Eight States Now – Ohio, Delaware and Louisiana Become Latest States With Mandatory “Stay At Home” Orders…

Today Ohio, Delaware and Louisiana joined California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Illinois by issuing mandatory stay at home orders for their citizens.  A total of eight states now have total coronavirus compliance orders restricting movement.

(Via Reuters) […] “Every piece of evidence that I can lay my hands on indicates that we’re at an absolutely crucial time in this war and what we do now will make all the difference in the world,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. “What we do now will slow this invader. It will slow this invader so our health care system … will have time to treat casualties.”

Ohio has 351 cases and three deaths while Louisiana has 837 cases and 20 deaths, several in a senior care facility. Louisiana has the third highest number of cases per capita and saw a 10-fold increase in cases in the past week, Governor John Bel Edwards said.

Ohio’s order will go into effect at midnight on Monday and stay in effect until April 6. Louisiana’s order goes into effect 5 p.m. CT Monday (2000 GMT) and lasts through April 12. Delaware’s order starts 8 a.m. Tuesday.

The lockdown affecting large segments of the American public is likely to last 10 to 12 weeks, or until early June, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Sunday.  (read more)

Protect your community comrades.  Report any non-compliant citizen behavior to the Directorate of Coronavirus Compliance.


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355 Responses to Eight States Now – Ohio, Delaware and Louisiana Become Latest States With Mandatory “Stay At Home” Orders…

  1. Chuck says:

    When your state government decides what businesses can operate, when you can and can’t leave your house and then uses intimidation and force (the police and national guard) to enforce their edicts you have the tyrannical government we were warned about in the constitution. It doesn’t matter the reasoning – tyranny is tyranny.

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  2. JohnCasper says:

    Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
    – C. S. Lewis

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  3. straightstreet says:

    Add Kentucky to the list. Dem gov Beshear ordered all non essential businesses closed by 8 pm tommorow:


    • MM says:

      Just talked to a family member in KY.
      Everyone is working from home, except my niece who is a neonatal nurse.


    • Blood of Patriots says:

      Johnson County, KS announced tuesday they would be in lock down, tonight, Douglas County, KS announced the same thing. Watch for more to follow suit. Democrat Govenor. We are being wiped out here in the midwest, lol! 60 effing cases in the whole state with 2 deaths. I know of 4 people who have died in car accidents in the last week. Hand over your keys.


    • booger71 says:

      I figured he would..he wants to be on the team


  4. 13wasylyna says:

    Never thought I would anticipate a hurricane but this ignorant edict to hide in our homes would go out the window if a Cat 5 hurricane came a calling and mass evaucuations were ordered


  5. We live in a Federal Republic Government. Every Governor thinks he is rules his fiefdom better than the President and every Senator thinks he is smarter than the President.

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  6. Shyster says:

    This is ridiculous. These officials are going to send us into a Great Depression with 30% unemployment. Given that the true fatality rate is unknow, that which is k own is that if you are 40 and under you may get sick but you won’t die. These stay at home and shit down orders should exempt bosses, workers and contractors 40 and under and allow all businesses that are managed on site or run by these people to remain open.

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    • Blood of Patriots says:

      Check out an article by Steve Wynn over at Townhall. That is exactly what South Korea has done and it looks like it under control.

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      • John Wayne says:

        Conservatives need to stop voting South Korea as some magic bullet – they forced testing and have like .01% our population and are all in like 1 state.

        Educate yourselves – the ignorance is astounding.

        This isn’t government – it’s global. Boris Johnson is not a dictator or Mao.

        Sit in you homes , spend time with your kids. Stop freaking everyone out.


        • bunky says:

          Population of S. Korea is 51 million.
          They have it under control with that many people while NY, Ca, and others with many fewer citizens have to LOCK down.
          Please explain.


          • Judith says:

            Asians on the whole are very accustomed to the collectivist mindset. They don’t rock the boat and tend to do whatever is expected of them without question. It is just their culture.

