t use sense when he coughs or sneezes.

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    • Risa says:

      If you have a sewer in the family there are effective, easy-to-sew patterns for face masks online. has a free online one that is good. Cotton is the recommended fabric, and Amazon has fabric pieces known as “fat bundles” with a range of patterns and solids for very little cost.

      So, with a sewing machine and some easy straight stitches and elastic you can make what is currently difficult to buy. They will be washable and can even include a minor alteration to create a flap for insertion of a disposable hepa filter cut from a vacuum cleaner bag.

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  12. JustScott says:

    The single statistic I would like to see is a realtime heatmap of the % ICU facility utilization.

    If the ICU capacity is increasing and the patient stay duration declines due to emerging treatments, our best course is to maintaing 95% capacity utilization until either the virus has run out of easy victims, or we have prophalactic treatment.

    I really believe that if Wife and I stay on tight lockdown for two weeks, we will be able to relax considerably in two weeks, and resume a “new normal” in the US a few weeks later.

    Trump’s got this. We chose very well.

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  13. California Joe says:

    When this nightmare is over we’ll learn that 50 million Americans had the Coronavirus and didn’t even know it! End the dumpster fire now, Larry.

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    • larry land says:

      Ok, most likely true
      I am just concerned the dems hanging us out for the biggest bailout in history based on bs
      I probably had it last week when I had some lung fish spawning
      Hey. I’m retired and working in my house, all secured. I consider myself very healthy


  14. Islam_Is Islam says:

    @SunDance: Have you seen the correspondence between Dr. Birx and former ambassador Yovanovitch giving her 30 million for AIDS/HIV support in Ukraine. PEPFAR, Global Fund, CDC, Soros connected Civil Society–maybe a 90 million dollar global slush fund? (At about 2 minutes letter of January 16, 2019 from Dr. Birx to Ambassador Yovanovitch.)


  15. Shyster says:

    Yeah, where is that traitor Tom Hanks and wife. It’s been 2 weeks and no report he has died so why the hell isn’t he calming the public with public service messages. Hollywood and all the scumbag celebrities need to be socially shunned.

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  16. Trump2020 says:

    So all the folks in California that have continued to elect the wicked witch of California, wonder now how they feel about her with her continued scheming… Breitbart reporting her latest scheme is now to shove in a provision of 1,000,000 in funding for sanctuary cities!!!! She just can’t help being a pure BITCH!!!!

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  17. Troublemaker10 says:

    Jody Lanard’s credentials:

    “former WHO senior pandemic influenza comms advisor 2005. WHO & FAO risk comm training 2003-2016 (all regions x EMRO) U. of Penn Med ’80”

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  18. Neil M. Dunn says:

    This may be worth a trial. Take all the Red(R) states and put people back to work ala Trump. Take the Blue(D) states and let the follow the total shutdown ala Fauci (don’t trust him). You might consider giving half in each group Chloroquine, Vit D, Vit C, other drugs, = a whatever treatment cocktail. Start soon and let ‘er rip. If possible, I would like to see sanctuary cities with the Blues (D) and close all borders between Red and Blue states–just thinking.


  19. kallibella says:

    MAWA!!!! Make America Work Again!!!
    Let’s roll!

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  20. darthawk says:

    If anyone here has access to Kudlow or other White House financial advisors, please, please, please forward this information to them. I am very serious.

    My partners and I have been working to apply for an SBA Covid-19 Disaster Loan; we would be obligated to pay the money back, but it will allow us to keep making payroll and keep our 16 year old company alive with virtually no revenue during the shutdown. The SBA traditionally relies on a network of hundreds of approved Banks to issue SBA Loans; those Banks already know – and have a long track record of following – the SBA guidelines and rules. At this time, we have been advised – both by our banker and directly by SBA – that a company may ONLY apply directly to the SBA for the Covid-19 Disaster Loans. Not surprisingly, the SBA web-site is totally overwhelmed and unworkable. There are two obvious solutions. The best solution would be to allow SBA approved Banks to issue the Covid-19 Disaster Loans; instead of one web-site for the entire country being manned by a handful of DC bureaucrats (who have little to no fear of a missed paycheck), small businesses (like mine) could work with bankers who the SBA has always trusted and who actually know and understand our business. If for some reason the SBA must handle all of the Disaster Loans, then fix the web-site! It makes the Obamacare Exchange look efficient.

