ABC News Poll Shows Significant Majority, 55% Approve of POTUS Management of Coronavirus, 43% Disapprove…

First, regardless of what the poll numbers reflect, based on a three-year track record of doing whatever it takes, it is safe to say President Trump would do whatever was the best approach while considering polling of those hard decisions irrelevant.

Second, even with the constant back-biting, snark and transparent attacks from the mainstream media, President Trump’s strength as a leader and manager of crisis is well identified by the majority of Americans. The media hate us, he’s just in their way.


(Via ABC) As a deepening public health crisis rocks the nation, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll released Friday shows a far different portrait of a country than from only one week ago, as nearly three in four Americans now say their lives have been upended in some way by the novel coronavirus and President Donald Trump’s approval for his handling of the outbreak is on the rise.

In the new poll, 55% of Americans approve of the president’s management of the crisis, compared to 43% who disapprove. Trump’s approval on this issue is up from last week, when the numbers were nearly reversed. (read more)


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213 Responses to ABC News Poll Shows Significant Majority, 55% Approve of POTUS Management of Coronavirus, 43% Disapprove…

  1. fangdog says:

    Californians and New Yorkers are experiencing first-hand what it is like live under a communist-style dictatorship. They lose their businesses and jobs while being ordered to stay in their homes. The fact it is being done without real protest is an example the fragility of freedom.

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    • IGiveUp says:

      Absolutely terrifying the hell that Gov. Cuomo is about to subject NY to.

      Will Trump or the Supreme Court put an end to this insanity??

      “Here’s what a 90-day ‘stay home’ order means for New York”

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    • sickconservative says:

      Maybe yes as they are the most accepting as that is all they know at this point and will accept it as the good sheep they are.
      Just to say I was born in NY grew up in NJ and lived in CA for eighteen years so many real conservatives do exist but the urban area’s and the stupid leftist still control the vote.


    • yadent says:

      Apparently the governor of Florida is being pressured to enact a CA and NY style home imprisonment —


    • roddrepub says:

      Yeah Illinois as well. These Liberals and their socialism.


      • Bigly says:

        It’s crazy to think how people think this is dictatorship or socialism

        A virus is apolitical

        A close friend of ours is dying this weekend from this virus. This sh*t is real. It’s not a conspiracy.

        Locking us up for 2 weeks is exactly the right call. It’s not communist. It’s common sense.


        • FrankieZee says:

          The Swine Flu in the US from April 2009 to Feb 2010 infected 59+ million in this country, killed 17,000 and 1,800 of those killed were children. Do you recall who was President back then and why no Draconian actions were enacted. And lets not forget, the common flu kills between 20,000 up to 40,000 per year.

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    • thrawlbrauna says:

      Southern CA here (Orange County). Work for a company that is exempt from the current ‘lock down’. The freeways are wonderful, still many cars around but lots of room. People out riding their bikes in their gear, and others walking around doing their normal thing. Loads of people in the neighborhood walking around and talking. (kids playing bball in the street).. it’s actually having a positive effect of getting people out and interacting with others around the home.. although at a minor distance. I’ve seen few cops around doing anything from what I can see so far though. It’s not much of a lock down to be honest. They know it’s only a few more weeks they can keep control with chloroquine moving forward though, The masses all have it and are carriers for about 40 or so days.. I give it 2-3 more weeks at most unless things change with the drugs release or use. But the damage to small businesses is going to be felt for a while, most of the people I know around are trying hard to get money into smaller businesses right now to help them out but many will still have to close soon..


    • Athena the Warrior says:

      Illinois now too. Going into effect at 5pm central today but I’m coming up with some plans.


  2. 335blues says:

    And I’m betting ABC lied by at least 10%.
    It’s probably 65%-35%.

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    • dallasdan says:

      I am highly confident that ABC published the poll with great pain and regret, and was forced to do so because of the hype they gave it, thinking the result would be even more unfavorable than the prior iteration. It sucks to be ABC.


  3. Doug Amos says:

    Some bad news. Underground is saying second wave has started in China; always the bad 1 with plagues history has shown. Maybe that is why President Trump needed the 15 days. Ratings are going to mean nothing if there is no food and no $ in a month and a whole bunch of deranged leftists controlling huge chunks of population. President Trump is for sure the only person that can save not just us but the world. So many madmen in bad places. Inevitable. Still betting on him; somehow, he is going to find a way..


  4. Big Jake says:

    No man has ever been better prepared—or more capable—to be President than this one. Trump is a once-in-a-century leader. Enjoy this. We will not see his kind again for another 100 years at least.

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  5. Lovearepublican says:

    I was just contemplating that depending on how long these shutdowns last, there is no silver lining. If the Corona virus is worse case scenario, to be the cause of many more American lives, that is her horrific. If this virus ends up being a more serious flu then we have had in a long time, and Americans who are frail and older with health complications pass away but not nearly to the extent that is feared, that is also horrible, but to be expected to a certain extent. But if we lose the country and our freedoms and our economy, that is beyond horrific. I cannot see how the destruction of lives, jobs and small businesses all across the country is going to do anything but change the face of this nation forever. I support president Trump in all things, and I truly hope and pray that he is not being misled by those he trusts the most. May this be over soon.


    • chicklus says:

      The only silver lining may be that were bring back the production of drugs and the other essential items to this country where it belongs.


  6. Ornus says:



  7. Jenevive says:

    Let see so far POTUS has taken this situation that he did not
    create and has used it advantage to really expose the media
    (who watched any kinds of briefing before this but now everyone
    turns in to get the update and REALLY see the media horridness)
    He has been able to close the borders and send illegals home under
    the guise of “Public Health Emergency” and the Dems can;t really
    say anything. He has taken the mask monopoly away from China
    and now is having it made and distributed here in America.
    and he is talking getting meds made back in US thus taking that
    away from China as well.

    And think what happens if he is right this ends soon and the economy
    soars back to what it was or better..He becomes the hero who save us
    and restored our economy.

    Hence why they are now saying the cable news shouldn;t show
    his briefing anymore on TV..

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    • Tony Sherfinski says:

      Actually, unless your 1.35% is adjusted for age demographics, it is a bit high . if your 60 or under, your odds of recovery approach 99.5%. In otherwords, 0.05% of dying.


  8. spinoneone says:

    We have a population of 327,000,000, depending on who is doing the counting. Johns Hopkins University reports this morning that 19,624 Americans [citizens, residents, tourists, illegals, etc.] have WuFlu. 262 are reported to have died as a result of WuFlu. So if you do get WuFlu your chances of survival are 98+% and your chances of dying are 1.35%.


    • ZC says:

      I absolutely would challenge the 19,624 figure. Those are confirmed diagnoses. What about those individuals who have been exposed to Chinese virus but not tested, either because they’ve gotten ill and survived it or never even exhibited symptoms in the first place?


      • CountryClassVulgarian says:

        How do you plan on countking those individuals? People are making ridiculous mountains out of molehills. Of course there will be people who get the chinese virus and who recover. They will not be counted because they either do not/did not know it. There really is no way to include those people in the numbers unless the gubmint – that we are so in favor of taking over everything these days – makes it mandatory for them to self report. If they got it and got over it and now get tested – so they can be counted – they will be using up a test kit that could be used for someone who really needs it. Then you all will scream “there are not enough kits” In other words, damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.


  9. Robert Cox says:

    The American people did not jump on the Trump bandwagon. He jumped on ours.


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