            Americans, on the other hand, tend to be a self-absorbed society. We in fact pride ourselves on self-expression and individuality. So on the *rare* occasion we are required to put our personal needs last, well, it doesn’t go over too well. A little friendly persuasion can go a long way.

            Now, I’m as Deplorable as the next gal. But I see this virus spreading all around me in NY, so I’m hiding out for my own good and to shield those closest to me who are in no condition to fight off Coronavirus.

            15 days is do-able. But I agree that very soon a tipping point will be reached, where continued isolation will cause more problems than it solves.


    • OhNoYouDont says:

      Blood of Patriots, I believe this is the article you are referring to …

      Mr. President, Follow the South Korean Model to Defeat the Coronavirus
      Posted: Mar 22, 2020 12:01 AM | Wayne Allyn Root

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    • thedustmaker says:

      Ok, I’ll stay at home, spend my energy on cutting & splitting next winter’s firewood in my yard. Looking forward to dinner tomorrow night, what are you bringing? Don’t forget the water we could not get today, and the coffee we forgot. :o)

      Yeah, I know, frustrated here too. I gotta work this week, regardless of my age & the ages of my employers & coworkers. Am very glad we have work and were able to shut down our retail store and keep on just fine on internet sales & contract work, despite our rancid governor. Our only employee under 40 is only part time & not terribly dependable!

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  7. Funny how the states are not doing anything much on their end to help the taxpayers.

    I owe my NY county about $3000 for the second half payment for school taxes. (we can pay our property taxes in 2 installments). I have till July to pay it off. Meanwhile the interest rate will be up around 16% because it increases every month that the bill isn’t paid.

    Does anyone out there know of any state that is giving a break on local Property Taxes?

    If we get $2400 that won’t even be enough to pay my tax bill plus interest. Thank you Emperor Cuomo. What a scumbag.

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    • Your Royal Highness says:

      Exactly the point I have been making today to those who will listen…no property tax breaks or even suspensions….gotta have that money to pay the gubbermint “workers”!!

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      • YRH- this is one long extended vacation for local Govt. workers COMPLETELY PAID FOR BY THE TAXPAYERS.
        Maybe the bastards wouldn’t be so quick to shut us down if they stopped receiving their own paychecks.
        They resent it if you call them up and ask for help- that is, when they answer a phone or respond to an email. Which is not happening.
        The taxpayers are getting screwed big time. No breaks for us at all.

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      NY and CA both provide free health care to illegals, they need your money to pay for the illegals. What’s worse though, is there are Democrats fighting to get monetary assistance for the illegals or give money to the organizations who can get the money to the illegals.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      I thought if something about an hour ago, wondering where the best place to post it would be.

      How about Fed & STATE income tax breaks for landlords that forgive business’ rent payments for the weeks/months they were FORCED to close and not be able to earn any income

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  8. auntiefran413 says:



  9. We the People don’t need governments meddling in our lives. Government needs to understand its proper place and purpose. To secure Our Liberty on Our Terms!

    America MUST re-open for business and American’s MUST go back to work. The alternative is economic suicide!

    *IF* our government declares “martial law” on U.S. Citizens, *THEN* our government has declared war on U.S. Citizens!

    I do Not believe that Trump will become a tyrant and an enemy of We the People!

    Some of our State governors are sounding tyrannical. That MUST stop!

    Fear is the language of slaves! In this Republic, there is no such thing as “martial law”.