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    • Kildare57 says:

      Sorry to hear, but not surprised. I will check with my trade group and see how to get word out.

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    • wondering999 says:

      I just got a call from Fifth-Third Bank today where I have a small account… they gave me a little bonus last year for opening a little account)

      The Fifth-Third guy asked if there was anything they could do to be helpful, and said that they were open by appointment.

      I agree, local banks would be the best way to handle this

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  21. Bolivar says:

    Personally I would prefer, at this point, that every federal, state and municipal employee stay at home and have no contact with anyone – 100% quarantine. The stay at home order for government workers would be unpaid, to simulate the situation these government workers have created for the private sector. The corporate news media would also be put in this same Stay At Home status and do not interact with any co-workers.

    All private sector individuals with no connection to government would return to doing whatever they were doing without restriction.

    The virus – it will go away. But only when the government workers are removed from the rest of society.

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    • wondering999 says:

      There’s a logic to this. A lot of the government employees are “essential” — police, etc. But if a large enough contingent of public employees had the same situation as small business owners and employees (“corporations”) they’d be singing a different tune.

      Someone was passing around a message a week or two ago, asking why Congress people have a different pension plan (not Social Security and individual plans, like ordinary people) and different health insurance from the rest of us. If they had the same pressures they might exhibit different behaviors


  22. Mike in a Truck says:

    The problem with Dr. Faki and all the rest of these bureaucrats is they are scared to death of risk. It terrifies them.Life is full of risk and it’s what makes it worth living. President Trump is a risk taker- ya gotta be to get where he is. Heres your choice America- get out and take risks or cower in your basement. I know what I’m gonna do.

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  23. Rose says:

    The media is thriving under this pandemic, their viewing numbers are up and they feel in control of the nation again. They will scream bloody murder if Trump tries to impede their resurgence of power, frankly this virus is going no where until July or August and we can’t shelter in place until then it’s just not possible. Name one time in history politicians gave power back to the people once they’ve denied you access to said freedom?

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  24. Magabear says:

    If there’s a positive to what has happened this past week or so, it’s that people now know the consequences of what happens when their governments, state or federal, uses fear tactics to shut down their ability to live freely. Could be a good life lesson for many who in the past have fallen for the lefts fear mongering tactics.

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  25. Unfortunately for PDJT and all the rest, I fear that “the actual virus will prove all of them wrong.”

    I predict, first of all, that PDJT will ignore the doctors at this point and order an end to “two weeks.” I feel that money will also fall from the sky. But the real question is: WWTVD == What Will The Virus Do?

    Well, I’m sorry to say that the virus probably won’t be too impressed by our efforts. Putting all of American life on complete hold for fourteen days probably won’t make a significant impact on this what-now-seems-to-be fairly minor contagion.

    Yes, I will stand behind the fact that “the Oval Office chair is your chair, and you must sit in it, and the buck stops here,” but I also think that this is a very-draconian public health response that must never be repeated. (I predict …) “It didn’t help.” “The treatment was much worse than the thing it sought to treat.”

    The most-important thing, after the opportunistic politicians have wandered off to do other terrible things, is …lessons learned. Did we make the right decisions? Why or why not? Without(!) pointing fingers or demanding resignations, let us pre-suppose that everyone acted in good faith based on what they considered to be the best information available … and then let us perform a complete autopsy.

    Because: “This one thing we know for sure – we live upon a planet filled with viruses.” And so, we must be prepared to launch public-health responses … even draconian ones. We must therefore systematically analyze not only this response but everything that led to the decision to launch it.

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  26. Doug Amos says:

    Libs likely have N Y in back of their mind and it would not indeed be difficult for a virus to spin out of control in any of the boroughs. Long, long way to go yet and a second wave in nov/dec is not impossible. It would be impossible to commensurate President Trump relative to his value as a leader.


  27. Troublemaker10 says:


  28. buzzybee says:

    POTUS said something in the virtual townhall that I think may be significant. He said he was APPROACHED by ‘some people’ (I wonder who) who said, “Mr. President, we need to shut down the country.” His reply was “What do you mean we have to shut down the country?”

    I got the feeling POTUS reluctantly did the measures we have so far. He was approached by ‘some people’ who wanted to shut down the country. And they want to shut it down for longer if they could. He mentioned that…they want to shut it down longer.

    WHO I wonder? WHO would want to destroy our economy? Mulling on this…..
    Looking under all my doilies for the usual communists.


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