    “It is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or pretended, from abroad.” — James Madison

    “The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.” — George Washington

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  10. maggiemoowho says:

    Notice the highest amount of virus cases are in sanctuary states. It would be interesting to know the number of illegal citizens hospitalized in those states, compared to the number of American citizens. New York and California provide healthcare to illegals, so are those healthcare systems being over run and because they have a high number illegals needing extended care due to the virus.
    Cuomo wants the Federal Government to come in and set up hospitals, but claims NY doesn’t have the funds to pay the 25% that the state is supposed to pay towards the costs of setting up and running these hospitals, so who is really paying for the illegals healthcare. Hard working Americans are losing everything, including our freedom due to those damn states and their anti-American policies.
    Why not wait until those states use up every single hospital bed and resource in their state before building those “pop-up” hospitals, so tax payers aren’t stuck paying for crap that was not needed in the first place.
    What the hell did New York, California and Washington do when 700,000 people need hospitalized with the flu last year or when 80,000 people died. We are not even a smidgen close to that with this virus.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      All bills for illegals should be covered by the Fugitive State that allowed these people to invade our territories, NOT the rest of us. Preferably by the Governors themselves.

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      • maggiemoowho says:

        Yes, I agree 100%.

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      • mike says:

        The governors should let the mayors hang for it. Riots afflict the guilty areas, let them learn to enforce the laws and why.

        A good governor will pre-emptively pardon those who have video evidence self defense of life and property. No more Zimmerman “peoples trials” with kangaroo liberal courts, prosecutors, juries and made to order testilying.

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  11. cycle1 says:

    Just to be clear, in OH, it’s not saying you can’t go out for a walk. Here are some details of what it means:


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  12. auntiefran413 says:

    Ya know…as an asthmatic in her advanced years, I’ve been going out ONLY for a required bi-weekly blood test. You can bet your sweet bippy that if I lived in one of those states, I’d be going anywhere and everywhere! What would they do…throw me in the slammer? AF413 is a born rebel. Sorry about the prior post. Can someone delete it? Menagerie?

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    • JohnCasper says:

      No leading from behind for you. You would be leading the way.

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      auntiefran413, I wish you many more healthy years. That said, unless you were an illegal alien, the powers that be would slap you in the slammer, slam the cell door shut and say, “Don’t it suck to be an American born citizen”

      We had our chance when certain states welcomed the scumbags aka illegal aliens into our country with open arms. That’s when those state’s citizens should have started arresting the aliens and asking why. I know that wouldn’t have solved this made for TV crisis but it would have opened some eyes in our so-called government.

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    • Justin Sane says:

      I bet that’s the real reason behind their plans to empty the prisons and jails… they need room for the rebels.

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  13. Another good article from one of my faves, American Thinker- “Trying to make sense of statistical noise.”


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  14. These Chains will Set You Free !!!


  15. LKAinLA says:

    Thanks to Eddie Rispone and Ralph Abraham we still have a Dem Gov here in Louisiana. Had one dropped out we could have had a republican. Now we are at the mercy of the lowest denominator from Baton Rouge and the affirmative action bs in New Orleans. Lazy gov employees who can’t even inspect bldgs with illegal.workers! Check out stories kn Thr Hardrock Hotel. They “resist” work. Small business will be ruined here and Dem Gov Edwards knows it. We all might as well have the Communist China Virus. Sad state here in Louisiana. Btw, my small town has 3 confirmed cases. Three. Entire town shut down.

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    • Yy4u says:

      I know nothing about LA politics but qhat LAKinLA describes happens all the time in my state. When it looks like a candidate not of the Uniparty might win, another “Republican” appears and splits the votes. Works every time.

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  16. NSJW says:

    Common sense has been lost on many of the States Officials. If your ship is taking on water, you don’t drill holes in the bottom to let the water out. Yet, they persist in destroying the economic lives of their “subjects.”

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  17. FL_GUY says:

    Mainly D-rat governors showing their inner Castro. What’s next?

    All the states that allowed the governor’s race to be stolen. I no more believe the incumbent tax gouger and job destroyer of LA was really re-elected; I don’t believe people are that stupid. Same goes for KY.


    • Raquel says:

      I was wondering if the governors imposing the forced stay-at-home rules were all or mainly democrats. I am not familiar enough with every state’s governors and their party affiliation. If they are mainly democrat, this is just another attempt by the democrats to remove Trump by ruining the economy. Their heartlessness is evident, by “never letting a good crisis go to waste.” Never mind the devastation to the citizens of this country.

      Conservatives need to beat the drum and make an issue of i this fact and bring it to the forefront. This cannot go unnoticed.

      I live in PA where “non-essential” businesses are shut down. Most people are at home. We have a democratic governor. A vacation is nice, but the bills must be paid.

      We need to pray, like never before, that our economy will bounce back. We need to take prayer more seriously, for our God is greater!


  18. TwoLaine says:

    I haven’t heard from Maxine W lately. Did the Chines Wuhan virus get her, please? It has been blissfully quiet. 😉


  19. owtolunch says:

    The most complete numbers from CDC on COVID….



  20. Loren says:

    They lie and lie some more! They maybe very close to braking that barrier that keeps the people from revolting.
    When we see only military vehicles traveling the streets and no citizens, the United States is no more! I’ve heard about it my whole life it would happen. There is no more wait and see it is here and we can blame the entire government of 2020 for the downfall.

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  21. Patchman2076 says:

    Does anyone know if this will effect say a drive from Massachusetts to Alabama. My wife and I need to get away from this very liberal state to get back home.
    Are they shutting down the highways or anything? Gas? Food?
    I’m leaving Tuesday very early.
    Thanks for anyone’s help with this.


    • Miya says:

      Interstate travel is still fine in the south. Family of mine made it from VA to GA with no issue. No problems finding gas (and it’s cheap), although I’d recommend using gloves when filling up. Can’t say anything about further north.

      Safe travels to you.

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    • Redzone says:

      I just drove from northeast FL to DFW, TX. No big issues. Hotel had low occupancy and the restaurant was closed. No trouble getting gas or food, as long as you didn’t want to go into a restaurant to eat.

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      • Redzone says:

        …one other tip. If you get pulled over, have everyone in the car start coughing as the officer approaches the window. My 12 year old daughter and I had fun practicing!

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    • Dixie says:

      I know someone who just returned by car from Michigan to North Carolina. There were no problems along the way getting gas, but some difficulty accessing rest rooms and in some instances getting food. I would set out with sandwiches, snacks and water and hope for the best.

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    • AMK says:

      My sis and her husband drove from northern Cali to San Diego Saturday… no problems.

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  22. thedoc00 says:

    There will not be any arrests. This is far better than any speed trap or increase in sales tax. There will be citations issued for violation. May even be a competition between the companies who make the paper citation pads for the cops and those who make toilet paper.

    The city ordnance, for my home town, its a $50-$2,000 fine.

    If I were a democrat mayor it would be $10-15 to pay on the spot or allot more + court costs. A small town could make their numbers.

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  23. vfm#7634 says:

    ”Today Ohio, Delaware and Louisiana joined California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Illinois by issuing mandatory stay at home orders for their citizens.”

    What do all those states have in common? Some kind of connection here…

    I insist the Democrats are trying to wreck the economy so the voters will be dumb enough to blame PDJT. After all, no President was ever re-elected during a recession!


  24. progpoker says:

    If this is truly what the States are making their decisions on, we’re screwed. The publishers of this site should be prosecuted for the panic they are causing!

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  25. icthematrix says:

    It is what I call “the waterfall effect”. One state does it, then others feel compelled to follow. One business closes, other follow afterward. Some is needed, much is to escape shaming by mass media/social media, while following along allows for virtue signaling. This was before the governors and some mayors stepped in with emergency power shutdowns.

    The market will keep tanking until a leveling bottom is within sight. That requires numbers that aren’t trending upward rapidly, government bailouts that pass and the release of hostages to return to work. The damage to the economy (if allowed to go into June) will be immeasurable.

    I am concerned that President Trump got on board the panic express with his advisors. His work and the joint partnership efforts have accomplished a LOT. But he needs to be driving a goal of getting businesses open much sooner than May, much less June. My fear is his positioning is a no win; insist people go back to work to keep the economy from entering a depression, he gets personally blamed for every death thereafter. Never mind the terrible toll an economic collapse has on the entire nation.

    I see the comments leftists and Trump haters put on news sites relative to these stories. Disgusting. Cheering on a recession. Believing this is the end of Trump and loving it.

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  26. bessie2003 says:

    Add Nevada to the mix. Short video, under 10 minutes, of today’s announcement by the NV Governor so excited to announce the State’s new task force, which rightly acknowledges it’s up to the State’s to acquire what they need during this emergency. Okay, that sounds good, but within his announcement is the task of this task force to assess and take note of the assets of all private property so that the State can have access to what the State needs “during this emergency”. Think we’re beyond the slippery slope. Please, Lord Jesus, let me be wrong. Amen.


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  27. keeler says:

    Here are some numbers. Washington State, which experienced the first major outbreak in the US.

    03/16/20: 135 New Confirmed Cases, 904 Total Confirmed Cases, 18% increase.
    03/17/20: 108 NCC, 1,012 TCC, 12% increase
    03/18/20: 175 NCC, 1,187 TCC, 17% increase
    03/19/20: 189 NCC, 1,376 TCC, 16% increase
    03/20/20: 148 NCC, 1,524 TCC, 11% increase
    03/21/20: 269 NCC, 1,793 TCC, 18% increase
    03/22/20: 203 NCC, 1,996 TCC, 11% increase

    That puts Washington at roughly a 5 day doubling rate. The week prior Washington was doubling about 3-4 days. Infection rate appears to be trending slowing there.

    Massachusetts numbers are about where Washington was a week ago, doubling about 4 days.

    03/16/20: 033 NCC, 197 TTC, 20% increase.
    03/17/20: 021 NCC, 218 TCC, 11% increase.
    03/18/20: 038 NCC, 256 TCC, 17% increase.
    03/19/20: 072 NCC, 328 TCC, 28% increase.
    03/20/20: 085 NCC, 413 TCC, 26% increase.
    03/21/20: 112 NCC, 525 TCC, 27% increase.
    03/22/20: 121 NCC, 646 TCC, 23% Increase.

    California is in the same ballpark:

    03/16/20: 080 NCC, 472 TCC, 20% increase.
    03/17/20: 126 NCC, 598 TCC, 27% increase.
    03/18/20: 077 NCC, 675 TCC, 13% increase.
    03/19/20: 331 NCC, 1006 TCC 49% increase.
    03/20/20: 218 NCC, 1224 TCC, 22% increase.
    03/21/20: 244 NCC, 1468 TCC, 20% increase.

    New and NJ are still hitting 50% over this period, meaning a doubling of 2 days. Louisiana and Illinois are hitting 35%-40%, 3 days. Those are all the states with a significant enough amount of data to be able to see trends.

    This is important because epidemics and pandemics follow geometric growth patterns. Slowing in Washington suggests we might be starting to enter the latter phases of the outbreak there, with Massachusetts and California perhaps a week behind. In New and New Jersey we still appear to be in the earlier stages, but in New York almost all the cases are in NYC so statewide the picture may be different. Louisiana and Illinois also appear to be in the earlier stages.

    I offer this without judgement on any of the measures taken to slow the spread of this disease, the surrounding political issues; nor can we say ordeal is going to be over soon. However, I do think some of these numbers are little bit of good news.


    • Jeffrey407 says:

      NY and NJ increases are due in part to increased testing

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      • keeler says:

        That is part of it, but testing is increasing everywhere, and while there are probably more per capita tests in the Tri-State area around New York City when compared to most areas, the trend there is still following a geometric pattern.

        Increases in the total number of confirmed cases is expected and not alarming, what is more important to look for is how fast the total is increasing. If cases in New York are still doubling every two days two weeks from now, that would suggest current policies are failing and the local epidemic is not under control. The Washington trend suggests that should not be the case, but we will have to see.

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        • DaPicayune says:

          Per President Trump & Gov Cuomo today,…. NYC’s Wuhan Commie Cough virus patients start receiving their combo doses of Zpack/HydroxyCloroquine on Tuesday.

          If by Friday their conditions improve as expected to vastly improved as implied by the French research trial, then the Globalist/Dim/M$M conspiracy to destroy America will look to be fading, as Donald has trumped then again and will restart our economy with a “all hands, Back To Work” executive order.

          Not to worry, our Dim/M$M Marxist Subversives have lost every battle since 11/8/16 so far,… they’re accustomed to screaming at the sky after losing.

          Just imagine the overt cursing and gnashing of Marxist Dim/MSM teeth? I hope Nasty Nan chokes on her fake ones in total Vexation.

          Have hope, we are Not defeated yet. Donald is playing his cards close to his vest, so Fauci, Birx, Redfield, et al, can’t see them now. No peeking, Pence.

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  28. NoTwoSystemsOnlyOneChiCom says:

    Greece to use, probably ChiCom, reinforcements to keep the masses from misbehaving. https://greekcitytimes.com/2020/03/23/drones-will-monitor-citizens-to-ensure-compliance-to-lockdown-laws/


  29. How many non-essential Federal government employees have been sent home WITHOUT PAY to protect them from the Chinese Virus?

    Never mind. Stupid me. I never should have asked the question.

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  30. Bolivar says:

    So I take it grocery stores are closed in my state, Ohio. How could they possibly remain open with all those germs and everyone needing groceries?


    • Heathen says:

      No, they aren’t. There’s even a requirement on page 8 ,Section 15.a.iii of the Ohio order that requires “implementing separate operating hours for elderly and vulnerable customers;…” .


  31. PinotNoir says:

    This is not about the virus, it is about destroying prosperity for percieved political gain.

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  32. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    I thought if something about an hour ago, wondering where the best place to post it would be.

    How about Fed & STATE income tax breaks for landlords that forgive business’ rent payments for the weeks/months they were FORCED to close and not be able to earn any income


  33. Don McAro says:

    Is Russia still our biggest enemy?
    Asking for a Chinese friend….

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  34. Jus wundrin says:

    The highway to hell is paved with good sounding intentions.


  35. trapper says:

    Good grief! The stupidest one I heard was a report from Italy. Apparently they have banned ALL movement, even a single person walking alone. And they will enforce it. So, let me get this straight. A single person walking alone will be confronted by a police officer, who will be required to get within 6 feet of the offender to arrest him, when it is safer to just let him walk away. Lunacy.. Absolute lunacy.

    Saw Levin interviewing Fauci in depth about the efficacy of chloroquine —– NOT. Not one damn question about treatment drugs. Not one. Just all mitigation and even then nothing we didn’t hear two weeks ago.

    Just make the damn hydrochloroquine, pass it out to everyone, and lift all the bans. Easy peezy. Do it now, simultaneously with the trials. It’s a ubiquitous antimalarial drug that’s been around a half century and is handed out like candy in the tropics. Just start passing it out. If it turns out it doesn’t work, no harm, we’re all just prepared for a trip south.

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  36. Don McAro says:

    Leftists If you violate the stay at home order you will be arrested….
    But they are letting criminals out of prison so they don’t get the Wuhan virus
    Got it

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  37. Right to reply says:

    How long before the army moves into the WH and tells us Trump unfit due to coronovirus? This whole thing stinks!


  38. History Teaches says:

    The standard cliche about the economy being the biggest factor in electoral mindsets will potentially be challenged.

    If the economic devastation of this crisis really does devolve into a severe recession and related consequences the next few months, there will be little time for even the best recovery actions to change the narrative. Especially when the MSM will constantly be peddling fear and despair.

    Trump loyalists will stay behind him under most circumstances. And if everything his administration does is seen to be the best possible line of action then his support should remain strong.

    But any miscalculation or perception of ineffectiveness could dampen enthusiasm. Luckily the other side are a gang of second raters, but widespread economic chaos or hardship does not favor the status quo.

    The deep state will happily endure whatever discomfort is sewn if it snowballs into cynical election doubt.. Especially when they and their media allies control the narrative and many institutions of influence.

    Surreal that the President has had to fight the deep state every single day along the different battle lines. And now something out of science fiction or espionage fiction dwarfs all the other challenges to his survival.

    Without delving into conspiracy theories as such, the timing and nature of this biological/economic scenario seems too convenient politically. For those world wide who have tried every other method of regime change, it wouldn’t be beyond reason to venture into such territory if the means are there.

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  39. Paul says:

    These dem governors are going to look bad if the virus doesn’t kill more people in the states that don’t mandate stay at home than their states. Trump is lavishing medical supplies on 3 states and they might be looking very bad if the virus doesn’t do more damage in the states that never shut down. The statistics supports his position. Brilliant.


  40. amanda4321 says:

    They are LYING this is a massive psyop!!
    Check out Camelot Daily here exposing the media and this female CEO of Urgent Care in a Hawaii facility lying about long lines of people getting test for the CV. He shows up and there is nobody in line at all and he calls her out and she assaults him while the police are present.



  41. Someone needs to rear up on hind legs and take a stand so I’m considering making the drive from Cincinnasty to the governor’s mansion and walk picket for a bit. Ohio is also an “open carry” state so I’m considering wearing my revolver to discourage any nut cases getting in my face. I’m 68 and have degenerative disc disease so won’t be a long walk and if they waste me not a big loss. This sh** has got to stop.

    Looking for really good picket sign slogans.


  42. amanda4321 says:

    Dr. Ron Paul- The Corona Virus Hoax

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      I didn’t always agree with him, but he is a plain talker.

      How many older people will stroke out or have a heart attack because of the government induced fear and panic? Hell, I’d bet the average BP of most Americans is up a considerable number of points already since this panic began. That can’t be good.

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      • amanda4321 says:

        Yes, my elderly mother is so stressed out by what they are doing that her BP went through the roof and she thought she was going to have a stroke.


  43. Lawton says:

    Crazy – over something that will be less than swine flu in the US probably.


  44. Dixie says:

    How long are we gonna let them get away with this destruction of our country?


  45. theasdgamer says:

    For a comparison, here are the state by state stats on flu this year…



  46. ezgoer says:

    The U.S. is committing economic suicide — over something that will be a fraction of the annual deaths from the seasonal flu. The repercussions from this will be enormous. That’s how the communists take over folks and change the country forever.

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  47. The problem here is that the actual epidemiology does not support the Ohio Governor’s bold pronouncement. We have no indication that anything will be “over in two weeks,” nor that anything we are now doing will actually have any material effect on the virus spread. Nor that they would do anything more than simply washing one’s hands and sneezing into one’s shirt-sleeve. We can now see that this virus is not strongly contagious, and, although it causes dire and sometimes fatal consequences in a small number of patients, that number is (a) small, and (b) a small percentage of the total “cases.” And yet, we are reacting as though it were a new strain of Yellow Fever.

    Leaders at state, county and local levels are all feeling pressure to respond “dramatically,” with enormous consequences to their economies and to their people’s lives, but the epidemiology does not support the supposition that this “drama” will accomplish anything at all.

    It would be very, very, very nice if it did. Because it would mean that we actually understand this virus and we actually know how to block it. However, we really don’t.

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  48. Beachtennisguy says:

    Delaware is the most corrupt, ignorant state in which I have lived. It is, arguably, a one-party police state, e.g., it removed the County sheriffs’ law enforcement powers, transferring them to the state police.
    The statist vision always includes a Dear Leader playing god. That would be Carney, shutting down church services, beaches, and now confining us lowly serfs to their huts. Where did he get, overnight, the power to be a Mussolini? Not many here even bother to ask.
    Sadly, the Trump Administration keeps uncritically shipping tons of federal money to reward the dumbed-down-Democrat-disgrace-of-Delaware. DelDOT used some of that money to thank an honorably discharged veteran (me) for his service by plundering his home site. MAGA does not include addressing the abominable injustice, so it will never really be real MAGA to me.


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